"Poison anti-Russian" in Ukraine

"Poison anti-Russian" in Ukraine

This is how the Ukrainian “fighters for independence” spray 20 for years with the deadly “anti-Russian poison” over the heads of our people in Ukraine. And it must be clearly understood in order to have time to produce an effective antidote!

Incredible pain covers every thinking person, when in life he is faced with examples of Russian-Ukrainian reality. Because it is a very special reality - one in which such phenomena as the Russian-Ukrainian border are quite possible according to the fate of living people, or the recent ruling of the Ukrainian Constitutional Court, supported by the pro-Russian president (?), In which the banner of the Great Victory is outlawed . Everything that personifies this exceptionally special, incomparable, unusually emphasized, contemptuous and boorish attitude to everything Russian belongs to this reality. And this attitude entered everyday life, became its integral part and filled it with its content. And therefore it is not surprising that with such content the Russian-Ukrainian partnership causes very complex, inexplicable feelings - from sincere bewilderment to complete human despair. And what feelings can arise when in our public consciousness an integral image of some deep, sacred concept — that which is our given, identifies us — is being destroyed in an artificial way and so cynically and purposefully?

This is not new in life, when, for whatever reason, something unites into several fragments, and a very painful process of forming a new reality takes place. It is clear that the Russian world is subjected to a perfidious, carefully planned intervention, and these processes shape its difficult fate, drawing it into artificial, contrived ideas and dogmas that have nothing in common with the Russian World. This happens at the very time when other civilizations display irrepressible strivings for unity, unity, and integrity. This artificially created phenomenon requires a very serious understanding from us.

Pseudoscience for false scientists

“Since the goal of Ukrainians is negative, it’s
breaking a single national culture
Russian tribes, then I do not consider him
a cultural movement, I consider it
nasty culture, and already on these
reasons I am not a supporter
Ukrainians. "

From the last word of the deputy
The Austrian Parliament and the Galician Seym D.A. Markov

History would have every chance of becoming an exact science if, in the process of the development of society, it was not a matter of manipulation. But alas! You can't call it exact science today. The problem is that we have exactly as many stories as benefits from its rewriting. So they write - who is in that much, in pursuit of short-term political, or some other benefit, without thinking about the consequences. This consumer approach has been known for a long time and attracted the attention of thinkers of different eras. It happens this way: an idea that is absolutely scholastic, not supported by facts and evidential base, arises in some inflamed brain. Then, as an assumption, it is picked up in narrow circles, where it is enriched with even more speculation and myths, and after some time it is given out for pure truth and the real reality is adjusted to it and the historical fate of a huge mass of living people is formed.

The brightest of such examples is the short history of the country, in spite of everything that continues its strange existence - Ukraine. And the paradox is that, on the one hand, it is possible to give examples for as long as you wish, that in the depths of time, until the second half of the 19th century, neither such people, Ukrainians, nor such land, the territorial-geographical concept Ukraine had never existed. That is, Ukraine was, but in the Slavic world, Ukraine with an accent on the first syllable was called a certain border area, the limit, the line beyond which another territory began. And this, you see, very different things. On the other hand, the real Ukraine and the real Ukrainians are not fiction, but an absolutely real reality! And this reality is peculiar: Ukraine and Ukrainians are there, but there is no future! Not because someone interferes and does not give, but because, by definition, there is no place for him, there is no future! And there is a natural doubt: something is wrong here ...

In the historical documents, we will never meet Ukraine, there is Russia, only Russia is everywhere! Russia as a single territorial-geographical concept, Rusich, Russians, Rusyns - as a single ethnos. Yes, Russia is diverse - Black Russia, White Russia, Great Russia and Little Russia. As you can see, there are many names, but one meaning. And the value is unity! Unity is spiritual, cultural, mental, formed over the centuries. But what is unity for pseudoscience? Therefore, we have the misfortune to see that Russia is Small, as it was called in ancient times in all European documents, Russiae Minorum (Latin) is renamed Ukraine and is endowed with a completely different historical fate. But Russia is Small (minorum), it does not mean derogatory and diminutive, but quite the opposite! Small - this means the original, primary source, spring, maternal womb, which gave life to the sacred, sacred concept of Russia, Russia. How can all this be Ukraine? After all, if someone suddenly decides to call our planet Mars, it does not at all mean that we suddenly all become Martians! And we are allowed to call our cradle is not knowing what a meaningful word and look forward to, what will be our happiness? It is like changing your proud name for some kind of click and, under this guise, running around for a money transfer and sincerely wondering why it is not being issued to you ...

