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How the US turns Russia into a white "Rwanda".

How the US turns Russia into a white "Rwanda".

Any social community has a collective psyche, within which some individuals infect (induce) with their meanings, emotions and mental states of others. So people interact with each other in society, finding themselves in a state of psychosomatic resonance. In times of social and political crises and upheavals, accompanied by the so-called. mental epidemics, the masses can become infected with mental disorders. Most often - induced psychosis.

Induced psychosis (from Lat. Inducere - to introduce and Greek. Psyche - soul) is a form of psychosis in which an initially healthy individual involuntarily takes over, and then reproduces as his overvalued ideas (nonsense) and behavior of a mentally unhealthy individual, with whom he closely and long contact.

After induction of psychosis, the person’s mental reactions begin to grossly contradict the real reality, which is reflected in the individual’s perception of the real world and the disorganization of his behavior. The behavior itself induced by psychosis is accompanied by delirium, deep and sharp mood swings, a state of uncontrolled arousal or, on the contrary, deep depression, as well as serious violations of the thinking process and a complete lack of a critical attitude to your mental state.

The main feature of induced psychosis is the adoption by a mentally healthy person of delusional ideas and experiences of a mentally ill individual (most often paranoia or querulant (1) for truth without any doubt, hesitation and reflection. After delusional ideas fully capture the consciousness induced by psychosis, dispel it into them or it is impossible to explain to them their absurdity and absurdity. From a certain point, the delusional content of the ideas of the induced and the induced develop in parallel, often complementing each other. There is a psychopathic resonance. A person in a state of psychosis changes in his behavior, emotional manifestations and thinking. Such metamorphoses indicate a loss of their ability to perceive the world around, influenced by the lack of adequate awareness of what is happening and the inability to objectively assess their altered psyche.

In essence, induced psychosis is a form of collective insanity that is capable of acquiring the scale of mass psychic epidemics, based on imitation and suggestibility, which paralyze the individual’s ability to independently adequate judgment and logical thinking, which makes him obsessed. Moreover, it is interesting that in certain situations, those induced by psychosis are combined into groups, carrying out joint actions - from ritualized events to massacres.

Induced psychosis, accompanied by delusions, is a very common phenomenon. They are most often affected by families, friends and close people of paranoids. However, intermittently induced psychosis is becoming widespread. The fact is that the cause of a mass outbreak of induced psychosis most often becomes assertive, strong-willed, energetic, absolutely paranoid self-righteous. This happens if, due to circumstances, they gain access to power or the media.

By the power of their authority and belief, such individuals can overshadow reality and common sense for very many people, infecting them with their nonsense. In fact, socially and politically active paranoids, with the help of government, social activities and the media, are able to create with hundreds of thousands and even millions of people what their mental illness has done to them. In this sense, paranoids act as a virus of a mass psychic epidemic.

Active paranoids, capable of inducing psychosis to large masses of people, have a powerful destructive potential. Therefore, it is no coincidence that in recent years, pronounced paranoids have been launched on Ukrainian television for continuous broadcasting. Without their impact on the mass consciousness, neither Maidan, Odessa’s murders, nor the massacre in the Donbas would have been possible. Purposeful paranoization of Ukraine’s television was a necessary condition for Ukraine’s immersion into chaos, war and destruction.

It should not exaggerate the ability of an average person with a limited set of knowledge, not burdened with the skills of independent thinking and not having a stable psyche, critically evaluate the information they receive and adequately perceive the real reality. Especially in the absence of informational alternatives to the psychopathic media. The overwhelming majority of individuals, regardless of their gender, age, education, culture, social / ethnic origin and place of residence, can literally believe in anything. The degree of their suggestibility will depend on the strength of the mental impact of the paranoid, under the influence of which they will be, and the intensity / totality of its information and psychological pressure.

In any society, there are very few people with a stable psyche, independent thinking and immunity to mass psychosis. They are a tiny minority. That is why crowds in ecstasy shout “Heil Hitler!” Or “Glory to Ukraine!”, They vigorously march in columns, fiercely hate someone and enthusiastically kill “enemies”, even if they were their close friends or closest relatives yesterday. The ability to think logically, to think independently, using not emotions, not stereotypes prevailing in society and media misinformation, but objective facts and detached logic is an extremely rare human quality. As rare as this property of the psyche is as rare as resistance to suggestion or the ability of a person to go through life in his own way, and not in the narrow pillars of a crowd marching somewhere.

In man, a lot of monkeys. There are a lot of monkey herd reflexes, when what the herd thinks is right, and what the herd does, becomes the main and decisive factor for its individual. The laws of the biological world are simple - be in the herd, act like a herd, and the herd guarantees you safety and food. These ancient, fundamental instincts are inherent in us from birth. And in the face of their power, very often in people everything personal, individual, and, most importantly, all human, disappears. Therefore, society often becomes a mob, which is enveloped in mass psychosis, and its constituent people become a herd of frightened, mentally ill monkeys deprived of their freedom and reason.

By and large, the whole история humanity is largely a story of the popular faith of the masses in the next nonsense. People suffer from induced psychosis almost as much as the flu - in large numbers, for many years and without remission. Infection of the psyche of a healthy person with the delusional idea of ​​a paranoiac or schizophrenic is as common as infection of an acute respiratory disease. With the only difference that in the case of acute respiratory infections a person understands that he is sick, and in the case of induced psychosis - no. Living with some crazy idea in my head, as with any infection in the blood, is, in general, an absolutely normal state for most individuals. The only problem is that sometimes this or that delusion is dangerous both for its carrier and for the people around him.

Mass psychosis turns into a threat on a national scale, when one delusional idea embraces and subjugates a significant part of society. If in the wild, where biological laws are clearly working, the unity of the herd is the key to survival, then in the human world mass psychosis (which is a violation of the biological program of the psyche), engulfing millions of people with its paranoid delusions, can cause them serious damage, but also until death.

