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Su-30M arrived in Kazakhstan!

At the end of last week in Kazakhstan, the implementation of the largest stories independent republic of an international contract related to the rearmament of our army. On April 17, at the military airbase in Taldykorgan, the last of the 4's super-maneuverable Su-30 SM fighters purchased in the Russian Federation arrived. These combat vehicles belong to the generation of 4 ++, i.e. in terms of their flight and tactical and technical characteristics, they are very close to those of the 5 generation, which are at the top of the world scientific and technological progress in the field of aviation. At present, the only country where the 5 generation fighters are armed are the United States (F-22 Raptor). Earlier, our military aviators could only dream about equipment of such a level, but close military-technical cooperation with the Russian Federation made their dreams a reality.

Famous Kazakhstani journalist, blogger and amateur shares his impressions of new military equipment aviation Grigory Bedenko.

Su-30 SM, Russian double multipurpose all-weather fighter generation 4 ++. According to the NATO classification, Flanker-C (literal translation “kick from the flank”). Designed to gain air superiority. This is the world's first production aircraft with super-maneuverability.

These aircraft are produced by Irkut Corporation, which is part of the United Aircraft Building Corporation of the Russian Federation (UAC). The aircraft factory is located in Irkutsk, from there it was also used to drive military vehicles to Kazakhstan.

Su-30M arrived in Kazakhstan!

In total, the 12 modifications of the Su-30 were created, and the very well-shown Su-27 UB was used as a prototype. To date, in various versions of the Su-30, except for Russia, and now –Kazakhstan, is in service with the 6 Air Force of the countries of the world: Angola, Algeria, Venezuela, Vietnam, India, Indonesia.

The airplanes that entered Kazakhstan are an improved version of the Su-30 MK aircraft, which are currently being delivered to India, as well as to the Malaysian and Algerian air forces. However, Su-30 SM fighters differ significantly from this export version, as they are supplied to the Air Force and the Russian Navy. Thus, our country has received combat vehicles of the highest class, precisely those that today make up the strike power of the Russian air force. And today, apart from Russia and Kazakhstan, there are no such aircraft anywhere else.

The contract for the supply of four Su-30 CMs to Kazakhstan was concluded last year at the international exhibition of weapons and military equipment KADEX-2014. The cost of one side is $ 50 million. However, in Kazakhstan they were sold at a substantial discount, and in addition, out of turn. These planes were supposed to enter the Russian Air Force in 2015, but more on that later.

At the beginning of the year a group of pilots and technical specialists of the Guards aviation base located in Taldykorgan was sent to Irkutsk. They underwent a complete retraining on new cars. In addition, the contract with the corporation "Irkut" involves the practical training of our pilots, after the arrival of the aircraft in Taldykorgan, where they will be permanently based. Also, the corporation will carry out full technical supervision of the condition of the aircraft, carry out maintenance, supply spare parts, etc.

The process of moving the aircraft from the aircraft factory to the base began on April 9, and ended on 17, when the 4 board arrived at Taldykorgan. On the same day, a solemn ceremony was held, and for the first time the aircraft were shown to the representatives of Kazakhstani media.

And now there are some videos taken by our colleagues from the Kazakhstan-based Media-Marketing agency. The first video shot with the help of a drone. The second shows the piloting of the Russian test pilot at the Su-30 CM.

The ceremony started very nicely. About half an hour before the 4-fighter approaches the aerodrome, two others flew towards him. They met in the air and then passed over the air base at an altitude of 200 meters. Then one of the airplanes separated from the group, and the pilot controlling them showed absolutely fantastic aerobatics at low altitude.

Su-30 SM solves the tasks of destroying air targets (gaining air superiority, covering troops and infrastructure from air strikes, escorting), and is also capable of “working” on ground targets (isolation of a combat area, destruction of troops and rear facilities adversary). The third task of the fighter - the destruction of surface objects (enemy ships).

