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“Import Substitution” Without New Industrialization - Bluffing and Criminal Negligence

“Import Substitution” Without New Industrialization - Bluffing and Criminal NegligenceRussia today exists in a semi-colonial mode, says expert

The Russian government, nevertheless, condescended to a substantive discussion of a really painful, even before all the sanctions, topic - the notorious import substitution.

The government commission on this issue, as it became known the day before, will be headed personally by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The unprepared reader will hardly find as many as three examples of irony above. Then open the cards immediately.

First of all, “it didn’t go away either ...”: President Vladimir Putin wrote about the need to force out imported goods with worse analogs from domestic producers, and wrote in one of his electoral articles, and spoke many times from the rostrum to different audiences. Including in the presence of Dmitry Anatolyevich. And already against the background of the “war of sanctions” this topic in general became almost the “1 number”, but, obviously, our “White House” was still on the agenda much more urgent.

Secondly, if we are to believe the vice-premier Dvorkovich’s announcement, it’s about the commission, which will finally begin to think about the strategy of import substitution itself. Whereas, if in a good way, it should have already been developed and not necessarily with the participation of any commission, but should have already spoken about concrete steps to implement it. But where are we to rush, right?

Thirdly, the commission will preside over Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev to talk, argue and something like that. On the scale of the current real influence of the Cabinet on the life of the country, this is certainly a great honor. But it is unlikely that the prime minister himself has illusions about his own real weight in the real nomenclature of decision-making.

This, of course, does not mean that the resolutions emanating from Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment are copied and distributed along the restrooms of the Presidential Administration and the Federal Assembly, but the scale of the problem, and even painfully protracted, is somehow incomparable with will be decided.

However, let us pay tribute to the prime minister: Dmitry Anatolyevich, to all appearances, himself doesn’t feed himself with any special illusions about the prospects for solving the problem of import substitution. In any case, this is how one can interpret his words about the uselessness of absolute import substitution: “This is impossible. This is the opposite extreme.

It sounds reasonable, but not from the mouth of the prime minister, who, if he has been entrusted with the task, is without reservation. How much global import substitution should be - let the expert community, journalists and grandmothers on the benches argue. But it seems that the government should set the maximum bar for solving problems.

However, weren't we presented too much?

In a conversation with a KM.RU columnist, political analyst, chairman of the Development Movement, member of the Federal Council of the “Party of Affairs”, Yuri Krupnov, pointed to the hopelessness of the current talk about import substitution:

- Import substitution is inherently a false slogan. It can be considered only as one of the mechanisms of new industrialization. Over the past 25 years, our country has been deindustrialized and today we actually exist in a semi-colonial mode, when the same Volkswagens are assembled with us "screwdriver", according to Western technologies.

In order for us to regain the ability to develop technologies ourselves and produce high-quality things, we must finally begin to carry out a new industrialization. The one about which Putin speaks over the past four years. We remember all this talk about 25 of millions of high-tech jobs and more. And in this huge complex of measures, import substitution is only one of the directions, or rather, one of the mechanisms.

But no matter how much Putin talks about this very “new industrialization”, our government simply refuses to understand it as a fundamental, fundamental question. Well, well, that at least there is talk about import substitution, at least something, but where do we get the productive forces from? What to replace?

These productive forces need to be restored, created. And without this, we have the fact that European goods are simply replaced by Chinese or Latin American goods. But this is not an import substitution, but a substitution inside the import. And discussing it in all seriousness is simply impossible. in my opinion.

Work on new industrialization should be strictly centralized and subordinated directly to the head of state. I would suggest creating an industrial policy council under the President of Russia and, with him, organizing a project office, the “modern Gosplan”, working on the basis of indicative planning.

Without this, all the talk about import substitution, about industrialization, about abandoning the “oil needle” will remain empty talk. But in a crisis situation, when our geopolitical competitors are not asleep, all this has a very specific, criminal definition - criminal negligence.

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  1. Reserve officer
    Reserve officer April 7 2015 18: 16
    Two news - one is good, the other is bad. Good - talk about industrialization began, thank God, even a commission was created. Bad - Medvedev headed the commission.
    1. hrych
      hrych April 7 2015 18: 26
      There are plenty of industrial capacities in Russia, if we take Stalin's industrialization, then this was still due to the destruction of the agrarian system and the compulsion of the peasants to forge workers. As for import substitution, it is just necessary to invest in the village, to replace all kinds of imported cheeses, etc. And so, what is needed is reprivatization, i.e. return production facilities to the state.
      1. wef
        wef April 7 2015 18: 38
        There are plenty of industrial capacities in Russia

