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The myth of the "cruel continent"

The myth of the "cruel continent"Distortion stories - The main theme in the information war, which the West has always led against Russia. Today it is very important for him to defame the Red Army, creating its reputation as a brutal “robbery-army”, but in no way an army-liberator of Europe from fascism.
Well, then the bridge to the post-war Soviet army is easily transferred (there are attempts in the same spirit to represent the war in Afghanistan), and then to the Russian army.

Of course, such ideas about the Red Army are infinitely far from reality, but they stubbornly implanted in the minds of not only Western society, but also Russian. It is outrageous that at the same time foreign falsifiers of history receive support in Russia. So, when the book of the famous Western revisionist Low Keith, “The Cruel Continent.” Was translated into Russian. Europe after the Second World War ”, the governmental“ Rossiyskaya Gazeta ”responded to this event with a positive note. The authoritative state publication reported, in particular: “The book of the famous English historian Keith Lowe, which has become a literary sensation in Europe and has entered the top ten bestsellers according to the Sunday Times ... was published in Russian.”

Rarely is a foreign book honored to be noticed by a Russian edition of federal significance with a multimillion audience. And the newspaper also emphasized, quoting the original: “...“ Anyone who really wants to understand Europe of our day must first understand what happened in the decisive creative period ... ”. For Russian readers, it is also important that the book describes psychological phenomena similar to those observed in our society after the collapse of the USSR. ”

The CentroPoligraph publishing house, in the annotation to the book, noted: "... Keith Low made an attempt to shed light on the true, sometimes terrifying events taking place in post-war Europe, and on the influence they had on its further development."

Although the book itself is nothing special: the same standard set of accusations of the Red Army for looting and mass rape.
The author began his book with a passage, some of which are worth quoting.

“Imagine a world without public institutions. This is a world where the borders between countries have disappeared, as it were, and there is only one endless landscape that people wander in search of already non-existent communities of their own kind. No government on a national scale or even on the ground. There are no schools and universities, libraries and archives, there is no access to any information. Cinemas, theaters and, of course, no television have disappeared. Radio works from time to time, but the signal is far, and the broadcast is almost always in a foreign language. For many weeks, no one has seen a single newspaper. Iron and highways, telephone, telegraph, post offices do not function. In a word, no means of communication, an exception is the information transmitted from mouth to mouth.

Banks are abolished, in which, in fact, there is no point, because money has lost its value. No stores, for nothing to sell. The huge enterprises that existed before were destroyed or dismantled, like most other buildings. From the tools of labor only that can be dug out among the rubble of stone. No food.

Law and order are almost non-existent because there are no police or courts. In some areas, it seems, the boundaries of understanding what is good and what is bad have been erased. People take everything they want without paying attention to who owns it, moreover, the very concept of "property" almost does not work at all. Everything belongs only to those who are strong enough to keep this "everything" in themselves, and those who are able to protect it at the cost of life. Men with weapons in their hands they roam the streets and take everything they want, threatening everyone who stands in their way. Women of all classes and ages sell themselves for food and protection. No shame. No morality. Only survival.

On a person unfamiliar with the facts, circumstances and conditions for the liberation of Europe, it makes the right impression. Why, strictly speaking, the reader has already prepared a popular, especially among young people, numerous literature of the fantasy genre describing the “end of the world”, the collapse of everything and heroic battles of lonely heroes with hordes of monsters.

In addition, Lowe Kit treats her readers with such picturesque “pictures” of hundreds of thousands of German women who were raped, that the western man in the street just can't help but believe him.

What can I say? This is a very effective technique for processing public opinion in the right direction. This is not something that the somewhat “dry” style of the book “The Stalinist Fighter War (1941 – 1945 Years)” by a Goebbels follower Joachim Hoffmann (now deceased). But in this case, talking about the dead "only good" is simply impossible. His book, published in 1995, reprinted either four times, or six, already translated into Russian and uploaded to the Internet for free access, again becomes quoted by the Western media. And there is nothing surprising.

