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UEC will launch mass production of engines for IL-112В to 2020

Vladislav Masalov, General Director of the United Engine Building Corporation (UEC), said that by 2020 they would start mass production of TV7-117CT turboprop engines, which will be equipped with the Il-112B light military transport aircraft being developed.

UEC will launch mass production of engines for IL-112В to 2020

“It is planned to install the TV112-7CT turboprop engine on IL-117В - this is a further development of the TV7-117 engine. Initially, it was C, then a modification of the CM appeared, and the ST - a more powerful, effective and more modern modification. TV7-117CT is at the stage of development work (R & D), we plan to complete them and begin mass production by the 2020 year, ”RIA "News".

The CEO noted that a logical step would be to consider the possibility of using the IL-112В as a base for an aircraft of the passenger direction.

The main purpose of the Il-112В light military transport aircraft is the transportation and airborne landing of light weapons and equipment, personnel and cargo, as well as transportation of various cargoes during commercial use of the aircraft.

The Russian defense ministry signed an agreement for development work on IL-112 in December 2014. Earlier, the deputy head of the military department, Yury Borisov, said that the first flight of the aircraft was scheduled for 2017 year, and its mass production - for 2019 year. According to him, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is going to buy "at least 35" aircraft.
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  1. Neighbor
    Neighbor April 9 2015 12: 09 New
    At least some characteristics were posted ... And without them, there is no news.
    1. Motherland Russia
      Motherland Russia April 9 2015 12: 13 New
      It’s good that we will do the engines ourselves - this is good news.
      1. Engineer
        Engineer April 9 2015 12: 14 New
        That's it - the main thing in the news is that everything will be yours!
        1. Basarev
          Basarev April 9 2015 13: 06 New
          An interesting plane ... But the screws are not coaxial, not in the ring and pushing - because their efficiency will be strikingly less than if they were built with the mind.
      2. insafufa
        insafufa April 9 2015 12: 54 New
        TV7-117 as I recall, the engine for mile helicopters was created
      3. Letun
        Letun April 9 2015 13: 16 New
        The good news is, it’s not clear why they will introduce it for so long? Already until 2020. In the war, from 39 to 45, they went from biplanes to jet aircraft, and here there was only one engine.
        1. Eugene-Eugene
          Eugene-Eugene April 9 2015 15: 56 New
          Unequal comparison. In those days, traction was much less, and, accordingly, power plants were much more primitive, which did not require many years of research. If you talk like that, then you can ask the question: why are the engines used in astronautics still not refined before traveling to neighboring star systems. All the same, almost 60 years have passed since the launch of P-7.
      4. user
        user April 9 2015 15: 15 New
        It's good that the engines themselves will do

        On the one hand, it seems like a good one, but in the year 20. It seems that even TK was not issued to the engine and a group of engineers for it is still studying at the university.
    2. vodolaz
      vodolaz April 9 2015 12: 26 New
      That's right, you need to release everything of your own, otherwise there are no hopes for Antonov.
    3. FID
      FID April 9 2015 12: 33 New
      TV7-117ST - turboshaft engine, modification of the helicopter motor for Mi-35, power - take-off - 2800hp, cruising - 2000hp. Quite a decent fuel consumption. The motor is not yet certified, so such general data ...
    4. fleks
      fleks April 9 2015 12: 57 New
      There is nothing good in this engine - instead of developing a fundamentally new engine - an old helicopter engine from MI-8 MI17, etc., will be modified for an airplane - the main complaints about the resource
    5. Giant thought
      Giant thought April 9 2015 13: 18 New
      The parallel development of the civilian modification of this aircraft for our country would not hurt, it is high time to change the fleet of An-24, these machines are already very worn out.
    6. The comment was deleted.
  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 April 9 2015 12: 14 New
    Judging by the location of the wing (vysokoplan) - quite a worthy replacement for An-72 / 74, suitable for landing on unprepared unpaved strips. Convenient and helpful.
    1. FID
      FID April 9 2015 12: 29 New
      An-72/74 - reactive, An-24/140 - yes, change them ...
    2. AlNikolaich
      AlNikolaich April 9 2015 12: 33 New
      Rather, to replace the An-24 An-27. And if you can still replace 72, 74, generally a song!
      Saratov news: daily flights from the Engels air base continue. Tu-95ms
      fly in pairs ... I saw a refueling training over the Volga, Or 76 goes, after it attaches
      Tu-95ms ... The training helicopter squadron from Sokol carries out daily flights. In the sky
      Mi: -8, Ansat and Ka-226. Was in Balashov, while there are no flights, apparently not the season. I was not in Pugachev,
      but apparently, after two weeks, the crocodiles will fly there too ...
  3. gispanec
    gispanec April 9 2015 12: 17 New
    if she goes to civilian life, it will be a song for both the population and the economy .... well, the military already shouted yesterday that they needed a light military transport, I want to believe that the words will not go wrong and Voronezh will start them (Il112v) serial release...
  4. McLuha-MacLeod
    McLuha-MacLeod April 9 2015 12: 21 New
    5 years on the engine? in the USSR would be planted
    1. Decathlon
      Decathlon April 9 2015 12: 35 New
      In the USSR would be shot ...
  5. Alex_59
    Alex_59 April 9 2015 12: 34 New
    Quote: McLooka-MacLeod
    5 years on the engine? in the USSR would be planted
    They would not have been imprisoned, but would have been shot. TV7-117 has been developed since the beginning of 90's, it will be 2020 years by 30.
    1. aleks 62
      aleks 62 April 9 2015 12: 57 New
      ... Not in the subject, but nice ...:


