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Why Odessa is not Donbass

Why Odessa is not DonbassAll have become accustomed to reports of explosions in Odessa. This suggests that the city has a powerful underground. But only in Odessa itself, many - and not just "svidomye" - are very doubtful of this version, believing that local power structures are behind a fair amount of explosions (if not the majority).

For one simple reason: well, I don’t want the local security services to go to the Donbass and die there for “one Ukraine” - so they demonstrate to Kiev that there is such a terrible and active “separatist underground” in Odessa that you can’t leave the city without security forces . This opinion seems reasonable: many explosions are very strange. For example, September 29 undermined an abandoned railway line, which for many years no trains. Local "underground" certainly would have to know about this. December 24 "pro-Russian separatists" generally blew up a bomb under the Russian train, as if there were no others in Odessa. The whole “terrorist” campaign since May 2014 (when the first explosion occurred) miraculously avoided victims! The only one killed is the “terrorist” who blew up the 27 of December at four in the morning in the middle of Szeged Street on his own bomb. True, the witnesses, who came running right after the explosion, claim that the “demolition man” initially had a head and signs of rigor mortis were observed, that is, the “terrorist” had been dead for many hours ...

So what really happens in Odessa? Where are the "people's avengers"? Has the city, which already February 23 responded to the coup in Kiev with the 10-thousandth spontaneous protest demonstration, and March 23 gathered the 30-thousandth anti-government and anti-fascist march and rally, really surrendered?

Many people are surprised: did the 2 tragedy of May, "Odessa Khatyn", suffice to intimidate the millionth city? Odessans - opponents of the Kiev authorities - react painfully to this, but they cannot really explain anything. But in the social networks thousands of users wrote that "Odessa merged", etc. in the same vein. Network "strategists" claim that a millionaire city cannot be so scared. Why not? Maybe even as, because Odessa, in fact, is far from Donbass.

Firstly, even though a huge number of Jews left the city, Odessa still considers itself “very Jewish”, and, I believe, it was the Burnt Placement (Shoah, the Holocaust) that made an especially traumatic and paralyzing impression on Odessans. Secondly, residents of Odessa are inherently exalted (and ostentatious) patriotism. They are persistently trying to prove to everyone that Odessa is a unique, wonderful, outstanding (including, in its spirit) city, the birthplace of a huge number of great writers, musicians, artists, Beneya Krikov and anecdotes. “A pearl by the sea”, “a city of chestnuts and kupletistov”, “and Moldavanka, and Peresyp”, “it will still be close in Odessa”, “the city in the blossoming acacias” ...

Alas, all this is in the past.

Odessa has ceased to be a “cultural capital” and a unique city. No “Humorina” will help here any more, especially since this “Humorina” looks like depressingly provincial, like the rest of Odessa.

Over 23 of the “Square”, the city turned into a provincial regional center, abandoned, degrading, but trying to pretend to be something else. Ardent patriots brought the situation to the point that the city began to look obscenely neglected: pavements broken into rubbish, a huge number of houses that had not been repaired for decades and slowly collapsed.

The dustiness of the city is amazing. The fact that Odessa is dusty and there are problems with water in it is still known from Pushkin. Soviet power - we give it its due! - the streets are asphalted, the city is heavily planted with greenery, it has solved the water problem. But Odessans (especially young), it seems, do not notice that the city is dusty. And of all those with whom I spoke, only one grandfather recalled Odessa, dusty, a native of Odessa, born 1928. He said that the problem was solved in 1960 and for the next years, 25 was more or less normal.

Today there is no money in the city budget. These are the consequences of the economic disaster of Ukraine in 1990-x, from which the industry suffered the most, including, of course, the Donbass. But there were so many enterprises that no matter how many mines and factories went bankrupt and closed, there was still a lot left. And Odessa has always been a commercial, port and resort city, and the degradation of industry has led to cultural degradation. Universities shifted to the issue of "managers." People who received a good technical degree (or even two), retrained in the owners of all cafes, for which this education is clearly redundant.

In addition to cafes, Odessa amazes with an abundance of pharmacies, banks, nail salons and small ones, speaking Moscow language, real estate offices (in Odessa, these offices are proudly called "real estate agencies"). In these offices, it is customary to hang ads right in the storefront (or on a special stand nearby). And all the windows filled with ads "selling an apartment." I have never seen the word "buy." Which also testifies to the decline of the city: the people from Odessa scatter. My landlady told me: from all her “parallels” in school (three graduating classes) in Odessa there were four people left! The rest went their way around the world - from Kharkov, Kiev and Moscow to New York, Jerusalem and Singapore.

It seems that a typical Odessa citizen, no matter how hard he beat his chest and shouted about his love for the city, on everything that brings no income, he doesn't care. This is where you can clearly see the difference between Odessa and Donbass.

Donetsk agglomeration arose in the same anhydrous steppe, and even aggravated by smoking sulfur and other "useful" chemical waste heaps. Without the Seversky Donets-Donbass channel it would be impossible to live.

Planting and landscaping the land began only with 1926. Terrikon was methodically planted with forest, and the new ones were filled with environmental requirements. City squares, parks and other green spaces, even in 1990, were maintained in very good condition. The same Akhmetov allocated money for landscaping. And in July, and in August last year in the Donbass with some kind of challenge - already under shelling and bombing - the housing and utilities community workers worked. In contrast to Odessa citizens, the Donetsians were proud of their parks and public gardens and did not consider the work in them shameful, even if it did not bring profits.

Another sign of decline and impoverishment of the city is flea markets. In Odessa, at least there are three of them - at the Northern market, at the Southern and at the Starokonny. At Starokonnogo - the biggest.

Unhappy kind of grandmothers and grandfathers, junk-looking alcoholics (in Odessa, their names are “rag-pickers”) are trying to sell things that no one really needs, and who in their right mind nobody buys.

Only a complete lack of money can make people stand for long hours (sometimes in the heat, sometimes in the rain and snow) and try to sell fragments of life forever for a penny. The most unpleasant: many of Odessa residents do not understand that this grand flea market is evidence of how many citizens live in poverty and misery; these Odessa market managers are proud of: they say, look what she is, how much everything is there! People with such a “mentality”, I suspect, were just happy about the “kebab from Colorado” ...

In Donetsk, also a million-plus city, before the current civil war, as in Odessa, there were three flea markets: at the Shakhtar Sports Palace, at the Privokzalny market and at the radio market. But even all three, taken together, they were not the size of a flea market at Starokonnoy. And most importantly, they were not even flea markets, but “flea markets” typical for Europe: they sold mostly what is called antiques and vintage. Rather, they were “clubs of interests,” where before each seller crowded with their own buddy buyers: the second-hand booksellers had their own, the philatelists had their own, the numismatists had their own, and the vinyl connoisseurs had theirs. And this is not because Donetsk was richer than Odessa. On the contrary, the economic catastrophe of the 1990's was “cooler” here, and the 90s were not over. In 2000, at Akhmetov's enterprises alone, over 35 thousand jobs were reduced. It is a different, “soviet” mentality: they traded in Donetsk, but they were not proud of it as in Odessa, and flea markets were not so much a desperate way to survive as the rush during the Nazi occupation, as a spontaneous tool of psychotherapy ...

Another evidence of the impoverishment and spiritual decline of Odessa is a huge number of “commissioners” and “second-hand”. There are always people there.

