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Wahhabi holding

Wahhabi holding

The influence of a Russian muftiat on the processes in the Muslim ummah of Russia depends on the number of mosques that are part of this muftiate. The structure of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan (DUM RT) now includes more than 1500 only mosques built. For comparison: the 400 mosques are part of the Spiritual Administration of the Russian Federation, headed by Ravil Gainutdin. The progressing “mechetization” of Tatarstan makes the processes in the DUM RT key, significant and most important for a significant part of the Muslim world of Russia. From 2013, Mufti Camille Samigullin, headed by the DUM RT, is a person whose personality and activity cause many questions and extreme concern to experts and many Muslims of Russia. About what is happening in the Muslim environment of Tatarstan, the Kazan Islamic scholar Rais Suleimanov, an expert of the Institute of National Strategy, the chief editor of the Muslim World magazine, spoke with Tomorrow.

"TOMORROW". Rais Ravkatovich, at the beginning of March 2015, information passed that two new members were introduced to the leadership of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan - the former mufti of Tatarstan Gusman Iskhakov and the mukhtasib of Nizhnekamsk Yusuf Davletshin. This is true?

Rais SULEYMANOV. Yes it is. The Council of Ulema (Muslim scholars) of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Tatarstan included new members, among which are Nizhnekamsk muhtasib Yusuf Davletshin and ex-mufti of Tatarstan Gusman Iskhakov. It is necessary to clarify: in addition to Davletshin, four more people were included, and a decision was made to include all former muftis of Tatarstan in the Council of Ulama. That is, in addition to Gusman Iskhakov (the years of 1998 - 2011), Gabdulla Galiullina (1992-1998) and Ildus Faizov (2011-2013) will also be included. It is emphasized that the current mufti Camille Samigullin will be in charge of the new expanded membership of the Council of Ulemas. It is not clear whether this means the abolition of the post of chairman of the Council of Ulemas (as long as Abdulla Adygamov occupies it). Also, it is not explained why the need for such a staffing of this structure of the Tatar muftiat is caused, an 15 person already joins the Council of Ulama.

So far, the Council of Ulama has been seen as a springboard for the legalization of some of the Wahhabis who are included there. Under the former mufti Ildus Faizov, who fought against the Wahhabis, the latter were expelled, and they tried to clean the muftiate from their influence. Now the Wahhabis seek to rehabilitate, giving the status of Muslim scholars. Among the tasks that are set before the new Council of Ulama, is the publication of fatwas (theological decisions on some issue). One thing is not clear: why do people with disreputable reputation need to be included in this body?

"TOMORROW". According to numerous media publications and expert testimonies, Iskhakov and Davletshin are long-time lobbyists and preachers of Wahhabism in the Volga region. Give our readers your assessment of the activities of both actors.

Rais SULEYMANOV. This was repeatedly written by local and federal publications, experts spoke publicly. The reign of Gusman Iskhakov - from 1998 to 2011 - will forever remain the heyday of Wahhabism in the region. He always sought to appoint Wahhabis to the post of Mukhtasib (the main imam of a city or district. –AP) or the imam of a large mosque. When Gusman Iskhakov was elected for the fourth (!) Time to his post in 2010, he publicly stated at one of his speeches that it was in graduates of Saudi universities that he saw good cadres for the Islamic clergy of the region, therefore, they would be supported and promoted.

Yusuf Davletshin is known as a graduate of the notorious Yoldyz Madrasah in Naberezhnye Chelny, which trained several terrorists who participated in hostilities on the side of the militants in the Second Chechen War and the organization of terrorist attacks on home bombings in Moscow in 1999. He first worked as a muhtasib in the Sarmanovsky district of Tatarstan in 2000-2005 parade, and then from 2005 after relocating his like-minded, other well-known Wahhabi preacher Ramil Yunusov from Nizhnekamsk to Kazan to be the imam of the main mosque of the republic Kul Sharif, a graduate of the performance of the subunit Ramil Yunusov from the Nizhnekamsk city of Kazan to the post of imam of the main mosque of the republic Kul Sharif, the graduate of the graduate of the graduate Nizhnekamsk, taking the baton from Yunusov. For years, 10 Davletshin has been sitting in Nizhnekamsk. During this time, some of Nizhnekamsk went to fight in the ranks of the "Emirate of the Caucasus" in Dagestan, willingly maintained ties with the well-known terrorist Said Buryatsky. The current president of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov spoke directly about the unhealthy situation in Nizhnekamsk in February 2014 of the year directly as about a city where the issue of religious radicalism was left to chance. What is worth the fact that the terrorists tried (fortunately, unsuccessfully) to fire petrochemical enterprises on the territory of Nizhnekamsk with self-made rockets in 2013 year. These same terrorists are all local people.

And now Gusman Iskhakov and Yusuf Davletshin are made members of the Ulama Council of the State Duma of Tatarstan. For Iskhakov, who, after leaving the post of mufti at the beginning of 2011, is generally a return from nothing. And for Davletshin - a kind of reward, now he will make fatwas.

Do you know what surprises me most? The position of the Kazan Kremlin officials, who oversee the religious sphere, is responsible for domestic policy in Tatarstan. Many of them have been working for many years in the “Muslim” direction, they are well aware of what ideological convictions these figures have, and often themselves participated in removing them from their leadership positions and appointing them to new ones. Officials are fully aware that, for example, ex-mufti of Tatarstan Gusman Iskhakov always patronized Wahhabis, and during the “Nurlat syndrome” (the appearance of a militant camp in the forests of southern Tatarstan in the Nurlat district in November 2010 of the year - A.P) did not condemn the terrorists, but tried to justify, and for this he was justly dismissed. They know that Yusuf Davletshin raised a whole cohort of Salafis in Nizhnekamsk, and the current mufti of Tatarstan, Kamil Samigullin, is a member of the fundamentalist Turkish jamaat “Ismail Aga”, which is very unfriendly to our country. From this jamaat, the preacher Fatih Kalender was recently invited to lecture to the Muslim clergy of Tatarstan. After all, how many times have they spoken and said that foreign preachers are a time bomb, that Tatar clergy should not be taught by teachers from the Middle East, which is better without them ... But no, everything repeats, as it was in 1990 years: again Tatarstan opens the door for foreign missionaries. And knowing all this perfectly well, these officials support all this, naively thinking that they can control the situation inside the Islamic community of Tatarstan, keep the Volga Wahhabis from slipping into terrorism, and protect Muslims of the Volga region from foreign religious influence. But this is again the attack on the same rake!

