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Born a punisher - there can be no hero

Born a punisher - there can be no hero

"Nationalism is patriotism in a state of hysterics!" (Albert Schweitzer).

“De vi ıshli - there is a pussy and Ruina,
І the corpses did not move to the pits, -
Spit the blood of "Nenko Ukraine"
Mordy you and your hazyam. (V.Simonenko).

No, this is not the Symonenko who sat back in November last year in the same hall with the neo-Nazis in the Supreme Council and to this day leads the Communist Party of Ukraine, which is not, and will never be. This poem was written by the Ukrainian poet Vasily Symonenko to the death of Bandera and dedicated him to Bandera, who are so kind as the current neo-Nazi Junta and the modern Bandera who found new owners for themselves.

Nothing has changed in the world. Former servants and lackeys of the Bandera of the past, to the cries of love for Ukraine, went to serve the Nazi invaders. Moreover, on 90 percent Bandera were residents of Galicia and there were them throughout the war in all Hitler units and formally independent of the Hitlerites UPA thousand two hundred. Much more fascists scored themselves lackeys throughout the rest of the territory of occupied Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of Russians and Ukrainians, Poles and Tatars (nationality was secondary) somehow helped the invaders.

After the liberation of Ukraine, they were tried and hanged, someone was imprisoned, someone was atoned for with blood.

Today we see exactly the same thing. At first, they tried to inculcate Bandera ideals throughout Ukraine for 22 years, they planted them in educational institutions and the media, pedagogical institutes and historical faculties of immigrants from Galicia, filled them with bureaucratic seats.

Did not help. After the first Maidan in 2004, then bloodless, the victory was saddled by the Novohalitsky-Bandera gang (Yushchenko, Tymoshenko and Co.) under the pseudo-European flags. And suffered a crushing defeat. The five-year plan of Yushchenko’s government turned into a catastrophic defeat of the hirelings dancing under the American Junta. Bandera values ​​and slogans do not take root in the open spaces of Ukraine.

Which is quite natural. Seven centuries of life in separate states from Russia, and even in the constant service of the owners, inevitably affected the population living in Galicia. Ethics and morals, life values ​​and ideals changed, the invaders even changed the religion of local residents, separating them from Orthodoxy.

A bit of history.

By the beginning of the twentieth century, Galician Russophobic nationalism, called Ukrainian (although it was never such simply because Galicia was not Little Russia, part of the Empire) was too weak even in the territory of Austria-Hungary. I had to open for the Rusins ​​concentration camps Talerhof and Terezin. People were tried, thrown into prisons, torn to pieces in the streets and hung up for the Russian language, for the love of the Motherland, for the Orthodox faith. And this is not an exaggeration - this is the reality of just a century ago. Documented and confirmed by Austro-Hungarian chroniclers, numerous court records, survivors' testimonies. With the beginning of the First World War of Galicia, all who considered themselves Russian fled. The territory was cleaned and prepared for mass unobstructed education of Russophobes (familiar methods?).

The process was promoted by the entry of Galicia into Poland, where Russophobia was elevated to the rank of state policy. Moreover, the Russians all polls have become Bolsheviks. Hatred of Russia forced the proud Poles to accept surrendered sichovyh shooters, the first parts of the SS as part of the Austro-Hungarian army, who fought against the Russians for the interests of others.

It was then that the backbone and the psychology of the people were formed, which became the basis of the Ukrainian (and in fact the Galician) nationalists, later called Bandera. Although the actual Stefan Bandera was never the leader of the OUN (organization of Ukrainian nationalists). On the contrary, the ambitious Bandera split the organization and creating the OUN (b) selflessly killed first of all its competitors from the OUN (m), which was rightly considered the leading organization and submitted to the successor of the founder of the OUN - Colonel Melnik. By the way, this hatred has been preserved to this day, and various branches of the Nazis continue to be hostile.

Let's return to the essence of the first SS. These warriors set an absolute record for changing the flag, running from one warring party to another and selflessly destroying those with whom they fought shoulder to shoulder yesterday. From the army of Austria-Hungary, they moved to the Western Ukrainian People's Republic, which existed more on paper. It was the virtuality and the absence of territory that forced the ZUNR to merge with the Ukrainian People’s Republic, after which the SS became an army of this, entrenched in Kiev and engaged in massacres. Fortunately, Colonel Konovalets and his faithful squire Melnik have long received army posts in the UNR and were distinguished by the shooting of Arsenal workers.

