The war on terror is a hoax?

The war on terror is a hoax?Over the past decade, Washington killed, maimed, expelled from its homeland and made millions of Muslims in six countries of the world, widows and orphans, all in the name of the “war on terror”. Washington’s attacks on various countries are blatant aggression and strike primarily against civilians and infrastructure, and this is related to war crimes punishable by law. The Nazis were executed just for the acts that Washington is doing now.

In addition, wars and campaigns cost American taxpayers (and will cost in the near future) at least 4 trillion. US dollars, and this is a third of the accumulated public debt. From here comes the crisis of the US budget deficit, threatening both public security and the stability of the US currency, and the role of the dollar as the key world currency, and at the same time unprecedented in the past history enrichment of military-industrial complexes, security services and their apologists.

Perhaps the highest price that the United States had to pay for the “war on terrorism” was the US Constitution and the freedom of its citizens. Any resident of the United States, to whom Washington is making these or other accusations, loses all legal and constitutional rights. The regimes of Bush, Cheney and Obama have distorted the greatest achievement of mankind - the subordination of the state to the law.

If we look around in search of the very same terror from which the police state allegedly defended us through wars that have lasted for a decade, it turns out that it is difficult to detect this terror. Except for the September 11 event (assuming that we accept the state’s explanation of the impossibility of a conspiracy theory), there were no terrorist attacks on the United States. And indeed, as noted by the TV channel Russia Today 23 August 2011 of the year, University of California investigation revealedthat the “terrorist plot” inside the country, which was only mentioned by the media, was organized by FBI agents.

There are currently 15 thousands of secret FBI agents, which is 10 times more than during the period of active protests against the Vietnam War, when all protesters were suspected of sympathizing with the communists. Since it is obvious that there are no real terrorist conspiracies that this huge workforce could expose, the FBI justifies its budget by warning of terrorist alarm, searching for implanted enemies among US citizens, independently inventing “terrorist plots” and trapping the bewildered people. For example, the scenarios of terrorist attacks in the metro of Washington and New York, as well as a plot to explode the Sears Tower skyscraper in Chicago, were the “brainchildren” of the FBI, planned and controlled by FBI agents.

Russia Today reports that only three terrorist plots could have been developed independently of the FBI, but due to the fact that none of these plans worked, it is obvious that they cannot be considered the work of professional terrorist organizations such as Al -Kaid. The bomb in a car in Times Square did not explode, and apparently it could not explode.

Resident of Boston Rezvan Firdaus, who is accused of planning an attack on the Pentagon and the US Congress building using radio-controlled aircraft models stuffed with C-4 explosives, became the victim of the last FBI betrayal. State Attorney Carmen Ortiz assured Americans that they were not at risk because undercover FBI agents constantly monitored the situation.

For the FBI-organized Firdaus plot to plan an explosion of Capitol and the Pentagon filled with explosive aircraft models, the man was accused of "providing material support to a terrorist organization" and in a plot to destroy federal buildings. This is one of the most serious accusations that resulted in 20 punishment of years of imprisonment for each building that was to be attacked.

And what kind of terrorist organization does Firdaus serve? Not exactly al-Qaida, which allegedly “fingered” 16 of the US intelligence services that morning, all the intelligence services of the US allies in NATO and Israel, the command of NORAD (command of North American aerospace defense), the National Security Council dispatcher service, Dick Cheney and the US airport security, and 4 times in one hour the same morning. An organization with such capabilities will never get involved in such nonsense as a plan to blow up the Pentagon using an airplane model.

Being an American who has been in the civil service for a number of years and who has always performed his civic duty, standing guard over the Constitution, I must hope that in the minds of my readers have already flashed the question of why they expect from us that we believe in that the tiny aircraft models could blow up the Pentagon when even the 757, a Boeing filled with fuel, could not cope with it, but only made a relatively small hole in the building.

When I see that my fellow citizens naively believe in absurd "terrorist plots" fabricated by the US government, I understand that fear is the most powerful weaponwhich is used by any state to achieve secret goals. If Firdaus is put on trial, he will no doubt be sentenced to imprisonment for his plan to blow up the Pentagon and the Congress building with the help of airplane models. Most likely, he will be tortured or forced to sign a confession in any other way.

Apparently, Americans are so depressed by the feeling of fear that they do not have the slightest remorse because "their" state kills and expels millions of innocent people from their home countries. In the minds of an American, one billion "turbaners" (disregarding the designation of the inhabitants of Muslim Asia) is turned into a handful of terrorists who deserve extermination. The United States is on its way to the Holocaust, which turns the atrocities the Jews endured by the national socialists into a kind of “rehearsal”.

Think about this: aren't you surprised that the last decade (this is 2,5 times longer than World War II) killing Muslims in six countries, destroying their families and depriving them of the future, in the US there are no real terrorist acts ?

