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Ukrainian TV presenter: Kiev gives the heads of the largest media Temniki and quotas for criticizing the Russian authorities

Information has leaked to the press that the administration of President Poroshenko is distributing quotas and special assignments to the heads of the largest Ukrainian media for broadcast content on a daily basis. In particular, it became known that the heads of major TV channels in Ukraine, the country's authorities ordered at least a third of the broadcasts news and analytical programs to devote to the topic of criticism of the Russian leadership. This information is confirmed by the director of the Ukrainian analytical center "Expert Council", TV presenter Iskander Khisamov.

Iskander Khisamova quotes news agency TASS:

The leaders of all major channels almost every day come to the presidential administration and receive “temniki” and quotas - 30% to criticize the leadership of Russia, 30% to criticize the “fifth column”, and 20% give the owners of the channels to lobbying.

The journalist and media expert says that neither the government per se nor the ruling coalition exist in Ukraine. They are trying to replace the activity of the media environment.

Khisamov adds that any attempt to present an independent viewpoint on what is happening in the country by one or another channel equals support for terrorism and separatism. This is understandable at least by the fact that in Ukraine there is a real barbaric action to eliminate unwanted Kiev radicals journalists.

Video of Iskander Khisamov's speech from the portal "PolitNavigator":


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  1. pest
    pest April 26 2015 09: 44
    Well, we got there, tse Europe. The competition for the best balabol has been announced. A script provided. Go for it, UAV, UAV, UAV ...
    1. Giant thought
      Giant thought April 26 2015 09: 50
      Ukrainian fascist power, as a drug addict, cannot live without Russophobic actions.
      1. domokl
        domokl April 26 2015 10: 14
        Any government needs to somehow justify its sins and atrocities .. It is clear that Ukraine will in every way translate arrows to other countries. And first of all to the Russian Federation.
        Just how much the rope does not curl, you still get the end of your own ass
        1. nitrid
          nitrid April 26 2015 12: 15
          Most of my friends and I do not watch the news because regular lies on them ...
          1. avg
            avg April 26 2015 12: 44
            So it’s much easier to crap neighbors than to establish a life in oneself.
          2. Botanologist
            Botanologist April 26 2015 15: 15
            Unfortunately, the greater mass of your compatriots have already milled their brains.
          3. just exp
            just exp April 26 2015 15: 16
            an exception only proves the rule.
            the vast majority just looks and believes.
            recently there was a survey, according to the results it was that a third of the citizens are adequate, still remember the story and do not believe in the war with Russia and believe that the Maidan is a coup.
            but the remaining two-thirds are mankurts without memory.
          4. wow
            wow April 26 2015 16: 19
            I do not watch UkrTV fundamentally since 94g, i.e. from the moment I moved here. Not then, now, all the more, I have not heard anything other than nonsense on Ukrainian TV.
          5. Suhow
            Suhow April 26 2015 22: 54
            I, too, from Ukraine and periodically look at the news and not just for fun. For example, about tightening the screws with hints, it was reported in advance (the young people are patriotically attuned to separatists), well, the speech of some leaders (who do not vote the law of that one, etc.) about the article for me there was nothing new, a statement of what happened.
            1. klaus16
              klaus16 April 28 2015 08: 31
              I wonder what this blatant, overt idiocy on a national scale will lead to. By all the rules (any), to the collapse of the state. But here's the catch - it's a controlled collapse. Ukraine will not be allowed to fall apart at all. It will be supported in such a state as it is now. This is a kind of training ground. A testing ground for testing everything over people, both moral and physical. Americans are doing their dirty deed slowly. Sweaty feet in their mouth !!!
            2. The comment was deleted.
      2. captain
        captain April 26 2015 13: 18
        Who provides financial and administrative support to Ukrainian nationalists?
        I read a lot, watched documentaries and feature films of the Second World War period, watch modern TV programs about the Great Patriotic War, and of course the number of people killed, especially civilians, is terrifying. Many countries suffered millions in human losses and attitudes towards the Nazis of all stripes and nationalities, in these countries negative and negative among the majority of citizens. I would especially like to highlight Israel in terms of the fight against Nazi criminals. This country is constantly and persistently working to find and punish the Nazis guilty of the death of Jews. A large number of Jews were exterminated in Ukraine, then the Ukrainian SSR. Many people know and write about the tragedy in Lviv and Babi Yar. The tragedy is, of course, terrible. The perpetrators of these massacres were also Ukrainian nationalists. The people called them "Bandera". The Jewish community made a lot of efforts to punish these villains. But the behavior of Israeli officials and public figures towards the nationalists of Ukraine at the present time is alarming. For example, I, V, Kolomoisky, being a member of many public Jewish organizations and associations not only in Ukraine, but in Europe, a citizen of Israel, wears a T-shirt with the logo "Jew Bandera." It finances the right sector, arming the volunteer battalions "Azov", "Dnepr" ... which preach Nazi ideas and wear Nazi symbols. The President of Ukraine, Mr. Poroshenko (real name Valtsman), a Jew by nationality, glorifies the UPA soldiers, many of whom served in the SS. Under him, processions are held with portraits of SS Hauptsturmfuehrer Shukhevych, the leader of the nationalists Bandera, and shouts are heard from the crowd of marching people calling for three peoples to be taken to knives; Russians, Jews and Poles. Mr. Yatsenyuk (Bakai's mother, Jewish by nationality), who is the Prime Minister of Ukraine and is busy with the recognition of the members of the UPA (who killed Jews as well) as veterans of the struggle for Ukraine. The speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Groisman, who churns out Nazi laws, seems to be not Ukrainian by nationality. All these people run a state in which murderers are glorified, including a huge number of Jews. Why did not the entire Jewish community revolt, why some of these people are citizens of Israel and all are accepted in Israel? Why was this not raised at the World Congress of Jews? Where is the sea of ​​indignation of people, descendants of the exterminated Jews? Or maybe something has changed in the world and I don't know about it? Can Israel forgive everyone and everything? I do not understand.
      3. Finches
        Finches April 26 2015 13: 36
        I’ll sharpen a little hi - The Ukrainian fascist criminal junta under the roof of the US State Department is posing as a Ukrainian fascist legitimate government! They are sent "quotas" from Washington and instructions to whom and how much to distribute ...! The root of evil is not in Ukraine, but in the United States - this is the main problem of Russia!
      4. shultc
        shultc April 28 2015 10: 02
        Quote: Thought Giant
        Ukrainian fascist power, as a drug addict, cannot live without Russophobic actions.

