Three comrades served

A few months ago, the 20 th special-purpose squad was eliminated in Saratov. The servicemen of the unit, which for twelve years carried out service and combat missions in the hot spots, were left without work and were forced to independently search for places for further service. Orders and medals of war veterans are not countable. And only the names of twenty-two dead brothers will forever be remembered.

Three comrades servedVladimir Zolotarev was called up for military service in 1997 year to a convoy regiment (military unit 3757), which was located in the village of Yavas, Zubovo-Polyansky district of the Republic of Mordovia. When the unit was a special forces platoon, which recruited fighters who successfully completed the course of the young fighter. Vladimir and several of his colleagues expressed a desire to serve in this platoon. But for this it was necessary to pass the test, which is not everyone can.
- Previously, all the conscripts, as now contract servicemen, passed such an exam. It includes running, hand-to-hand fighting, pulling up, etc. I’ve done it all - they enlisted me in special forces. I wanted to shoot myself for two months - it was very hard. But then I got used to it, - Golden laughs (as his friends call him).

At the end of 1998, a special purpose 20 squad was established on the basis of the Saratov convoy regiment. Officially, the birthday of the detachment is considered to be 29 December. But the staff was manned during the 1999 year. It was then that a special forces platoon, where Gold served, was sent to Saratov. Soldiers from the Bogorodsk brigade, Engels and Penza special purpose battalions (OBON) also arrived here. At that time, Vladimir Zolotarev has already signed his first contract. In Yavas, he served as a marksman, was a corporal, and in Saratov he came to the post of commander of the assault squadron and was promoted to junior sergeant. Soon he was promoted to the rank of sergeant, and in 2003 he graduated from the rank of ensign in Perm and was appointed deputy commander of a reconnaissance platoon.

Vladimir Gavrilov: We crossed with Vovka in 1998 year. I then served in Penza Obona and was on a business trip in Dagestan. Once I went to Kizlyar, to the village, for firewood. And there some “drychiki” already took all the wood. I approached, saying: it’s necessary to share. And they told me: yes, we serve in special forces (they then guarded the airport at Kizlyar). They surrounded me from all sides, but my fighters are nobody. I think: well, everything, they will give me now! For firewood something! A little bit I did not score.

Vladimir Gavrilov (Garik) was called for a “time limit” at the end of the Kursk school by profession “carpenter-carpenter” in 1994. A high, strong fighter was assigned to Penza OBON (3731 military unit), from where in 1995, he went on his first trip to the Caucasus. In Gudermes, his battalion performed the tasks of protecting public order. Vladimir liked the service - he signed a contract. And in 1999, he wrote a report on the transfer to the Saratov Special Forces to the foreman position of the castle platoon. In 2003, after studying in Smolensk, he was given the title of ensign.

Vladimir Gavrilov: 8 August 1999, the squad raised the alarm, and 10 August with Engels "takeoff" the first time we flew on a business trip. And I have to have a wedding in 3 of the day. We had such a commander, Oleg Vyacheslavovich Galakov. I told him that I would not go, because the wedding. And he replied: "You will go or you are a coward!" We were entered into Dagestan, in the Botler district. I went - postponed the wedding indefinitely. And only 18 September 1999, the wedding still took place. And on September 3, my contract ended and I quit. Left the squadron for 2 of the month, for the weekend, one might say. And then I realized that I miss, and came back.

In the army, it always seems that “in freedom” is better. But the guys accustomed to the thrill often cannot find themselves in civilian life. In addition, comrades, whom they find in extreme conditions, with which they perform shoulder-to-shoulder the most difficult, life-threatening combat missions, become the most loyal, devoted, able to come to the aid of friends at a difficult moment. This is even more than just friendship - they call each other brothers. And it was because of the little brothers that Golden had served in the detachment until retirement. He retired only in May 2010, a few months before the order came to disband the detachment.

- You can serve in special forces forever, until some Wahhabi send you to the country of eternal hunting. The desire to leave the detachment arose because of problems with the command - explains Zolotarev.
Vladimir Fisenko, as they say his two comrades, "the most military" of the three. He transferred to a detachment from the Saratov Special Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where he was a fighter of the assault group, in August 2003. Since in May of the same year he graduated from the Saratov Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, an ensign was assigned to him immediately. Upon arrival in the squadron, Fisenko, among other awards, already had two medals “For Courage” and the right to wear a maroon beret for military merit. And in December 2003, he went on a business trip to Chechnya from the G20. He began his combat career in the detachment from the post of deputy platoon commander of the reconnaissance group and rose to the rank of major and commander of a special-purpose group. He became friends with Vladimir Zoltarev and Vladimir Gavrilov in the reconnaissance group.