A vivid example of how induced psychosis can, no worse than a plague, kill hundreds of thousands of people, can be the events in Rwanda that occurred in the 1994 year. As you know, the inhabitants of this African country are divided into two communities - Tutsis and Hutus. A minority of Tutsis constituted the ruling class of Rwandan society, the most well-to-do of its population, possessing, moreover, aristocratic nobility. The poor and neglected Rwandans belong to the Hutu community.

And, interestingly, both Tutsis and Hutus speak the same language, do not have anthropological differences, and are within the framework of a common culture. Therefore, in pre-colonial Rwanda, there was no division according to ethnicity, and Hutus and Tutsis were only representatives of different social classes. A Rwandan child could be born Hutu, and as an adult, become Tutsi, depending on his talent, hard work and social status. However, when Belgian colonists appeared in Rwanda, a passport was introduced into the country, which featured a graph indicating the ethnicity of the Hutus and Tutsis. Thus, with the light hand of Europeans, the two main social classes of Rwandan society suddenly became two “ethnic groups”, while the Western press began writing about Rwandans as two “tribes”. So the ground was created for the tragic events of 1994.

It is curious that the transformation in Rwanda by European colonizers of social groups into ethnic groups is fully consistent with the colonial policy of the West, which is guided by the principle of "divide and rule". In accordance with the same principle, at one time, the Austrian, Polish, and Germans united Russian people was divided into "Russians" and "Ukrayins". The experimental model of the Russian “Hutu” was created by terror in Eastern Galicia, and the Bolshevik government imposed its matrix on all Little Russia. As a result of this, by the middle of the 20th century, a single people had previously been turned into two “different” and “alien” tribes. At the same time, the ideology and psychology of the Ukrainian “Hutus” was originally founded on a fierce, irrational hatred of the Russian “Tutsis”. So Western puppeteers turn Russia into a white "Rwanda".

But back to Rwanda black. In the evening of April 6, 1994 of the MANPADS, an unknown person shot down the plane on which the President of Rwanda was flying. Immediately thereafter, on April 7, checkpoints, Rwandan army patrols and Interahamwe volunteer units, consisting of armed Hutu militants, suddenly appeared throughout the country. The country began a general inspection of documents. And the Tutsi stamp in the passport has become a death sentence for any Rwandan. “If they killed our president, they will take over us,” said the Hutus, explaining their actions with the delusional idea of ​​preventive self-defense.

After that, the Rwandan military and the Interahamwe militants began to kill Tutsis throughout the country. First, politicians, officials and journalists were exterminated, and then the turn came to ordinary people, including women, old people and babies.

State radio and its affiliated private station Free Radio and Television Thousands of Hills actively incited the Hutu to mass killings and read out lists of "potentially dangerous" people. The local burgomasters organized work on their identification and extermination. With the help of large-scale propaganda, mass hysteria on the basis of murder (1) was deployed in the country. Participation in the genocide has become a duty and honorable duty of every decent Hutu-patriot.

For example, a well-known Rwandan politician, Leon Mugeser, spoke on the radio about the need to "kill these cockroaches" (isn't it very similar to the well-known call of correct Ukrainians to "kill these Colorado"?). He was echoed by Valerie Bemeriki, who worked during the genocide as a speaker on the Radio of a Thousand Hills. “Everyone was confident that we were doing the right thing,” she later explained (2). And this confidence in the correctness of their actions did not prevent even the killing of children, including infants. Mass psychosis paralyzed thinking and destroyed the Hutu morality, turning them into insane animals.

Likewise, Ukrainian journalists who first instigated a psychopathized crowd to overthrow the legitimate government are confident in the correctness of their actions, and now no less inspiringly instigating Ukrainian citizens to destroy "separatists", "terrorists" and "koloradov", calling them "the Russian terrorist army." But the majority of those killed by Ukrainian bombs, mines and shells (up to 70%) are not the militia, but the civilian population - women, old people and children. Ukrainian journalists are well aware of this, but, nevertheless, they call Ukraine to “the ATO ax” in the name of “unity”. They firmly believe in the correctness of what they are doing, purposefully unwinding a mass psychosis in the country.

However, not only Ukrainian journalists, but also Ukrainian priests are calling Ukrainian patriots to the carnage. In anticipation of the end, the ruling elite of Ukraine has merged into a single psychopathic organism, driving the common people with its propaganda toxins. In this case, in the mind of "Svidomo" in some surprising way incompatible things are combined - the Christian commandment "do not kill!" With the Bandera commandment "kill!", Faith in Christ, who taught love, and fierce hatred with the belief in the necessity of extermination of people. For example, in 2010, a video appeared on the Internet of a typical psychopathic “sermon” by the abbot of the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the village of Matyevka, Kolomyia district, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Father Myhail Arsanych, whom he I read near the monument to Stefan Bandera in Kolomyya (3).

In particular, in his passionate speech, Father Mihailo highly artistic, in bright colors urged his flock to take in hand weapon and start a merciless terror against the enemies of the Ukrainian nation, which, in his opinion, must be destroyed with the help of bullets and artillery pieces, and also hung on trees. And only God knows how many such "holy fathers" are now continuously preaching hatred all over Ukraine, bringing their flocks to a state of psychosis. As you can see, there is no difference between the Rwandan mass psychosis and the Ukrainian one. Well, maybe only in the color of the skin of his victims.

Today, the velvety voice of Valerie Bemeriki in Rwanda is remembered with horror. This “star of Rwandan journalism” became one of the most famous instigators, for which she was nicknamed “the evil announcer” and “the voice of genocide.” “I called on the Hutus to kill Tutsis. I had to call the places where they were hiding. The organization of the genocide was very much thorough. At all levels we received information about their locations. We explained on the radio that Tutsis were hiding so that they could attack Hutus. We did something stupid. We were not vigilant. We believed what our authorities said. We trusted them We recognize that we have sinned, the poet mu today we kneel and ask for forgiveness "- now says Valerie (4).