Su-30 CM can perform the tasks of countering electronic warfare systems and conduct long-range detection, as well as carry out operational management of a group of aircraft performing a joint task. Thus, the Su-30 SM combines in itself the functions of two types of combat vehicles in service with the SVO of the RK. This is Su-27 UBM 2 and MiG-31. Only the element base on the Su-30 CM is the most modern.

Another interesting feature of the Su-30 CM is the ability to learn. The fighter can be used for combat training of promising aviation pilots.

Su-30 CM is equipped with a wide range of weapons and a modern complex of onboard electronic equipment. A fighter is capable of hitting air targets (including objects with low radar visibility) in close combat, and conduct pre-emptive battles at long distances. Combat load Su-30 CM total weight 8000 kg. placed on 12 suspension nodes.

Now the responsibility for new fighters will be directly borne by the commander of the Taldykorgan air base, Lieutenant Colonel Zhanibek Zhumashev. But at the same time it is a great honor for a military pilot.

The personnel of the air base at the ceremonial building on the occasion of the arrival of a new aircraft. Most of these officers represent the Leopard of Semirechie military units in service of which are modified X-NUMX BM-27 and U-2 BM-27 modified Su-2.

The management of the Irkut Corporation, representatives of the city administration of Taldykorgan and a large team of journalists were invited to the solemn ceremony.

We were given the opportunity to communicate directly with people who work with the new aircraft equipment.

Nurlan Ormanbetov, Major General, Commander-in-Chief of the Air Defense Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan:
“Today we are present at a big historical event for modern Kazakhstan, in particular, for the air forces of Kazakhstan. This is the first stage of the beginning of the re-equipment of the Air Force. It should be noted that the constant care of our Supreme Commander and the constant interest in military aviation allowed us to begin rearmament and receive new combat equipment. We've got combat equipment since the times of the Soviet Union, it went through a major overhaul and modernization. And today its resource is coming to an end, therefore a new stage of re-equipment began, and we started it with the most modern, so-called “generation 4 ++” of Russian-made Su-30 SM aircraft, which are produced at the plant in Irkutsk. Thanks to the cooperation and military-technical cooperation with the Russian Federation, we quickly acquired these planes, which will soon participate in the air parade in Astana, where our pilots, who are already trained and retrained for this technique, will demonstrate these planes. “

- Nurlan Sekenovich, the rearmament of our Air Force is now undergoing quite actively. What aviation assets will come in the near future?

- We have army aircraft, the so-called helicopters, are already being acquired. These are the new Eurocopter EC 145 helicopters. Today, we have 8 units. New Russian Mi-171 Sh. Helicopters will also be acquired. And in the future the grouping of army aviation will be increased. This is what concerns military transport aviation. With 2005, the overhaul of the old sides is underway, and now we are acquiring Airbus Military's C-295 military transport planes, and we will continue to expand the military transport grouping as well. Well, and as for the front-line aviation, the so-called - combat aircraft, these are the first signs of the Su-30 SM here. In the future, we will also increase their number, and we plan to begin purchasing Yak-130 combat training aircraft in Russia. Purchase now comes from the budget of the Ministry of Defense. The question of further funding will be decided by the government.

- Why was chosen exactly Su-30 CM?

- At present, we have an agreement with the Russian Federation on a single air defense system. We are coming to unify the entire weapons system, both of the air defense and aviation component. And this plane - Su-30 SM, it is now only adopted by the Russian Federation, and therefore it is considered one of the best-in-class fighter aircraft. Multifunctional, which can use its weapons, both on air targets and on ground targets. It uses high precision weapon.

The latest military transport aircraft CASA C-295, Airbus Military Corporation. Now we have such aircraft 4, in the future they will be 8. By the way, this board was brought from Astana by a group of journalists from 18 people.

Near Su-30, the SM looks almost like an alien ship.

From its prototype Su-27 UB it differs quite significantly. The first and most important difference is the front horizontal plumage. It is automatically rejected by the onboard computer commands. As a result, such autonomous mini-wings provide stable flight at high angles of attack. Those. thanks to them, the fighter can fly at very low speeds for such aircraft. This ensures super-maneuverability.