        Unfortunately, the Gaidar-Chubais efforts turned most of the capacities into shopping centers at best. Capacities are not enough. We stopped mass production of means of production. Including for agricultural and processing. Just investing in existing commodity-money relations will not do anything. Rather, it will, but not to the broad masses and the state. Officials will report on TV show about individual successes. But for a significant change, it is really necessary to carry out precisely the Stalinist industrialization.
        1. hrych
          hrych April 7 2015 19: 10
          Do not compare with the capacities of the USSR when it was necessary to provide Indo-Chinese, Arabs, Latin Americans and parasites of Warsaw Pact countries with gratis industrial goods. Moreover, countries such as Egypt and Iraq declared themselves free-spirited for socialism, then the USA was rapidly resold, which they rewarded with a rope, etc., in full (but no one repaid our debts). Actually, for Russia there is enough capacity. There are separate industries, but not critical. If in pharmacy we are 70% dependent on imports, then believe the pharmaceutical factory is very compact, and a tabletting machine, a little more than a refrigerator and with state support this problem is solved. Stalinist industrialization was done at the expense of the peasants. Now migrate migrant workers? Those Stalinist factories actually work quite safely now. And the technologies have changed, before the billet from the foundry went to turning, to drillers, milling machines, grinders, etc., with a bunch of different-sized machines and robots, now this is done on a single-multi-operation machine serviced by one specialist, plus laser machines with CNC and ending with three-dimensional printers. If that is necessary, then innovation.
          1. Atrix
            Atrix April 7 2015 21: 05
            Quote: hrych
            If in pharmacy we are 70% dependent on imports, then believe the pharmaceutical factory is very compact, and the tabletting machine, a little more than the refrigerator and with state support this problem is being solved.

            Do you think that the main costs of pharmaceutical giants for equipment? Then I will deeply disappoint you, probably 80% are scientific professions and developments. What big Russian companies in drug development do you know world-class?
            Quote: hrych
            There are plenty of industrial capacities in Russia

            Outdated factories? Now there is a replacement of equipment but at a very shallow pace. And still no frames. The problem just can not be solved, unfortunately No.
            1. hrych
              hrych April 7 2015 22: 03
              Yes, pharmacists and biomedics constantly give results, especially Novosibirsk citizens are famous, another thing is that it was easier to take imported ones and not bother with one's own, there, in addition to opening a new one, the State Pharmacopoeia requires a ladder of clinical trials from mice to primates, and it doesn’t take less than a decade. And in the West, everything is fast, though sometimes babies are born from soporific pinnipeds, but it’s a business, and now it’s possible to test it in Africans, nobody will notice, though sometimes an ebola will start to mow, so again there is reason to experiment. We can’t afford it, so we lose. Plus, most of the drugs are generally unnecessary and imposed, especially annual flu vaccinations, although these are tens of thousands of different diseases and you will not guess. It’s quite a fairy tale, when they gave Nobel a virus for the etiology of cancer, the pharmaceutical giants with bribed politicians organized a universal vaccination against the papilloma of all girls of the golden billion, a vaccine of 100 bucks, 3 pieces are needed for vaccination, so consider it a scam, although there are more than a hundred kinds of papillomas and a vaccine guess what. It’s not accepted to talk about collaterals, but they will certainly cripple one or another thousand, die from allergies, etc. Further, more, we decided to force the boys, they say, because of oral affairs, the guys had a sharp increase in throat cancer, but in fact they doubled stupidly profit, all this of course is accompanied by a preliminary howl in the press.
              1. Atrix
                Atrix April 8 2015 01: 33
                Quote: hrych
                And in the West everything is fast, though sometimes babies are born from soporific pinnipeds, but this is business

                Quote: hrych
                Plus, most of the drugs are generally unnecessary and imposed

                Well, but that's about the west is not quite right you said. There are much more complicated and more regulatory authorities in this regard.
                Here is an example of what would not happen in Russia and not because our companies do not deceive people.
                "The American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and its subsidiary Pharmacia & Upjohn have agreed to pay the largest fraud compensation in the history of medicine - $ 2,3 billion to settle criminal and civil liability in connection with the illegal promotion of a number of products," the press release said. ...
                The investigation disposes of the facts that Pfizer not only attributed to a number of its preparations greater properties than those confirmed by the regulator, but also imposed on its patients medications through doctors who prescribed them to their clients, often without direct necessity.
                We are talking about Bextra drugs, the antipsychotic Geodon, the Zyvox antibiotic, and the Lyrica epileptic seizure drug.
                The scandal against the pharmaceutical giant flared up after filing private lawsuits in the states of Massachusetts, Kentucky and Pennsylvania, for which the plaintiffs will receive government compensation in the amount of 102 million dollars.
                Pfizer is the world's largest drug manufacturer with a total turnover of 48,3 billion dollars and a net profit of over 8 billion dollars following the results of the 2008 year. Billions of dollars the company annually invests in research.
                1. hrych
                  hrych April 8 2015 17: 08
                  Of course, it is dangerous to fool around with antipsychotics and antiepileptics.
                  But 2,3 at a time with a turnover of 48,3 billion each year is probably not much and expensive, top managers will be spoiled by a vacation, hotels will not have gold toilets. But one can also see the hand of a competitor - another pharmaceutical giant.
      2. Black Colonel
        Black Colonel April 7 2015 19: 08
        return production facilities to the state.
        To do this, you must have a repressive device like the Cheka or the NKVD
        1. hrych
          hrych April 7 2015 19: 57
          Yes, we have security forces, in principle, the mayors are also being sentenced by mayors, so the head of the FSIN was sent to the bunk. Of course they’re not very afraid of living in a jail with money. Need the death penalty with confiscation, and relatives in exile without the right to occupy positions, except for washing floors, would be good, but they will come to this. Stalin, too, was at first liberal, the same Trotsky was sent into exile, but did not calm down, he had to be stolen.
        2. s1н7т
          s1н7т April 8 2015 07: 02
          No. First, a revolution will be required (because no one will just give anything away), and then the Cheka (to protect its outcome)
      3. Corsair
        Corsair April 7 2015 19: 26
        Quote: hrych
        There are plenty of industrial capacities in Russia, if we take Stalin's industrialization, then this was still due to the destruction of the agrarian system and the compulsion of the peasants to forge workers.

