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Gun 6П35 (TsNIITochmash, theme "Rook")

Pistol 6P35 (TsNIITochmash, "Rook" theme)

Army 6P35 pistol. In 1993, Grau specifies the requirements for the new arms. From this point on, it was decided to develop an army pistol for a new domestic 9x 19-mm cartridge, which later received an 7H21 index.

This cartridge is made in the dimensions of a standard NATO pistol cartridge 9x 19 mm. Parabellum., But it has more power, penetrability and striking effect. As conceived by the customer, this allows, when necessary, to use NATO ammunition when firing new domestic pistols. In addition, such a solution would allow the supply of a new pistol for export to countries traditionally using NATO pistol cartridges.

Currently, the most common in the world, received two schemes of automatic pistols. Automation with a free gate and a fixed barrel is used, as a rule, only in weapons for low-power cartridges. An example of this. domestic PM. Higher power cartridges require the use of an automatic circuit with a moving barrel, which is engaged with the bolt before firing. Practically, these are almost all pistols chambered for .parabellum. and even more powerful. This design with a high reliability of the entire system allows to slightly reduce the mass of the shutter and the impact of recoil when shooting. However, this scheme has its drawbacks.

Specialists from TsNIItochMash, famous for its unconventional solutions in the development of new weapons, and here they went their own way. The designers of the 6P35 pistol TsNIItochMash, Peter Serdyukov and Igor Belyaev have studied in detail the foreign technological simplification of the pistol due to the rejection of the hammer impact mechanism and the manufacture of the frame of the plastic injection molding pistol. However, this path was not considered appropriate. To create a self-loading pistol, which has a small mass, but under a powerful cartridge, a bolt was developed, consisting of two main parts. Actually the body of the bolt and the battle larvae, spring-loaded among themselves. At the same time, the combat larva has the possibility of longitudinal movement relative to the body of the bolt.

Such a constructive solution, by the way, used in pistols for the first time in the world, allowed to spread one blow of a massive bolt against the frame limiter in the extreme rear position to two successive impacts of parts with smaller masses. In the proposed scheme, the impact of the valve body on the frame is applied at the moment when the shooter’s hand as a result of the first strike of the larva on the protrusion of the frame begins to move backwards and, consequently, the shooter experiences less pressure on the hand. It also allowed to reduce the weight and dimensions of the gun.

All parts of the gun have a streamlined shape, which reduces the possibility of hooking it for items of equipment when removing. The frame of the gun consists of two main parts. metal fittings, which is the power structure of the body, and a plastic pistol grip, made integral with the trigger guard. The stem is pressed into the reinforcement with six right-hand grooves. For the manufacture of the handle used high-strength plastics.Armid (a substitute for polyamide, the production of which, after the collapse of the USSR, remained in Ukraine). The handle has a large notch. Making part of the frame of plastic not only reduces labor costs for the production of weapons, but also allows you to make the gun easier.

The body of the shutter is made of welded from two stamped parts box-shaped. Unlike conventional manufacturing techniques for metal pistol gates or precision casting parts with subsequent machining, mainly related to drilling and milling, this solution significantly reduced the labor intensity and cost of weapons manufacturing. In the back of the bolt there is a large notch, convenient for it.
grip and retraction of the shutter in the rear position. The window for the extraction of spent cartridges is made with large bevels along the edges of the hole. This form of the valve body prevents dirt from getting inside the gun.

Trigger pistol. trigger, double action. As in other similar constructions, it ensures the production of the first shot by a self-platoon. However, for this the trigger must be put on a preliminary platoon (which, however, is absolutely safe for the shooter and practically does not upset the mainspring). Twisted combat spring is in the trigger.
The pull force is 1,5.2,5 kg,
and when shooting self-cocked. 4.6,5 kg.

Protection against accidental firing is carried out by two automatic fuses. One of them is located on the back of the pistol grip and blocks the sear, the second. on the trigger, it blocks the trigger. Extraction of the liner is carried out with a spring-loaded rotating ejector installed in the gate larva. Placing the ejector inside the valve body prevents dirt from entering it and delays. The reflection of the liner is provided by a reflector located in the frame. There are two stops on the frame to stop the larvae. Braking of the body of the bolt is carried out as a result of its impact on the frame stand, to which the barrel is fixed.

The sighting device consists of a fixed pillar and front sight, located on the body of the shutter. To bring the pistol to a normal battle, a set of pillars of different heights is used. Aiming at different ranges is carried out by removing the aiming point in height. To facilitate aiming at dark targets on the rear surfaces of the rear sight and front sight white stripes are applied. In order to avoid glare on the top flat surface of the shutter, between the front sight and the whole, guilloche is performed.