Another very interesting feature of the Su-30 CM is that it can be refueled in the air. Moreover, exactly the same Su-30 SM can work as a tanker plane. Thus, the fighter is able to perform combat missions at a very large distance from the base.

But, of course, the main technological feature that puts the fighter head and shoulders above all its counterparts is the controlled thrust vector. Those. rotary nozzles can rotate autonomously, deflecting the jet stream 15 degrees. Depending on the upcoming maneuver, the nozzles may deviate synchronously with the horizontal tail, or separately from it. Thanks to this, the Su-30 CM is capable of performing such maneuvers that are generally impossible to implement on other aircraft.

The power plant of the fighter consists of two turbojet engines AL-31FP with afterburner chambers. The total thrust on the afterburner 25000 kgf ensures horizontal flight of the 2 M (two-fold speeding out of sound).

Technicians of the air base are placed in a special container brake parachutes of the aircraft.

Parachutes two. They are tightly packed and thrown away when landing on an aerodrome strip in order to quench the speed of the fighter. Reverse thrust he does not.

The expansion of the combat capabilities of the aircraft also contributes to the double layout, which allows for rational distribution of the workload among the crew members.

Interview with Sergey Tretyak, vice-president of the corporation “Irkut” on the state defense order and flight work.

- Sergey Dmitrievich, there is information in the network that these 4 sides were sold to Kazakhstan below their cost, and in addition, they were removed from planned deliveries to the Russian Air Force.

- I can say both versions have a true basis. The Russian Ministry of Defense went to meet, and 4’s 2015 plan machines were shifted to 2016, so that 4 machines could be delivered to the Republic of Kazakhstan. Second question. As part of the CSTO, weapons and military equipment are sold at prices that apply to the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

- How much do new Kazakhstani fighters differ from what your corporation supplies to other countries?

- Su-30 SM is a Russified version of the Su-30 MKI aircraft, which today India is purchasing in large quantities, more than 250 machines. Part already purchased, part will be produced. The armed forces of Algeria and Malaysia are purchasing various versions of this Su-30 MKI aircraft. For the Russian armed forces, a Russified version of this aircraft was developed, which was called the Su-30 SM. In addition to being on the export versions of this aircraft, a number of additional systems were installed on the Su-30 CM, which improve its combat performance and flight performance. And in this form it is proposed to the Republic of Kazakhstan, i.e. in terms of its technical composition and equipment, it is fully consistent with the aircraft that are currently in the Air Force of the Russian Federation.

- And how reliable is the Su-30 CM?

- Serviceability for the entire operation time below 80% did not fall. There were accidents in India, but there is a human factor. Thanks God, the pilots are very experienced and responsible. In addition, similar aircraft are supplied not only to the front-line aviation of Russia, but also for our naval fleet. And there, too, they showed themselves quite well in terms of reliability.

Compared to its predecessors, a number of new generation systems are included in the Su-30 CM avionics complex. This is an integrated radar sighting system. It is able to detect and accompany up to 15 targets, as well as simultaneously attack up to 4s of them.

Another newest system is an integrated optical-electronic sighting and navigation system with a laser inertial navigation system.

The aircraft also installed: a system of helmet-mounted target designation, an indication on the windshield, as well as multifunctional liquid crystal color indicators with the possibility of image mixing.

The Su-30 CM satellite navigation system is compatible with GLONASS and NAVSTAR systems.

In Taldykorgan from Irkutsk, the aircraft was overtaken by a group of Russian test pilots.

The group is led by Hero of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Yuryevich Averyanov.

In world aviation this is truly a legendary person. It was Averyanov who first lifted into the air and put all the modifications on the wing of the Su-30. He is considered a pioneer in the development of supermaneuvers on this plane, i.e. such aerobatics, which no one has ever done before. The picture shows Vyacheslav Yuryevich with his Kazakh counterpart, Colonel Kairat Baymakhanov, the head of the flight security service of NWO.

