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Nationalist Show

Nationalist ShowNationalists filed with the Moscow mayor's notice of holding a mass cultural event "Russian March", according to Interfax. November 4 organizers expect to bring about 20 thousands of people to the streets. Nationalists are planning to go along Leninsky Prospect and Bolshaya Yakimanka Street from Yuri Gagarin Square to Bolotnaya Square.

It is necessary to allow nationalist organizations to hold their march on the day of the national holiday. We still somehow worried about this, they say, the day of November 4, which has an official name that no one remembers, is unofficially already firmly called Nationalist Day. Okhali and gasped, how is it bad. And now let's not groan, but let these people walk along the main streets and yell whatever they want.

Of course, we should not allow them to destroy windows and burn cars, catch and beat Caucasians and Tajiks. It is necessary to accompany the procession with a worthy police cordon, to observe the terms and route. But the main thing they need to allow: bring as many people as they want and allow them to make demands. And I will explain to you what it is for. This is necessary so that we all see in all its glory the main threat to our country.

This threat is not in the Zionists, not in the American spies, not in migrant workers, and not even in corrupt officials. Today, the main threat to the country is the evil youth, the evil lumpens, the evil outsiders of life. They hate all foreigners, and foreigners hate them. They would love to interrupt each other. And these people are not hundreds or thousands. There are millions of them! And no one - neither the government nor the opposition do not fully understand this.

The government thinks that it will easily cope with this problem, that it can flirt with these people, control them, manage them, direct them. In fact, the authorities do not control the devil. It can control some organizations or some individual nationalist leaders, but the nationalist movement is completely uncontrollable. It simply did not realize itself as a real mighty force. Until.

And the opposition does not understand this either, considering that there are more terrible things. So I think it would be very useful for everyone to see when not 20 thousands come out to the streets of Moscow, but much more aggressive and evil people. They will come out without coercion, not for time off, not for a hundred rubles and not according to the order - as at meetings of the Kremlin youth, but they will come out because they want to go out. Neither the government nor the opposition will, in good faith, gather as many supporters as nationalists easily gather. Let's allow them to do it and see what happens. Useful will be a spectacle. Sobering.
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  1. almost demobil
    almost demobil 7 October 2011 07: 02 New
    The bastards themselves drove people into a frenzy with their inactivity. Now, not even aggressive people go outside and they are called the terrible word nationalist. Is it really bad to love your nation and not love those who do not love it?
    ZEBRASH 7 October 2011 08: 20 New
    I hate nationalists of any country - even foreign ones, even ours am Nationalism is evil angry He incites hatred in some people towards others. Everyone must live in peace winked
    1. German
      German 7 October 2011 09: 03 New
      it’s because of people like you that the Russian nation is dying! nationalism is a protest against the destruction of Russian as a nation, people ....
      1. ZEBRASH
        ZEBRASH 7 October 2011 11: 50 New
        You have a very patriotic nickname am
    2. Arlekin
      Arlekin 7 October 2011 11: 35 New
      If it does not bother you, then please answer the question:

