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"... And do what you want with him!"

Information agencies have taught Russians that the word “corruption” should be associated with billions plundered from the federal, regional or municipal budgets. The very concept of corruption has become perceived as something large-scale, but at the same time, I'm sorry for the term, elitist. Elitist in the sense that budget thefts and fraudulent schemes are allegedly implemented exclusively by officials rotating in managerial state structures, and those who, being of lower rank, take to their hands the “badly lying” taxpayers' means, they have nothing to do with corruption. If the surname of the local combinator is not Serdyukov, not Amirov and not Khoroshavin, then our public sometimes sees no reason to pay attention to the acts of such combinators. Like, why waste time, because not a billion is stolen ...

"... And do what you want with him!"

One example of the fact that corruption is far from being only in the governor’s and ministerial cabinets, which for obvious reasons attract more attention, was the case of the director of a Moscow school. The director realized that parents of Moscow schoolchildren, most often not experiencing any special financial difficulties, could establish a very profitable business and applied the next method of “relatively fair selection” of money from citizens. The head of the educational institution decided that the parents of schoolchildren can afford to pay for classes included in the educational program and already financed from the budget. All that the director needed for this was that the gullible parents who were concerned about the future of their children, as well as concocted agreements that parents, say, pay for lessons only on a voluntary basis.

Using this scheme, the school director for two years of this use managed to extract from more than seven hundred parents about 20 million rubles! Only in the third year of such a scheme, a crime was revealed by members of the inspection commission of the local education department ... Operatively ... Representatives of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia say this, stating that a criminal case was instituted against the head of the educational institution under part number XXNX, article XXNX Of the Criminal Code "Abuse of office."

Why was this particular case chosen as an example illustrating “non-billion-dollar corruption”? Yes, because the director of a Moscow school detained by law enforcement officers is by no means the only leader who implements the system of double or even triple payment of the same services. In thousands of other Russian schools (and not only schools) - a similar situation. Managers, stating that the institution’s budget does not allow conducting the learning process “at the proper level”, “popularly explain” (often through teachers) the theses on the voluntary-compulsory system of signing an agreement on the provision of certain services. As a result, some “donation” or “donation” agreements signed by parents (and often not parents at all) appear, according to which they themselves are supposed to help schools, technical schools, universities (many medical institutions) money every month. The contracts mention amounts from several hundred to several tens of thousands of rubles - depending on the appetites ...

Of course, we can say that not all educational (medical) structures are provided on 100% in order to significantly improve the quality of the educational (medical) process. But why should the improvement in the quality of the training (medical) process be carried out with the help of the total fundraising from those who receive services, and, moreover, in fact, by way of explicit coercion? Of course, you can say that you don’t want to - don’t give up ... But many citizens of Russia perfectly understand who the student will be turned into if his parents (if he has both parents at all) suddenly refuse to “voluntarily donate” to plasma or new blinds in the office, to pay for classes or some "mandatory" course training ... For the parents of most modern schoolchildren, the process of "donations" has turned into a norm. At the same time, frankly, it is strange to hear from a person who is depressed that Yevgeny Vasilyev is still not behind bars, arguing that the “voluntary donations” for the “needs” of the school (kindergarten, technical school, university) they don’t have the support of corruption ... They say they compared it too: she turned over by the billions, and we threw ourselves together on the back — what is this? ..

More recently, a mother of many children from the Chelyabinsk region wrote in her letter to the President of Russia about the problem of endless “gifts”. Julia Volokitina reports writes:

My eldest son is 10, the average is seven years old, and my little daughter is four months old. We do not belong to families in distress, but we don’t have extra money either. Husband is on parental leave. Earns a private carrier. I do not work yet. And at school every now and then they collect from parents on 200 and more rubles. But as far as I know, the state allocates funds for all these needs of the educational institution. It is also alarming that in different schools these fees are different: in one set of textbooks for the 4 class it costs parents in 1000 rubles, in the other - in 1500. In this case, in our school, parental fees are drawn up by the “Donation Agreement”, while in others they are given in cash to teachers without any documentation.

The “donations” contract is attached:

The local authorities, who did not see anything criminal in the activities of the school’s management, had to respond to the letter of the mother of many children, stating that they receive such complaints all the time. The municipality said that without financial assistance from parents, schools in the region “are almost impossible to survive,” because only 186 rubles per year are allocated from the budget for textbooks for one student ... The district education department said that the school “does not force anyone to donate money” "Completely voluntarily." Like, did not pass the money - well, learn yourself, without textbooks - on 186 government rubles ... Democracy ...

Hidden corruption? - no, no, and again no ... Everything is crystal clear!

Well ... The position of some Russian educational institutions (organizations), claiming a lack of funds for the educational process could have been entered if it had not been run through the accounting documentation. In a number of educational structures of pre-school, general secondary and vocational education in estimates and financial reports, everything is in order. And if in the Chelyabinsk region schools send 186 rubles for textbooks for students, then, for example, in St. Petersburg and Moscow, managers post lots of purchases of leather armchairs and sofas on government procurement sites. That is, chairs and sofas made of leather at a budget expense, and textbooks for “voluntary” donations from parents ... Of course, if the director sits in a leather chair, then the quality of the educational process will go up sharply ... What textbooks are here - article the cost is completely different ...

While some heads of educational institutions are trying to earn money on students and students, others solve their careers at the expense of the wards. Thus, the administration of an educational institution of secondary vocational education in the Voronezh region, the Borisoglebsky Informatics and Computing Engineering College (BTIVT), has obliged the team to get involved in a campaign to support ... itself. As one of the students of the technical school said, the educational institution is going to be enlarged due to the introduction of new professions in the engineering industry. Due to the deep retirement age of several representatives of the administration (including Nikolai Desyatnikov, 67-year-old director), these same representatives are most likely to receive good retirement while simultaneously bringing a decent replacement to their places from among the younger teachers. But the “pension” administration, according to the student, decided to arrange from a change of generations in the management and reorganization of the technical school a real “hysteria”, in fact forcing students to write letters to the address of the regional education department, the governor of the region, addressed to the head of the Ministry of Education and Science Media "on behalf of the student team."

Letters did not stop with letters - students, many of whom welcome the generational change in the administration, in fact obliged to formulate an Internet petition stating that they are against change. They also encouraged the creation of a whole series of groups in social networks, “proving” that the new (younger) people in the leadership will bring exclusively harm, and only the old administration (and no one, you know, the other) is capable of taking care of the students and their interests ... Understand People who have given many years to the education system are, of course, possible. But trying to cover up the protection of one’s personal interests with the interests of students is not an option for covert pressure on the interests of children, not an option for sophisticated corruption based on a humanitarian component.

From the definition of the term "corruption" - the use by an official of his authority and the rights entrusted to him, as well as the related official status of authority, opportunities, relationships for personal gain.

All these facts suggest that corruption and fraudulent tentacles slide not only among state-level officials, but also in areas that we ourselves face almost daily: education, medicine, construction, and business. The imposed services, voluntary-compulsory donations, coercion to kickbacks, promotion of personal interests of the leadership on the basis of artificially created phobias in groups. All this seems petty "bytovuha", but whether the damage is small? ..
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  1. Dimy4
    Dimy4 April 14 2015 06: 38
    The topic of this form of extortion is very serious and there are frequent cases when the stubborn parents of a child in school (for example) simply got rotten, not letting them study and, in principle, not making good grades. Until the transfer to another educational institution, well, there it’s about the same.
    1. one
      one April 14 2015 07: 10
      Quote: Dimy4
      The topic of this form of extortion is very serious and there are frequent cases when the stubborn parents of a child in school (for example) simply got rotten, not letting them study and, in principle, not making good grades. Until the transfer to another educational institution, well, there it’s about the same.

      it is the upbringing of a new kind of man - the man who gives.
      naturally, a person who has gone through such a "school" in the future will easily give and take bribes and kickbacks, not seeing anything unnatural in this.
      but the literacy of the population has fallen sharply.
      1. Saratoga833
        Saratoga833 April 14 2015 07: 27
        Quote: Someone
        what, it is proposed to simply sprinkle with saliva?