The supply of cartridges is carried out from the detachable 18-charging double-row magazine with two-sided feed of cartridges. The magazine is disconnected by pressing the stopper button located behind the trigger guard. Removing the magazine is facilitated by the feeder spring, which pushes it out of the handle. The button can, if necessary, be independently rearranged under the right or left hand.

Main technical characteristics:
Caliber 9mm
Length 206 mm
130 trunk mm
Practical rate of fire 36 vyst / min
Weight with a magazine without cartridges 900g
Capacity of 18 magazine cartridges
Initial bullet speed 460м / c
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  1. a.hamster55
    a.hamster55 16 November 2013 08: 47
    Is that advertising, what is the article about? Spam, spam ..
  2. svp67
    svp67 16 November 2013 10: 25
    Or maybe it makes sense to conduct comprehensive military tests of various pistols? and choose the best one.
  3. avt
    avt 16 November 2013 11: 11
    Quote: svp67
    Or maybe it makes sense to conduct comprehensive military tests of various pistols? and choose the best one.

    And we were already with this sample in the 90s, just with all the “rooks.” But what's the point? The Soviet system of state tests was already quietly dying, so now only the “black swift” according to the method - like the AK-12 - lost, but we will finalize.
  4. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 16 November 2013 13: 40
    Not enough info in the article ...

    Am I interested in the features of the base Rook with the cartridges 9X19 and 9X21?
    And also a comparison of GSH-18 and PYa (6P35 PYa / MP-443 on the topic "Rook").
    The mysterious ATP is interesting (Serdyukova (this is a constructor, therefore, with a capital letter)).
    Well, compare them with grandfather PM, PMM.

    We need a standard mass gun to replace the PM, as well as a version of a gun of increased power (for some it is something like a TT, for other APS).

    That would be interesting to read. And then only half-promotion of the Rook, and then ... all of its one modification.

    ps We are in the tank crews that just did not shove in the cabarets of the coveralls ...

    Photo: Upgraded "Vector" - SR1M, 9X21 cartridge.
    1. Garysit
      Garysit 16 November 2013 13: 54
      Look back, all the comparisons have already been. The RA adopted three pistols for different cartridges. Another thing is that there is no mass release. There are still five ... six imperfections to accept and the RAV services will squeak with "joy" ...
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 16 November 2013 14: 06
        Quote: GarySit
        Another thing is that there is no mass release. There are five more ... six imperfections to accept and the RAV services will squeak with "joy" ...

        So I about the same, Igor ...
        And the article is really small. The same modifications of the Rooks - oh oh how much.
    2. papik09
      papik09 16 November 2013 16: 04
      Yeah, handsome ..... I WANT THIS with "medium" cartridges ... fellow
    3. intsurfer
      intsurfer 16 November 2013 17: 44
      and now Italian design;)
    4. intsurfer
      intsurfer 16 November 2013 17: 45
      and now Italian design;)
    5. dmitry21
      dmitry21 18 November 2013 10: 46
      not bad ..
      and such?
      the same power, but it weighs twice ... he has no analogues !.
  5. Rudy
    Rudy 16 November 2013 14: 08
    A strange article - whether it’s an advertisement for a pistol, but somehow frail, does not catch. Either there should have been a detailed description of the gun, but again the topic was not disclosed. Uniqueness is not shown and it is not clear what is manifested. I would like to see a clear diagram of the action as the parts of the pistol move when fired. This would help to understand why a similar scheme was used for a powerful cartridge. And for the sake of objectivity, it would be worth highlighting the shortcomings or reasons for not adopting it. In general, it turned out just an external acquaintance with the gun without revealing its essence and character.
  6. Cruorvult
    Cruorvult 16 November 2013 14: 47
    The article is old and empty. All three pistols stuck into service, won the MP-443, became a rook. GS-18 and SPS also passed. About 443 they write far from positive reviews. ATP is not without its drawbacks. a rook, a soft button to retrieve the store, may fall out, the automation sticks due to poor-quality cartridges, and of poor build quality. ATP has the same with the quality of the problem, + it does not have a manual fuse, there are 2 automatic fuses, the same there with the palm of your hand if you don’t press it firmly and you can’t shoot, + as always the gun will be done and nothing is attached to it (in the 4th modification there is a nozzle with slats, but it looks poorly kanencho). GSH-18 is a dark horse, they don’t really even write about it, although it’s the lightest of them all, it seems they wrote that the cops just weigh less than 800 grams.
    and Alex-TV, if interested, find and read, at least on the wiki.
    1. Aleks tv
      Aleks tv 16 November 2013 15: 03
      Quote: CruorVult
      Alex-TV, if interested, find and read, at least on the wiki.