Vladimir Fisenko: As part of the unit we held all the joint activities. We are people of friends and almost relatives, brothers, simply put, together with the group we celebrated all the holidays. Sometimes hooligans. Sometimes grandmothers were transferred across the road. When my child was born, Vovka Gavrilov and I (Zolotarev was on a business trip then) went to the maternity hospital and on the way met the wedding. Blocked the road in Engels, which leads to a weaving factory. For half an hour created a mash up to the Land Reclamation. Vovka said that he wanted to become a traffic cop.
But Vladimir Zolotarev has not so joyful memories. 29 September 2000, together with Vladimir Gavrilov, they were blown up by a land mine. As the guys remember, they were going to a special operation, they were ambushed in Grozny: the head machine, on which both were sitting on top, on the armor, was blown up on a side mine. Then the shooting began. It was then that killed the senior machine gunner reconnaissance Dmitry Ganz. Eight people were injured.

- I had a lot of injuries: in the neck, in the shoulder, in the thigh, buttock ... (Laughs). Then there was a hospital. First one, then the second, then transferred to Saratov. It was already there and two months later I went away again on a business trip. They often tried to blow me up, the Golden one laughs ironically.
In 2000, scouts Zolotarev and Gavrilova were awarded green berets for their military merits. A year later, the board of the "red berets" of the detachment decided to hand them to the red berets (then the red berets were presented to seven scouts as the most prepared and distinguished themselves in battle, since they most often take the fire upon themselves). As the guys say, green berets are worn only on Intelligence Day. Because on other days they are confused with border guards.

Vladimir Zolotarev: Nobody thinks about rewards when performing a task. We have two berets. Many argue, which one takes steeper. I believe that they are equivalent. If you honestly passed on the beret, then you deserve respect. The handing over to the maroon and green berets is similar.
Vladimir Fisenko took the krapovy beret for his military achievements in the performance of service and combat tasks in Dagestan, and also in the 2000 year. The special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also had its own council of "blood berets, which included" krapoviki "from the Dzerzhinsky division. There were veterans from the "Vityaz". They decided that Fisenko deserves the right to wear a krapovoi beret. And the question never arises, for what exactly to hand beats. Military merit is not a specific operation and not the number of killed bandits.
For the first time, the guys performed a joint special operation in Dagestan in September 1999, when they did not yet know each other. Fis at that time served in the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Golden and Garik were already in the detachment.

Vladimir Zolotarev: We calculated it four years later, when Vovka transferred to the detachment. Once sat, recalled: it turns out, we even waved our hands to each other! We knew that from the mountains we were also covered by the Saratovists. Then the tank began to peck at us, we already tumbled. Moreover, the tank was hammering in its own way - they confused it, they thought that there were militants in the houses. So our first boy, Abdurahmanov Fatikh, died. The tank hit the house where the assault team worked. Volodya Gavrilov was also part of this assault group. He then put the shampoo in his breast pocket and broke it with a splinter.

There were many special operations in the North Caucasus region of Russia over the years of service in the detachment. But this is not to say. I especially remember my comrades' participation in the special operation to eliminate Maskhadov in Tolstoy-Yurt. And that was remembered because it was 8 March 2005, and that the figure is more significant than the other militants. For the rest, everything was as usual: they performed the operation, took the body and returned home. I also remember that in the home of Maskhadov one of the fighters gathered a box of condensed milk to his hands.
It is said that it is difficult at first to kill. And then you get used to: “They shoot at you - you shoot”. But this does not pass without consequences. Vladimir Fisenko only in special forces began to stutter. He says he doesn’t remember (or doesn’t want to remember) when exactly this happened: “I dropped the BTR at the speed of 100 km / h, I couldn’t resist, and the other BTR ran over my head”.
Guys often recall sensations during the battle. They say the head starts to work faster, there is some excitement. And only then comes the realization of danger.

- When there is a battle, you do everything several times faster, you rush around, because much depends on speed. Even the head starts to think faster. The instinct of self-preservation works. And it's not scary that they will kill you. Each of us covers little brothers, helps in everything, goes back to back. The worst thing in a battle is losing friends. And then also to tell mamma that her son is no more ... This is the worst thing in our work, ”says Golden.
Two Orders of Vladimir Zolotarev's Courage, two medals "For Courage" Vladimir Fisenko, the Order of Courage and a Medal "For Courage" and a medal, medal, medal ... - this is how Vladimir Gavrilov lists his awards. Combat comrades are called "just glands." They say that when they submit to a medal or an order, they describe the feat in at least three episodes and only then send the award to Moscow. Often, a soldier is provided for one award, and is given a completely different one. Sometimes they can even forget, lose the prize or not consider it necessary to reward - it was like that. It is especially offensive when it comes to the posthumous awards of the dead servicemen.