In expensive shops in the city center too, but it is smaller, and it is different. Incidentally, the Odessa “new Ukrainians” are impressive. In Russia, there are no such years for 10 – 15 (except in the outback): either they shot each other, or exchanged words. What characters I watched in Odessa, with some tattoos, with some "golds", with some "gymnasts"! Behave accordingly - demonstrate, as it should be "bulls", contempt for others.

They told me that on the Fountains in front of one small cafe there is a self-made monument to Carlson. Went, found, photographed. Suddenly, a typical "redneck" flew out from somewhere and began to shout with a characteristic zapadensky accent, so that it would be removed, because there was private property. These “those who came in large numbers” are just as important a factor in the cultural degradation of Odessa as de-industrialization with commercialization.

The mass closure of enterprises was one of the reasons for the mass emigration of Odessa Jews and Greeks. For two decades, emigrated inhabitants of Odessa were gradually replaced by immigrants - partly from other cities and villages of the Odessa region, and partly from neighboring Vinnitsa.

The native Odessans do not like these Vinnitsa villagers, they call them rogules (it was in Odessa that I first heard that word) and make fun of their attempts to look like hereditary local people.

This is really funny: visitors are given a lack of taste and lack of culture, ignorance of the city, finally, talk. Indigenous inhabitants of Odessa speak good and correct Russian with pronunciation that is different from Moscow or St. Petersburg, but not South Russian. They “akayut”, not “gnakayut”, they say not “Odesa”, but “Adesa”. When a poster “Vova, Odessa is not your mother, appeared at some meeting of the Odessa Maidan. Get !!! Bekitser home !!! ”, Odessa bloggers burst out mocking comments that no real Odessa will write“ get ”and“ bekitser ”. Indeed, the real Odessa will write "bikitser." The old people, with whom I had a chance to talk, in unison together covered the film “Liquidation” with its pseudo-Odessa language. They said: this is the cartoon language of Odessa Jewish jokes, and not the language of Soviet Odessa.

The deterioration in the quality of the population of the city affected all areas of life and culture in Odessa. Say at the theater. Primitivization of the public made it primitive and debase the repertoire, and at the same time it took away the incentives for a good game. Odessans old-fashioned bragging their 30 museums. But since they themselves were there for the last time on a school excursion, they do not talk about their condition or the number of visitors. For example, I could hardly see anything in the famous Museum of Western and Eastern Art: the vast majority of the halls were being renovated. Which, by the way, stretches from 2006 and is “glorified” by the fact that in the course of it from the museum, the “Kiss of Judas” canvas by Caravaggio was snagged. But in the Literary Museum, it became obvious that there were other problems. Workers clearly let down a “tip” to present Odessa to “the birthplace of the Ukrainian national movement” and gloss over the revolutionary past of the city.

The profound provinciality of today's Odessa is also provided by the microscopic number of galleries and exhibition halls for a million people. But how many people know that in the "gopnicheskogo" Donbass - 50 theaters?

Of which more than half - folk, amateur (here you have the "drunks" and "quilted jackets"!). And about 40 theaters (whether 38, or 42) - mostly also popular - destroyed during the years of "independence". How many people know that theatrical festivals “Stars of the World Ballet”, “Theatrical Donbass” and “The Golden Key” take place regularly in Donetsk? What in the Donbass - 224 Museum? That is, of course, there were so many theaters and museums before the Ukrainian army set out to "Europeanize" Donbass "scoops" ...

Central Donbass is a huge agglomeration, industrial cities, flowing into each other, with a total population of several million people. But the Odessa agglomeration stretches only to the Black Sea, Dachny and Ilyichevsk. The Donbass has always felt that it is a single whole (the Russian part of the Donbass was also included in this whole), a kind of “separate nation”. Odessans are also ready to call themselves “a separate nation”, but only to call it. In the Donbass (in any case, in its industrialized urbanized part) a separate, independent mentality, own culture, traditions and own idea of stories (here they are proud of Artyom, the Krivoy Rog-Donetsk Republic, the Krasnodon youth guard and respect the “harsh men” employed in production). This mentality and these traditions, by the way, have long been in open conflict with total Ukrainization.

In general, the Donbass differs not only from Odessa, but also from the rest of Ukraine, only in that it concentrates almost 75% of the entire Ukrainian working class.

And the Donbass is a unique phenomenon for Europe: it is the only European region where 55% and 45% of the working population are employed in two areas - in industry and in the infrastructure serving the industry. And if in Odessa (or, for example, in Kharkov), many factories are only listed as working, and in fact they exist, handing over cases for warehouses and trade, in Donbass this is 10 – 15% of enterprises. Everything is fair with the rest: either they are ruined and destroyed, or they work.

Odessans, fighting off accusations of cowardice, say that they were intimidated and terrorized by the "pravoseki" and other Kolomoisky mercenaries who were brought to the city of 2 in May and were there before the presidential election. This, of course, is true, but not all: 2 – 4 thousand “Pravosek” could not cope with the millionth city if they did not have support in Odessa itself. And such support of the ultra-right and nationalists was (and is). It is an order of magnitude larger and more powerful than in the Donbas.

First of all, these are officials, politicians and clerks-intellectuals who serve them (not for free!) (Journalists, PR people, teachers, people of “culture” who urgently became “svidomi” in the “Square”). All this well-fed audience - regardless of the formal party affiliation - flourished and bred in the last 23 of the year. Their positions - their feeding trough, and any radical shocks (and what could be more radical than an armed uprising?) Threaten this feeding trough. Odessa television made reports on the debates in the city council, and it was really funny to watch and listen to how individual officials and deputies with completely non-Ukrainian surnames fundamentally acted on the “read move”, with a lot of mistakes and abundant use of Russian words.

Further, the local bourgeoisie - large, medium and small owners, as expressed in Ukraine, "businesses" (in the Russian Ukrainian, the word has a plural). It was these “businessmen” at the beginning of 1990 that competed in public hatred of the “Bolsheviks”, and although no Bolsheviks had existed in nature by that time, 60 had not existed in nature for years, they blamed them for all their troubles and setbacks. In particular, it was their efforts and their tantrums that completely destroyed all revolutionary names from the map of the city. There is only one street. P. Schmidt, and only because before the revolution it was called Prison. Compare with the toponymy of the cities of Donbass. Feel the difference.

Many Soviet monuments fell victims: they were dismantled (like the "pravoseki" now), piled in the Lenin Komsomol park, where they were destroyed.

The most shameful thing is that perhaps the first one toppled the monument to Kotovsky - perhaps the most famous revolutionary of Bessarabia, to whom Odessa is obliged by the fact that at the beginning of 1918 it was not captured by the Romanians.

And it was precisely this man who was repaid by the black ingratitude of “Svidomo” Odessa. (Again, compare with the Donbass!) By the way, the Leninsky Komsomol park, where the monument stood, was also renamed: now it is Savitsky Park named after the pre-revolutionary owner. "Svidomo" did not bother even the fact that this Savitsky-Voevodsky was the leader of the gang, brothel keeper and slave trader.

It was these bourgeois, primarily the second-hand merchants from Privoz, who became the true "flock" of the local branch of the fascist party "Freedom". In December, they even stormed the City Council under the leadership of "Freedom" 2012. It was possible to knock them out of the building only by applying (in the cold) hoses. Just among these traders a lot of Vinnitsa "rogulja".

