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"Shock" Leszek is already in Ukraine

Last week, the Ukrainian media casually mentioned the name of such a person as Leszek Balcerowicz. The general tone of the publications associated with this name looked like this: former Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Finance of Poland Leszek Balcerowicz urged the Ukrainian government to immediately start implementing the privatization plan. For the overwhelming majority of Ukrainian citizens, this “appeal” emanating from Balcerowich’s mouth (if Ukrainian citizens even paid attention to these “fleeting” publications of Ukrainian news agencies against the background of squabbles in the Rada, the rise in prices for all without exception and against the background of the situation in Donbass) seem no more than the next rant of another foreign "expert". Considering that foreign “experts” already and the ranks of members of the Cabinet of “Square” replenish, speaking to the right and left about their readiness to lead Ukraine to a brighter future, an ordinary Ukrainian citizen is not wisely confused in both the “experts” (internal and external) and in their statements and sentences. Moreover, a considerable number of "friends of the Ukrainian people" spoke about privatization in Ukraine and before Balcerowicz.

But Leshek Baltserovich is not a figure at all, whose statements to Ukrainian citizens can be easily ignored. This character is well known to those who still spit or are baptized at the mere mention of such terms as "500 days program" or "shock therapy." It was to these terms that the Polish economist, who, by the way, had time to work at the Institute of Marxism-Leninism, had the most direct connection.

So what advises the Ukrainian government, Mr. Baltserovich, and who is he at all? Everything in order ...

Leshek Baltserovich, outwardly having absolutely nothing to do with Ukraine, voiced as much as a whole list of economic steps that Ukraine should take. The most important step, according to the Pole, is large-scale privatization, which “must end state property in order to ensure demonopolization, create competition and, as a result, economic growth”.

Balcerowicz quotes Ukrainian newspaper, telling that this person comes to Kiev for the second time this year:
I am not saying that everything should be privatized. But it is impossible to postpone privatization. If there is stabilization, and with the successful implementation of the program it is possible in a few months, then the prices of enterprises will also increase.

Demonopolization. Where there is a list of monopolies that need to be broken, that is, create real competition. Mass deregulation. Is there a commission? And the commission of the highest level. After all, there are many good people in parliament who could quickly create a commission for deregulation. Moreover, in parallel to introduce such mechanisms so that new regulations do not suddenly begin to revive. And this is a very important point.

"Shock" Leszek is already in Ukraine

So, once again a foreigner arrives in Kiev, who seems to be directing the work of the government in the direction necessary for Ukraine. But is it for Ukraine? .. And this is a key question, given the personality of the ex-Minister of Finance of the Polish government.

For reference: Leszek Balcerowicz - a native of the Polish city of Lipno, a graduate of the Faculty of the External Main School of Planning and Statistics of Poland, a student at the University of St. John in New York. It is considered the author of the scenario of the Polish “shock therapy” (“Balcerowicz plan”), the basis of which was the procedure of total “denationalization” (privatization) of strategic Polish enterprises. The Balcerowicz Plan, which Western historiography presents as “a series of positive reforms after 45 years of communist management inefficiency”, in fact led to a huge increase in unemployment, 6 -fold increase in foreign debt, the transfer of the most “tasty” from an economic point of view of companies into the hands of foreign owners and the emergence of an unprecedented stratification of society in terms of income. Nothing like? Well, of course, it reminds ... Our "dear" shock therapy "of the early nineties, when inflation gushed the population mercilessly, when for the beautiful candy wrappers -" vouchers "thanks to the" galaxy of young economic geniuses "of new Russia almost the whole country went at a ridiculous price foreign "investors" and those who today are called oligarchs.

And “Balcerowich’s plan” reminds of the Russian “shock therapy” precisely because this same Leszek, as already noted, who managed to learn the economic skills in the States, was a consultant to the Russian “young reformers”. It was he who at the beginning of 90 had distinguished himself as an adviser to the Russian ministers of the economic sector, urging those to repeat what he had already done in Poland, namely, to plunge into dragon loans from the IMF, to sell even the largest enterprises at the price of provincial one-bedroom apartments, to turn people into means for making money by transnational corporations.