The preface to the Russian edition says: “The books of Hoffman were marked in 1991 with the Honorary Prize of them. Walter Eckhardt for research in the field of history, and in 1992 year - the General Andrei Andreyevich Vlasov Cultural Award.
Note that the Eckhard Foundation is actively involved in all the “orange” coups, including in Ukraine, and the reference to the “authority” of the traitor Vlasov towards Russia in general sounds blasphemous. But who cares? And here we read the passage, from which it simply takes aback: “... the proof of the thesis on the implementation by the USSR of the extermination war, that is, the war not against the armed forces of the enemy, but against the entire German people, and this work of Hoffmann is dedicated ... The German side also committed crimes Soviet Union ... "(Well, downright the current Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk with his passage about the" Soviet invasion of Ukraine and Germany.)

After these words, a natural desire to wash hands and ask a question arises: why is this “historical work” not banned in Russia just like Hitler’s “Main Camp” and other Nazi literature? And, willy-nilly, the conclusion is that the Briton Keith is a worthy follower of the German Hoffmann (not a storyteller). Both of them are united by blatant lies to the victorious people and their army, which came to Europe with a liberation mission.

Let us take, so to speak, the more "fresh" speculations of L. Keith about the Red "robbery-army". And what, is it wrong in the above quotation wrong?

Yes, it's not like that.

There was no “cruel continent” in the rear of the Red Army, power and order were established quickly and decisively. Documents perfectly cover this process.
As soon as the area liberated by the Red Army was abandoned by the fighters of the advanced units, power was immediately established: first, the Soviet military commander's office, then acting in parallel with it, local governments. For several days, structures of organized life arose: the police, financial agencies, commerce, transportation, cinemas, and administrative institutions began to work. So it was everywhere where the Red Army passed, not excluding the cities destroyed by 90%, like Warsaw. In Bucharest - the day after the Red Army units entered, in Warsaw - on the day of its liberation, in Budapest and Berlin - even before the fighting for the city ended, in those areas that were already controlled by our troops.

The Soviet military commander's office first of all took measures to prevent the arbitrariness of armed people in the city.
The first order of the Soviet military commander usually announced the requirement for residents to surrender in the next day or two weapons, ammunition and military equipment, as well as a curfew. Patrols put things in order on the streets, the movement of vehicles was regulated by the military road service (our traffic control girls were captured in many photographs of the liberated cities of Europe).

There are orders to the troops and appeals of the Military Councils of the fronts in connection with the entry of the Red Army into the territory of a country (repeating orders for content), which established that the property of civilians is under the protection of Soviet troops, and local governments remain functioning. The local population was urged to remain calm, to continue working. So it was in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia. In Poland and Germany, where the government was formed by the Communists already in the rear of the Red Army, local authorities were created by them after the departure of the first echelon troops, but also very quickly, literally within one or two days.

So, much work was done to normalize the life of Berlin immediately after the cessation of fighting.
The commandant of Berlin, Colonel General N.E. Berzarin ordered 2 May 1945 of the year to ensure the protection of all medical and scientific medical institutions, compulsorily identify and hospitalize all patients with infectious diseases, provide medical institutions with food, water and fuel, organize the cleaning of the city from the corpses of people and animals and from accumulated impurities. This was the problem of any large city in which protracted street battles took place, and it had to be solved by the commandant's offices, in particular, of Berlin and Budapest.

4 May 1945, Berzarin ordered to register all food in the city, resume bakeries and shops, and on May 11, the Military Council of the 1 Belarusian Front set food supply standards for Berliners, according to which, we emphasize, Berliners began to receive more products than with Hitler. Lieutenant General Bokov, a member of the Military Council of the 5 Shock Army, reported to the command of the 1 Belarusian Front 15 in May 1945: “Many Berliners in conversations emphasize that during the year joyful events began only in recent weeks and, paradoxically, they are connected the arrival of the Red Army in Berlin ... ".

When the Western allies came to Berlin to occupy the occupying zones they had intended, they discovered that the local commandant’s office already had a local authority in the city, political parties, trade unions, trade, the financial system, organized supply of food for the population, and also milk for children (for this purpose, the 1-th Belarusian Front gathered in its lane dairy cows abandoned by the owners, created dairy kitchens and set aside cars for milk distribution), restored feeds and water and electricity, partially restored trams and subways, earned radio stations and published newspapers in German, including the daily Teglihe Rundschau.

Speaking of newspapers. Lowe Keith claims that news passed from mouth to mouth. This is absolutely not true. The political administration of all the fronts liberating Europe published newspapers for the local population.

