"Cry" is the sound weapon of Israel

"Cry" is the sound weapon of IsraelFor years, Israeli forces have been very effectively using the fundamentally new non-lethal weapon - acoustic. The sound gun, also known as “Scream” - “Cry”, was first used in the 2005 year to disperse the protesters. Then a huge number of people took to the streets protesting against the construction of the wall separating Israel and the West Bank.

Acoustic gun «Scream» has a huge number of advantages. Firstly, it is quite compact. Can be installed on any car that provides excellent mobility - you can throw a gun from the police station to the desired area of ​​the city in a matter of minutes. Secondly, its effectiveness has been repeatedly proven. When the gun was directed towards the people and turned on, people already at a distance of one hundred meters felt nauseous and dizzy. It is quite clear that people simply could not oppose anything and were forced to hastily leave the battlefield. Thirdly, the gun “Scream” does not cause any lasting harm to human health. All the effects of the impact pass within a few minutes after the person is outside the impact of the gun. However, here you should be as careful as possible. Experts say that if a person finds himself at a distance of ten meters from the gun or even closer, the possibility of a fatal outcome is not excluded.

The “Scream” gun transmits high-frequency sound waves that are irritating to the human body. An ordinary person is not able to withstand this impact for more than a few minutes - he has to retreat, as a result of which it is possible to disperse any demonstration within minutes.

It must be said that it is in Israel that such demonstrations are not out of the ordinary. The riots there happen regularly, which was the reason for the need to develop non-lethal, but very effective weapons. Most countries in such situations use rubber bullets, as well as gas grenades. It is quite clear that when shooting at short distances in a crowd, no one can guarantee that a rubber bullet will hit exactly the soft parts of the body. Well, when hit in the face, throat and some other areas, it may well cause a person to die. It is not always harmless to humans and the effects of tear gas - in the presence of an allergy, the gas can cause serious complications. Therefore, scream-type sound cannons are quite popular.

By the way, “Scream” is far from the only sound cannon that is produced and regularly used in Israel. Here you can add “Shophar”, “Thunder Generator”, “LRAD” and some others. From each other, they differ in both range and impact power.

And not all of them are used to disperse demonstrations. LRAD is also installed on some ships, both large container ships and cruise liners. And this sound cannon has already proven its effectiveness in encountering pirates. When meeting with the latter off the coast of Somalia, the sound cannon quite successfully forced the aggressive-minded Somalis to retire.

Today, Israeli police stations are buying a huge amount of non-lethal weapons, which will help to curb riots. At least 200 million shekels were spent on this, according to reputable sources.

However, acquiring non-lethal weapons, police departments do not forget about the traditional methods that have been working wonderfully for more than a decade. Grenades with tear gas, shields, water cannons, rubber truncheons, and other ammunition are also purchased in large quantities. It is reported that the amount of equipment purchased will be enough to conduct continuous suppression of large uprisings covering entire cities for a whole month.
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