"TOMORROW". What figures or centers of power can be behind the assignments in the leadership of the SCM RT Iskhakov and Davletshin?

Rais SULEYMANOV. The great Tatar theologian Valiulla Yakupov (2012-1963) killed in 2012 by Wahhabis, who did a lot to popularize the traditional for Tatar Islam, belongs to the term “Wahhabi holding”. This phrase he called the situation, which gradually evolved in Tatarstan, reaching its climax by the middle of the 2000-s. The Wahhabi holding is a merger of bureaucracy, business, and Wahhabi clergy, when officials and businessmen begin to administratively and financially support Wahhabis. At first glance, this seems unreal: well, what is the use of bureaucrats to lobby for Wahhabis, why support them? The fact is that if in the 1990-s the ethnocratic elite of Tatarstan tried to make a bet on national separatists, having managed to strengthen their positions financially, then after Vladimir Putin came to power, they decided to abandon the separatist project for good, then at least , put it away in the box, offering an Islamic project instead. The Islamic project was sought to be presented very beautifully: here, look, Tatarstan is a kind of showcase for the Muslim world abroad. The calculation, at first glance, is very true and captivating. This Islamic project allows attracting investments from the foreign Muslim world, since the secular Tatarstan is not particularly interesting to the Wahhabi monarchies of the Arabian Peninsula. But the emphasized Islamic Republic, of course, looks more attractive.

On the Saudi side, signs of attention began to appear in Tatarstan: the late King of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah, in 2007, presented the award to Mintimer Shaimiev as an Islamic politician, although Shaimiev did not even read namaz at that time, and in an interview with those years he tried to emphasize his secularism. Wahhabis in this regard are more orthodox consecutive Islamizers of Tatarstan. The elite of Tatarstan, of course, is concerned about the terrorist attacks, they definitely do not want Islamization of the republic in the version of the Taliban or ISIS, but “soft Islamization” is the trend promoted by the Kazan Kremlin. This process has only one drawback: Islamization is like building a new house, whether you like it or not, but construction debris will appear, no matter how beautiful a house you build. So the Wahhabis - this is inevitably an accompanying material of Islamization.

Curators from the Kazan Kremlin are trying to make them “tame”, controlled, obedient, periodically launching into the public space talks about “moderate Wahhabism” in Tatarstan, they say, it’s not the same as in the Caucasus, and certainly not the same as LIH . But the trouble is that these very “moderate” sympathizers sympathize with those whom you can hardly call moderate. The last in the Kazan Kremlin is still unwilling to see and hear. Therefore, with the advent of the new mufti, Kamil Samigullin, they decided to change political technologies: they completely stopped all talk of Wahhabism, removed from all Islamic information resources of Tatarstan the mention of this ideology and its danger, although it had been openly written about Wahhabism for over ten years. The mass release of anti-Wahhabi literature ceased, and all Wahhabis were asked to talk more about traditional Islam. Such a kind of disguise. And many of the Wahhabis, like chameleons, changed their color.

Here you ask me: who is promoting Gusman Iskhakov and Yusuf Davletshin? Let me answer the question with a question: who put the head of the DUM of Tatarstan in 1998, Gusman Iskhakov, the mufti? Who allowed him four times in a row, in violation of the original charter, to be elected to this post? Who calmly passed the post of mukhtasib to a graduate of the Yoldyz madrasah in Nizhnekamsk? And who appointed Ramil Yunusov to the post of Imam of the Kazan Kul Sharif mosque, which was written about in the newspapers and not only Tatar theologians Valiulla Yakupov and Farid Salman talked about like a Wahhabi, but even such a Tatar nationalist as historian Damir Iskhakov? I emphasize: we are ideological opponents with Damir Iskhakov on many issues, but even he is in his articles for 2005-2007. He wrote openly about this unequivocally without sympathy for Yunusov in publications that were then read in the Kazan Kremlin. Do not pretend that the secular authorities of Tatarstan stand apart from the processes taking place in the Muslim environment. All personnel appointments to positions in the structure of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Republic of Tajikistan, despite the declarative nature of the separation of religious organizations from the state in the legislation, occur with the filing or approval of the Kazan Kremlin. Including the appointment of the Wahhabis.

"TOMORROW". How can personnel changes in the DUM of RT affect the state of affairs in the mind of Tatarstan and the nature of interfaith and interethnic relations in the republic?

Rais SULEYMANOV. If the Wahhabis are in positions in the DUM of Tatarstan, do you really think that this will in no way affect the character of the ethno-religious relations in the region? I have a feeling that we are going back to the times of Gusman Iskhakov, when the newest история The Muslim Ummah of Tatarstan was the heyday of Wahhabism. You know, this is a huge symbolism that it was Gusman Iskhakov who was now made a Muslim scholar (ulema), returning to work in the mufti of Tatarstan to be engaged in drafting fatwas. By the way, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ramil Yunusov’s triumphal return, the most odious figure, is to take place soon. He is now readily publicized in Kazan’s Tatar-speaking newspapers: interviews, sermons, his answers to readers' questions, that is, the ground is being prepared for rehabilitation. Soon we will see him at any position in the structure of the DUM of Tatarstan. You will see. It will, of course, be a complete kaput, but I am afraid that he is not far off. Indeed, a year ago no one could have imagined that Gusman Iskhakov would work in the DUM of Tatarstan. Now it works.

"TOMORROW". 6 March this year marks two years from the date of the election of the mufti of Tatarstan, Camil Samigullin. Samigullin, who performed only 2013 years in 28, was considered as a figure that was as convenient as possible to the muftiate and the authorities. The decisive opinion then was for the authorities of Tatarstan. For two years, there was a feeling of a complete symphony between the Kazan Kremlin and the muftiat, but in December 2014 reported that the authorities of the republic wanted a change of mufti, since Samigullin had ceased to arrange them. Tell me, what is the reason for the discrepancy between the regional leadership and the mufti of Tatarstan?

Rais SULEYMANOV. Kamil Samigullin had great hope in 2013. All his predecessors in this post were imams of mature age, and here comes a young guy. It was hoped that right now this young man, together with the same team of young managers (all his deputies at the time of Samigullin's coming to the post of mufti, were younger than 40 years) will start working in a new way. They proceeded from the principle that the young mufti will more quickly find a common language with Muslim youth, in whose ranks radical elements are more often found. In the summer of 2013, the Universiade was supposed to take place in Kazan - a major international sporting event, the second most significant after the Olympics. There were, of course, fears of the possibility of terrorist attacks, so Samigullin was given the task of “appeasing” the Wahhabis.