2-th Ukrainian Front published a newspaper for the Romanian population “Graiul Nou”, 4-th Ukrainian Front Hungarian newspaper “Magyar Uishag” and Ukrainian “Karpatssy Vestnik”, 1-th Belarusian Front - Polish newspaper “Volnoshch”, 2-th Belarusian - Volna Polska, 1-th Ukrainian-Polish Nové Jice.
On average, newspapers published 13 once a month, had a circulation of 20-30 thousands of copies and were distributed through the Soviet commandant's offices. The usual practice was organizing film shows, concerts of the Red Army amateur performances, radio programs, holding rallies and meetings.

The fact that there was no “cruel continent” in the rear of the Red Army was and could not be, the fact of the restoration of school education also speaks eloquently. In the liberated part of Poland, classes in schools began on September 1 of 1944, and the Soviet command ordered troops to release all school buildings. In Germany, on the orders of the Soviet military administration, classes began on October 1 on 1945, and 60% of the paper in the Soviet occupation zone was spent on the publication of new textbooks.

Western falsifiers do not know and do not want to know anything about what was done in the rear of the Red Army, in the European countries liberated from the Hitlerites, because this completely undermines their entire anti-Russian ideological concept, and the domestic ignoramus well-wishers and representatives of the “fifth column” sing along with them . However, it is enough to cite a number of facts, and from the colorful pictures of the supposedly universal post-war chaos and arbitrariness, described by Keith Low, there are only “shards”.

The falsifiers are trying to show that the Red Army soldiers, having “rushed” into Germany, began to drag everyone and rob everyone in a row, in support of allegedly real stories, most of which are pure fiction.
And here there are two interesting moments. First, for some reason, the conversation is only about Germany, although before that the Red Army had liberated Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, part of Yugoslavia. In all the statements of the Soviet government, the directives of the Supreme High Command Headquarters and the appeals of the fronts it was emphasized that the property of civilians is protected by the Red Army and the troops are strictly forbidden to seize and confiscate it. Only that belonged to the German army, the occupying authorities and the Nazi criminals was considered as trophies.

Secondly, during the battles in Europe, the Red Army either attacked quickly or led fierce battles and stormed the cities. For example, the rifle divisions of the 1 of the Ukrainian and 1 of the Belorussian fronts during the offensive in Poland and Germany in January-March of the year 1945 were made on 30-40 km per day. In such conditions, a soldier cannot physically indulge in robbery due to banal fatigue. Whoever does not believe in it, he himself can negotiate with reenactors, who have the uniform and equipment of the Soviet soldier of that time, get dressed and take everything that the soldiers had then, and make the 40-kilometer march on foot. The result of the experiment is predictable: at the end of a completely safe path (not under bullets and shells!), The only thought would be about where to fall and rest.

The Red Army soldiers did such marches for many days in a row, and then they had to dig in, cost fortifications, direct crossings, and perform many other duties. Therefore, soldiers used every free moment to rest and sleep. “Well, so were the backers robbed,” the revisionists might argue. But the fact is that the command immediately set up military commandant's offices in the rear of the troops. In every village, every county, district, city there was a Soviet commandant whose duties included quartering troops, observing discipline, and resolving all issues related to relations with the local population and local governments.

For example, a system of commandant's offices was established in the Soviet occupation zone of Germany: 136 district and 272 urban, 88 in urban areas and 309 in large rural areas. One commandant's office accounted for 30-35 thousand people of the German population.
The instructions emphasized the need to respect the needs of local residents. The commandants quickly suppressed any attempts at looting, even the most insignificant ones, such as picking apples in orchards — such were strict rules on looting in the Red Army. And with this, too, the liberation Red Army was different from the Wehrmacht, which in July 1941 was officially allowed to rob, which was justified by the Nazis by creating "the material interest of soldiers and officers in the war."

A young prisoner of the Dora concentration camp Leonard Ivanov recalled that shortly after his release, a Soviet soldier took him to the store and demanded that he give him sugar. This soldier wrote a receipt that he took 3 kg of sugar, then these receipts were surrendered to the military commander's office, where they were paid. Another time, already on the way home, Soviet soldiers shot over the heads of the repatriates so that they would not tear off the huge apple orchard, near which the train stopped. “People came back: in the Soviet zone looting was strictly forbidden,” said Ivanov.

