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Destroyers Ave 956. Overview of the technical condition

Of all the ships of the 3rd generation of the Navy of the USSR, destroyers of Project 956 suffered the greatest non-combat losses. From the mortgaged in 1976-1992 22 buildings (50 planned) the fleet 17 were transferred, and to this day only 10 have survived in one state or another. Of these ten, three are in the combat structure of the Navy, two are in the technical reserve of the 2nd category, one is in the frozen repair, and four are awaiting disposal.

Squadron "Fast" of the 956 project (scheme from the book of Yu. Apalkov "Impact ships", 2010; on click - 2500 pixels.)

1. "Admiral Ushakov"

Included in the force of readiness of the Federation Council. The youngest of the destroyers, 956 Ave. (21 year), was transferred to 30.12.1993 Navy under the name "Fearless", the flag was raised 17.04.1994, renamed 17.04.2004 - on the day of its 10 anniversary. (It must be assumed that after the transfer of the name, the fate of the head TARKR Ave 1144 was finally resolved). 20.06.2000-21.07.2003 ship underwent factory repair (VTG) on the MP "Zvezdochka" in Severodvinsk, which at that time was perceived almost as a miracle. After repair. "Ushakov" twice went to the northeastern Atlantic. In the CAG. Led by "Admiral Kuznetsov" -
23.09-21.10.2004 .and. 23.08-14.09.2005. There is information that the destroyer passed dock repair at least once in the 35 SRZ.

Probably the most recent photo of "Ushakov" (with the number applied in a new way), January 2015 (from avsky from

The ship is still actively engaged in combat training, often goes to sea (unfortunately, now only in Barents and Novozhskoye) - participated in the exercise "West-2013", in April 2014 was successfully handed over to K-2, in September - K- 3, 16-21.03.2015 was involved in an unscheduled check of the combat readiness of the forces of the SF and ZVO. In 2015, the destroyer "will take part in a number of exercises of the Northern Fleet and ensure the implementation of responsible activities as part of the USC in the Arctic zone." The crew of "Ushakov" on 70% is staffed with contract soldiers. The captain of the ship is captain of the 1 rank Oleg Gladky.

2. "Fast"

It is part of the forces of constant readiness of the Pacific Fleet. The oldest of the 956 combat drills (25 years) - transferred to the 30.09.1989 Navy, the flag is raised to 28.10.1989. Constant participant of tactical and operational-tactical exercises of the Pacific Fleet, in particular - 09.08-26.09.2013 OTU in the North Pacific (in the Okhotsk and Barents Seas, off the coast of Kamchatka). 14.05-01.06.2014 made a trip to Shanghai to participate in the Russian-Chinese doctrine "Sea Cooperation" (Joint Sea 2014) in the East China Sea (20-26.05) .. This trip became the farthest for the destroyers of 956 Ave. after a long break (with since the second Atlantic BS "Admiral Ushakov").

"Fast" in the Bosphorus-East Strait during a joint exit with "Varyag", 08.07.2014 (photo pressa_tof, 2950 pix.)

15-19.07.2014 "Fast" was to participate in the naval part of the Russian-Indian doctrine INDRA-2014. 08.07, along with Varyag (and, possibly, Peresvet), went to the dress rehearsal at sea, but Admiral Vinogradov went to Indra instead. In the course of the Vostok-2014 (19-25.09.2014) “Fast” together with the Rubezh missile defense missile, launched a missile attack on surface targets at a distance of up to 120 km. 27-29.10.2014. the destroyer performed almost the main task of his mission - supported the landing of the amphibious assault on the Clerk landfill.

As of 03.04.2015, “Bystry” was undergoing repairs (VTG) at the CA “Dalzavod”. The previous visit to the CSD was only a year ago (16.02? -28.04.2014) - apparently, the notorious capriciousness of the GEM is affecting. The captain of the ship is the captain of the 2 rank Ruslan Petrachkov.

3. "Persistent"

Included in the combat formation of the BF in the status of the flagship of the fleet. In the series - the youngest after "Ushakov" (22 of the year), transferred to the Navy 30.12.1992, the flag is raised 27.03.1993. In July, 2008 made a military-political cruise on the Baltic Sea, visiting Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Poland. Before this campaign (or immediately after it), there were serious problems with the GEM, which "solved", having moved the turbines from the front line "Restless". At the beginning of 2012, the “Nastya” (naval nickname) underwent repairs (VTG) at the Yantar plant (the 04.03 ship was still there).

"Persistent" and "Restless" in Baltiysk, 08.10.2014 (Photo by Drakon 64 from, by clicking - 3640 pixels.)

04.09.2013 has reported that the “Insistent” is urgently preparing to march to the Mediterranean Sea in order to reinforce the operational link operating there, however, the 12.09 march has been canceled. The 20-26.09.2013 destroyer took part in the SKSHU Zapad-2013, on the last day of which he supported the landing of the amphibious assault forces at the Khmelevka training ground. 10-20.06.2014. Was involved in the demonstrative exercises of the Western Military District, as opposed to the NATO exercises Saber Strike and BALTOPS.

28.01.2015 crew "Persistent" started to work on the task K-1, after which the ship had to go to sea training grounds for training K-2. The 18.03.2015 destroyer went to sea as part of an unscheduled check of the combat readiness of the SF and ZVO forces (16-21.03). The captain of the ship is captain of the 1 rank Alexander Morgen.

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Other photos:

"Admiral Ushakov" in Severomorsk, 07.05.2010 (photo from sam7 from

"Ushakov" in the dry dock of the 35 th SRZ (photo without a date from the site of the enterprise)

"Fast" supports the landing of troops during the exercise of the Marine Corps of the Pacific Fleet, 29.10.2014 (photo pressa_tof)

"Fast". Launch of the 3М80 rocket of the Mosquito complex during the Vostok-2014, 23.09.2014 SKSHU (fragment of pressa_tof photo)

"Persistent" goes into the sea during an unscheduled check of the Federation Council and the North-West Military District, 18.03.2015 (screenshot from the RT report)

Destroyer "Persistent" in PSZ "Yantar", 04.03.2012 (photo by I. Mikhailov from the submission A_SEVER,

"Restless", "Fearless", "Stormy"

The fate of the second three 956-x was different than the first. They have long been out of the sea, serviced by abbreviated crews and have very vague views of the future. Nevertheless, .in them in the mornings they raise the flag and the guis ,. do tidy ,. they renew the paint. and even (at least in one of them) they train and train personnel .. These are technical reserve ships, from which, if you are lucky, you can return to service.

