Iranian ships off the coast of the United States?

Iranian ships off the coast of the United States?

A sensational statement was recently made by the commander of the naval forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Habibollah Sayari. He said that in response to the American insinuations to force Iran to curtail its peaceful nuclear program and due to the increased US naval presence in the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean, the Iranian fleet could head to the east coast of the United States. In addition, the ships of the Iranian Navy will enter the Gulf of Aden to ensure their strategic interests. Sayari said that Iran is not going to act as an obedient sheep when its people are in real danger. He called the USA a world gendarme who intervenes everywhere to resolve issues that are advantageous to him.

Such a statement would seem like ordinary bravado, because the ships of the Islamic Republic have been actively “not walking the seas” for more than 30 years. But the words of Mr. Sayari are already supported by certain facts. So, for the first time since 1979-year, the ships of the Iranian Navy passed the Suez Canal and entered the Mediterranean Sea.

Against the background of this maritime cold war between Iran and the United States, the President of Iran spoke out from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly and put a real obstruction on everything connected with America. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that the Americans, instead of pointing the way of their further development to other countries of the world, should remember the bloody pages of their stories: nuclear attack on Japan in 1945, mass removal of slaves from Africa, thousands of murders of civilians in Libya. This speech made the American delegation leave the hall, although, in fact, the words of the Iranian president, despite all their emotions, expressed obvious facts about the foreign policy of the United States over the past decades.

So, Iran actually threatened the United States with the fact that it could at any moment strike back at US military and industrial facilities. At the same time, the Iranian authorities have declared that their country is not the aggressor, and will decide to use extreme measures only when it will be attacked by the enemy. At the same time, the main enemies of Iran, according to Ahmadinejad, Khamenei and Sayari, are the USA and Israel.

Let us try to imagine what might happen if the United States decides to strike at Iran. Draw a diagram of possible military events.

First, Iran can simply block the Strait of Hormuz, locking up the American fleet in the Persian Gulf to be torn apart by new Zelzal and Shahab missiles. No matter how powerful the fifth fleet of the United States is, it will be in a strategically hopeless situation. To save the fifth fleet, other naval forces will be abandoned, which may well be met by the very ships in the Mediterranean. Let's not forget that Sayari promised to bring the fleet to the Atlantic borders of the United States. And this, anyway, is a direct threat to the safety of American citizens. In the end, Iranian ships can simply close the Suez Canal tightly, and then naval assistance to the stranded fifth US fleet in the Persian Gulf is out of the question.

In such a situation, the Americans will try to attack Iran from the air, but Iran has the C-300 complexes, which they managed to buy from Russia in due time, and this is already serious weapon. C-300 can very effectively shoot down American bombers and fighters on its way to the borders of Iran.
Secondly, the world is still unknown about the real nuclear program of Iran. And what if Iran actually has this notorious nuclear weapon? Then the theater of war can turn into a real story from the Apocalypse. By the way, one should not forget that Iran can attack both Israel and American oil rigs in the territory of Bahrain and Qatar. As a result, the Middle East can turn into a real boiler.

Of great interest is the strategy itself operation against Iran. If the Americans want by military means to block the development of Iran’s nuclear program, then they know a priori that Tehran does not and cannot have nuclear weapons. And if the Americans know that such weapons exist, then will they really decide on such a grand adventure as a massive strike on a nuclear power ?! The search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which, by the way, has not been discovered so far, has not yet been erased in memory. Meanwhile, the “democratic” Iraq still lies in ruins. Such is Iran’s fate or ...

In general, the confrontation between Iran and the US will not end with anything good for the world community. This is more than obvious. Will both countries have enough sense not to succumb to mutual provocations and stop double-edged reproaches?
Alexey Volodin
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