Great, diverse Russia experienced different times, epochs of ups and downs, disagreements, troubles and struggles, and of course the triumph of victories. But, no matter how complicated her path was, she was always and everywhere aware of a single spiritual tradition — the Orthodox and Russian linguistic traditions. And after repeated attempts to subjugate Russia with the help of a knightly sword ended in failure, it became obvious to our enemies that nothing could be achieved by force, other methods are needed. And it must be said that historically it happened that in the 19th century Black Russia - Galicia remained under the cultural influence of Poland, that part of Poland, which was later occupied by Austria-Hungary. But all this time, a part that seemed to be divorced from its maternal Russian ethnic group did not lose its spiritual and cultural connection with it.

After the failure of the Polish uprising 1863 of the year, and Poland, its largest part, was then part of the Russian Empire, anti-Russian sentiments were so reactionary that representatives of the Galician Russian youth and intelligentsia fell into their turbulent flow. This was how a marginal idea about the Ukrainian people was sucked from the finger, supposedly having nothing in common with the Russian people. The idea turned out to be so tenacious that in the shortest possible time it turned into a turbulent current, the whirlpool of which dragged in enormous intellectual forces, which, with sufficient funding from Poland and then Austria-Hungary, concocted the Ukrainian language at an accelerated pace. His task was to show an exceptional difference from the Russian language, so the spelling of the Little Russian dialect of the Russian language was deliberately changed beyond recognition, he was obviously further enhanced by Polonism, the words of other European languages, or simply invented in the most unimaginable way. It got to the point that there was such an idea - to translate the Newspeak into Latin spelling, and only the indignation of the masses saved the people from such a step. In parallel, and just as quickly, culture was being created, history was being rewritten, and even in the spiritual sphere, fierce pressure was being put on — the so-called Uniate Church was imposed on the people, who had nothing to do with Orthodoxy.

As we can see, there was a typical case when a notorious heresy, stuffed with pseudo-scientific dogmas and myths, was artificially turned into an anti-system, contrary to common sense. The task of this anti-system was to destroy! The betrayal, hypocrisy, unjustified by any beautiful words of cruelty and blatant lie - this was the solemn opening of the Ukraine project, an exceptionally revealing phenomenon of inflamed human consciousness. Is it not so if even when he was treated like an exalted priduri, from historical monograms, documents with a root were torn out pages in which there was even the slightest mention of Russian affiliation. There was a substitution of concepts - everything that was Little-Russian, Galician, was renamed Ukrainian, as well as the historian N. S. Trubetskaya gives an example in his monographs how he found books on Russian history in the Belgrade Historical Library, in which all the words Russian, Russian and etc. they were simply crossed out by hand in ink and signed by hand - Ukrainian, Ukrainian. And the monstrous examples of the Austrian concentration camps Talerhof and Terezin in 1914-1916, where people accepted martyrdom only for their Russian name, is this an example of WHAT?

“All the barbarities of the famous
We felt the “culture-triggers” of the Germans
deeply but what they experienced from their
persons transformed from Rusyns into "Ukrainians"
it is quite ... fit the saying ...
“The person hurts the most if he bites him
own dog ... "

Priest Henry Polyansky, prisoner of the camp "Talerhof"

"Who uses the Russian language can not be
good austrian: good austrians
are only Ukrainians, so all members of the Russian
people's party - traitors, because they are not Ukrainians "

Lawyer F.Vagno, Vienna

I want to emphasize that history only turns into a scientific value, when in the process of a historical series of events and dates its specific meaning is traced. It is this meaning that is the main historical moral idea, because it is capable of explaining a great deal, dotting i, revealing the truth and even using historical experience, avoiding tragic mistakes. In this regard, let us ask ourselves a natural question: What is the point in the existence of the Ukraine project? Until now, no one has received a clear sane answer to this question, and indeed, no one asks anyone about this specifically. There is yourself and everything. And its existence is presented to us as a matter of course. Moreover, svidomye patriots thinkers provided Ukraine with a thousand-year history and declared it the cradle of human civilization. That is, wishful thinking was given. And this is the basic meaning - a lie.

