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May Day in the style of Airborne


I will not reveal the huge secret that Voronezh in terms of respect for the airborne forces is not much inferior to Ryazan or Pskov. The birthplace of the first landing is, you know, obliging.

Marines are not just a lot. It so happened. And the range is amazing. Especially on 2 August.

But, oddly enough, it will not be about discharged bathing lovers in the fountains.

It will be about those who care who and what will be in our day after tomorrow.

For five years, under the auspices of the Voronezh Union of paratroopers, training and fees have been held for the younger generations. And so it happened that I got to the opening of such an event. And then he lingered until the end of the first day.

Everything is generally predictable. The same as in one of my articles I called “private initiative”. Camp in the forest, tents, boys and girls. And the group, let's say, enthusiasts in their field. Which instead of barbecue at the cottage or other pleasant pastime held these competitions.

Present 6 teams from the city and region. About 70 members. Last year there was more, but in connection with the celebration of the Victory Day some "plowed" in the field.

Everything was more than modest and simple. The shortest rally in honor of the opening, minutes on 10, passed into the briefing. And got down to business.

On this day, participants had to go the route on the map and the legend, to descend and ascend with the help of equipment. The route had to be passed covertly, at some points “snipers” with cameras kept watch. Contact with the lens was punished with a serious 10 minute penalty.


Three heroes: Andrei Valerievich, chief paratrooper, Semyon and Arthur from the Don-Airborne Club, organizers.

Last instruction from the tutor. At a distance, participants leave without teachers.

Check equipment: water, first-aid kits, other necessities.

Three minutes before the start.

Everything, go ahead!

Frankly speaking, I couldn’t be able to say saiga along with the participants. Therefore, I chose the site where they were supposed to overcome the rise, and quietly trotted there.

The judges are waiting.

The first arrived.

The first participant and one of the judges carry out lifting.

That's how they went ...

To the finish line!

Report to the mentor.

Camp participants.

The lady has her advantages.

Amused such a moment: the organizers summed up, waited for the "snipers" to come, and the participants quietly dispersed to the camps and started cooking. On their own.

"And they have prepared tourists!" - told me. This was addressed to his team one of the mentors. It was about students 7 classes ... Slightly stunned, I went to check. He returned a little dumbfounded, for it was so.

In general, as an amateur to talk, I learned a lot of interesting things. So much so that the presentation of some moments of the patriotic education of young people intends to devote a separate material.

And I would like to finish today's story with such an episode. I asked, I confess, from personal interests, how it turns out to “reach out” to the guys and tear them away from computers and other delights of today. And Semyon answered me the following:

- I tell them the following: this is your country. You are her future. And, if I die in my old age in the Chinese garbage can, only you will be guilty of this. Here, it works ...

Here is such a May Day turned out in green-blue tones. And you say, "pheasants in fountains" ...
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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 4 May 2015 05: 27 New
    Huge respect for people working with youth on enthusiasm, while others take on the country and budget.
    1. hydrox
      hydrox 4 May 2015 06: 57 New
      Quote: Andrew Y.
      Huge respect for people working with youth on enthusiasm, while others take on the country and budget.

      And this is because they have different goals: the sixth-liberian column is dribbling the very country that patriots and these boys and girls consider theirs: by the way, the very ones who are going to twist the boshniks to such Deribaners and privatizers.
      The paratroopers are doing a great deal, not in an example of the chinote of all education and culture.
      1. holod19
        holod19 4 May 2015 07: 31 New
        Just no words !! God forbid the airborne troops who took up this business! and our youth in Russia is not so bad! In a word -GOOD FELLOWS !!!!
        1. Sakmagon
          Sakmagon 4 May 2015 08: 11 New
          Sumptuously! Ours are laughing right - "the paratrooper, they say, is not a profession - this is a diagnosis!" Keep it up !!!
          Only the connection of generations will give a reliable result.
          And you guys, TIME! It's time to open branches, share experiences ...
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. Skif83
            Skif83 4 May 2015 15: 58 New
            Here's a May Day in green and blue. And you say, "pheasants in fountains" ...

            This is the CORRECT FIRST TIME !!!
        2. yushch
          yushch 4 May 2015 10: 46 New
          Quote: holod19
          Just no words !! God forbid the airborne troops who took up this business! and our youth in Russia is not so bad! In a word -GOOD FELLOWS !!!!