        Like any drug addict, he will soon accumulate overdose with his anger wassat
    2. Sid.74
      Sid.74 April 26 2015 09: 53
      Kiev issues to the heads of the largest media "temniki" and quotas for criticizing the Russian authorities.

      Quotas? Judging by the number of fakes and Svidomo idiocy, they obviously exhausted their quotas back in that year. Close, be sure to close! yes

      Shary: The reserve of illusions Poroshenko winked

      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 April 26 2015 10: 04
        Shary: Donetsk. I give out as it is

        Chicherina is just fine! yes
    3. Civil
      Civil April 26 2015 09: 59
      We have the freest media.
      1. domokl
        domokl April 26 2015 10: 17
        Quote: Civil
        We have the freest media.

        Freedom, including the media, is determined by one's own stomach. Therefore, independence is always illusory.
        I would say differently. We can always find the publication or resource that is acceptable to you. Those that are curated or created by people close to you in spirit ...
        1. EvgNik
          EvgNik April 26 2015 10: 31
          That's right, if you don’t think about the TV box, you can find and choose on the network what you like. Another thing is that so far many use only TV. And this is that crap.
          1. Pinocchio
            Pinocchio April 27 2015 10: 33
            still many people use only TV

            +++ I agree 100%
            The culture and rules for using TVs should be instilled in our people from childhood.
            Then they will not be zombified by stupid talk shows, they will not lose their sense of taste on Petrosyan shows and other dunghills, they will not drop snot from Hollywood films.
            The Internet will give everyone exactly what their brains are good for.
        2. Alekseev
          Alekseev April 26 2015 11: 57
          Quote: domokl
          independence is always illusory.

          Quote: domokl
          you can always find the publication or resource that is acceptable to you. Those that are curated or created by people close to you in spirit ...

          Absolutely so!
          But bragging media is no excuse. Do not give in! Think, read, look at the source, now it’s available, draw conclusions, educate children, don’t hope for a teacher at the school on history, literature, don’t let yourself be zombied!
          It is another matter that in Ukraine, many themselves were glad to get their hands on themselves ...
          1. Kuznik
            Kuznik April 26 2015 15: 49
            Do not give in! Think, read, look at the source, now it’s available, draw conclusions, educate children, don’t hope for a teacher at the school on history, literature, don’t let yourself be zombied!
          2. Suhow
            Suhow April 26 2015 23: 17
            here (Ukraine) you can’t catch the teacher at school, the problem is in general. But I’m trying, mostly deafly.
      2. Mark Alekseevich
        Mark Alekseevich April 26 2015 10: 25
        We have the freest media outlets ...
        1. lelikas
          lelikas April 26 2015 11: 16
          What if they leave!
      3. dauria
        dauria April 26 2015 13: 23
        We have the freest media.

        wow, even from Newton's first law? Yes, anywhere in the world there is no media that does not depend on the wallet (one or the other). And stop making up fairy tales. "Who wants to listen to the truth about themselves, and even pay money for it?" well, or rougher "who dines a girl, he dances her"
      4. Russian
        Russian April 26 2015 18: 09
        Yes, we ourselves are the most free Russians in the world.
    4. Vend
      Vend April 26 2015 10: 51
      Quote: pest
      Well, we got there, tse Europe. The competition for the best balabol has been announced. A script provided. Go for it, UAV, UAV, UAV ...