        The capacities are dried up and very much - the achievements are outdated and you need to either create something from the bottom according to your templates (long and tedious), or stupidly wipe like the Chinese, copy, take as a basis the existing ones. And thanks to the 90-2000s, we now still have to find the dominance of managers, lawyers and economists, engineers, not to mention the status of the management at the factory - where the chief engineers are now very often not the first or even second deputy general managers. The most important thing is precision instrumentation, machine tool engineering, and electronics.
        1. hrych
          hrych April 7 2015 19: 39
          I beg, but not in Chinese, any stolen thing is already outdated from the beginning. Who told you that we are behind, we are leaders in rocket technology, we are leaders in aviation, and leaders in the nuclear industry. So this is the pinnacle of scientific progress. If in everyday life and retouching we are behind, so give at least that to backward countries, they also need to eat. Military technology is the pinnacle of scientific and technical progress, take a fighter there and a jet engine (which countries do, like fingers on one hand) and electronics and titanium technologies, which are not available to Westerners. Hunting for our programmers, etc.
          1. STALGRAD76
            STALGRAD76 April 7 2015 21: 11
            I would not mind if UAZ "stole" the automatic box from Toyota and made "Patriots" with a gun and the inscription "Patriot" in Russian
            1. hrych
              hrych April 7 2015 21: 39
              Toyota is meeting with us in person, we can say that the leading auto companies have built their plants in us and this is already the domestic auto industry. Chevrolet escaped and to hell with it, plus the State Department pressed on him, the company is American. With all the manufacturability, it’s a daily routine and with the production, high technology and the cost of a fighter is incommensurable. Plus, NTP has long implied that it should be a lightweight carbon-fiber electric creation on a battery, but the auto giants together with oil corporations do not need this, so we follow their lead, giving the latter, the more this product is now one of the ways to measure .
              1. Greenwood
                Greenwood April 8 2015 13: 59
                Quote: hrych
                leading auto companies have built their plants with us and this is already the domestic auto industry.
                This is not a domestic auto industry. This is a license assembly, in many of the imported components, imported cars, in the development of which we did not participate. According to this principle, the same Toyota is collected, for example, in Turkey, India, Mexico, Thailand, South Africa and many other countries. Only she still refers to the Japanese auto industry.
                1. hrych
                  hrych April 8 2015 17: 23
                  So, in order:
                  1. Factory in our territory.
                  2. Our workers and employees (except for chief engineers).
                  3. Taxes are paid to our treasury.
                  4. Land lease with us.
                  5. Even if the assembly is large-site, then there are transport preferences.
                  6. Ultimately, there are no customs duties and the price is acceptable for our consumer.