          I’ll add from myself, a very competent and open report supported by visual aids, excellent photos !!! In articles about various events, there are really not enough detailed photographs. Definitely a plus, I could put 100 pluses!
      2. lelikas
        lelikas 4 May 2015 13: 27 New
        Frankly speaking, I couldn’t be able to say saiga along with the participants. Therefore, I chose the site where they were supposed to overcome the rise, and quietly trotted there.
        I do not believe ! (C) - I could do it anyway!
        And the guys are great, with such children it’s not scary for their future.
    2. NEXUS
      NEXUS 4 May 2015 08: 08 New
      Quote: Andrew Y.
      Huge respect for people working with youth on enthusiasm, while others take on the country and budget.

      educating young people and cultivating patriotism and pride in their country is a very necessary and important thing. In Ukraine, no one did this and people grew up who did not value the merits of their grandfathers, who did not know their history, and therefore were easy prey for all kinds of propaganda neo-Nazi structures and organizations As a result, Ukrainians, having overslept the formation of more than one generation without principles and historical values, received what they received.
      Therefore, looking at all this, there is only one conclusion and one solution - the country's security directly depends on what youth we educate and what values ​​will be sacred for it. The word patriotism after 20 years of oblivion returns its relevance and topicality.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z 4 May 2015 18: 37 New
      Good topic, right! And the comments are correct! If not us now, then we will definitely
      And if I die in old age in a Chinese garbage dump, only you will be to blame. Here it is ...
      And the long-awaited, not the topic, but:
  2. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 4 May 2015 05: 29 New
    ... this is your country. You are her future. And if I die in old age in a Chinese garbage dump, only you will be to blame. Here it is ...
    Earnestly! Well done boys. I remember in my own way. Interested, give something new and interesting, where you can show yourself, the mountains turned. Good luck to them all !!!
  3. yurikh
    yurikh 4 May 2015 05: 51 New
    I agree that without work with youth there is no future for Russia. It is necessary to support these organizations.
  4. Sura
    Sura 4 May 2015 06: 34 New
    Why snipers during the Second World War were the best, was the preparation of “Voroshilov arrows”. Why the Nazis were afraid of our hand-to-hand combat, there was also the initial military preparation of the TRP, the game "Zarnitsa" and the like.
    1. Sura
      Sura 4 May 2015 07: 36 New
      And, even in the workbooks of the Wehrmacht officers, records were found of how the Russians are able to disguise themselves - the large units are so disguised that when they start shelling, it seems that the earth itself is shooting and all this was done during the initial military training in the game.
  5. Bassoon
    Bassoon 4 May 2015 07: 02 New
    Proper education good
    1. Nikoha.2010
      Nikoha.2010 4 May 2015 07: 33 New
      Quote: Fagot
      Proper education good

      Keep it up! It’s not at the computer to “jerk” the day away (sorry gamers have such an expression)! We in our youth and in the Carpathians "crawled" and had parachute badges from the 8th grade! Oh, great, well done bro!
  6. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 4 May 2015 07: 12 New
    initiative is right! Lubo!
  7. captain
    captain 4 May 2015 07: 21 New
    I can only express my admiration for these people. I do not know how to do this as a mass event, but this is a very necessary direction in educating young people.
  8. fomkin
    fomkin 4 May 2015 07: 22 New
    This is just the boys. Well done organizers. Keep it up.
  9. avvg
    avvg 4 May 2015 07: 28 New
    Paratroopers Well done! Paratroopers act in the education of youth, too, as always- "WHO, IF NOT WE?
  10. Boris55
    Boris55 4 May 2015 08: 03 New
    Quote: Banshee
    May Day in the style of airborne

    The upbringing of youth is a good and necessary thing, but moreover, in the title of the article, May Day?

    May Day - this Labor Day - for 8-hour working day, for a salary higher than the subsistence level, etc. .. Has anyone heard what requirements did the union put forward to the government? What requirements were put forward in the last May Day and were they met, and if not, why is the leader of the union still the same?

    They turned May Day into an ordinary holiday of a popular booze-party, as if there were no problems in the country.
    1. Vityok
      Vityok 4 May 2015 08: 13 New
      Quote: Boris55
      Has anyone heard what requirements the union has put forward to the government or do we have no problems with the minimum wage, working time, etc.?