      Yes, there is nothing surprising, this happens in all countries, but not every day. Of course, such insanity as in Ukraine, in the USA and the EU, for example, in Russia does not reach. Any media at 100 percent cannot be free, the Internet is still a zone of free activity.
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. siberalt
      siberalt April 26 2015 11: 14
      At ukrohuntovskih bla-bla-bla shows, one cannot certainly not deny, but express doubts about the invasion of Russian troops into the Donbass. This is taboo. And it is imperative to blame Russia or the "hand of Moscow" for all failures in politics and economics.
      1. 41 REGION
        41 REGION April 26 2015 12: 22
        Quote: siberalt
        At ukrohuntovskih bla-bla-bla shows, one cannot certainly not deny, but express doubts about the invasion of Russian troops into the Donbass. This is taboo. And it is imperative to blame Russia or the "hand of Moscow" for all failures in politics and economics.

        There must be an enemy who is guilty of lack of goods, and only we are guilty of Ukrainians, when you see their media, it seems that we steal fat from them every day crying
        UKRAINIAN, believe, the time will come
        Peace, joy, prosperity.
        But by that time, on your heels,
        Write your numbers ...
        1. Kuznik
          Kuznik April 26 2015 15: 59
          There must be an enemy who is guilty of lack of goods, and only Ukrainians are to blame
          well, not only we are to blame for chuby, it happens like this ...
          1. Chukcha
            Chukcha April 26 2015 17: 01
            ABOUT! Really started to suspect something?
    7. 53-Sciborskiy
      53-Sciborskiy April 26 2015 11: 21
      The child asks his father:
      - Father, and crocodiles fly?
      “Oh, Sinca, who told you such nonsense?”
      - Yes, yesterday all television channels said they were flying.
      Father looks around frightened:
      - Well, yes, in general, I wanted to say that, of course, they fly, only low and low ...
      1. Siberian
        Siberian April 26 2015 19: 25
        We also say: if you give a kick, then everyone flies, only so low.
    8. vodolaz
      vodolaz April 26 2015 13: 13
      Yes, it can’t be, it’s all Putin lying! Ukraine CE Europe, and there it is, in principle, impossible!
  2. fomkin
    fomkin April 26 2015 09: 47
    Porosenko issues temniks and quotas, and the State Department in turn gives them to him.
    1. udincev
      udincev April 26 2015 10: 00
      Quote: fomkin
      issues temniks and quotas, and the State Department in turn gives them to him.

      We must ask the sneak to come, make a list of Poroshenko and take it to the Sha in Congress for the imposition of sanctions.
      Ukraine is not Russia, but the question concerns Russia. A beautiful gesture will be.
      And the sneak will be promoted.
  3. Loner_53
    Loner_53 April 26 2015 09: 48
    and even fly agarics with fat give out here and they carry all crap wassat
    1. Lelek
      Lelek April 26 2015 12: 57
      Quote: Loner_53
      and even fly agarics with fat give out here and they carry all crap

      The facts tell the truth: - smoking "ukrospays" is a harmful thing, in addition to drying out the brains (if any) there is also a "blow" to the face. bully
  4. skylare
    skylare April 26 2015 09: 48
    So no one doubted it. Another "Captain Obvious".
  5. Same lech
    Same lech April 26 2015 09: 49
    Freedom of speech in Ukrainian ordered a long life .... any dissent is punishable by prison and a bullet.
    1. Rurikovich
      Rurikovich April 26 2015 09: 54
      So this is called democracy! Only an American spill. The idea of ​​the Yankees multiplied by the servile execution of their slaves led to what we observe in Ukraine request At the same time, the slogan "twice two is five", loudly declared by ten fools ... sorry, unreasonable, will be more correct than the correct answer said by one adequate person ...
      These are the realities in the world. winked
  6. Magic archer
    Magic archer April 26 2015 09: 50
    Here you have the whole politics. In the country soon there will be nothing to eat and Putin will screw everything. And for the herd to believe in this, it is necessary that all the media scream about it! fool
    1. Penelope
      Penelope April 26 2015 09: 53
      The habit of jumping, now in the information field, Svidomo still remains.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  7. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter April 26 2015 09: 51
    Ministry of Truth! Straight down Orwell. Although the 3rd Reich had a propaganda ministry. And the minister was. Goebbels was called. He came up with ways of psychological treatment of the people. He finished, however, badly. Dill should read history. They, due to poor education, will discover a sea of ​​important information. Only on "mov" do not read textbooks. From them "dislocation" of the brain can be obtained.
  8. drags33
    drags33 April 26 2015 09: 52
    Insanity in the understatement of dill is not just growing stronger and off scale - it has embraced the entire territory of the former country ... The authorities are trying to "mold" not only the history of the country, but also its present day. Everything according to Orwell! That's just they will not be able to "blind" the future - this lack of statehood has no future !!!
  9. Kos_kalinki9
    Kos_kalinki9 April 26 2015 10: 01
    But I’m even offended. Why did only 30% take criticism of the Russian leadership. Equated ponimash to the fifth column. Not enough, oh not enough.
    1. dauria
      dauria April 26 2015 13: 44
      But I’m even offended. Why did only 30% take criticism of the Russian leadership