Is Balcerovich himself writing his “plan”? Naturally, not myself ... Him, how to put it more softly, helped ... And the people we knew helped. The main one is the "old" Soros. Yes, yes, it was George Soros who supervised Balcerowicz’s work while he was in a high state position in the Polish Cabinet of Ministers. It was through Soros, who later recognized the “Balcerowich Plan” as an outstanding (it is understandable ...) set of reforms, that the Polish minister pushed the idea of ​​transferring the economy to those who should have earned the most, and, to put it simply, to those who the sacred right of the economy to be plundered was intended ... And it was precisely acquaintance with Soros that allowed Baltserovich to tour across Russia, convincing the "young reformers" of the vital importance of contacts with his chief puppeteer (although they were convincing, it was superfluous - they were simply helped by projects to get to assets more efficiently). They say that George and I will not advise you of the bad, but on the contrary - we will help you with word and deed, we will send you in the right direction. What turned Balcerowicz and Soros advice for the Russian people? - well known; what is called, on the skins have tested ...

Considering that Soros has recently begun to show a special interest in Ukraine, it becomes clear why Baltserovich began to visit Kiev. The plan does not change. However, if Poland is still trying to get out of Soros-Balcerowovich’s “shock therapy” thanks exclusively to loans, which are mainly used to pay off previously allocated loans from the IMF, and this is more or less successful with it, new "large-scale denationalization"? Here you need to understand that the previous privatization waves in Ukraine were passing with a twinkle, and its new stage will definitely not burn like a child ... But if Poland and Russia were included in the “therapy” with relatively low indicators of public debt, Ukraine would go into the “plan” Balcerowicz ”(and for some reason it seems that Ukraine will go in there if the next Maidan does not occur) with a national debt over 60% of GDP (and this is also not counting the new requests of the government of Yatsenyuk for the allocation of loans). With such an indicator, and in the presence of real, and not concocted by all sorts of "Fitch" and "S.-Pursami", the garbage rating of ukroeconomy, even what happened in Russia at the beginning of 90's, will seem to flowers in modern Ukraine. Balcerovich priyde - order povede ...
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  1. avvg
    avvg April 13 2015 06: 51
    Leshek - This will be our Chubais in Ukraine, although the "young reformers" in Russia in the 90s were his students.
    1. Corsair
      Corsair April 13 2015 07: 02
      Quote: avvg
      Leshek - This will be our Chubais in Ukraine, although the "young reformers" in Russia in the 90s were his students.

      And since when has this Polish "shot" become "yours"? Are you gay European?
      1. avvg
        avvg April 13 2015 07: 32
        The idea is that he will destroy state property through privatization in Ukraine, as Chubais carried out "privatization" in Russia.
        1. Corsair
          Corsair April 13 2015 07: 50
          Quote: avvg
          The idea is that he will destroy state property through privatization in Ukraine, as Chubais carried out "privatization" in Russia.

          But he is "theirs" ... And you focused on "our" ...
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. s.melioxin
          s.melioxin April 13 2015 10: 20
          Quote: avvg
          The idea is that he will destroy state property through privatization in Ukraine, as Chubais carried out "privatization" in Russia.
          Dear, "our" went on. State property is nothing, with the life of the "privatized". Vile, cynical, but it could be.
          1. SveTok
            SveTok April 13 2015 17: 05
            Two of a Kind.
      2. SPB 1221
        SPB 1221 April 13 2015 13: 11
        You are a trickster, maybe you were at the war, or are you the moderator? You don’t know how a grenade peeks out or how a bullet will herald. Speak up, otherwise I comb and tear the eggs!
    2. Момент
      Момент April 13 2015 07: 02
      They erase Ukraine as a state. It seems that all the fraudsters and corrupt officials gathered in Kiev.
      1. Serge1ant
        Serge1ant April 13 2015 11: 28
        +1 just erase
    3. Finches
      Finches April 13 2015 07: 19
      And I do not care about Ukraine, as a state and its future! And Ukrainians do not care! Let them kiss the ass of another American six, they can’t get used to it!
      Crimea, Donbass and Lugansk made their choice, and let the rest swell even with hunger, I’m on the drum! I’ve taken my whole brain from Kiev to my brain, help me, help me ... and a year ago Ukraine sang another song, Europe!
      1. BMW
        BMW April 13 2015 07: 54
        Quote: Finches
        a year ago, Ukraine sang another song, Europe!

