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Leaders of Russia and Belarus congratulated citizens of the two countries on the Day of Unity of Nations

Vladimir Putin congratulated his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko and the Belarusian people on the Day of Unity of Nations and expressed confidence in the further growth of the complex of ties between both countries. Earlier, the President of Belarus sent his congratulations to Putin and the Russians. This newspaper reports Look with reference to the information of the Kremlin.

The head of Russia "highly appreciated the results of the meeting of the Supreme State Council of the Union State held on March 3 in Moscow, and expressed confidence that the implementation of the agreements reached would further increase the entire range of Russian-Belarusian relations and coordinate efforts in the areas of foreign policy, defense and security in the interests of the peoples of the two countries and in the direction of strengthening stability and security in the Eurasian space, ”the release says.

Putin also “noted the successful development of relations between the two countries on the basis of traditions of friendship, spiritual and cultural intimacy, which for a long time unite Russians and Belarusians. He stressed the effectiveness of the Union State as a mechanism of bilateral cooperation, the experience of which was highly demanded in creating a wider integration structure - the Eurasian Economic Union, ”the report says.

Earlier, in his message, Lukashenko stated that he highly appreciates the “personal contribution of the Russian president to the Belarusian-Russian integration processes”. “I am convinced that our trustful and constructive dialogue on the whole range of issues of the Union State will contribute to their acceleration,” the Belarusian leader stressed.

In early March, it became known that countries have simplified the procedure for obtaining residence permits.

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  1. Hubun
    Hubun April 2 2015 16: 11
    join the presidents
    1. vodolaz
      vodolaz April 2 2015 16: 18
      Old Man of course anneals periodically, but I still think Belarusians are my own, I want to go to Minsk again, I liked it there)
      1. APASUS
        APASUS April 2 2015 19: 38
        Quote: vodolaz
        Old Man of course anneals periodically,

        After the Maidan and in Belarus, euro integrators began to stir. Old Man is certainly not Yanukovych, but look at his suitors ............... he will end badly if he does not conduct an adequate policy.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt April 2 2015 16: 18
      Something really not very festive facial expressions of our "leaders".
      1. Enoch
        Enoch April 2 2015 16: 20
        Yes, how else to look at the outskirts.
        1. Black
          Black April 2 2015 16: 44
          here there are enough of their own "outskirts" ...
      2. beefrost
        beefrost April 2 2015 16: 34
        Yes, they have discord, razlaaad. But father quietly catches a star
    4. Giant thought
      Giant thought April 2 2015 17: 00
      The peoples of our countries have never been disconnected, but it all happened because of traitors like Yeltsin.
    5. The comment was deleted.
  2. ratfly
    ratfly April 2 2015 16: 11
    Something the old man has been twirling his tail lately. Muamor also thought that one would live.
    1. 222222
      222222 April 2 2015 16: 13
      On March 31, Alexander Lukashenko gave an interview to Bloomberg, an American media holding. On April 2, fragments of this interview were published by the state agency BELTA.
  3. Curd
    Curd April 2 2015 16: 12
    As Krylov Ivan Andreevich said:
    "... For what, not being afraid of sin,
    Does the cuckoo praise the Rooster?
    For praising the Cuckoo. "
  4. Viktor Kudinov
    Viktor Kudinov April 2 2015 16: 13
    It is positive that, despite some minor differences, the unity of the peoples of Belarus and Russia is being successfully implemented in the construction of a new union state. good
  5. KBR109
    KBR109 April 2 2015 16: 18
    angry Mr Lukashenko recently suggested that the United States should be included in the negotiation process on the Ruin. Without them, they say, stability and security are impossible. This is how to understand, shoulder prostitute? Played a democracy? am
    1. Arktidianets
      Arktidianets April 2 2015 16: 26
      Not at all, the involvement of the Yankees in the negotiation process will mean their interest in establishing peace, and if they want peace, what kind of supply of American weapons can we talk about ?!
      1. KBR109
        KBR109 April 2 2015 16: 35
        Excuse me, are you serious? Everyone knows that these born genies can say nothing one thing, do another and dream about the third. hi
        1. Arktidianets
          Arktidianets April 2 2015 16: 44
          Here I agree with you, their duplicity knows no bounds.
  6. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 April 2 2015 16: 18
    Leaders of Russia and Belarus congratulated citizens of the two countries on the Day of Unity of Nations
    Well, rightly, let all sorts of foreign bad people fear us more and respect us ...