In any disputed cases, local residents appealed to the commandant's office, and then the commandant identified the specific culprit with all the consequences for the offender of discipline.

Local residents quickly learned that the Red Army did not rob anyone, and therefore, for example, Polish peasants, who hid cattle in forests and ravines from the Germans, only a few days after the arrival of the Red Army brought him back to their yards.
For the same reason, the attempt by the Polish Home Army, which was subordinate to the Polish emigre government, to defame the Red Army in the eyes of the local population failed. When the Kraiova Army fighters disguised in Soviet uniforms began fumbling through the chests in the houses, the locals immediately fled to the nearest commandant's office and reported the incident with the words: "Yours do not do that."

The Red Army really had no need to take anything, especially to take it away from the local population, since the advancing troops were simply seizing vast stocks of trophy property belonging to the Wehrmacht or the Nazi authorities. These were warehouses with food, weapons and ammunition, materials and raw materials, looted throughout Europe, factories, factories, and agricultural farms. Only 1-th Ukrainian and 1-Byelorussian fronts, captured from the German army, provided themselves so much that in the last months of the war bread, sugar, and fodder were not imported from the Soviet Union. The Soviet command transferred part of this food to the Polish authorities for the supply of large cities, from the captured stocks provided the population of Berlin, Dresden, Vienna and other large cities.

Finally, on the roads of Germany, there was a huge, incalculable amount of any property abandoned by refugees. The roads were simply lined with suitcases and nodes, the stations were packed with "junk" trains. All this was collected by trophy teams to special warehouses. Part of this abandoned property was transferred to local authorities, and partly used by the Red Army. Thus, the parcels in the USSR, which the falsifiers cite as “looting” as evidence, were actually completed from trophy property, but under strict control of political departments. Moreover, in mid-March 1945, the command of the 1 of the Ukrainian and 1 of the Belorussian fronts even introduced lists of things that a soldier or officer could receive for sending home.

The acquisition of these commodity funds involved trophy services front-line logistics.

Parcels were strictly limited in terms of weight and cost, only soldiers and officers who were exemplary in service could send them once a month. It was practiced sending packages to the families of those soldiers and officers who died or were injured.
In Germany, the very organization of this case excluded even the slightest hint of looting. In other European countries, everything necessary for the army was purchased locally at pre-war prices and paid in local currency. Supplies for the Red Army, which were, for example, in Poland, were regulated by local authorities and determined by agreements with the USSR. Often referred to by Western researchers, the “bureaucracy” had a completely different character. This phenomenon had the official name of “squandering of captured property”, that is, its illegal spending and extradition. In essence, it was the plundering of military warehouses.

The military prosecutor's office and special departments of the NKVD were engaged in the identification and punishment of the plunderers. Sometimes the perpetrators got off with reprimands, lowering in ranks or transferring to other parts, but when the plundering was carried out on a large scale and had a criminal character, the perpetrators were brought to criminal responsibility, they were usually sentenced to imprisonment for up to ten years. So the “bastardy” is not looting. For the first relied "chervonets", and for the second - the shooting before the line.

This occupation was also despised by the troops, and those who were engaged in it, which is why it appeared, and then a scornful nickname, “barabolschik,” was attached to the “lovers” of easy money.
By the way, when they say that Marshal G.K. Zhukov, and conclude that, they say, the entire Soviet generals were such, it must be said that the Red Army numbered 2952 generals, and the People's Commissariat of the Navy, NKVD and NKGB had 495 generals and admirals. At the same time, the 11 generals were arrested in the “general case”, three of whom were sentenced to death, four to imprisonment. In total, the entire 7 generals were found guilty of the “rampart”. These figures most vividly show that the Soviet generals, in their overwhelming majority, had nothing to do with the “flea market”.

So, it is enough to turn to the well-known documents in order to see - all attempts to accuse the Red Army of mass looting, cruelty have no basis. This is just a malicious myth created with a well-defined ideological goal.