        Reaching begins to fools, but only those who are over 35, young growth rides and will ride.
        A friend came a week ago from Ukraine (from the province). The people began to understand what happens when the coffins began to arrive. Now the majority doubts the idea of ​​European Ukraine, though quietly and uncertainly, but the process has begun. This process greatly inhibits the fear of persecution by the SBU. Anyone with satellite dishes looks at our channels - about 5 or 6, so there is no total information isolation. But their head was thoroughly bullied. So there will be chaos and a mess there for 10 years no less, even if the war ends now.

        To be honest, I also do not care about Ukrainians and Ukraine. Time said that we are not brothers - 100 x ... in and an anchor in the ass. And help to the government in the form of discounts and concessions must be stopped, and the debt back to be claimed. Even 10 years ago, they said that we should supply gas to them for free, since they produce it for us, and we can’t fly into space without them, and there are a lot of other zevertas in our heads. And this is not in the heads of some underdeveloped maydauns, but among educated and very grammatical people in their heads such bullshit.
      2. Darkness
        Darkness April 13 2015 08: 04
        I will support. Such a country as Ukraine should not be.
      3. Corsair
        Corsair April 13 2015 14: 42
        Quote: Finches
        And I do not care about Ukraine, as a state and its future! And Ukrainians do not care! Let them kiss the ass of another American six, they can’t get used to it!
        Crimea, Donbass and Lugansk made their choice, and let the rest swell even with hunger, I’m on the drum! I’ve taken my whole brain from Kiev to my brain, help me, help me ... and a year ago Ukraine sang another song, Europe!

        You don't care about the rest of the territory ... Okay. This is for you. And the Americans? Of course, they will not feed your relatives, but the TERRITORIES, as a BOARDWARD, will be frankly happy.

        How do you like this turn?

        From people like you, WAY of patriots, statesmen, geopoliticians, strategists, the main threat to Russia comes.
        Take a look further than your own couch. If you are in your pettiness, you can lose your country ...
        If there is not even a clear threat to the existence of Russia, then your life will certainly be MUCH MUCH complicated ...

        Do you need IT? Turn on your brains, "strategists" ... It's not too late.
        1. kotvov
          kotvov April 13 2015 20: 09
          I fully support Korsar. The head needs to be included. Obviously insult, but there is something higher than emotions. Who needs an anarchist state or many states at the borders, all the more hostile. Do not forget, this is our Ukraine, and not everyone supported this coup.
          1. Finches
            Finches April 13 2015 21: 46
            Masha, three rubles and ours ...! Vladimir, those who really did not support the coup are now called the DPR and LPR! I think it is difficult to challenge this fact here? And everything else, this is the wish-out of our wishful thinking ... Odessa, as proof that everything can be swallowed, Kharkov, constantly falling monuments and the recognition of Russia as an aggressor country at the legislative level, the same is in Nikolaev ...., but they are essentially Russian cities ...!
            Yours! hi
        2. Finches
          Finches April 13 2015 21: 36
          Corsair hiding behind the nickname of legalized piracy! Who you are? Putin, Lavrov ..., who reads the situation at one time and knows more than anyone else what Russia needs today! Always with Superman's brains on ....! What are your suggestions, besides pronounced Internet rudeness?
          I expressed my personal opinion on this issue - and as an acting, personnel, and senior officer, I know very well what the word bridgehead means!
          Easy cornering, comrade!
          Yours faithfully, hi
    4. abzzy
      abzzy April 13 2015 07: 46
      stupid people
      1. EvgNik
        EvgNik April 13 2015 14: 19
        Quote: abzzy
        stupid people

        Please explain what you mean by this.
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. The comment was deleted.
    7. igor.borov775
      igor.borov775 April 13 2015 16: 17
      Quote: avvg
      Leshek - This will be our Chubais in Ukraine, although the "young reformers" in Russia in the 90s were his students.

      Hi. Melko take it. Chubais just did what was entrusted. Hand over a thousand approved comrades to the whole country. and he didn’t choose for sure. It will hit Ukraine too. This is where the old oligarchs are not all sure but may not fit into the recommended ones. A strange thing is where Soros appears immediately the poverty of the population and the normal growth of the US economy. Our experts are embarrassed to say that it’s not good . But the story cannot be redone. So. Soros began a new initiative for the benefit of the LIGHT OF DEMOCRACY. Good time for the United States.
  2. Magic archer
    Magic archer April 13 2015 06: 57
    Studied in the United States ?! That says it all. Favorable soil for the American special services. Ukraine is actively sold, and such Leshki help their owners to snatch pieces fatter.
    1. ROMANO
      ROMANO April 13 2015 08: 09
      Typical looting. As soon as a political, economic, or even natural cataclysm happens somewhere, vultures immediately flock from all over the world with one single desire - they will profit from someone else’s grief. And the Poles here are far from pioneers.
    2. corn
      corn April 13 2015 09: 07
      Quote: Magic Archer
      Studied in the USA?! That says it all