        Yes, do not splash saliva or some other liquid, but start criminal cases, which should end with UNCONDITIONAL CONFISCATION of property! Then the desire to take bribes in any veiled form will significantly decrease! And then all our "Duma members" think and "decide" whether to apply confiscation to bribe-takers!
        1. Sakmagon
          Sakmagon April 14 2015 07: 52
          Do you know your neighbors in the yard? Go out into the yard, put the building level on a bench ... or lean a shovel against it ... return, as if you had forgotten something and watch from behind the curtain. You may be very surprised ... laughing
          It is NECESSARY to plant and confiscate, but this is secondary. First of all, it is necessary to educate and create public opinion. As long as stealing the keys from a plumber who climbed into the hatch or firing something "useless" from work will be in the order of things - about any "grabbers" and "extortionists" and do not stutter. They just use the occasion that has turned up, like WE, but on THEIR scale.
          ... and when you consider that half of our friends in such cases say: - what would you not take?! ...
          1. anfil
            anfil April 14 2015 08: 37
            Do you want to live in a civilized world?
            1. NEXUS
              NEXUS April 14 2015 10: 23
              Quote: anfil
              Do you want to live in a civilized world?

              From small nails, we need to instill in our children a sense of dignity and culture ... and then our society will improve over time. And if dad is a thief, mom drags, what will their children become?
              The point is primarily in education, culture and self-esteem. hi
              1. Russian063
                Russian063 April 15 2015 04: 59
                You yourself criticized your own idea. If mom and dad do not see anything shameful in taking advantage of the available "freebie" in the form of bribes, stolen in time, but will blow the child, what is not good to drag? come on. And the self-respect of such families is simply off scale. We see all this every day on the streets of our cities.
          2. Russian063
            Russian063 April 15 2015 04: 55
            Public opinion - the opinion of the herd. Excuse me. As they just do not manipulate. But when the UNCONDITIONAL landings begin with the UNCONDITIONAL confiscation of ALL family members and RELATIVES, when the people see that the government is still working - and we will get conscious citizens en masse. In the meantime .. we all see what is happening around and it is possible to call for consciousness, but it is almost 100% useless. The idea is good, but the realization is lame, like a dying horse.
        2. kashtak
          kashtak April 14 2015 10: 33
          I completely agree, but here's the question. I here somehow called corruption a mandatory purchase of a (not cheap) costume in a particular store. so they taught me the minuses, how to deal with them?
        3. kolobok63
          kolobok63 April 14 2015 14: 07
          How I agree with you! It’s time for the bribe-takers to give their hands, to let them dry out! Thought for confiscation will not subscribe! The overwhelming majority of snouts IN THE GUN !!! Who will chop the branch on which he himself sits! Friends, I don’t know when the next election is there, but I know, you need to think hard before choosing whoever gets! hi
          1. Russian063
            Russian063 April 15 2015 05: 00
            Do you still believe in fair elections? wink
        4. aksakal
          aksakal April 14 2015 18: 45
          Quote: Saratoga833
          Yes, do not sprinkle with saliva or any other liquid, but initiate criminal proceedings, which should end in UNCONDITIONAL CONFISCATION of property!
          - suggest at least something more constructive, like an article, so one answer is obligatory: "plant", "shoot" and "confiscate"! laughing The most interesting thing is that they plant and confiscate everything else - you can’t do with punitive measures alone. Who will punish? A policeman with a judge and a prosecutor? And where is the guarantee that they themselves are clean on hand and do not consider the solved crime as an opportunity to earn extra money? This means that they need to be placed above the police officer, prosecutor and supervisor. Etc laughing Some kind of bespont.
          In my opinion, while the paradigm of money is raging in the world (money is everything, and success, and pleasure, and recognition, a lot of opportunities), there will be corruption. And there is no need here to cite Austria and Switzerland as an example - like there is no corruption. Do not tell my slippers. Here:
          tml, the former son-in-law of our president suddenly hanged himself in an Austrian family exactly one month after the death of his father, eminent cardiologist Mukhtar Aliyev. Apparently, someone really did not want to offend a well-deserved old man (and it is simply not customary to offend old people in our country), so he waited for his death and then dealt with his disgraced son-in-law with a clear conscience. Well, the fairy tale about "suicide" is for Austrian simpletons who piously believe in the infallibility of the Austrian penitentiary system, and for our local "comrades" from Israel, so that they have something to hang on our ears. So corruption is flourishing there, and there you can do what we are dissatisfied with at home!
          Hence the simple truth - where the market economy and the comprehensive power of money - there is corruption, and nothing can be done about it!
          A different scale of values ​​is needed in order to reorient a person to achieve other goals. When the main value is money, and the attitude "make money as you can! But the condition is not to get caught!", Then everyone is drawn into this game. Because there are no other goals, they simply do not exist in a market economy, there is a monopoly of money. Some part is caught, but the absolute majority live out quietly, taking or giving bribes.
        5. The comment was deleted.
        6. fennekRUS
          fennekRUS April 14 2015 20: 33
          Quote: Saratoga833
          Yes, do not spray with saliva or any other liquid, but initiate criminal proceedings

          And where do things come from? how many people wrote statements? Everyone is lazy to run around cabinets. Everyone shouts about rights, and they open their mouths to wait for their will give... So they give
          Do not be afraid of friends - they can only betray you; Do not be afraid of enemies - they can only kill you; fear the indifferent, for only with their tacit consent are betrayals and murders committed.
          - Bruno Jasensky
          1. Russian063
            Russian063 April 15 2015 05: 02
            You +, but ... Even those cases that were opened according to the statements of the victims have a strange peculiarity to fall apart already at the period of preliminary inquiry. And yet, where does the stubbornness come from again beating your head against the same wall? Collaboration and bribery ....
            1. fennekRUS
              fennekRUS April 15 2015 16: 22
              I do not argue, dear. Perseverance .. alone, get stuck in a bureaucratic machine. But when the phenomenon becomes mass, the lower classes are thrown to be eaten, and there comes a period when the small shushera is afraid to take it. Then the requisitions become episodic, and do not make the weather (until the pressure from below decreases)
        7. Russian063
          Russian063 April 15 2015 04: 51
          Comrade Colonel, whom to start business with? for the most part, not only school principals, but also taller people feed on the money collected from the parents of pupils. Could this trickle of money not dry up in 2 years without the connivance of the City Department of Education? or what are they called now? Believe me, all unaccounted for "black money" that is not taxed - causes bribery to itch. For a couple of hundred thousand - they shoveled ALL the documentation twice, but they will find them .. and then 2 years and 20 million rubles ...
      2. Sunjar
        Sunjar April 14 2015 07: 45
        But there is still a difference between bureaucrats and others who do not have a roof, that one will be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and whoever has (Serdyukov) will generally be granted an amnesty in absentia (what kind of roof is this?)

