Who is interested in discrediting Ramzan Kadyrov?

Who is interested in discrediting Ramzan Kadyrov?

Among the factors pointing to a tense aggravation of the domestic political struggle, in recent days, the situation that is taking shape around the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, has clearly come out ahead. Here, however, it is more fair to speak not about the “developing” situation. And about the "folding". For the weakening of Kadyrov’s position, whatever goals are pursued, leads to the undermining of not only the socio-political, but military-political stability in the North Caucasus. And this is happening against the background of the aggravation of the external situation near the borders of Russia, including in the region of the Near and Middle East immediately adjacent to Chechnya, where the war of all against all is raging. And also in Ukraine, where the inevitable aggravation with the military escalation of the confrontation in the Donbass seems to be becoming a matter of the next few days.

It all started with a shootout, which resulted in an unsuccessful attempt to detain a resident of Chechnya, Dzhambul Dadaev, who arrived in Grozny by police officers from the Stavropol Territory. The incident ended with his death and led to a major scandal. Ramzan Kadyrov expressed extreme indignation at what had happened, demanding that the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Chechen Republic not allow actions not coordinated with them in the territory of the subject of the Federation until the use weapons. Significant contradictions arose in the circumstances of the operation: unlike Chechen Republic ombudsman Nurdi Nukhazhiyev, stating after Kadyrov that Dadaev did not resist arrest and was simply shot, Stavropol law enforcement officers insisted that he had tried to hide his car. The same version in the evening of 23 April sounded in an official statement of the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs:

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia considers inadmissible for the head of the Chechen Republic a statement on“ opening fire to kill ”for employees from other regions, without the knowledge of the local law enforcement agencies conducting special operations in the republic, the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said in a statement. - 19 April police officers from the Stavropol Territory arrived in Chechnya to detain a local resident who was wanted for shooting a citizen in their territory. In accordance with the procedure established by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, they turned to their colleagues in the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Chechen Republic and informed them about the purpose of their visit. As a result, local detectives offered their assistance in the operation, ”the statement says. “During the arrest itself, a wanted citizen tried to break into his car, ramming a car of employees who had arrived, thereby endangering their lives. After that, the police fired at the car of the criminal in order to stop him several shots, one of which he was mortally wounded. On subsequent inspection of this vehicle, a combat pistol was discovered. On this fact, the local Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (TFR) is conducting an inspection, ”the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs reminded.

And here "the spit found on the stone." Already in the comments given by the government’s “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia acknowledged that Ramzan Kadyrov denies the version about coordination of the operation with the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs. And 24 of April was publicly confirmed by the head of Chechnya himself, expressing "bewilderment of the official response of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia" and calling it "not relevant to reality from beginning to end."

“It is authentically known,” Kadyrov continued, “that no one from the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic and its structural subdivisions, including the Criminal Investigation Department, was informed in writing, orally or by telephone. And the more so none of the employees took part in this event. This is confirmed by the official letter of the Minister of Internal Affairs for the Chechen Republic, Major General Police R. Sh. Alkhanov, for outgoing No. 1 / 2246 ”. And he expressed confidence that “the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Vladimir Kolokoltsev, will appoint an official investigation, will reveal the employees who have shown“ insincerity ”and that the question of their responsibility will be resolved.” Calling the Russian Interior Ministry’s statement “an attempt to justify illegal actions, even distortion of facts,” Kadyrov emphasized that republican laws prohibit anyone, including the security forces, from acting in masks. “The principled position of the regional authorities is that the masked man is not a security official, but a gangster, and he should be immediately detained, and when resisting -“ neutralized ”.” After all, according to him, "a special operation in Grozny was carried out by masked men."

An additional confirmation of the seriousness of the intentions of Ramzan Kadyrov was the initiation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the republic in connection with the Sunday events of the criminal case under the article on the excess of official authority by the staff of the Stavropol Regional Department of Internal Affairs. However, at this stage, already on Saturday night, the head of the TFR, Alexander Bastrykin, personally intervened in the case, who canceled the decision to initiate a criminal case. The committee itself decided to check the Chechen investigators, suggesting that they were “pressured”. Kadyrov immediately responded to Bastrykin, finding that the head of the TFR should publicly explain the motives of his actions.