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  1. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin April 25 2015 06: 45

    So, it’s enough to turn to long-known documents to see — all attempts to accuse the Red Army of mass looting, cruelty have no basis. This is just a vicious myth created with a very definite ideological goal.
    I’m already a grandfather myself, but I remember the words of my grandfather that the granddaughter better give your best, just don’t take someone else’s. Do not look that hero. for rags perish. And I believe him the most, that it was.
  2. bandabas
    bandabas April 25 2015 06: 52
    A common example is leaving Austria in the 55th. Would have wanted to stay.
  3. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich April 25 2015 07: 59
    The task of discrediting is always posed by those who have a stigma in the cannon! The Western mercantile mentality puts individualism and personal well-being in the middle of the corner. Therefore, it turns out that thieves are the most shouting about theft. But the family has its black sheep, which means that a certain percentage of the citizens of the country under discussion will also be held hostage to other values ​​... Which is sad ...
    And then try to prove that everything was wrong. After all, we have a conscience that does not allow us to do things that are just humanly disgusting ... They do not understand this and continue to lie, comparing us with ourselves ... But we are not like that! We all know that everything was wrong! So it turns out that the truth is not audible from the lips of normal people, and the lie with its loudness strides around the world request
    What is now observed ...
    The good news is that God sees everything and the truth will still come up if not here and now, then a little later. Such is his business - nothing goes unpunished! And often the punishment for liars is the loss of oneself, which is recognized in the late years, when nobody needs you anymore ... wink
    So, even if they stipulate me, then I know that this was not so and my opinion is more important to me than the opinion of someone who is completely indifferent to me. I live here, not there!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Aleksander
      Aleksander April 25 2015 14: 15
      Quote: Rurikovich
      But we are not like that! We all know that everything was wrong! So it turns out that the truth is not audible from the lips of normal people, and the lie with its loudness strides around the world

      You're right! But is it not wildness that this lie and crap is being printed in Russia itself ?! After all, is it in the power of the leadership of Russia?
  4. pelit75
    pelit75 April 25 2015 08: 02
    It is very pleasant to read such articles, otherwise one negative about our army will be concocted.
  5. 3axap
    3axap April 25 2015 08: 26
    Honestly, if I had not read this article, I would not have found out about this anti-adviser and his libel. Thank you for the article. +++ Enemies must be known not only in person but also at least what his name is. hi
  6. pensioner
    pensioner April 25 2015 08: 44
    If my memory serves me right, then one of the first orders of Berzarin said that it was urgent (even May month in the yard!) To restore schools (!!) in Berlin. Absolutely exactly what carpenters were looking for in parts to make training desks ...
  7. Russia
    Russia April 25 2015 08: 53
    I would really like for children of such types as Svanidze, Mlechin, Navalny and the like to grow up to be honest and decent people, and at one time they would tell their parents in the eye - you're a liar!
    Dreams! Unfortunately!
    1. pensioner
      pensioner April 25 2015 09: 32
      Quote: Rossi-Ya
      Dreams! Unfortunately!

      Yeah ... An orange will not be born from aspen ... It will be good if these kids could speak Russian ...
    2. s1н7т
      s1н7т April 25 2015 12: 30
      Quote: Rossi-Ya
      I would really like for children of such types as Svanidze, Mlechin, Navalny and the like to grow up to be honest and decent people, and at one time they would tell their parents in the eye - you're a liar!
      Dreams! Unfortunately!

      But Navalny is also lying on TV about the USSR ?! belay
      1. BMP-2
        BMP-2 April 25 2015 13: 15
        Quote: c1n7
        Quote: Rossi-YaYa would really like for children of such types as Svanidze, Mlechin, Navalny and the like to grow up to be honest and decent people and once told their parents in the eye - you're a liar! Dreams! Unfortunately! And what, Navalny is also lying on TV about the USSR ?!

        Why does he immediately "lie"? No. Just misinterprets. laughing And there was no talk about TV at all ...
  8. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 April 25 2015 09: 13
    The Western media simply painted a picture that corresponded to their upbringing, conviction, what would they do.
  9. Concealer
    Concealer April 25 2015 10: 39
    Recently I watched the American movie "Fury". During the viewing, a strong desire arose to shoot all the heroes of the film "on the spot" for looting, and to give the main characters to court for war crimes. Yes, this is a film about American war crimes in Germany! Who are the "heroes" here?
    And these are "valiant" allies? You’re kidding me!