                  Now the main, but significant difference from Thailand, Turkey, etc., as a rule, in these countries cheap labor, deprived of social guarantees and the product does not go to this country, but goes to other countries, which is stupidly more profitable for the concern than paying social insurance and cf. fee by Japanese standards. Our car assembly remains with us, because The Russian Federation has a profitable car market and plant capacities calculated accordingly, models are adapted, and workers at such plants are far from deprived. Also a number of factories are joint ventures. The way, I think, is the right one.
          2. Greenwood
            Greenwood April 8 2015 13: 56
            Quote: hrych
            we are leaders in aviation
            That's right at airports alone Boeing and Airbus are.
            1. hrych
              hrych April 8 2015 17: 31
              Let's not forget about military and transport aviation (I speak of it as the top of the scientific and technical progress). There are unique amphibians and don't forget the helicopter industry. As for the household, this is a matter of time and political will, when you just need to get Jets to take it, etc. For that matter, the cost of su-30 is 50-80 million, and the cost of a Boeing 737 is the same. So what is more profitable to trade?
      4. Alexey Boukin
        Alexey Boukin April 7 2015 19: 40
        Is it really not clear that under the current government and especially the premiere, there can be no industrialization. Is there really no people in the country like Shoigu, Rogozin to head the government and finally make him work. Think with your own heads, and not wait for the president’s instructions.
        1. Yabobylev
          Yabobylev April 7 2015 22: 23
          Shoigu and Rogozin do not need to be aligned.
          1. midshipman
            midshipman April 8 2015 12: 38
            What's the difference?
            1. Greenwood
              Greenwood April 8 2015 14: 02
              Probably that Shoigu really works. But Rogozin only patriotically balobolit on the camera and writes formidable posts on Twitter, without actually answering for his words, and the real results of his work are not particularly visible. Tryndet - do not toss bags.
        2. epsilon571
          epsilon571 April 7 2015 23: 05
          alexey bukin (1) SU Today, 19: 40 ↑
          Is there really no people in the country like Shoigu, Rogozin to head the government and finally make him work.

          And where can they be if no one votes for them? Much depends on us too. I have repeatedly written, take examples from the referendums of Crimea and Donbass, the people there managed to fulfill their desire, and why are we worse? As you know, "Water does not flow under a lying stone", it is time to act.
      5. horizont05
        horizont05 April 8 2015 02: 51
        It is necessary to give a trillion not to bankers, but to peasants and workers. Inflated the bubble, covering the banking sector.
      6. brn521
        brn521 April 8 2015 10: 21
        Quote: hrych
        There are plenty of industrial capacities in Russia

        But much less than it was during the Soviet era. From the shops there were only boxes. On high-precision machines after the 90s, unless the nuts with bolts were not sharpened. As wear and tear was scrapped. Sometimes it didn’t even come to wear. 1-2 bankruptcies, after which the machines went to the same Turkey (according to rumors, at the price of the same scrap metal). But anyway, what is now is not how to raise industry from scratch in the 30s.
        Quote: hrych
        If we took Stalin's industrialization, it was still due to the destruction of the agrarian system and the compulsion of the peasants to forge themselves into workers.

        Here is a plus for this. Many people forget what resource we merged at that time, and which we now do not have and will not have. People who provided for themselves and the state in addition. They were able and able to feed themselves a lot, unlike the workers of the second generation, who were completely dependent on the state support system. The communist state was attached to this resource as a vampire, at first at the extreme necessity, then out of habit, and it was almost extinct.
        Quote: hrych
        As for import substitution, it is just necessary to invest in the village, replace all kinds of imported cheeses, etc.

        Now not a ride. The village to bring profitability is to raise food prices several times. How much specifically? And what kind of fat will the current city need in order to forget about the 8-hour working day and put up with the smell of manure? Another option is unemployment, hunger, and the realization that you either roll out to the village or die.
    2. kaa_andrey
      kaa_andrey April 7 2015 18: 27
      The old principle of PPR - Gray, Popi ... We talked, Separated.
      Import substitution - it was necessary to start yesterday, if not the day before yesterday. Are there people who are capable of doing business, and not wagging languages?
      1. asadov
        asadov April 7 2015 18: 44
        that's it. The government should take business people and not verbiage and licking. And thinking not about your pocket (in the form of wives, lovers, children and mother-in-law). And it’s time to introduce serious penalties for failure to meet the deadlines for fulfilling the assigned tasks and not transferring them to another task. While the official will not be responsible for their shoals ruble, career and life.
      2. Balamyt
        Balamyt April 7 2015 18: 56
        A wonderful saying about this! Not ours - Chinese. That's all said .....
        "The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is today."
    3. Sid.74
      Sid.74 April 7 2015 18: 29
      One thing is good, digging under the liberal nano-structures still started!

      Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation: New criminal cases may be instituted for Skolkovo’s activities

      First Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Alexander Buksman does not exclude the initiation of new criminal cases on the activities of the Skolkovo Foundation. He stated this at a meeting of the State Duma, where the issue of removing the immunity of deputy Ilya Ponomaryov, accused of embezzlement, is being decided, RIA Novosti reports.

      The Lord marks the assault! winked

      Media: a pickup truck of the "Azov" battalion rammed the car of Poroshenko's son

      MOSCOW, 7 Apr - RIA News. The son of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was involved in an accident in the center of the capital, on Khreshchatyk Street, reports.

      According to eyewitnesses, a Mitsubishi L3 jeep with fighters from the Azov battalion drove into the BMW 200 coupe-convertible, owned by Poroshenko Jr. According to the Ukrainian edition of The Format, the jeep received significant damage as a result of the accident, while only scratches are visible on the bumper of Poroshenko's car.