In the sacred list of liberated nations
"We, the good gentlemen, do not care about the Russian people!
First of all, the world revolution is important for us ... "

(From the speech of V.I. Lenin)

The truth was told by Ilyich, he felt sincere and uneasy feelings towards the Russian people, as clearly shown by the results of his titanic work ... A large-scale man thought! To destroy the old was not enough. It was necessary to build something new. Revolutionary messianism encompassed all spheres of social and political life and the idea of ​​liberation from autocracy among the nations turned out to be the way. The territory of the country was divided into national-territorial administrative districts, called republics. The Ukrainian SSR turned out to be one of them, while its territory was significantly enlarged due to the southern lands of the Azov Sea.

Galician, Polish-Austrian miserable, but despicable idea of ​​Ukrainianness was taken as the basis of national construction. A very tragic period of total Ukrainization began. People were recorded by Ukrainians, the Ukrainian language was implanted in educational institutions — the very one otrivtovanny ... The people at first fiercely resisted, but having understood all the hopelessness of their position, they simply passively ignored all Ukrainian innovations. The people continued to speak in Russian, to think in Russian, to read in Russian. Then, several thousand Ukrainians (!) Were recruited from Galicia, who joined the education and management system and, under the strict guidance of L. Kaganovich, did a great deal to erode the Russian spirit from the Little Russian territories. And by the 30 years, when the pressure of Ukrainization had weakened somewhat, it became obvious that it was impossible to destroy the Russian spirit among the people. And this is evidenced by the whole history of the Ukrainian SSR, where all the years of Soviet power had to exert titanic efforts in order to maintain artificially the level of Ukrainization of the population. Huge funds were invested in Ukrainian literature, art, science, but the people preferred to read Russian, watch Russian, study in Russian schools.

Thus, the entire Soviet history of the Ukrainian language and everything connected with it exclusively occupied the niche of the Ukrainian rural hinterland and a narrow stratum of zealous enthusiasts-enthusiasts, and the people simply got used to their Ukrainian name, because it could not prevent them from realizing their involvement in Russian World.

It can be concluded that the national problems of the USSR were laid when it was created, and all the years of its existence, they only matured and waited in the wings. But Ilyich was warned by his comrades-in-arms that a rude intervention in the national foundations, all these national experiments, could end very badly. But, based on his deep feelings for the Russian people, everything is quite natural ... And the problem is not that Little Russia was turned into Ukraine, but the fact that the Ukraine project was created as Anti-Russia. And for natural reasons, it cannot be used as a basis for state-building where a strong state is planned. After all, his calling is to destroy! So, it was pre-experimented before the 1991 of the year ... And therefore the national composition of those present in the Bialowieza Forest is quite natural - Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian ... Does this mean anything to you? The union is indestructible, however ...

The case of Lenin-Stalin selflessly loyal!

The appeals of the so-called patriots of independent Ukraine are very touching to fight the totalitarian socialist past. Fight with what and with whom? To be objective, the Ukrainian patriotic forces, as well as the Ukrainian authorities, should not spit on Lenin-Stalin, but glorify them, build monuments to them, or, at worst, hang their portraits with Ukrainian touching embroidered towels.

Moreover, because they continue the Leninsko-Stalin's hopeless deed of Ukrainianness and in this creative field are like-minded people rather than opponents. But alas, the miserable "Svidomo" Ukrainian fool turned out to be so ungrateful as it was greedy. Under the universal groan of the Ukrainian curses, for twenty years now, an indescribable sawing and hauling around the entire Soviet noble inheritance has been carried out at Kurkul corners. And what inheritance !!! Ukraine entered an independent voyage with a nuclear power, with an army in size and armament, one of the most powerful in Europe, with highly developed industrial energy, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, chemical industry, aviation, defense industry, space industry, rocket engineering, electronics, the highest level science, education. For the 1991 period of the year, hundreds of high-tech high-tech high-tech users worked and developed in Ukraine and new ones were built. And where today, after 20 years of independence, is it all? WHERE?