Think for a minute about how easy it would be for terrorists to act in the United States if they really were there. Al-Qaeda terrorist (a member of the organization that is allegedly responsible for the events of September 11 - the most humiliating defeat that the West has ever suffered, and even more so "the only superpower in the world") would now try to hijack a plane in front of everyone to blow it up?

Of course I would not, because America already has many vulnerable targets. If the “terrorist threat” really hung over the US, the terrorist would simply arrive at the airport, where there is a large crowd of people and wait for the right moment to neutralize the “guards” and detonate their bomb. And this would be the cause of the death of a much larger number of people than the explosion of an airplane; moreover, it would become absolutely obvious that “security at the airport” means that no one is safe.

At subway stations, there is nothing but a wire mesh fence, so it would be easier for a terrorist to blow up a subway station than to take a candy from a child. Blowing up shopping malls for terrorists would be easy too. It would be easy to dump boxes filled with roofing nails on congested streets and freeways at rush hour, holding down the most important modern transport arteries of the city.

Before you, dear reader, accuse me of telling ideas to terrorists, tell me, do you really believe that these ideas have not yet occurred to the organization that managed to organize the September 11 attack?

But nothing happens. Therefore, the FBI arrests a man for planning to blow up America with a model airplane. And it really depresses me that so many Americans believe in it.

Reflect also on the fact that the neoconservatives who organized the “war on terrorism” have no protection, and the defense of Bush and Cheney by the secret services is extremely small. If America had really faced the problem of terrorist attacks, especially professional ones, such as the September 11 attack, then one fine day (or evening) all the neo-cons along with Bush and Cheney would have been destroyed in one hour.

The fact that neoconservatives such as Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Condie Rice, Richard Pearl, Douglas Faith, John Bolton, William Kristol, Libby, Eddington, and so on, absolutely fearlessly live without any protection, confirms that in America there is no "terrorist threat".

And now think about the plot. "Shoe", bombs in "bottles of shampoo" and "bombs in shorts" in airports and airplanes. Experts (real experts, not whores hired by the US government) say these conspiracies are ridiculous. "Shoe bomb" and "bomb in shorts" turned out to be just gunpowder for colored fireworks, which could not even blow up a can. The liquid bomb, allegedly cooked in the toilet of the aircraft, was defined by experts as pure fiction.

What is the purpose of these fake conspiracies? And remember that all reports confirmed that a terrorist with a “bomb in his underpants” got on board the plane quite officially, despite the fact that he did not have a passport. Neither the CIA, nor the FBI, or any other organization attempted to investigate why a passenger without a passport was allowed to board an international flight.

The goal of all these fake conspiracies is to increase the level of fear among citizens and to create an opportunity for the former “king” of national security, Michael Chertof, to make a fortune by selling pornography scanners to the Transport Security Administration (UTB).

As a result of these fake “terrorist plots”, not a single American citizen, even one who holds a high government post and has access to secret information, can get on a commercial airline’s plane without removing shoes, jacket, belt, without going through a porn scanner. or not being unceremoniously fingered. Even simpler: “airport security” cannot distinguish a Muslim terrorist from a dedicated American patriot, US senator, admiral, or CIA operative.

If a passenger for health or for any other reasons requires a greater amount of vials and ointments than allowed by the restrictions on the transportation of toothpastes, shampoos, food or medication, then he must receive written prior permission from the TSA (US Transportation Security Administration), which rarely works. One of the most striking examples in this case is the episode recorded on video posted on YouTube hosting when TSA Gestapo officers threw out special food for a woman in a wheelchair, despite having written agreement with TSA, her daughter was arrested for trying to stop lawlessness, and the dying woman in a wheelchair was left alone at the airport.

Here it is - today's America. These attacks on ordinary citizens are justified by foolish-right "protection of civilians from acts of terrorism," from the "threat", which, as we all see, does not exist.

Today, no American is safe. I am a former subcommittee on the military appropriations of the House of Representatives. This provided for my widespread awareness, for I had access to information relating to American weapons programs. As the chief economist of the subcommittee, I had access to data on the US military and defense budget. As Assistant US Treasury Secretary, I received presidential instructions every morning at the CIA briefings, as well as access to a huge amount of classified information.

When I left the treasury, President Reagan appointed me to a top-secret committee to investigate the assessment of Soviet capabilities by the CIA. Then I was a consultant at the Pentagon. I had all kinds of access to classified information.

And, despite my record-breaking awareness of top-secret data and the trust that I have earned from the US government, including the approval of the Senate of my appointment as president, the airport police cannot distinguish me from a terrorist.

And if I was fond of assembling models of airplanes or participating in anti-war demonstrations, I would certainly have been arrested.

After my service in state structures, which took place in the last quarter of the 20 century, in the first decade of the 21 century, I learned from my own experience that all of America’s achievements, with the exception of its shortcomings, were destroyed. In their place were erected skyscrapers of a monstrous thirst for hegemony and a high concentration of wealth. Most of my friends and fellow citizens are no longer able to recognize America after becoming a militarist police state, the distribution of income in which is the worst than in any other developed country.