      The media also reports that a traffic policeman and a representative of the president of Ukraine quickly arrived at the scene.
      RIA Novosti
    4. GSH-18
      GSH-18 April 7 2015 19: 34
      Quote: Reserve officer
      Good - talk about industrialization began, thank God, even a commission was created. Bad - Medvedev headed the commission.

      Yes, yes, yeah .. I see a clumsy attempt to blame everything again on one person. However, the author forgets (or maybe still still do not understand?) That the Russian Federation is not the USSR and it is simply impossible to start the construction of factories and factories !!!
      We have a different model of economy, different from the USSR. Before you build something, it is necessary to calculate the economic model of future production. And with this we have some problems. There are objective ones. But there are those whose reasons are difficult to explain. Such matters, such realities .. And here is the question: What is our government going to do in connection with all this? I would like to listen.
      What is the plan, so to speak ?? .. request
      1. MrK
        MrK April 7 2015 20: 04
        GS-18. Who prevented to calculate for 20 years. Everyone thinks, thinks, but there’s no sense. While Medvedev and his neoliberals are in power, not the country's industrial power, but theft will grow.
        1. kaa_andrey
          kaa_andrey April 7 2015 20: 18
          The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation within the framework of the government program on import substitution approved sectoral plans for 19 sectors of the civil industry. Order No. 646 of March 31 defines key import substitution measures in the Russian chemical industry.

          Responsibility for the implementation of the action plan, according to the order of the department, lies with the Department of the chemical-technological and timber industry complex. Its representatives were entrusted with the task of coordinating the selection of enterprises and drafting normative legal acts. The Department of Strategic Development and Project Management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade will monitor and analyze the implementation of the plan.

          The document published on the agency’s website indicates the products to be replaced, the terms of project implementation (without specifying the companies and the projects themselves), the actual import figure and the maximum planned share of imports by 2020.

          For example, staple PEF fiber, whose import share is currently 100%, is planned to be replaced by 2015% for 2017-70. The domestic production of insulating polymer composites in 2015-2020 is supposed to be brought up to a volume that can displace foreign brands by 80%.

          According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, by 2020, the share of imported fiber PET in the Russian market should not exceed 6%, the share of terephthalic acid, which is used as raw material in the production of PET, should be reduced from 65 to 6% by 2018.

          It is noteworthy that the departmental plan prescribed import substitution of isocyanates, which are not produced in Russia, by 94% of the consumed volume.

          "The document pays attention to paints and varnishes, an almost complete nomenclature of chemical fibers, a modest section of organic chemistry, a little special chemistry. However, the plan does not reflect the work planned by the Ministry to reduce the volume of imports of plastic products - to 12% by 2030, according to Strategy 2030. Also in a number of We do not have an understanding of the resource base due to which the decrease in import dependence will be ensured, in particular, this applies to isocyanates, epoxy resins, maleic anhedrid, "- the President of the Russian Union of Chemists Viktor Ivanov commented on the project of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

          The RSX concluded that the document requires a wider coverage of the product line, a more detailed study of the prospects for the implementation of major projects, as well as closer coordination with the adopted Strategy for the development of the chemical complex until 2030.

          The ministry notes that when drawing up the plan, proposals were accumulated from all subjects of the federation, development institutions, the Russian Academy of Sciences, ministries and Russian companies.
        2. Samarin
          Samarin April 7 2015 21: 55
          Quote: mrark
          Who bothered to calculate for 20 years.

          Apparently on the accounts they think ...
    5. STALGRAD76
      STALGRAD76 April 7 2015 21: 08
      News from the box "Medvedev is on a visit to Vietnam, agreed to sell ....... Renault?.?.? Our assembly" fuck it promotes the interests of Russia ???????
  2. oleg-gr
    oleg-gr April 7 2015 18: 18
    Medvedev and import substitution. This premier has a lot of verbiage and very few concrete cases. Or is it a step towards retirement?
  3. Cherdak
    Cherdak April 7 2015 18: 19
    Quote: *
    displace imported goods with no worse analogues from domestic ones

    Can start with an American anthem? laughing
    1. SlavaS
      SlavaS April 7 2015 19: 30
      That's where Stirlitz hid !!!
  4. YohanPalych
    YohanPalych April 7 2015 18: 20
    1. Koloradovatnik
      Koloradovatnik April 7 2015 18: 36
      Quote: YohanPalych

      Whom? Prime Minister?
      The president, as always, to do with it?
      Or have everyone forgotten about the tandem? And about the fact that GDP and DAM are friends from St. Petersburg since times? And about the fact that this government was appointed by Putin and so far no words have been heard from him about his dissatisfaction with the activities of the government?
      On the contrary, it was he who signed the iPhone's "anti-crisis plan". It is he who signs all the liberal bills.
      It is foolish to change one government. It is necessary to change the entire vertical of power, the entire system, if we want to free ourselves from the shackles of the "global market", if we want to become a truly independent industrialized country.
      The system is defective. Government is only part of the system.
      1. Basarev
        Basarev April 8 2015 07: 42
        And how much in vain do they negate me for these same words. But I said from the very beginning that only revolution can save Russia.
        1. Koloradovatnik
          Koloradovatnik April 8 2015 20: 42
          Quote: Basarev
          And how much in vain do they negate me for these same words. But I said from the very beginning that only revolution can save Russia.