The new mufti proclaimed the so-called “tea diplomacy”: in one of the interviews he said that, they say, the Tatars, even of different ideological convictions among themselves, can agree over a cup of tea about anything. This went down in history as “tea diplomacy” by Camille Samigullin, which in practice resulted in a complete reversal from the policy of his predecessor at the mufti. If Ildus Faizov expelled the Wahhabis from the DUM of the RT, then Samigullin returned them to the Tatarstan mufti, and, as we see, now they are still determined to support them. This policy, however, did not give anything good: in the fall of 2013, the Wahhabis began to burn Orthodox churches in the republic.

When Samigullin sat in the chair of the mufti of Tatarstan, everyone expected that work was now boiling. In reality, they saw something else: instead of systematic work, the new head of the Muslims of Tatarstan prefers separate PR actions, entertainment concerts, flash mobs. Mufti creates many new sites that cover only the activities of the muftiat and personal travels of Samigullin himself. Samigullin opened a new publishing house "Khuzur". But most of the brochures published in “Khuzur” are not new items, but reprints of previously released works, the original value of which is not so high.

To summarize, Samigullin doesn’t have many achievements. But something else was striking: the growth of the bureaucratic apparatus of the DUM RT, personal enrichment of the mufti himself and his entourage. With the pro-Russian patriotic clergy, he acted altogether in the spirit of the 1990s. In this regard, the fate of Nail Garipov, Chairman of the Center for Islamic Culture "Iman" in Kazan, Imam of the Apanaevskaya Mosque of Kazan, is indicative.

Nail Garipov was the "right hand" of the theologian Valiulla Yakupov killed by Wahhabis, who after his death continued his work as chairman of the Iman Center and at the head of the Apanaevskaya mosque. Samigullin decided to transfer this mosque to one of his deputies Niyaz Sabirov, for which its raider seizure was carried out: Garipov was simply kicked out of the mosque. This is practiced now in Ukraine, when pro-Russian priests are expelled from Orthodox churches. Then, the printing house was taken from the Iman Center for Islamic Culture, the oldest pro-Russian Muslim public organization established in 1990 year. They grabbed the museum, created by Garipov in memory of Valiulla Yakupov, then tried to "squeeze out" and the Center of Islamic Culture "Iman", but legally this was not possible, although the attempts do not stop. This incident with Nail Garipov is a vivid example of where the Muslim Ummah is going in Tatarstan. For your information, preachers from Central Asia are now campaigning in the Apanaevskaya Mosque.

In general, the expectations that were placed on the new chairman of the DUM RT, were not justified. After all, there were great hopes for the mufti of Tatarstan, Kamil Samigullin, and in the bottom line - members of ISIS began to appear in the republic.

"TOMORROW". Is it unknown whether alternatives to Samigullin are selected? And who are these people?

Rais SULEYMANOV. In the expert community, analyzing the situation in the Muslim environment of Tatarstan, there are several candidates who could replace Kamil Samigullin. First of all, this is his closest circle - two deputy mufti, Ildar Bayazitov and Rustem Khairullin. Both are imams of major mosques in Kazan, each of which conducts active social work to gain popularity and fame. The Yardam Mosque, of which Ildar Bayazitov is the imam, specializes in the rehabilitation of the blind — teaches them to read Muslim literature, and activists from women’s Muslim organizations often gather there, most of whom are pensioners, and accordingly, they also receive attention that it’s understandable , works on the popularity of Imam. The “Gaila” mosque, which is headed by Rustem Khairullin, works very closely with children, performing the function of a kindergarten and a house of children's creativity: there are regular events with the participation of mothers and children. Believe me, this activity brings great image bonuses. In addition, each of these imams retained their former “fiefdoms” where they used to work: Bayazitov’s Suleiman mosque remained in the village of Levchenko in the north of Kazan, and Khairullin had a position of the Muhtasib of the Bugulminsky district of Tatarstan.

Another very ambitious candidate for the post of Mufti of Tatarstan in the event of Samigullin’s resignation is Kazan Muhtasib Mansur Jalyaletdinov, who holds the post of imam of the Mardzhani mosque, the oldest in the capital of Tatarstan, which makes it extremely sacred for Tatars. He is not only formally head over all the imams of Kazan, but he has a very large farm: Kazan Islamic College (opened in 2003 year), of which he is the rector, the only private Muslim cemetery outside the city in Tatarstan, a network of cafes and shops near his mosque. Mansur hazrat is not only not a poor man, but he rightly considers himself worthy of becoming a mufti. He, of course, was hurt and offended in his own way, when an 28-year-old little-known imam from a mosque in the suburb of Kazan, who hadn’t proven himself, had been made a mufti of Tatarstan. Hence the revanchist moods.

There is one more candidacy - the Muslim theologian Farid Salman. This, unlike all the candidates mentioned, including Samigullin, can be safely called a theologian. He is not only the author, in my opinion, the most excellent translation of the Koran into the Tatar language, but also the interpreter of his surahs and ayahs (he published several serious tafsirs - interpretations to them), publishes one of the best annual Muslim calendars. This popular tradition among the Tatars, founded at the end of the 19th century by the enlightener Kayum Nasyri (1825-1902), when a printed calendar is published in the form of a book, in which historical dates, sermons, religious writings, etc. are published under each date. True, Farid Salman is an intellectual, and it’s harder to get into a leadership position, although he has this kind of career experience: he was before Mansur Jalyaletdinov as the imam of the Mardzhani mosque in 1995-1996, in 1997-2001, he was a mufti from the Central Spiritual Board of Muslims in Tatarstan, then held the post of mufti on Yamal, now heads the Center for the Study of the Koran and Sunna - a public organization engaged in the publication of works on Islamic theology.

These are the most obvious candidates. They also call the name of Alfas Gaifullin, Naberezhnye Chelny muhtasib, but no one seriously considers him.
However, no one excludes the possibility of the arrival of a “Varyag” - a person not from Tatarstan, especially since after Ildus Faizov “left” at the beginning of 2013, the post of mufti “due to health problems”, but, in fact, that it was the only mufti in the history of the DUM of Tatarstan who openly fought against the Wahhabis, and suffered for it (the attack was carried out in the 2012 year, he miraculously survived. - note), this issue was discussed. Finally, it can be a “dark horse”, i.e. a person who now occupies a weakly influential post, nobody takes him seriously, and then they take him and make him a mufti. Could anyone have imagined before 2013 that the very Samigullin would become the mufti of Tatarstan? The answer is: no one, including himself.

In my opinion, the authorities will continue to support Samigullin. Therefore, conversations on the topic of his speedy withdrawal will remain conversations, unless, of course, something extraordinary happens.