And also students from local universities. With brains washed from childhood nationalist and anti-communist propaganda, they sincerely believe in the existence of "ancient ukrov", "Tripoli culture - a contemporary of Cro-Magnons", an invention of "proto-craters" of writing, and Zaporozhye Cossacks - a submarine and other similar nonsense. In addition, a significant part of Odessa students are from Western Ukraine. I regularly saw and heard them on Dovzhenko Street, where the university hostel is located, and in the nearby Tavriya shop.

For some reason they spoke to each other in Russian, but with such a zapadensky accent and on such ... How would you say this? Oh, on uncultured topics! A poster hung in one of the windows of the hostel informing that the “correct” student union was located there, and the UPA flag was immediately displayed.

Of course, there are similar students in the Donbass (including from visitors from Western Ukraine). But there, even in universities, the atmosphere was different. When the rectors drove Donetsk and Lugansk students to rallies and marches “For a United Ukraine” under threat, the students did not come in part, and most of them quietly escaped without reaching the marches. In general, in Donetsk, local participants began to beat the participants as quickly as Panikovsky.

But the most important, basic, category of “patriots-coming” is the man in the street. As it turned out, the Odessa man in the street — the man in the street of the gesheftmahersko-resort town differs from the man in the industrial (albeit seriously de-industrialized) Donbass.

The Donbass inhabitant is simpler, more severe, this is the inhabitant of the “proletarian-gopnichesky” region, there is no Odessa beachiness, razinchinnost and talkativeness in it. And if the Odessa man in the street thinks, first of all, about how it would not get worse, Donetsk calmly and fatally (with the gopnik's fatalism, not without that) thinks: why not risk it - it won't be any worse?

This difference is especially clearly visible now, when the Odessa man in the street is pumping himself and others around with what was once called “Austrian conversations.” After the start of Germany’s aggression against Poland and the massive bombardment of Polish cities, such conversations were popular in Austria: “You see, how clever were we that did not resist the Führer? Would resist - Vienna and Salzburg would be bombed, as now Warsaw and Lublin! ”And today the Odessa man in the street (it is easy to track in social networks) calls:“ See what is happening in the Donbass? If we had revolted, it would have been the same with Odessa! ”But who could revolt in Odessa or at least lead the uprising?

There are two options: pro-Russian organizations or left. Pro-Russian were represented by tiny groups, which had no influence, and the local party “Motherland”, which nevertheless had the second largest fraction in the city council (the first from the Party of Regions). But the head of the Motherland, Igor Markov, a member of the Verkhovna Rada, was deprived of his mandate in 2013 and another 2007 was detained for taking part in street riots. After the fall of Yanukovych, he was returned to the mandate and released from prison. However, it seems that at the same time the new government entered into a tacit agreement with him ...

Kulikovo Field gave its pro-Russian leaders who came from nowhere. But all these are people without political experience, without structures, without talents and charisma. The most famous brothers, Anton and Artyom Davidchenko, were arrested one after another, and while they were free, they organized processions, concerts and talkers for many hours on the Kulikovo Field, and, like “Motherland”, did everything to “avoid aggravation”. Apparently, it is not by chance that Anton Davidchenko, found guilty of no less than “encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine”, was sentenced on July 22 to 5 years in prison and ... immediately released from custody. In short, and this is typical of Odessa, these and similar leaders turned out to be weak.

And about the Odessa Left, and you can’t talk at all without tears. Absolutely impotent and non-influential, unlike Donbass, - KPU (gained 3% in the elections to the city council). Microscopic "non-authoritarian left" (Trotskyists and other "Evrolevachki"), trying to cling to any protests and ardently supported the Maidan (like their "senior comrades" in Kiev). The ultimate disgrace is the anarchists united in the Union of Anarchists of Ukraine party led by the “businessman” Vadim Cherny, who became famous for calling incendiary bombs to throw office buildings in the Donbas together with people, etc.

In the Donbas everything was different. Even the parliamentary opportunist KPU here had very strong and radical organizations.

It is not by chance that in the last parliamentary elections, the Luhansk region gave the maximum number of votes for the Communist Party (25,14%), and there the regional Communist Party organization refused to obey the decisions of its Kiev leadership, declared itself independent, separate from the Communist Party of Ukraine “The workers front of the Luhansk region” and joined the armed struggle and state construction LC. Anarchists in the Donbass were weak and almost invisible. And various non-anarchist “non-authoritarian leftists”, of which there were only a handful of units throughout the whole Donbass, wanted to move to Kiev and join the “left-hipster” party there.

I must say that in the current crisis, the population of Ukraine has demonstrated a steady desire to find the culprits of all their troubles and failures somewhere outside in the holy conviction that they themselves are not guilty of anything. Odessans are no exception here, including the “anti-Hunt” ones.

Among them there is a widespread belief that the whole thing is that the Kremlin “threw” them: here the Kremlin “sent Strelkov” to the Donbass, but did not send it to Odessa, which is why it happened. In fact, the armed uprising in the Donbass did not begin with Strelkov. An example of what needs to be done was shown in Lugansk on April 6, when a huge crowd under the leadership of the local "Union of veterans of the Airborne Forces" led by Bolotov captured the building of the SBU weapons. On the same day, the crowd stormed the regional state administration in Donetsk, and part of the militia and the local "Berkut" went over to the side of the rebels.

Further developments are well known and it makes no sense to repeat it. Unlike the Donbass, which is capable of cutting Gordian knots in proletarian style from the shoulder, the trade-brokerage Odessa was always inclined to negotiate. So local Antimaydan preferred to negotiate with the local Maidan, especially since many leaders and activists of the first and second knew each other well personally (often for some previous activity).

They really managed to negotiate for a long time. Before 2 in May, the only serious confrontation with violence between Maidan and Antimaydan occurred on April 10, when maydanovtsy laid siege at the Promenade Hotel at 11 Station Bolshoi Fontan, where Oleg Tsarev (then a presidential candidate) and Artyom Davidchenko met, and Antimaydan, in turn, laid siege to them. Odessa anti-Maidans knew that the Maidan in the city was weak and few, and the local “Right Sector” was funny at all, so they did not prepare for a serious (not to mention armed) struggle. The idea that the right could bring the “fighters” from other cities to Odessa and settle them there, it simply did not occur to them.

Donbass has previously demonstrated that it is not ready for long compromises at its own expense. When his patience ran out, he switched to the language of ultimatums.

Arranged, for example, trips to Kiev. In 1993, this campaign led to the fall of Prime Minister L. Kuchma’s cabinet and early presidential elections (L. Kravchuk was then president). Odessa cannot boast anything of the kind.

The massive closure of mines and factories in the Donbass, plunging the population of monotowns and mono-townships into poverty (poverty, far surpassing everything that happened in Central and Western Ukraine, is recognized even by Donbass suppressors), made many people think about the role of capitalism and Western imperialism. Moreover, in the other, Russian, part of Donbass, mines were closed in the same way, and it was known that this was done according to the IMF plan. Therefore, in the Donbass anti-American and anti-imperialist propaganda met with a bang. It could be colored in different tones, but no one, except for local grant-eaters, expressed any doubt that American and Western imperialism in general really existed. In Odessa, which used to boast of its "anti-Soviet", the majority met with skepticism about Western imperialism and responded with the phrase "America sweeps away traces" belonging to the half-crazy grandmother known to the whole city.