"620" and durable mooring rope as a symbol of its current status (photo chistoprudov from 16.02.2012)

4. "Restless"

It is located in the technical reserve of the 2 category in Baltiysk - the main base (main location) of the BF. The third “youthful” destroyer of the 956 Ave. after “Admiral Ushakov” and “The Persistent” (23 of the Year) was transferred to the Navy 28.12.1991, the flag was raised 29.02.1992. For a long time, along with the “Insistence”, it was the representative ship of the Baltic Fleet, in the role of which it regularly displayed the flag at international naval exercises in the Baltic and during visits to ports of European countries.

In the spring of 2004, the destroyer lost his turn during the next outing at sea and returned to the base in tow. The ship’s technical readiness was restored by personnel, after which Restless went to sea in 2006 and, most likely, last time, in 2007 (in the latter case, with artillery firing). According to others, the last exit took place in 2009, however, this information cannot be considered quite reliable.

Soon the "Restless" was finally immobilized - by order of the division commander (12 dna) the main engines were removed from it and transferred to the "Persistent". There is an assumption that this was done in the first half of 2008 so that the flagship ship of the Baltic Fleet, which had failed GEM, could make the planned July trip to Europe. This event determined the fate of the "Restless" for many years to come.

"Restless" in Baltiysk, 26.01.2008 - perhaps still on the move (photo by I. Mikhailov from, 3050 pix.)

During 2012-2013. the media repeatedly touched on the topic of the near-term VG and even ship modernization, and in some publications the beginning of work was said as a fait accompli: “Repair is carried out in all directions, from navigator and electromechanical equipment to rocket-artillery weapons and communications. .. We hope that by the year 2015 the destroyer "Restless" will meet the most modern requirements for warships of the Navy. "

Currently, "Restless" performs the duties of a stationary training ship, preparing personnel for other more modern and successful ships of the Baltic Fleet. This can be illustrated by the example of the commander of the electronic warfare group of the destroyer, who is occasionally seconded to improve the qualifications of a ship (in particular, the Corvette "Boky"). On the “Restless”, his main duties are to lead the process of training personnel for the ship’s EW services of the Baltic Fleet.

5. "Fearless"

It is located in the technical reserve of the 2 category in Fokino - one of the locations of the Pacific Fleet (Abrek Bay, Strelok Bay). 24 Destroyer of the Year. - transferred to 28.11.1990 Navy, flag raised to 23.12.1990. After serving a total of 8,5 years, in the middle of 1999 (most likely in June) it was put into reserve because of the poor technical condition of the boilers and laid up in Vladivostok awaiting medium repair (Y. Apalkov). In 2002-2003. "Fearless" stood in Abrek.

"Fearless" (b / n 754) at the 1 th Pier in Fokino (undated photo from inquiring 808 from Next to him - the same type of "Fighting" and "Fast", behind - the BDK Ave. 1174 "Alexander Nikolaev", excluded from the Navy 18.12.2006

Judging by the photos available, at least from 02.10.2004 to 21.09.2005, the ship was tried to be repaired at Dalzavod, then towed back to Fokino, where it was spotted by 18.07.2007. There is information that at the end of October 2010, it was decided to continue the repair of the destroyer in the nearby 30 SRM (Danube village, Gulf. Arrows). According to some information, even the “boat” DVZ Zvezda took part in unsuccessful attempts to return the ship to service. Be that as it may, "Fearless" still stands without a turn at the 1 pier in Abrek Bay.

6. "Stormy"

Is under repair in CA "Dalzavod" (Vladivostok). The oldest of the 956-x, listed in the Navy (26 years) - transferred to the fleet 30.09.1988, the flag is raised 16.10.1988. In 2003, the VTG was held at Dalzavod (04.08.2003 was there along with Quick - 12 reference) ,. in April, 2004. in the course of the exercise of the Pacific Fleet launched the RCC, and 18-25.08.2005 took part in the Russian-Chinese exercise "Peace Mission" (Peace Mission 2005) together with "Shaposhnikov" and "Peresvet" (reference 14).

The destroyer "Stormy" in "Dalzavod", 24.10.2014 (photo by Alex omen from, by clicking - 2000 pix.)

It is considered that "Stormy" became a prolonged repair in "Dalzavod" in 2005, that is, shortly after the "Peace Mission", however, it was not possible to find any official (or photo) evidence. (according to the company's executive director) that work on the ship began in September 2007. Since then, the destroyer has become a kind of architectural landmark of the plant.

About the ship forgotten by God, they remembered only in February 2013, when the St. Petersburg Kirov-Energomash (a subsidiary of the Kirov factory) began repairing the GTZA parts dismantled from the Stormy. The units were to be repaired and put on "Dalzavod" until the end of the year. The 24.10.2013 management of the CSD announced the completion of the repair of the ship’s electromechanical installation and the expected receipt from the customer (again, by the end of the year) of the technical assignment for the repair and modernization of the destroyer’s armament.

In 2014, it wasn’t up to Stormy. The progress of work on it can be judged by the appearance of the ship, which for the year (from 20.09.2013 to 17.10.2014). has not changed at all. (see photo at the end of the recording) .. As for the repair of the GEM ,. It is better to listen to an eyewitness (with copyright edits): “Before December 2013 worked for Kirov-Energomash, who in the Soviet times made 674 machines for“ Sarychey ”(956 Ave.). The management of the Kirov factory eliminated scapular production (without it, consider , there is no turbine) and an assembly and welding shop. Energomash is very bad: there are only three CNC machines in the shops, and the rest are terrible rubbish. I saw the turbine from the "Stormy." Disassemble is disassembled, but it will never be assembled, it is a fact. At the factory, who remember how it is done, no more. For the last 20 years Kirovsk second plant not produced any turbine. "

The quotation does not cause much optimism, but it is not given in order to force depression ,. but only for understanding the root causes of the 10-year-old protracted construction and the possibility of its completion in the near foreseeable future. The question concerns not only "Stormy", but also "Restless" and "Fearless" - it is planned to consider it in the 4 part of this review.

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Other photos:

"Restless" and "Persistent" in Baltiysk, 08.10.2014 (fragment of the photo of Drakon 64 from, on click - 2690 pixels.) When enlarged. "Restless." looks pretty decent. - painted, with a brand new guy, all the antenna posts are in place

The destroyer "Restless" with the younger brother - Corvette "Savvy", 16.02.2012 (photo mannaz with

"Fearless" and "Fighting", Fokino, 13.04.2014 (a fragment of the Pim photo from is the most recent image that was found. Even from behind a tree, the main thing is clearly visible - the guis (the ship is part of the Navy) and the freshly painted board of the 754.