      Kim Philby, sort of like, graduated from Cambridge, P.L.Kapitsa, kind of like, defended his doctoral dissertation in Cambridge?
      1. EvgNik
        EvgNik April 13 2015 14: 21
        There are always exceptions to the rules. And to blame Ukraine for using the services of Soros-Balcerovich is pointless. We went through this. Although Ukraine could take advantage of our sad experience.
    3. Egoza
      Egoza April 13 2015 11: 12
      Quote: Magic Archer
      Studied in the USA?! That's it.

      ALL foreign ministers of Ukraine studied / interned in the USA! So just cover their agents with the words Georgia, Latvia ....
  3. old pioneer
    old pioneer April 13 2015 07: 21
    Involvement of foreigners in solving their problems shows the "independence and competence" of the Ukrainian leadership in the best possible way.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. saigon
      saigon April 13 2015 07: 35
      So what if you do your own even worse than the other? We can assume that wearing embroidered shirts and a craving for the origins and a sacred shovel, which the Black Sea was digging for, goes without consequences. So here and in the face there are consequences. This is a return to the thinking of the last century, and it leaves a mark on the brain. It is impossible to live normally in the modern world with the thinking of the past.
      But mental degenerates and advisers choose the same for themselves.
  4. Name
    Name April 13 2015 07: 32
    "Briefly" about what they are planning to privatize in the Ruin:

    Mines, sea trade ports, all hydroelectric power plants and several thermal power plants can go under the hammer
    But there are also quite interesting enterprises for investors on the list that do not fall into the new list:

    coal mines. Currently, they are subsidized, but the private owner may well restore order there and make a profit;
    JSC "Trunk oil pipelines" Druzhba "with the sea terminal" Yuzhny ", Kremenchug department of trunk oil product pipelines," Ukrinterenergo ". The latter company is now, in particular, engaged in the purchase of electricity from Russia and got into trouble due to the purchase of coal in South Africa. how interesting it can be to an investor, because it is logical to allow the import of fuel and energy by the consumers themselves, without an intermediary;
    The National Exhibition Center is 285 hectares of territory, 17 pavilions (although very outdated);
    all book, magazine and other publishing houses (this activity is now of little interest to investors);
    Ukrkinohronika and Ukranimafilm studios (a lot of money needs to be invested to make these assets profitable);
    ANTK them. Antonov, Kharkiv Aviation Production Enterprise, Aviant Plant, Civil Aviation Plant No. 410;
    enterprises for the extraction and production of salt (they are guaranteed constant demand for products);
    stud farms - it’s easier to close them, because the costs do not pay off with demand;
    state farms for the cultivation of silkworms and cocoon processing facilities, enterprises for growing flax - these industries may be interesting in view of the growing demand for natural fabrics and threads;
    elevators, agricultural products combines - private companies are actively building their own similar facilities, so interest in existing facilities is likely. Odessa and Nikolaev port elevators will also be privatized;
    the agricultural complex "Pushcha-Voditsa" and the agricultural firm "Flowers of Ukraine", which have such a huge sales market as Kiev;
    all sea trade ports (except for the Crimean ones): Mariupol, Berdyansk, Nikolaev, Ilyichevsk, Odessa, Reni, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Izmail, Kherson, Skadovsk, specialized port "Oktyabrsk", port "Yuzhny", port Ust-Dunaisk;
    corporation "Molodsportloto", which in fact is hardly worth privatizing, since lotteries are a reliable source of income;
    regional forestry departments; the leshoz sector is a constant source of corruption, but it can generate income for a private owner;
    Mariupol and Illichivsk sea fishing ports;
    fish farms throughout the country, whose products are now massively sold "to the left";
    "Konstantinovsky glassworks plant named after 13 executed workers" and Lisichansk glassworks "Proletary";
    several state farms of the Ukrfitoterapiya system;
    regional enterprises engaged in the development of peat - a promising alternative source of energy;
    all hydroelectric power stations (HPPs);
    CHPP in Cherkassy and "Chernivtsioblenergo", Kiev CHPP-5 and 6;
    Lviv jewelry factory;
    Illichivsk Shipyard;
    Danube Shipping Company;
    airport "Kharkov";
    hotel "Dnepr" in Kiev;
    enterprise "Ukrspirt" and all distilleries.
    - and this is not a complete list of what will go to amers.
    1. saigon
      saigon April 13 2015 07: 40
      Oh, I didn’t buy anything at the place of dancing in Ukraine. Boys a little later Parashenka banged if he does not have time to escape. And then they will say with honest snouts that we didn’t sell anything and they will throw nicknames as they are.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Serge1ant
      Serge1ant April 13 2015 11: 36
      Ug. the mines are subsidized, because the state buys coal in them at 850 g, while in Russia it already buys at 2000 g. From 1200 mines in the black
  5. semirek
    semirek April 13 2015 07: 34
    Residents of the nezalezhnaya, constantly want manna from heaven --- so that they would have a freebie for their "exclusivity", they promised on the Maidan: why work, throw off Yanuca and Europe immediately, open the doors, then Russia should give gas for free, in general, instead of to go step by step to the future, roll up their sleeves, start some kind of races on the spot, of course, Russia is to blame for everything, which protected them at one time from the Poles, and increased the territory of Ukraine with large lands selected from other peoples, but do the Ukrainians themselves remember this, and isn't it time to start putting everything in its place?
  6. pensioner
    pensioner April 13 2015 07: 54
    It seems that soon scavengers of all sizes will fly to Ukraine: from the smallest to the gigantic. Zdobuly, cho say ...
  7. Maaslo Sallonen
    Maaslo Sallonen April 13 2015 07: 55
    Yes, that Leshek is all hints, but hints. I would speak directly to the forehead about restitution. On the return of property to former owners. Well, of course, not to the owners, but to their descendants, but for one and the descendants of Ukrainian slaves to return to the descendants of the owners - the sirs.
    1. Anper
      Anper April 13 2015 08: 19
      Quote: Maaslo Sallonen
      I would say directly to the forehead about restitution

