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Defense Ministry refused to "UAZ"

Defense Ministry refused to "UAZ"

The Ministry of Defense continues to get rid of the legendary, but obsolete types of weapons and equipment. Following the Kalashnikov, the troops will get rid of the famous Bob UAZ-2015 by 3151. According to a source in the General Staff, in the state defense order for the next nine years, the purchase of UAZ cars is not planned.

“It is possible to purchase these machines by small special parties, but on the whole it can be said that the purchase of“ UAZ vehicles ”for the army has been stopped,” said the representative of the General Staff.

He added that before 2015, the military would use the jeeps already in stock, and by that time they would determine which vehicle to replace them with. It is possible that these will be improved versions of the "UAZ" - UAZ-315195 Hunter. The press service of the UAZ "Izvestia" reported that the military are now buying from the plant only special versions of these machines in limited quantities.

By the personal order of the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov, the Hunter variant with the ZMZ-514 diesel engine was developed. Another variant of Hunter, but already with the Japanese engine Toyota, the company Sollers, which owns UAZ, makes it in the Far East under the conditional name Gusar.

Several of these vehicles entered the 11 airborne brigade in Ulan-Ude, which was visited in August by Dmitry Medvedev and the DPRK leader Kim Jong Il. A few dozen "Gusarov" put on the Kuril Islands.

The head of the Center for Military Forecasting Anatoly Tsyganok is confident that the new army jeep should be armored.

“In the USA, when they changed the Hummer from old to new, they made one important mistake: they did not make them protected from explosions on the road,” he says. “The Americans realized this mistake only in Afghanistan, where so many fighters died from an explosion on the road.”

First Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Doctor of Military Sciences
Konstantin Sivkov said that under the new military jeep will have to change the army fuel supply system. If an unpretentious little Bobby can be safely filled with Au-72, then give Hunter (Hunter) 92 or diesel fuel.

“It's even good. AI-72 is almost not produced, and AI-92 - the most common brand. Therefore, the military will not have problems with fuel supply, ”stressed Sivkov.

# {weapon} According to him, a new army SUV should certainly have a reinforced frame, a removable roof or awning, in order to install a machine gun or a small cannon on it, if necessary. In addition, in the back of the jeep should be a place for ammunition, if necessary, deliver them to the gunners. At the same time useful
The load of the Russian “Hummer” should be no less than that of the “Bobby”, at least 800 kg.

History The most popular Soviet jeep began in 1972, when the mass production of the UAZ-469 began. In 1985, he was modernized and under the symbol 3151 for a long time turned into one of the symbols of the Soviet and then the Russian army.

For unpretentiousness and charming look, the military affectionately call the UAZ a "bobby" or "goat." Army jeep was used in parts not only as a passenger car for transportation of commanders. There are various modifications of the SUV for military communications, medical and radiation-chemical intelligence units. Now all these functions will have to be provided by the new machine, Izvestia writes.

As the newspaper VIEW reported in Russia, they are starting to develop a new generation automatic rifle. Its design will be fundamentally different from the famous Kalashnikov assault rifle (AK). AK itself is not completely written off from the accounts - it will be modernized in parallel with the new development.

According to Rosoboronexport CEO Anatoly Isaikin, there are about 100 million Kalashnikov assault rifles in the world, half of which are counterfeit, that is, there is no license, patent and intergovernmental agreements for their production.
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  1. sirToad
    sirToad 6 October 2011 11: 17 New
    Yes, finally you can refuse everything! horseradish - a lot of oil to buy everything over the hill. and workers from the factories go on a reservation!
    1. Uhalus
      Uhalus 7 October 2011 00: 12 New
      Yes, it's not just that. They abandoned the old - but there is no new. Generally. Purchases will stop, new ones will not be made or purchased, old ones will be shipped, but there will never be a new one, and we will be left without an army car.
      And it is still unknown what the new car will be (if any). A friend worked for me as a forester, so one day he brought in a video where he, on his "goat", pulls the American "Hammer" out of the mud (clients came to hunt, he drove by, and they followed - they sat down).
      In addition: "This is even good. The AI-72 is almost not produced, and the AI-92 is the most common brand" - Sivkov raves, or what? - the difference in price is very noticeable, what chichi to feed the new car 92nd? And again, the favorite situation is cuts and theft, which will take on very wild forms.