      If you and / or your loved ones are saddened by even a trivial scuffle, a friendly company (for example, African-Americans) who do not like it (or they bequeathed a small Babai god), as you, for example, go home in retirement and slippers, you will be telling "Everyone should live winked in the world" ???
      Or do you still come to yours for help ???
      1. ZEBRASH
        ZEBRASH 7 October 2011 11: 58 New
        It just infuriates me when skinhead thugs go out and beat all non-Russians am In fact, this is just a punks that you want to fight, smash and kill! Today they shout "Russia for the Russians!" and they beat foreigners, tomorrow they’ll go out to some peaceful meeting of “greens” and also start to fight with the police angry And in general, how can you use the expression "Russia for Russians"? belay If so, then it is necessary to separate the entire Caucasus from Russia, and Siberia too, together with their indigenous peoples. Or drive out Caucasians, Yakuts, Nenets, etc. from their territory and populate them with Russians, as the pendos did with the Indians? am
        1. ZEBRASH
          ZEBRASH 7 October 2011 12: 32 New
          In every country there are normal and not very normal people. If a Caucasians beat a Russian (or Ukrainian, or Belarusian) on the street, then such freaks are not a pity. But when people take to the streets and shout nationalist slogans (even if they don’t smash anything and beat nobody), I don’t want to look at them - whatever you say, but the very idea of ​​nationalism is “Your people are the best, the rest are nobody”. Of course, it’s patriotic to think that your people are the best, but all people are equal. My opinion is nationalism is evil. I accept only the most moderate currents of nationalism.
          1. sirToad
            sirToad 7 October 2011 12: 37 New
            for those who are in the tank - if you think that your people are the best and the rest are nobody - you're just a Nazi. nationalism involves putting the interests of its people at the forefront rather than dividing them into lesser and lesser
  3. sirToad
    sirToad 7 October 2011 09: 00 New
    world peace soldier demobilization. and all this is wonderful. nationalism is evil. cracked you in a mug - wash your snot and smile so what? nationalism is primarily a reaction. when some Jew, Est or Georgian says I'm a complete asshole - you have to smile in response, right? and if Russian speaks in response that a Jew is a Jew, an Est is a brake and a fascist, and a Georgian is a mandarin rhinoceros is nationalism? for the sake of interest, take an interest in how many Russians lived in the same Georgia, Tajikistan and other, other before the collapse of the union. and why they left. and how they left. before you love everyone and everything.
    1. ZEBRASH
      ZEBRASH 7 October 2011 13: 10 New
      If any Jew tells you that you are “deleted”, then these are his problems — they are not offended by fools. But to say in response that he - a Jew, too, is not necessary - thereby you fall to his level of fool. A smart person will not pay attention to a fool. Pug barks, the elephant goes fellow
      1. solodova
        7 October 2011 16: 23 New
        It’s true, Zebrash, if you tell a particular person that he’s m ... k (maybe even for the job), and in response he will start yelling - all Jews, Asians, blacks ... etc. bastards, they told him correctly ... he - m ... k. T.K. they told him personally, and he all the people obg ... l.
        If they say - Russians - m ... ki, then the Russian Nazis also seem to have nothing to be offended ... Whoever says that is also a Nazi, just from his people, but from a Russian Nazi to an Nazi, an Asian, a Jew, a Negro, a German. .. not far away.
        So I suggest that all adequate people look at Natsiks not as representatives of a particular nationality, but simply as Natsiks, embittered people who prefer flocking and aggression, who have failed to realize themselves outside this ideology.
        1. ZEBRASH
          ZEBRASH 7 October 2011 18: 13 New
          solodova, thanks for the support fellow And then I already thought that one is fighting against all bully
          1. Marat
            Marat 8 October 2011 05: 10 New
            I will support you too - you have a wonderful and correct position - stick to her Zebrash!
            But be careful - do not blame people who simply love their nation and think about its fate - they are not a "shaved shit" - they will immediately be recognized by rhetoric and racist statements - which they harm the Russian people
          2. solodova
            10 October 2011 13: 44 New
            You think correctly, well done, that alone you defend your position. I respect, this is much more complicated than singing in a choir of consonants with you. In fact, what you think - most think. It’s just that people are angry now, and the Russians are the same minorities. We live like wolves in a closed flock. Therefore, the position of the internationalist is the most difficult, it’s the same as getting involved in a fight, taking apart, you will receive from both sides. But it is necessary for someone to separate the fools .. Moreover, the integrity of the Motherland is at stake.
            And under the masks I LOVE THE RUSSIANS many trojans walk ... Of course, you can’t argue against this, who doesn’t love their homeland ... but for me it is similar to the American slogans - "war for democracy."
            As they correctly said here - slogans should be - JUSTICE FOR EVERYONE!
          3. ytqnhfk
            ytqnhfk 10 October 2011 14: 38 New
            I read the comments and this is what I caught myself thinking. People (probably all) think reflexively so if we see in our country that (not Russian) is rude or otherwise oppresses our human pride, then this most often causes a Nazi reaction if it will be done by a person of the same race with you, but nothing will cause anger! From here the conclusion is that the mentality of ANY PEOPLE IS SO ORDERED! But the Nazi just hates this or that nation! In my manner, this is like comparing with your house if someone lives at a party and at the same time you are rude, it is natural and it makes you angry!
        2. sirToad
          sirToad 7 October 2011 18: 29 New
          the issue is not personalities. if you had the honor of often talking with representatives of "small but proud" peoples, you might have noticed that recently they have the main thesis: "vi, Russians, etc. - pigs, drunkards, loafers, or even from this set. I talk about this I speak and not about personal insults.
          and note - I NEVER support the thesis of “Russia for Russians”, all the more so as I have in my ancestors Jews and Ossetians and Ukrainians, and of course Russians. so like that.
          1. solodova
            10 October 2011 13: 15 New
            Quote: sirToad
            the main thesis: "vi, rusky, etc. - pigs, drunkards, loafers, or even from this set.