      The State Department allocated the remaining 70% of the budget to Dozhd and Ekho Moskvy ... We must spend the money of American taxpayers with maximum benefit. winked
      1. Kos_kalinki9
        Kos_kalinki9 April 26 2015 15: 33
        Yes, and besides the above-mentioned offices, we have enough people who are ready to receive the State Department 30 denyuzhkov.
  10. hly
    hly April 26 2015 10: 02
    It’s a pity that people turned their brains inside out, we must wait when the Goebbels were blown away
    1. mivmim
      mivmim April 27 2015 01: 08
      No, not sorry.
  11. APASUS
    APASUS April 26 2015 10: 04
    In essence, it turns out that Russia needs to be blamed, blamed for all problems, but does it mean that there must be a positive character?
    I just imagine what praises Obama and Merkel sing there, just pure honey pours from their TV speakers !!! The bigger the difference, the funnier it looks
    1. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 April 26 2015 10: 18
      Well, about Merkel, everything is not so clear. I remember from a month ago this lady said something unpleasant to the ruins, so she was watered in the censor. Still a little bit and tore like a Tuzik heating pad. They (the Ukrainians) are great, they only need to be stroked by the hair, they are very offended by the other.
  12. udincev
    udincev April 26 2015 10: 08
    Why is the 5th column being offended?
    They work for one State Department!
  13. Russia
    Russia April 26 2015 10: 10
    And how fun it was to ride! Just jumped down - it's easier. You have to climb up! It's also great to be a "patriot" on a leash! The main thing is safe! And now, like he told the truth and felt like a hero?

    Wash off ... Not impressed ...
    ROMAN VYSOTSKY April 26 2015 10: 14
    Aliens will fly after him.
  15. vfqjh
    vfqjh April 26 2015 10: 20
    Well, what can be said about this? It's a shame that such a country went from the USSR, i.e. Russia and everything is so bad ... It’s how you had to try, and now speak. Oh, it won’t end in good ... I would like to send the humanitarian aid to Porashchenko and his parliament in the amount of a bar of soap and a rope.
    1. olimpiada15
      olimpiada15 April 26 2015 15: 17
      A good idea. He can attach one truck to the convoy with personal parcels for "Poroshenko from the Russians" and others from his company, to make sure that the convoy is not a weapon, but household items - soap and ropes. And write a letter that we will not be offended if the gift is shared with Biden, McCain.
  16. Sibiryak13
    Sibiryak13 April 26 2015 10: 28
    Goebbels’s cause lives on and even thrives.
  17. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 April 26 2015 10: 29
    Ukrainians, like in a fairy tale — My light is a mirror, say who is more beautiful and blush than anyone else in the world7
  18. Evilcat
    Evilcat April 26 2015 10: 30
    Oh, the journalist is cunning. Yes, always in all countries the government directs the media to the provision of the necessary information. Sometimes, as was the case in the USSR, they focus on failure (censorship, simply put). What a tragedy to arrange? A normal-minded person will figure it out by himself in such a situation. that not everything is wrong here. as highlighted. And what about the psyche of the abnormal?
    1. Evilcat
      Evilcat April 26 2015 12: 23
      Here I wrote without comprehending to the end. I repent. This journalist runs on UBR. This is a cable channel, and not all providers broadcast it. Mine, for example, is not. And the owner of the channel is Multimedia-invest group. Probably do not need to clarify?
      1. dauria
        dauria April 26 2015 13: 55
        Here I wrote without comprehending to the end. I repent.