"TOMORROW". There was information in the media that the DUM RT supported the Kiev authorities and the anti-Russian “Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people”. If so, how does the muftis of Tatarstan do this?

Rais SULEYMANOV. I do not know anything about the support of the DUM of Tatarstan by the Kiev authorities, so I will not discuss this topic. There are contacts with the DUM of Ukraine in Kiev (mufti - Ahmad Tamim), but they are without any agreements and further developments. “Euromaidan” in Tatarstan is still publicly supported only by local national separatists.

However, quite a lot is known about cooperation with the “Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people”, especially since the entire first half of 2014 of the year was eagerly covered in the media.

When the Crimea was integrated into Russia, the leadership of Tatarstan was tasked with taking the Crimean Tatars, convincing the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people that returning the peninsula to Russia is a blessing for this people. The choice of Kazan as a partner in negotiations with the “Majlis” is clear - this is a calculation of the ethno-religious affinity of Kazan and Crimean Tatars.

The function of enticing the DUM of the Crimea should have been assumed by the DUM of Tatarstan. Kamil Samigullin was one of the first Russian muftis to appear in Simferopol, met with his colleague Mufti of Crimea Emirali Ablayev, there was talk between them that the clergy for the Crimean Tatars could be trained at the Islamic University of Kazan. When the referendum on the reunification of the Crimea with Russia passed with a positive result, the Kazan Kremlin continued to nurse with the "Mejlis". Instead of supporting pro-Russian-oriented Crimean Tatars from the organization Milli Firka (National Party), at least they can be simply invited to Kazan, worthy of meeting, ethnocracy in Tatarstan spread red tracks in front of the Mejlis chairman Refat Chubarov. In Kazan, as if on command, dinosaurs of Tatar national separatism suddenly woke up, such as the director of the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan, Rafael Khakimov, and began to broadcast. The remnants of separatist 90-x argued openly and out loud that supposedly the Crimea needs to adopt the “model of Tatarstan”, tried in connection with the referendum in the Crimea to remind about the referendum in Tatarstan 1992 of the year, in general the street-organ of the local separatists began to turn.

DUM of Tatarstan also participated in the courting of "Majlis". The Mejlis concluded a cooperation agreement with the World Congress of Tatars (an organization in Kazan that unites all communities and diasporas of the Volga Tatars in the world - A.P.). I note that this is the only Crimean Tatar organization with which the World Tatar Congress has concluded an agreement on cooperation, Kazan has no agreements with the other pro-Russian organizations of the Crimean Tatars. However, there was little point in this, since the leadership of the Mejlis continued to be anti-Russian. Finally, the only right decision was made - once you consider yourself a part of Ukraine, then you live in Ukraine. Both Dzhemilev and Chubarov were banned from entering the Crimea, now they live in Kiev. Emirali Ablaev remains at the head of the DUM of Crimea - as long as it is the only registered muftiate on the peninsula. The existing two more — Mufti Ridvan Veliyev’s Spiritual Center for Muslims of Crimea and the Tauride Mufti led by Ruslan Saitvaliyev — have not yet been registered as Russian centralized religious organizations, although the latter is most pro-Russian. And the Duma of Crimea from the Russian muftiates more as a partner for cooperation prefers the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation headed by Ravil Gainutdin.

The outcome of the Kazan Kremlin novel with the Majlis did not give any result, and more contacts with the Majlis are not maintained at a high level. At least, they are no longer heard in the public sphere. The leadership of the Mejlis simply discredited itself with its intractable position, so now in Kazan they prefer not to recall these contacts.

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  1. Vadim237
    Vadim237 April 4 2015 19: 05
    The leadership of the Mejlis will not wait for the camera, and they have collected enough articles on their own.
  2. Alex_Popovson
    Alex_Popovson April 4 2015 19: 08
    In short, the message is immediately clear. Russia becomes an Islamic country with Sharia and then there will be no problems with the assimilation of Mohammedans.
    1. Ibrahim Botashev
      Ibrahim Botashev April 4 2015 20: 29
      Quote: Alex_Popovson
      In short, the message is immediately clear. Russia becomes an Islamic country with Sharia and then there will be no problems with the assimilation of Mohammedans.

      Quote: Leader
      The Islamization of the country scares me.
      It would be necessary to stay ahead ... Accident them to arrange ...

      Tired of it! You are not Losers, are you? Or don't you want to understand? Have you seen a normal Muslim? He wouldn't even touch you. Normal Muslims work, live their own lives, and those whom you call "Muslims" are militants. The Shariah will not eat you and you yourself know that your Islamophobia is not justified, because otherwise, you humiliate the spiritual stability of your own people. And stop stirring up interethnic and sectarian strife! You yourself understand everything perfectly, dear. 300 years Muslims lived quietly within Russia and no one ate anyone, and Russia did not become Islamic, as you are all afraid here! My Muslim grandfather, a construction engineer by profession, my father died at the front in the Great Patriotic War. He traveled all over the European part of the USSR (except for the Crimea) and no one died. He is not a savage and not a murderer because he is a Muslim. He is a person with a higher education and looks at me and today's youth with bewilderment. I fully understand him, we are not worthy of them. I say that you yourself are inflating the problem. The media now and then filled the heads of the people with "evil Muslims", forgetting to show them skinheads, radical nationalists and fascists, and there are many of them. Someone pays them for it too.
      1. bannik
        bannik April 4 2015 20: 52
        Once again: religion should be separated from the STATE and as far as possible, any, and especially in Russia! The laws of the state must be higher than the laws of Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc. Only how can interfaith enmity be avoided.
        1. Ibrahim Botashev
          Ibrahim Botashev April 4 2015 20: 55
          Quote: bannik
          Once again: religion should be separated from the STATE and as far as possible, any, and especially in Russia! The laws of the state must be higher than the laws of Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc. Only how can interfaith enmity be avoided.

          In this I completely agree with you. The state itself must cultivate morality in a person — this is its function and duty, equivalent to the parent. Internationalism, morality and patriotism, all together, is humanity, the highest religion.
          1. Finches
            Finches April 4 2015 21: 20
            The right words, but historical experience shows that if the disease is already running, then only surgical intervention can still save the body! Therefore, we now need power measures, a total cleansing of all the infiltrated adherents of Wahhabism, all sympathizers and only then do what you are talking about!
            1. Ibrahim Botashev
              Ibrahim Botashev April 4 2015 21: 31
              Quote: Finches
              The right words, but historical experience shows that if the disease is already running, then only surgical intervention can still save the body! Therefore, we now need power measures, a total cleansing of all the infiltrated adherents of Wahhabism, all sympathizers and only then do what you are talking about!