      That I dabbled with them, Eugene ...
      But not enough to make a conclusion even for himself.
      That specialist would listen ...
      This is a pleasure.
    2. qwert1707
      qwert1707 18 November 2013 01: 14
      From the General Staff you need to shoot yourself ... you have a double feeling ... or praise or swear what the light is on ...
      To write for a long time ... but I do not own Tolstoy's skills ...
      But my IMHO: he is much better than PY ... who was accepted as the main one to replace the PM ...
      1. dmitry21
        dmitry21 18 November 2013 10: 40
        the shootings were successful only from PY, Pts not bad.
        for convenience: I want to release Yarygin from the hand after the first clip and rub the fingertips and the joint of the big one, and Gryazevsky GSh 18 was pulled out of my hands, because I could not enjoy the perfect texture of plastic and the shape of the handle, the applicability of a gun! who shot Margolin - will understand me!
        1. qwert1707
          qwert1707 18 November 2013 22: 38
          Well, with Margolin, I wouldn’t compare the GSH ..... the difference is huge ...
          Firstly ... the first time I shot from the General Staff in 2005 ... ammunition was issued per person, only 3 pieces each ??????????????????
          The first sensation ... it was ... that the weight is 200 grams lighter than the PM .... and how it "fits" in the hand, the low fit ... the sight is more "clear" .... the wait is shorter ... . was ... I shoot like a sports pistol ...
          Shot ... a kind of exercise No. 3 ... (in 12 seconds ... remove the gun from the cabaret, remove the fuse, send the cartridge, shoot 3 cartridges ... from 30 meters on the chest figure)
          And here ... the result is worse than with PM twice ...
          And everyone has this, they blamed it on "impartiality", a new weapon ... non-habit ...
          A year later ... they were already shooting constantly ... but the meaning is the same ...
          In my opinion, this is all due to the light weight .... if a balancer was put on the shutter in the glock ... then here in the General Staff they decided to compensate, with a pistol grip ... or rather placement at a certain angle .... which was completely unsuccessful ...
          Hence the conclusion ... follow, in the wake of the glock ... balance the gun ...
          The second ... there are no mounts for the LCC and a tactical flashlight .... and the weight ... oh, how does it allow to install everything ?????????
          Third ... the assembly itself ... very clumsy ... the shutter, as if "the pioneers in a vice sawed with a jigsaw"
          But for the sake of weight and not refinement ... accuracy is suffering ... hence the rate of fire ...
          And at the same time ... it is more convenient to shoot with one hand than with two .... I also think this is a flaw ...
          P.S. I looked at different "modified" pistols with compensators and installed slats ..... why not apply all this to the general staff .. ???? And bring it to perfection ....
          And by the way ... unlike PY ... I didn’t have a single delay, like I didn’t see anyone ...
          1. dmitry21
            dmitry21 19 November 2013 09: 31
            I compared with Margolin on application, comfort of retention. and, unlike the MC, it was not possible to shoot from GS 18, because your information about the practice of shooting from it is curious.
            I’m an Armenian myself and I’m wondering - what, do they really put a laser designator on pistols? for what?
  7. papik09
    papik09 16 November 2013 15: 57
    I put the article "-", although this is the first time since my presence here ... It's a pity that there is no information in the article. The usual "newspaper" dummy. sad
  8. vkrav
    vkrav 16 November 2013 17: 06
    It’s a pity that Berdysh was buried ...
  9. Fedor
    Fedor 16 November 2013 22: 01
    And in the article, not a word about this and the appearance of the gun is in any way possible to determine whether he has a slide delay?
    1. Massik
      Massik 17 November 2013 00: 49
      The first image shows a small flat button above the trigger guard, Serdyukov’s influence is visible in the gun, the fuses are visually similar to those of the CP 1. Compared to the PW, it’s much more streamlined, the shape of the handle is more ergonomic, the protruding iron above the handle doesn’t fit (as if filed fit).
  10. _KM_
    _KM_ 17 November 2013 01: 55
    The pistol circuitry is very lacking.
  11. moskal68
    moskal68 17 November 2013 21: 38
    Of the new (relatively) pistols, only Gyurza saw. This is a machine, I will report to you! And so Makarka is a normal gun. You must be able to shoot.
  12. qwert1707
    qwert1707 17 November 2013 23: 24