With the arrival in Kiev of the Armed Forces of the South of Russia (VSYUR Denikin), the SSovtsy joined together in its composition, once again changing the flag. Although here stayed not too long. When the evidence of the defeat of the All-Union People's Defense Party became obvious, the Galician SS made a "sudden turn" and found themselves in ... the Bolshevik army. It was here that they first received the name of the Ukrainian - Chervona Ukrainian Galician Army (NPA). And it was from here that they fled to the Poles (although some of the people remained in Russia).

With such a record of service, the Polish authorities would have had to cut Galitsai with swords. How thousands of Red Army prisoners were hacked, practicing the cavalry attack on them. But no, the pathological Russophobes came to court, and the naive Polish authorities, after several days of detention in the filtration camp, released SSovtsy to their homes. Having made a mistake that cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Poles. After 20 years, only during the Volyn Massacre, the punitive squadrons of the 14 Division of the SS "Galicia" and UPA fighters would destroy from 80 to 120 thousands of Poles in the territory controlled by the Nazis. It is the Poles, and not the Russians or the Bolsheviks at all, that will become during the years of the Great Patriotic War, the main goal of the Bandera assassins. First of all, because they were defenseless. This documented fact is also worth remembering - it will also become the main one in the next generations of punishers, up to the present day.

During the Great Patriotic War, the Galician nationalities entered the territory of the Ukrainian SSR 22 June 1941 as a part of the Hitler army in the Roland and Nachtigall battalions. And their first victims were several thousand Poles of Lvov, cut out during that same week when, in the presence of two officers of the Abwehr, the notorious “Act of Ukraine’s Restoration” was adopted, the third point of which confirmed Bandera’s desire to build a new order throughout the world under the leadership of the great Leader of Germany Adolf Hitler. Then, 30 June 41, the victory of the Third Reich was not in doubt and the Galician bandits did not hide the fact that they were Nazis - the times were unsophisticated and Nazism in Western Europe was considered a normal form of government.

During the war, the Galician Nazis did not glorify themselves as an armed force. Everywhere they distinguished themselves precisely as punitive. The most well-known crimes in Belarus are the service of the Hauptmann Roman Shukhevych in 201 Shumanshaftbatalone and his struggle with the partisans, and the burned Khatyn.

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  1. Dezinto
    Dezinto April 8 2015 05: 14
    Spit blood ..... didn’t die yet ...

    Well, what kind of country? what are the slogans?
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco April 8 2015 05: 41
      Quote: DEZINTO
      Well, what kind of country? what are the slogans?

      As you call a ship, it will sail. (This ship in the person of Ukraine is SAILING, not sailing)
      I think many listened to the anthem of Ukraine, this is not a hymn but a memorial service for the repose of the country.
      That's what happened and what happened. And she became requiem.
      1. enot73
        enot73 April 8 2015 06: 40
        During the war, the Galician Nazis did not glorify themselves as an armed force. Everywhere they distinguished themselves precisely as punishers.
        Indeed, in the very first battles with the Red Army, the SS Galician Division was defeated.
        1. Corsair
          April 8 2015 07: 40
          The page of the LNV - Lviv People's Republic ( appeared on the social network VKontakte. As a symbol of the Lviv Republic, the group administrators placed a coat of arms depicting a golden lion against the background of the flag of Russia.

          Calls for unity with the Donetsk People's Republic and Novorossia are published on the group's page. The key slogan of the Lviv Republic is "We liberated Lviv in 1944 - we will liberate it today!"

          It is interesting that the members of the group actually live in Lviv or its environs - as evidence, they posted photos of their passports indicating residence permits.

          1. Lukich
            Lukich April 8 2015 12: 01
            Quote: Corsair
            The page of the LNV - Lviv People's Republic ( appeared on the social network VKontakte.

            another republic
    2. Lukich
      Lukich April 8 2015 06: 38
      Quote: DEZINTO
      Well, what kind of country? what are the slogans?

      they just said on tv that in the history books they added a chapter on the events in Odessa on May 2. it turns out that the pro-Russian separatists attacked the peaceful rally, killed several people, and then locked themselves in the house of trade unions and burned themselves
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. hommer
        hommer April 8 2015 07: 43
        Quote: Lukich
        and then locked themselves in the house of trade unions and burned themselves