"Fearless" to "repair", Fokino (7-th pier), May 2003 (photo by Bull from

"Fearless" during the "repair" in "Dalzavod", 02.10.2004 (Photo by Amur73 from via

"Fearless" after "repair", Fokino (7-th pier), 18.07.2007 (photo by Mehanoid from Behind - BARZK "Ural"

"Fearless" towed in 30 th SRZ (Danube), tentatively - October 2010 g. (Photo from inquiring808 from

"Stormy" in Dalzavod, 17.10.2014 (photo by VitTE from, by clicking - 2240 pix.)

"Stormy" in "Dalzavod" about a year earlier - 20.09.2013 (photo Vitaliсus with Find 12 Differences :)

"Stormy" with the destroyer of the Navy PLA "Guangzhou" (type 052B, 6500 and full) on the Peace Mission 2005 exercise in the Yellow Sea, 23.08.2005 (photo from, source: .– one of the extreme exits "Stormy" in the sea (hopefully not last)

"Combat", the former "Thunders", "Rapid"

If the "Restless", "Fearless" and "Stormy". All have some (albeit insignificant) chances to go back to sea, then the last four destroyers of the X.UMX Ave. in the flesh have no hope for anything else. They are excluded from the composition of the Navy, their crews are disbanded (instead of them are watch-rounds or “sludge” commands), flags are deposited in naval museums, and the names are transferred to other ships or reserved until better times. Now it is - monuments of the last era of stagnation in stories domestic navy. Let's hope that it is the last, not the last.

Looking at this photo, I believe that for the Russian Navy the worst is over, because it simply cannot be worse - the 12-year-old destroyer “Stable”, sunk 06.04.1999 at the Fnumino pier in Fokino due to the plunder of overboard reinforcement (from the book A. Pavlova)

7. "Combat"

Excluded from the fleet, is located in Fokino (1-th pier), awaiting disposal. The oldest destroyer of the 956 Ave. (28 years) surviving to this day was handed over to the Navy 28.09.1986, the flag was raised 11.10.1986 .. In August 1995 won the prize of the commander-in-chief of the Navy for missile firing as part of the KUG (with "Bezobaznny"). The following year, “Combat” again took the prize in the same nomination, despite the fact that part of its boilers failed. .In 1997 in "Dalzavod" performed repair of boilers. (Y. Apalkov), and yet in 1998, at the age of 11-12, the ship was put into reserve.

"Combat" (b / n 720) and "Fearless" in Fokino, 02.07.2011 (photo from inquiring808 from

According to reports, since then the destroyer has not left his “eternal” parking at the 1 pier in Fokino, and 01.12.2010 was excluded from the fleet ( "Due to the fact that the ship was used (understood) as a source of spare parts for the same type of destroyers of the Pacific Fleet," its technical readiness, as of 11.03.2013, was estimated at no more than 20% of "nominal value". The fact of active use of the “Combat” as a ZIP donor is also confirmed by reports from participants in the famous maritime forum.

8. "Thundering" (b / n 404)

Excluded from the fleet, is in Severomorsk (presumably at the 5 pier). Waiting for disposal. Ship 26 years - transferred to the Navy 30.12.1988, flag raised 14.01.1989, renamed "Thundering" shortly before transfer to the fleet - 18.08.1988 (according to A. Pavlova - 14.09.1988) ,. before that, it was called "Lead" .. 23.04-27.10.1994 was in the course of current repair in the 35 SRZ with the replacement of boiler tubes. In the period 03.1995-01.1996 periodically went to sea. In September, 1996, as of three boilers (out of regular 4's), was prohibited from going to sea.

The destroyer 28.03.1997 was removed from the permanent readiness forces to the technical reserve of the 2 category in anticipation of the average repair, 15.06.1998 reduced the crew. 18.12.2006 ship was excluded from the fleet (, although they were going to do it back in June 2005. 09.12.2007 the name "Thundering" was given to the same type of "Unrestrained", and the welded letters were painted over with ball paint. It was used as a "donor" .. In 2013, the destroyer hull leaked, due to which the ship had to be towed to Murmansk (in the 35 th SRH), where emergency repairs were made to seal (convert) the hull. 07.09.2013 former "Thunderer" returned to the place.

Two former "Rattling" (404 and 406) at one pier, Severomorsk, 10.07.2014 (fragment of the photo Kai-8 with, 3250 pix.)

9. "Thundering" (b / n 406)

Excluded from the fleet, located in Severomorsk (at the same pier as w / o 404), awaiting disposal. Ship 23 of the year - transferred to the Navy 25.06.1991 under the name "Unrestrained", the flag is raised 12.07.1991, renamed 09.12.2007. 14.04.1997 went to sea for a comprehensive test of combat readiness (perhaps the last time). In May, 1998 was taken to the technical reserve of the 2 category due to the need for docking, replacement of diesel generators and pipes on all boilers.

According to reports, the 01.12.2012 destroyer was expelled from the fleet (reference 3), the flag was lowered (followed by transfer to the Atlantic squadron museum) held on 01.05.2013. The given dates do not agree very well with the fact that 01.02.2012 at the Northern shipyard laid the corvette "Thundering" pr. 20385, if it is not assumed that from the moment of transfer of the name to the decommissioning, the destroyer was listed as a member of the Navy under the former name of "Unrestrained" (by at least officially - according to the order of the commander in chief).

So it turned out, of course, not by malicious intent, but with the name “Thundering” the confusion turned out to be thorough. They tell the anecdote as "in one department, people far from the Navy, fell into a stupor when they were brought documents for the disposal of two" Rumblers "at once. Meanwhile, on" 404 "and" 406 ", continuing to decorate the harbor Severomorsk, on holidays, still raise the flags of colorization, and in some reports of the press service of the Defense Ministry the Guards destroyer “Thundering” is still listed as part of the 43 drk SF.

10. "Prompt"

Expelled from the fleet, is in the Kronstadt Military Harbor. Pending disposal. . Ship 25 years - transferred to the Navy 30.12.1989, flag raised 23.03.1990. The last exit to the sea took place, most likely, 20.08.1996, when from all the combat training tasks only artillery firing was performed, because of the poor technical condition of the boilers it was necessary to return to the base (no further exit to the sea was allowed). 31.12.1997 was put into the 2 category of techy reserve, 18.01.1998 unloaded ammunition.

"Prompt" during towing from the Northern shipyard in Kronstadt, 16.09.2014 (photo by Alexei Akentev vs kuleshovoleg, 2560 pix.). One of the rare shots of the 956 Pr destroyer with a hangar (helicopter shelter) in the working (extended) position

In early November, 2000, having made (in tow?) An inter-fleet crossing, the ship arrived at the Northern Shipyard (St. Petersburg) to undergo a medium repair. Repair work began after two or three months and lasted for six months, after which they were shut down due to the termination of funding. Nonresident officers "by hook or by crook tried to escape from the plant back to the North ... The crew did minimal work with their own forces." Due to lack of funds, the repair was frozen for long 14 years (counting from the date of arrival).

According to some data, the destroyer was decommissioned by 08.08.2012 (, according to others - the documents submitted long ago to be written off to 29.05.2013 were never signed. It must be assumed that the presence of an "extraneous" object in the water area of ​​the enterprise and the lack of money to repair it every year annoyed the leadership of the Northern Shipyard more and more, which caused litigation between the High Command and the Ministry of Defense. In the end, the problem with the "Rapid" was solved - 16.09.2014. The ship was towed to Kronstadt Military Harbor .. There is some not completely reliable information that the aft tower was already dismantled on 20.12.2014.

Among other things, information was used with (reference 18), from A. Pavlov’s book “First-Class Destroyers” (Yakutsk, 2000). And Yu.Apalkov’s reference books “Ships of the Navy of the USSR”, Volume II, Part I (St. Petersburg, 2003 ) and "Impact ships" (M., 2010).

Other photos:

Fighting and Fearless, Fokino, 13.04.2014 (a fragment of the Pim photo from is the most recent snapshot to find (repeat from the 2 part of the review). You can clearly see the lack of Huys on the "Fighting" and its extremely neglected state

B / n 404 (formerly "Thundering") is being towed from Murmansk to Severomorsk after conversion to 35 SRZ, Kola Bay, 07.09.2013 (photo R_G from, by click - 4320 pix.). With the increase visible shaded letters names

"Thundering" in 35-m SRH (photo without date from the site of the enterprise). Most likely, it is b / n 404 to convert to 2013.

"Thundering" (formerly "Unrestrained") before decommissioning (with Huys), 02.03.2009 (photo Shtorm_DV via, 3890 pix.)

"Nimble" at the Northern Shipyard, 04.08.2008 (photo by Evgeny 5110 from

"Nimble" at the Northern Shipyard, 25.05.2013 (photo Curious from

The "efficient" in Kronstadt, awaiting disposal, 03.10.2014 (photo fyodor_photo from the feed vmart2005 from

Not so bad walkers

The deplorable state in which the ships of the series found themselves in post-Soviet times, and a number of authoritative publications in which this topic was touched upon, caused a stereotype about the inferiority of the destroyers of the steam-turbine power plant. In particular, Yu. Apalkov’s reference book, “Ships of the Navy of the USSR” (Volume II, Part I, St. Petersburg, 2003) reads as follows: “The main drawback of ships of 956 Ave. is the presence of high requirements to the quality of boiler water. building boilers and complicates the operation of the main mechanisms. " In the revised edition of “Shock ships” (M., 2010), it was added: “As it turned out, the Soviet. (And then the Russian one). The Navy was technically and organizationally not ready for intensive operation of units with high-pressure boilers.”

However, the experience of the combat service of the destroyer “Excellent” alone (the third ship of the series) with its truly extraordinary float largely disproves this thesis. It should be emphasized that high-pressure KVN-98 / 64 boilers were installed on the first six buildings - less sophisticated and reliable than KVG-3 boilers (with gas-turbocharging and natural water circulation) used on those 956's that are now in service or in reserve 2 category (A. Pavlov "Destroyers of the first rank", Yakutsk, 2000).

The destroyer "Excellent" off the coast of Libya, 24.03.1986 (photo US Navy c

We list only the most outstanding achievements from the track record of “Excellent”, taken mainly from the book of A. Pavlov.

With 06.12.1984 - military service in the Atlantic, in particular, with 25.12.1984 - in the Caribbean, including three visits to Havana (the last - 05.02.1985) and joint exercises with the Cuban Navy with tracking of the AUG "Dwight Eisenhower". Next is the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean and the BS in the Mediterranean (with 16.03.1985). 16-31.05.1985 operated in the western part of the SPM and in the Atlantic, the date of return to Severomorsk is not known. In total, military service lasted for at least six months.

Already 20.01.1986 (approximately in 7 months) - access to the next BS in the Mediterranean Sea. On the way .–. participation in the search for anti-submarine operations at the turn of North Cape-Bear and the Baltic Fleet Dozor-86 (09-15.02) exercises, tracking the Saratoga (20-23.03) and America (10-15.04) AUG. 26-29.04.1986 - business call to Benghazi (Libya), 29-30.04 - tracking of AUG "Enterprise", 21.05 - "Accident" in the anchorage at Sicily due to the fault of the Panamanian cargo ship with damage to the starboard, PU, ​​Mosktyt SCRK. . 8-30.06.1986 - repair in Sevastopol at Sevmorzavod. The date of returning to the main basing station is not known (in January 1987 was in the 82 th SRH), the total BS duration is more than half a year.

With 26.05.1988, the squadron of ships headed by TAVKR "Baku" (11434 Ave., today - 11430 "Vikramaditya") is the third military service in the Mediterranean. 07-12.07 tracking of the Eisenhower AUG, 13-18.07 call at Tartus to restore technical readiness and rest of the personnel, 18-24.07 continued tracking of the American AUG. 22-29.08 and 27-31.10 visits to Latakia (Syria), the second time - joint exercises with the Syrian Navy. 01-21.11 parking and VHG in Tartus, then the security guard "Baku" on the way home, arrival in Severomorsk - 18.12.1988. The duration of the BS - about seven months.

30.06.1989 military service in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean - the fourth for 4,5 year. 21-25.07 visit to Norfolk (naval base on the East Coast of the USA) along with the RKR Marshal Ustinov. 09.10-05.11 call to Tartus for the repair and rest of personnel, 12-17.11 call to Algeria to ensure the visit of the commander-in-chief of the Navy S. Gorshkov .. Arrival in Severomorsk .–. 14.12.1989. The time spent on the BS - about six months.

"Excellent". Accepts fuel (and water?). From the tanker of the Novorossiysk Shipping Company "Marshal Turquoise" (such as "Split"), the Mediterranean Sea, 01.06.1988 (photo from sam7 from In the distance - TFR SF Ave. 1135 "Loud" (b / n 962)

Today it is hard to believe, but in eight years of service - from raising the flag (19.11.1983) to transferring the 1 category to the reserve, waiting for the average repair (10.1991) that did not take place, the destroyer “Excellent” passed 150 535 miles, which corresponds to seven the length of the equator (about any serious troubles associated with the GEM, history is silent). It is significant that the total 17-year "mileage" of one of the most popular ships of the modern Russian fleet - TARKR "Peter the Great" was "only" 180 000 miles. It is worth writing this in big letters:

Destroyer of the Navy of the USSR, 956 Ave. “Excellent” with “unreliable”, “whimsical” actively criticized boiler-turbine power plant passed 8 years 150 500 miles (18 800 miles per year), while TARKR of the Russian Navy Ave 11442 miles Great "with a reliable atomic GES ─ about 180 000 miles over 17 years (10 600 miles per year ─ almost two times less).