          Negative, speak? Keep a plus from me. laughing
  5. Aleksandr78
    Aleksandr78 April 7 2015 18: 21
    Talk again, talk. What to do and how to be? Production must first be restored, and there will be import substitution and everything else.
    1. kaa_andrey
      kaa_andrey April 7 2015 19: 53
      Production should not be restored, but new, modern ones should be made. With technologies that are in demand tomorrow. There is no need to restore what has served and is obsolete. We need automation and robotization, we need specialists, and who trained them, and we are unlikely to get them from office plankton - managers, designers, political scientists, sociologists and other "creative and effective" masses.
  6. Altona
    Altona April 7 2015 18: 22
    Medvedev's government will not be able to handle such a task, his own mental abilities were enough for "summer-winter" time, "police-police", badminton, well, today he gave birth to a "diagonal zebra" ... laughing
  7. cerbuk6155
    cerbuk6155 April 7 2015 18: 22
    If the chairman of the commission will work together with the members of the commission, then the work will go, and if they begin to develop various types of proposals, they will only begin to think in 20-30 years. It all depends on the patriotism and mental ability of the commission in the right direction. soldier
  8. Major Yurik
    Major Yurik April 7 2015 18: 23
    Leave the fight against smoking for LADY (whatever the child is amused) And keep the rest away from him. Damn, then the clock moves the power of the intellect, then the zero is washed out, it introduces to the joy of the gay. Hyperactivity is treated medically, and also with a strap! stop
  9. Basarev
    Basarev April 7 2015 18: 30
    It seems that the case will again end in gossip.
  10. comrad74
    comrad74 April 7 2015 18: 34
    Oh, they’ve already talked!
  11. Aleksandr1959
    Aleksandr1959 April 7 2015 18: 36
    IPhone from the words "mobilization economy" ... shivers

    Work on new industrialization should be strictly centralized and subordinated directly to the head of state. I would suggest creating an industrial policy council under the President of Russia and, with him, organizing a project office, the “modern Gosplan”, working on the basis of indicative planning.

    Without this, all the talk about import substitution, about industrialization, about abandoning the “oil needle” will remain empty talk. But in a crisis situation, when our geopolitical competitors are not asleep, all this has a very specific, criminal definition - criminal negligence.

    With such an organization, it turns out complete crap. Rogozin is like a firefighter, with an interval of a week or two, clearing up the rubble at the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome.
    And who will work on the rest ?????
  12. 31rus
    31rus April 7 2015 18: 41
    dear, all adults, the government appointed the GDP, which means it’s his responsibility, and if Medvedev is the prime minister, this suits the GDP both as a lightning rod from the GDP itself and as an indicator of not wanting to change something seriously
  13. Balamyt
    Balamyt April 7 2015 18: 53
    The government commission on this issue, as it became known the day before, will be headed personally by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

    Lord! Well what are you really! Our prime is all in work! Today, traffic rules corrected! What a blessing that I can cross the road diagonally! I’m only upset that I can’t move vertically for now .... The iPhone player in his repertoire! From this begins import substitution, and indeed the revival of the country! fool angry stop
  14. Vadim237
    Vadim237 April 7 2015 18: 53
    There is no money for complete import substitution; now a CNC machine alone costs several million, or even tens of millions of rubles, it is necessary to help small and medium-sized businesses, if not with subsidies, then at least by reducing the tax burden and appropriate loans.
    1. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 April 7 2015 20: 00
      Yes, with such an attitude towards small and medium-sized businesses, we will very quickly "get on the rails of industrialization" and replace everything and everything.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. bulatovvvas
      bulatovvvas April 7 2015 22: 03
      Quote: Vadim237
      There is no money for complete import substitution now, only one CNC machine costs several million

      Chubais's "nano" for the last year brought a loss of 23 billion rubles, and how much is in "machines"? Accidentally, the "redhead" was not involved in this commission as the chief expert? No.
  15. moskowit
    moskowit April 7 2015 19: 03
    In order to fill the Russian market with all sorts of rubbish, first the apologists of "shock therapy" and building a "new society" for themselves, destroyed the entire food and light industry of our country to please foreign producers, and now at all corners, choking, they are repeating to us about import substitution. They came up with a damn word ... am
  16. NordUral
    NordUral April 7 2015 19: 45
    These will not replace anything, it is time to replace them themselves, until they have replaced us with ... (obscene) and finally!
  17. Crown
    Crown April 7 2015 19: 46
    Medvedev, in his role, is engaged in manilism. He will take care of the economy, and he will introduce new traffic rules. How is this a priority task? He and his whole company must be sent to the dustbin of history for a long time.
    1. andrey56
      andrey56 April 7 2015 22: 40
      And the Duma, apparently, does not think so, but thinks of something else, more important.
  18. rus-5819
    rus-5819 April 7 2015 19: 54
    The government commission on this issue, as it became known the day before, will be personally headed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev
    \ Altona (3) SU Today, 18:22 New