        Natural madhouse.
        There is a good post on GA on this subject.
        What to do to residents who have not yet completely lost their minds in Ukraine:
        - Look around and finally understand - that what you see around is no longer a landscape - it's just the scenery.
        Money to buy energy and at least somehow ensure the functioning of housing and communal services and infrastructure on the territory of the former in Ukraine - there is not and will not be.
        - The most important thing is to take the children from the Ukrainian school, and if you are a scarecrow - even a carcass - look for opportunities for them to get a Russian education in Russian.
        Even the option - to send to study in Russia or as it sounds good - in the Donbass after a while will be better for their future than studying in Ukrainian with Ukrainians.
        Children are your future - at least try to save them from the Ukrainians - from their invented history and fascist ideology.
        Living in what will be called for some time in Ukraine will be simply scary.
        In Ukraine simply can not be saved - and there is no need.
        That is why - knock out Ukrainians out of yourself and those around you - it will simply help to survive.
        If we hear Ukrainian now, then we treat it if we say that with suspicion - it’s still mildly said so.
        Because there is a high probability that the children of this person are jumping and yelling "yak to gilyak".
        And a relative is involved in the ATO.
        And they want you - me - our children and relatives - on knives.
        Ukrainian mov - in the modern world becomes such a peculiar swastika - serves as an identifier of traitors and fascists.
        Someone made conclusions for themselves and their children - someone - no.
        So much the worse for them.
        - If you find the strength in yourself and this is your land - join the militia, atone for guilt, drive the Ukrainians to the Goblin Reserve along with its carriers.
        If not, then run, Forest Gump, run.
        Anyway - the BU does not expect anything good in the short term - until the amount of its population comes into line with the new socioeconomic model of the territory - the agricultural cluster in the Russian civilized zone.
        But the attitude from the inhabitants of Russia will receive the corresponding.
        And we will also see courses - where they will offer to remove the Ukrainian accent.
        For the horses were smeared in such shit and smeared everyone around - what to say in a fairy tale - not to describe with a pen.
        In general, I am no longer surprised at anything, yes, looking at what is happening on the unfortunate territory ...
        Where faces of insolent nationality seized power. Where not only the king, but the impostors are not real. Where local vegetarians have proved that lard is a plant.
        Where not only everyone can see tomorrow.
        Where a second happy childhood is called Alzheimer.
        Where in the new translation of the Bible into local only 9 commandments remain. Where even if you start supplying gas for free, they will require an additional payment.
        Ugh, disgusted - how could one get to all this? And this, it turns out, is easy - it all started with a mov, whistles and embroideries, a denial of the right to half the population in his native language - and ended with destroyed cities and Nazism raising its head.
        The tragedy in Ukraine in general is no different from the tragedy of Zimbabwe, the tragedies of the Baltic states and other Africans. .
        1. Imperialkolorad
          Imperialkolorad April 8 2015 08: 37
          Cool said. I hope everything will be so.
        2. Volzhanin
          Volzhanin April 8 2015 10: 49
          Ukrainian Russian residents have to pay dearly for betrayal, indifference and idiocy.
    3. crumb
      crumb April 8 2015 09: 52
      a little Simonenko -
      When fire reached heaven
      And the blackened dome of the sky
      The roar of enemy planes tore apart.

      Then people called you dogs, -
      You licked the Germans shoes
      Shouted "Heil" hoarse bass,
      They roared "Not yet dead" from longing.

      Where did you go - deserts and ruins,
      For the corpses, there were no more pits.
      Spat blood "Nenka Ukraine"
      In your masters, right in hari - to you.

      You would drink it, forgetting about God,
      You would have survived us from your land,
      When would Ukraine help?
      The mockali did not return from the east.

      Now you again, having tied up the bones,
      Haggling like a fucked bitch
      New Nazis click on a visit -
      Ukrainian bread and fat to eat.

      You will roam around foreign lands
      Until the devil takes you to himself.
      But you know - Ukraine did not die
      And will not die!
    4. Lukich
      Lukich April 8 2015 11: 53
      Quote: DEZINTO
      Well, what kind of country? what are the slogans?

      The "saboteur" was arrested with a certificate from the Consulate General of the Russian Federation issued in 1999.
      Another anecdote from the saga about the adventures of the valiant dads of the Muellers Nezalezhnaya. Over the past year, according to reports, they have already caught 100500 Russian "spies" and "saboteurs." Interestingly, none of them was ever brought to trial. Some time after another "feat", the enemy spy disappears somewhere, and so that the public does not ask unnecessary questions, a new "case" arises. Like today:

      The Ukrainian Security Service detained a Russian citizen on suspicion of organizing the explosion of a stele with the Ukrainian flag in the center of Kharkov. As reported by "Ukrainian News", this was announced by the adviser to the head of the SBU Markiyan Lubkivsky.
    5. Shiva83483
      Shiva83483 April 8 2015 23: 25
      Necrophiles ... you take ...
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. old pioneer
    old pioneer April 8 2015 05: 37
    These words of V. Simonenko, carved in stone, should mark the place of the general, nameless burial of all those who glorify Bandera. Only these words in an open field, without mounds and tablets.
    1. Dezinto
      Dezinto April 8 2015 05: 46
      These words of V. Simonenko, carved in stone, should mark the place of a common, nameless burial of all the glorious

      There is already ....... only with the signature - "surgical waste" ........