There is hardly any reason to look for the reason why the “Excellent” is highly flooded in the special attitude of the fleet command (expressed, say, in a complete set of selected personnel and in an extraordinary allocation of spare parts for VHG), or in exceptional professional qualities of the ship’s commanders and the X-5, or in simple, irrational luck at last, since he was far from the only one in the series who served for a long time (up to six months or more) in distant waters.

"Modern" - 30.12.1981-06.08.1982 hike (as part of the trials) on the route: Liepaja - Mediterranean Sea - Sevastopol - Mediterranean Sea - Severomorsk (seven months); 15.01-04.07.1985 military service in the Mediterranean as part of the TUG, led by the TAVKR "Kiev" - in less than six months 19 985 miles traveled; 28.08-26.09.1988 in conjunction with BOD "Stroyny" - control over NATO exercises in the Norwegian Sea with 53-hour tracking of Forrestal AUG.

"Desperate" - 17.10-06.11.1983 BS in the Atlantic; 15.01-05.06.1985 (about five months) combat service in the Mediterranean, 08-26.03 direct tracking of the Eisenhower AUG, 02-06.05 visit with the Kiev "Alpine" TAVKR; 09-17.03.1987 BS in the Atlantic with the provision of inter-fleet transition RKR "Marshal Ustinov" (from the Faroe Islands); 03-23.09.1987 combat service in the North Sea and North Atlantic with tracking Forrestal AUG ;. from raising the flag (31.10.1982) to taking to the reserve (22.05.1992), 121 920 miles passed - 5,5 round-the-world traffic in 9,5 years.

"Prudent" - 21.08-22.11.1985 transition from Baltiysk to Vladivostok around Africa as part of the TGC, led by the Frunze TARKR, with visits to Angola, Mozambique, South Yemen and Vietnam (three months, 67 running days, approx. 21 300 miles passed ); 15.02-09.09.1988 (about seven months) - Gulf military service with 31 ship escort in 16 convoys.

"Impeccable" - 28.08.1986-12.1986 military service in the Mediterranean (about four months); 05.01-23.06.1987 (almost immediately) a new base station in an SPM as part of the CUG headed by TAVKR “Kiev” with tracking of AUG “Nimitz” and a visit to Tripoli (Libya) - about six months, 20 197 miles; 04-17.03.1989 in conjunction with Inspired - monitoring NATO exercises and tracking AUG Amerika; 01-21.07.1990 trek to the UK on a visit to Portsmouth; 04.01-25.07.1991 (more than half a year) - the third BS in the Mediterranean, together with Kalinin TARKR ("Admiral Nakhimov") with visits to Alexandria and Port Said; from raising the flag (16.11.1985) to the reserve in the middle of 1993, 62 passed 000 miles - around 3's round-the-road in 8 years.

Flawless in the North Atlantic on the way to the Mediterranean, 09.1986 (US Navy photo from

"Combat" - 22.06-22.12.1987 (six months) inter-fleet transition from the Baltic to the Pacific Fleet with military service in the Persian Gulf (22 of the vessel was carried out in 16 convoys), with visits and visits to Aden, Bombay and Camran; 04.04-23.09.1989 - (about six months). Combat service in the Persian Gulf. With the tasks of reconnaissance and escorting convoys, calling in Madras (India) - 16 passed 880 miles; 12.07-22.08.1990 - a hike in the USA in conjunction with the BOD Admiral Vinogradov on a visit to San Diego (31.07-04.08) - 12 100 miles passed, 5 refueling fuel produced on the go at sea.

"Persistent" - 10.1987-04.1988 (six months) inter-fleet transition from the Baltic to the Pacific Fleet with military service in the Persian Gulf, escorting convoys during the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988), during the BS was shelled (received damage to the hull), repair of boilers in PMTO in the Dahlak archipelago (Ethiopia); 15.01-07.1990 (six months) long-distance hike (BS) on the route Vladivostok - South China Sea - Indian Ocean - Suez Canal - Mediterranean Sea - Bosphorus - Sevastopol and back.

"Winged" - 05-24.08.1988 transition from Liepaja to Severomorsk; 21-30.12 to ensure the inter-fleet TARKR Kalinin junction (passed 2430 miles); 04-17.03.1989 as part of the TUG tracking the British AB "Arc Royal" during NATO exercises in the Norwegian Sea; 01.12.1989-13.06.1990 (six months) combat service in the Mediterranean Sea with calls at Tartus and tracking of the Eisenhower AUG; 04-23.01.1991 access to the Atlantic to escort Kalinin TARKR to the BS in the SPM (before Gibraltar); .with raising the flag (10.01.1988) before bringing to the reserve (09.03.1994). passed 69 480 miles - more than three round-the-world lights for 6 (only six) years in the Navy.

"Stormy" - 14.10-14.12.1989 (two months), an inter-fleet transition from Baltiysk to the Pacific Fleet with calls to Crete, Port Said, Aden and Cam Ranh - 12 000 miles over the course of 24 hours; 44-03.01 (more than half a year) combat service in the South China Sea based in Cam Ranh - 20.07.1991 6 miles traveled.

“Thunderer” (formerly “Lead”) - 24.01-21.07.1990 (six months) combat service in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean (in SPM - with “Wing”), 05.03 joint maneuvers with the Italian frigate, 25.06-01.07 visit to Havana, joint teachings from the Cuban Navy - 24 passed 000 miles for 176 running days.

“Winged” in the Mediterranean, 22.12.1989 (photo by US Navy from

The biographies of the other 956s, due to their late birth, are not as rich in the miles they traveled, but long hikes (and even one combat service) are also on their track records (events to 2000 are listed, later in the previous parts).

"Fast" - 15.09-03.11.1990 inter-fleet transition from the Baltic to the Pacific Fleet with the RKR "Chervona Ukraine" ("Varyag") calling at Cam Ranh; 18.08-06.09.1993 BOD campaign "Admiral Panteleyev" with visits to Qingdao (China) and Busan (South Korea); from the time of construction (raising the flag - 28.10.1989) to bringing the 1 category (29.12.1998) to the reserve, 43 790 miles have passed - two round-the-world lights for 9 years of service, which later continued successfully.

"Rapid" - 05-09.07.1990 inter-fleet transition from Baltiysk to Severomorsk; .with 25.09.1993 trekking to the Mediterranean with a visit to Toulon (11-15.10), the date of returning to OPB is not known - 6460 miles traveled.

"Fearless" - 25.11.1991-07.01.1992 inter-fleet transition from Baltiysk to Vladivostok, without calling at foreign ports - in about 1,5 a month and traveled about 12 000 miles.