      And what can he put forward? "He is a monument!" What he can put forward with us is "manual", not a union, but a fiction. negative
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. Babr
          Babr 4 May 2015 12: 01 New
          Quote: Boris55
          sorry that we do not:

          Why not with us? Maybe the revival of Russia will come from here? How to know.
          1. Boris55
            Boris55 4 May 2015 12: 11 New
            Quote: Babr
            Why not with us? Maybe the revival of Russia will come from here? How to know.

            Why not with us? Because at the referendum, residents of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions voted for independence, including from us ... Waiting for the arrival of the mission is a futile task, it is necessary to do something ourselves. "Primers" on the creation of workers' unions - abound, take and implement. It is a pity that there are few violent ...
            1. Babr
              Babr 4 May 2015 12: 26 New
              Quote: Boris55
              Wait for the arrival of the mission

              Brain is not waiting. Does it right. Say a drop in the ocean? But where do you have to start? This is an example to us.
              1. The comment was deleted.
  11. Andrey Sanych
    Andrey Sanych 4 May 2015 08: 38 New
    in the 80s, we had the military patriotic club MGiV in Novosibirsk, maybe it still exists. I want to express my deep gratitude to the leaders of this club. Having arrived in the army, I was tired, automatic and many other things I knew two times. Thank you MGIV!
  12. Million
    Million 4 May 2015 08: 40 New
    With all due respect to the airborne forces, one should not forget about other equally worthy military branches!
    And you have to work with youth. Well done!
    1. ROD VDVshny
      ROD VDVshny 4 May 2015 11: 01 New
      Quote: Million
      With all due respect to the airborne forces, one should not forget about other equally worthy military branches!

      Duc ... who's stopping? lol
      My classmate, Gennady Petrovich Turchenko, lives and works in Voronezh. Master of Sports, paratrooper. Head of the paratrooper service of the Voronezh aircraft factory.
      Look at the film he made with his like-minded people - a work of great importance for preserving the memory of the Great Feat of the Soviet people.