      LIKE !!!!!!!!

      But ukroopeytsev with pots on their heads I want to ask - well? jumped? --Now by smaller standards, 5000 Ukrainians will never see either Europe, or anything at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN April 8 2015 05: 51
    Just like a born born can’t fly!
  5. fomkin
    fomkin April 8 2015 06: 01
    Fascism is the inborn quality of some, or increased suggestibility.
  6. Neophyte
    Neophyte April 8 2015 06: 11
    Quote: old pioneer
    These words of V. Simonenko, carved in stone, should mark the place of the general, nameless burial of all those who glorify Bandera. Only these words in an open field, without mounds and tablets.

    In Poland there is a monument to the victims of the Volyn massacre, where there are words that
    whoever forgets it, for God don’t! The Poles forgot everything and lick their heels
  7. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 8 2015 06: 26
    History will dot the i's. But this will not be soon, and will entail new victims.
    And everyone will be rewarded according to his merits.
  8. press officer
    press officer April 8 2015 07: 00
    Quote: DEZINTO
    But ukroopeytsev with pots on their heads I want to ask - well? jumped? --Now by smaller standards, 5000 Ukrainians will never see either Europe, or anything at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Apparently these "missing heroes" are now waiting for an exchange from the militia for some reason ... They are asking to hand over "prisoners of war" as many as 400 people ... fool And since no one will give them away (which is understandable), UkroSmi will say that they were "killed by the militia" ... fool And the mothers of the slain will still think .... Without realizing that these medical wastes are their children ... negative
  9. siberalt
    siberalt April 8 2015 07: 38
    The DPR said that 1400 prisoners of "heroes" would be given away without any exchange, since it is more expensive to feed them. But they don't! request
    1. Alexey Boukin
      Alexey Boukin April 8 2015 09: 07
      Quote: siberalt
      The DPR said that 1400 prisoners of "heroes" would be given away without any exchange, since it is more expensive to feed them. But they don't!

      And they do not take it because most of these prisoners are crippled who need to be treated and paid pensions. This is already "waste material" for Kiev ...
  10. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack April 8 2015 09: 10
    which country are such heroes ........ no words.
  11. nord62
    nord62 April 8 2015 09: 55
    These creatures have done in Belarus during the war .... And after all they are trying to be called "brothers"! And ukropovskim Bendera and Belarusian nits that are now fighting on their side is one place - in the dustbin of history!
    1. andrew42
      andrew42 April 8 2015 10: 47
      Not this way. They have a place in the loop. A garbage dump of history will follow.
  12. sichevik
    sichevik April 8 2015 10: 16
    I’m all waiting, I can’t wait - when the inhabitants of the outskirts will already get their shit drunk like that. that you’ll become unbearable? When will they wash themselves with their bloody snot? Are they still not enough? Is it possible that few deaths occurred on this territory (this country doesn’t dare to name the language), aren’t they tired of all this? Or they are so patient, or intimidated, or so dumb and zombie that they are happy with everything ...
  13. Lukich
    Lukich April 8 2015 13: 54
    from classmates
    A friend called from Western Ukraine, from the Khmelnitsky region. Already the former. Since her son voluntarily went to the ATO to "pacify" the Donbass. She called to convict me of a global lie. It turns out that I meanly lied when I said that the inhabitants of the eastern regions did not need such "liberations." Most of the population of Donbass is very necessary. Naturally, I began to find out where the firewood came from. Further enchanting!

    It turns out that her idiot son returned home from the front and dragged a bunch of junk - plasma, a refrigerator, a washing machine, a microwave and further on the list. To Mamma he explained the appearance of goodness so famously that it was breathtaking.

    “Mamo, you have no idea how they were waiting for us in the Donbass!” The locals were so happy that we came to free them from all sorts of Girkin-Babayev-Motorall, that we just threw gifts! All this was given to me by the Lugandons as a token of gratitude for the liberation from the Russian militants! ” The curtain!

    Here I sit and do not know whether to laugh or spit, the level of cretinism just goes off scale. The most important thing here is that those who presented her son with gifts do not come personally from Donbass to thank them. As they say, "with special cynicism." Mom is proud, I suppose. Raised a son - a defender.

    More details: