Is everything calm in Damascus?

Is everything calm in Damascus?

Syria has been boiling for years. The once very solid and free from religious prejudice, the country of the Middle East today is experiencing about the same as Egypt, Tunisia or Libya. However, for the time being there is no talk of external "help" from the side of the NATO troops, but even without this, the conflict inside of Syria is so intense that the Syrian neighbors are already beginning to admit that Bashar al-Assad has little left. It is possible that the overbearing joystick will soon shift to one of the representatives of the rebel forces. Ironically, Assad as Syrian leader can change ... again Assad. Here we are talking about the former Colonel of the Syrian Air Forces, Riyadh Musa Asad, who allowed himself to speak sharply negatively about the current Syrian leadership and leave the service "under the wing" of Bashar.

So what is not satisfied with the Syrian opposition? Yes, the same song is either about democratization of society, or about the greater role of Islam in governing the country. In general, in both cases, Bashar al-Assad is no longer seen in power in Damascus, blaming him for having stagnated the country without plans for further development. The situation is aggravated by the fact that representatives of several confessional groups live in the territory of present-day Syria. Two main ones: Sunni and Alawites. Bashar Assad, who belongs to the Alawi branch of Islam confessionally, effectively blocks the ability of Sunni communities to gain sufficiently strong power. At the same time, well-to-do and relatively well-educated citizens of Syria relate mainly to the Sunni community. It is the religious ground and was one of the reasons for the tension in the situation in Syria. Bashar Asad is losing power literally before the eyes of the world community, and even so swiftly that an increasing number of his comrades take the side of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” led by the rebel Colonel Riyadh Asad.

Foreign correspondents who come today to Syria share with the readers and viewers highly contradictory information. According to some, something unimaginable is going on in Syria: cars and houses are burning, you can’t even walk in the streets during the day - a stray bullet fired by government forces or by rebels can hit. Others assure that even at night in Damascus everything is calm (well, just like in Baghdad), you can supposedly go for a walk with infants - complete safety and calm. The reports of some news agencies completely contradict the reports of others, and it is senseless to blame those and others for being engaged. What is the matter?

Simply, there are cities or city blocks in Syria where representatives of a certain nationality and religious affiliation live compactly. If this is enough secular center of Damascus, then, indeed, everything looks quite peaceful, even for foreigners. But it is worth turning where the Sunni discontent grows, how to pay for your excessive curiosity. There are whole territorial entities in which anti-government sentiments reign. These cities include Hama. Moreover, the situation in this village is developing in such a way that how many of the rebels are trying to knock him out, and they either return back, or during this time they manage to get under the gun new ones. And this has been going on for the past five or six months. Even the elite units of the guard Bashar Assad do not save, as some of the fighters from such units simply openly refuse to shoot at their co-religionists. In Syria, this situation is not the first and, of course, not the last.

It amazes with what cruelty sometimes battles of the civil war stretched in time are fought. Over several months, over two thousand people were killed in the country (according to official data), including about seven hundred representatives of law enforcement agencies. Journalists compare the number of casualties among the military with the Afghan situation. So, in Afghanistan for the entire past year 711 military were killed. It turns out that the Syrian cruelty is much stronger, and therefore no peaceful solutions to the issue of a change of government can be expected. Even Turkey, which has recently acted as an active supporter of Bashar al-Assad’s policy, said that if Syria does not stop the bloodshed and does not solve the refugee situation, Ankara will have to use part of the northern Syrian territories as a buffer zone for the migrants who are accumulating.

Bashar Assad, of course, does not want a repetition of the North African scenarios in his country, so he is preparing, as he himself asserts, fair and independent parliamentary elections early next year. The decision, of course, is the right one, but too late. As they say, do not go to the fortuneteller, the opposition will not compromise with the current leadership. However, if this opposition no one pokes a finger from overseas. And such forces, as we understand there. And whether they are interested in the continuation of the insurrection - it is still not entirely clear.
Alexey Volodin
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