It is significant that the press service of the President of Russia "without delay" the incident in Grozny and did not comment on what is happening around him. Although, on the one hand, she recalled the subordination and subordination of the internal affairs agencies of Chechnya to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, but on the other hand, she spoke in favor of punishing the Stavropol police officers when proving their guilt. But Vladimir Vladimirov, the governor of the Stavropol Territory, the head of the region, from where the same policemen who made so much noise in Grozny, actually took Kadyrov under protection, noting that his words about the use of weapons were “thought out” and “out of context”, and that he, as the head of the subject of the Federation, is always in the know of all the special operations that are being conducted in his territory. Consequently, according to this logic, Kadyrov, in full accordance with the job descriptions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, must also notify and act jointly on such operations.

Experts in the field of law, to whom the author of these lines addressed, indicate that there are many “white spots” in a situation. On the one hand, Dzhambulat Dadaev was on the federal wanted list; On the other hand, Governor Vladimirov did not comment on the presence or absence of coordination of a special operation in Grozny with the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Chechen Republic and thus gently walked away from the “acute angle”, which, as it turns out, is the main “stumbling block”. It is not completely clear, experts say, who sent the Stavropol police officers to Grozny whether it was a business trip or, roughly speaking, “amateur art activities”, whether they were on official or personal vehicles, etc. And even that, whether Dadaev was detained as a person involved in the federal search or a participant in a quarrel with certain Dagestanis, with whom he had a conflict of “business” interests, as Kadyrov said, is also not completely transparent. It is not by chance that the federal Interior Ministry refused to continue the polemic with the head of Chechnya on the second day of the scandal.

Ramzan Kadyrov himself called himself “Putin’s infantryman” and declared his readiness to resign if necessary.

Why do we analyze in detail both the episode itself and the positions taken during the development of the consequences by its participants and the parties involved, as well as ambiguous ambiguities? Because in all this, elements of the “big politics” are easily guessed, which completely fit into the “Procrustean bed” of the aggravation of the internal political situation with which this conversation began.

What is apparently clear now?

First, most likely (I would venture to suggest this) there really was no agreement and, therefore, the departmental instructions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs turned out to be violated. Do not feel Kadyrov of his moral rightness, he would not behave so desperately, and the federal Interior Ministry would not retreat so quickly. And the intervention of the TFR in the fate of a criminal case initiated by republican investigators is generally similar to an enforced measure. And the question of agreeing whether or not the actions of the Stavropol police officers in Chechnya here, it seems, really is “the moment of truth”. Kadyrov’s authority in the republic, and in Russia as well, is considerable, and it is based on principle, on the reputation of an uncompromising fighter for the durability of civilian peace, both in Chechnya and in the whole North Caucasus. And since the episode in the republic with the unsuccessful arrest of Dadaev was, as they say, in plain sight, Kadyrov would hardly have decided to stake his reputation and authority on the line, if he did not feel he did not understand that he was right. They will say: “you will not seize morality to the matter” - and they will, in my humble opinion, be wrong. You can even sew it when it comes to this type of leadership. Especially in the East.

Secondly, the incident in Grozny, in addition to the notorious “abuse of authority” - voluntarily or involuntarily, but clearly - gives out a scent of some kind of provocation. For it appeared literally out of nowhere and just at that very moment, when the “official” version of the murder of Boris Nemtsov, which rests on the so-called “Chechen trace”, which is being developed by the investigative team of the same TFR under the guidance of special investigator Yuri Krasnov, is becoming more and more obvious. .

And more and more questions arise about another, seemingly much more reliable, version, the thread of which, unraveled almost “hot on the heels of” the crime, reaches for Ukraine, then to Serbia and, finally, overseas, to the headquarters of the CIA in Langley, state of virginia. In the media at the end of March, information leaked out from which it followed that you could not conceal the sewing in the bag. From the records from the cameras that recorded the moment of the murder of Nemtsov, it turned out that his companion, the Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya, besides the mobile phone she gave to the investigators, had a second one - with a “beacon” for surveillance. After the murder, she threw it in the trash. The container was tracked down and the phone was found in it, with the very "beacon" in working condition. It is also known about the connection of Duritskaya with the commander of the punitive battalion "Dnepr-1" of the Bandera National Guard Yury Bereza, now a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada.