      “The enterprises of the domestic defense industry complex were given the task this year to triple the number of manufactured missiles for the air defense and missile defense systems and systems, which should significantly increase the capabilities of the new type of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - the Aerospace Forces,” the source said. He stressed that we are talking about thousands of missiles.

      And more .... Not very good news .... "We were counted ...."
      ".... The militias in the Donbass are armed with almost 700 tanks and 1,1 combat armored vehicles, as well as 380 multiple launch rocket systems.
      More details:
  6. Mityasha
    Mityasha April 9 2015 13: 13 New
    35 cars for all the Air Force !!! A nightmare, what will they do when all the An-26,24 get up? 5 years is a very long time.
  7. avt
    avt April 9 2015 13: 15 New
    ,,, the RF Ministry of Defense is going to purchase "at least 35" aircraft. "------ wassat Yes, hundreds of them are needed even yesterday!
    1. KAB
      KAB April 9 2015 14: 02 New
      The figures are of course scanty, and most likely because the industry has been thoroughly destroyed. Interestingly, we will wait for the news that civilian vehicles will be launched, the Il-114, Tu-334 in all surpassing bedojet, Tu-204 (214), Il-96. Even if they are restored now after the devastation, they will be much cheaper and more efficient than all these supers. They will eat much less money than a 35 billion green bedodget fuselage. Dmitry Anatolyevich yesterday (he has already forgotten a little) in Thailand said that Russia is ready to supply them with weapons in exchange for food, it turns out we have already sunk back to the early nineties, everything has been reformed. And he sits today calmly giving orders, nothing bothers him.
      1. avt
        avt April 9 2015 15: 28 New
        Quote: KAB
        . Interestingly, we will wait for the news that civilian vehicles will be launched, the Il-114, Tu-334 in all superior to the poor, Tu-204 (214), Il-96.

        According to IL-114, there seemed to be some kind of stirring on the air. smile According to Tu-204, it seemed that they were scribbling something from a reserve, but I don’t know for sure, again DAM stomped a foot - demanded a series, but where to get it with the destroyed cooperation? The 114th is also a piece for the military, but 334 and 96 .....request hike trouble, rather the serial MS-21 will actually see. Yes, the LADY pushed the Superbudget, probably in addition to the defense order - he gave a discount in case of purchase. The Brazilians allegedly vtyuhivali this to us - they say we will buy your Su, if our "Embraers" will meet you. Well, at the expense of food - let the LADY scratch herself and directly, without European dealers, sign a contract.
  8. ARES623
    ARES623 April 9 2015 13: 39 New
    Quote: aleks 62
    And more .... Not very good news .... "We were counted ...."

    And how is this unpleasant? Ukrainians are misinforming. Someone hoped for objectivity? It seems to me that it should be accepted as inevitable that we will not hear the truth in covering the conflict from the Ukrainian side for a very long time, and perhaps never. Nothing to be upset about. Another thing is bad, today we have nothing to replace the D-18T with heavy transport vehicles such as An-124. And in general, with aircraft engines, marine, automobile, we are not healthy. It really is not very nice ...
  9. Evil 55
    Evil 55 April 9 2015 14: 55 New
    We’ll set up a monument to Obama and revive production. Indeed, if there were no sanctions against us, we would not have got the Crimea ...
  10. Crown
    Crown April 10 2015 08: 47 New
    Still, civilians would start producing (short-haul, medium-haul, long-haul). A balanced economy is needed.