But I want to talk about something else. The most tragic and incomparable loss is the loss of one’s good name, one’s essence, one’s beginning, one’s being.

Anything material is quite possible to establish, recreate, restore, strain and create a new one. But the loss, the rejection of his Russian name puts the newly-minted country in a dead end position. And above all, the problem is that it is impossible to build a modern state building on the Ukrainian foundation. After all, an independent Ukraine did not think of anything more than to disgust to abandon its historical heritage. She disassociated herself from everything Russian and has repeatedly demonstrated that from now on she is not inspired by either all-Russian values ​​or a rich all-Russian great cultural heritage. Ukraine now has its own home-grown history, where the pantheon of pride of the so-called nation consists of unsuccessful losers, traitors, crooks and mentally ill people. This list is unpleasant for me to even list ...

But this is today's reality! These little people, or rather their portraits are hung in all Ukrainian schools and children are forced to cram their biographies, and they are brought up on their "glorious" examples. That is, a glaring thing has happened - a huge layer of historical memory has been cleaned up, and this emptiness in the sphere of values ​​and national symbols must be filled with something. And what if Ukraine has no independent traditions of state-building, and national-Ukrainian treasures in the form of Taras Shevchenko with a heavy unkind eye and the poetry of a bloodthirsty ghoul are a dubious legacy. Well, still hopak, Ukrainian wreaths, ribbons, rushnichki, and then what? Where national-Ukrainian was not enough, it was filled with western postmodernism. It turned out a layer of cake from the savagery of Ukrainians and elements of Western culture with the "high" values ​​of the consumer society.

Today’s Ukraine with its deranged ambitions (as the classic said: for a million - ambitions, for pennies - ammunition) - is a kind of cart drawn by a pair of skinny oxen, but on which the emblem of the Ferrari car brightly glistens, and in the pocket of an expressive horseman, dressed in a frayed jeans, embroidered Ukrainian shirt and a secular tuxedo, hidden sincere, expressive dule. A strange sight ...

Russian against Russian, or kill a Russian in your head against the wall!

If we delve into the complex Ukrainian processes in more detail, we will see for ourselves that with manic crying wildness, the first hope that is still able to leave the last hope to the people who have wandered into a complicated labyrinth, which binds it, despite all the madness and bile, with its Russian beginning. After all, to be objective, the Russian language, as the main thread of this connection, as the mother tongue for the majority of the country's population, for twenty years has not bothered not only some, albeit modest, development, it is driven into a humiliating, highly offensive situation - language minority!

A good minority - Russian is native to 70% of the country's population! Russian schools, so numerous under Soviet rule, have become very rare in present-day Ukraine, and he himself, the Russian great and powerful language, has become a bargaining chip in Ukrainian political rat fuss, in which, in order to break through to the coveted power, half of political dealers promise one part of the divided Ukrainian people, which will give it a decent status of the state language, and the other, on the contrary, swears to its electorate that it will never allow it.

All this is the twenty-first century, where spiritual persecution, crusades and religious expansion are somehow not accepted. But apparently nationally-svidomye Ukrainian renegades live by their own special calendar ... How not to recall in this connection the words of the Ukrainian first president, the one who successfully steamed in the unforgettable Belovezhskaya Pushcha: “Ukraine needs its own church!” Said in the style: it’s all ! Where I couldn’t say such a one from which to blind, probably, I didn’t know myself ... And his other follower was so successful in the field of false spiritual church construction that even his not aesthetic profile was minted on a ringed anniversary coin next to the face of the Ecumenical Patriarch. In both!

The mind is incomprehensible, but this deceitful and inhuman project - “Ukrainians”, despite its obvious subversive all-destructive essence, continues to exist, moreover, it works and everything to which it does not touch - turns into a gnashing of all-Russian hateful hatred for everything Russian! And his main messianic task is to RUSSIAN vs. RUSSIAN! Some incomprehensible by reason, the demonic denial of itself!

Oh great, but simple mystery

With Russia it's over ... In the aftermath
We ditched her, talked,
Proluzgali, drank through, spit,
Zayzgali on dirty squares,

Sold out on the streets: no need to
To earth, republics, yes freedoms,
Civil rights? And the people of the motherland
Himself dragged on pus like a carrion.