"Unrestrained" ("Thundering") - 26-30.10.1991 inter-fleet transition from Baltiysk to Severomorsk; 06.05-16.06.1993 march to the United States on a visit to New York (26-31.05) to celebrate the 50 anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic, after the parade - joint exercises with the ships of the US Navy.

"Restless" - no long hikes; 04-24.07.1998 friendly visits to Plymouth (United Kingdom), Zeebrugge (Belgium), Denhelder (Holland) - passed about 3000 miles.

"Persistent" - 17.02-30.04.1997 long-distance hike around Africa, with the participation of 15-18.03 in the exhibition of weapons in Abu Dhabi (UAE) and visits to Simonstown (02-06.04) and Cape Town (South Africa) on the days of the celebration of the 75 anniversary of the Navy South Africa - for the 2,5 month 19 800 miles passed.

"Fearless" ("Admiral Ushakov") - 09-16.08.1994 transition from Baltiysk to Severomorsk; 21.12.1995-22.03.1996 military service in the Mediterranean as part of the CAG led by the Admiral Kuznetsov TAVKR: .04.01.1996 - Gibraltar, 29.01-03.02 call to Tartus, 17-18.02 visit to La Valette (Malta) - in three months 14 160 passed through miles

Other photos:

"Excellent" off the coast of Libya, 24.03.1986 (photo by US Navy from sam7 from

"Excellent" and "Sea King", possibly 01.01.1987 (photo from DDR from with

"Excellent" leaves Norfolk, 25.07.1989 (photo by US Navy from

"Desperate" in combat service in the Atlantic, 26.10.1983 (photo by US Navy from

"Fearless" on Malta, 02.1986 (photo from Shtorm_DV from from the submission
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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 2 May 2015 06: 19
    thanks for the article. Requiem for Great Ships ..."USHAKOV" burns in the Atlantic ... (this is the very one, with a beautiful first photo) video from "KUZNETSOV".
    1. NOMADE
      NOMADE 2 May 2015 10: 03
      Great article. + to the author. At the same time, nostalgia, joy and sadness overcomes. In his youth with his father, he spent a lot of time on the "Combat", was at the shooting, still remembering, breathtaking.
      The problem was not only with boilers, finances, but the problem was in command / politics. ((((
      Father found sponsors for repairs, but gave a ban .. ((
      Eventually. one of the leaders of the Pacific Fleet (with an excellent, professional, well-coordinated crew) "rooted" to the pier ((
      1. g1v2
        g1v2 2 May 2015 11: 15
        But the fact is still a fact - the Buzzard often broke, the power plant was their weak point. At the same time, the BPC 1155 is much less problematic and less fuss with them.
        According to Internet data, the second three Buzzards will still be modernized and there will be 6 units in service. 4 will be disposed of. At the same time, it is planned to repair and modernize all 9 BPC 1155 - all will remain in service. It seems to me from the ships of the first rank we got 2 problem projects that were not brought to mind - 956 Sarych and TARK 1144 Orlan and 2 good ones - bpk 1155 Frigate and rk 1164 Atlant.
        There are constant difficulties with the first two projects - the majority are either at the wall or written off .2 others of the same age calmly reach the capital and will continue to serve and modernize. Moreover, Buzzards and part of the BPC were built at the factory number 190 named. A. A. Zhdanov, but fate is different. It seems that the matter is not in manufacturing, but still in a crude project.
        Well, we will wait for the implementation of the Leader destroyer project, they promise that it will be something with something. yes
        1. NOMADE
          NOMADE 2 May 2015 11: 45
          Thanks you)
          Yes, I agree with you that the problem is in the GEM ...
          But this does not justify their fate ((
          Let's hope that the new Leader destroyers in the Pacific Fleet will bear their proud names - Fast, Combat, Fearless, Burny! )
        2. Dart2027
          Dart2027 2 May 2015 12: 36
          Quote: g1v2
          TARK 1144

          Why? "Peter the Great" has been plowing for many years and nothing. The first three were criminally ditched.
          1. NOMADE
            NOMADE 2 May 2015 12: 54
            "Plows" but for wear and tear .. ((The same as the "Varyag", which even had problems with the hull (at least).
            They work for wear, but there are no replacements now and in the near future ..
            1. Dart2027
              Dart2027 2 May 2015 15: 30
              Quote: NOMADE
              "Plows" but for wear

              This is clear. I mean, it's not worth calling Project 1144 "problematic and polished".
              Quote: NOMADE
              in the near future - no.

              One has already begun to modernize at Sevmash
              1. NOMADE
                NOMADE 2 May 2015 16: 07
                One has already begun to modernize at Sevmash

                This is a drop in the ocean .. (
                1. Dart2027
                  Dart2027 2 May 2015 17: 18
                  Quote: NOMADE
                  It's a drop in the ocean

                  Why? There were only four of them.
                  Or do you mean the general condition of the fleet? So a fleet of 1144 alone is technically impossible. Will carry out one-by-one modernization of all three and that's enough. The "main warship" of the Navy will be much smaller - the estimated displacement of the destroyers "Leader" is about 15000 tons, and not 26000 as in 1144.
        3. Aleksandr72
          Aleksandr72 2 May 2015 14: 00
          The gas turbine unit (GTU) was initially considered as a power plant for the ship of Project 956, but the Navy GK after a meeting with SME B.E.Butomoy decided on the choice of KTU. Its justifications boiled down to the following: UTZ, the main supplier of gas turbines for the Soviet Navy, will not be able to provide turbines with the entire program for the construction of new ships, and it is unreasonable to lose a steam turbine workshop at the Kirov Plant. In addition, in the event of difficulties with diesel fuel, the fleet will always have ships using fuel oil or even crude oil. The solution, as we see, was well-founded, but it was implemented without taking into account many features of the operation of the KTU, in which even more stressed boilers were used than on EM 56. GEM pr.956 required the operation of qualified care, which the fleets did not always have the opportunity to provide.
          At one time, when high steam parameters were introduced into the power plants of Project 56 ships, the air supply to the boilers was “closed”. Now, taking the next step in the direction of increasing the boiler tension, it was obviously necessary to take the corresponding step in changing the installation scheme as a whole, i.e. “Close” the entire feedwater system. But that did not happen.
          In the USSR, it was possible to create, instead of the "956th" multipurpose ship, commensurate in capabilities with the "Arleigh Burke", 11 years earlier than the United States!
          Such a ship was supposed to be a gas-turbine “hybrid” - “956 + 1155”, but with a slightly “trimmed” HAC and with a Fort type air defense system (the so-called “Fal”). And if then they decided to place cellular ones instead of drum launchers (which came to the end of the 1990s), then they could already talk about unified launchers (analogue of Mk.41). That is, even then it was possible to create an “Admiral Chabanenko” BPC, but with a stronger air defense. The development of such a ship (Project 11560) was carried out in the late 1970s. in parallel with pr.956 and 1155.
          However, such a ship did not fit into the "ideology" of the Soviet fleet, where all the ships were purely specialized. The mistake was realized after 15 years, but time was lost ...
          And now the project 956 destroyers, so fabulous for their time, are going to needles, because of the ill-conceived decision made during the time.
          I have the honor.
          1. NOMADE
            NOMADE 2 May 2015 14: 50
            Greetings, yes, I agree ... If the GTS were installed on 956, it would be more interesting, the more "volumes" and additional displacement would be freed up .. Just, he lacked the "anti-submarine" component, they just supplemented each other with the BOD friend, a kind of duet.
          2. Silhouette
            Silhouette 2 May 2015 20: 27
            Quote: Aleksandr72
            Its justifications boiled down to the following: UTZ - the main supplier of gas turbines for the Soviet Navy - will not be able to provide turbines with the entire program for the construction of new ships