        With regards to me personally. At one time, our headmaster, but he is a village director. He arranged all capable citizens for unemployment benefits, despite the fact that at that time I was in the army, and many other villagers were unofficially arranged. But she naturally received the money for us. She also acted in reverse order, that is, arranged for someone to work for herself, but in fact this person was completely busy with other matters, and took loot for herself.
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. Foxmara
        Foxmara April 15 2015 05: 13
        there is also the psychology of the victim. Absolutely sane people, every other day scolding their bosses (d / s) for stealing among themselves .. otmazyvayut him when the prosecutor's check comes. And they didn’t even have to do anything, just watch how it was “packed”, because it’s not .. they worked actively for 3 weeks, forged documents, in the end, as soon as the check was over .. the manager began to spread rot on everyone who helped her to avoid it.
    2. The comment was deleted.
      1. kashtak
        kashtak April 14 2015 10: 38
        Quote: SSR
        Quote: Dimy4

        Oh-la-la! School! Oh comrades, to arrange a child in a kindergarten next to the house, that's where the complete Zh.O.P. And, the most disgusting is that upon reaching the age of three, parents are given places in kindergartens, but on the edge of geography from the place of residence, and yes, the law is respected, and if you want to get to the kindergartens located next to the house, you have to "turn around" very seriously ..

        the list of buttocks can be continued for a long time.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Russian063
        Russian063 April 15 2015 05: 04
        Further it will only be gloomier ... The bureaucrats will seek more and more sophisticated ways to knock out "unaccounted for".
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. siberalt
      siberalt April 14 2015 11: 09
      The author is a little off topic. Corruption is, first of all, an attribute of government. And therefore it is not designated as a crime. And why. Yes, in order to hide the essence of the whole system arranged by the formula Position-Money-Position. Without this sign of bribe, abuse of authority, abuse of power and official embezzlement are purely criminal offenses and have no direct relation to corruption and are not necessarily its signs. Although corrupt officials commit these crimes, they are only optional for the main one and the system uses them as a kind of smoke screen for their existence.
      1. jjj
        jjj April 14 2015 13: 11
        This is understandable, people are corny using their official position. But in one famous St. Petersburg gymnasium where my granddaughter is studying, it was decided to ALL students to learn to play the flute. In this regard, EVERY student must buy a pipe and learn to play outside school hours
    5. mak210
      mak210 April 15 2015 11: 46
      For those who are not in the tank, I will explain. Extortions under the so-called. "additional education" is based on a completely legal basis, namely the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of 1.7.2013 No. 499 "On the approval of the procedure for the organization and implementation of educational activities in additional professional programs" and a number of other documents, too lazy to write. The main goal, as I understand it, is to try to catch up with teachers' salaries to the level of the average for the region. the money from the budget for the increase in salaries does not reach them or dissolves on the upper floors of the food chain.

      So the example is unfortunate. And to prove extortion, and in fact it is, in the presence of such agreements, it is almost impossible. Grown-up people, why did they sign or drive needles under their nails and threaten them with tapestries? Well, nerves to fray, if the prosecutor's office has nothing to do and they have opened all the other cases. In any case, this amount for several years, and even distributed among teachers, and excluding income and trade union, deductions to funds (money is "white", otherwise nothing), is significantly lower than the cost of 1 (one) governor's pen for 36 million rubles without any income.

      Of course, punishing a defenseless director is much easier and safer (it is not clear why). You’re not digging there, comrades.
  2. Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 April 14 2015 06: 50
    The largest corruption and robbery in the housing and communal services and all kinds of energy supply.
    Former chairman of the Duma of the Sverdlovsk Region for unreasonably raising electricity tariffs, received from the energy company a mansion with 18 rooms for 2 ones, he and his wife.
  3. k174oun7
    k174oun7 April 14 2015 06: 51
    All these facts indicate that corruption and fraudulent tentacles glide not only among government officials, but also in areas that we ourselves face almost daily: education, medicine, construction, and doing business.

    All these and other facts indicate that the most corrupt, ineffective and corrupt are primarily our law and, better to say, "left-enforcement" bodies: the prosecutor's office, the Investigative Committee, the courts. Largely "thanks" to them, thieves and bribe-takers, paying off, easily evade responsibility, or get off with suspended sentences. In the most notorious cases, the "scapegoats" and zits-chairmen are brought to justice. What can we say about the shoals of all kinds of controlling and inspection bodies, which "in the name of the Russian Federation" extort money even in cases where the activity is within the law.
    So the point is not only in the bobbin, but also in who is sitting in the cockpit.
    1. saag
      saag April 14 2015 06: 57
      Quote: k174un7
      All these and other facts indicate that the most corrupt, ineffective and corrupt are primarily our law and, better to say, "left-enforcement" bodies: the prosecutor's office, the Investigative Committee, the courts. Largely "thanks" to them, thieves and bribe-takers, paying off, easily evade responsibility, or get off with suspended sentences.

      This is a consequence, where is the reason for the appearance of this phenomenon in this particular environment?
      1. Saratoga833
        Saratoga833 April 14 2015 07: 35
        Quote: saag
        the appearance of this phenomenon in this particular environment

        It is not only in this environment, but practically everywhere. Bribery in our country is practically not punished in any way, therefore it flourishes and will continue to flourish until the "acquired by back-breaking labor" is confiscated without fail! And no unsubstantiated "fight against corruption" will help. Hit your wallet - the effect will immediately appear!
    2. April 14 2015 07: 05
      In our country, for a child in a kindergarten, constantly, in the sense of monthly, 200 people were paid for hujudah, and the governor (Kozhemyako) officially declared that it was illegal, but at the level of the ministry this turned out to be the norm, they didn’t have enough money, now they seem to have stopped, True, the payment for kindergarten to 5 thousand has grown, not counting fees for additional services, but at least I don’t remember that my father said that it was like that in the 80s, when I went to kindergarten myself! hi
      1. BMW
        BMW April 14 2015 09: 56
        And someone in the comments praised Kozhemyaku.
        Oh Sakhalin will cry with him, he's from the fish mafia.
        We have (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky), a day in kindergarten 180 rubles. - this is about 4000 rubles.
        And at school, they stopped collecting money for every little thing, such as stationery and repairs - the second year.
        By the way, they got into the kindergarten without bribes, though with an delay of 9 months, I had to run to the authorities. But since April, the line has moved back - refugees from Ukraine, damn it. Refugees have a privilege - work, kindergarten, school, housing (the program for the demolition of dilapidated housing stopped for almost a year). And guest workers (official) have privileges. They come, give birth to children (they are usually large) - as a result, housing, kindergartens, medical care and all for free.
  4. s1н7т
    s1н7т April 14 2015 06: 57
    That's right, only the author forgot to say that it is precisely at the root of corruption. Whoever remembers where the ideology of the "golden calf" came from will be automatically credited drinks
    1. Saratoga833
      Saratoga833 April 14 2015 07: 37
      At the heart of corruption is impunity!
    2. RU-Officer
      RU-Officer April 14 2015 10: 18
      I'm afraid now even those who remember need to go through recertification. No.
      And, please tell me, when it was not, this corruption? What's the difference - what to take / give? Money, services, greyhound puppies ... The restoration of EXISTENCE ON-CONSCIENCE - this is what should become the basis of the so-called "national idea", and only then call this social order whatever you want - communism, socialism, social Darwinism (it will not be said by nightfall wassat ).
      Here below the respected "Saratoga833" said:
      At the heart of corruption is impunity!