    Medvedev's government will not pull such a task, his own mental abilities were enough for "summer-winter" time, "police-police", badminton, well, today he gave birth to a "diagonal zebra" ... laughing

    Once again, the DAMK was hot.
    Maybe it's enough for him to "turn on the fool" and especially with the ministers-sociologists, it's time to get busy.
    Well, if you can’t, be a man, leave yourselfdo not force GDP "boy's word" to break
  19. wandlitz
    wandlitz April 7 2015 20: 01
    There is nothing to create with this government. Only empty talk. Another SKOLKOVO ....
  20. liter
    liter April 7 2015 20: 16
    Somehow this iPhone is very reminiscent of a dill rabbit! Don't you find?
  21. Straight
    Straight April 7 2015 20: 27
    So far, instead of industrialization and import substitution, there are reports of job cuts. And where, let me ask, is the work to create 25 million promised jobs. Dismissing people to nowhere is like sabotage. Since it doesn’t work with business, it is necessary to create a powerful industrial public sector, otherwise nothing. Who says a mixed economy is banned?
  22. Intensive
    Intensive April 7 2015 20: 28
    We must start not with industrialization, but with the replacement of the current government of thieves and the corrupt elite. Also EdRossov and other "Duma", but especially EdRossov, should be removed from any political activity for life. Release Kvachkov from prison. And further down the list .. Send all liberals to Siberia to "remove snow." It will be hard, but this is the only way out. We got these Rothschild avatars.
    1. Samarin
      Samarin April 7 2015 21: 52
      Quote: Intensive
      All liberals should be sent to Siberia "to remove the snow."

      And send all EdRossov to Siberia to help the liberals remove this snow.
  23. sergei.84
    sergei.84 April 7 2015 21: 07
    Quote: rus-5819
    And if you can’t, be a man, leave yourself, do not force GDP "peasant word"

    And it seems to me that he himself would have left, but he is afraid that people will not understand him correctly, but this is crucial. I know that he can’t do it, but he has a spare Chubais. So the guys will definitely go to the last opportunity. And it doesn’t matter that the precious time will be lost forever.
  24. The comment was deleted.
  25. ma_shlomha
    ma_shlomha April 7 2015 21: 42
    The commission will be chairing, arguing and something like that will be chaired by Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev.

    Casting to participate in the commission?
  26. Tribuns
    Tribuns April 7 2015 21: 43
    The message raises the crucial problem of modern Russia ...
    Russian patriots want to see Russia as an economically strong state, capable of crushing rebuff to any aggressor or enemy of Russia ...
    But doubts about the success in implementing the President’s decision on urgent import substitution in all industries, including defense industry enterprises ...
    1. Yes, because the country is still "run by the pro-Western liberals, who have occupied more or less important command posts in federal and regional authorities ... The economy of Russia is still a raw material, liberal, - fertile for" effective managers "- specialists in corruption and cutting up state budget funds ... And there are no incentives for Russia's transition to the course of an industrial-mobilization economy, in which it would be possible to modernize the Russian industry" frozen in a corral "... Medvedev is a liberal, and an economic For more than two decades, the government bloc has been heading the Gaidar-Yasin encirclement, which has created a liberal economy in the country according to Western patterns, which is guaranteed to transform Russia into a raw materials appendage of the West with fattening banks and an industry waning for lack of money ... Most Russians openly declare that they expect Putin to refuse from liberal friends-economists (Medvedev, Kudrin, Gref, Nabiullin ...) and liberal economics and resolute about the transition to an industrial-mobilization economy, as Stalin did, who created a powerful industry ... "
    2. Most recently, Medvedev said that “we will remain faithful to the market economy and will never accept the Stalinist version of the economy,” in which a powerful industry was created practically from scratch, which allowed us to defeat the Hitlerite war machine, for which the entire industry of Europe worked ... Are we, together with Medvedev, unsuccessfully looking for ways to improve our industry within more than two decades of our liberal economy, tailored according to Western patterns by Yegorushka Gaidar, Chubais and their associates?
    3. “Well, what shall we do ... with the economic bloc of the Government, consisting entirely of liberals, stupidly following more than two decades in the broken track of the“ liberal economy ”that destroyed the former power of Soviet industry and impeded the development of the present? It can be tolerated, because "God tolerated and ordered us," and Vladimir Vladimirovich is silent ... A dangerous position - you can wait for trouble, because the West has always been, is and will be an adversary of a strong and independent Russia ... War, especially nuclear, death itself, To relatives and citizens of Russia, of course, none of the patriots want! But the Russians do not want to and will not bend over, like the "Svidomo" from the Outskirts, and to subservient to those asking for our hosts in the USA and the EU!
  27. Vityura
    Vityura April 7 2015 21: 45
    There, in the basket, inhibited officials !!!
  28. Samarin
    Samarin April 7 2015 21: 50
    The government commission on this issue, as it became known the day before, will be headed personally by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