And Vyacheslav Averyanov founder of the dynasty of test pilots. His son Eugene followed in the footsteps of his father.

Vyacheslav Averyanov, test pilot of the Irkut Corporation, Hero of the Russian Federation

- Vyacheslav Yuryevich, what are the successes of Kazakhstani pilots with new cars?

- We jointly pilot these planes from the time when the first board arrived here. During this time, we had the 4 pilot of the Kazakhstan Air Force fly out independently on serious types of aerobatics, and hooked up another one. This is a great car, made according to the standard, both for our Air Force and for the Air Force of Kazakhstan.

- And what is necessary for our pilots to fully reveal all the capabilities of the Su-30 CM?

- If you talk professionally, you need a lot of things. But, most importantly, we began the process, and they at least familiarized themselves with these figures, some of the figures are being executed. Suppose, not on the ground, but somewhere in the air. Of course, it is very interesting, like any pilot, like any boy. I think they really liked it. And in order to do the same about, you need to work on yourself, learn the materiel, train for a long time. Long because it is associated with both safety and quality.

- It is believed that the Su-27 UB has a NATO counterpart, the American heavy fighter F-15 Eagle, which is manufactured by McDonnell Douglas. And what can you say about the Su-30 CM?

- F-15 and next to not standing with this plane. F-15 - far away old plane. And Su-30 CM may look like Su-27UB, but it is very modern. It was made on the basis of the aircraft that were delivered to India, but certain improvements were made for the air forces of Russia. And the same aircraft delivered here in Kazakhstan.

- It turns out that Su-30 SM is unique in its segment?

- I just can not imagine which of the planes in service with NATO countries is capable of. When we raised the first models of the Su-30, we started spinning supermaneuvers on them within a month. And after a year, the Americans began to do the same for 3, but each time they refueled to come to the same mass-centering. We did in the whole range with full fueling, to the minimum.

- And what are the names of these new complicated aerobatic figures?

- These figures still do not even have a name. In general, it is like a classic of piloting, which has been known since the time of the first airplanes, but only developed and complicated by several orders of magnitude. For example, the figure “controlled flat corkscrew”. For the first time, something similar was done by Peter Nesterov in 1912. The corkscrew was always associated with the uncontrolled crash of the aircraft. And we learned how to fall so that we completely control the car. Or, for example, “pass at minimum speed” with a full stop of the aircraft in the air. This was done by pilots at the beginning of the 20 century. There was such an airplane, a heavy bomber Farman F.60 Goliath. So, he could during a combat departure to slow down to speeds 50-80 km / h. We, too, can now fly at such speeds, but we are talking about an 21-century hypersonic fighter.

- It seems that the laws of aerodynamics for the Su-30 CM somehow work differently.

“You know, you're right about something.” Because, in fact, if you do not use that modern control system integrated with thrust vector control, then you can probably talk about aerodynamics. But here everything is as it were mixed up. Somewhere there is aerodynamics, somewhere it really is not.

To service the new aircraft at the Taldykorgan air base, new ground equipment was purchased. In particular, tankers.

And a few more curious details on the Su-30 CM. The aircraft has the ability to automated flight at various altitudes, including low-altitude flight, as well as for individual or group combat use against aerial, ground and surface targets. The complex of automatic control associated with the navigation system provides flight en route, approach to the target, return to the aerodrome and landing approach in automatic mode.