      And if you dig deeper, you can say so:
      At the heart of corruption is our indifference and apathy! At least in a personal, at least in a social sense. hi
  5. Pavellio
    Pavellio April 14 2015 07: 00
    In my hometown there is a school-lyceum, where the children of all local officials and chiefs study there, so that they would just take it - pay 5000 rubles. To complain? And to whom? The locals are all smeared and anointed, the oblasts too, no one has yet managed to get to the federal ones. That's how we live sad Although it is worth recognizing that the repair at the school is at the highest level, the equipment is all the most up-to-date, and the training process is well-established, one of the best according to the results of the exam (although I do not know if this is an indicator).
  6. Boos
    Boos April 14 2015 07: 02
    The conclusions are as follows ... There is a mess in the state, corruption schemes flourish. The top and middle leaders do not "gorge themselves", they have long caused contempt and desire to eliminate them ...
    1. Boos
      Boos April 14 2015 07: 04
      And the worst thing is that we all know that we are "ruled" by scum and we can do nothing.
      1. one
        one April 14 2015 07: 22
        Quote: Boos
        And the worst thing is that we all know that we are "ruled" by scum and we can do nothing.

        yeah. this is what they are trying to inspire us with.
        Please speak for yourself only, do not use "we".
        1. Boos
          Boos April 14 2015 07: 45
          Do you fight every case of cheating? I don’t have enough time, maybe you do not live in Russia? I meet with deceit and swindle very often. I’m driving along our dead roads, paying an inflated price for fueling a car, paying a bunch of bribes for raising my children. I throw out products that turn out to be of poor quality ... Do you mean fighting? Accept my respect, you IRON man !!! And I’ve already gotten enough ...)))
    2. Saratoga833
      Saratoga833 April 14 2015 07: 40
      Quote: Boos
      desire to eliminate them ...

      Yes, they must not be eliminated, but the system must be changed so that the bribe-taker constantly remembers that this will inevitably end with CONFISCATION.
      1. provincial
        provincial April 14 2015 09: 36
        "and change the system" - do not tell me how.
        1. saag
          saag April 14 2015 10: 16
          Quote: provincial
          "and change the system" - do not tell me how.

          You need to start by introducing an idea that unites the majority into the masses
          1. provincial
            provincial April 14 2015 11: 17
            And with what idea do liberals go to rallies?
        2. 73petia
          73petia April 14 2015 19: 06
          Khazin in some of his speeches said that there are people who will always steal. Hang them up, shoot them, they will still steal. There are 10% -15% of them. There are people who will never, under any circumstances, steal. There are also about 10% -15% of them. The rest will act like everyone else. Everybody steals, and they steal. Everyone does not steal, and then they also do not steal. The main thing is to firmly restrain the "first" from stealing. Then everything will stabilize. But the problem is how to separate the "first" from the rest?
      2. BMW
        BMW April 14 2015 10: 28
        Quote: Saratoga833
        Yes, they must not be eliminated, but the system must be changed so that the bribe-taker constantly remembers that this will inevitably end with CONFISCATION.

        They made fun - Vasilyeva sings songs and draws pictures - she scoffs in the most shameless way, she wanted to spit.

        Quote: Boos
        And the worst thing is that we all know that we are "ruled" by scum and we can do nothing.

        That's for sure, the feeling that you are a complete sucker, if you live honestly. And from this anger begins to arise and a desire to twist off the head.
        Our population in the region is small, and everyone knows who is who, and how they made money. While there were direct elections, it still somehow held back the thieves, but now there is no way to influence it at all. An example is our deputy of the State Duma Yarovaya: she was in all parties (Yabloko, LDPR), and she was always rolled in the elections. And here from EdRosov, and according to party lists - on horseback.
  7. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 April 14 2015 07: 03
    Now many corrupt people are smart, live off anything and anyone, and everything is legal, no one will dig. Any managerial position at enterprises of any form of ownership and at budgetary ones also at any level brings corruption opportunities and many take advantage of this. God bless them with private enterprises or public corporations different - there is private money, here budget institutions are either a large or a small "sawmill" for cutting money, and then the losses are probably rather big in the end. Replacing one boss with another does not change anything; here it is necessary to change the system of budget financing.
  8. Pavellio
    Pavellio April 14 2015 07: 04
    On the other hand ... I myself work at school, now a lot of money is allocated for education, and specifically in our country, textbooks are given free to all children, at the expense of the budget. The so-called "fees" are held only for paid meals and for various trips and excursions of those who wish. smile
    1. April 14 2015 07: 29
      I went to school in '89, I don’t remember something, my parents paid for an extension, textbooks are free of charge EVERYONE, they taught me well, I LIKED to go to school, and there were TWO first classes for twenty people in the village! in the village it’s unreal! Why did it somehow come to the kindergarten for my daughter at half-past six in the evening, the teacher, of course, was outraged, although the contract was up to 19, right up to complaints to the police, like asking for it and that’s it, I say, service, give it soldiers to the territory, and we have a minimum of prapora, in general, having talked with my niece from our subsidiary, so to speak, structure, the next day I was ready to sit with my child and until 19, if I needed something longer, my relative simply explained I go, what kind of service we have, so for what it’s all, all these show offs, but I would just work as a security guard, what would it be?
  9. fomkin
    fomkin April 14 2015 07: 14
    Statement of facts, and what will be the proposals?
  10. Afinogen
    Afinogen April 14 2015 07: 20
    Due to corruption, our roads are bad.

    1. CONTROL
      CONTROL April 14 2015 08: 34
      This material was created by a person who does not understand ANYTHING in road construction and operation of roads! And laid it out - the same!
      ... Consider yourself at least occasionally! If you have something to include ...
      (For comparison: under Luzhkov, on the wave of "Sieg Heil Perestroika", the Germans contracted to build and maintain the road from Vnukovo Airport to Moscow in "ideal European standard" condition; they built it quickly !, and began to maintain this business ... the contract was for five years, a year later they refused - force majeure. panimash, the weather (or grenades?) you (us?) have the wrong system, the climate is not conducive ...) Historical, do you understand. fact!
      There will NEVER be perfect European roads in Russia: the temperature differences between (+) and (-) are greater than in Antarctica! and we all know this ... but we do not correlate with reality ...
      1. Afinogen
        Afinogen April 14 2015 09: 23
        Quote: CONTROL
        In Russia, there will NEVER be perfect European roads: temperature differences between (+) and (-) -

        I look at the reason you have and is on. So if a thinker is so smart, maybe she will say why the roads in the Scandinavian countries, Canada, America are ideal, there is also a temperature difference ???
      2. jjj
        jjj April 14 2015 13: 21
        Quote: CONTROL
        There will NEVER be perfect European roads in Russia: the temperature differences between (+) and (-) are greater than in Antarctica! and we all know this ... but we do not correlate with reality ...