            The main reason UTZ could not provide gas turbines with a program to build new destroyers for the Soviet Navy was the construction of a gas pipe to the West, where the turbines are used to pump gas. To this day, they pump gas mainly to the countries of Eastern Europe and Germany, and the ships are bent. 5-6 years of operation - and in repair, then on and
        4. cdrt
          cdrt 2 May 2015 23: 48
          I totally agree.
          Indeed, the working horses of our fleet are 1155 and 1164.
          I hope that they bring to mind all 3 relatively live 1144.
          And 6 will have to be pulled until the Leaders arrive. Although ... I think that the remaining 956 will still bend earlier, it doesn’t hurt the tenacious GEM for our fleet.
    2. zubkoff46
      zubkoff46 2 May 2015 12: 10
      How it rolls, however ... And you will not be happy with pasta "navy" for sure.
      1. NOMADE
        NOMADE 2 May 2015 12: 58
        it happened and worse ..)) take an interest in what the crew on the БГГ БГГ;)))) with a similar storm))
    3. Ustinov 055 055
      Ustinov 055 055 10 June 2016 16: 20
      I was at Ustinov when the squadron commander asked Turilin how you got there, to which he was answered HEAD ASS LEGS The officer of the watch broke his arm, the steam lines were punctured. For 3 days we did not sleep on the cruiser, I generally keep quiet about Ushakov
    4. Ustinov 055 055
      Ustinov 055 055 10 June 2016 16: 20
      I was at Ustinov when the squadron commander asked Turilin how you got there, to which he was answered HEAD ASS LEGS The officer of the watch broke his arm, the steam lines were punctured. For 3 days we did not sleep on the cruiser, I generally keep quiet about Ushakov
  2. Rigla
    Rigla 2 May 2015 06: 46
    Power plants are the Achilles heel of our fleet.
  3. Roman Skomorokhov
    Roman Skomorokhov 2 May 2015 07: 33
    Not really a requiem. The more yelling at these topics, the greater the chance of getting things moving. Some submarines do not win much.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 2 May 2015 07: 56
      Quote: Banshee
      Not quite a requiem.

      I'm on the 956th project ... crying
    2. gjv
      gjv 2 May 2015 09: 46
      Quote: Banshee
      The more yelling at these topics, the more chances to get off the ground

      Here the Indians have Vice Admiral A.V. Subhedar. Apparently someone "yelled" at him.
      According to the Indian media, the Indian aircraft carrier R 33 Vikramaditya (rebuilt according to project 11430 from the former heavy aircraft carrier "Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov" of project 11434) will soon undergo a short scheduled repair, the first during its service in the Indian fleet, which will be carried out on the purpose-built Naval Ship Repair Yard at the new Karwar naval base, where the aircraft carrier is based.

      As the controller (deputy commander in chief) of the Indian Navy for shipbuilding and procurement, Vice Admiral A.V. informed the Indian press on April 16, 2015. Subhedar, an integral part of the repair will be the installation of short-range air defense systems on Vikramaditya, removed from Project 20 deducted from the Indian fleet of the Indian frigate F 16 Godavari - Israeli short-range anti-aircraft missile system IAI / Rafael Barak 1 (Godavari carried two eight-shot vertical launchers of this complex and Fire control radar IAI Elta EL / M-2221 STGR) and four 30-mm six-barreled anti-aircraft gun mounts AK-630.
      And who do we specifically yell at? On Viktor Viktorovich Chirkov?
      1. clidon
        clidon 2 May 2015 12: 37
        Rogozin on Twitter. ) Maybe there will be another hochmochka from him.
  4. Vadim Zhivov
    Vadim Zhivov 2 May 2015 07: 47
    thanks for the information .. and yet people are to blame for everything, and the ships are suffering .. the photo from Fokino is more than confirmation ..
  5. altman
    altman 2 May 2015 09: 26
    Very beautiful ships, and still .. my opinion is that the GEM is the reason for everything. Look at their peers, project 1155 BOD .. most are still in service
  6. Nayhas
    Nayhas 2 May 2015 09: 33
    The Chinese seem to write off their destroyers, etc. 956, their photos with dismantled weapons appeared on the network. Looks like their boilers got too.
    1. NOMADE
      NOMADE 2 May 2015 10: 16
      Yes, don’t say, the GEMs are problematic ((Father. I remember showing on the BOD I said, you see, they have gas turbines, and they work on kerosene and burn people's money ((And we work on fuel oil ... Only now BOD still go now, and his ship - no (almost) (((
    2. donavi49
      donavi49 2 May 2015 11: 59
      It's not clear yet.

      There are two rumors (but there is no officialdom)
      - disassembly for firewood.
      - medium repair with a significant upgrade. They put the Frigate-MA (theirs) radar, put the Calm-1 VPU as on the 054 frigates, upgrade the electronic warfare and put the new 052С cut-down face CIRCUIT. Plus the little things.

      What will be unclear. Must wait.

      One thing is for sure - 956 are also transferred to Coastal Destroyers. They do not go further than the near sea zone and disputed territories near the Philippines, Japan and Vietnam. At the same time, their frigates 054A / destroyers 052 and even the old 051 run around the world from San Diego and Hawaii to Brest, Porto and Yemen.
  7. Funnels
    Funnels 2 May 2015 11: 32
    Beautiful ships, sorry fate is sad.
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket 2 May 2015 13: 25
      Personally, I believe that these destroyers are the most beautiful and powerful ships of that period in the Great Soviet Union and indeed in the world, and it’s very sad and sad that now they are in this state.
      1. Silhouette
        Silhouette 2 May 2015 20: 41
        I agree. These destroyers were created for battle. Strong, powerful ships. Living conditions on them were worse than on BOD - iron furniture in cabins and cockpits, but still better than that of Americans. Iron ships for iron people.
  8. fomkin
    fomkin 2 May 2015 18: 16
    It's a shame the fleet is practically without destroyers. Links to lack of money are not correct. They found it on the Mistral, but no destroyers were built.