Let's pay attention: as soon as this version began to be seriously discussed in the media, some obstacles and slingshots began to appear on its way, which became even bigger when the voice of the “official” version, allegedly leading to the Chechen Republic, to Kadyrov's inner circle sounded. But, as if on cue, some opposition media have risen in defense of this “official”, which has become very agitated just now, on the background of the Sunday episode with the shooting in Grozny. Here, for example, is a publication with a talking title “Putin is Kadyrov’s main hostage.” Will the head of Chechnya be questioned in the Nemtsov case? ” on the TV channel of the well-known orientation “Rain”. Or the “bubbles”, launched on “Echo of Moscow” by Viktor Shenderovich, which the author of these lines already had to comment. Or in the same place, on Echo, the further stirring up of anti-Kadyrov hysteria by the chief editor of Novaya Gazeta, Dmitry Muratov. And finally, rumors refuted by Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov about offering Ramzan Kadyrov the post of deputy prime minister in the government, for which he suggested asking their distributors for explanations. It’s very similar to the distributors, which again stretch to Ukraine, where they started to “knead” this topic in early March, talking, obviously in line with different versions of Nemtsov’s murder, about the possible appointment of the Chechen leader as a kind of adviser to the President of Russia North Caucasus Federal District.

Third, the very content of the “parallel” “official” investigative group of the TFR version of Nemtsov’s death draws special attention. We note that it seems to be far more convincing than the search for murderers — incomprehensible than motivated and obviously stupid (this hue is given to reasoning on this subject) —in the Grozny battalion “North”. Recall this "chain". In an interview with "Interlocutor" (February 10), target = "_ blank"> Nemtsov makes a fatal mistake, equivalent to signing his own death sentence: to put it mildly, without thinking, he declares that "Putin wants his death." Putin, who has the appropriate organizational capabilities, will then try to organize an assassination attempt on the unlucky oppositionist to blame him for Putin.

And in February 12, emissaries of the Serbian informal branch of the CIA, a non-governmental organization CANVAS, specializing in ubiquitous Orange Revolution organizations from Serbia and Ukraine to Georgia and Kyrgyzstan meet with the leader of the Right Sector, Dmitry Yarosh. The order was handed over, and someone Aslan Alkhanov was leaving for Moscow, according to some information, connected with a Chechen battalion named after Dzhokhar Dudayev who was fighting on the side of the Kiev junta (his field commanders Adam Osmayev and the recently deceased Isa Munayev Kadyrov repeatedly and deservedly called “bandits” and “traitors cheats”. people ”).

Next - I will not repeat in too much detail (see my article about this) - after the execution of the order, Alkhanov is thrown into the Moscow region. And being trapped, before shooting himself, he leaves in retaliation to his owners a tablet with information about the entire chain of Russian law enforcement officers, who discovered his "hide" in the Troitsky JSC "new Moscow". After that, the American customers of the murder of Nemtsov, who calculated this "combination" apparently to the finer points, "merge" information about the "Chechen trace" of the assassination attempt to Moscow. For obvious reasons, only Chechens are mentioned not “Dudayev-Ichkerian”, but from among those close to Kadyrov. They are "taken" and now try to justify ...

Only now it’s clear that this scheme works only if there is among those who are familiar with the contents of Alkhanov's tablet, at least the people used by the organizers of the special operation in the dark. And as a maximum, those interested in discrediting Kadyrov. And the propaganda machine begins to turn by turn, with the result that the investigation is launched along the path that it is taking today. And although it is increasingly slowing down, by the very fact of its promotion it proves that there are such people among those who are aware of the tablet! Or, at least at that moment, in the beginning of March, they were.

And then it turns out that it is very difficult to understand all this multiplication with the help of only current, so to speak, relevant information. It is necessary to “dig in” a bit from the very recent past in order to clarify something and logically connect with each other from the fact that today, if not “obscured” by the information environment, then at least it is not advertised.

So, the fact №1.

20 March 2015 of the year in the Vedomosti newspaper, citing the American news agency Bloomberg, material appears from which it follows that Russian secret services employees interested in discrediting Kadyrov could help kill Nemtsov.

At the same time, the material, citing "sources in circles close to the FSB," emphasized that Vladimir Putin allegedly "became enraged" from the murder of Nemtsov and the identified "Chechen trace." And also from the opposition's allegedly “shot lists” by the investigators (which included Ksenia Sobchak, Aleksey Venediktov and other opposition members). Especially savored this topic is the publication in the above-mentioned “Novaya Gazeta” with the saying title “Patriots of Russia and its enemies” (http://www.novayagazeta.ru/inquests/67575.html). Why speak? Because it obviously borrows the style of the book “Open Society and its Enemies” by American political analyst Karl Popper. And it does this at the moment when the Russian Open Foundation, headed by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, is being searched in the Russian Open Russia foundation that copies this style. As acknowledged by Khodorkovsky himself, regarding the seizure of the materials of Kadyrov’s defamatory film, which was shot by this foundation, the board of directors of which, as is known, includes Henry Kissinger and Jacob Rothschild, representatives of two leading global-oligarchic clans.