      From Western Ukraine. But this is a problem, and it’s such that the hairs stand on end. Just as the heirs of the Lubomirsky documents show that, for example, all the land on which Exactly stands, their possessions - what should I do? Not to mention such things little things like residential buildings, repaired by the bloody Soviet regime of cathedrals, etc.
  8. Semenov
    Semenov April 13 2015 07: 55
    The big driban begins. And Ukrainians will sing sad songs and cross-stitch shirts, cursing Moscow and dreaming of a European salary.
    1. Darkness
      Darkness April 13 2015 08: 07
      About lace shorts yet.
  9. Klim2011
    Klim2011 April 13 2015 07: 56
    Well, they will sell state assets, so not a nightmare will happen. We had the same thing, but the moon-faced Gaidar is still in authority and Chubais is in the first cohort of managers, to see they did everything right in due time.
    1. Darkness
      Darkness April 13 2015 08: 08
      Gaidar and his shobla in authority only among liberal critters.
      For the rest, he is an enemy.
      1. Klim2011
        Klim2011 April 13 2015 08: 51
        Mulea, don't make me laugh! Or did you see Chubais on posters of this kind?
        1. Darkness
          Darkness April 13 2015 14: 43
          Auburn is a head-bat. The whole country knows him without portraits
          1. Klim2011
            Klim2011 April 13 2015 19: 05
            The older and middle generation know this, but the youth do not.
  10. ROMANO
    ROMANO April 13 2015 08: 01
    Leshek liked the photo. A characteristic gesture, better than any words, speaks of the true intentions of the "pshek" and their overseas owners.
  11. spiriolla-45
    spiriolla-45 April 13 2015 08: 16
    I can’t understand why our red cat has not yet been counted?
  12. Zomanus
    Zomanus April 13 2015 08: 18
    Everything is fine. Now we are sitting and reviewing our 90s. Only in accelerated mode. He overwhelmed the country, a civil war began (in some way an analogue of our Chechnya, the war is shorter). Now privatization has begun. Probably from the inside it looks different than from the outside. Because otherwise it cannot be explained by the lack of reaction of the population. Or maybe they are hoping for a freebie from Russia.
    ROMAN VYSOTSKY April 13 2015 08: 31
    It's time to help European privatizers send our home-grown but familiar with the local "Slavic" specifics - Chubais, Kudrin, Yavlinsky, etc. This will greatly speed up and simplify the process of decomposition of the Ukrainian economy and statehood.
    And then comes ..... and all .....
  14. crasever
    crasever April 13 2015 08: 37
    Well comrades bloggers of your favorite site - get ready for lousy times ... The program did not "allow" me to transfer textual information into comments - it was important or not very important, it’s not the point - you cho, gasped or starred - I bet on our ally Venezuela, I bet with people who have an opinion - they brought arguments, I provided almost that there is, but blocking is a shame, as Shvonder used to say ...
  15. Thompson
    Thompson April 13 2015 08: 40
    And what are the names of those who do not even learn from the mistakes of others ???
    Ukram in their current situation, for the full happiness of only shock therapy in the economy is not enough!
    Although ... the shock is already there, it remains to tear the tidbits!
  16. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil April 13 2015 08: 58
    I think all the same, let the great Ukrainians figure out themselves, why the hell should Russia pull them out of the manure by the ears over and over again, let them do what they want, the main thing is that the Russians are not touched, and nothing else is needed from them. There are no problems? Total corruption and devastation, especially on the roads after winter, is just a disgrace. The oligarchs both sat in their places, and they sit. If we are already talking about "Privatization", then what about our "reformers", eh? warm places, they just sit, they just don't stick out anymore, because they know that people really hate them, it's about comrades like Chubais, some turned out to be more cunning and fled to the next world like Yeltsin, Gaidar and so on. And let Ukraine go to hell, we they defined the borders of the Russian world there, let everything else burn with fire, let Soros come, let them jump, let them at least fall apart, one devil from the very birth of a child called Ukraine was not viable. So let him die, why the hell should I, as a taxpayer, pay over and over againfor this moral and physical u.rode expensive medicines like discounts on gas?
  17. Dudu
    Dudu April 13 2015 09: 00
    Quote: Finches
    And I do not care about Ukraine, as a state and its future! And Ukrainians do not care! Let them kiss the ass of another American six, they can’t get used to it!
    Crimea, Donbass and Lugansk made their choice, and let the rest swell even with hunger, I’m on the drum! I’ve taken my whole brain from Kiev to my brain, help me, help me ... and a year ago Ukraine sang another song, Europe!

