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The art of the possible

The art of the possible

It is often said that politics is the art of the possible.

This phrase seems to be true, but it is usually used at all for its intended purpose. It is used as an excuse, as an excuse. This phrase is used to culturally shoot out an opponent. It is used in the sense that everything possible has been done, and what has not been done - that means it was impossible to do.

But this is absolutely not the case.

The interpretation of this phrase as “what has not been done means it couldn’t have been done” is completely wrong.

It is necessary to proceed from what is possible, and not from what has been done.

Politics is the art of the possible, which means that politics is the art of doing everything possible, using all of our opportunities to the fullest.

This is not the art of excuses, not the art of explaining that nothing but what was done could be done. This is not the art of complaining about the imperfections of the world, the machinations of enemies, traitors, the machinations of political rivals and partners.

Politics is the art of realizing all the possibilities of that country, that society, the people you are leading.

Politics is the art of putting everyone in places, so that each spins like a wheel in a single mechanism, so that it is not in personal interests - one turn for the benefit of society and three turns for the benefit of one’s beloved, but one hundred turns instead of three and one hundred turns for benefit of society. Or at least ninety-six.

Politics is the art of bringing together the resources of a country and using them as efficiently as possible. Do not sell raw materials, even at a relatively high price, but use them with maximum efficiency inside the country. Turn oil into gasoline, gasoline into engine hours, engine hours into hectares of arable land, kilometers of roads and square meters of housing. And hectares of arable land - in products. And square meters of housing - in the new citizens of the country. And the new citizens of the country - in drivers, engineers, scientists, teachers, pilots, polar explorers - in the new wheels of a large social mechanism. And then arrange them in places, more efficiently and effectively, better and better, so that the wheels at the very top, which can make a hundred, two hundred, three hundred turns instead of three, which can turn hundreds of others, and not spin idle around its axis.

That is what art of the possible means.

It means making the impossible possible.

This means not stopping at turning oil into gasoline, and people into trash, able to vote in the right way and nothing more.

This means bringing oil to the state of space stations, icebreakers, scientific institutes, books and films that will be translated into all languages ​​of the world, to the state of scientific discoveries, to new cities where there were deserts and swamps, to roads that go far beyond the horizon, to real achievements, to great achievements. To aircraft carriers. To cities in the ocean. To bases on the moon. And not only on the moon.

That is what art of the possible means.

The art of the possible is to find opportunities, and not to lament their absence.

The art of the possible is when you take a country in sandals, and you leave it with a book. You take it with a rifle, and you leave it with an atomic bomb.

The art of the possible is when you have bearded men, whom no one perceives otherwise than bearded men, and you build with them a fleet and a city in a swamp, which then becomes the cultural capital of the country for many centuries. And all of Europe goes to watch it and wonders. This is the art of the possible.

The art of the possible - twice to raise a country from ruins, from real ruins is not one city, but an entire country. Rebuild factories, mines, hydro, roads. And both times meet the 15 years.

Do you think there were no traitors around Stalin?
Think they weren't around Peter?

Yes, as Mazepa betrayed Peter - few have so betrayed. And you say that in the Donbas Russia has few supporters. Petr had no more supporters in those places, half of the Cossacks sent weapon against Russian troops. And the Swedes were at that time bless you. The easiest thing to say was “they can shoot us in the back,” and then turn around and leave. It was easiest to say "Mazepa betrayed us, so let Poltava defend itself as it wants." It was easiest to say "polls showed insufficient support."

Everybody can lift a ready fruit from the ground.

The very last African aborigine, who doesn’t have any clothes, can pick up a fallen fruit from the ground.

Do you need a lot of skills to attach the territory, 95% of the population which is in favor?

With such support, to get international sanctions, economic and diplomatic war, local conflict and a lot of other problems - here you need a kind of talent. Rather antitalant. Anti-art.

Do you need a lot of skills to sell oil and gas at market prices?

You can sell gas in such a way that the main partner for its transportation to Europe becomes a real enemy and starts a war with you on the money gained from the partnership - you need to be able to do this, you also need a kind of anti-talent.

Some call this man the most influential in the world.

I would say otherwise - this man had the greatest opportunities in the world.

And this man lost them in the most incompetent way.

This man had the largest country in the world. The country in which there is everything. Oil, gas, metals, coal, energy, land, water - everything. And most importantly - people. Not the stupidest people. And not the laziest people. This has been proven many times in the past.

Even 15 years ago, most of the people who worked and were ready to work in this country were graduates of Soviet schools and universities - not the worst schools in the world and universities. Schools for which the USSR won the space race at the United States — that’s how Kennedy spoke very precisely at the time.

