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Unknown attacked Serbs in Kosovo

As a result of an unidentified attack on Serbs in Kosovo, one person died, another was seriously injured. According to local police spokesman Hazir Berish, law enforcement agencies have already conducted several raids and searches, but have not arrested anyone yet. The motives for the crime are also unknown.

Two Serbs - father and son - were attacked by intruders when they left a restaurant in the village of Zrze. The father died on the spot, and the son was taken to hospital in critical condition. The mayor of the city of Orahovac Marjan Saric, next to whom the attack took place, said that it was committed by Kosovo Albanians and is "ethnically motivated", ITAR-TASS reports.

The Serbian Ministry of Kosovo and Metohija condemned the attack on two Serbs in the province and demanded that the Mission in the field of the rule of law in Kosovo (EULEX) take up its investigation. “It is necessary that the investigation be conducted by EULEX, since the Serb community in Kosovo and Metohija does not trust the Albanian police,” the ministry said.

"This tragedy is of deep concern, so we ask international forces to ensure the safety of all Serbs who are in Kosovo south of the Ibar River," the document says.

Police fear that the crime could further destabilize the situation in Kosovo and Metohija and lead to new clashes between Serbs and law enforcement agencies and NATO forces.

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  1. DEfindER
    DEfindER 3 October 2011 13: 51
    Yes, it’s really scary when, from time immemorial, Kosovo Serbs have been outlawed, out of power, and even the police there are already Albanian .. the Russian people have something to think about too ..
    1. zczczc
      zczczc 3 October 2011 14: 29
      DEfindER, yes, but who gave the slack? Serbs! Serbs sold their homes to Albanian drug dealers. Slowly, gradually, but after all - no one forced them. Albanians offered incredible money for the Serbs, and those who received the money moved to other parts of Serbia. When there were many Albanians, they demanded independence. And we didn’t help them.

      Conclusion: Serbian people sold part of their land for drug money, i.e. for the tears of their own children, who were injected with drugs. Conclusions do not always have a patriotic connotation, alas.

      This is our edification - to distinguish where the money is and where the Fatherland is. And that not all money is the future of our children. Not everyone. Especially those that are not controlled by us.
      1. Whole
        Whole 3 October 2011 17: 11
        Yes, what kind of home sales? Albanians appeared in Kosovo under the Turks, and under Tito an autonomous region was formed to protect the rights of the Albanian majority. As a result of Tito's national policy, the proportion of the Albanian population became about 80%. With the break-up of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the status of an autonomous region did not seem enough to the Albanians ... You still tell the Chechens from the Russians in Chechnya to buy houses for rabid grandmothers, yeah. They cut everyone out and that’s it, you still have to pay money.
        1. zczczc
          zczczc 3 October 2011 20: 40
          Whole, what I said, the Serb told me. I just accidentally drove a car. I have no reason not to trust her words.

          Moreover, it seems that the process continues at the same pace:

      2. slan
        slan 3 October 2011 23: 02
        Quote: zczczc
        And we didn’t help them.

        Was this Russia not trying to help ?!
        You can’t be bigger Serbs than the Serbs themselves (c)
    2. Whole
      Whole 3 October 2011 17: 15
      The article is incorrectly called, which nafik are unknown, the stump is clear who is shooting at the Serbs. If only among themselves did not figure out who was shooting, the Albanians or the "peacekeepers"
  2. Kenny2301
    Kenny2301 3 October 2011 14: 40
    And as always there are Pindos, that they can’t live peacefully without fighting? they always stick their Pindo nose wherever they should ...
  3. oper66
    oper66 3 October 2011 16: 36
    Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX). "It is necessary that the investigation be conducted by EULEX, since the Serbian community in Kosovo and Metohija does not trust the Albanian police," the ministry said in a statement.
    Investigations carried out by these structures will have unambiguously the same result as in the investigations conducted by the prosecutor Carla de Ponta
    and justify the Kosovars, there is no truth there and will not be, and the Serbian government is worried only for its longevity in power
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 3 October 2011 17: 22
      On the box they showed how they shot at a Serbian ambulance, which came for a wounded bullet (not a rubber one) that went over the driver’s head and got stuck in the rack. Only to whom to present it for ballistic examination?
      1. oper66
        oper66 3 October 2011 17: 34
        how does Carle Del Ponte have many samples from the corpses of the Serbs killed by the Kosovars, and the NATO member has a bulletproof gun of the delivered weapons -
  4. figwam
    figwam 3 October 2011 22: 28
    Characteristically, the Americans and Germans are peacemakers, it is clear to whom they sympathize.