    What a patriot !!! If there are IDs in Kiev, this does not mean that everyone in Ukraine is the same. Well, when you become Hitler, you will destroy countries and peoples.
    The information war is designed for such people - the goal has been achieved: some Russians hate the entire population of Ukraine.
    1. pensioner
      pensioner April 13 2015 09: 56
      Quote: Dudu
      some Russians hate the entire population of Ukraine.

      As far as hatred is concerned, please, I personally haven’t seen anything like it and don’t see it, but the fact that in less than a year most of us have become unpleasant for many of us is for sure. And the fact that your problems, no matter how grandiose they seemed to you, really became for many of us absolutely not interesting. I confirm, as well as the fact that the desire to help this part of the population of Ukraine is completely gone. It seems to me that you yourself are to blame for this: who is more, who is less, and who is generally to the elbow in blood. And do not blame us here for the spread of hatred. And if in Kiev, unities made their way to power, then I also do not need to say that they were elected by smart people. For some reason, they didn’t get into the Crimea, like in Lugansk or in Donetsk.
    2. 41 REGION
      41 REGION April 13 2015 10: 49
      Quote: Dudu
      The information war is designed for such people - the goal has been achieved: some Russians hate the entire population of Ukraine.

      Not the entire population of Ukraine, but part, again, no one is forcing you to privatize, so that you have not lost everything yet.
    3. EvgNik
      EvgNik April 13 2015 14: 41
      Quote: Dudu
      some Russians hate ALL the population of Ukraine

      I wouldn't say that. A common practice: when they say that they hate a country, they mean the government, the ruling class, the "elite", in general, the tip of the iceberg. For example: I say I hate the USA. This does not mean that I hate every cowboy, worker, artist, writer. No, I like some of them. But Obama, McCain, ... you can continue the list yourself, yes, I hate them. Часть, small, may hate everyone, but this is a small part.
  18. bocsman
    bocsman April 13 2015 09: 01
    Everything is correct. The scenario is the same everywhere! First we are exceptional, special, purity of race, one language! Then privatization! Then quietly the collapse of enterprises! Unemployment! Loans! And the eternal bondage of the west! Particularly gifted still believe that Soros came to help them! By the way, Soros is translated from Hebrew as a misfortune. A speaking surname isn't it! And in their house there is already not only arctic fox but also soros.
  19. ROMANO
    ROMANO April 13 2015 09: 29
    Quote: spiriolla-xnumx
    I can’t understand why our red cat has not yet been counted?