              To do this, we will need to clean directly in the power structures themselves. This is where I see the problem. The tumor is everywhere.
      2. Alex_Popovson
        Alex_Popovson April 4 2015 21: 04
        Have you seen a normal Muslim? He would not touch you with his finger.

        In England, there are areas where only Muslims live; there, in those areas, only Sharia law applies. How do you comment on this?
        1. Ibrahim Botashev
          Ibrahim Botashev April 4 2015 21: 30
          Quote: Alex_Popovson
          In England, there are areas where only Muslims live; there, in those areas, only Sharia law applies. How do you comment on this?

          As a weak national identity of the English people and the inefficiency of the policy of multiculturalism, or rather, its meaninglessness and moronity. For our country, there is one law-law written by the constitution. I tell you that there is no need to fear Sharia, but we, as a multinational and confessional state, cannot afford the autocracy of the religious suburbs. I say that we must end Islamophobia.
      3. dark_65
        dark_65 April 4 2015 22: 07
        It’s right, but, unfortunately, they are judged by actions, but it is necessary to clean secular power, not to allow commissures from the spiritual (also applies to Orthodoxy)
      4. Yereke
        Yereke April 5 2015 10: 50
        Yes, to a fig of such ignoramuses, at first it also infuriated it. But then I realized, regardless of nationality and faith, if you do not have your own reason and intellect without zombies, through the media, then it is useless to communicate with such people. Although it is worth trying, if they are really smart, they will understand this, because only a stubborn donkey does not change his mind, as a person develops and learns. They, like fanatics, terrorists are stubborn, the vacuum was filled with a mass of delirium - only from the other side, which comes from the concept of "divide and conquer".
      5. Mairos
        Mairos April 5 2015 11: 26
        Ibrahim, no one is against Muslims as such, but everything is categorically against Sharia as the norm of life in the country. I am against the fact that in the Orthodox Christian Moscow or Novgorod the muezzins shouted in the mornings in the mornings or crowds of migrants gathered for prayers on the squares on Fridays - they want to live according to Sharia, let them go to traditionally Islamic countries. No need to turn the religious norms of any religion into state laws, otherwise everything will end in blood.
  3. Leader
    Leader April 4 2015 19: 17
    The Islamization of the country scares me.
    It would be necessary to stay ahead ... Accident them to arrange ...
    1. Russian Empire
      Russian Empire April 4 2015 19: 47
      pff, while guest workers arrive, Islam arrives. So, soon Sharia norms will become the norm in Russia. No matter how the ROC and others resisted it ...
  4. SteelRatTV
    SteelRatTV April 4 2015 19: 19
    Kazan is the Islamic "center" in Russia. Therefore, the "Mejlis" has nothing to catch. request
  5. staryivoin
    staryivoin April 4 2015 19: 34
    Well, an accident is not necessary at all, it’s enough to understand and specifically understand who is planning what, but there will be enough space in correctional facilities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation adjacent to the RT !!! Wahhabi louse to the nail !!!
    1. taram taramych
      taram taramych April 4 2015 19: 55
      Since the first "Chechen" one, correctional institutions have turned into incubators of Islamic radicalism. Believe me gentlemen, this is one of the most fertile environments for its cultivation. The problem is not visible at first glance, due to the closed nature of the penitentiary system, which carefully conceals all its problems.
      1. prishelec
        prishelec April 4 2015 21: 45
        Quote: Taram Taramych
        Since the first "Chechen" one, correctional institutions have turned into incubators of Islamic radicalism. Believe me gentlemen, this is one of the most fertile environments for its cultivation.

        You are right, that’s why Wahhabis should be put in separate prisons, and preferably for life, let them calmly pray)).
  6. sent-onere
    sent-onere April 4 2015 19: 35
    These forces can only be opposed by sound national policies, the principles and methods of which are well known.
  7. fomkin
    fomkin April 4 2015 19: 35
    I'm an atheist. Therefore, I can impartially evaluate the sacramental how much opium for the people. The most human religion is Orthodoxy. Catholicism is much more vicious. But the most barbaric, and if you want inhuman, is Muslimism. Of course, I blurted out without any evidence. But I proceed that the reader is prepared and does not need chewing gum. It will be fair to say that Judaism and Buddhism are overlooked. But Judaism is generally a hateful religion, in fact propaganda of outright fascism. But Buddhism is for psychos but the truth is quiet.
    1. Alex_Popovson
      Alex_Popovson April 4 2015 19: 39
      But Judaism is generally a hateful religion, in fact propaganda of outright fascism

      What? Stop using opiates, please.
    2. andj61
      andj61 April 4 2015 19: 55
      Quote: fomkin
      The most human religion is Orthodoxy. Catholicism is much more vicious. But the most barbaric, and if you want inhuman, islamism .... Judaism is generally a hateful religion, in fact propaganda of outright fascism. But Buddhism is for psychos but the truth is quiet.

      Cool! So, five lines - and the main world religions, which include themselves billions of people. Atheists - an order of magnitude smaller.
      All Abrahamic religions - Christianity, Islam and modern Judaism (and it differs significantly from the "Old Testament") have the same roots - in the Judaism of the past, the same myths, the same personalities, saints and prophets. None of these classical religions has any malice or misanthropy, they talk about the same values ​​- about good and evil, about love, friendship, loyalty, etc. the ten commandments of Moses are still valid today. And malice can only be from people who profess these religions.
      During the Crusades, in the 11-12-13 centuries, Islam was on the rise - the highest development of science, culture, art. Europeans considered it an honor to study in educational institutions of the East. And the Arabs considered Europeans to be wild, not cultured - and there were good reasons for this. And these wild, evil European Christians came to Palestine - can you imagine HOW Muslims treated them. After all, Christians, Muslims and Jews lived there completely free. No one bothers anyone to worship their shrines - and suddenly: "the liberation of the Holy Sepulcher, the Crusade."
      Today, Europeans are considered more cultural, but this is also not forever.
      And your words about Muslims today are a mirror of the same words about Christians about 800 years ago.
      Moreover, you obviously didn’t get deep into religion, and you don’t know what the essence of Buddhism is, nor that Islam, Christianity and Judaism are 50 percent intersect and say the same thing, but in different words.
      I wonder only why you did not mention Hinduism?
  8. Inok10
    Inok10 April 4 2015 19: 35
    ... read carefully .. very carefully .. made a simple conclusion .. if we didn’t manage to knock our heads against Muslims and Orthodox Christians, we’ll try to push Muslims with their heads together .. we see something similar on the Arabian Peninsula of Shiites-Sunites .. well, in any case, this is officially voiced as the main reason .. the ways of the Lord are inscrutable .. and, here are the mattress "thimbles" crawling out of all the cracks .. definitely .. :)
  9. Russian Empire
    Russian Empire April 4 2015 19: 45
    Crimean Tatars pretend to be the masters of the Crimea, they are always humiliated by them, etc., but, excuse me, the peninsula was generally Greek) Anyway, I don’t like it - a suitcase, a train station, Turkey. Or Ukraine. Just in the anti-terrorist operation zone.
    1. Ibrahim Botashev
      Ibrahim Botashev April 4 2015 20: 47
      Quote: RussianEmpire
      Crimean Tatars pretend to be the masters of the Crimea, they are always humiliated by them, etc., but, excuse me, the peninsula was generally Greek) Anyway, I don’t like it - a suitcase, a train station, Turkey. Or Ukraine. Just in the anti-terrorist operation zone.