        Plus ... And if you add that the Russian media get paid somewhere, then I'll put the second plus. Ours, too, have become adept at "forming an opinion." Probably, it should be so everywhere and everywhere. Only recklessly trust theirs and OURS, I swore ...
  19. vanavatny
    vanavatny April 26 2015 10: 38
    and I racked my brains why he cited pigs as an example laughing
  20. sania275
    sania275 April 26 2015 10: 42
    But once you have to take all the words back and be responsible for the bazaar.
  21. Dies Irae
    Dies Irae April 26 2015 10: 44
    "Journalist", "media expert" ... there are a lot of all kinds of "experts" in Ukraine. Such a surname - Khisamov - had never been heard before. And, alas, Comrade Khisamov simply moves his hands, but does not present any "temniks" or other proofs for his words. To be honest, he reminded me very much of Poroshenko in Munich with the covers from Russian passports. I don't see any fundamental difference between these two "loud speeches".
    1. shvn
      shvn April 26 2015 11: 37
      I agree that pi ... dezh without proof is "zakazuha"
  22. nagel_Oz
    nagel_Oz April 26 2015 10: 47
    Why be surprised?
    If they do not pour mud on Russia, then all q (kaki) will accumulate on the most independent, for some reason I want to write stale request
  23. Apsit
    Apsit April 26 2015 10: 49
    What is called ARRIVAL
  24. Uzer 13.
    Uzer 13. April 26 2015 10: 50
    You can’t restore the destroyed economy by talking on the air. They don’t accept it as a payment for debts. An independent government should decide what economic condition they are in now.
  25. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 26 2015 10: 53
    receive "temniks" and quotas - 30% for criticism of the Russian leadership

    Apparently, already 30% is too much for the Ukrainian media. All their themes have long been driven into holes, and the theme of the invasion of Ukraine is similar to a piece of their fat eaten by rats from all sides.
  26. pvv113
    pvv113 April 26 2015 10: 56
    Goebbels' idea in Ukraine is alive and winning
    1. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 April 26 2015 15: 56
      here it is the Overton window
  27. alex74nur
    alex74nur April 26 2015 11: 00
    ... Putin is to blame ..
  28. Altona
    Altona April 26 2015 11: 15
    They themselves are already confused in their tales ... It’s impossible to deceive people forever, sausage and bread are needed every day ... Heat, water and electricity, too ...
  29. Scud
    Scud April 26 2015 11: 15
    Fascism is growing stronger. Unfortunately. And with it part of the population.
    1. Lelek
      Lelek April 26 2015 13: 04
      Quote: scud
      And with it part of the population.

      Explain. Along with fascism, parts of the population grow stronger? What is it like? fool
  30. not Russian
    not Russian April 26 2015 11: 18
    Man is such a creature that hears only what he wants to hear and sees only what he wants to see. And about 30%, they even made something cheaper offensively.
  31. galay468
    galay468 April 26 2015 11: 18
    Sorry to admit, but on the territory of Ukraine the obscurantist ball rules. It is not possible to understand with our mind how a multi-million country fell into unconsciousness. Betrayed the memory of fathers and grandfathers.
  32. Sevmar
    Sevmar April 26 2015 11: 25
    "... the administration of President Poroshenko distributes quotas on a daily basis ..."

    Who could have imagined THIS in Ukraine during the Maidan in 2004 after the presidential elections? After all, it was Channel 5, which was, both then and now, owned by Poroshenko, who shouted to the whole world that the vote was dishonest and that the victory should be given to Yushchenko. And this reason was further strengthened by the fact that the previous government of Kuchma, with which Yanukovych was also associated, sent all the media outlets with temniks indicating what to broadcast about. From morning till night there was a heart-rending howl on Channel 5, just about this and about the fact that the authorities use administrative resources in everything and everywhere, including elections. With the help of this run over, the Maidan managed to protest the election results and take power from Yanukovych. What kind of unprincipled weather vane must be, in order to turn your policy in any direction in front of everyone, proceeding only from your own selfish interests and the interests of your master? A completely deceitful essence, there is nowhere to put a test.
    1. Stanislas
      Stanislas April 26 2015 14: 21
      Quote: sevmar
      What is it like to be an unprincipled weather vane in order to turn our policy in any direction before our eyes, proceeding only from our own selfish interests and the interests of our master?
      You can meet other journalists (as an exception to the general rule), but did anyone meet other media? I guess not.
  33. Tribuns
    Tribuns April 26 2015 11: 32
    Report on the work on the "order" of one of the Ukrainian media before the presidential administration:
    "It turned out badly, you can see right away ...
    I worked - on orders! "