      And about the “Kalashnikov” (my favorite topic): the gas removal system is considered the most reliable today. "Brand new machine" - how is it? - with a free shutter, or what? :) Or a plasma rifle from Fant. novels?

      Insanity was strong ...
  2. Aleksey42
    Aleksey42 6 October 2011 11: 37 New
    Abandon the old without having anything new. It’s strange somehow. UAZ, of course, is not the peak of perfection, but it has a lot of positive qualities, about which no one needs to be told. Well, okay, I don’t like him, for example, but nothing was offered in exchange for the real one. Wait for 2015 to decide what to replace it with. And then how many years to wait until something appears in the army?
    1. Joker
      Joker 6 October 2011 11: 48 New
      "It is possible that these will be improved versions of the UAZ - UAZ-315195 Hunter."

      - I think it’s too early to write it off, put diesel, armor, strengthen the suspension and frame, maybe the transmission and shoes wider.
      1. kesa1111
        kesa1111 6 October 2011 12: 45 New
        What you described is Hunter - an engine of 200 l, 150 km / h.
        1. Joker
          Joker 6 October 2011 12: 53 New
          The hunter ZMZ with a volume of 2,3 liters has a power of 67 hp. and a foreign one with a volume of 2,4 86 hp. Both of these, in my opinion, are not enough considering the armor power of these engines is clearly not enough. Now they shoot up to 2 with 180 liters, of course this is an army machine, but the engines are obviously needed more powerful.

          armor, reinforce the suspension and frame, can transmission and shoes wider. - and where is the hunter?

          PS 200 liter engine - is he carrying it in a trailer behind, right?

          1. kesa1111
            kesa1111 6 October 2011 13: 10 New
            200 l / s sorry Regarding the hunter, look at the photos of those that are already driving, and factory prototypes - options for the LSA (light assault vehicle).
            1. Joker
              Joker 6 October 2011 14: 18 New
              I understand what you are talking about. According to reviews, the suspension does not hold a powerful engine and the car begins to crumble quickly. I think the chassis will still have to be strengthened, if they want contracts, and the domestic engine wouldn’t hurt to start it, it’s like coming from Toyota diesel engines.
  3. itr
    itr 6 October 2011 11: 50 New
    How would anyone not refuse Serdyukova?
    1. Aleksey42
      Aleksey42 6 October 2011 12: 01 New
      To start to go to the polls.
      1. Uhalus
        Uhalus 7 October 2011 00: 15 New
        Ha! As if something depends on our voice ... Elections are a fiction, everything is decided, distributed before them.
  4. Patriot
    Patriot 6 October 2011 12: 28 New
    Nothing, nothing. This is smart enough to buy Gelentvagen and Hamera.
    People. I still do not understand. Tell me. Am I correct think or not? Think for yourself. After all, they do very well.
    Fursik-kills education, Perdyuk-destroys the army, Golik-gets rid of medicine, Levitka, Chubik and many others under the guidance of the brave Batman and Robin (medveputov-liberalists) A SECOND RIPPED KAZNA. And according to some data of the stabilization fund, we no longer have it. For. corporate debt, the debt of our oligarchs to foreign banks is worth more than $ 500 billion. And, there are fears that medveputes will sacrifice a stabilization fund so that our strategic industries supposedly do not go into debt. All the same, they remember how Putin valiantly saved a friend of Deripaska ???
    1. Uhalus
      Uhalus 7 October 2011 00: 16 New
      I think so too.
  5. Motherland
    Motherland 6 October 2011 12: 44 New
    God forbid, the Hamers will offer or something else foreign
  6. Patriot
    Patriot 6 October 2011 13: 08 New

    They will put what is more profitable in terms of kickback. DUMP!