The social bottoms that have risen in the Donbass are the current gyuz and sans-culottes. Gyozy with sankyuloty, by the way, also went into battle not under Marxist slogans. Donbass workers and the unemployed know that they are sans-culottes, and do not hesitate about it (and even are proud of it).

There are sans culottes in Odessa too - but in Odessa they are shy of their sans-cuteness and want to look in the eyes of others not even just bourgeois, but bourgeois successful.

The Donbass was the last great rearguard of the Soviet society and, realizing the Maidan as a threat to the complete liquidation of the entire Soviet, this rearguard decided to give the last battle. At the same time, it was in the Donbas that, along with the preservation of the post-Soviet working class, the classic “Marx” proletariat re-emerged - and this new proletariat was able to give capitalism in Eastern Europe its first battle. Counter!

And Odessa? .. If I were an Odessa and I was asked at a cartoon-like Odessa “Can you say for Ades?”, I would answer: “Hug and cry.”

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  1. Same lech
    Same lech April 3 2015 04: 08
    Odessa has ceased to be a "cultural capital" and a unique city.

    This is true for me. ODESSA today turned into a Nazi crematorium after the tragedy in the HOUSE OF TRADE UNIONS.
    As for the failure of the protest movement in ODESSA, it’s enough to recall the history of the 1917 revolution .... ODESSA did not create the conditions for a bloodless transfer of power into their hands.
    The active part of the population, as a rule, is 5-10 percent, the rest go by railroad cars following the engine.
    And a handful of activists without the support of the population will not be able to make this obvious.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich April 3 2015 04: 15
      I’ve dreamed of visiting Odessa all my life, now I don’t remember a year now ... with a small letter, this is not a mistake.
      1. science fiction writer
        science fiction writer April 3 2015 04: 37
        Eh Odessa "Pearl by the Sea" Where did you go, How to get you out of this shit now.
        1. panfil
          panfil April 3 2015 09: 56
          They pulled out of the mouth.
      2. Chertkov Oleg
        Chertkov Oleg April 3 2015 04: 41
        And how long will they be treated with such vital "castor oil", like the rest of Krajina? Until complete impoverishment?
      3. domokl
        domokl April 3 2015 04: 57
        A good analysis of the situation. Hard, but correct. Indeed, we talked about the explosions in Odessa with one of the local residents a couple of months ago ... The opinion was just that, well, local self-defense did not want to go to the ATO zone ... Then I was very struck such a position ... But the answer was simple, you, the Russians have a different mentality ... Odessa will not throw grenades under the tank if it knows that there are anti-tank guns somewhere, and you will rush ...
        1. Corsair
          Corsair April 3 2015 08: 20
          Quote: domokl
          Odessa will not rush with grenades under the tank if it knows that somewhere there are anti-tank guns, and you rush ...

          Any Odessa student will tell you what the 411 battery is. In the place where guns once rumbled and blood was pouring, now they annually celebrate Victory Day and the day of liberation of Odessa. The same place where the sister of the 411 was located - the 412 battery, is known mainly by military historians.

          And so, in May of the 2010 year, on the territory of the 412 battery in the village of Chernomorskoye, Kominternovsky district, a monument was installed to the 250 miners of Donbass who died during the defense of Odessa. The height of the monument along with the stele and barrow is more than 14 meters.
          Miners from Donetsk were abandoned in August 1941 to replenish the ranks of the soldiers who defended the battery from Romanians and Germans. Of the weapons they were given only 10 rifles for all, 5-6 grenades for each, knives and sapper blades. At the request of the miners, they were given vests. In their first and last battle, they did not allow the capture of the battery, although all the defenders died ....

          250 feat of Donetsk miners during the defense of Odessa

          On 5 of August 1941, in the difficult conditions of ongoing defensive battles and the withdrawal of bloodless units of the Red Army, the defense of Odessa began. By 8 of August, the city with the surrounding area was declared under siege.
          The front of the forces of the Primorsky Army, defending Odessa, was divided into three sectors - eastern, western and southern.
          The eastern defense sector (chief - brigade commander S.F. Monakhov) included the right flank of the defense to the Hadzhibey estuary. It included the 1th Black Sea Regiment of the Marine Corps (1th Marine Regiment of the Odessa Naval Base), the 26th Regiment of the NKVD Border Troops, the 54th Regiment of the 25th Infantry Division, the battalion of the 136th Reserve Regiment, two fighter battalions and other units.
          In early August, the fascist dictator of Romania Antonescu arrived in the Romanian troops near Odessa. Not far from Odessa, at the Vygoda station, a meeting of officers was held, at which Antonescu categorically demanded that Odessa be captured at all costs, while appointing a parade of Romanian troops on the central square of the city on August 23.
          Since August 13 of the 1941 year, the Romanians have closed the encirclement on the east side of the city, where the 412 battery was located.

          Fully on:
          -odessy /
          1. cumastra1
            cumastra1 April 3 2015 18: 07
            Oh, I doubt that this year they will celebrate May 9 there. Rather, something else - "the day of the liberation of Odessa by the Third Reich from the occupation" for example ...
      4. xan
        xan April 3 2015 11: 44
        Quote: Andrew Y.
        dreamed to visit Odessa all my life

        Similarly, I also wanted to go to Kiev, my classmates live there. But now, as I understand it, it will not succeed soon, and it’s morally prepared for the fact that these cities are far from my idea of ​​them formed 20 years ago.
        And Donbass is cool, what can I say.
        The Kremlin insists on a single dill. Personally, I agree, provided that the guys from Donbass will refuel there. Only they are able to clean out these Augean stables. I would like it like recently during the pogroms in London - who at least once got into the frame of video cameras, or whom the witnesses showed to him, the deadline.
      5. Noncombatant
        Noncombatant April 3 2015 12: 38
        "All my life I dreamed of visiting Odessa, now I don’t remember a year already ..."

        And I visited, and in the summer of 2013. I went to the House of Trade Unions, on the first floor there was an office where excursion tours were sold (the price did not suit). As I remember now, I went outside with my comrades to discuss the situation of further cultural pastime. We chose the Military History Museum. (running ahead, we did not regret not a single drop. We were alone in the museum, a man-guide, a retired officer who was in Afghanistan, conducted an excursion with such fervor and ardor that on leaving the museum for another 10 minutes we saw a cannonade of guns, shouts of sailors "Give , Odessa "and the hum of planes).
        It was July 2013, a zhovtno-blakitny flag fluttered lazily on a minibus, in my hand was a cold bottle of "Chernigov" and I didn't think that emissaries of our "caring Western friends" were already sent everywhere, animals in balaclavas were prepared, weapons and special equipment were hidden, and a big country is preparing for a split and a bloody merry-go-round, later called ATO. There was still 4 months before all this began. sad
    2. jktu66
      jktu66 April 3 2015 08: 33
      The active part of the population is usually 5-10 percent
      Where is so much in Odessa ??? Those who were not killed on May 2 have long been in the Donbas or in Russia. There are only amoebas that can cause fear among the Kiev rulers no more than a "room of fear" on Deribasovskaya street at the resort.
    3. Serge Mikhas
      Serge Mikhas April 3 2015 08: 54
      And what kind of slurred paraffin spilled over into the glorious city? Does Actor want the population to rise at once and spill rivers of blood? Of course, it would be colorful and scary for everyone. It’s easy to juggle other people's lives, as well as reproach ...
      1. Dali
        Dali April 3 2015 11: 21
        In your opinion, and with Nazi Germany, too, there was no need to fight ... no matter how many lives were saved ...