The main characteristics of the Su-30 CM:

Length: - 21,9 m.
Wingspan: - 14,7 m.
Height: - 6,4 m.
Maximum take-off weight - 34 000 kg.
Fuel capacity: - 9400 kg.
Maximum length
running start: - 550 m.
Maximum length
mileage with a drag parachute - 750 m.
Maximum speed at the ground: 1350 km / h
Maximum speed at height: - 2 M
Practical ceiling: - 17 300 m.
Maximum operational
overload - 9

And yet, the Su-30 SM will be the highlight of the program at a military parade dedicated to the 70 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, which will be held in Astana on 7 May 2015.
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  1. ECT
    ECT April 28 2015 05: 03
    Good news in the morning. Glad for Kazakhstan, making the right choice.
    1. Giant thought
      Giant thought April 28 2015 09: 24
      We help our allies with modern weapons and we will continue to help.
      1. Su24
        Su24 April 28 2015 10: 51
        Kazakhstan is our main ally in the region, so the strengthening of its armed forces is the most important stone in the foundation of stability in Central Asia, especially given the turbulent international situation.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Lt. Air Force stock
      Lt. Air Force stock April 28 2015 16: 10
      Strange everywhere they wrote that the Su-30 family is a 4+ generation, and the Su-35 4 ++.
  2. Spas the Great
    Spas the Great April 28 2015 05: 12
    To the author A big plus for the review article.
    With all my heart I congratulate fraternal Kazakhstan on the acquisition of advanced Dryers :-)
    It is gratifying that we deliver military equipment to our relatives at domestic prices and accelerated.
    Pay attention to the well-groomed air base! Well done Kazakhs - keep it up! hi
    1. Andrey KZ
      Andrey KZ April 28 2015 06: 09
      Quote: Savior the Great
      Well done Kazakhs - keep it up!

      The plot of how these SU-30СМ arrived in Kazakhstan was shown on 24.KZ. Planes are preparing to perform at the Victory Parade in Astana. They also emphasized in the plot that our Air Force supplied aircraft completely identical to those supplied by the Russian Army, which indicates an unprecedented level of trust between our countries. And yet, in the sky above Shymkent I saw how a group of MIG-29 and SU-25 (I could be wrong) lined up the number 70. My question is, will we also have an air parade, or will they fly to Astana?
      1. marshes
        marshes April 28 2015 10: 17
        Quote: Andrey KZ
        I have a question, we will have an air parade too, or they will fly to Astana

        They will fly to Astana. And then 70 is in question there.
  3. VVooVVaa
    VVooVVaa April 28 2015 05: 46
    Look at them already breathtaking. We need such cars!
    Still migi-31 modernized.
  4. duchy
    duchy April 28 2015 05: 46
    Bravo good !! Lyapota !!
    Why is this flag somehow incomprehensible for an avatar ??
    1. Dyatko Nebatko
      Dyatko Nebatko April 28 2015 06: 53
      Romanian galleries? lol
  5. Cosmos1987
    Cosmos1987 April 28 2015 05: 58
    We need at least 30 such pieces. There was talk that they would purchase a certain amount of MIG-35, let's hope.
    1. avt
      avt April 28 2015 09: 18
      Quote: Cosmos1987
      We need at least 30 such pieces. There was talk that they would purchase a certain amount of MIG-35, let's hope.

      what But will you buy and operate a diverse fleet? Su-30 is an understandable and logical choice of these two systems. But this is your business, we are only a plus to the loading of enterprises, so pay and fly, especially at our domestic prices within the EAEU , sort of decided.
      Quote: VVooVVaa
      Still migi-31 modernized.

      We need a plant, they started to put them on our wing — they return to what happened during the Soviet Union — they close the Arctic façade, which wouldn’t blow it. The question is about production capacities and personnel, just like with the Mi-26 that are on the joke in Kazakhstan - the plant is needed for repair and modernization; in Russia, tension with capacities is not enough for ourselves.
      Quote: Bombardier
      . We must learn to trust and Kazakhs will not let you down.

      wassat “Do it, but do it.” --- as Comrade Reagan taught Gorbachev. Defense, and even more so such a sensitive air defense is not a place for learning, trust "- it can end badly, as one movie hero said -" train out on the cats. "
      1. marshes
        marshes April 28 2015 10: 08
        Quote: avt
        , just like with the Mi-26 that are on the joke in Kazakhstan - the plant is needed for repair and modernization

        They are dragging them to Novosibirsk for repair. Emergencies have already been re-equipped with two sides for their needs, repaired.
        1. avt
          avt April 28 2015 10: 24
          Quote: marshes
          They are dragging them to Novosibirsk for repair. Emergencies have already been re-equipped with two sides for their needs, repaired.