However, thanks to such “journalists” as she, the psychosis of the murder took possession of hundreds of thousands of people. Subsequently, after the orgy of death was stopped, for ten years about 1,3 million (!) Rwandans were convicted on charges of genocide.

As Miamini Nirandegeya, a participant in those events, later said, “the propaganda of genocide was carried out not only at the political level, but also in local administrations, the authorities spread this idea among the population, including young people. We grew up in this ideology of separation. We trusted the state, received information by radio. It was difficult for me to distinguish the ideology of genocide from the one that needs to be protected from the enemy who attacked us ”(5).

Many Tutsis were killed by their neighbors and even relatives. The weapon of murder basically served cold steel, most often - machete. The most violent scenes of violence were played out in places of temporary concentration of Tutsi refugees - in schools and churches, which were simply inundated with disfigured corpses. With the increasing climax of the genocide, the victims were destroyed more and more massively and cruelly: several tens of thousands of people in one place, burning alive, throwing melted rubber, with tied arms and legs throwing into the river, throwing grenades, chopping off different parts of the body.

In the monastery of Owl, about 7 thousands of Tutsis were burnt, escaping there from the "purge". Their location was given to the nuns of this monastery, and, according to some information, they also supplied gasoline to the executioners. According to Mkiamini Nyiradegeya, “some women prepared tools for killing (6), food, others stood at roadblocks, urged their children to go and kill Tutsis, to destroy their homes. I confess that I was naive, was not courageous, everyone has their own character. I was one of those women who stood at checkpoints and checked documents. We identified Tutsis, and the Interahamwe were already killing them. Maybe I didn’t take a machete or a weapon in my hands, but I didn’t even try to help them. I later realized that I was involved in something terrible. When I think about the past, I can not explain who I was then. Fortunately, it was all over, otherwise I don’t know what would happen to us now ”(7).

True, as it was later proved in court, she nevertheless had the courage to kill unarmed people. Not enough courage to admit it. In fact, in a state of psychosis, the first time she personally raised a machete over her husband's head Tutsi. And after killing him, she asked the "Interahamwe" militants to kill their own children (!) In the name of the great national idea, setting an example to other Hutus, that is, inducing them with their psychosis. Guided by paranoid delusions, Rwandan inhabitants, following armed nationalists from "Interahamwe", they enthusiastically joined the brutal massacre of their fellow citizens: old men, women and children. For murder, they went mundanely, as for field work, with a machete in their hands, while the murderers called each other “colleagues”. This practice has become the norm. Who refused to participate in crimes, was considered a traitor.

Reflecting on the causes of the genocide, the Rwandan girl, whose parents died during the massacres, came to the conclusion that everything happened because “we were raised in hatred for more than a century. We were taught not to love, but to hate. This involved political, religious leaders. We were killed by members of our own families. After all, Tutsi and Hutu together created families ”(8). In just one hundred days of the Rwandan massacre, according to the UN, more than 800 thousands of people (!) Were killed. Massive genocide was only stopped on July 4, 1994, after the guerrilla units of the Rwandan patriotic front created by the Tutsi who fled to neighboring Uganda, stormed the capital of Rwanda.

It is impossible for a person who is in a state of induced psychosis to look at himself from the outside, it is impossible to realize his mental inadequacy. His mind clings to the delirium of his overvalued idea with all his might, shutting his mind from the facts and arguments contradicting it. However, the one who is not involved in the mass psychosis of the “Revolution of Dignity” will easily see in the Rwandan events of twenty years ago what is happening in Ukraine now. Almost one to one.

Listen carefully to what Ukrainian politicians, journalists, public activists, representatives of Ukrainian churches and ordinary people say. And you will feel passionate hatred. These people hate with every fiber of their soul. Hate and urge to kill. Politicians and journalists do it with sophisticated, Jesuit hints and unambiguous intonations. They lie and distort facts in order to psychologically stimulate their audience to “correct and decisive actions” against “enemies”.

Simple “Hutu-Ukrainians” openly demonstrate not only their hatred, but also their joy over the dead and tortured “quilted jackets”. In social networks, "svidomye" in the seizure of mass psychosis require blood, openly calling for the killing of "Muscovites" and "Colorado", not sparing neither women, nor old people, nor children. And all this in the name of the “great idea”, in the name of Ukraine, in the name of European integration, lace panties, goodness, happiness and justice.

Hysteria and aggression is an important diagnostic sign of mass psychosis. Aggression and violence are resorted to, when the physical suppression of opponents is the only way to “prove” their case. In this case, neither facts, nor thinking, nor the ability to debate are needed. Opponent simply intimidated, beaten, killed. However, if supporters of a certain supervaluable idea begin to endeavor in large numbers to punish their opponents, they are likely to be mentally ill. If supporters of the idea approve notorious atrocities (torture, executions, repression, expulsions, concentration camps, long prison sentences), justifying them with certain “holy goals”, they are definitely mentally ill and, accordingly, pose a danger to society.

It is easy to see that the society of "conscious Ukrainians" is permeated by a collective desire to punish their opponents, even to kill them. And in the most brutal form. This is evidenced by both the continuous bloodthirsty speeches of "svidom" politicians, public figures and journalists, as well as the extremely bloodthirsty discussions of ordinary "svidomy" in social networks. All Ukrainians are totally imbued with the poison of bustling, insane hatred. Without this hatred and decades of cultivated, replicated, and advertised paranoid delusions of "svidomizm", today's massacres of people in Ukraine would have been impossible. In the same way as the mass psychosis that engulfed the country would have been impossible. There is no motive for a mentally healthy person to push him onto Maidan to burn tires and beat policemen, burn defenseless people in Odessa, destroy “separatists” in the Donbas, consider the “Ukrainian nation” to be the highest, and threaten Russia with a large-scale war. But such actions are taken for granted by a paranoiac and / or a person who is in a state of psychosis. The Ten Commandments of the Hutu Manifesto, published in the Rwandan nationalist newspaper Kangura, to which every Hutu patriot was obliged to obey voluntarily or on pain of death:

“1. The Hutu should be aware that the Tutsi woman, whoever she is, serves the interests of her ethnic group. Therefore, any Hutu who does the following is a traitor: - Marries Tutsi; - gets the Tutsi mistress; - hires a female Tutsi secretary or other job;

2. All Hutus should know that the daughters of our people are much more conscientious and worthy of being women, wives and mothers. Are they not more beautiful, more sincere and not the best secretaries?