        Article is 100% correct !!! good

        And you Mikhas just had to chew the snot, and sprinkle with saliva ... that's true
        eyes prick ...
      2. The comment was deleted.
    4. Su24
      Su24 April 4 2015 13: 36
      A biased article, in fact. Written a posteriori and with an obvious Marxist bias, we know that the anti-Maidan slogans were not just social, they were for the "Russian world". That is why the events were called Russian Spring. The separation from Kiev was supported not only by workers, but also by local businessmen, teachers and cultural figures.
      It is not indicated at all that the Russian movement of Odessa (and numerous) was pre-infiltrated by the SBU. In general, do not throw stones at Odessa.
  2. avia1991
    avia1991 April 3 2015 04: 16
    “Can you say the same for Shade?”, I would answer: “Hug and cry.”
    Well, yes .. Just hug The memory of THAT Odessa - by the way, famously shown in "Liquidation"! And to mourn the killing of that Memory, and the erasure of historical originality and attractiveness! Odessa retained only the name .. otherwise it is a blurry gray spot on a brown background. negative
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. Corsair
    Corsair April 3 2015 04: 35
    Quote: from article
    Landscaping and landscaping began only with 1926. Heaps were methodically planted with forest, and new ones were poured already taking into account environmental requirements. City squares, parks and other green spaces, even in 1990, were maintained in very good condition. The same Akhmetov allocated money for landscaping. In July and August of last year, in the Donbass, with some sort of a challenge - already under shelling and bombing - communal landsmen worked.

    What can I say ... The other day I called up with a fellow countryman from Donetsk, SUBMATTERIES are carried out to eliminate the consequences of shelling, cleaning and improvement of yards and streets ...


    The world will be BILLIONS of rose bushes decorate the Donbass.
    1. Corsair
      Corsair April 3 2015 04: 42

      02.04.2015 - 23: 31
      All residents of the DPR will be recognized as participants in the hostilities, - Zakharchenko | Russian spring

      All residents of the DPR will be recognized as participants in the hostilities. This opinion was expressed by the Head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko.

      “The law will be adopted tomorrow on recognizing the entire population of the DPR as participants in hostilities,” he said.

      According to him, in the most difficult times for the country, not only militias, but also doctors, teachers, miners, employees of the Ministry of Emergencies, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and many others stood in the service.

      “You are now raising the question of the status of the militia, but how to equate - fought did not fight? The driver of the trolleybus in Boss fought, who died under fire? The teacher who died at school fought? Was he torn apart by a hail shell? ”Zakharchenko noted.

      “I would like to turn to our military, my friends, many of whom I personally know with one question: remember May, when you picked up machine guns, did you think about any status or awards? We all had one thought - to protect our region, our children and women from the arbitrariness that occurred in Kiev, ”summed up Zakharchenko.
      1. boris-1230
        boris-1230 April 3 2015 20: 17
        All residents of the DPR will be recognized as participants in the hostilities, - Zakharchenko | Russian spring

        These RUSSIAN cities (Donetsk, Slavyansk, Lugansk, etc.) should be awarded the title Hero City! They are now at the forefront of the battle for Russkiy Mir! good angry
        1. Vadim12
          Vadim12 April 3 2015 20: 40
          Slavyansk is temporarily occupied by punitive. But it will still be released.
    2. Victor Demchenko
      Victor Demchenko April 3 2015 09: 56
      I remember on Artyom’s cafe Chervona Troiana ... on the balcony there was a view of the avenue ... oh, what city was mutilated, cattle dill! and these roses ... I will never forget them! Good luck, the people of Donetsk! Peace and part to you and your families! love
  5. Barboskin
    Barboskin April 3 2015 04: 38
    This is Ukrainian Odessa, but it was then Russian then Soviet. The main salt of the city is people, they left, the chances of rebirth have become less.
    1. Dali
      Dali April 3 2015 11: 25
      Ukrainian Odessa has no chants for revival !!!
    2. The comment was deleted.
  6. Magic archer
    Magic archer April 3 2015 04: 44
    My sister lives there. We often communicate. She herself is Russian, but at the end of 90x she married an Odessa woman and went there. I visited them at the beginning of 2000x. I liked the city. A cheerful, sociable people. I walked along Deribasovskaya Street, was at Privoz) And now Olga says it’s getting worse and worse ... If before, people were playing around with surzhik with a local accent, now they are moving a mova. There are a lot of young lawyers who weren’t there before. With work, too, was a seam. If earlier Slava (sister's husband) worked in construction company, then last year the German owners temporarily covered it and sent they waged workers on unpaid leave. That year they rejoiced in the Maidan, and now they say that the hunger riots will begin at such a pace .... Here I have such news from Odessa recourse
  7. Snoop
    Snoop April 3 2015 04: 46
    A very good article. Extensive. Also with a psychological background. All right. Simply put, the proletariat in the Donbass, and the traders in Odessa. That’s the whole difference. Traders under any authority will live, if only they would let them live.
    1. Corsair
      Corsair April 3 2015 04: 57
      Quote: Snoop
      Traders under any authority will live, if only they would let them live.

      The proletarian will not do it - the bargainer will not sell ...

      What life is it, if with the economy, without the Donbass - SHVAH ...

      How can a huckster speculate? Is it possible to re-mortgage your debts from Western "benefactors" ...
    2. 222222
      222222 April 3 2015 09: 57
      "Why Odessa is not Donbass."
      "To put it simply, the proletariat is in the Donbass, and the traders in Odessa."
      ... in Donbass, billionaire Akhmetov ..... in Lugansk-Efremov ... In Odessa, everything is divided between national elites ..
      ... but as you say "traders" are people who earn their bread and butter ..
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. siberalt
      siberalt April 3 2015 10: 21
      The article is correct. The mentality of Odessans is shocking. There is either the working class or smuggling with humor. The first is almost over. Remained "Seventh kilometer" and the local government to breed suit. All these "terrorist attacks" without casualties are about a prescribed scenario from Kuev.
  8. old pioneer
    old pioneer April 3 2015 04: 55
    I read and something was sad. I have never been to Odessa and know about it, as they say, by hearsay. Basically, my attitude to this city is based on its glorious past. I do not expect righteous revenge from Odessa for May 2nd. For me, the assessment they give to those events is more important. So I want to believe that there still remained people worthy of their grandfathers.
    1. 97110
      97110 April 3 2015 09: 15
      Quote: old pioneer
      So I want to believe that there still remained people worthy of their grandfathers.