          Yes - they found a site, but the pace of modernization is very low, if memory does not change something like 1 machine in almost a year. Or did I have enough? So they will upgrade for 20 years if they do not invest in the site in parallel. So, in Kazakhstan, they decided to deal with the turntables and took a good lightweight Messerschmit and Ka-226, well, cooperate with the site in Novosibirsk - create a holding within the framework of the EAEU documents with the localization of the production of components, train personnel. production will be more efficient in the medium term.
          1. marshes
            marshes April 28 2015 10: 37
            Quote: avt
            Here in Kazakhstan they decided to do turntables and took a good lightweight "Messerschmit" and Ka-226

            Yes, it turned out interesting with them, at first they wanted to set up the assembly of the Ka-226, but they did it, then the ES-145 was drawn, the assembly, training of technicians and pilots (there is an airplane simulator) and that's all with us. The Europeans have tried. And now the Ka-226 is straight competitor to the EU-145thom. Even private traders have ESki.
            1. avt
              avt April 28 2015 10: 51
              Quote: marshes
              Ka-226 direct competitor to the EU-145tom

              In general, they are not competitors in their minds, but could well complement each other for themselves - a coaxial scheme is preferable in the mountains and in the city. But here the question is more about money - will they pull production, albeit a screwdriver, and the operation of two types of machines? Again, Ka-226 is easier and cheaper to localize - they can, again, put the squeeze on within the EAEU. And of course show-off! laughing We have a show-off - "Mongoose" in a limousine performance - LADIES flew to work a couple of times under the camera, assembly in the suburbs, and earlier they assembled different things underground for businessmen, such as how spare parts were imported - the shop near Taldom was covered, he dragged the army, and Messer into the Emergencies Ministry, and the workhorses in training and, in general, the Ka-226 and Ansat.
              Quote: marshes
              .Even among private traders we have ESki.

              Ours too, but "Robinsons" over the roundabout more often I see - it's cheaper, they started counting a penny without looking at the show-off.
              1. marshes
                marshes April 28 2015 11: 06
                Quote: avt
                And of course, show off!

                I would not say maybe a corruption component is less.
                Here’s a joint cooperation on the Farmer plane, the money was stolen and the results are zero. Now there are a lot of questions about BMPT-72. Yes, and about other joint ventures.
                Actually Kazakhstan-Russian product, which I see while Lada 4x4 Niva. And then it is more expensive with us than with you. smile
                You don’t even buy torpedoes from us.
                1. avt
                  avt April 28 2015 11: 28
                  Quote: marshes
                  You don’t even buy torpedoes from us.

                  It seems that in Kyrgyzstan the plant was in the USSR and there was a lawsuit for it under Bakiev? But now the campaign is either resuscitating the first plant in the Crimea in the empire, or they will make a new site there, of course, Dagestan.
                  Quote: marshes
                  Here is a joint cooperation on the Farmer plane money stolen and the results are zero.

                  I don’t know about it at all request ... but seeing the state of aviation in Russia, where there was only one program - the Super Budget, it initially looked like a scam or a manila of pure water.
  6. Yurmix
    Yurmix April 28 2015 06: 42
    Just the day before yesterday I saw that they were walking at low altitude and low speed. A beautiful sight, impressive. good
  7. testerman
    testerman April 28 2015 08: 43
    Heartiest congratulations!!!
    Beautiful cars, breathtaking from one view in the sky.
    Take care of yourself and take care of cars good
  8. Lyton
    Lyton April 28 2015 08: 49
    Of course, I am happy for Kazakhstan, but as I understand it, these four aircraft were supposed to go to our Air Force, but this did not happen and it saddens, and after all, the construction of one side takes more than one month, let the Kazakhs forgive me.
    1. Bombardier
      Bombardier April 28 2015 08: 58
      Quote: Lyton
      I am certainly happy for Kazakhstan, but as I understand it, that these four cars were supposed to go to our air force, but it didn’t happen, and it saddens me, and yet the construction of one side takes more than one month, may the Kazakhs forgive me.