3. Hutu women, be alert and revive your husbands, sons and brothers.

4. All Hutus should know that all Tutsis are dishonest in business. Their sole purpose is national superiority. Therefore, any Hutu who does the following is a traitor: - having a Tutsi companion in business; - investing their own or state money in a company owned by Tutsis; - giving or borrowing from a Tutsi; - giving Tutsi business privileges (issuance of an export license, a bank loan, provision of a site for construction, an offer to participate in a tender, etc.).

5. Strategic political, economic, military positions, as well as positions in security structures should be assigned to Hutus.

6. Hutus should make up the majority in education, both among students and teachers.

7. The armed forces of Rwanda must consist exclusively of Hutus. This lesson was taught to us in 1990. No military man can marry a Tutsi.

8. Hutu must stop pitying Tutsis.

9. All Hutus, whoever they may be, must be united, depend on each other and care for the fate of their Hutu brothers: - Hutus in Rwanda and beyond must constantly look for friends and allies in the Hutu affair, starting with their Bantu brothers ; - they must constantly oppose Tutsi propaganda; - Hutus must be strong and alert in the face of their Tutsi enemies.

10. The 1959 Social Revolution of the Year, the 1961 Referendum of the Year, and the Hutu Ideology should be studied by all Hutus at all levels. Every Hutu involved in the persecution of his Hutu brothers is a traitor to the brothers who read, spread and studied this ideology. ”

Doesn't this remind you of anything? No? Then you should listen carefully to the speeches and read the articles of such paranoid modern Ukrainians as Oleg Tyagnibok, Andrei Beletsky, Irina Fahrion, Andrei Ilyenko, Dmitry Yarosh, etc. They were the first to start publicly yelling “Glory to Ukraine!” - “Death to enemies! ”, And now it’s done by thousands of people across the country. And now the psychopathized masses are reasoning in the same primitive and laconic way as their paranoid leaders - “Muscovites on knives!” (9). This is the main and fundamental thought of the psychopathized consciousness of "true Ukrainians", which has been uttered in Ukraine in chorus for several decades.

And now purposeful induction of mass psychosis in the country has become part of the state policy of Ukraine. Therefore, it is not surprising that now a wave of massacres has swept the country. Ideological and psychological ground was prepared for this for many years. And, in the end, paranoid politicians and paranoid public activists, carefully led by the Americans into the orbit of the political and public life of Ukraine, still managed to bring a significant part of Ukrainian society to collective psychosis.

In their words and texts, one can easily find both the holy for each true "Ukrainian" points of the Ten Hathu Commandments manifesto and the obvious symptoms of paranoia. To do this, you only need to change the Hutu for Ukrainian, Tutsi for Moskal / Vatnik / Colorad, and look at the concept of Ukrainian nationalism through the lens of psychiatry. The psychological nature of mass psychosis and its mechanisms are standard, only the content of the delusion that underlies it is changing. But no more than that.

However, the ruthless extermination of tens of thousands of people in the “Ukraina” project in a mass psychosis is not something new and unusual. In fact, this project began with genocide. First, during the First World War, the Austrians with the help of newly-made "Ukrainians" massacred tens of thousands of Russian / Ruthenians in Austrian Eastern Galicia, and then, during World War II, the Ukrainian "Rwanda" originated in Volhynia, going down in history as the "Volyn Massacre" . Then the “Ukrainians” from the OUN themselves, with the connivance of the German occupying authorities, exterminated tens of thousands of Poles. Now, at the time of the new mass Ukrainian psychosis, the sadists and executioners of the UPA are the heroes of Ukraine. Paranoids are proud of paranoids, killers are killers, and psychopathized masses are in bloody euphoria.

This story occurred 2 July 2007 of the year. On that day, Janusz Marchak, a resident of the Polish village of Guta Pennick, found out in a cafeteria at a gas station one of the executioners who in February 1944 of the year in the 4 of the Galician SS Volunteer Regiment brutally killed more than 800 residents of this village. He remembered the face of the Ukrainian SS man for life. Good and there was a bright external sign - a large mole on the left cheek. It was this man and another SS man who broke into the house of Janusz on that terrible morning. The Polish boy was lucky - at that moment he was in the attic, and only this saved his life. Through the heap of straw in which he hid, the boy heard the heart-rending cries of his parents and two sisters. Then everything went quiet. The executioners left the house, showered at the well, lit a cigarette and began to discuss something literally five meters from the attic gap to which the boy had miraculously survived ...

Only in the evening in the village the cries of victims, gunshots and drunken laughter of Galician volunteers fell silent. Janusz did not enter the house, finding a severed baby brush on the threshold. In horror, he rushed to run away from the terrible place, until he found himself in a forest, from where he came out to a nearby hamlet the next morning. Later it turned out that Janusz’s parents were hacked to death with an ax, and two younger sisters were killed with a knife, and the body of one of them was dismembered by fanatics ...

Making sure that it was the executioner who executed his family in front of him, Marchak returned to the minibus, where his son, his wife and her brother, and two great-grandchildren were waiting for him. Telling his son to detain the executioner, if he set out to leave the gas station, his father quickly went to the village and returned with two more surviving witnesses of that long-standing tragedy, which, in turn, did not come alone. For nearly an hour, fourteen people were waiting impatiently for the killer to leave the cafe and head to the parking lot.