    PS It is clear without a report that for love it is with the people, and not with the president ...
  34. lord
    lord April 26 2015 11: 53
    What can I say? There is one good proverb: "Don't dig a hole for another ..."
    As for the Russophobic policy, if it were not for this policy, then there would be none at all! In Ukraine now there is no other national idea, except for Russophobia. Do not be Russophobia, there will not be this filthy government, which only keeps on it. Ukraine, as a state, has no future with such ideas. It's only a shame that many Ukrainians don't understand this .. Although no, it's not a shame: if they don't understand, then they are stupid people, but does Russia really need stupid people as a "brotherly people"? Truly, not the brother who is by blood, but the one who is by spirit!
    1. Dies Irae
      Dies Irae April 26 2015 12: 00
      It is easy for you to scatter like brothers. Now the fraternal people are very bad, they are brainwashed, they are taught to hate us, Russians, they are being driven into a huge cesspool of debt obligations that will fall on the shoulders of an ordinary Ukrainian, and not at all the oligarchs who stole this money, they are forced to kill their compatriots in Donbass - all this is so. But if my brother is seriously ill, maddened, should I leave him? Turn away, with an arrogant face and tsing through clenched teeth: "You are not my brother ..."? Shouldn't I help him, shouldn't I do everything to make him come to his senses, overcome the disease?
      1. lord
        lord April 26 2015 12: 08
        Beautiful words and no more! This is how you imagine it in practice? How will you help not just a sick person, but a mentally ill brother? Give him a helping hand? Yes, he will chew her with joy! Will you help financially? Yes, these brothers will curse you later! No, while a person is mentally ill, another person will not help him, only God is capable of it. So it remains to wait until either these brothers sober up and understand their position, or they will remain so and will be enemies until the end of their days. There is no third.
        1. Dies Irae
          Dies Irae April 26 2015 12: 16
          These are not "nice words", this is the only possible way, in my opinion. Financial aid, I think, should not even go on, simply because all the money allocated to the Ukrainian people will immediately settle in the pockets of the oligarchs, or even turn into machine guns with howitzers and go to Donbass. But I think it is simply necessary to reach out a hand. To act in the same way as the United States - propaganda, persuasion, exhortation, publish textbooks, open centers to help the population, private schools, and so on. Or are you suggesting that the state members continue to be the boss? Let another Slavic people split off and incite them against us, like the same Poles?
          1. lord
            lord April 26 2015 17: 36
            You yourself are not funny what you said? What propaganda, when all Russian channels, Internet sites, and newspapers were closed there ?! When there, even for sympathy for Russia, do people risk being in jail? All. it’s too late already, the train left ... I agree that this should have been done earlier, and not to be complacent, but Russia has also risen from its knees not so long ago!
            And besides, are they there, little children? Where are the brains? Can the worldview of an adult be formed only by propaganda, especially external? In the Soviet Union, there were also those who heard the "voice of America", and there were those who could not stand this pseudo-truth. Now the Ukrainian people are ALREADY split, and no propaganda will help. Ukraine, as a single nation and state, no longer exists, whether we like it or not.
            1. Dies Irae
              Dies Irae April 27 2015 09: 01
              Absolutely not funny, especially in light of the fact that real mass, hysterical anti-Russian propaganda is really deployed there. If now, according to your recipe, do nothing, spit, turn away, then the children of these Ukrainians will grow up to be the most rabid Russophobes. All is not yet lost, in fact, there are still quite adequate people there, there is an "anti-Maidan", there are those who suffered for doubts about the "Russian-Ukrainian war" and so on. But in a year, a lot - two, they simply will not remain. They will find themselves "behind bars", they will be killed, they will disappear without a trace ... and then nothing can be done for sure. While - you can.
              What children, what brains? If a person repeats a thousand times a day that Russia "invaded ... encroached on ...", if coffins are constantly coming to their home towns and villages, and soulful speeches about "Russian occupants" are read over the coffins, then the most sane will be shaken. Remember the Germany of the 1940s - the same massive propaganda staged on a grand scale eclipsed the minds of millions of Germans, who, in general, may not have had anything against Russians, Jews and other "inferior" races. They just repeated a thousand, a hundred thousand times a day in the same way - "this is the enemy!" Do we want a new "total war" from the newly-minted "Fuhrer of the Ukrainian people"? Only now not with pompous Germans, but people close to us - Ukrainians?
              The Ukrainian people are split - this is true. So, everything must be done in order to bring the most adequate part of society closer to itself, and the Nazis, punishers and loyal chain dogs of the oligarchy - get! Impossible? Russian generally should not know such a word. If he knew, he would not have flown into space, and he did not defeat Hitler. Because it was also impossible.
      2. berenika
        berenika April 26 2015 12: 11
        I repeat once again: we went through the like in the 90s, but to kill ourselves !? there is no need to justify fascism. there are ears, eyes. and most importantly, the brain and historical century-long unity. they didn’t give a damn about it. they wanted to go to Europe, only they still don’t see that there was nobody waiting for them and NEVER!
        1. Dies Irae
          Dies Irae April 26 2015 12: 20
          I am not going to justify fascism, and when I speak about the fraternal people, I am talking about the Ukrainians deceived by unbridled anti-Russian propaganda, and not at all about the punishers from the "volunteer battalions" - in my purely personal opinion, there are generally collected scumbags without nationality, obsessed with a thirst for violence and intoxicated with permissiveness. Ordinary Ukrainians, by the way, suffer from them no less, they are stopped at checkpoints, humiliated, taken away documents, money, women with children are shot down by armored vehicles, led by drunken soldiers ...
          1. berenika
            berenika April 26 2015 14: 47
            do you hear what "simple" Ukrainians say at rallies now, the same miners? no one protests against the fratricidal war. they still want to live in a European way, no matter what the price. so do not talk about the deceived people. thank God, all mine relatives live in the southeast. their brains are in order. they think about the future of their children and grandchildren.
  35. I am a Russian
    I am a Russian April 26 2015 11: 59
    "The heads of all the largest channels come to the presidential administration almost every day and receive temniks and quotas - 30% for criticizing the Russian leadership, ..."