Information from the American agency for the murder of Nemtsov was then denied by Dmitry Peskov, who said he did not believe in the availability of relevant sources from Bloomberg. But since he referred this statement only to Vladimir Putin’s “feelings”, then, as they say, “they found spoons, but the sediment remained.”

Fact number XXUMX.

10 March 2015 wrote the same about Novaya Gazeta - we just mentioned this article. From it followed that part of the federal security forces on the one hand, and Kadyrov’s supporters on the other, called “regime pillars” in the material, began a war for influence among themselves. And therefore, the outcome of the investigation will be allegedly determined by Vladimir Putin himself, moreover, on the basis of political expediency.

It seems that it would be nice to recall that material and associate it with current events, appreciating to a degree whether “awareness” or involvement of this influential liberal media in inciting current events is worthwhile. It is no secret that it is precisely the opinion of the Novaya Gazeta and the Vedomosti newspaper, if I may say so, that the Russian "systemic" liberals, who are not standing aloof from all this stories.

Fact number XXUMX.

December 16 2014, the media has not bypassed, however, further development newsthat Kadyrov resigned to participate on the side of the militia in the fight against the Kiev regime in the Donbass. “I intend to ask the president to let me, so to speak, release from this post in order to go to the Donbass, to protect the interest of precisely those citizens who are fighting there today. In order to catch and destroy just such shaytans, because they have no honor and conscience, ”the head of Chechnya hinted quite clearly at the organizers of the barbaric terrorist attack on Grozny 4 December 2014 of the year. In Kiev, from such a perspective, not only the mentioned leaders of the “Ichkerian Battalion named after Dzhokhar Dudayev” but also the field commanders of the punitive battalions who rushed to praise the Islamist militants who attacked Grozny, whose bandit outing cost 14 to the police, firmly strained. After all, the punishers who covered the parliamentary immunity of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada not only received a rebuke from Kadyrov, but also learned about his order to the security forces of the Chechen Republic to find and deliver them to Grozny for a criminal case brought against them. And the first on the list of these combatants-deputies was the same Yuriy Bereza, who, apparently, supplied the special telephone of Anna Duritskaya, which she threw out after the murder of Nemtsov, with a "beacon".

Bandera punishers Bereza, Levus and Mosiychuk were frightened then so that they rushed to the Security Service of Ukraine for personal security and gave anti-cadre interviews to all possible Western media combined. Moreover, the prospect of facing Kadyrov and his volunteers who had just won the world championship among special forces in Jordan did not smile on the battlefield. Recall that at the end of December last year, Kadyrov demonstrated thousands of well-equipped and armed fighters, including future world champions, at the 10 Stadium in Grozny staging them. And he said that this is only the 1 / 10 part of those who are ready to fulfill any order of Putin. Most of all freaked out ... where? Of course, in Ukraine, and the ill-fated battalion-punitive battalions, most likely, actively participated in this collective frolic.

Fact number XXUMX.

To him we will attribute the massive resignations in a number of Russian law enforcement agencies, which were carried out by Vladimir Putin in the second half of 2014. They passed in two stages. In August, General Vladimir Rushaylo, former Interior Minister and former Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, who was closely associated with Boris Berezovsky, was dismissed from active military service. Together with him, seven high-ranking officials in the Ministry of Internal Affairs lost their posts, primarily from the commanding staff of the internal troops, and eleven in the TFR. In December, similar organizational measures were held at the Federal Drug Control Service - the Federal Service for Combating Illicit Drug Trafficking. In Moscow, the liberal "sidelines" after the first series of resignations, in August, I remember, they started talking, no less, about the "CONTRACT OF GENERALS", which allegedly was revealed and stopped by these dismissals. But then - the affairs of bygone days. Repeat recurrence of this topic is no longer called backstage gossip, but quite real media and bloggers, noted in March of the current 2015 year, amid rumors of the “disappearance” of Vladimir Putin and cancellation of his visit to Kazakhstan. But one thing is when the old news, which has been tricked into actual news, is speculated on separate, sometimes questionable, Internet resources. And it is quite another when such speculations come from the "top", and, importantly, from the overseas "top" of the Russian liberal opposition, whose followers flout about almost turning upside down the whole "power" power pyramid. And at the same time, they talk “out of Freud”, spreading “misinformation” about the allegedly approaching resignation of Vladimir Putin himself, linking his “outlook” sucked from the finger with the same mythological “obstruction” arranged by Ramzan Kadyrov at the exit meeting of the Russian Security Council in Pyatigorsk.