  13. Hope1960
    Hope1960 4 May 2015 08: 47 New
    Well done Voronezh !!! Special thanks to Roman for the necessary material !!!
  14. Valkh
    Valkh 4 May 2015 08: 47 New
    Thank you Roman for the article !!! Organizers well done !!! Thanks to them !!! good
  15. RUSS
    RUSS 4 May 2015 09: 54 New
    In the photo I would like to note the “birch” camouflage, the good old Soviet camouflage, but it disguises better than many modern ones, and is very convenient.
  16. atamankko
    atamankko 4 May 2015 10: 08 New
    This is patriotic education.
    You guys are great.
  17. Zomanus
    Zomanus 4 May 2015 11: 00 New
    Yes, motivation inspires. In general, of course, I envy today's youth. At least they are already becoming necessary for their country.
  18. Ivan Ivanovich
    Ivan Ivanovich 4 May 2015 12: 45 New
    These are well done, you need to engage with youth in the right direction, developing physically, spiritually and morally ... Respect to the organizers !!!
  19. ksv1973
    ksv1973 4 May 2015 13: 56 New
    Those paratroopers who are engaged in similar affairs good have FULL right to swim in the fountains!
    And their "colleagues", for whom August 2 is just an excuse to "wake up" in indecent form - they, it seems, should think about it when they learn about the event told in the article.
  20. nov_tech.vrn
    nov_tech.vrn 4 May 2015 13: 58 New
    at the same time on 9-ke, not everything is lost for the country ...
  21. SlavaP
    SlavaP 4 May 2015 14: 24 New
    The shift is growing. Though slowly but surely!
  22. stranik72
    stranik72 4 May 2015 15: 09 New
    A good example, it’s probably not the only one throughout the country, but we have such organizations (they cannot be named otherwise) like Cadet and Suvorov (Nakhimov) schools, cadet classes for which the state allocates money, and local budgets like they’re not greedy, by the way, they’ve been trying to recreate the Mikhailovsky Cadet Corps in Voronezh for about 20 years and even the classes already exist, so to what it turned out, the training programs there are no better in terms of patriotic and historical education than in ordinary schools, specialized military training takes a minimum of time in relation to the standard set of disciplines, as a result, most graduates of these educational institutions do not go to military schools, in Moscow Suvorovsky for TWO of the last two years, nearly FIVE went from almost 200 graduates to military universities, but almost 50% went to prestigious civilian universities . What is the conversation about, everything we have done recently has been done only at the expense of enthusiasts, but for the money everything is practically, through one place. And it’s a pity that this happens. I'm not talking about the fact that it’s almost impossible for a boy to come from a simple family or from an orphanage to these schools. And such opportunities from the state to remove from the street, including children from dysfunctional families, are not used, but it's a pity
    1. nov_tech.vrn
      nov_tech.vrn 4 May 2015 15: 15 New
      I don’t even know if they removed the main “teacher” of the Moscow Region, who struggled with combat and combat training and did everything to make parquet sharkuns out of the guys, but she also stole, of course, like all Serdyukov’s coders.
  23. Megatron
    Megatron 4 May 2015 16: 40 New
    At this very time in the geyropa, young people are told tales about how the king fell in love with another king and that you can choose "gender identity" yourself. And after that, someone else says that we need their "values"?
  24. vobels
    vobels 4 May 2015 18: 06 New
    In our city, such events have been held for four years. Youth training lasts about a year, and May 9 is the final certification, with congratulations on the city square at the Eternal Flame. Veterans of combat operations and paratroopers are actively participating in and leading this process.
  25. Olga Samoilova
    Olga Samoilova 4 May 2015 22: 33 New
    Very good! That’s exactly what today's young people need to be educated. In order not to sit out at computers, and more often to be in the fresh air, in nature. To be able to navigate in the forest, some medicinal plants knew when they needed to, were able to move silently and remain invisible, 《read 》 Traces. I am silent about the rest. Small yet.
  26. Asadullah
    Asadullah 4 May 2015 22: 34 New
    Tourism, of course, is good, but what about parachute training? I remember courses from the draft board, special for three months. It was called up already with a badge, and a month later the first gossip hanged. As I understand it, jumping is expensive today, and young people jumping for free already at the expense of Uncle Vasya? And yet, warps several, Airborne. Separate units, outside the subordination of the Airborne Forces, on the day, as it were, were not considered 100% "their own." Our 56 DShB, only last year officially passed under the command of the Airborne Forces. So we stacked separately, special forces, seconded rexes ourselves, although almost the only ones wore military awards. In fact, the Airborne Forces are just the Airborne Forces, that is, those whom the sky made them hold on to for life, but otherwise not worse and not better than the rest of the Russian army. From that I would like less fuss, similar to speculation in myth. And it’s possible to make sure that a chef in a blue beret, by status, will be higher than a paevoshnik who performs a combat mission every day.
    1. den12345
      den12345 5 May 2015 21: 35 New
      hurt everything there with parachute training .... and already 70 percent have completed the first jump .... and this is due to the "union of paratroopers" ... less envy, dear ...
  27. Vadim Zhivov
    Vadim Zhivov 5 May 2015 01: 50 New
    and educators +++++
  28. Sorokin
    Sorokin 5 May 2015 13: 15 New
    Thanks guys. Thank you for growing up like this. And for the fact that they bring them up. Thanks from experts
  29. s1н7т
    s1н7т 5 May 2015 14: 48 New
    And what are these children preparing to protect? Mortgage debt for your parents? Excessive utilities tariffs? The prospect of never graduating? Paid and poor-quality medicine? What stupidity.
    One pleased - the standard number 10 from the "Basics of combat use ..." livelier than all the living! drinks True, there for a "photo" they do not fine them for minutes, but stupidly put a deuce right away. soldier
    1. den12345
      den12345 5 May 2015 21: 14 New
      opinion, "offended" by everyone, man ..... they are preparing to protect you)))) ... don’t worry))))
      1. s1н7т
        s1н7т 6 May 2015 20: 02 New
        Quote: den12345
        opinion, "offended" by everyone, man ..... they are preparing to protect you)))) ... don’t worry))))

        Are you talking to me? I’ll “defend myself” as a thread, but “poking” is an indicator of intellectual development, with people like you you don’t have to rely on someone soldier
  30. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign 6 May 2015 06: 17 New
    There are such familiar places in the photo! Does it look like the Shilovsky forest near Voronezh? .. There we had a spare area of ​​a shooting range when we served urgent. Immediately flooded memories. Thanks to Roman. Good deal.
  31. The comment was deleted.