      Crimean Tatars as Türkic-speaking have equal rights to Crimea, as well as Russian-speaking. Do not forget that they are descendants of the Turkic-speaking peoples of the time of the Great Migration of Nations. I do not advise you to incite ethnic hatred. These people were deported in cattle cars, just like my people. Unlike my people, who returned almost 60 years ago, the Crimean Tatars returned only 30 years ago. They fell into the hands of the treacherous pro-Western Ukrainian government, which did not give them a penny to equip them. And we must not forget that these people gave a lot of heroes. We live in one great country, in which case, we all sit in trenches together.
    2. bumbarash
      bumbarash April 4 2015 21: 42
      you still remember the Neanderthals. They also probably lived there too. and what of that? Does this justify deportation? and subsequent deprivation of rights on a national basis?
      1. Ibrahim Botashev
        Ibrahim Botashev April 4 2015 21: 49
        Quote: bumbarash
        you still remember the Neanderthals. They also probably lived there too. and what of that? Does this justify deportation? and subsequent deprivation of rights on a national basis?

        The fact that no one in this cursed by us in the world has the right to deport peoples and put them in cattle wagons, whether he is right or not! The fact that the country is one and we must understand that the peoples are set off by those who will never participate in this massacre. If someone is happy to participate in the destruction of their own kind because of well-organized propaganda and delusions, then please, they will die one way or another, and the organizers will make money on it. Personally, I didn’t like a bit if I lived my life under someone else’s manipulation. Well, you understand. You've probably heard this aphorism: "The one who reads the book will always control the one who watches TV." hi
  10. Committee
    Committee April 4 2015 19: 50
    For this, there is the FSB. It is their sacred duty to deal with these issues, and not "subcommittees-scholarships", all kinds of commissions, and other social-organizational shushara.
  11. marauder555
    marauder555 April 4 2015 20: 01
    here you need to look a little wider, if certain bodies worked as expected, there would be no national problems ... but in our country we have "the most invincible corruption", "the most honest, humane and fair court", the smartest and most worthy servants people (deputies, candidates, etc.) who make the wisest decisions ", and of course in Moscow no one has any idea what the regional authorities are doing, well, how do they know the truth? ", you can continue for a long time[center] [/ center] [left] [/ left] ....
    and again we step on the old rake, for the thousandth time ... many problems are due to connivance ... and a very short memory ... Chechnya was forgotten very quickly, and now some are ready to kiss them in the zhpu ( Well, nothing, it will soon become worse with financing, and lovers of zaad will be given such an opportunity, in zindan or on a nightmare, maybe even a choice ...).
    Here again the same questions are raised ... Again Tatarstan ...
    It is necessary to bend these roosters so that for ten generations ahead, a bad thought does not arise in their "heads" or whatever they think ... But there is always But ... (then think for yourself)))

    ps put a bolt on the minuses
  12. RuslanNN
    RuslanNN April 4 2015 20: 03
    Wahhabis should not give a weakness. Example 1999 year, Dagestan, Karamahi, Chabanmakhi. I myself am a Muslim, in our country during the Soviet times people prayed, and in tsarist Russia no one interfered, they lived in harmony, without any Wahhabi hobbits. What, our ancestors were fools, prayed incorrectly? Islam entered Dagestan in the 7 century, the first mosque was built in Derbent, our ancestors accepted Islam directly from the associates of the Prophet Muhammad, without any distortion. And when Wahhabism arose, and why did they decide that everything was right with them and the rest were all wrong who gave them that right.
    And as for the provocateurs like Fomkin - "The most human religion is Orthodoxy. Much more vicious is Catholicism. But the most barbaric and, if you like, inhuman, Muslim Islam. Of course, I blurted it out without any proof." Who are you, without faith in your heart, to judge religion, like that, unfounded.
  13. Volgarr
    Volgarr April 4 2015 20: 46
    He lived in Chuvashia next to the Tatars, I never had any problems with the Tatars! Who cares who is praying to anyone! But these bastards who muddy the water, you need to punish very hard! And what the hell is the FSB doing?
  14. sabakina
    sabakina April 4 2015 20: 50
    RuslanNN, is it only the Wahhabis? When a young Caucasian (who for some reason is studying to be a lawyer, and not a tractor driver or engineer) begins to build a cool Walker out of himself in my homeland, my boss (Caucasian by the way) says: "Well, what can I say? He is from the mountains went down ... "
  15. ovod84
    ovod84 April 4 2015 20: 56
    it would be better if they sorted out the Protestant sects that envelop the country and take away from people everything that is, turning them into zombies, and not scare people with Islam. It is necessary to fight against Wahhabis and other sects and isolate them and not scold Islam. it’s easiest to criticize. I and other Muslims do not like it when they start to criticize traditional Islam, I am enraged by those who criticize both Christianity and Judaism. Guys be tolerant.
    1. prishelec
      prishelec April 4 2015 22: 12
      Quote: ovod84
      it would be better if we sorted out the Protestant sects that envelop the country and take away from people everything that is, turning them into zombies,

      That's right)), these sectarians turn people into homeless people, and they also hypnotize and rape women, yes, they do a lot of things.
      We, all Muslims of Russia, are not against the fact that Wahhabis and others would be caught and punished, right? .. so! .. but-
      Quote: ovod84
      Other Muslims and I don’t like when they start criticizing traditional Islam