Add to this the “theater” news from the editor-in-chief of the Nezavisimaya Gazeta Konstantin Remchukov, who for some reason considered it his “duty” at the same time in March, to spread another misinformation - about the imminent resignation from Rosneft Igor Sechin.

After all, it is known that if the stars are lit, then someone needs it. So who?

From all of the above, a certain general picture emerges, the analysis of which allows the following, strictly preliminary, conclusions to be drawn:

The first. It is very likely that the main objective of the murder of Nemtsov ordered by certain forces in the CIA was indeed to discredit the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov. Perhaps part of this plan (but not the main one) was the revenge of the Ukrainian Bandera for a campaign of intimidation, conducted by Kadyrov against the commanders of the punitive battalions.

The second. The murder of Nemtsov as a provocation against Kadyrov was thoroughly prepared. To do this, they played out the “double Chechen trace”: by launching an investigation in the direction of Grozny, they covered the “Ukrainian” direction, where the threads are drawn, revealing genuine intermediaries, and possibly the perpetrators of the murder. Including from the punitive Ichkerian battalion. And it was in the indicated direction that the investigation led by Yury Krasnov, who is well known to the public not only by the successful detection of the murders of Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova, moved. But also in two fruitless attempts to send Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov to prison for “an attempt on Chubais”, which was never proven and apparently unprovable due to the absence of a corresponding event.

At the same time, clinging to the arrested, allegedly "murder perpetrators" (their participation has so far failed to be proved), provocateurs raised a terrible information noise against Kadyrov in the liberal media.

Third. This campaign is very similar to the fact that part of the security officials, who were dissatisfied with last year’s and recent high-profile resignations, imitated an alleged “conflict” between law enforcement officers and Ramzan Kadyrov.

Since the moment all this began to happen, the goal of the organizers of this “performance” has been to organize a scandal similar to what is unfolding before our eyes today. And it’s hard not to agree with Dmitry Peskov here: “Everyday quarrel was transferred to the political level”. If anything in this comprehensive formulation can be clarified, it’s only that the organizers of the provocations against Kadyrov turned out to be so sophisticated and burned that they managed to involve the leadership of the security forces in this “quarrel” apparently in the dark, creating a sense of “naturalness” in him, no controllability arises as if from nowhere, but, I am sure, a carefully prepared crisis.

But I think this scandal should be compared with the “Nemtsov's case” that stalled, which sooner or later will have to be renamed the “Langley case,” as the man-made nature of the events will become clear to them and to many other people who are less sophisticated in big politics.

Fourth. If the directors and directors of the observed anti-Kadyrov performance were proved to the surrounding public, and, unequivocally and unconditionally, only one thing: that the “general intent” of this provocation cannot be considered in isolation from attempts to undermine Vladimir Putin’s position. These are the inseparably linked links of one chain, which is actually most disturbing. For it can end badly for the country and as a whole and for each of us individually.

And finally, the fifth. This whole situation is clearly placed in the context of the Ukrainian events, since it was initially connected with the “Ukrainian-Chechen” (“Right Sector” - Dudayev battalion) following the order of the murder of Nemtsov, which further leads to Serbia and the CIA.

Why was the “trigger” of this provocation pulled off right now?

Because what has already gone, including through the OSCE, is a clear leak from the Donbass that the escalation of hostilities is expected on the eve of May 9, the Day of the 70 anniversary of the Great Victory. To spoil it for Bandera means that it is not for nothing to live your life, which, apparently, does not promise to be too long. It turns out that the “Nemtsov affair” and the scandal around “domestic quarrel” (as defined by Peskov) in Grozny, the directors and stage directors we have not only consistently undermine political stability in Russia, thus fulfilling the recent promise of Barack Obama essentially openly acting in the interests of external forces hostile to our country. On the state of the "hybrid war", in which the United States and NATO entered with Russia, in clear text http://www.vesti.ru/doc.html?id=2529147&cid=7 already our military leaders.
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