    What is the article about ?????
    About the project "Rook" or Serdyukov's pistol ?????
    The photo shows the Union of Right Forces in the common people "Gyurza"
    Which was developed in the "Grach" project from 93-95 years.
    Then where does the cartridges 9 on 19 pair ... about which the author of the article speaks ??????
    On "Gyurza" there are cartridges of increased efficiency 9 by 21 ....
    But the cartridges are 9 to 19 pairs, they are already going to Yarygin’s pistol (PY), which is usually called the Grach ... at least we called it that ...
    Pistols Gyurza (SPS) and Grach (PYa), were developed in one project "Grach", but they have different characteristics and features, and most importantly they are chambered for different ...
    And the tasks that they must perform are also different ...
    1. dmitry21
      dmitry21 18 November 2013 10: 20
      qwert1707, this is not a project alone - one competition, under the cat., they were developed. and by the way, GSH 18 also participated in it, and showed the best results in fault tolerance, ease of wearing and use, one of the best in combat characteristics. and there was (or maybe is) a GSh 18 variant chambered for 9x21, it can easily withstand its momentum.
  13. tracer
    tracer 18 November 2013 07: 53
    Well, I can not help but note. I can not mention (Monumentality) of this MASTERPIECE. NU Such a hack, well, kapets is simple. Honestly, he probably turned it with a file in his hands and without a vice, and apparently they did not use another tool. From one species, the enemy loses the ability to resist and dies in place with laughter.
    Beauty, of course, is not particularly important in pistols, but to do this .... Sometimes it seems to me that the designers and manufacturer of pistols in Russia live in some kind of parallel universes. Where, its own fashion, its own ergonomics, its own ideas about manufacturing technology and materials. Not just for fun, go to the site of any major hunting sports store in America and just look WHAT SHORT SHOT WEAPONS are currently offered to the buyer. Just from experience, and look at the price tags too. So plainly not a single good pistol was created during all these post-Soviet years. There was a lot of noise, but what's the point? Hmm .... Gloki we buy for Alpha, and it is clear why. Because the guys there know exactly which is better. And of course you need to give them this. If your normal is nothing. Hopes for GS 18 were. But no ... it didn’t. Why, yes, because there are no good reviews and they don’t want to write bad ones. Therefore, it’s strange like that, GS 18 is there, but at the same time it’s, as it were, no.
    "The gun - I don't understand the secret in any way? It seems to be there, but it seems to be not." Such is the pun.
  14. dmitry21
    dmitry21 18 November 2013 10: 10
    as far as I know, after this competition PY (Yarygina, Izhevsk) was first adopted, then limited - GS 18 (for me - the best example of a personal weapon in the aggregate of all qualities of a pistol ... although it has not yet been possible to shoot from it ) and only then ATP and also limited! although, even taking into account the distributed recoil momentum, how can one use a layout with such a noticeably high shot line relative to holding with such a powerful cartridge? I'm not talking about the generally recognized angle of 111 gr.
  15. tracer
    tracer 19 November 2013 01: 00
    I managed to twist the Viking civilian version of Yarygin, 9x19 pair in my hands. The quality is useless and workmanship and ... I don't even want to take it in my hands. The guys who got hooked and bought .... spit. Misfires are permanent. Maybe in Russia 9x19 cartridges of a pair which are special ?. How could such a dodger be put into service? To whom and in what sick head did the thought come up and the price is 550 dollars or what? A brand new Glock costs 650 usd, the same Beretta M 92 FS, Berret Pх4 Storm 550 usd, Steyr Pistol M-A1 550 usd. I understand that for many Russians, talking about short-barrels is as far away as "walking to China." And the military is mostly familiar only with STEM (what they will give). But who is interested .. compare.
  16. qwert1707
    qwert1707 20 November 2013 18: 22
    Dear .... dmitry21 ....
    As far as I know, GSH18 has nothing to do with Grach ... it was the "initiative development" of Gryazev, Shipunov ... after they were removed from the development of aircraft and naval artillery guns ... that is, their experience was useless to anyone. ... * -)
    On the GSh 18 cartridges 9na21 are not used .... there are "paravo" ones with an enhanced charge and bullets from special svlav ... with penetration protection class 3A ..
    And about the SP10 ammunition, Gryazev had the development of the EFA project for you there ....