  7. Arktidianets
    Arktidianets April 2 2015 16: 20
    Brothers Belarusians, happy holiday!
    1. avt
      avt April 2 2015 16: 31
      Quote: Arctidian
      Brothers Belarusians, happy holiday!

      what Today is a holiday and only with Belarusians wassat ? By God - I did not know! But what about the others ?, all people are brothers! I will hug the Chinese
      hi to Mao Zedong
      he will send his yellow eggs to me,
      I'll give my red ones to him. "Well, probably on other days for each his own? And today, I look at the sky with an enlightened gaze,
      I realized for three in the morning.
      I love this day as Miner's Day
      and the holiday of our Armed Forces. "in accordance with the new calendar. laughing
  8. Sedoy_greek
    Sedoy_greek April 2 2015 16: 26
    Unite the proletarians of all countries - comrades with the holiday - unite to all enemies for evil !!! fellow
  9. regsSSSR
    regsSSSR April 2 2015 16: 38
    a little off topic here photos of girls from Syria flying around the neck posted the whole world on the site of novorosia! just a nightmare of course what war brings to a 4-year-old girl surrendered to the photographer raising her hands up, confusing the camera with weapons!
    On the World Wide Web, the effect of the explosion responded to a user posted photo of a Syrian girl who mistook the camera lens for a weapon.

    The journalist photographed a child in the territory of the Syrian refugee camp in Turkey, he did not expect people to react to his picture. And I didn’t expect the child’s reaction either.

    In the photo there is a photo of a girl of four years old, who raised her handles to the top in order to “surrender” to an unknown person with “weapons” (the camera lens was taken by the child for sight).
  10. Vadim12
    Vadim12 April 2 2015 16: 42
    What is the unity of nations? Separation, this is closer to the truth that happened 25 years ago. And there is nothing to be proud of.
    1. regsSSSR
      regsSSSR April 2 2015 18: 15
      Quote: Vadim12
      What is the unity of nations? Separation, this is closer to the truth that happened 25 years ago. And there is nothing to be proud of.

      eh, so it’s certainly so, but it’s not our fault in the situation that happened in the 90s and yet it’s better that everything can slowly slowly but surely moves towards unification than is it the other way around, isn't it?
      By the way, an interesting poll in the topic on Russian spring posted
      I’ll immediately notice that the survey was conducted by the Geyvroptsi, who, as you know, have a jamb with objectivity and still!

      The Germans are in shock: only 18% of Belarusians are ready to resist the accession of Belarus to Russia

      02.04.2015 - 15: 33
      Germans are in shock: only 18% of Belarusians are ready to resist the accession of Belarus to Russia | Russian spring
      Svidomo opposition believes that 18% is a lot. Most experts believe that a lot - this is 80% of those who do not want to go against Russia.

      In a survey conducted in March by the Independent Institute for Socio-Economic and Political Studies (IISEPS), to the question: “If Russia tried to annex the whole territory of Belarus or part of it by force, how would you act?”, 18,7 percent The respondents chose the answer option “I would resist with arms in my hands”, 47 - “I would try to adapt to the new situation”, 15 - “I would welcome these changes,” the Deutsche Welle correspondent reported in surprise.

      completely here

      Well, by the way, about the desired 18%, the opposition clearly bent over even if halving this figure is still UNBELIEVED, and after the events in Ukraine it seems to me that such percentages are well enough 4 and even then this is just a fanatical greedy frenzied youth and other strange muddy personalities moreover, most of them are not even local! and as far as the east of the country is concerned, I’m sure that 80% will clearly exceed all 98%
      here is not Ukraine! so if it happens that the percentage I’m sure with a huge margin will clearly not be on the side of the pridepodtsy!
  11. GEV67
    GEV67 April 2 2015 16: 43
    Politics is a thankless task. Time will judge everyone. There is no need to drag this to the holiday of fraternal peoples and try to find negative everywhere.
  12. maxxlll
    maxxlll April 2 2015 16: 46
    If the kneading starts, then back to back and the Yankees "dozvidaniya", brothers with a holiday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. maxxlll
    maxxlll April 2 2015 16: 47
    I don’t know what polls were conducted in Minsk (I think this is a lie), but my friends are Belarusians for Russia. Therefore, all those who say that Belarusians are opposed to Russia go to ass Trolls.

    Which creature zamusnuval?
    1. evge-malyshev
      evge-malyshev April 2 2015 19: 54
      Quote: maxxlll
      Which creature zamusnuval?

      I'm not sure. But among us (members of the VO forum), unfortunately, both Ukrainian Bandera and Belarusian collaborators are struggling. So you have to keep an eye out.
  14. Vityok
    Vityok April 2 2015 16: 48
    I join in the congratulations of the presidents! love We are truly one people. drinks
  15. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt April 2 2015 16: 54
    And I congratulate all Belarusians on our common holiday. We won’t be lost together and we don’t need translators, but that means something drinks
  16. Lubik
    Lubik April 2 2015 17: 01
    When I go to Minsk to visit my relatives, when crossing the border with Belarus I always play the song "my youth is Belarus"!
  17. sazhka4
    sazhka4 April 2 2015 17: 13
    Russia reached the final of the World Bandy Championship
    And now what? In what place should one begin to be touched.
  18. samarin1969
    samarin1969 April 2 2015 17: 19
    "Eurasian Economic Union" ... this is a parody of the union, it is remembered a couple of times a year on holidays ... but father every year profits loans from Russian taxpayers and also teaches life ... got it!
  19. Minstrel
    Minstrel April 2 2015 19: 20
    Yeah! But the Old Man congratulated the Belarusians separately - introducing by his decree today compulsory labor service. And if you don’t work, pay. And if you don’t pay, an administrative arrest with mandatory involvement in labor. And this is in a country where massive reductions are taking place, and enterprises are moving to a three-four-day period. What's next? Labor concentration camps?