      In 96-97, our steamer was under repair in Odessa (shipyard Ukraina, if I am not mistaken). Our little ones came back dumbfounded - their Odessa proletariat called them "occupiers". True, after that a dispute arose among the proletariat with the transition to personalities, but - a fact ...
  9. udincev
    udincev April 3 2015 04: 59
    The article has convincing argumentation.
    Moreover, especially in comparison with Odessa and Donbass.
  10. Zomanus
    Zomanus April 3 2015 05: 13
    Well, in general, the author described any port-trading city. In Vladivostok the same thing. The only appearances happened when customs raised duties on used foreign cars. Then yes, the whole city was buzzing. By the way, I participated in these protests / disobedience. And he watched the leaders and especially active protesters slowly merge. The leader himself was made a deputy of the City Duma. Others sold cars and invested in real estate. She just went up before the summit. Traders in fact do not care, as long as they have something to trade and where to trade. Now trade has stopped, and perhaps the city will begin to empty.
    1. xan
      xan April 3 2015 11: 54
      Quote: Zomanus
      The only appearances happened when customs raised duties on used cars.

      What kind of an occasion for blood to go like this? Don’t be embarrassed, here in Donbass and Odessa there is such a reason.
  11. Aleksiy
    Aleksiy April 3 2015 05: 24
    To the author of 5 + for the article, it is immediately clear that the person knows what he is talking about, and he talks about REAL Odessa.
  12. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 3 2015 05: 47
    There is only one conclusion from what I have read - you should not expect sharp gestures from Odessa against the Kiev junta and local opportunists. Prosebay "pearl by the sea" further. Perhaps the Nazis will still have time to establish a ghetto there for the right citizens of Odessa.
  13. tlauicol
    tlauicol April 3 2015 05: 50
    Not Sevastopol
    ROMAN VYSOTSKY April 3 2015 06: 13
    In general, Kataev and his brother, Paustovsky and other writers also wrote the same thing with an amendment for the time being "for Odessa". And they also noted that the growth in the number of the working class in the city after the Revolution turned Odessa from a Franco-port with a predominance of the lumpen proletariat into a Soviet city, whose inhabitants in 1941 worked wonders of courage without losing their Odessa entrepreneurship. Remember, at least, Odessa "tanks" NI-1!
  15. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S April 3 2015 06: 54
    From the old Odessa, a pale shadow remained, which Odessa cannot be called, but what kind of city it was, a fairy tale and what it turned into, cities are degrading just like people.
  16. vyinemeynen
    vyinemeynen April 3 2015 07: 24
    the author did you understand what you said, "Deterioration of the quality of the city's population"?
    1. Corsair
      Corsair April 3 2015 07: 40
      Quote: vyinemeynen
      the author did you understand what you said, "Deterioration of the quality of the city's population"?

      And this is the same as "deterioration in the quality of blood" or sperm, if you like ...
      1. pensioner
        pensioner April 3 2015 08: 26
        Hi Corsair! drinks
        What is going on there?
        1. Corsair
          Corsair April 3 2015 09: 00
          Quote: retired
          What is going on there?

          Normal "growing pains".

          This situation is not something "exclusively - Donbass", all the newly emerging states experienced such difficulties of formation, especially since we can become a full-fledged state only when ALL of Ukraine is liberated ...
    2. pensioner
      pensioner April 3 2015 08: 25
      Quote: vyinemeynen
      the author did you understand what you said, "Deterioration of the quality of the city's population"?

      Everything has quality yes , including the population of the city.
  17. thinking
    thinking April 3 2015 07: 38
    Thank you for your kind word about Donbass, we often miss it, although ....., well, generally used.
  18. Alcoholic
    Alcoholic April 3 2015 07: 42
    Well, finally, the correct reason is indicated.
    Yes, it’s just that she’s Semitic in that she’s not Donbass.
    You can’t force Semita to dig coal.
    1. Corsair
      Corsair April 3 2015 08: 25
      Quote: Alcoholic
      You can’t force Semita to dig coal.

      You shouldn't be so ... Different people work in mines, for example, I knew a Jew - a mining electrical mechanic of a mining site, who was "struggling" along with an ordinary electrical fitter. And who knows the specifics of the work of the mech. Mining site, will confirm that this is not a lafa ...
    2. Aaron Zawi
      Aaron Zawi April 3 2015 16: 27
      Quote: Alcoholic
      Well, finally, the correct reason is indicated.
      Yes, it’s just that she’s Semitic in that she’s not Donbass.
      You can’t force Semita to dig coal.

      So after all, there are less than 1 / 2% of the population left for Odessa today. This is the time. Secondly, you, darling, are not very similar to a miner either.
  19. nivander
    nivander April 3 2015 07: 54
    well done !!! - debatable, but scratch
  20. Baron Ungern
    Baron Ungern April 3 2015 08: 20
    A good parallel with the current leadership of Russia - if they continue to be their support in choosing the Judeo oligarchic pro-Western liberal stratum, and not the working people of Russia - the betrayal of national interests will be catastrophic.
  21. pensioner
    pensioner April 3 2015 08: 20
    Great article! Thanks to the author tremendous! hi
  22. Fox
    Fox April 3 2015 08: 24
    A strong article. The author is not accused of observing and analyzing the topic and you cannot blame him. Well done. I read it with pleasure.
  23. Vlad_Rez
    Vlad_Rez April 3 2015 09: 28
    An interesting article, I won’t say much for Odessa - I rested a couple of times in Soviet times and right after the collapse of the Union, Cool city and really somehow not a lot of dirty, but then it did not spoil it. And about Donbass, he’s almost 100% sure, he was born and raised in Gorlovka, every year he came to visit his relatives at least once.
    And no matter how much I love Gorlovka, I must say that Donetsk is the most beautiful and green industrial city, indeed the city of MILLION ROSES.
  24. Val_y
    Val_y April 3 2015 09: 48
    Quote: Snoop
    A very good article. Extensive. Also with a psychological background. All right. Simply put, the proletariat in the Donbass, and the traders in Odessa. That’s the whole difference. Traders under any authority will live, if only they would let them live.

    So it has always been, Odessa was a city of hucksters and sailors, and it has remained, sailors have always been with grandmas and hucksters, 7 km from 50 to 150 thousand working depending on the season, hucksters, familiar from the city of Kuyev, which used to boast, that supposedly "Stalinist", although they themselves are from Manganets, now after they arrived at 7 km, they were so wrapped up that they are now embarrassed to talk about kUev.
  25. Val_y
    Val_y April 3 2015 10: 44
    Article minus, author -> author -> author provocateur, was not in Odessa, at least Vaserman listened, what is silent about fires in military registration and enlistment offices, Oblast, Malinovsky, Kievsky who is this, huh? Move your brain, these are the bases of conscripts and conscripts !!! And why the author -> the author -> the author forgot about May 3 and May 4, when the townspeople took away the arrested, the garbage was released and the "golden eagle" threw the shields and left, what is that ????? AND??? No need to humiliate people, allegedly the Crimeans are good fellows, but the Odessa residents are bullshit. Cool. How many people were at the rallies ???? In Odessa, in Sevastopol, Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye, Kharkov. Approximately 25-30 thousand maximum. So what??? Crimeans are good fellows, allegedly "they could", Donetsk, Lugansk, allegedly, too, but all the other weaklings. Cool. A referendum, yes, but in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions they also passed, about the entry into the Russian Federation. So what. People were hoping that the Crimean scenario will be, but what happened ??? War of annihilation. 50-100 thousand killed and civilians, 25 thousand houses destroyed, bridges, factories, mines, thermal power plants in the trash, hunger, months without light, looting. Well. What do you want a beautiful picture in the net. Oooh, this is cool, uh, this is not very good, uuu, well, this is your PPC. People, think if nothing will be cooked. What would happen in Donetsk and Lugansk, if not for Girkin and his people, eh ??? Before that, they were arrested right away, in Odessa Anton Davidchenko and Yuri Tantlevsky, in Donetsk Pavel Gubarev, a lot of middle managers, in general, if Girkin arrived in Odessa, then most likely there would be ONR, and YOU would be talking about Donetsk and Lugansk. My opinion.
    1. Corsair
      Corsair April 3 2015 11: 45
      Quote: Val_Y
      My opinion.

