Experts have discovered a terrible secret "Mistral"

Experts have discovered a terrible secret "Mistral"On Tuesday, a press conference of leading military experts was held in Moscow on the issues of rearmament of the army. Accompanied the event slides with quotes from the president. For example, this: "We can not do without defense spending, and the costs worthy of the Russian Federation." Then there was something about the banana republic.

However, during the press conference it turned out that, judging by the procured weapons, we are the very same banana republic that the president was talking about.

With the money for one Mistral, two amphibious ships can be built that can take planes and helicopters in combat mode, said the former chief of weapons of the Russian Armed Forces, Colonel-General Anatoly Sitnov. And Mistrali, in his opinion, is more suitable for a war with the Papuans.

Director of the World Trade Analysis Center weapons Igor Korotchenko suggested that the Mistrals would be sent to the Pacific Fleet, where they would protect the Kuril Islands from the Japanese. However, other experts disagreed with Korotchenko. “The purchase of Mistral was a political decision. They made a decision - they had to buy it, then sell these Mistrals on needles to the Swedes,” said Anatoly Sitnov, and quoted Gorbachev: “You don’t know the whole truth and you will never know.”

It is expected that 2015, the fleet of Russian military equipment should be updated to 30%. However, it is being updated to a greater extent with foreign equipment of an outdated sample. So, Israel refused to sell the drones to the new generation of Russia. Also abroad, according to experts, armored personnel carriers who lose to our "Tigers" and sniper rifles, which have a torn barrel, were bought, if the special forces armed with them open fire, leaving the water.

So it turns out: whatever money you allocate, all for nothing. "Even in those areas where we had our own production, we went to a complete dependence," said Vladimir Evseev, a senior researcher at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Anatoly Sitnov is sure: the reason for the failures in procurement lies in the fact that the Ministry of Defense reformed the Soviet system of defensive defense. According to him, back in England at the end of 80, the Soviet system was recognized as more effective than the American one. “We had cooperation schemes, there was a project competition,” the expert recalled.

Now part of the production sold out, as a result, the price of Russian military equipment has grown unnecessarily. A tank from Nizhny Tagil 10 years ago was worth 17 million rubles. Now - 118 million. "Commander Postnikov has already said: I don’t need a tank for 118 million. Moreover, these same tanks are sold abroad twice cheaper. So where is the logic?" - surprised Sitnov.

If it still comes to investing in domestic defense production, then everything often goes awry. According to Vladimir Yevseyev, no new C-400 will protect Moscow from intercontinental missiles, since this requires a different type of missile defense system that could intercept missiles at 200-300 kilometers. It’s just naive to talk about joint missile defense - you can cooperate when there are power elements, and we have a certain system around Moscow that cannot be cooperated with anything at all.

The fact that the anti-aircraft defense of Moscow no longer protects the city from missile strikes, the co-chairman of the independent departmental council on aerospace defense (ASO) Igor Ashurbeyli said in the summer. Igor Korotchenko then stated that the words of Ashurbeyli inflict a strong political damage on Dmitry Medvedev’s foreign policy, and at the same time accused him of disclosing state secrets.
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