    No wonder they are now trying to prove to the world that everyone is like them. In general, what is the norm to rob, rape and kill prisoners.
    1. Hajate
      Hajate April 27 2015 10: 31
      It would be nice to shoot a feature film where North Korean T-34s burn M24, and Tigers - Cromwelles and Shermans ... The apotheosis is the battle of Lieutenant Oskin.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  10. fa2998
    fa2998 April 25 2015 10: 44
    Some Western historians put the horse behind the cart. They came to our land. For the foreign conquerors were not famous for modesty. The Tatar-Mongols, the French, the Germans from Russia exported goods and carts from carts. From jewelry to black soil, and then Russian soldiers find themselves on enemy territory. .And what, does the Russian private have no right to trophies? He has an ashtray and a chimney instead of a house! He’s got a family after the war. home. By the way, our army never lost its combat ability due to trophies. And the invaders more than once fell into trouble precisely because of the carts. A classic example is Napoleon's retreat from Moscow. hi
  11. s1н7т
    s1н7т April 25 2015 12: 43
    This stuff - yes on P24, for example! But there - Svanidze and other rubbish tell a completely different story, alas (he wrote very briefly so as not to swear).
    Thanks to the author!
  12. Proud.
    Proud. April 25 2015 15: 53
    Thank you so much for the article! Very useful information. Especially for protection against counterfeiters and other liars.
  13. moskowit
    moskowit April 25 2015 16: 37
    The site of the Great Slandered War provides an investigation of one very famous photograph.
  14. moskowit
    moskowit April 25 2015 16: 39
    Anyone interested in how a Soviet soldier was made a looter to publish a link can be read.
  15. MahsusNazar
    MahsusNazar April 25 2015 18: 16
    I am amazed at the state approach to such a difficult and dirty business as war !!!
    At an offensive speed of 30-40 km. per day - such an organization. POWER!!!
    This is what I always remember about "my" Soviet Union - organization and consistency.
    What greatness our fathers had, power and HOLD in every fighter !!!
  16. corn
    corn April 25 2015 19: 25
    My article raised a number of questions:
    Was there a "trophy" case or not (I will not explain the essence, who is interested - the search line - the Internet)?
    If the fact was, then how does this characterize Zhukov?
    If there was no fact, then how does this characterize Stalin?
    It is unpleasant to read the dirt about the dark sides of WWII, but it is also unpleasant to read the "pink" comments.
  17. Tribuns
    Tribuns April 25 2015 22: 17
    Let's not give facts about how myths are created to distort the history of Russia and its army, but we will indicate the reason why this became possible, not only in the West, but also in our country ...

    The creation of myths about the transformation of the Red, and then the Soviet army into a "robber-army" became possible only after the great betrayal committed by the cosmopolitan marked by Gorby and the chronicler Yeltsin, who destroyed the industrial and military mighty Soviet Union and "merged the country into the control of the States and the West ...
    Enough has been said about the betrayal of labeled Gorbi both in us and in them in the West ... And Gorbi is right to sit in the West, because Russians hate him too much ...
    President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, unveiling a monument to Yeltsin, pompously said: “Russia should be grateful to him for the reforms ... As a result, we got an economy that lives up to modern laws, it was then that the foundations of the political system were built and the current constitution was adopted by popular vote”
    The time will come when the name assigned to it by the Yeltsin Chronicle will be removed from the St. Petersburg library, the monuments dedicated to him and name boards will be removed, all state awards and honors given to him will be canceled ... And, the traitor will be called a traitor ...
    The people and the history of the people cannot be fooled or rewritten!
  18. vex
    vex April 26 2015 11: 57
    I have endless respect for the author for this article. I would like such people to come together in a kind of union of cleansing history from lies and revision, where a reasoned answer would be given to every false or distorted thought. And on its basis it would already be possible to create videos available to any generation, similar in shape to the video "I am a Russian occupier".
    In my opinion, one paragraph of truth with facts outweighs dozens of fictitious books.
  19. s1н7т
    s1н7т April 26 2015 13: 28
    Father said: war, Budapest, there is nothing to eat, but I want to. Nearby is a bakery with a bakery, you can choke on the smell! Let's go, take the golden ring off the fascist’s corpse, go to the store - Come on Bread! That - and the money? They show him a ring. Hungarian - no, no. Automatically poked in the snout - Or sell for the ring, or so take it! Sold ... laughing And for looting - specifically shot.