            I see in such flawed fools, namely - flawed. And it’s a sin to be offended by such people. They do not understand that the significance of the people is not a political influence, not 7 phones per person, not expensive cars on the streets, nor the population ... This is a cultural and spiritual heritage. And it is not connected with all of the above. He who truly loves and values ​​his people will never offend a representative of another nation.
            As for the Russians - pigs and drunkards - this is Western tracing paper, which fools are adopting. Often it was almost no honor to communicate with representatives of small, but proud peoples. And when I had to, I never heard a statement humiliating a Russian person. Probably there is still a medium of communication.
            Russia is a country where such manifestations as racism cannot be allowed at all and this is connected both with the history and geography of Russia. Besides what you said
            Quote: sirToad
            I have in my ancestors Jews and Ossetians and Ukrainians, and of course Russians.
            in many, only the spirit remained of the Russian. But this is the main component. She knew many Tatars who are more Russian than ethnic Russians ...

            Quote: sirToad
            cracked you in a mug - wash your snot and smile so what?
            In a country with working laws, no one can insult or hit anyone with impunity. And now we have life according to the law of the jungle. Who will win. There will be one law for all - there will be peace and harmony. And ethnic hatred is fueled by those who benefit from chaos in Russia.
            1. sirToad
              sirToad 10 October 2011 13: 21 New
              but I grew up among them. he used to scare his wife in a dream when he spoke Farsi in a dream. and if once their own people would just shut up their mouths, now they will support him. so here.
              1. solodova
                10 October 2011 14: 14 New
                It is true that once such a mouth would have been shut up ... So it is not a matter of nations, but of our life, in particular in Russia. Nazism is a double-edged sword, it feeds itself, Nazism on the one hand gives rise to Nazism on the other.
                And if our Nazis scream that nat. minorities - black-assed lumps, then what to expect from them - love and patience?
                If you consider yourself smarter (not nations, fools, Nazis), then maybe you should look at this aspect from the side of justice? Maybe it’s worth it to restore order in the country, it is worth hating not migrants, but those who let them through, bypassing the laws. Not those who violate the rights of Russians, but those who must watch this, but for money allows the unacceptable? If our structures worked honestly, without bribes and kickbacks, there would not be this squabble. And we must learn to respect ourselves in the first place, then the rest will be. And then we have some representatives are fed from creams. ethnic structures, cover them for bribes, allow mess to create. And then the surprise that Russians are not respected. Because of such corrupt individuals, they are not respected. They must first be punished. And translate everything into nat. minorities only sow the enmity that descendants reap.
                1. sirToad
                  sirToad 10 October 2011 16: 40 New
                  in fact of the matter. Russians did not suit everyone in the Caucasus and Central Asia. but the minority was dissatisfied. and why? the Russians were able to offer something that neither the imams with the ishanas could have done, neither the bay nor the beks. Russians gave equality to all and justice. I look a little like a Russian in appearance. maybe that's why they were very frank with me very often. what qualities envied the Russians? in the first place, in my opinion, it was justice. I heard this with my own ears from many - classmates, neighbors. just fellow countrymen. you are fair. if your relative commits a crime you will not cover. etc. and the Russians also had an idea. which is no one but universal and bright. they quietly laughed at her but slowly believed - "what if it works out" and when the Russians themselves abandoned her. when bribes began to be taken from us no worse than in the east and justice did not become - of course the attitude began to deteriorate sharply. and then the imams came out with sermons. and many more factors. but the fact that Russian nationalism has gone-let me disagree. The first article of the anti-Russian and bright nationalist trend was published in the Georgian journal "Communist youth back in 1988. The slogan" suitcase - train station - Russia "is also from Tbilisi. And even to all sapper blades .... and then more. If interesting, tell I can do a lot but not now. I’m just writing an article about the anti-Soviet propaganda of "television artists"
                  1. solodova
                    10 October 2011 16: 49 New
                    Quote: sirToad
                    Russians gave equality to all and justice