    Ivan Krylov (Russian publicist, poet, fabulist, publisher of satirical and educational journals, born in the Russian Empire)

    "Ay, pug! Know she is strong,
    What barks at the Elephant! "
  36. pts-m
    pts-m April 26 2015 12: 01
    the Kahly disowned the communist past, and they themselves use a system of disorder to carry out propaganda of vileness. Plagiarism however.
  37. klavyr
    klavyr April 26 2015 12: 13
    obliged at least a third of the broadcasts of news and analytical programs to devote the topic to criticism of the Russian leadership.
    - "freedom of speech" "democracy"
  38. Cat man null
    Cat man null April 26 2015 12: 14
    Here's a quote. Author - Gleb Bobrov, "lives in Lugansk. Married, two children." Written in 2007, it is called "The Age of the Stillborn." About Ukraine, yes. I recommend reading yes

    - First, Ukrainians, as a nation, do not exist. The second - everyone who considers themselves Ukrainians - deceived Russians. Following. Ukrainian, this is a deliberately warped Russian with a massive admixture of foreign words. Further: the deception lasts more than one century, is aimed at splitting the Russians as a nation, and the separation of the ancestral territories from Russia - its historical heart. And, lastly, every Svidomo Ukrainian is a traitor!

    In general, everything is said, IMHO. And the fact that Ukraine was originally an anti-Russian project has been substantiated twenty times already, and this project is still ongoing.
    1. lord
      lord April 26 2015 12: 27
      Thanks to Lenin and Stalin for this "project"! What happened on the territory of today's "Ukraine"? All territories except the western ones - it was Russia! The western parts of Lvov there and so on - in general, it was part of Poland, part of Romania and Austria-Hungary. And now this historical baby "Ukraine" declares itself as a separate nation and state ??? Yes, the milk on my lips has not dried yet! It turns out that this is not a separate, "independent" people, but the same former Russians who have become traitors!
    2. Maverick78
      Maverick78 April 27 2015 17: 49
      It’s the same as the Maydan people here ... The Ukrainian language is not warped Russian, millions speak this language (they have been talking since childhood)
      Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian are 3 branches of the development of the Old Russian language, which our common ancestors spoke. You can’t say, for example, that they speak the warped Russian in the Don or Kuban ... there the language does not quite correspond to what they learn in Russian lessons
  39. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin April 26 2015 12: 24
    The leaders of all major channels almost daily come to the presidential administration and receive "temniks" and quotas - 30% for criticism of the Russian leadership, 30% for criticism of the "fifth column", and 20% for channel owners for lobbying
    Listen, but it's a shame to read ... Putin is to blame for everything 30%, criticism of his 5th column is 30%. The wrong goals generate such results. As a Russian, I feel hurt. We compared Putin with "someone" equally. You HIM, hello, please, must speak. Because now he is not all Putin to you like V.V. Putin. And then it will quickly clamp the nuts, accustomed from childhood !!!
  40. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok April 26 2015 12: 27
    To the Ukrainian media brews, soon, too, it will come sweetly with a ticket and a service quota, if not already, judging by the rules. Purely geyropezit to be almost there!
  41. givigor71
    givigor71 April 26 2015 12: 32
    in dill, one can say anything to journalists, and not only to them, but only this can cost personal freedom if the above contradicts the position of the Ukrainian authorities, and not the real state of affairs.
  42. Mordvin 3
    Mordvin 3 April 26 2015 12: 55
    They made fun of quotas. Probably the turkey that is broadcasting on NTV now has these quotas over, so he jumped there.
  43. haifa
    haifa April 26 2015 13: 06
    Quote: Giant thought
    Ukrainian fascist power, as a drug addict, cannot live without Russophobic actions.

    Quote: nitrid
    Most of my friends and I do not watch the news because regular lies on them ...

    Unidentified aircraft attacked the headquarters and positions of the 93rd Syrian Air Defense Brigade. Only after that were attacks on the 155th brigade - the strategic missile wing of the Syrian army, armed with SCAD missiles, and on the base of the 65th tank brigade in the mountains of Kalamun. This is a combined attack that lasted two days.

    The attack was carried out using guided missiles.

    Eyewitnesses claim that in the area of ​​attack, clubs of dense black smoke rise - in those places where there were previously warehouses and headquarters of the Syrian army in the Al-Kteif area on the Damascus-Homs road. After the attack, the road was closed by the Syrian army. Military units in the district are on high alert.