... The police and the ambulance arrived too late. The victim of a gangster attack, which had received many knife wounds, with a broken neck and ribs and a drained eye, died on the way to the hospital. A thorough investigation revealed that Marchak was not mistaken. Polish citizen Frantisek Orzhekhovsky (Lublin Voivodeship) actually turned out to be Vasyl Kogut, a Ukrainian punisher from the 4 of the Galician SS Volunteer Regiment, who took part in the mass execution of residents of the village of Guta Penyatska. The only son of Kogut, having learned the details of the “heroism of his father”, refused the claim.

The extermination of the Polish population of Volyn acquired a large scale in the spring of 1943, when the Volyn regional wire OUN (b) decided to destroy local Poles in this region. The bloody events reached their peak on 11 on July 1943, when more than 150 Polish settlements were attacked at the same time. The Polish delegation visited Ukraine in 1992, which received permission to research and exhumation in the places of those events, had already discovered more than 600 sites of mass graves of Polish victims in Ukraine the Nazis. The total number of them (depending on the time frame, since the killings took place over several years, July 1943 was only one of the peaks of the genocide) ranges from 36.000 to 100.000 and more. Most of the victims of the patriots of Ukraine were women, children and old people.

It is significant that not only armed UPA militants, but also locals of both sexes from nearby Ukrainian villages took an active part in the murder of defenseless Poles. Driven by the propaganda of the Galician emissaries of the OUN to a state of mass psychosis, they surrounded the Polish villages and hamlets, and then ruthlessly exterminated their neighbors from yesterday. With bestial cruelty, they killed unarmed people, burned houses, churches, gardens, crops. They destroyed everything that gave in to the fire in order to deprive the Poles of the hope of return. Often the killers did not make a single shot! Just cut out the entire population - from infants to the elderly - with scythes, axes and knives. Memories of miraculously surviving people contain numerous testimonies of tongues being pulled out, eye popping, nailing in the head, vyparivaniya fruits in pregnant women, quarters, horrific abuse of corpses and subtle sadistic torture.

They killed people purposefully, precisely because they are Poles. For example, numerous testimonies of survivors of the genocide testify that, in mixed families, OUN, inspired by Taras Shevchenko's verses and focusing on religion, killed all the common children who were considered Poles, while the Uniates who were considered Ukrainians were left alive (just like Hutus did in Rwanda).

Feral cruelty and sadism of the Ukrainian patriots reached incredible forms. The ideological rippers from the OUN-UPA, being in the ecstasy of bloody psychosis, enjoyed the torments of their defenseless victims and their power over people's lives. All this was recorded in sufficient detail in the special communications of the SUMRH UKR of the 1 of the Ukrainian Front. For clarity, it is worthwhile to cite a few fragments of these terrible stories about that massacre.

From the protocol of interrogation of UPA fighter Vladimir Dubinchuk 6 in August 1944: “When we returned back to Svichiev, I don’t remember, someone told us that his children were hiding in the Soshinsky Anton’s house. Bandit Lupinka ordered me to kill these children. When the accomplices were near the cart, I ran into the house of Anton Soshinsky and shot the child for about five years.The room had two more children, but I had the remaining one cartridge misfired. After that, I left the apartment and reported on this to Lupinka Joseph, who gave I am two patrons and placing to kill these children. I went into the room a second time and shot my second child about two years old. At that time, I went to Lupinka Joseph’s apartment and shot my third child, who was about 6-7 years old ”(1).

From the interrogation report of the commander of the UPA Stepan Redesh, 21 August 1944: “... I personally took direct part in only one operation against the Polish population, which took place in August 1943 of the year. In this operation, more than two smokers took part in 500 people with weapons and more 1000 people from the OUN underground armed with axes. We surrounded the Polish villages of 5 and burned those villages and the whole population from young to old cut out over the night and the next day - a total of more than two thousand people. My platoon Imal was involved in the burning of one large village and the farm adjacent to this village. We cut about 1000 Poles.

... We threw many Poles - men, women, old people and children - alive into the wells, then finished them off with gunshots. The rest were stabbed with bayonets, killed with axes and shot. We did all this under the slogan "destroy the Polish gentry, which flows into the Ukrainian lands." The Polish villages were burned in such a way that the Poles would never leave Ukrainian lands. They explained to us that in this way we are facilitating the implementation of the coming “Ukrainian revolution”. And we blindly believed in it .... When the massacre of the Poles began, my platoon acted spontaneously, I cannot make even an approximate count of the murders and arson committed by my platoon ... ”(2).

From the interrogation report of the UPA militant Peter Vasilenko, 15 May 1944: “Our gang operated all the time in the Rivne and Volyn regions. There our hundred under the command of Korzyuk Fyodor from the Volyn region nicknamed“ Kora ”destroyed two villages near 300 yards (burned) - The village of Galli and the village of Paroslya, the Vladimeretsky district of the Rivne region. The entire Polish population, including the babies, was destroyed (cut and chopped). I personally shot there 5 Poles who fled into the forest. After our department, Andrei Stepanenko commanded e "Hawk", harvest. p. Lupinsk Dubovetsky district, Rivne region "(3).

From the minutes of the interrogation of the peasant Yuhim Orlyuk, 26 July 1944: “... That night 11 Polish families were exterminated, but individuals from these families managed to flee. No one knows how many people were exterminated ... All Poles were killed that night who were in the village, that is, adults, old people, children and even babies .... Tachinsky’s wife, Joseph, 8-10’s son and infant, was killed from the Tachinsky family. Schurovsky, Antony, two 18 adult daughters -20 years old, I don’t know the names, and Shchurovsky’s wife, Antony, years about 50 ... "(4).

Interrogation reports by Smersh officers of the “UPA heroes” can be colorfully supplemented by Polish photo documents made hot on the heels of those massacres. The consequences of the “struggle for Ukraine” imprinted on them make mentally normal people stand on end with horror. Those who want to see it with their own eyes should turn to the famous Polish researcher Alexander Korman's book “Genocide of the UPA of the Polish Population” (5).