                    and now we don’t have this for ourselves ... Hence the indignation ... which they skillfully direct into the national channel ...

                    Quote: sirToad
                    but the fact that Russian nationalism has gone-let me disagree.
                    I did not say that. In those years, the Russians had no sense of self-realization at the expense of national minorities (however, it still doesn’t, it makes no sense, but Nazism raises its head ..). The Russians were the backbone of a great country, so if something could come up, it’s exactly the way you say ...
                    But we are not children, to shout "he first started .."
                    It's not about who started, but how to end it ... So that people would remain.
                    1. Ivan35
                      Ivan35 11 October 2011 19: 20 New
                      Quote - "we are not children to scream," he first started
                      It's not about who started, but how to end it ... So that people would remain

                      It is impossible to disagree and support - it is so well said. Not just support - I subscribe to your words Solodova
                      1. solodova
                        14 October 2011 11: 01 New
                        Thanks, Ivan35, I think you would say no worse. Your comments are also very close to me.
  4. Siberian
    Siberian 7 October 2011 11: 57 New
    "Nationalism (French nationalisme) is an ideology and a policy direction, the basic principle of which is the thesis of the value of a nation as the highest form of social unity and its primacy in the state-building process. It is distinguished by a variety of currents, some of which contradict each other. As a political movement, nationalism seeks to protect the interests of the national community in relations with state power.

    At its core, nationalism preaches fidelity and devotion to its nation, political independence and work for the benefit of its own people, the unification of national identity for the practical protection of the living conditions of the nation, its territory of residence, economic resources and spiritual values. It relies on a national feeling that is akin to patriotism. This ideology seeks to unite the various layers of society, despite the opposing class interests. It was able to ensure the mobilization of the population for common political goals during the transition to a capitalist economy. "
    This is the definition of nationalism. What is bad here?
    That’s bad, it’s “Nazism.”
    "National Socialism (German: Nationalsozialismus, abbreviated Nazism) is the official political ideology in the Third Reich, combining various elements of fascism, racism and anti-Semitism." The concepts of "fascism, racism and anti-Semitism", I hope, are known to everyone.
    1. ZEBRASH
      ZEBRASH 7 October 2011 12: 12 New
      For some reason, I see Russian nationalists only in masks at rallies and in the video where they beat foreigners. But I hear little about such nationalists that you speak of.
      1. Asmoday
        Asmoday 7 October 2011 14: 50 New
        probably because the media show you this, in order to remember only that ... and to develop in your mind the idea that nationalism and the interests of the nation are evil ... this is something nasty and aggressive ... I see it managed...
    2. Joker
      Joker 7 October 2011 15: 52 New
      I support the Siberian.