This man had a country that wanted to grow. Didn't you want to? This is not an African tribe that knows nothing more complicated than a spear and a knife - this is a country that conquered space, divided the atom, built cars, houses, factories and was ready to build and conquer further, synthesize new materials, write books and make films - the country is ready was doing everything. All that is possible. And sometimes even that which is impossible.

Were the bearded men ready in their time to build a fleet that they had never built before - neither themselves nor their ancestors? This is a good question.

And whether graduates of Soviet schools and universities were ready to build houses and factories, cars and ships, to synthesize new materials and conquer space - this is not a question. Ready! It is proven history fact!

Russia is a country of the greatest possibilities.

Russia is a country of enormous resources, a country of talented people, far from the most lazy people. All these are opportunities, opportunities and more opportunities.

Huge possibilities.

And politics is the art of operating with opportunities, the art of turning opportunities into reality.

So where is this art? Where is this policy?

Where is the reality that would correspond to the capabilities of Russia?

Where is she?

What has 15 years spent on?

I will answer you for that. For clubs, bars, stupid TV shows, shows, shopping, tuning, lifting, banking, trading, marketing and other driver services. That's what.

15 years as one day. Friday-Saturday, Friday-Saturday, Friday-Saturday-Sunday, and the rest of the week is just like a lining between Sunday and Friday.

5 days a week, Russia simply hammered the loot so that later it could be put into clubs, bars, shopping centers or anywhere else.

Oil, gas, personnel - all this in the last 15 years turned into roads, plants, machines, scientific discoveries, new materials, icebreakers and space stations, but turned into imported junk, binge, snack and again in junk. Keyword - imported.

Oil and gas were turned into junk not through our Russian plants, but through Chinese and German plants, as well as through plants of some other countries.

And our personnel were consistently turned into personnel for the sale of oil and gas for export and the purchase of imported junk with distribution to the population through the shopping centers of the country.

Here is the policy of the last 15 years.

And you want to say that these are all our possibilities?

You want to say that it was the maximum capacity of Russia?

What else? Skolkovo? Olympiad?

As such, there are no complaints about the Olympics. There are no complaints about the facilities in Sochi. Claims to the fact that this happened only in Sochi and in a couple of places. And it had to happen in all cities of the country. Or at least in all major cities of the country.

No, we do not need a thousand Olympic facilities. In each city it was necessary to build something of their own. Somewhere in Europe, the largest ice rink, and somewhere in Asia's largest factory. Or let not the largest, but the second, third or several fourths. Differently. But a lot. At least in all major cities. To everywhere was about the same level as in Sochi, only with its own production or cultural specifics.

Someone says that we have built a lot, refers to the site “Made by Us”,

On that site, hundreds of poultry farms and brick factories are listed, and more often just workshops. Hundreds - at a time when we need thousands and tens of thousands.

Sometimes "Vesti" shows stories about new open production. Plant for the production of fuel briquettes, plant for the production of solar panels, plant for the production of large diameter pipes. It's good. But these stories are about once a month. And must be held every day.

Have you seen the map of Russia?

The largest country in the world by area and in many types of resources. And the population is also not in last place - 147 million, it is a lot.

Do you really think that one more or less serious plant per month and several hundred poultry farms and brick workshops per year are all that is needed for our country?

Do you think that this is our opportunity and Russia has no other?

Do you think that the policy of such opportunities is a good policy?

I think this is a miserable percentage. These are miserable 3-4% of what Russia can do. And maybe even less.

I believe that even Stalin did not come close to 100%, he worked around 50%, for the most he simply did not have enough education, and the times were difficult, really hard times.

But I don’t even count on 100%, in practice this is unattainable.

I would suit from 40% to 60%. That is ten times more effective than now. In general, I think that the best enemy of the good and in everything you need to know when to stop. Therefore, 40% and I would put a solid four.

But for what is being done now - you can only put two.

The politics of the last 15 years is not the art of the possible. This art is to make excuses to justify their political impotence, mediocrity as a leader, fear of subordinates, managerial weakness.

This is not the art of the possible - this is the art of excuses.

And the art of excuses is not politics. Not politics at all.

This man had a country, a huge country, with enormous resources, natural and human. The country that believed in him. A country that obeyed him. Not every manager possessed such trust and such submission. The Soviet school, Soviet universities, Soviet weapons are not the worst weapons, not the worst schools and not the worst universities - not every ruler has such an initial base. And not the most backward energy, rather the opposite. And not the worst industry, although it demanded a massive update.