      You have every right to it. But the article "dogs" does not hang on Odessa residents.

      As for Strelkov, his calculation was correct, it was easier to "rock" Donbass, both from the point of view of mentality and common borders with the Russian Federation.
      Here Kharkov is also like Vostok, "but not that coat" ... We just all came together one to another ...
  26. Normal ok
    Normal ok April 3 2015 10: 57
    My answer may be too emotional, sorry - I'm from Odessa: stupid article consisting of a set of stamps. The author stupidly sculpts the hunchback against the wall and is surprised that it does not work. If in fact, in Odessa now they really do not like the authorities, BUT! There are no such fools to turn the city into ruins for the sake of Russian couch patriots. Yes, and my friends from Donetsk write that if they knew how it would end, they would not even twitch. And about the horrors of the "Russian genocide" - we, in Odessa, learn only from the zombie, or from telephone conversations with Russian relatives. Damn, aunts from St. Petersburg call and tell us that they catch Russian on the streets :( And here on the site there are such witnesses of "crucifixion of children" - every second.
    1. xan
      xan April 3 2015 22: 00
      Quote: Normal ok
      Turning a city into ruins to please Russian couch patriots - there are no such fools.

      How is it in Odessa. Someone needs to do it. And the inhabitants of Odessa mercifully agree to the finished.
      Quote: Normal ok
      And from Donetsk, my friends write that if they knew how it would end, they would not even twitch.

      so your friends are not militias, militias do not sculpt this. Your familiar benefits as refugees squeeze.
      You are not Russian, you are dill. Dill smoothes the cities of Donbass, and the militias are to blame. Russian for justice, and dill looks where it will lose less and gain more.
      So Odessa live in a ram, then dill will not shoot at you from cannons.
  27. fomkin
    fomkin April 3 2015 10: 59
    And only in Odessa to the question of where you have a toilet here, and why do you need it?
  28. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn April 3 2015 11: 02
    However, Strelkova had an option, the naval landing will go there instead of Slavyansk. The invitation was, like sea transport. But they decided to refuse, as quite adventurously.
    1. Corsair
      Corsair April 3 2015 11: 50
      Quote: Stirbjorn
      However, Strelkova had an option, the naval landing will go there instead of Slavyansk. The invitation was, like sea transport. But they decided to refuse, as quite adventurously.

      I would say, even EXTRAVAGANT, since WHERE would he get the supplies from?
  29. lao_tsy
    lao_tsy April 3 2015 11: 05
    The people, for the most part, are the same everywhere, with minor amendments for the local polity. The people need leaders. Those. those people who must say: "We must do this and that ..." The people need a kick! What is the proof of the entire 20th century. And since in the song by Vysotsky:
    ... We did not make a scandal - we lacked the leader.
    There are few real violent ones - there are no leaders ...
    You need a leader, "violent", "charismatic", "smart", etc.
    Odessa is a Russian city! In the broadest sense of "Russianness"!
  30. solar99
    solar99 April 3 2015 11: 06
    In my memory, this WONDERFUL city will still remain the way I remembered it in the 80s as a teenager: lots of greenery, the Potemkin Stairs, Duke, catacombs, seaport, the affectionate Black Sea on the beach in Chernomorka, trams running to the same Chernomorku through collective farm fields (!), Melon on the collective farm named after K. Liebknecht))), Czech Luna Park, opera house - there are so many vivid impressions that remembering that you were there again! ..
  31. arsone
    arsone April 3 2015 11: 25
    Enterprises that are honestly destroyed and honestly ruined. Jew wrote?
  32. Enoch
    Enoch April 3 2015 11: 25
    It's just that the Russian spirit was almost expelled from the "pearl", the Euro-Ukrainian spirit remained, but in the Donbass it was and became even stronger.
    1. romych17
      romych17 13 May 2017 09: 25
      from this "Russian world" more than 2 million people from the Donbas fled
  33. RusOdessa
    RusOdessa April 3 2015 11: 43
    Sadly, I have to admit that the author is right. It makes no sense to justify the behavior of people, but I want to briefly describe the situation through the eyes of a resident of Odessa. Immediately after the collapse of the USSR, the inhabitants of Odessa were the first to realize that there was no need to count on the state and, with their inherent enterprise, started individual entrepreneurship (the author correctly noted a great many small offices). For example, there are more than 300 private security companies with a license. Maybe that's why there are a lot of rich people in Odessa, but there are no oligarchs. This forces people to agree among themselves, but by no means unites them. Those who had the slightest opportunity to go abroad - left and continue to leave (in my front door of 40 apartments, more than half are already settled by visitors). Accordingly, the qualitative composition of residents over 23 years has changed significantly and not for the better.
    During the period of Maidan "lawlessness", especially after the coup and the events in Crimea, people went to rallies with the intention of preventing this from happening in Odessa and resolving the contradictions peacefully. Having listened to the rhetoric of the anti-Maidan "leaders", people quickly realized that there would be no business and the protest began to fade (on April 30 there were no more than 2000 people at the rally). In general, anti-Maidan in Odessa is a sheer betrayal of its "leaders".
    May 2 is a SHOCK for residents! Nobody expected this. After the punitive act of intimidation, total betrayal of the "elite", "leaders" and the city authorities, a feeling of complete hopelessness. The people took up their usual business - individual survival.
    No longer TOY Odessa.
    Odessa is in a coma!
    1. Agarkov Vitaliy
      Agarkov Vitaliy April 3 2015 14: 12
      What happened on May 2, not only the inhabitants of Odessa were horrified. We were all in shock! I still feel that pain after what I saw in the House of Trade Unions.
  34. Kilo-11
    Kilo-11 April 3 2015 11: 44
    In my opinion, the article is correct and most importantly comprehensive. The fact that the population of Odessa, in spite of the May tragedy, did not rise to the fight is not surprising. The author in this article gives a clear message about Odessa as a city of traders and bandits as it actually was at all times, and as you know, traders and bandits will not go to the barricades or to the first line of trenches. Even if such an audience suddenly appears on the barricades, in any case it pursues its own selfish interests first of all. there is a lot of history, the latest is the current civil war in Ukraine. After reading the article, I immediately had an analogy with our Rostov-on-Don, almost all in one, it’s not for nothing that Odessa-mom, Rostov-papa say. Therefore, my personal opinion , it’s not surprising that the overwhelming majority of the population of Odessa is sitting or sided with the current Ukrainian government. Traders and bandits cannot do otherwise, they have such a mentality. So let Odessa and then it remains a part of Ukraine or what remains of this state there, we do not need another criminal enclave with a population of consumers, not creators.
    1. xan
      xan April 3 2015 11: 58
      Quote: Kilo-11
      In my opinion, the article is correct and most importantly comprehensive