    The 155th brigade is a unique military unit that has no analogues in the Syrian army. She submits exclusively to orders from the presidential palace in Damascus. It is considered a separate brigade that is not part of any other army structure and does not obey any orders other than Assad. The brigade is armed with long-range missiles, which, in case of war, can hit targets anywhere in Israel. In the past, Syria warned Saudi Arabia that a missile strike could be launched against it. It was planned to strike such a blow by the forces of this brigade.

    The 93rd Air Defense Brigade is also a separate brigade, independent of any headquarters and commanders of the Syrian army. He covers the 155th brigade from the air. The brigade is deployed in Jabali, near al-Kteif. The only task of the brigade is to cover the positions of the 155th brigade.

    The 65th Panzer Brigade is part of the 3rd Panzer Division. She covers the 155th brigade on earth. The brigade carries out only the orders of the commander of the 155th brigade.

    The number of missiles at the disposal of the 155th brigade is one of the main secrets of the Syrian regime. Even the name of the brigade commander, with the rank of general, is unknown. Brigade officers are forbidden to leave the base and they live on its territory.

    The commander of the 3rd Panzer Division, which includes the 65th Panzer Brigade, was liquidated a few days before the bombing.

    The first series of air strikes was carried out at the positions of the 93rd Air Defense Brigade in order to disable radar and detection equipment. Only after that were the rocket depots of the 155th brigade attacked
  44. voliador
    voliador April 26 2015 13: 08
    No wonder. For a parashoy company, truth is not needed. They will lie to the brain for as long as they can. Moreover, overseas owners are actively helping. Another thing is surprising. How is all this fascist bullshit heard in Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Kherson, Mariupol, Poltava, Nikolaev? How do they tolerate this Bandera scion?
  45. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha April 26 2015 13: 28
    It’s scary when you can’t even express what you live, what you want ... This slavery Kakly shouted that they had real freedom Yes, it never was, nor is it in the West they praised. The US media, smelly lecherous geyropov are as disempowered as on the Ruin. Oh, the media are free in the geyropa, respond, tell the truth about the Ruin, about the militias, about how the politicians from Brbssel squeezed you, and the smelly homosexual politicians themselves are kept in the grip of pindo ---
  46. combin23
    combin23 April 26 2015 13: 30
    I recall the documentary film by Mikhail Romm “Ordinary Fascism” of 1965. The film is a kind of research, in fact, it is an attempt to understand the origins of such a phenomenon as fascism. To this day, the picture is the most powerful anti-war and anti-fascist domestic tape.
    1. Rivares
      Rivares April 27 2015 01: 31
      The film, in my opinion, only leads away from the origins. The origins are written in mein kampf. There, in black and white, Adolf wrote the methods of which people he used to come to power.
  47. Barberry
    Barberry April 26 2015 13: 59
    Unfortunately, television remains the most accessible and authoritative source of information for many. Unlike the Internet, the TV creates a kind of egregor or herd instinct of consent - since everyone knew about it, then it's true. The Internet in this regard is not so clear - it is difficult to accept that it requires verification and the search for like-minded people. Oh people! When will we grow wiser?
    1. lord
      lord April 26 2015 17: 45
      Unfortunately, there are always more fools.
  48. t118an
    t118an April 26 2015 16: 01
    as were the stsuki traitors and the stsuki traitors remained ... they won’t be able to rewrite history ...
  49. andrei332809
    andrei332809 April 26 2015 16: 17
    I'll leave "proof" here wassat
    1. lord
      lord April 26 2015 17: 48
      This is "proof" in the style of the US State Department.
    2. olegkrava
      olegkrava April 26 2015 19: 07
      Particularly impressed by the RESET. And why are they NOT WRAPPED? Is this what an unwise person wrote?
      1. not main
        not main April 26 2015 22: 01
        Quote: olegkrava
        Particularly impressed by the RESET. And why are they NOT WRAPPED? Is this what an unwise person wrote?

        Yes, this is in the same style as "overload", you can immediately see where the ears stick out!
      2. 41 REGION
        41 REGION April 26 2015 23: 38
        Quote: wavlad
        This is "proof" in the style of the US State Department.

        Quote: olegkrava
        Particularly impressed by the RESET. And why are they NOT WRAPPED? Is this what an unwise person wrote?

        It was laid out so that the people looked at what kind of propaganda is being conducted. In Ukraine, all the evidence is in the style of the State Department. yes And what are the cons? request Or is it not necessary to study the propaganda of the enemy? request
    3. Rivares
      Rivares April 27 2015 01: 32
      Quote: andrei332809
      I'll leave "proof here"

      What a man attacked. He jokes))
  50. sounddoc
    sounddoc April 26 2015 16: 21
    Ukrokhunta is independent ... The Ukrainian media are super-independent ... A tanned uncle is already tired of laughing at the yellow-black horses ...