    1. Motherland
      Motherland 6 October 2011 13: 48 New
      We’ll die with Putin and the tandem ... It’s interesting when the Internet is also taken under control, and as soon as you write something like this, the riot police have left you, we’re not in Europe, where according to the instructions at our rallies we’ll decree beat everyone with an indicator of dictatorship
  7. Legion 13
    Legion 13 6 October 2011 13: 11 New
    refuse from temporary purchases of UAZ and Kalash apparently in favor of other weapons. and this good in warehouses and NZ will be enough for a long time. but the old is still worth changing. progress does not stand still. But to criticize and to be clever, this is how we all know how. everything will be fine...)
    1. Uhalus
      Uhalus 7 October 2011 00: 19 New
      Yes, it is necessary to change, it is necessary, who is arguing? But looking at what. And if ento the most “new” is not at all? (or it is in a ridiculous amount) And if it is foreign (especially the one that is worse, but more publicized)? What to change?
  8. Patriot
    Patriot 6 October 2011 13: 20 New
    Legion 13
    And the fact that it costs 10 times more expensive, and the fact that you can not find spare parts and repair conditions for it in the Russian Federation. And the fact that you are completely dependent on a foreign supplier, and the fact that you drive another nail into the body of the Russian agro-industrial complex ... My friend, you need to think before writing such things.
  9. sancho
    sancho 6 October 2011 13: 40 New
    Well, it is clear that in the current state it is not necessary to buy an UAZ. Because TTX and everything else the trouble on wheels is the last century. But this does not mean that you need to quit everything and do nothing. After all, if you think about it, UAZ in the army is a commander-connected vehicle with increased cross-country ability. Every day, troops move on it. What will happen tomorrow? If there are no purchases?
    Will Gelentweigens be purchased for all parts? HA! HA! HA! Well, if only in separate selected units, where the brave generals serve! Drive to the cottage ...
    Here recently, defense contractors complained to Medved that Serdyuk was not paying orders. What for?
    Not a single general jerked over updating the state of cars (UAZ) and the prospects for new developments.
    I look at how many big-headed people we have, especially who are involved in trophy raids. Give people some money, they’ll make such a car, only then run it in a series.
    And, not one Gelik will stand next!

    Just a question! Who needs it there?
  10. Motherland
    Motherland 6 October 2011 13: 50 New
    We are waiting for when they will refuse from the T-90, from air defense and our aviation, and will purchase AK made in China.
  11. vlbelugin
    vlbelugin 6 October 2011 14: 12 New
    By personal order of the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov, the Hunter version with the ZMZ-514 diesel engine was developed
    Imagine a little car - so glamorous.
  12. Owl
    Owl 6 October 2011 14: 17 New
    What we have - we don’t store, lossless - weep ...
  13. Patriot
    Patriot 6 October 2011 14: 36 New