    This "insolent, red face," not only "newspapers, factories, ships" grabbed, but the government itself. There is no one to plant.
  20. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 13 2015 10: 03
    even what was in Russia in the early 90s, modern Ukraine will seem like flowers.

    I think that not even with flowers, but with leaves. Farewell to the state of Ukraine. It turns out you didn’t live well in friendship with Russia, now you will feel how life is with Europe under the protectorate of the United States.
  21. evm-2005
    evm-2005 April 13 2015 11: 07
    I was late, my dear. Pen_osy have already chartered all the "gingerbread" privatization. It remains only to take shape that with the current leaders of the square is not a question.
  22. Curbstone xnumx
    Curbstone xnumx April 13 2015 11: 52
    The scenario for Ukraine is the same as for the Balts. Ukropatriot's dream will come true, it will be possible to travel to Europe without visas. There will only be one side effect, it will be impossible to live and work in Ukraine. But I suspect that the "shyry" don't care. They don't work anywhere anyway. But there will be a "pleasant" surprise for the residents of central and southeastern Ukraine.
  23. Prager
    Prager April 13 2015 12: 06
    the author of the article is completely right. All right, it will be even worse than in Russia. big plus article.
  24. SPB 1221
    SPB 1221 April 13 2015 13: 06
    Quote: Corsair
    Quote: avvg
    Leshek - This will be our Chubais in Ukraine, although the "young reformers" in Russia in the 90s were his students.

    And since when has this Polish "shot" become "yours"? Are you gay European?

    Look corsair, I’ve been watching you for a long time and I understand only one thing, you’re a corrupt one. Comment is not done yet.
  25. maximka
    maximka April 13 2015 13: 10
    "JEWS AND PUTIN: from love to hate" - The first film by Konstantin Dushenov from the documentary and publicistic cycle "SECRET AND EXPLANE".
    1. Babr
      Babr April 13 2015 15: 36
      Truth always lies on the surface.
      But not everyone is given to see and convey it.
      In my opinion, Dushenov managed to see all this completely.
      It’s more difficult to convey.
  26. SPB 1221
    SPB 1221 April 13 2015 13: 27
    Quote: SPB 1221
    You are a trickster, maybe you were at the war, or are you the moderator? You don’t know how a grenade peeks out or how a bullet will herald. Speak up, otherwise I comb and tear the eggs!

    Negative stupid! If I'm wrong, write in a personal email if courage is enough.
  27. siberalt
    siberalt April 13 2015 14: 13
    Leshik! There is an answer in Russian to what you show in the photo laughing
  28. The point
    The point April 13 2015 14: 42
    Another scavengers rushed to eat a piece fatter.
  29. alleksSalut4507
    alleksSalut4507 April 13 2015 17: 22
    Quote: Corsair
    Even if there is no clear threat to the existence of Russia, then your life will certainly be MUCH complicated ... Do you need IT? Turn on your brains, "strategists" ... It's not too late.

    ... we will not have COMPLICATIONS while the Missile GENIUS lives ... and we got all these CIA-shsh pieces, already ...- They are red
  30. crasever
    crasever April 14 2015 14: 53
    There is one sane politician in Ukraine now - Tatiana Montyan, of course (and rightly so !!!), in her assessments, she does not spare the position of the President of the Russian Federation on Crimea and Ukraine, but the "junta" is a direct quote, in general, they are beyond human perception ...
    1. siberalt
      siberalt April 14 2015 21: 13
      Montyan is super! It is a pity that it is not in our Duma.
  31. ship
    ship April 15 2015 03: 47
    Poland has a desire to get rich cheaply at the expense of Ukraine.
  32. Aleksiy
    Aleksiy April 15 2015 05: 21
    In the photo, the uncle-pan from the state of Ukraine with a gesture shows the prospects of a bright future for the overwhelming majority.
  33. Georgebed
    Georgebed 7 December 2015 19: 20
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