Thanks to the cannibal efforts of the Ukrainian patriots from the OUN and UPA by the end of 1943, almost all Polish settlements in Volhynia and Rivne region, together with their inhabitants, were wiped out. Those Poles who were not killed by a miracle fled, leaving their homes. If for the paranoid leaders of the Volyn Massacre OUN was a well-planned action that, in their opinion, fully responded to the overvalued ideas of Ukrainian nationalism, then for simple villagers, in ecstasy of hate chopping off their neighbors with axes, it was an attack of mass psychosis — collective frenzy. It was not all Communists and Atheists who committed these terrible and senseless crimes, but devout Christians who visited church every week and prayed. Gu, who knew about the commandments of Christ, chief among which are "love your neighbor as yourself" and "Thou shalt not kill."

But for “Svidomo Ukrayins”, Bandera is higher than Christ, and the doctrine of nationalism is more important than the commandments of God. That is why the "Ukrainians" so easily combine their ostentatious piety with outright cannibalism. And this combination of the incompatible can be explained only from the point of view of psychiatry. This is not a policy. This is not even the beloved by the Ukrainian nationalists "will to power." This is the will to madness. And especially the Ukrainian will, enjoying and proud of its mental illness. The paranoiac in power is a guarantee of mass psychosis. Not only the OUN of the forties of the last century, but also the “Revolution of Dignity” have clearly demonstrated this. It is therefore not surprising that the Volyn Massacre 1943 of the year was repeated in the form of the Donbass Massacre 2014. This is very natural and inevitable. With the only difference that it is much more difficult to cut Russians than the Poles, and most importantly, it is extremely dangerous for life.

At the beginning of the so-called. "ATO", faced with the fierce self-hatred and animal cruelty of Ukrainian patriots, the common people of Donbass asked themselves the same question: "why ?!" However, failing to explain to themselves the reasons for the OUN psychopathy of the “anti-terrorists”, the Donetsk and Luhansk people stopped reflecting on this, and began to perceive Bandera's heirs, as people usually perceive animals with rabies. And do with lovers of "food and land", broke into tanks in the Donbass in a state of psychosis, residents of Luhansk and Donetsk have become what they usually do with mad dogs. Imitation of the “heroes of the UPA” is already very expensive for “Svidomo”. And in the future it will cost even more, depriving the psychosis of Ukrainians of any meaning even for those who purposefully cultivate it. In this life you have to pay for everything.

If in summer 2014, the so-called. The “ATO” began in the traditional for Ukrainian patriots form of unpunished slaughter “nation’s foes”, by the autumn, the massacres of the unarmed population smoothly transformed into the ruthless extermination of the Ukrainian patriots by the Donbas militia brought to the Donbas by force of psychosis. The large-scale terrorist action of the armed forces of Ukraine and the neo-Nazi volunteer battalions under the guise of "ATO" failed miserably. Fearing "Vatnikov" did not work. As the popular saying goes, "the fakir was drunk and the focus failed." Violence gave rise to retaliatory violence. Neither the propaganda hysteria of the Ukrainian and Western media, the fighting psychostimulants, the heavy weapons, nor the American experts on the mass killing of people helped the ATO participants.

Already, the account of the “anti-terrorists” killed in the Donbas, who came there with a weapon in their hands, goes to tens of thousands. Accounting for deaths on the Ukrainian side no one really leads. No need. The corpses of the killed "heroes of the ATO" are buried in pits, drowned in water, burned or simply thrown onto the battlefield. First of all, it concerns the so-called. volunteer battalions consisting of psychopathized neo-Nazis and a criminal element. However, the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine involved in punitive measures with the help of mobilization, the Ukrainian commanders do not particularly favor. Thousands of servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are “written off” into deserters and missing persons. The main thing is to hide the real scale of losses at any cost.

The Ukrainian media continues to intensively unwind the flywheel of psychosis in the country, but with the new month of the civil war and the deepening financial and economic crisis, the psychopathized consciousness of the masses is increasingly under the powerful pressure of real reality, which sharply contradicts the lush and colorful virtualities of Kiev propaganda. As a result, a passionate desire Ukrainian patriots destroy "Vatnikov" and "separatists" more and more in their minds growing fear of being killed tymi Unpunished destruction of the "Colorado" in the Odessa scenario has become impossible. The bloody "boilers", with thousands of killed national guardsmen, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and armed Nazis, act on the "svidomih" soberingly.

The mass psychosis of "conscious Ukrainians" is methodically broken about their instinct of self-preservation. As a result, the number of people willing to go voluntarily to the so-called. zone "ATO" is rapidly declining. In fact, another year of active hostilities, and Ukraine will lose the majority of individuals with a sick and unstable psyche, prone to physical violence. Roughly speaking, aggressive paranoids and psychopaths (the current color of the “Ukrainian nation”) are simply methodically ground during the war. And paranoids and psychopaths, capable only of verbal aggression in social networks and on television, against the background of the Ukrainian defeats and defeats, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep the heat of mass psychosis at a high level.

That is why at the moment mobilization in Ukraine is already being carried out mainly at the expense of the lower social strata who are not able to adapt to the new Ruin socially and economically, to buy off the mobilization or simply to escape; as well as a social bottom that includes criminals who find it easier to feed on a machine than live a half-starved civil life in a state of hopeless poverty. Thus, despite the intensive work of the Ukrainian media aimed at further unleashing mass psychosis in the country, its intensity and intensity are objective reasons will inevitably fall.

Firstly, it is directly related to the large-scale death of paranoid people prone to physical violence and people with unstable, psychopathized psyche. They are the main inducing element of mass psychosis and its active principle. But with each new day of war they become less and less. Secondly, over time, such basic instincts as the instinct of self-preservation and the instinct of survival increasingly come into conflict with the mass psychosis. They act as a mental stabilizing factor. The first instinct is associated with the growing incapacity of the Ukrainian armed forces, doomed to bear increasing losses, and the second with the disastrous, continuously deteriorating financial, economic and social situation in the country, which has already put the bulk of Ukraine’s population on the verge of physical survival.