    1. Uhalus
      Uhalus 7 October 2011 00: 21 New
      "God has many roads, how many chapters ... And from us to God, as from God to us - the same distance" - translated into Russian: God is high, but the king ... But there is no king at all.
      We ourselves must do this. But how?
  14. Cochetkov.serzh
    Cochetkov.serzh 6 October 2011 15: 50 New
    the question is whether the new car will be as passable as the bobik. Because the UAZ is the same all-terrain vehicle, when necessary, becomes all-wheel drive. But on the other hand, a diesel engine would not be bad.
  15. kostya
    kostya 6 October 2011 17: 05 New
    it seems to me that Serdyukov wants to ruin the army! with the appointment of him to this position, how many useless and even harmful reforms have been introduced for the army. And in general, civilians should not be at this post !!!
  16. escobar
    escobar 6 October 2011 17: 07 New
    It was necessary to name an article - the Ministry of Defense abandoned the "UAZ" in favor of the UAZ.
  17. kotmster
    kotmster 6 October 2011 17: 58 New
    And what did the TIGER have completely forgotten, or do they want to develop everything from scratch again from scratch to then refuse again?
  18. kosmos84
    kosmos84 6 October 2011 18: 00 New
    dviglo from tayota! ordinary conscript can if something to do with him, even in rembat,
  19. APASUS
    APASUS 6 October 2011 19: 07 New
    Why our MO refused UAZ is understandable!
    But why there is no information that a tender has been announced for the development and purchase of a modern machine that meets all the requirements of a modern battle.
  20. SIA
    SIA 6 October 2011 19: 15 New
    These "Dumbheads" in the Ministry of Defense, in another way it is impossible to say about them ... What is it that really became worse with the roof? To refuse such a car ... Probably someone from the glamorous-parquet generals did not reach the dacha at the UAZ.
  21. NUT
    NUT 6 October 2011 20: 49 New
    they give a damn, but it seemed that those with whom we don’t drink, the one battleship Novorossiysk was supposed to wean forever from their Mistrals, Kenwoods and other tayet ...
  22. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 6 October 2011 21: 02 New
    The world does not stand still, everything is developing and the replacement of this beautiful machine is clearly required ... armor, pre-mine protection, and in general a different concept ... (wars like the Second World War will no longer be where it was perfect)
    and with such logic, they say, why change we still went on steam locomotives
    1. Uhalus
      Uhalus 7 October 2011 00: 23 New
      I already wrote above: it is necessary to change, really it is necessary! BUT WHAT ?!
  23. kazanskii
    kazanskii 6 October 2011 21: 19 New
    Who prevents to improve 3151? Put an aspirated diesel, manual transmission with a razdatka, (Japan), bridges with a limited slip differential. Sancho writes correctly, we have a lot of big-headed people. In fact, if you give them opportunities, production, technical, financial, they will develop and make such an all-terrain vehicle, "Hammer" did not stand nearby. Simplicity, reliability, durability.
  24. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 6 October 2011 21: 40 New
    need a concept to change the car for the army ... Hamer is not revolutionary but different from all jeeps before that ....
    amers systematically refuse from it. The wars waged by the United States give impetus to the development of better models of other platforms .... but you can’t fundamentally change anything in it (UAZ) by replacing the engine or suspension ...
  25. kazanskii
    kazanskii 6 October 2011 22: 52 New
    The cross-country ability, reliability will increase, the overhaul period will increase, mobility will increase. Not talking about the fact that it is easier with the solarium in the army. And setting it on fire is harder.
  26. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 6 October 2011 22: 54 New
    dear kazanskii everything you offer .. half measures (if not less) .. UAZ is an outdated platform !!!
  27. kazanskii
    kazanskii 6 October 2011 23: 18 New
    As well as the Kalashnikov?
  28. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 6 October 2011 23: 22 New
    Yes, like Kalashnikov (although I represent indignation) :-))
  29. Nick
    Nick 6 October 2011 23: 38 New
    Outdated, not outdated, what is the difference, weapons should be evaluated in other categories, an effective or ineffective model, and this can only be checked in combat conditions. Recall at least the effectiveness of using the outdated U-2 as a light night bomber in World War II.
  30. svvaulsh
    svvaulsh 6 October 2011 23: 59 New
    Gentlemen of criticism! I suggest that you study as design engineers, get a job at the KB, develop at least one model of "ultra-modern" equipment to replace "obsolete".

    In the meantime, I have more respect for people like Kalashnikov, Kotov, Yarygin, Glushko and many others, all those who forged the defenses of our country with their labor, and not demagogy!
  31. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 7 October 2011 00: 12 New
    yes an example from U-2 ... there were no others used what is
  32. mind1954
    mind1954 7 October 2011 04: 51 New
    What is this boorish manner? And she is not accidental!
    This is psychology, worldview, thinking of these scum
    from the ruling regime! A vivid example - "Eternal Flame" on
    Far East. This happens all over the place, but now
    bad time and place - a scandal erupted. But nothing,
    all were released "in their own way ..." to other places of work.

    You give money for development, agree on the task, accept or
    no development, and then croak! In the late 50s, they switched
    from GAZ-67 to GAZ-69. By the way, the military during the transition from the GAZ-69
    UAZ-469 had a lot of questions, but then everything somehow
    settled down in working order.
  33. sirToad
    sirToad 7 October 2011 05: 27 New
    in order to unravel everything, a big mind is not necessary - some excuses "inefficient" "out of date" "morally outdated." And about the way, in the 20s, Yakovlev (aircraft designer) in the bed workshop began. what - inefficient? and Antonov launched models and gliders (outdated and morally obsolete) only 20 years later, one began to make quite modern front-line fighters, the other - landing gliders, and a little later - transport aircraft. to grow more from the small, it must be cultivated. this requires, first of all, political will. but only screeches are heard. Although, whoever heard about the Iranian auto industry? or Mexican, but it does exist. Yes, cars of the 40-50s are produced. in comparison with them - Lada just the top of perfection. and do not scream that everything needs to be closed.
    And with regard to Russia - well, after all, it was already relatively recently. I in 1985 worked at a military factory. we collected stuffing for fighters. and I remember the conversation - the head of the shop once said that we have a five-year gap in terms of elemental base from the Japs. they say that he would catch up and overtake. Further more. Now on the site of the plant is a shopping and entertainment center. Doesn’t resemble anything? and now again the bazaars are about lagging and inefficiency. only the goal will no longer catch up and overtake, but simply merge everything and buy someone else's.