Dmitry Medvedev: the choice is made by the people

Dmitry Medvedev: the choice is made by the people

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev gave an interview to three federal channels - "Russia-1", "First" and NTV. The president answered channel leaders Oleg Dobrodeyev, Konstantin Ernst and Vladimir Kulistikov to questions about the upcoming elections and the political situation in Russia.

Anyone can fly in the elections.

Dmitry Medvedev believes that any politician, including himself and Vladimir Putin, can “fly by” in elections. "And in stories of our country, and in the history of other countries this has happened more than once. No one is immune from anything. What is predestination? "He said, calling the reasoning about the previously known outcome of the elections" absolutely irresponsible, crafty and even provocative. "

“The choice is made by the people, and these are not empty words, this is absolutely true,” Medvedev stressed. He recalled that other candidates are going to the polls. "Let people decide for whom to vote, who has more authority, and only people, only our citizens are able to place final accents by voting for a particular person or this or that political force or rejecting it," he said.

Criticism in blogs - an element of democracy

The president considers criticism in the blogosphere against the decision to nominate Vladimir Putin for president as an element of democracy. "I think the fact that the Internet, the blogosphere, social networks react to all of this is good; it means that what we do has a lively response," he said.

“They react in different ways, but these are different positions, these are elements of, in fact, such a direct democracy, modern democracy, democracy of the 21st century,” he added.

The President noted that the voting results on the Internet are not obligatory for the state and, by and large, are not representative. "But it’s very good that all these views exist, and I believe that the government as a whole, without, of course, under pressure, must respond to what is happening in this area, be modern and take into account the positions that are expressed, including the Internet, "- said Medvedev.

Government must renew

Medvedev intends to radically renew the government if he takes the post of prime minister. “Stagnation is always dangerous and leads to very bad consequences, and the fact is that the government must find the strength to renew itself,” he believes. “But this cannot be a bounce: everyone resigned, good-bye, waved their arms, and I and Vladimir Putin said:“ Good-bye, we left, ”Medvedev believes.

"There must be continuity, there must still be a situation where we understand who remains at the helm of the state, but there must be an update, and the update is very serious," the president is convinced. “I tried to do it and try to make this update permanent,” he said. “This should go everywhere: in the governor’s building, in the police, in municipalities, and, of course, at the level of the federal government,” the president stressed. At the same time, he noted that "the government cannot be shaken like a pear."

Kudrin's dismissal - a case of state discipline

The President once again explained the reasons for his decision to dismiss Alexei Kudrin from his post as deputy prime minister and minister of finance. "If we talk about disagreements from a legal point of view, but only from a legal point of view, this can be judged by all the expenses of the state budget, including military spending, maintaining defense capability, and the military pay,” all these decisions were made, naturally , the government and were endorsed by all responsible persons ", - said the head of state. And under all such decisions, he stressed, "there is a signature of the former Minister of Finance."

Medvedev noted that “in such a situation, you should act extremely honestly: or you don’t miss such expenses, you think that they are harmful for some reason, but then it’s clear how to act, because if you spoke for these expenses, nothing to comment on. " Therefore, the case with Kudrin, the president continued, "is a case of state discipline and nothing more." In Russia, he recalled, there is no "coalition government. We are not a parliamentary republic, but a presidential one. We have a presidential government that holds a presidential course." “Whoever disagrees - to the side. Only in this way can it be,” the head of state emphasized.

“This is a tough position, an unambiguous position, I intend to continue to adhere to it. And I’m sure that whoever heads the state will proceed from these same principles,” Medvedev stressed.

The president admitted that he had the feeling that Kudrin "just sat out in this position somewhat, he really, perhaps, became bored himself." The head of state also said that Kudrin came to him in February or in March and said that "he understands that in the future government he has no reason to work, he has been working as a finance minister for a long time." At the same time, the president stressed that "Kudrin is an experienced, good specialist, he will find work for himself, and the state will be useful."

"The right thing" no luck on the leaders

The difficulties that the “Just Cause” has encountered, in Medvedev’s opinion, are related to the fact that the party “has no luck with the leaders.” “Whatever one may say, but the party is led to results by the leaders, the leaders of the parties. And here they have no luck,” the president said. He believes that "what happened lately has certainly weakened the party." At the same time, he made a reservation that he would not “comment on the situation in principle in the Right Cause Party, their difficulties,” recalling that he would head the list of the other party, United Russia, in the elections.

Close help in everything

According to the president, his relatives, his family are not happy with his plans to continue working - already as head of the government, but support him. "My family is accustomed to everything, but they realize that if everything that we are talking about takes place, if elections are held like this, if we get a mandate to manage the state and the government again, they are unlikely to see me more often, what they see now, "- said Medvedev. "And this, of course, does not make them happy, but they help me in everything," he added.
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