        Somehow I happened to live in Finland on the Arctic Circle in the town of Rovaniemi. The roads there are excellent, although the climate is also not sugar. But there are a lot of highways, roads and paths. Cars do not go in a continuous stream, but with large gaps. The loads on each road are not so big. Here is the canvas and saved. And let them have the same number of cars as in Moscow. In a year, the roads will really be worse than ours. Nowhere in the northern climate is there such a load on the road.
        And it is not in vain that in the spring in the northern regions of Russia the movement of heavy trucks is prohibited until the embankments dry out. And so in the northern outback there are still roads with Soviet asphalt in good condition. It's just that few people ride there
        1. CONTROL
          CONTROL April 14 2015 15: 55
          Cargo transportation in the country - automobile, passenger transportation - also (including by personal transport) - as the least verifiable ...
          and most (after air) expensive!
          And the cheapest are those that are killed and buried in our country: river transport, and railway transport can bend against the background of games with tariffs, the division of "responsibilities" according to the type: my rails are your embankments, my cars are your passengers ... Dvorkovich!
  11. Victor Demchenko
    Victor Demchenko April 14 2015 07: 21
    Guys, you know, I already have a corn on my tongue: even Kozma Prutkov said: "Behold at the root!"
    where does corruption come from? In my opinion the question is rhythmic! it’s enough to look at our laws, in which under the article for a corruption crime, the plug is punishable by a fine of one minimum wage and up to 20 years of strict labor ...
    in general, you need to start with the head. For many years, we ask our understand, the guarantor: well, please, well, dear, well, take for Christ’s measures to thieves ...! but no, now is not 37 year! No. generally tired of pouring empty and empty.
    I created a petition to the President of the Russian Federation, so in a week it was signed ... already ONE man, although I posted a link to it here on the forum in several articles ... so the guys are not to blame the mirror, if we have a mug ourselves! what
    1. CONTROL
      CONTROL April 14 2015 08: 44
      [quote = Victor Demchenko] For how many years we have been asking our understand, the guarantor: well, please, dear, well, take for Christ measures to thieves ...! : / quote]
      Instead, a law was passed on the amnesty of the capital of every crook! We will return MONEY home, they say ...
      Until the "consultants-economists" (like the same respected by many Delyagin or Katasonov) will not get the simple idea that money is at best colored paper, or even just a virtual number in the form of a group of magnetic or optical symbols! Capital is something something else that should be worried about and CONTINUOUSLY! think of the state in the person of a specially selected, appointed, empowered and te te ... circle of persons ...
  12. 34 region
    34 region April 14 2015 07: 23
    Here, many talk about the fight against corruption and everyone is silent how. It seems they’re catching someone. So what? Confiscation of property of him and his relatives, seizure of accounts? Here our sworn friends can easily arrest the accounts of even the President of Libya, even Turkey. And we have? Who was confiscated or arrested? Serdyukov and Vasilyev suffered greatly? Then the detainees may be outraged and call it a run over to a private business. In my opinion, speaking of the fight against corruption, no one is engaged in the fight itself. And about school. After all, no one forces anyone. Everything is purely voluntary. Who will prove the opposite?
    1. SRC P-15
      SRC P-15 April 14 2015 09: 02
      Quote: Region 34
      . And about school. After all, no one forces anyone. Everything is purely voluntary. Who will prove the opposite?

      And not only that, if one parent goes against the stream and makes a fuss about school requisitions, then it is the parents themselves who begin to spread rot for this person with the words: do you feel sorry for a few hundred rubles, or is it really so poor? This suggests that our people perceive these requisitions as a matter of course - in the order of things. Therefore, corruption must be fought in the minds of ordinary people.
  13. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich April 14 2015 08: 26
    Fish always rots from the head.
    1. beer-youk
      beer-youk April 14 2015 10: 33
      That's why they clean it from the tail!
  14. Zomanus
    Zomanus April 14 2015 08: 37
    In fact, this was all there was in the Union. And complaining was just as useless. At school, they could complain that "your child is weak, you should improve him in the subject." In a kindergarten, I can involve in the repair of premises or to pay for materials for repairs. And doctors go there and bosses in the distribution of benefits. The office certainly went to the sanatorium at the expense of the enterprise. So don't be surprised. But then there was an article with confiscation. This made it impossible to steal without looking back, looked around a little, yes. And now steal as much as you want, the main thing is either share or be friends with good people. And in general, the judicial system for respected people works a little according to different laws. And the law should be the same for everyone.
  15. kvampaku
    kvampaku April 14 2015 08: 46
    Yes, this is flourishing everywhere in our country. I don’t know, is it our national identity ??? At any enterprise, poke at the head, check it deeper, and he conducts some kind of leftist "schemes" ... Probably you need to start with raising children who need to be taught from the very cradle to take someone else's - BAD !!!
  16. press officer
    press officer April 14 2015 08: 52
    I will give my experience as an example. Bringing my son to a regular school, they also began to ask us for one money, then for another .. And I just went to my work. feel In general, I could definitely find out through my channels how much money was given to this school .. At first, of course, I paid until they asked for a penny, then the primary school teacher said that she needed a gift for her teacher's day ... and gave a wish list .. And that's all. I was torn. I did not give up (this is voluntary!), My mothers tried to "shame" how greedy I am, etc. Stupidly sent them. Since the third grade, I refused to pay "for curtains, for repairs, security, cleaning lady, painter, desks", etc. And when I was asked to hand over the money, I asked to bring me documents on the allocated budget for the school from the Ministry of Education of our region ... And she warned, it will affect my child, it will be worse ... Intimidated in short))) bully In short, this is the only thing I used as a state official .. feel Now the son is graduating from a commercial college, here is revelry, so revelry! They don’t ask for anything. No. Payment for the month is very elaborate, i.e. you have to pay a month in advance .. In the contract, of course it is .. in small print .. And that’s all for it .. Even I ... For each month overdue a debt of 70 rubles. increasing in weird amounts. In short, for half a year (and about so much they wait for an accountant to inform you that you have a debt!) Comes out in about 30 !!!! Those. you pay monthly, but it turns out you have not paid AUGUST (when they do not study!) And the debt has gone! They came, thought, gave lawyers, etc. everyone was shocked how cleverly everything was checked, that there was no way to get to the bottom! It turns out that from one group of 25 people, for half a year, each person grows a debt of 30 pieces !!! And under the contract for the year we had to pay only 30 thousand! Here you have a good supplement in your pocket for the bosses of this college! Instead of 30 thousand per year - only one person pays almost 60-70 thousand per year !!!! Like that! And the college, while still being commercial, serves itself as a STATE! We found out about this when we dealt with these debts! negative Here my capabilities did not help me ... request Here's the taking of money from the population in a "legal order"! We must learn to deal with such schemes. yes hi
    The rest can be solved by knowledge of the law in the region.
    CONTROL April 14 2015 08: 53
    As long as I live - I watch elections to legislative and executive ... different levels! And all my life one and the same thing: a person I know well, is coming to power, who should not be there under any circumstances! a formed egoist, bribe-taker, libertine, as a rule - a person with a low cultural level (maybe with a higher education ...). well, and te teh: the set is quite a "soup" and pretty standard!
    And they offered me; thinking - did not go!
    The system is flawed - that's true ... But - in what? Execution can not be pardoned - for the slightest "jump up"? The Chinese are trying - bribe-takers are terribly afraid! but they take it !!!
    ... I have no answers - what to do? Unless absolutely exotic, on the verge of a fantastic foul ...
    ... and I am already over 60 ...
  18. runway
    runway April 14 2015 08: 57
    "News agencies have taught Russians that the word 'corruption' should be associated with billions stolen from federal, regional or municipal budgets."
    Not trillions?
    To argue with the author that it’s worse - theft from the budget immediately of a trillion (our money with you) or directly from our wallet a certain amount of thousands of rubles, a useless lesson.
    All this is EVIL.
    But the laws of nature cannot be changed. The fish as it began to rot from the head, it continues .... And redirecting the attention of the public from the first deputy heads to doctors, teachers and plumbers is a cheap technique.
    "So you can fuck with mice ...".
  19. Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. April 14 2015 09: 24
    What are the reforms that have a social status, for what would be better for the PEOPLE, now let's see what the reforms and various somersaults of our government and government led to, the ruble depreciated and 20 million people began to live immediately below the poverty line, people, price increases food and services, moreover, not 3-5 %%, but 15-20 %% or more, inflation, unemployment, corruption and the related consequences - increased crime, drunkenness, increased mortality. And as it should be, the creation of comfortable conditions for business, entrepreneurship, personal development, economic development, which naturally leads to lower costs, stable prices, lower mortality rates, with normal support, increased birth rates, an influx of investments, moreover, seeing this order, well-being will be in turn it’s worth investing, even if there are advantages such as 40% of world reserves of natural resources, the highest indicator of the presence of a population with higher education. This is done, NO, then it must be said that our AUTHORITY and GOVERNMENT are simply mediocre and stupid, and in some places simply criminal, since their stupid and mediocre actions affect all 147 million, the population of RUSSIA, for which we elected you both the president and the thought and appointed a government, you do not do your work. you are bad workers.
  20. loaln
    loaln April 14 2015 09: 42
    Well guys! You want so much. Already in stores sausages are not 100, but 1000 varieties, and all is not enough for you. You are looking for some kind of corruption. There can be no corruption in such a socio-economic system. There is only business, personal, in the workplace. What is the difference between the so-called corrupt official and the thief who profited from false privatization? Nothing. So, from the wrong end you take ... comrade ... gosp ... citizens. And this is not necessarily about direction.
  21. demon is ada
    demon is ada April 14 2015 09: 46
    A good article, straight to the root ... And the best part is that our people, for the most part, perfectly understand the problem and react correctly ... Then the question arises, why is it so bad? And the answer lies in the worldview and methods of counteraction. There are no methods of counteraction as such.
    What is the problem??? In a worldview! "Do not judge and you will not be judged", "do not differ from the team" and so on in the same spirit. When these principles are applied for good deeds, that is fine, but all this is applied for grabbing ... The basic foundations of the worldview are distorted not without the help of the so-called fifth column. Let's get back to basics? feel
    Well, in general terms - "do not covet the wife of your neighbor, nor his house, nor the donkey" - that is, it makes sense do not wish to appropriate to yourself what does not belong to you. Further, the so-called "private ownership of land (oh rzhunemogu), she already has a host laughing and a long time ago, from the time of creation, and businessmen are raiding in fact ...
    Another interesting thought "in the sweat of your brow you will earn your daily bread", this is not in the sense of only food, it is generally the fact that you have the result of your labor, everything is simple and clear. So from a freeloader macaque who collects and eats not his own babnans, the Creator grows. Therefore, even in the days of the USSR and the campaign against BG, the principle was still preserved - we are Orthodox tongue , although the very charter of the builder of communism is a copy-paste from canonical truths laughing . And if you consider that the canons appeared long before socialism, then don’t call all one hell, the main idea!
    And the main condition for changing a person is to explain why this or that cannot be done, unfortunately people do not always realize the depth of thought, in this case there is a punishment, not cruel, but just. Craving for freebies and material values? Confiscation and change of place of work from "God-chosen" to "mere mortals" for fresh air to low-paid and forced, for three years ... I do not understand - the same for five years, and so on. But the main thing is the inevitability of reckoning for sins laughing
  22. Valter1364
    Valter1364 April 14 2015 09: 48
    In my opinion, the author did not take into account one important detail. There are three types of bribes and thieves in our country:
    - those who steal billions (this is a caste of untouchables), usually they do not sit;
    - the middle link (as if there were none at all, study, medicine, secondary and petty bureaucracy) they also do not sit, because the state looks at this problem through fingers;
    - the lowest level of thieves and bribe-takers, i.e. those who steal pies in stalls, change in their pockets, a bucket of potatoes, etc. (these are the ones who sit for themselves and for their "senior" comrades).