Thirdly, the growing contradictions between the ideology of psychopathing propaganda and the facts of actual reality, which reduce the effectiveness of the influence of the Ukrainian media on mass consciousness, affect the weakening of mass psychosis. Psychological manipulation built on total lie, with time becomes extremely ineffective, even causes the opposite effect. The terrible, threatening reality acts on individuals in a sobering way, naturally dispelling delusions and knocking down the heat of psychosis.

And, finally, fourthly, mass psychosis, being one of the forms of mental stress, like any psychosomatic stress, cannot last for a long time and, all the more, endlessly. An excited mental state ends sooner or later. And after it comes mental exhaustion, when the hyperactive state of psychosis is replaced by its depressive-depressed phase. Especially quickly the drop in the energy of psychosis occurs against the background of continuous failures, defeats and hopelessness. What is now observed in Ukraine.

These four factors weaken the flame of mass psychosis that swept the country, inflated on Maidan. However, as long as a significant part of the population of Ukraine will continue to be under the psycho-traumatic impact of the Ukrainian media, it will be impossible to pay off the mass psychosis in the country. The disease can be weakened, it can be slowed down, but it cannot be cured if the cause causing it is not eliminated. The fact is that the work of the human consciousness is directly connected with the information entering it. At the same time, even neutral, at first glance, information has a stimulating, prescriptive impulse.

If the information flow is unidirectional, that is, if an individual is deprived of the opportunity to receive information of different sources from different sources, to compare and compare it, external stimulating impulses become insurmountable for him, and the person is a victim of hidden coercion. A unidirectional information flow simply “carries” his consciousness in the direction originally set by someone, forcing him to someone regulated thoughts and actions. In such a situation, the individual actually becomes a puppet in the hands of others.

If the information field consists of multidirectional meaning and content, contradictory information flows, their stimulating impulses in the human mind are mutually extinguished, making hidden coercion of initially regulated from the outside thoughts and actions impossible. This is due to the fact that in the conditions of collision of opposite information flows, the individual is forced to compare them and, through analysis, decide for themselves what is true in the information and what is false. That is, a person is forced into independent thinking, and then acts not under the coercion of a stimulating informational impulse coming from outside, but on the basis of his personal conclusions.

That is why the Ukrainian authorities react so painfully to alternative sources of information for Ukrainian. Any thought, any information that contradicts the official attitudes of "svidomizm", knocks his one-sided stimulating impulse, starts the process of people's thinking, turns on criticality, destroys the mass psychopathisation system built in Ukraine. Hence, the hysterical perception of the “Svidomoi” Russian media, right up to the public appeals of some Ukrainian “experts” to purposefully kill Russian journalists.

Without considering the Ukrainian citizens as people who are able to independently understand what is a lie and what is true, the Ukrainian authorities are making maximum efforts for their information isolation, continuously intimidating the so-called “Zombie” the Russian media, forcing to obtain one-sided information. Contrary to common sense, Ukrainian propaganda asserts that obtaining information from various sources leads to “zombies”, and being in an isolated, strictly “svidomitskoy” information environment, where all information and all meanings are standard and one-sided, is not “zombies”.

The horror of the Ukrainian authorities in relation to alternative information and “non-visible” meanings is a horror associated with the threat that the citizens of Ukraine will be able to think independently, using facts and logic. In such conditions, the maintenance of mass psychosis in the country will be impossible. That is why the current political regime in Ukraine is making maximum efforts to turn the country into a ghetto-informational ghetto, where the right to access a variety of information and the right to create meanings belongs exclusively to the “priests of svidomizma.” Ordinary citizens should only systematically participate in the endless five-minute hate of the Ukrainian media.

However, the state in which the government decides for the citizens that they look, listen and read is totalitarian, and the society in which they do not argue with opponents, but they are simply killed by thousands, is mentally ill. Alas, this is modern Ukraine.
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  1. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin April 28 2015 14: 48
    The article is already old, but it will never lose its relevance, God forbid all health and pure reason, cold-blooded !!!
    1. Botanologist
      Botanologist April 28 2015 15: 26
      Fortunately, the people in Donetsk turned out to be stronger than the Tutsi, and did not wait for stupid people with a machete to come to him.
  2. An60
    An60 April 28 2015 14: 52
    Interesting but verbose.
      SAXA.SHURA April 28 2015 21: 40
      In general, what did Vajra write about ?, and even Andrei.
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter April 28 2015 14: 59
    I agree with the author for all 100. Dill will wash my face with bloody tears after the fumes subside. And it will come down, because dill is not Africa; winter is here. And the cold - he is sobering.
  4. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh April 28 2015 14: 59
    25 th
    The article is strictly in the spirit of the Hutu manifesto given in the article.
    A striking example of an article on inciting ethnic hatred.
    1. aleks_29296
      aleks_29296 April 28 2015 16: 05
      And where do you see inciting ethnic hatred in the article? A sample analysis of the causes of what is happening, yes, but the kindling is somehow not visible.
      1. draft
        draft April 28 2015 21: 31
        very simple: analyze your emotions after reading the article, and if you see that your attitude towards the Ukrainians as a whole has changed at least a little, then this is precisely inciting ethnic hatred.
    2. Proud.
      Proud. April 28 2015 16: 50
      Quote: voyaka uh
      A striking example of an article on inciting ethnic hatred.

      An example of incitement to ethnic hatred is the statements of Robert Scales, a retired major general in the US Army, who called on Fox News live to help Kiev "kill the Russians."
  5. chikenous59
    chikenous59 April 28 2015 15: 01
    Quote: An60
    Interesting but verbose.