    About those who made the decision
    1. Dart2027
      Dart2027 2 May 2015 18: 30
      It's not about the money. You can build a building even now, but how to start it? How many tormented with frigates 22350, which could not be launched into a series due to problems with air defense and artillery. The construction of the 11356 series had to begin precisely because of this, although at first it was only an export project (Talwar).
  9. major124
    major124 2 May 2015 18: 57
    Shame, one of the most combat and universal classes of ships in the fleet, and units in such a deplorable state .... recourse
  10. Panda_eye_60ru
    Panda_eye_60ru 2 May 2015 19: 32
    I don’t understand one thing, why cut them into scrap metal?
    As I understand it, the frame and body are in excellent condition. YES remodel to support / supply needs if upgrading to modern requirements is expensive. Or a civilian sell, having previously removed everything that represents value.
    At the worst, these are ideal targets for all kinds of testing of all scenarios in exercises, including radio-controlled target ships (see the Yankees example).
    And so, stupid, very stupid.
    What we do not store, but having lost - we criticize.
    1. dvina71
      dvina71 2 May 2015 21: 57
      then, that their main caliber is only 8 pkr .., after the shooting of which the destroyer is the target. Without significant alterations, installing polymer, new air defense, plo, reb, acs ... in these buildings is cheaper than building a new one.
      So those that can be put in order not expensively - will lead. Whatever the regiment would serve, their "Leader" will not be replaced ..
      1. Scraptor
        Scraptor 3 May 2015 01: 00
        But is it impossible to increase the number of RCC? bully No significant alterations are required for this, especially with the removed artillery.
        Now there are container-type installations that until recently were everywhere advertised and then for some reason ceased ...
        1. dvina71
          dvina71 3 May 2015 02: 25
          Make it easy for you .. I advise you to conduct a simple and relatively affordable experience .. make a convertible out of a sedan .. and see how long it takes to drive this way ..
          Nothing that to install a vertical launch will have to redraw the design of power elements? It’s one thing when you have an undercabrio on a bump in half and it’s completely different to put an destroyer on the bottom ..
          Already now pr. 11356 is superior in power to the main caliber, with a displacement of 4000 tons .., and at a price .. also easier than remaking the 956 project ..
          1. Scraptor
            Scraptor 3 May 2015 03: 12
            You can do this so you don’t have to - in the roof sedans, the hatches somehow cut through.
            The biggest displacement will fit most, and not just missiles.
  11. xomaNN
    xomaNN 2 May 2015 21: 49
    To the author -respect for an in-depth study of the fate of EM 966, etc. Their share in the Navy, unfortunately, is not brilliant what All the same, the strategic miscalculation of the customers of the Russian Navy with the KDU and the complexity of its operation by the combat crew was knocked down by this powerful combat EM. Sorry. I did not have to work on it. And a good example is SKR 1135, which were earlier floated for 30 = 35 years and are alive. Here I know firsthand. Lucky boat!
  12. Watchman
    Watchman 3 May 2015 00: 55
    The Chinese have not in vain bought 4 pieces. They know a lot about the right choice of equipment, especially for the army.
  13. stpv1
    stpv1 3 May 2015 10: 59
    Are all the technologies for repairing power plants for pr 956 stolen? After so many years of sludge, it’s unlikely that anything else remained operational, especially in terms of armament and RPM
  14. Falcon5555
    Falcon5555 4 May 2015 01: 17
    I do not understand how a destroyer can be a boiler and turbine? After all, in theory, he should often carry out patrol service, that is, protect other ships on a voyage and in port from planes and submarines. Therefore, by profession, he must be able to quickly "wake up" and immediately develop a full stroke. How long does it take to warm up the boilers? And if they are kept under maximum pressure all the time, how long will they last in terms of amortization? And how much fuel do you need to spend just to keep them under maximum pressure while standing at the berth or at anchor or at low speed?
    Another thing that is strange about these destroyers is these oblique antennas on the main masts. It seems to be flat antennas, that is, as if phasing arrays, which can form any beam, but all the same oblique. As if their curved arm welder. And on more modern Russian ships, the same thing is often seen. Ugly and stupid.
    1. Scraptor
      Scraptor 4 May 2015 02: 47
      just had to ruin the nice thing ...
    2. Saladine
      Saladine 27 July 2015 09: 39
      And the color is so ugly, fi, nasty ...
  15. ugrums1961
    ugrums1961 21 May 2015 12: 21
    Affected by the living. Even registered. I looked at the information on the use of their ships by rich Americans. And here is how they use. The aircraft carrier Enterprise was laid down on November 15, 1957 at the Newport News Shipbuilding shipyard. Launched on September 24, 1960 [1].
    January 12, 1962 made its first voyage, on November 4, 2012 the aircraft carrier completed its last 8-month voyage. In total, the aircraft carrier went to sea 25 times. Decommissioned on December 1, 2012. Judging by the age of our destroyers, this is just squandering the state. funds and targeted destruction of the Russian fleet. Then they had to be cut on the slipways. They are cheaper to redesign with modern conditions and to make repairs. It is just necessary to use funds carefully for naval customers.
  16. Sergey Deev
    Sergey Deev April 21 2016 22: 04
    Hello to all the sailors who served on the destroyer "Excellent"! Cool ship, a real toiler of the sea. And for KTU it is necessary to follow !!! Thanks to the personnel of the BCh-5 and the commander of the MCG Vita Kazyonov for its good condition! Thanks to all the crew who served on it for their high professionalism and patriotism! 1155 are also good ships, but inside there is a lot of empty space and more roll. It was hard for the guys to walk on them in fresh weather.
  17. grandyucha
    grandyucha April 7 2017 17: 39
    He served on the "Impeccable" since 1990. БЧ-4. In fact, their boilers are weak - they required very careful care. And our "oils" the stokers always looked at their desalination plant and outboard water fell. As a result, they barely got drawn from military service from Middle-earth to the only remaining boiler, assembled from all four after the next jamb of stokers, although for the sake of justice I will say - they plowed there for seven months in full !!!))))) And then there was “Quick” - new almost, but the USSR was over and we didn’t go further than the home seas to DMB, which is sadness. Pose, as I see from what was written above, was exploited, but “the Impeccable one did not get over again - they started up needles.
  18. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 23 May 2017 13: 17
    "Excellent" felt his hands when he worked as a gas cutter. At our shipyard he was cut. As well as the “Kursk”, and much more.