Maximilian Voloshin, 1917 year

Yes, sometimes it happens, the problem seems so great that you don’t even know which way to approach it. But with regard to Ukraine, not everything is as hopeless as it may seem at first glance. Believe me, every fool will always find the right tool. Is always! And everything is very simple, like God's day, you just have to treat its existence exactly as it deserves it. There is an antidote for poison, a system can be built and used against the anti-system, the truth exists and always prevails against lies, if it is in capable hands. What is Ukraine? This is a monstrous lie mixed in human vices, feeding on human misery and humiliation! And it is necessary to talk about this not in a whisper, but openly and loudly. Here, remove from her exaggerated grandeur and arrogance the anti-Russian orientation and it will not immediately begin, because it was conceived and created, as an anti-system, as anti-Russia, created not in the name of good and light, but in spite of everything that has a Russian name, despite to the human mind itself. This and above all this can explain all twenty years of Ukrainian independent madness - all these unbridled, unpredictable political freaks, silly aspirations to move in all directions at the same time, all this insanity, unpredictability, overt rudeness.

But the most important thing is that this project during this time has discredited itself so much, so has driven itself into a dead end that it is not difficult to overturn this moral wretchedness and drive it out of the Russian land, because its limit has almost been exhausted, and to create Ukrainian nationalist manure except mud wattle and daub for anything worthwhile - IMPOSSIBLE! And this miracle of an unearthly place in the dustbin of history has long been prepared. Even then, in the Polish, shkvarchaschem rage and hatred musty corner of the Austrian barracks, Bandera smelly hideout in Tomiko complexed, horny alcoholic jerk-kobzar, Lenin and Stalin and Khrushchev's mockery of the memory of our Russian ancestors, and of course in a very hot Oak woods of the steamy Belovezhskaya Pushcha, under the cold Russian vodka and crispy cucumbers ...

Only one unbearably hard Russian heart - that during these monstrous years, so many kind and honest people suffered, deceived, robbed, humiliated and offended, so many human fates broke through the angular knee! This is our common Russian misfortune, with which we live and which we will have to beg for a long time as a terrible, mortal sin. Because there is no worse sin in the world than betrayal of his honor, dignity, and the blessed memory of our ancestors, who lived Russian and died - Russian, in the name of our bright future.

How can we hear something from the lips of the Russian president today: “about the people of Ukraine, not just close to us, but fraternal ...” So I want to ask: what does the respected Mr. President say? For us, the brotherly people are Polish, Czech, Slovak, Serbian, Georgian, Armenian and many others, for the freedom and independence, and simply the human existence of which our ancestors shed their Russian blood. The people of Ukraine are not a brotherly people, they are Russian people, as well as the Belarusian people are Russian people, one people! One! And if you find the strength and political will to recognize it as a given, then much will be in its place and the energy freed from the struggle with lies and contrived national obscurantism will be useful in the creative work of building our common Russian home!

After all, this is a great thing, it is not ours - simple, humble inhabitants, this is the business of statesmen who have the authority and power to decide our simple but so complex human destinies. And Russia can be revived only together, in unity, as it has been repeatedly verified by history - ALL RUSSIAN WORLD! It's so easy to understand and really implement! It is enough to ask simple workers, whether they want unity and a common great destiny, or just sit like a owl in their musty, supposedly national corners and wait for the weather by the sea? And they will tell the whole truth, because they are tired of this booth, lewdness, hopelessness. Because they want to live, work, raise children and see their Fatherland prosperous and proud of its greatness! Our common homeland - one for all! And be proud of the way that only a sincere, Russian soul can.

How can you look at tomorrow with such universal tension and fear, pessimism? There is a lot of business, but few people ... Yes, just call the Russian people, from shocks, lies and despair scattered around the world, slandered, called, deprived of their proud name, create human conditions for life and honest work, and here it is - worthy a cause, a common cause for a huge single ethnic Russian dominant, and this is our bright future - Here it is Great Russia! Because the greatness and power of it in the heart of each of us. After all, the fate of each of us is Russia, our native and beloved sacred homeland.
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