      And I understood one thing from the article - our people from Donbass will come to Odessa, the majority will be in favor.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  35. onizhe
    onizhe April 3 2015 12: 11
    Actually, that Odessa that was before simply does not exist. Such a mass exodus from the city to other countries has probably never happened. The situation is aggravated by the fact that many indigenous townspeople are sailors, and they rarely come home. The acquaintances of the remaining Odessa residents blame the visitors for everything. Post-Soviet Ukraine is a unique state. Just imagine that several tens of thousands of Siberians, Far Easterners, Rostovites and Nizhny Novgorod residents will move to the conditional Samara. And what will happen? Nothing, the mentality will remain the same. (I do not take migrants from the Caucasus, there is a special place here). And ukrov such movements change a lot. The fact is that Russia is an established nation, and the call to "beat the Novgorodians" will not work with us. And they all hate each other. And not just western eastern ones, as it is customary to imagine, but by regions. Imagine what the mentality of Odessa is now. I'm not sure that the former residents of Odessa would have rebelled openly against the Kuyev, but the Natsiks would not be recognized there for sure, the city was too multinational. At least the conditional Strelkov would have real support. Now this is a different city, it is inhabited by dill with a corresponding mentality.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  36. Val_y
    Val_y April 3 2015 12: 14
    I already wrote above, the author is either a traitor or a provocateur, but the Odessa patriot is, for yourself, you can imagine write Fascists and occupation on the fence, or hang a stuffed parasite on Deribasovskaya, in the occupied city, a feat, but ignore such inscriptions for months, an even greater feat, for example, on Kanatnaya (Sverdlova) Street, such inscriptions have been hanging for a year. Many teachers / teachers teach pupils / students Correctly, so do not talk nonsense, think with your head and believe, there are a lot of normal people, as in other things and bad
    1. Agarkov Vitaliy
      Agarkov Vitaliy April 3 2015 14: 17
      I agree with you that some of the inhabitants of Odessa are waiting for the militia to come to Odessa. However, they are also waiting for the militia in other areas of the country.
  37. nnz226
    nnz226 April 3 2015 12: 26
    Mdaaaaaa .... And one of the four recognized by the peoples of the USSR following the results of the WAR hero cities was just Odessa (the rest: Leningrad, Sevastopol, Stalingrad). So - HOOSE! Dumb Hero City! Sevastopol got up quickly, and when Bandera rolled in with yellow-black rags on sticks, then only the intervention of the then Ukrainian police saved these Svidomo from the fate of becoming inlaid on the cobblestones of Nakhimov Square!
    1. xan
      xan April 3 2015 20: 17
      Quote: nnz226
      and when Bandera rolled in with yellow-ragged stick rags, then only the intervention of the then Ukrainian police saved these Svidomo from the fate of becoming inlaid on the cobblestones of Nakhimov Square!

      Right! Svidomnya received regularly and guaranteed. There was a chance to grab the amers, but as I understand it they weren’t released from the ships.
  38. paper
    paper April 3 2015 12: 51
    I was lucky to visit Odessa before all these things, a beautiful, collapsing city whose population was engaged in survival (very similar to Peter of the late 90s). The time came and the inhabitants of Odessa again survived, but already under Nazi defenses. Here the main thing that survived was pride, this is a very expensive quality, I do not blame but also do not approve of the resident of Odessa chopped.
  39. Abbra
    Abbra April 3 2015 13: 39
    Great stuff and great analysis. Sorry for Odessa.
  40. spiriolla-45
    spiriolla-45 April 3 2015 14: 25
    It was written for Odessa, but there was a feeling that it was about Moscow. The same pesky little gobbled up, for the most part, people.
  41. Victorio
    Victorio April 3 2015 17: 42
    /// Many are surprised: was it possible that the tragedy of May 2, Odessa Khatyn, was enough to intimidate a million-strong city? Odessans - opponents of the Kiev authorities - react painfully to this, but they cannot really explain anything. But in social networks, thousands of users wrote that "Odessa merged", etc. in the same vein. Network "strategists" argue that a millionaire city cannot be so scared .///

    I don’t know how now, but, in due time, this city surprised me with the progmatism of the inhabitants
    1. xan
      xan April 3 2015 20: 24
      Quote: Victorio
      I don’t know how now, but, in due time, this city surprised me with the progmatism of the inhabitants

      Therefore, the militias will come - everyone will be in favor!
      Neher imperial lands scatter! Dill could not build a worthy state for all - free!
  42. Prometey
    Prometey April 3 2015 19: 01
    And first of all I want to note not the information itself in the article (it is certainly very interesting), but the speech itself, which article is written. It is rare that you now enjoy the reading process itself. Thanks to the author.
  43. Normal ok
    Normal ok April 4 2015 22: 11
    [/ quote] It is necessary that someone did. And the inhabitants of Odessa mercifully agree to the finished. [/ quote]

    Either pretend or really stupid? We don’t need anything from people like you.

    [/ quote] Russian for justice, and dill looks where it will lose less and gain more. [/ quote]

    The justice you speak of is a figment of your sick imagination. What Russia has done in Donbas is called tossing and abandoning: people were led to the prospect "like in the Crimea" and as a result they did not even receive official recognition of sovereignty. May you and your children have such justice.

    [/ quote] So Odessa live in a ram, then dill will not shoot at you from cannons. [/ quote]

    That is the problem, that only those like you are going to shoot cannons in Odessa. Then it’s exactly in the ram. Just like now in the Donbas. Or is it not a ram there? Maybe this is communism?
  44. Mad_dok
    Mad_dok April 5 2015 00: 21
    This article was written by a person who was last in Odessa 10-15 years ago. Maybe he never was. Especially striking is the absurdity of the description of a "typical Odessa citizen" who is trying to prove something about Odessa. Nobody proves anything, it's enough just to come and stay with us for a bit. Tested on Swedes, Norwegians, Englishmen and Danes, everyone who came to us is completely delighted with the city. She's like that, she makes almost everyone fall in love with herself.
    By the way, that dust has long been gone in Odessa! The streets are vacuumed by special cars, very clean. And the facades are renovated. )))
  45. filosof34
    filosof34 April 5 2015 21: 22
    And the forgotten Michal Mikhalych Zhvanetsky was right - "Let's argue until hoarse about the tastes of oysters with those who ate them!" I read and feel touched - the author was not too lazy to go to Wikipedia and overload his article with accurate encyclopedic data. he did find his XNUMX-year-old grandfather, but he was too lazy to ask the citizens of Odessa themselves! And you ask! And you look at how the indigenous inhabitants of Odessa - "gentlemen" of KVN, actors and artists reacted to the events in the Crimea and the House of Trade Union! There are videos on YouTube! Or do they not open according to the new fashion? Then, of course, it is easier to look into the encyclopedia and give it gnostically to the mountain - "Hmm, Odessa is not the same ..." Although in which catalog did the author read about the thousands who left for Russia and Donbass? You can argue to the point of hoarseness, but I want to say - come to Adessa (and they say so here - through "A") go to the delivery, buy a herring from Aunt Tsili and fool her head! We don't need it!
  46. nnz226
    nnz226 10 May 2017 14: 36
    If the 23 of March of the 2014 of the year in Odessa gathered an 30 thousandth rally against Bandera, why didn’t the 2 of May of that year 50 thousand gather to throw Bandera bastards from Odessa ???