    it will be a circus!
  29. Neputin
    Neputin April 7 2015 21: 51
    To make a breakthrough in industrialization similar to the one in the 20-30s of the last century, we cannot at the moment. Sadly, this is reality. For another 10-15 years, we will finish the remaining backlog from the USSR, and then ... it’s even painful to imagine (a vivid example is military shipbuilding). And this is not even because the government, the president and their entourage are actually the largest oligarchs who are not interested in the development of "not their own" industries and not in the Duma, which often lobbies the interests of big business (another example is the increase in tariffs for compulsory motor third party liability insurance). It's also about people. Well, people are not ready now to work hard like a horse for pennies and promises of a "bright future". Pioneer enthusiasm disappeared in the priest. Ask yourself - are you ready to personally sacrifice the welfare of your family for an illusory goal? The answer is obvious. But they used to believe, they believed so .... But our faith was pumped. Can't restore now.
  30. Archan
    Archan April 7 2015 22: 27
    The mafia-thieves "vertical of power" will now suddenly stop stealing; at the enterprises that have still survived from their taxiing, he will admit to the leadership in some places by a miracle the remaining specialists; the banksters will fill the dying economy with a flow of finance at zero interest with emotion, and the smoke will go like a rocker!
    Ah yes helmsman! Ah son of a bitch! ... What I thought of! ...
  31. andrey56
    andrey56 April 7 2015 22: 31
    Yes, LADY it's time to drive! A real pest and a saboteur with Dvorkovich and Gref.
  32. avia1991
    avia1991 April 7 2015 22: 34
    in order for us to restore our ability to develop technologies and produce quality things ourselves, we must finally begin to carry out a new industrialization.
    In order for us to restore these abilities, we urgently need to restore the collapsed education system to shreds! Otherwise, there will simply be no one to work at the newly created UNKNOWLEDGE enterprises and design bureaus.
    Work on new industrialization should be tightly centralized and reporting directly to the head of state.
    WHICH? .. Vladimir Vladimirovich does not need this: he believes that in the conditions of the "free liberal market" allegedly existing in Russia, the construction of new enterprises (obviously, metallurgical, machine-building, light industry, instrument-making, etc.) must do private business! Moreover, solely on their own initiative, despite the instability of the economy, the appearance of profit only after 10 years, and with the necessary initial investment exceeding the personal fortune of most of our 130 "most respected Russians"!
    If you follow this path - you can stupidly forget about the new industrial revolution in Russia.
    And so - the right idea: tight control of the government, state financing of construction, state (!) ownership of these enterprises .. you look, you can really handle import substitution what
    PS And we will light the fireplaces with "bucks": if our "hopeless business" succeeds, they will not be suitable for anything else .. lol
  33. evgmiz
    evgmiz April 7 2015 22: 44
    The article is, in principle, correct. Only now, all this is empty talk, because, judging by the actions of the government, all our top leadership is quite satisfied with the current situation. Consequently, there is no good to wait, and let's better start drying crackers in anticipation of a "bright future".
  34. atamankko
    atamankko April 7 2015 23: 02
    Another companionship?
  35. skazochnik
    skazochnik April 8 2015 00: 57
    Just do not consider people more stupid than they really are. The president like a good man has been talking about it for four years, but the prime minister ignores everything and pulls rubber. Both of them are from the same gang and are not at all independent in making decisions. Nobody is going to seriously engage in import substitution, There was no such team. Until the issue of ownership of the means of production is fairly resolved and a different constitution is adopted, there will be no industrialization or a nationally oriented economy. All that is pouring from the media today is propaganda, cheap PR and window dressing in order to pass the time. Sooner or later, it will explode so that Ukraine will seem like a kindergarten, it will not be possible to resolve painful problems peacefully. As the saying goes, “you can deceive a small number of people for a short time, but it is impossible to deceive the country all the time.” OUT OF HOO !!!
  36. Nitarius
    Nitarius April 8 2015 07: 04
    who loves his homeland and not someone else's!
  37. Flinky
    Flinky April 8 2015 07: 39
    Government just needs to disperse to hell. Few people work there, why are these people needed who in vain receive a salary from our taxes?