    Not able to digest such a volume?
  6. chikenous59
    chikenous59 April 28 2015 15: 04
    Quote: Mountain Shooter
    I agree with the author for all 100. Dill will wash my face with bloody tears after the fumes subside. And it will come down, because dill is not Africa; winter is here. And the cold - he is sobering.

    But the winter has already passed, nothing has changed, the propaganda is working to the fullest. Fuck, understand how long it will take for Ukrainians to come to their senses .. I'm afraid that without help they themselves will not be cured
  7. chikenous59
    chikenous59 April 28 2015 15: 07
    "If the information flow is unidirectional, that is, if an individual is deprived of the opportunity to receive information of different form and content from different sources, to compare and contrast it, external stimulating impulses become insurmountable for him, and the person becomes a victim of latent compulsion. The unidirectional information flow simply" carries "His consciousness in the direction initially set by someone, forcing him to someone's regulated thoughts and actions. In such a situation, the individual actually becomes a puppet in the hands of others."

    The same is in our country for the second year! Is not it? Every day, news about Ukraine, Donbas, explosions and killings around the world .. one and the same day after day. Tired, head tired ... truth
  8. tank64rus
    tank64rus April 28 2015 15: 18
    There is one way to treat it, as during the Second World War. A traitor and a sadist a bullet in the forehead.
  9. Igarr
    Igarr April 28 2015 15: 36
    It would be necessary to reach the end.
    In the style of Hutu, Andrei Vajra and voyaka uh. One figs we have already been accused - in ignition and ignition ..
    The Hutu who were the most afflicted are the announcers. Broadcasters. Womb and all sorts of others.
    And who broadcasts in Ukraine? We know this, we know. There are, more precisely .... there are enough of them.
    Some of them are broadcasting from the screen, some are via Facebook, some are via Rada ... some are broadcasting across Germany .... it’s all over.
    What to do?
    Create a vacuum!
    In the head, you can use a brain-type machine, such as a revolver of the Nagan system.
    And in society - with the help of a normal, adequately thinking composition. DShB, or can and platoons.
    Grab the freak freaks ... pump sedative ... in a straitjacket - and to the pool.
    And it’s cool and you can drink ... and drown, if you wish. In the name and for the sake of, so to speak.
    And after a week of lying in their own bowel movements - the brain will magically clear.
    Induced psychosis .... I will remember forever now.
    As a radio engineer, I know that inductors are the most reliable components. It burns out - this is the whole "button accordion" should flare up.
    One way - you chop with an ax - and the point is in the hat.
    Axes, axes .... "hey-gay, hands are used to axes. Only the heart is beyond the control of doctors .."
    Soviet songs were far-sighted.
  10. April 28 2015 15: 42
    A good article that makes you think, think hard! Although somewhat overloaded with analytics, it is heavy for perception.
  11. Flinky
    Flinky April 28 2015 15: 51
    Reposter, kill yourself, save the planet. Because you did not read the title of the original.
  12. vasyukov
    vasyukov April 28 2015 16: 05
    The author forgot to mention that sho took part in the Rwandan massacre ... yes, feely warriors. Salomord warriors hired by the CIA were mocked with great pleasure at the unfortunate Rwandans, torturing them and ripping off their skin!
  13. htlernjh
    htlernjh April 28 2015 16: 23
    1. MANDATORY our Russian brothers on the outskirts need help - either by military means (following the example of Rwanda - taking the capital)
    2. Information: the Internet remains.
    3. Support options.
    4. Contribute to the deterioration of the economic condition of the Outskirts (it sounds strange) - this is also a sure way to bring to life zombies - ukrov.
  14. kombin23
    kombin23 April 28 2015 16: 37
    The Hutu awakening will be very painful.
  15. samarin1969
    samarin1969 April 28 2015 17: 12
    Yes .... even the Poles and Ukrainians have portrayed love against Russia, and even Israel do not care the blood of their ancestors ... in the bottom line: "and only force will stop the force."
  16. mamont5
    mamont5 April 28 2015 17: 25
    Only not Russia, but Ukraine. Ukrainians themselves refused the title of Russian.
  17. Sorokin
    Sorokin April 28 2015 17: 48
    What can I say? Informative. But here's how to clear it all up in the article, not even a hint. Just a statement that the Russians are not Tutsis. I agree. But everyone has their own opinion on the decision. The time for action is long overdue. So everyone should act according to their beliefs.
  18. twincam
    twincam April 28 2015 17: 48
    many bukaf - not mastered.
    1. niki233
      niki233 April 28 2015 20: 31
      Quote: twincam
      many bukaf - not mastered.

      learn to think independently, and for this you need to master as many letters as possible, and then you will fall into a herd that is being slaughtered.
  19. Aleksiy
    Aleksiy April 28 2015 18: 22
    Very interesting. Despite the volume, it is interesting to read, and the parallels are drawn correctly. However, in Ukraine it is worth paying attention to the third side, a very important side of the Ukrainian massacre is the Jewish factor. All power in Ukraine is now under Jewry, the president and prime minister of Ukraine is Jewish, the owner of the Dnipropetrovsk region is the Orthodox Jew of Kolomoisky, the most active anti-Russian television presenters are Jews. The goals and motives of Banderaites are already laid out on shelves, there is nothing to add, but what are the true goals of Jewry in Ukraine is a big question. Those who believe that only profit at all costs are motivated by actions are mistaken.
  20. EvgNik
    EvgNik April 28 2015 18: 23
    I would not say that the article is too long, a normal analysis and cannot be short, otherwise it is no longer an analysis. Did not read before, did not get. And now I read it and it just became scary. How many more deaths, murders, must be done so that everything returns to normal?
  21. Val_y
    Val_y April 28 2015 18: 42
    Mass genocide was stopped only on July 4, 1994, after guerrilla units of the Rwandan patriotic front, created by the Tutsi who fled to neighboring Uganda, stormed the capital of Rwanda.

    Whatever the case with the 4 sobering factors, genocide and violence stopped only after the assault on the capital, so ...