    So the one who says that nothing is being done is wrong. We are fighting a ruthless and merciless fight against corruption, but so far at a lower level. Level # 1!

  23. provincial
    provincial April 14 2015 10: 17
    I appeal to VO "send this article to V. Putin, let him answer all comments."
    1. Karabanov
      Karabanov April 14 2015 11: 08
      Quote: provincial
      I appeal to VO "send this article to V. Putin, let him answer all comments."

      Exactly, an idea! Really send ... He does not know anything. And about s \ n Sechin has no information.
      And even better, he needs to register for VO and leave comments on topical issues.
      Not well, but what? Suddenly, the eyes really open, he finds out, for example, that Chubais is a thief. Special services and advisers scoundrels hide a lot ...
      Enlighten the guarantor, so to speak.
      1. provincial
        provincial April 14 2015 11: 20
        Not badly said, only to Medvedev, Chubais and other guardians of our people.
      2. provincial
        provincial April 14 2015 11: 28
        In November 2014, the Russian leader for the second year in a row topped the ranking of the most influential people in the world according to the American Forbes, ahead of the leaders of the United States and China Barack Obama and Xi Jinping.
  24. Yura
    Yura April 14 2015 10: 20
    Let me congratulate the author Alexey, the article is relevant, the topic is relevant as well as the topic of defense, if not more. It is depressing that no matter what branch of the national economy you can sneak into, you could probably write a similar article, but the more work like this one is yours, the more chances are that the issues will start to be resolved really.
  25. Wanda
    Wanda April 14 2015 10: 40
    More schools give their own money. For example, a paid excursion every week, and everyone who has not handed over money and does not go to the class will think by name to explain why. They scare the following essay on the topic of excursions. Children are incredibly upset, they are teasing. Parents borrow money.
  26. dummy
    dummy April 14 2015 10: 41
    Quote: Someone
    it is the upbringing of a new kind of man - the man who gives.
    naturally, a person who has gone through such a "school" in the future will easily give and take bribes and kickbacks, not seeing anything unnatural in this.
    but the literacy of the population has fallen sharply.

    There are simply two ways to control the world:
    1. Open and direct - on orders, oath, on the education of ideas. And for this form of government requires a management structure with someone at the head, who is recognized by all.
    2. Hidden - paid in cash. And for such a form of government, an open management structure is a screen, and the one who has the money does the real management action. This is also called structureless management. Democracy is the best form of government for monetary influence.
    We in Russia do not have cultural habits to sell everything and everything for money, therefore, our economy is exposed to money, called abusive words, for example, corruption. And in the US, this lifestyle is the norm. And it does not occur to anyone to consider it a vice. So it turns out the trick - in Russia they criticize corruption, denounce it and consider us the most stolen. And in the states no one scolds, because this is the norm. And the United States, the most corrupt country in the world, is considered the standard of truth and purity. That's the paradoxes of life!
  27. Julian
    Julian April 14 2015 10: 46
    Corruption ... it has long been talked about, since the time of Cicero, this topic has been relevant. Corruption is just a symptom. The root in education (or self-education?). The whole system, and especially in our time, where society imposes education and a narrow point of view (what to do, slavery with a whip is no longer in fashion) is based on development personalityAnd not individuality... [Personality (lat. Persona) - mask, false] [lat. individuum - indivisible] For a person to become a reliable "cog" in the gigantic machine of society, he needs to instill desire, ambition. The more ambitious you are, the more respected you are. From kindergarten, a person is assessed according to various parameters. Do you think this is harmless for a child? Then why are cases of suicide not so rare because of, say, a failed exam? And tears already speak volumes. Because they always teach only one "truth" - be the first at any cost. And this problem is not unique to our time. The power of desire, the power of the ego, was seen by the ancient emperors. If a person desires something, if he is attached to something, then this makes him almost a slave. If there is a desire to own, then the one who desires will serve, take a loan, pay, sit quietly and wait for his dream. This is similar to how dogs were controlled in Manchuria - a piece of meat loomed in front of them, and they ran as long as necessary ... the main thing is to keep the dog hungry. And corruption is just a side effect of excessive greed.
  28. Averias
    Averias April 14 2015 11: 35
    An example on the topic that they say corruption is officials and in general among "the inhabitants of heaven." So it may be so, but not so. In my city, a bourgeois construction company is building houses (these are good houses, I bought two apartments myself.). Moreover, it builds quickly and efficiently. Everything seems to be good and wonderful. But when I learned some of the details, I felt funny and wanted to cry at the same time. At first there were problems with workers, they quit. Why, like, are the payment and conditions excellent? The answer is simple - you can’t steal, and you can’t in any way, the control is competent. It's the same with foremen and contractors. Here you are, eat to your health. But these are not officials, these are WORKS, as many like to flaunt. Rot is everywhere, and the bottom and the top. Money, profit, freebies - these are the "bright ideal and life stimulus" for many today.
  29. Siberian 38
    Siberian 38 April 14 2015 11: 59
    Quote: Region 34
    Confiscation of property of him and his relatives, seizure of accounts?