      The Kazakh Air Force is our Air Force, which covers the southern direction. Do we need to cover the sky from the south? Yes. So what's the matter - the Kazakhs will do it. We need to learn to trust and Kazakhs will not let you down.
      1. Lyton
        Lyton April 28 2015 12: 55
        Quote: Bombardier
        So what's the matter - the Kazakhs will do it.

        And we already have a lot of such planes, so I believe that first you need to provide your army with new equipment, and then you can plant friends, first of all, our pilots must fly new planes and study.
  9. marshes
    marshes April 28 2015 10: 04
    "Gray" is something that is needed and not bright blue, which even on Google images from space look like bright blue spots.
    By the way, desert camouflage is poorly visible, sometimes with difficulty Mig-23/27 can be distinguished.
  10. Sorokin
    Sorokin April 28 2015 10: 05
    Glad for the Kazakhs. Glad for Russia. Continue, Increase, Improve.
  11. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov April 28 2015 10: 33
    Glad for Kazakhstan! Keep up the good work ..! good
  12. silver_roman
    silver_roman April 28 2015 11: 44
    I was only a little disappointed that the Kazakh brothers were buying European transporters and helicopters at a time when the same Europe was introducing sanctions against us that affect everyone.
    If the purchase of a transporter of such a mass can still be understood, because in Russia now it’s kind of like we are experiencing problems with Antonov, then our helicopters would go just right.

    ps The deputy chief of Irkut is cool, he walks with an apple 6 (iphone 6). All transplant on Yotaphone !!! soldier
    1. Kasym
      Kasym April 28 2015 19: 38
      The NAS spoke about military equipment and weapons that in the West we will take it if there is no analogue or the wrong quality; and only in the CIS (RF).
      Transport workers: contract for S-295 from 2012. Then the Russian Federation (and now) can not offer anything. On turntables a whole detective story. About 7-8 years ago, Mikheev was in Astana, agreed to build the Ka-226, but something did not work. Then ours switched to Europeans - they have already begun to collect in Astana. And last year they decided on both Mi-26 (repair) and Ka-226 (assembly). Everything at the Almaty 405 plant. How next - let's see ?!
      And until recently, repair in the Russian Federation: repair of 1 Mi-26 unit per year (there is no way to do it anymore, Marek wrote, he did this); 3 units of MiG-31. An-12s are standing and it’s already been decommissioned, maybe they fly another 1-2 - repair is impossible due to the lack of engines, they aren’t letting out. Mi-24 modernization (nightlights) and repair in Rostov. Su-27 in Belarus, MiG-29 in Ukraine.
      Su-30SM - the first new swallows in our Air Force. I understand that there is a complete Russian equipment there - we thought that the understaffing was due to the cost and that we would somehow finish it (due to the sanctions on the electronics). But everything seems to be in order. good . Probably a discount from the quantity (they talked about 36 cars - the regiment actually). There was hope that this contract of the Republic of Kazakhstan would select the whole.
      Bolot, on such a machine a hundred meters from the X-31P and there is no that Chinese HQ-9 near Tashkent! I didn’t expect such a present from the ANAS for the Air Force! The maximum that I counted on is the MiG-35 (although I think that they will take it all the same, I wonder what internal price it will have). At the parade, most likely the Russians will fly - just flew to train. It would be great to see Averyanov. hi
  13. Driller
    Driller 11 July 2017 06: 38
    We would have a couple of regiments, not a piece ...
  14. xan2006
    xan2006 22 October 2017 19: 53
    A bucket of nails again bought just to please Russia
    1. The comment was deleted.