    On April 2, Alexander Lukashenko signed Decree No. 3 “On the Prevention of Social Dependence”. The decree comes into force after its official publication and will apply to relations that arose since January 1, 2015, its press service said.

    They noted that the legal act “was issued with the aim of stimulating able-bodied citizens to work and ensuring that they fulfill their constitutional obligation to participate in financing public expenditures”.

    Decree establishes a duty Belarusian citizens permanently residing in the republic of foreign citizens and stateless persons who did not participate in the financing of state expenses or who participated in such financing for less than 183 calendar days in the past year, to pay a fee of 20 basic units.

    Citizens engaged in 183 calendar days or more a year in labor and other types of activities established by decree (entrepreneurial, craft, creative, lawyer or notarial, the provision of services in the field of agroecotourism, the performance of work under civil law contracts, full-time education), recognized as participating in the financing of public spending and, accordingly, are exempted from paying the fee.

    The periods of raising a child under the age of 7 years, a disabled child under the age of 18 years, and three or more minor children will also be involved in financing government spending.

    The decree defines an exhaustive list of categories of citizens exempted from paying the fee. In particular, these are incompetent citizens, people with disabilities, people under the age of 18, women who have reached the age of 55, men who have reached the age of 60, and some other categories of citizens.

    The amount of the fee payable by payers is reduced by the amount of taxes paid by them in the expired tax period (income tax on individuals, single tax on individual entrepreneurs and other individuals, tax under a simplified taxation system).

    The fee is payable no later than November 15 of the year following the expired tax period, based on a notice from the tax authority.

    At the same time, in order to stimulate the payers of the fee to pay it independently, it is possible to reduce the fee by 10% if the payers of the fee from August 1 of the current tax period to May 31 of the year following the expired tax period submit a notification to the tax authority. In this case, the fee is payable no later than July 1 of the year following the expired tax period.

    Non-payment or incomplete payment of the fee entails a fine of 2 to 4 basic units or administrative arrest with the obligatory involvement of publicly useful work.

    The decree comes into force after its official publication and will apply to relations arising from January 1, 2015.
  20. combat66
    combat66 April 2 2015 19: 59
    Quote: Minstrel
    What's next? Labor concentration camps?

    And why do you think this is bad ?!
    Why doesn’t I, the person who regularly pays taxes go to work, provide for my family, this law didn’t excite me a bit ?! Let that category be experienced evenly, that every morning for the health gain, rubles at a vodka-vodka knock down!
    And all the brothers and friends in Russia and Belarus - Happy Holiday! Break through! wink
    1. Minstrel
      Minstrel April 2 2015 20: 12
      Pancake! But how did you get it with your "iron" argument: "that category ... which every morning ... on the mend ..." Maybe that's enough? People are cut from work. Fired for the dull. Factories, enterprises are reducing the number of working days. They don't need new employees. Where to go for the unemployed? How to pay? To members of their families (if they work themselves), pay for their husband, wife, father, mother so that they are not imprisoned for a day or fined? Is it really impossible to remove the blinders from your eyes and admit to yourself that this is not a normal law - this is state racketeering. It will bring nothing to the economy. Absolutely. The amounts collected (if any) are minimal in comparison, at least, with the expenses of the presidential administration. But this is humiliation for people.
  21. Talgat
    Talgat April 2 2015 20: 21
    Congratulations to the citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus on the holiday, I am glad that you and your leaders are together.
    Your 2 republics, our closest allies and friends, is a fact
  22. Olezhik
    Olezhik April 3 2015 00: 59
    Well, you, gentlemen, sofa political scientists, got it. All that you know, everywhere you have been. Old Man blurted out with a fool, everything - all Belarus go ... but also traitors, Old Man spoke out as you need, all Belarus brothers.
    As I said in earlier posts: "You first sort it out with your internal problems, and let the flood poke your long nose into other people's affairs.
    The news was about the mutual congratulations of the two presidents, but no, some comrades have to get in with their criticism.
    If you don’t like our union, then please be so kind as to let this news pass by your sharp eyes and long hands, otherwise they will write messages earlier than your brain, sometimes it even seems meager, has time to figure out what you printed.
    PS the word "you" was written with a small letter consciously.
  23. combat66
    combat66 April 9 2015 17: 26
    Quote: Minstrel
    But this is humiliation for people.

    It is difficult to conduct a dialogue when there are expressions "... how did you get it ...", "... maybe that's enough ..."
    Calm down, do not fuss, comrade ... - some time ago you were "got" by an obstetrician and quite successfully, which allows you to splash saliva today.
    And also, I am confident in my "iron argument", and about the law I will say this - not without exaggeration, but essentially true. Yes, and don't worry, there is enough work for everyone! wink