    This is the only way to do it. Of course, it will not work to eradicate, but thieves will certainly decrease.
  30. antoXa
    antoXa April 14 2015 12: 09
    I worked both at the municipal and federal levels, let’s say the higher the level, the less corruption I feel. Of course it is and its volumes are grandiose, but nevertheless at the federal level there is more control over this. In municipalities, total corruption !!! Even if the municipal employee does not take bribes, he always earns money on the side using one way or another official opportunities.
    1. Karabanov
      Karabanov April 14 2015 13: 02
      Quote: antoXa
      let's say the higher the level, the less corruption I feel

      I disagree. Maybe not so noticeable?
      A simple layman for example does not have direct evidence of theft from the budget by the governor, or by any minister ...
      But then he is well acquainted with requisitions and theft of local bureaucrats. He is more often confronted with lawlessness at the local (lower) level - kindergarten, school, housing and communal services, social security, medical care ... But this lower system cannot thrive like that without the connivance and patronage of echelons from above. And all the officials of a higher rank, one way or another, grew out of these same municipal directories, bosses ... Did they forget their profitable business there? Don't live ...
      The system at the top has blossomed even more magnificently and theft is much larger, only now the corruption schemes have become much more complex and cunning. That is why such a deceptive opinion may develop that those who are closer to the common man are arrogant, snickering thieves, and those who are inaccessible are the most honest "saints" and defenders of the common people.
      And some still have to pray ...
      1. jjj
        jjj April 14 2015 13: 27
        Imagine if you approach everyone now strictly according to the law. The country will empty overnight, take it with your bare hands
        1. antoXa
          antoXa April 14 2015 14: 24
          moreover, a couple of million people will simply have to be shot, since many people are sitting on the system and in no case will want to change it.
      2. antoXa
        antoXa April 14 2015 13: 34
        You do not quite understand what I wanted to say.
        The corruption that the author spoke about (schools, hospitals) is no less dangerous than corruption on the scale of Serdyukov, although it is less massive in terms of numbers, such as it seems to me the message was in the article. And I agree with that.
        I am not a layman and I can judge it. In my opinion, such corruption is even more dangerous in the sense that it has a much greater penetration into the life of just ordinary people and affects ordinary people, making corruption the norm in everyday life.
        Corruption at the top is less noticeable and today is most often lobbying for the interests of large financial institutions, and not just bribery. 90% of employees of the government or federal ministries are not involved in any schemes and work for wages, moreover, every day they read anti-corruption memos))) without fail
        1. Karabanov
          Karabanov April 14 2015 20: 32
          I understand you ... But I'm sorry, the system nurtures its own kind. The municipal scheme is almost identical.
          And all good undertakings are held under good slogans ... The formation of the army (Serdyukov), nanotechnology (Chubais), the Vostochny cosmodrome (the hero is awaiting a reward) ... Our information space abounds with these slogans.
          These forgot (we can do without a fifth column) that they no longer believe in them. Which of them sat down?
          Finished creatures ... I apologize - PATRIOTS.
  31. Sendi7s
    Sendi7s April 14 2015 12: 23
    If you still dig the sphere of housing and communal services ... That's where corruption flourishes in magnificent colors, from locksmiths to the highest echelons.
    I agree with those who believe that a corrupt official is in everyone. A hundred times the number of those taking bribes would decrease, if those wishing to pay a bribe for a certain service would decrease.
    1. maradona
      maradona April 14 2015 12: 52
      But how then to get this service because everything has been done there so that you won’t get around them
  32. Tambov Wolf
    Tambov Wolf April 14 2015 12: 55
    President, where are you going to swing, when will you start shooting? Why the hell are you silent like crucian in mud ?.
  33. Tishka
    Tishka April 14 2015 14: 16
    Of course, we can talk for a long time about the fact that the people themselves are to blame for everything, that we must start with ourselves, before demanding something from others! And this is absolutely correct, you always need to ask yourself in a larger volume before you condemn others and fight them! But one small rhetorical question arises, if I, though not ideal, have a desire to work for the benefit of the people, without a corruption component, how can I run for the same people’s representatives, if I don’t have the means, to advertise myself ? After all, any election company involves huge expenses, and if there is no finance, then who will find out about you? Hence. or you must accept the conditions of those who will give you these finances for the election campaign, or steal yourself, and invest them with your promotion, in the hope that in a new place, you will not only beat them. but also multiply to reach a higher level! That's why we are not surprised that those who know how to steal come to power at all levels! And as a result, they struggle with themselves, there is no point, because they are not interested in laws for the people, most importantly, it is its own corruption component!
    1. Andriuha077
      Andriuha077 April 14 2015 14: 26
      A proposal is being developed in a form that is understandable to society.
      Supporters sign up under it - not under the face of the corrupt official, but under a specific business proposal.
      Support extends up to the Referendum.
      Lawyers are working on implementation, otherwise what they are.
      State: to ensure the official voter's will expression in each of his specific judgments.

      All decisions are made by the number of trusted votes of all voters.
      The president speaks on behalf of all voters.
      And not from a limited number of special shadow people.
  34. Samors
    Samors April 14 2015 15: 25
    NOT everything is so simple. And it is not necessary to assert that the necessary funds are allocated to all schools, and all the directors appropriate parental donations. Here, as in all budgetary enterprises, it is necessary to start with the state, with what responsibilities they have to schools and other institutions, when and how much they will allocate for this and that. But almost always all the budgets of regions and territories, and the federal budget saves money and does not pay extra to schools, kindergartens, or medical institutions. So before accusing everyone of corruption, it is necessary to find out if these institutions have money for the same basic repair of floors, replacement of lamps or curtains. You can certainly wait for the budget to allocate money to the school for these purposes, but as practice shows, first-graders will become graduates expecting these benefits. Now it seems that due to the lack of funds, state bodies themselves are forcing the school administration to solve all problems independently. These are the cases - a regularity, and not the few that the author writes about.
  35. would
    would April 14 2015 17: 27
    But after all, many citizens of Russia perfectly understand who the student will be turned into if his parents (if he has both parents at all) suddenly refuse to “voluntarily donate” to plasma or new blinds in his office, to pay for classes or some “compulsory” course preparation ...

