Self-defense: how to use items at hand

Self-defense: how to use items at handApply as weaponsperhaps virtually any object from those around us. Of course, this requires a certain experience, which comes during training. But the objects that surround us quite a lot and each of them has characteristic features and properties. It is quite difficult to master literally each of them, and even without knowing the features. Fortunately, this is not required, given that all the objects around us can be divided into several types.

There are a number of classifications of real cold weapons. For example, it is divided according to the principle of action: cutting, chopping, chopping and cutting, piercing-cutting, piercing, piercing-chopping, impact-crushing. Or on the pole, shock, blade, throwing. Or, which is absolutely elementary: short and long.

It should be noted that all the classifications indicated are workers. But sometimes the question arises how to classify a cold weapon if it has not one, but several signs, for example, an ax. He is both crushing and chopping. And it is likely, even the pole.

That is, any classification is conditional. And, therefore, you can use any convenient specifically for you, if you correctly understand its principles and use unorthodox.

The most correct classification, according to many experts, is made in the Israeli system of self-defense. In it, all weapons and available tools are distributed into 5 groups, according to the principles of similarity and use. These are objects similar to: a stick, a rope, a knife, a stone and a shield.

1. Stick. It is the sticks of different lengths and all that can be applied in this way. The fundamental purpose of the "stick" - stabbing and slashing blows the second end of the weapon. The middle part of the "stick" is used for defense and occasionally shocks. The short end of the stick can also be pressed, hit, and hooked. The stick is held with one or two hands, it depends on the length. The pole can be held with both hands, not only at one end, but also in the middle. Stitching or tychkovy blows with a special "spear grip" can be performed with the most ordinary stick, seizing it with both hands. It also performs strikes with the remote end of the stick, “as if with a butt,” and “cutting the slashes” on the right, left, and bottom. Applies this style in the middle combat.

2. Rope. Connects all flexible items. All household appliances are equipped with wires, they are also “ropes”. Almost every wire has an electrical plug or the device itself is not very large. Then you can use it to strike. In childhood, did everyone fight with clean towels with a large knot tied at one end? Also used and combat chain. Stretched in the hands of the rope can be perfectly used for a kick. In the near duel, the rope is used for strangulation and binding.

3. Knife. All items have a blade and are used to apply a cutting and stabbing effect on the enemy. These, except for knives, also include everything sharp, cutting and scratching: a comb, a broken bottle, a screwdriver, a plastic card, a can torn in half, a sharp branch, a hacksaw.

4. A rock. All that can fit in the palm of your hand and throw at the enemy. Vials of perfumery, a mobile phone, a spoon, a cup, a plate, a can of canned food belong to the stone. And a small handful of trifles in your pocket is the most real means at hand that you can always have with you.

5. Shield. All items that can be used to cover the vital areas of the body from the blows of the enemy. These include - a bag, a book, a chair.
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