      And yet, our valiant media really turned everything upside down so much that the chain in the minds of many (fortunately not the majority) is this:

      You say I'm Russian, the nationalist will think, but they will call me a nazi. Here it is.
  5. sirToad
    sirToad 7 October 2011 12: 03 New
    is it really not clear the difference between Nazism and nationalism? when they tell me that blacks are dying of hunger in Africa, I feel sorry for them. when amers hollowed Vietnam, I also felt sorry for them - all the same people. BUT if my compatriot dies of hunger, this should bother me first of all, and only then all the others. This is nationalism.
    when they say to me about multiculturalism - I’ll say that this is crap. Armenians, Jews, Muslims of the wounded nations studied with me in the class. and we did not bother with any multiculturalism. yes, they dug a friend's durg for national characteristics - but it was mutual. and no one was particularly offended. and now it turns out - everyone has national feelings and they should not be touched. everyone has. and everyone’s interests too. but Russians have neither national feelings nor interests. Russians only have to repent before everyone.
    1. ZEBRASH
      ZEBRASH 7 October 2011 12: 56 New
      Every normal person should have national feelings and interests, but if you do something for your people to the detriment of another ... angry This is called parasitism. I’m not talking, of course, about war or anything like that - if Georgia attacked South Ossetia, then it satisfies its national needs to the detriment of others, but it’s not a pity for them - how you relate to others, they will relate to you . And when Russian troops went to the aid of South Ossetia, this was the only way out.

      PS If in front of you there will be two people dying of hunger: Russian and pendos, let's say. An American is worse than a Russian. Who will I give more food to? Personally, I will give more to the American. Or let pendos die, give everything to Russian?
      1. Banshee
        Banshee 7 October 2011 15: 58 New
        Good question.

        Personally, I would give everything to Russian. just because in my place the Amer would have behaved also towards his compatriot.

        Here I am such a bastard.
        1. ZEBRASH
          ZEBRASH 7 October 2011 16: 22 New
          Not a fact - people are different fellow
          1. Asmoday
            Asmoday 7 October 2011 22: 47 New
            would divide the food in half. you must not confuse the attitude towards ordinary people and the attitude towards politics ... I do not like pendosov. but not as people ... but as a political system, as their foreign policy ... and the fact that many residents of Pendostana are naive and narrow-minded (not all but such majority) is not their fault ... they have such a leadership that is beneficial to have a narrow-minded, obedient herd ... so in half. people must remain people! no matter how hard it was!
  6. Astartes
    Astartes 7 October 2011 12: 20 New
    From nationalism to Nazism, one small step. The problem is not in nations but in the fact that one nation cannot be elevated to the detriment of another. And the modern Russian government decided to achieve peace by concessions at the expense of ordinary people. In general, it is not surprising that a protest is brewing in society, but the fact that the "nationalists" who are more likely the Nazis than the patriots saddled this protest is bad. It seems to me that the slogan “Justice for all” would be more appropriate in this situation, Only it’s easier to scream Russia for Russians ...
    1. ZEBRASH
      ZEBRASH 7 October 2011 15: 39 New
      I agree. Nazism is one of the branches of nationalism.
    2. solodova
      7 October 2011 16: 28 New
      I completely agree with you. The Nazis need our government, stick them in the ranks of a rally protesting against the authorities, so that they shout “Beat the Jews, Germans, Georgians, Uzbeks .... and this is a good excuse for suppressing the rally. No wonder the Barkashovites worked out the state’s loyalty in 93 year. ..
  7. dmb
    dmb 7 October 2011 13: 27 New
    Well, is it really not clear to anyone that the main problem of our country is social. Russian Putin, at least three hundred times look for his Jewish roots. And drunk Borya was Russian and Gorbachev - Russian. The national card is always played out by the authorities when it is necessary to distract the people. No wonder now everyone “remembered” that the Russians constitute 80% of the country's population. Elections on the nose. And the current government has a real chance to "fly".
    1. ZEBRASH
      ZEBRASH 7 October 2011 13: 31 New
      Totally agree with you fellow
  8. Banshee
    Banshee 7 October 2011 16: 02 New
    A march of 4 numbers must be allowed to take place. And, just in case, (and the case, I remind, anything happens), on the way of this march there should be so many good digital cameras so that no one leaves without being captured. It will be useful.
    1. ytqnhfk
      ytqnhfk 10 October 2011 14: 50 New
      It may be clever, but it is still necessary at the same time and immediately to call on the opposition so as not to collect them twice, it is necessary to save on time and records!