      Exactly, we who want to continue to pray, and during the Soviet Union, and in tsarist Russia, will continue to pray and respect our faith! .. I really have never prayed yet)), but I respect religion.
  16. scaramaks27
    scaramaks27 April 4 2015 20: 57
    moonshine in N. Novgorod
    You are talking about the threat of Islam, and in Nizhny Novgorod we have real Russian advertising.
  17. ovod84
    ovod84 April 4 2015 21: 02
    I, too, went down from the mountains and live there, coming to another region I behave normally, it was not brought up to someone because of upbringing and they show off. And they dishonor the Caucasus.
  18. carabiner sks
    carabiner sks April 4 2015 21: 27
    In my opinion, the majority of Wahhabis and other extremists are young people who do not have firm views, striving for self-assertion in any way. I have a lot of Muslim acquaintances, only young and, in my opinion, not the most wise people shout about it to the right and to the left.
    1. semirek
      semirek April 4 2015 22: 04
      Here you need to understand why young people go there and how to replace this Wahhabism.
  19. atamankko
    atamankko April 4 2015 21: 30
    In matters of religion
    be very neat and
    monitor your statements.
    1. Ibrahim Botashev
      Ibrahim Botashev April 4 2015 21: 36
      Quote: atamankko
      In matters of religion
      be very neat and
      monitor your statements.

      Golden words! Golden words! Dear, you are a thousand +++++++++++++++++. good
  20. Raider
    Raider April 4 2015 22: 01
    The spirituality of the people does not depend on the number of churches and mosques. Any believer can pray everywhere. I am Muslim. If there are several mosques in one small city, I think this is bad. From experience. They begin to divide the parishioners among themselves. And fight among themselves for them. Islam, like any other religion, does nothing wrong. It depends on how you read and convey the meaning of faith to believers. In any religion there were radicals. For faith, Catholics, Orthodox, Christians, etc. have been killed for all time. If the mosque serves as a place of legalized gathering of extremists and a place to attract new fighters, this is bad. Religion cannot be left out of the hands of the authorities under the beautiful word; it itself becomes power and, moreover, cruel. Look at the map of Tatarstan 68 square meters. km, i.e. per piece of land 000 * 9 km. have 5 mosque ?? It’s easy to write anything on a blank sheet. So in the soul of a young man, faith may become a fanatical idea of ​​the superiority of one nation over another. Look, in the world some Muslims are fighting against others, Sunnis and Shiites. The Quran is one. This is very bad. The interpretation of the Koran in people is different. If any religion brings death, it is no longer a religion. This is the desire of some to achieve with the help of its power and resources. And in Kazan, Muftis have been shot for a long time, it has gone far. If the clergy in the Russian Federation, too, two. And the Qur'an is one. So they read it to anyone as it should. IMHO. One must be a believer, but one must be a patriot of his homeland, and not a nationalist.
  21. shadow
    shadow April 4 2015 23: 39
    Here we must remember Comrade Stalin. Indeed, during his reign, there were practically no disagreements, everyone lived as one people and it does not matter what religion you belong to or nationality. Or then to create a new one, or to resurrect a well-forgotten old one and to persuade everyone under one banner by force. The state, if there are several religions in it, should be neutral and cultivate triatism towards its country and no matter who you pray to. It should be above all religions. Only a strong and highly spiritual leader can do this, and there are very few of them and, as a rule, they are not in great power. Stalin was just that and the people adored him. In conclusion, I will say: Putin once said: "If we are scolded, it means we are working well." Stalin is scolded and hated to this day. How a person worked, if after so many years he is remembered and cannot be forgiven for the creation of the Soviet Union as the most powerful power in the world, and not only in military matters.
  22. atash
    atash April 5 2015 00: 33
    Quote: bannik
    Once again: religion should be separated from the STATE and as far as possible, any, and especially in Russia! The laws of the state must be higher than the laws of Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc. Only how can interfaith enmity be avoided.

    From this "separation" from the state and all the problems. It is not necessary to separate, but on the contrary - to get as close as possible, understand and choose. A state that has separated from religion is like a peasant who has separated from his garden and then wonders that from there, like from the jungle, monsters climbed.
    This "separation", atheism, the West "pushes" the East, and they themselves are not nearly as atheistic as they preach. The US money says "we believe in God." And in Europe a person from a Catholic family or from a Protestant one is quite important, it can be seen even on television series. In Northern Ireland, until recently, the war was (if it is still not going on) with a completely religious overtones, not ethnic ones. Only "Protestants" and "Catholics" were heard. It is the Catholic countries (Italy, Spain, Ireland, Poland) that lag behind in industrial and economic terms from the Protestant Germany, France, Holland, Britain, Belgium. This is no coincidence. At one time, the East defeated the West precisely by religiosity; they learned the religion of monotheism from us. Separating us from religion, from our strength, they are now conquering us.
    Although it is possible to defend the true religion and fight against pseudo-religious Radakals on the basis of the secular principles of freedom of confessions. But for this you need to understand religion, and in order to understand you need to come closer, not "separate".
  23. carter38
    carter38 April 5 2015 05: 51
    Black KnivesX must be kept in check! They only understand the power! While in the face will not receive respect will not! Tolerance and internationalism are mistaken for weakness!
  24. ovod84
    ovod84 April 5 2015 06: 50
    I thought black assholes happen to blacks, white campaigns also have black assholes, and the rest of the body is white. And he asked if he could follow his own words.
  25. Stauffenberg
    Stauffenberg April 5 2015 10: 07
    Tens of millions of Muslims live in our country. Expressions - this is the most terrible and terrible religion, you can’t solve anything. I do not think that these millions of people want to fight for the interests of Arab sheikhs. The history of Islam in Russia dates back thousands of years. We must rely on our clergy. Grow them here. To support those who lead sermons in the right direction, works with youth. Why do we know how to squeeze out business so well, but to squeeze out fanatics and Wahhabis not?
  26. Mairos
    Mairos April 5 2015 11: 29
    Quote: RussianEmpire
    pff, while guest workers arrive, Islam arrives. So, soon Sharia norms will become the norm in Russia. No matter how the ROC and others resisted it ...