Vladimir Fisenko: Krapovy takes - this is the main reward. This is a symbol of valor, the spirit of special forces, our main difference. Unfortunately, he is often handed over posthumously.
It is such a net beret that the granite fighter holds in his hands. The kneeling special forces soldier was installed on the squad's squad after ten soldiers were killed and twenty-eight injured in 2000 during the clashes in Chechnya. A general meeting of the personnel of the unit took place, at which they decided to donate money for one “combat day”: officers at that time were charged 950 rubles per day spent in the North Caucasus region of Russia, and warrant officers and contract servicemen - 850. The monument was installed at the expense of special forces. After the elimination of the detachment, in October 2010, the monument to the Fallen Special Forces soldiers was transferred to the city.

Vladimir Zolotarev: Now this is the only place where you can collect all the little brothers in a bunch. We call up, write off on the Internet, and then go to our monument. They met seven times in six months. All holidays and memorable dates together.
With regret, comrades say that the detachment did not become: “Nowhere will there be such a friendly team anymore. Here was the youth, here we found friends. ” Under the first commander, Sergey Chenchik, the detachment several times ranked first among all the special units of Russia. This is not the result of participation in some competitions. The victory consists of indicators of discipline, combat, physical fitness. There were no conscript soldiers in the detachment — well-trained, experienced servicemen served here.

Currently, Major Vladimir Fisenko continues to serve in another special unit. Ensign Vladimir Gavrilov is at his disposal and is awaiting a position in the Engels squadron. Both long-serving earned a pension and got apartments in the squadron. But Vladimir Zolotarev did not receive an apartment - housing was provided only to those servicemen who signed the first contract before 1998. 21 year of service was not sufficient reason to provide housing for a veteran special forces. He now works in security at a brick factory and receives a pension of 5 and a half thousand rubles. And she misses her brothers a lot.
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  1. +7
    2 October 2011 10: 49
    Journalists !!!! not eliminated but disbanded, think when you write. And disbanded for sure at the request of the working people of the Caucasus
    1. LESHA pancake
      2 October 2011 14: 53
      the stool tried the bastard.
      1. 0
        2 October 2011 22: 14
        what does it have to do with it? VV is Nurgaliyev and Moscow Oblast is a stool ... in this moment, Nurgaliyev must be asked ...
  2. aleksandr55
    2 October 2011 12: 04
    Therefore, they fought too well and disbanded.
  3. Motherland
    2 October 2011 12: 20
    In general, it is necessary to make sure that special forces do not go through reduction reforms ... I would like to get into special forces
  4. Miracles
    2 October 2011 14: 26
    I understand - the army is being cut, now we have no enemies, only "friends". But this is the internal special forces, a policeman, so to speak. Now the Caucasus is flaring up, people are starting to wander, the Olympics are coming soon. Should something happen, again conscripts of motorized riflemen will be chased to slaughter, or the marines from all fleets will be picked up. And they will also tie their hands, tk. for political reasons, the army should not fight with its people, even if they are terrorists and bandits. These people are Professionals, have combat experience, are better armed and trained for such special operations. It is foolish to disband such units, and they do not consume much money from the budget, it’s also not a tank division or an airborne forces.
    1. LESHA pancake
      2 October 2011 14: 54
      at DAMA and at the stool glitches on the basis of nano reforms
    2. 0
      2 October 2011 15: 25
      Miracles, that's why they cut it!
  5. Priest
    3 October 2011 00: 42
    Gentlemen, comrades, gentlemen: we do not like heroes - they love the result! (the country (homeland) is not chosen (am I crying? - yes, I am crying) - in the sense - crying. (alas, everyone who served the fatherland was "beaten in the face").
  6. 0
    21 January 2012 16: 41
    I know that the topic is old but attacked it quite by accident and frankly glad - as if returned to the past. But there are several inaccurate points.

    599 BON city of Penza it was a military unit of 6556.
    In 1997, the new commander of a special-purpose military intelligence platoon traveled around the nearest units and conducted selection training .....
    Then several people left the Penza BON. March 8 is a straight sign day - on March 8 1998 a herd of cows was beaten off from the Czechs on the Kargaly dam. And thank God that then the two commandos in the battle separated from theirs and were able to go out to the location of the Penza BON.

    It’s a pity guys that combat-ready units are lost ....
    All servants Honor and Glory.
  7. +15
    30 October 2017 21: 35
    Three comrades served
    In the same shelf

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