Raw materials, energy, people - that was all.

And you want to say that the Olympics and several thousand poultry farms with other workshops of the same level - is that all? Anything was possible?

You want to say that GDP growth in 1.75 times in 15 years from the lowest point of the last decades is the limit of possibilities?

You want to say that the return of the economy to the level of 1985-87gg, and a significant part of it is ensured by the profitable export of raw materials - this is the maximum capacity of Russia?

It is not even funny. It is sad.

This is not getting up from his knees. This is a tragedy.

And this is definitely not the limit, not half, and not even a quarter of Russia's capabilities. This is a miserable percentage. Pathetic loan interest.

Accordingly, this is not a policy. This is a loan. A loan that was given to the head of state by those whom he had been afraid of all his 15 years, on whom it depends, who controls him.

This is not the art of the possible. This is the art of excuses.

And the possibilities of Russia ...

You do not even imagine all the possibilities of Russia.

And I can not imagine them. And Stalin did not represent them. And Peter.

Russia's capabilities are so great that they are limited only by the volume of knowledge and ideas of leadership, education and, of course, the courage and determination of those who are at the helm.

That's what Stalin had enough knowledge, education (and he really didn’t have to be decisive) —that he did. In my estimation, fifty percent.

That was enough knowledge, education (and he always had enough decisiveness too) for Peter — he did.

And what was enough knowledge, education and courage to the former director of the Dresden House of Friendship, the colonel of the KGB ...

After great politicians there are always great words. Sayings Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, Bismarck, de Gaulle left behind such words. Catherine, Peter. We remember these words. Frames decide everything. Here hail be. Russia has only two allies - the army and the navy. He who chooses shame between war and shame receives both shame and war.

The words of the ruler, which remain in history, reflect his art. The art of the possible, which is his policy, his ideas about the possibilities of the country.

What can we remember for 15 years? What words?

To wet the toilets and row on galleys - these are the words that characterize the art of the head of state of the last 15 years.

And something else about the fact that all around our partners.
And about the sanctions that do not affect, but harm.

And about the largest divided people - words that were never confirmed by deeds that were thrown to the wind and, in full accordance with Churchill's statement, led to war.

You will say that Russia is a big difficult country?

Yes, Russia is a big difficult country. But it is not only a country of great difficulties and trials, but also a country of great opportunities.

The president was supported, according to official data, by 86% of 147 millions - that is more than 100 millions. What, from 100 millions for 15 years it was impossible to find faithful companions, reliable assistants?

Yes, a hundred times it was possible to find.

And to rule the country, too, should not be someone whom for some reason put on the throne, but the best. Or one of the best.

You want to say that the last 15 years Russia has ruled the best? One of the best?

That's all that has been done - the Olympics, some poultry farms with shops for concrete products, selling gas for the benefit of the enemy and joining the territory with the support of 95% of the population and the war that followed despite this - is this the best? The best that could Russia? Is this the work of the best of the best?

Here from 100 million he is the best?

And in 15 years he did not find anyone better than himself, although he had to do it already in 4 a year?

Did not find or did not want?

Did he do the best he could do or the best he wanted?

They say that when there is a desire, there are a thousand possibilities, when there is no desire, there are a thousand reasons. And it is.

This means that when there is a desire, there are opportunities and politics as an art begins. And when there is no desire - there are excuses and the phrase that politics is the art of opportunity becomes an excuse for one’s own weakness, inaction, incompetence and unwillingness to change something.

So, I will tell you:

Russia's opportunities are so great that they allow you to conduct any policy that can only be in this world.

Russia's capabilities are so great that no one has yet succeeded in realizing them more than half.

Russia's capabilities are limited only by the laws of nature and nothing else.

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    There is also a downside. The politics of the possible is a clear awareness of the country's place in the world. Place between Guatemala and Laos, 2% of world GDP. It is from these 2% that one should proceed and not build Manilovism. Politics is an extension of the economy. Even the most skillful and courageous politician can act only within the boundaries that are allotted to him by the economy. You can, of course, expand the economy, break out of this 2%. But for this, it is necessary in every possible way to expand domestic demand, moreover, solvent, that is, we need a radical increase in the birth rate, moreover, it is Russian, tearing veins in the name of fulfilling the super task, a rich and as large Russian family as possible, and giving priority to girls, increasing the number of expectant mothers and births ... It is necessary to break through the trade blockade, making our way to the rich Western markets, to win in a foreign field, beating Western firms in competition at their homes. But for this you need to work, every day and hour to think hard. Of course, it is much easier to push gas and timber for a penny.