    They won’t, rather end in great blood on both sides and terror, as a result, against radical Islam, and hostility towards Islam as a whole if it goes on like that. Look at Europe - tolerance is melting, hostility towards Muslims is growing.
  27. Slax
    Slax April 5 2015 17: 23
    this interview is one of the bells that the process is underway and measures need to be taken, and then officials come to their senses not only in the Kazan Kremlin, when they have already formed the Volga Jamaaat, which will swear allegiance to the Islamic state and then the feud will begin
  28. 31rus
    31rus April 5 2015 22: 53
    Dear, this is called in one word by many already a boring ideology, there is no ideology in the country, therefore there are no specialists in this matter, this also applies to the religion of the main concessions and various sects and teachings of 1000 permitted in Russia, everything is rightly noted here, so development situations can have a very difficult resolution
  29. Sultan Babai
    Sultan Babai April 6 2015 02: 29
    I live in Nizhnekamsk! There are Wahhabis, with some even I studied in the same class, even then they were scumbags. I don’t know where the FSB is looking, but it’s high time to change our top leadership in Tatarstan. A very unhealthy environment (quiet at first glance, but something is definitely brewing ...) The bureaucrats are completely unraveled. For example: the deputy mayor, at the same time the general director of the local Vodokanal, while the tariffs for water and wastewater treatment are twice as high as that of an organization that essentially prepares drinking water and cleans wastewater. Vodokanal is an unnecessary gasket through which a lot of money is laundered. Just look at the tax. ru OJSC "VK and EKh" and it will immediately become clear that the owners of this enterprise are in foreign offshores.
  30. nomad74
    nomad74 April 6 2015 03: 31
    What time does it all rest on the fact that:
    1. It is possible to clearly determine which madhhab (direction) is a Muslim believer adheres to. Wahhabism must be prosecuted by the state! Followers of Wahhabism do not have the right to occupy religious and government posts! Convicts preaching Wahhabism must be kept separately!
    2. Education of religion in madrassas should be carried out in the Russian Federation, one of the tasks of education should be the promotion of statehood! Preachers from other countries should legally be equated with foreign spies with all the ensuing consequences!
    2. In any mosque where the ummah of Muslims indulges in God's choice, the concepts of statehood and religious affiliation begin to be confused, and accordingly the dogmas of religion are placed for parishioners above all the laws of the state. As a rule, the imam knows who and what views from the parishioners has.
    3. There is no national idea for the state that could unite the people of the country so diverse in terms of religion and ethnicity, but as you know, there is no emptiness!
    4. The question of a Russian person has not been resolved; any manifestation of organization on a national basis is immediately identified by the state as a Nazi organization, which infringes on the rights of the Russian population. Over the past centuries of nation-building, the Russian people have suffered the most since they have undergone atheization and are currently experiencing all the charms of Western civilization from urbanization to corruption.
  31. atash
    atash April 6 2015 19: 00
    It is possible to fight pseudo-religious radicals from the position of the secular principle of freedom of religion. Is there freedom of religion? So the secular state can defend this very freedom of religion of its citizens. Otherwise, some type of person comes to a mosque or church, says that he is a Muslim / Christian and begins to embarrass the parishioners, interfere with the rituals as is customary in this temple. The priest of a given church should have the right and the opportunity to point out to the police the violator of public order in the church entrusted to him. And so that there are no discrepancies about what should be like this or that in Islam, the word "Islam" is assigned to the traditional Hanafi madhhab in our places, and is secured within the framework of a completely secular patent law, as a brand. That is, you understand Islam in your own way - this is your right, but not officially. And officially, please call your religion what you want, just without violating the patent, open your temple and do what you want within the law, and don't bother others.
    Our special services allow Wahabbits to do whatever they want in mosques so that they do not crawl into secret places and that they can be controlled. I hope that they have such motives. But in this way they achieve their goal, and the Hanafites are not able to properly send rites. And in the way described above, both the wolves are fed and the sheep are intact. You break the order - get fined, continue to break - put in jail, and not necessarily for 15 years, for a start, 15 days may be enough. And the imams feel sorry for the young people, they don’t know what they are doing, but hand it over to the KNB, they will put him in prison for 4 years, before it was at least. As a result, the weed blooms luxuriantly, strangles a religious culture that is useful to the state.
    1. 31rus
      31rus April 7 2015 00: 51
      Dear, maybe you are right, but knowing the "non-bribery" of our officials, including in the authorities, we can get a "secret society", and even under the roof of the authorities, a set of measures is needed here so as not to infringe on the rights of believers and in that control the time, and flirting with such figures leads to sad results.
  32. atash
    atash April 6 2015 19: 13
    In Pakistan, for example, I heard Shiites are forbidden to call themselves Muslims. Maybe this is not done with the purpose of infringing them, but simply the state there has long been attentive to religious affairs and this is simply a necessary measure to streamline religious issues.
  33. 31rus
    31rus April 7 2015 01: 01
    Dear, I repeat once again in Russia everything is left to chance, there are no scientists, there are no specialists, there can be no culture of society towards religion, that is, from one extreme (prohibition) to the other (complete lack of control).
  34. Evgenynn
    Evgenynn April 7 2015 05: 00
    Another article on a topic of concern to everyone. On the same site there is an article by Alexander Samsonov "Russian Caliphate" with similar comments. What's interesting in the comments is that there is no national idea in Russia, as Nomad74 expressed it here, the same is true for the Russian Caliphate.
    I completely agree. We need something unifying for the Orthodox and all branches of Islam. And there is such an idea, and in the Qur'an there is a unifying Abrahamic idea, Ad-Din ul-Hanif in Arabic. You just need to carefully read the Qur'an, which few people do, but the same can be said about the Bible.
    But the Koran is 50% (roughly) devoted to the people of Scripture, that is, Christians and Jews and their attitude to them. Everyone took up arms against the Wahhabis - which is theologically wrong. Wahhabis are supporters of monotheism, as well as Jews. It would be correct to write extremists of all stripes as opponents, and the idea of ​​Wahhabism - monotheism (in Arabic, Tawhid) is the basis for rapprochement. In Russia there is a very significant figure - L.N. Tolstoy, a supporter of monotheism in his religious views, although he was enlightened by a Moscow rabbi. And they excommunicated Tolstoy from the church for his views on monotheism, for refusing to deify I. Christ. Very strong unifying figure.
    Today, Posner had an interview with Metropolitan Hilarion - the Metropolitan was very cunning on this issue. Orthodox are not ready for unifying ideas, for reforms, however, like everyone else. But the basis for this is the Quran, which was sent down to the Prophet Muhammad not to create a new religion, but to correct the errors of the people of Scripture and to convert the pagan Arabs. And the first Muslims prayed head on Jerusalem, only later turned to Mecca, when Muhammad refused to recognize the prophet of the Jews of Medina - several hundred people. And now, because of these few hundred, millions are at enmity.
    What will save us is enlightenment. We read the Quran. Reading is difficult, as is the Bible. Hilarion today advised starting with the New Testament - if you start with the Old, you will be confused. Nevertheless, the road will be overpowered by the traveler.
    All success and patience.