It is amazing that so many Americans, citizens of a country that is considered the only superpower in the world, truly believe that they are in danger from Muslims, people who are scattered, who have no naval fleet, neither the Air Force, nor nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.

Indeed, the majority of the citizens of these states who represent “a threat to the population”, especially young people, are in love with the freedom of sexual relations that exists in America. Even Iranian simpletons from the CIA-led Green Revolution organization have forgotten how Washington overthrew their elected government in the 1950s. Despite ten years of insulting American military actions against Muslim peoples, many Muslims still look at America as a panacea for all their troubles.

Their "leaders" are simply bought for a decent amount of money.

Considering that “the terrorist threat was eliminated by President Obama, on the orders of which Osama bin Laden, the leader of the organization, was allegedly killed (which“ the world's largest terrorist organization ”left unprotected and unarmed), Washington came up with a new ghost - Haqqani.

According to John Glaser and the CIA spokesman, who wished to remain anonymous, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen "exaggerated" the danger of the Haqqani rebel group, when planning the US invasion of Pakistan, Haqqani is the current group of Pakistani secret services. Now Admiral Mullen refuses his "exaggeration" (euphemistic denotation of lies). His assistant captain, John Kirby, said that "Mullen’s accusations were fabricated to influence Pakistan and force the government to crush the Haqqani uprising." In other words, Pakistan had to sacrifice the lives of its citizens in order to save America from trouble.

If you do not know what the Haqqani network is, do not be surprised. You never heard of al-Qaeda before the September 11 events. The US government is creating new ghosts and precedents that are needed to further advance the neoconservative agenda of world hegemony and higher profits for the military industry.

For ten years the American people, the people of the “superpower”, were quieter than water below the grass, frightened by the lies of the government. While the Americans sat trembling with fear and sucked their thumb in horror at the non-existent “terrorist threat”, the US government destroyed the lives of millions of people from six countries of the world. In accordance with the existing evidence, the vast majority of Americans calmly relate to the brutal killings of people from countries that US residents can not even find on the map.

Truly, America is the star of the whole world, an example for everyone.
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  1. Motherland
    Motherland 8 October 2011 07: 22 New
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    Do you have oil, gas and other resources? Do you live freely due to what your state produces? Recite the regimes of "democracy"? Then the terrorists come to you!
    1. APASUS 8 October 2011 10: 52 New
      • 4
      • 0
      Quote: Motherland
      Then the terrorists come to you!

      Not terrorists, but regular troops!
      But the fact that the USA itself is conducting unjustified non-attacks on countries and they themselves have become terrorists on a global scale is so for sure !!!!!
      1. Motherland
        Motherland 8 October 2011 16: 23 New
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        • 0
        But the cause will be terrorists, dictatorship, etc.
  2. Alexei 8 October 2011 07: 27 New
    • 2
    • 0
    Well, what can I add? Truth.
  3. Rusich
    Rusich 8 October 2011 07: 41 New
    • 6
    • 0
    I won’t be surprised if one day the amers themselves explode some kind of nuclear warhead,
    after which they will go on another "crusade" for the "terrorists",
    and taxpayers will be happy to pay for this "holy fight"
    in this way, more than one billion of their budget was "earned".
    1. Alexei 8 October 2011 08: 41 New
      • 6
      • 0
      Note that "terrorists" breed exclusively in places where there are natural resources. In similar places, dictatorial regimes develop in addition. Americans creep to the East like grandmothers mushrooms.
      1. Foamas 8 October 2011 13: 00 New
        • -1
        • 0
        Ah, what is unnatural here? Anyone knows that natural resources produce dictators and terrorists, and the Russian authorities are hiding .....
        1. Alexei 8 October 2011 14: 31 New
          • 1
          • 0
          Following your thought, it turned out that Russia consists only of terrorists and dictators. And do you happen to have a McCain poster hanging in your frame at home? Can’t you borrow it? And then one blogger’s pneumatic target was over.
  4. akvald 8 October 2011 13: 14 New
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    • 0
    It is with us that he exposes the government, but ask a simple clerk in Washington, who is Paul Craig, and what was he talking about? Yes, they don’t know this, and they’ve never heard of it. And what is he saying, or something like that. Yes, Americans never bother with such a head. They are now in crisis and the threat of unemployment, more worried than some kind of al-Qaeda or Muslims.
  5. APASUS 9 October 2011 00: 25 New
    • -1
    • 0
    in Washington, who is Paul Craig, and what was he talking about? Yes, they don’t know this, and they’ve never heard of it. And what is he saying, or something like that

    Yes, no one does not know at all who Paul Craig is, but when the Senate discusses the allocation of funds for a war with Libya or Iraq! Then his suggestions have almost 76% of VOTES!