    Exactly. In reality, they can not only poison in the classroom, incite bulls from the class, but also, for example, leave them for the second year until the end of the school year itself, without admitting to the control ones and deleting the grades for the quarters. The Ministry of Education and Science will say the following "no, well, we see what is illegal, we can help, but they will not let you live in peace. Better transfer your child to another school." Well, yes! PDNschitsy will be completely on the side of the school, as well as those persons who will automatically issue a warning for "improper upbringing of a child." Should I talk about the pressure on the whole family or is everything clear anyway?

    Actually, these requisitions for textbooks themselves (which, of course, give the children old ones, scribbled and torn from the library where they donate them afterwards), requisitions for furniture ... that is, for security (it's awesome work to sit at the door all day and solve crosswords) , for repairs (which in theory should be paid from the budget) and so on. this is only one of the parties. The second side is money from the budget, or rather their request. Should I say that the estimate is overstated?
  36. Fish supervision
    Fish supervision April 14 2015 17: 46
    It’s easy to do. 1-pass a polygraph test (lie detector) .2-blood test (Jews will not miss). hi
  37. Slovek
    Slovek April 14 2015 18: 44
    The state needs to create a system in which there would be an adequate response to every signal from an ordinary person. Do not hush up, dismiss or pretend that there is nothing, but in our country everything is protected, but really understand where and what is missing. And with us, either the licks sing to their superiors that "everything is fine, the beautiful marquise" or the complainant himself spread rot and make him guilty, or they say that nothing can be done, bear with it, decide for yourself, etc. It has long been necessary to adopt a directive so that for any jamb, indifference, and even more so for a bribe, an official of any level could be kicked out in the ass, with the establishment of a business, with confiscation, without the right to occupy leadership positions for 10 years. over income. And here they can only, as a simple person, heap a bunch of duties, requirements and all kinds of incomprehensible paper-writing and information-collecting garbage, as if he has time for a car and there is nothing to do, because a simple person cannot do anything and answer to his superiors, and there is nowhere to complain too much and once.
  38. fa2998
    fa2998 April 14 2015 21: 05
    Quote: Pavellio
    On the other hand ... I myself work at school, now a lot of money is allocated for education, and specifically in our country, textbooks are given free to all children, at the expense of the budget. The so-called "fees" are held only for paid meals and for various trips and excursions of those who wish. smile

    Yes, you have a lot of funding. But the extortions to schools are constant! For the needs of the school, for the needs of the classroom, for repairs, the parent committee collects for gifts to class teachers. Only yesterday they brought questionnaires for "additional" paid arr. Okay for gifts for children, for trips - willingly, but the rest negative We are not rich people, we have collected certificates for free food, we don’t feed, are we busy? Is there a quota? And school security. 50,80,100,120 rubles. Yes, if there was any sense! A security guard (pensioner) with a salary of 3000-5000 rubles works from 9 to 16, and study (2 shifts) to 17.30. We multiply 120rub.kh500 students-5000 (security guard) - 55000rub. profit per month. When will they be full ?? hi
  39. Self-willed
    Self-willed April 14 2015 22: 28
    And here is another case of industrial corruption. The head of the shop or the head of the section have funds for encouraging workers, the motivation there is different - work without marriage, advanced training, cleanliness at the workplace, etc. And then the head of the section comes up to the worker and says: "Listen, I wrote you a bonus here, 5 thousand, you will give half. " And this business is exclusively voluntary, you can not subscribe to this business, if you do not want, they will find another. Moreover, the head of the section sometimes acts as a forced person, people even higher can put pressure on him. And at first glance, no one seems to get into people's pockets, the entire salary is paid to the penny - the salary, the official bonus for the implementation of the plan, the deal - all this is there. And this foreign money, they seem to be left. And taking into account the fact that people are not young, and salaries are not the highest, then an extra couple of pieces, they would not hurt. And people are silent. because they say - Don't spit against the wind, it's more expensive for yourself. There are, of course, lonely rebels, but it's hard to stand alone against the system that has developed over the years. However, there are victories, I know a case when a criminal case was opened against the head of the shop for such manipulations, but I don't know if the case went to court.
  40. Self-willed
    Self-willed April 14 2015 23: 28
    In general, the topic of corruption in Russia is such an immense topic that you can talk about it for hours.
    For example, the topic of privatization. It turns out privatization can be carried out in two ways. Well, the first way is legal, you give the documents and the case has begun and somewhere in two months you are the owner. But the process can be accelerated if paid. My friend didn’t extort money, but he very much asked for it. The female official pressured pity: they say her husband died, the funeral was expensive, and her daughter's graduation soon - in general, it’s hard to live. But my friend has flint, no - he sympathized with the woman and even expressed his condolences, but did not give the money.
    And the topic related to funerals and cemeteries is generally a separate song, I suppose very many have come across this.
    And somehow you live in all this and you don’t seem to notice if you’re used to it. But if you look with such a distant fresh look, then it is terrible. And here I’m kind of not a Stalinist, and a categorical opponent of all sorts of Maidan. But this is how you come across this, friends, relatives, listen to how people are skinned, and you want to take a gun and shoot all this shobla to hell.
  41. Governor
    Governor April 15 2015 03: 27
    This is a SYSTEM! Once born, she became very strong. Whether you like it or not, the only way out is a revolution, a popular revolution.
    You should not hope that after Putin a patriot of the country will come, and in general a good person. This will not happen, the system will not allow. And everyone knows about Kennedy, I hope that the same will happen in Russia. Such a system presses in the bud.

    And in the USA, by the way, the situation is a little different ... You should not compare.
  42. Ural45
    Ural45 April 15 2015 05: 11
    "... a criminal case has been opened under part 3 of article 285 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation" Abuse of official powers. "As D. Kiselev says, it is high time to call things by their proper names, this is not abuse, but theft. And then as a janitor to a can of beer he appropriated from the trash can, then this is theft, but how Serdyukov and the women shod a budget of billions of rubles, then this is “Abuse of official powers”. " It may be fairer to do the opposite and not confine ourselves to such thieves as the Serdyukovs, Vasilievs and K. “bracelets” or suspended sentences, but give real terms, for a long time and with working off at construction sites of the national economy. In a VIP-cell and a tuzik can sit out and go out on parole.
  43. Leader
    Leader April 15 2015 12: 13
    The author "discovered America" ​​... The lower classes are to blame!
    Let the top begin with itself! All microscopic thieves at the household general civilian level in a lifetime do not steal as much as one top official with one stroke of a pen!
    Article - ordering? Like, are we all to blame?
    Go to hell! I see at my level who steals how much. The fish rots from the head!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Andriuha077
      Andriuha077 April 15 2015 12: 29
      Population layers
      Divide and Conquer (Latin divide et impera) - the principle of state power, which is often resorted to by governments of states consisting of heterogeneous parts, and according to which, the best method of managing such a state is to incite and use enmity between its parts.
      creation or at least non-prevention of petty enmity among the smaller players. Such enmity depletes resources and prevents alliances that could challenge the masters;
      assistance to those who wish to cooperate with the overlord, often at the expense of disobedient local rulers;
      creation mistrust and hostility between local rulers;
      approval of expenses for excesses (for example, spectacular palaces) in order to leave insufficient funds for political maneuvering and wars.
  44. pescimakhi
    pescimakhi April 21 2015 15: 14
    Quote: NEXUS
    Quote: anfil
    Do you want to live in a civilized world?

    From small nails, we need to instill in our children a sense of dignity and culture ... and then our society will improve over time. And if dad is a thief, mom drags, what will their children become?
    The point is primarily in education, culture and self-esteem. hi