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Moskal: on Easter, the border with the Russian Federation in the Lugansk region will be open

At Easter, the Luhansk region will open the border with Russia, reports RIA News message press service of the regional administration.

Moskal: on Easter, the border with the Russian Federation in the Lugansk region will be open

According to the press release, the head of the regional administration, Gennady Moskal, agreed with the Ukrainian border guards that "on Easter holidays, people could cross the border line with the Russian Federation by a simplified procedure."

“I asked the border guards to open the border at Easter and commemoration days where there are adjacent villages with the Russian Federation. And there, and there live Ukrainians. Who wanted to go there - already left, who wanted to escape - ran away long ago. People will have the opportunity to move under the simplified procedure for checking documents and without inspection so that they can calmly remember their relatives, ”Moskal explained to journalists.

According to the press service, "we are talking about checkpoints in the Stanichno-Lugansk, Melovsky, Troitsky, Novopskovsky and Belovodsky districts of the Lugansk region."

As you know, earlier, the Kiev authorities withdrew from the agreement on small border traffic with the Russian Federation, which suggested a facilitated procedure for crossing the border for residents of the border 50-km zone.
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  1. drlalex
    drlalex April 2 2015 13: 54
    Select and include on holidays, well-known technology. Just afraid it won't work already.
    1. vodolaz
      vodolaz April 2 2015 14: 00
      You did a direct favor, yods!
    2. Vend
      Vend April 2 2015 14: 01
      And shuttles will run like cockroaches laughing
    3. GSH-18
      GSH-18 April 2 2015 14: 12
      b: on Easter, a section of the border with the Russian Federation in the Luhansk region will be opened

      But we didn’t ask Moscal! When it’s necessary, then we’ll open it, without snotty pinto-tail-tails!
      Our humcon convoys are running on schedule and without unnecessary delays on the road!
      1. Rrrj
        Rrrj April 2 2015 14: 37
        Meanwhile, we have:
        "... It is noted that when checking the information about the attack on the Russian consulate, it was established that on March 30, representatives of Saudi Arabia and a coalition of other Gulf states launched air strikes on the building of the Russian mission. After that, on April 1, Houthi rebels with weapons in their hands got inside the building and stole the property that was there ... "
        That's how we are toothless - "shas" we will write a note of protest. The Americans would have sent special forces long ago and evacuated normally - and we ... are a shame.
        1. RUSOIVAN
          RUSOIVAN April 2 2015 14: 49
          Meet the column of consecrated anti-tank systems!
        2. Ascetic
          Ascetic April 2 2015 15: 23
          Amerikosy with their special forces have long been lubricated as soon as the mess began. That's where the shame is ... All the bobby is dead, they have not sent their warriors anywhere for a long time; they have been fighting mainly with other people's meat or mercenaries from PMCs. The consular staff were taken out by a special group "Zaslon" in advance, then the Saudis inflicted an air strike on the building, after which the Houthis seized the building and turned it into your headquarters.
          US special forces escaped from Yemen. The United States decided to temporarily evacuate all of its personnel from Yemen, reports the BBC. On Friday, 100 American special forces soldiers who were stationed at Al-Anad military base left the country. According to the dpa agency, citing a source in the Yemeni army, members of local anti-terrorist units trained by the US military are also being withdrawn from the country. The US State Department explains the need for a conclusion "deteriorating security situation"
          1. Ascetic
            Ascetic April 2 2015 16: 26
            According to an insider, the officers were taken out literally a few hours before the attack, taken out by sea to Djibouti, which was provided by a group of combat swimmers of the Navy special forces. In general, the operation was prepared in advance and was carried out literally on the flag. Now our citizens are being evacuated by air because there is information that the Saudis will now begin a ground operation.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. siberalt
      siberalt April 2 2015 14: 52
      It's a pity the site bans for such Ukrainian names. Well, this one, whose last name is impossible, seems to be going to hold elections under the new Ukrainian law "on some ... separately." laughing
  2. venzim
    venzim April 2 2015 13: 55
    Well damn thank you, blur in curtsy or something
    1. Момент
      Момент April 2 2015 13: 57
      What did he become so good-looking. I think they are provoking
      1. jjj
        jjj April 2 2015 14: 25
        And just the first term - Easter
  3. bannik
    bannik April 2 2015 13: 55
    And in my opinion - RUSSIANS live there, and here!
  4. Viktor Kudinov
    Viktor Kudinov April 2 2015 13: 55
    Something feels like some kind of catch. It is unlikely that this is from a pure heart. Or do they simply sense the benefit - that "tourists" will leave money by visiting the Luhansk region according to a simplified scheme !? request
  5. asadov
    asadov April 2 2015 13: 56
    In, in short, this is the last opportunity to sober up from the Maidan to dump in Russia. But here is what?
  6. pts-m
    pts-m April 2 2015 13: 58
    about tsei m.osk.a.s.l .. from the LPR or from kakaland. something is unclear.
    1. GSH-18
      GSH-18 April 2 2015 14: 16
      Quote: PTS-m
      about tsei m.osk.a.s.l .. from the LPR or from kakaland. something is unclear.

      Xoxlostan native
  7. ahh
    ahh April 2 2015 14: 01
    The right decision.
    1. Prank
      Prank April 2 2015 14: 11
      Quote: ahh
      The right decision.

      What more!
      Just for whom? Nobody thought about ordinary people here.
      Gestapo sbushniki go and "Russian spies" in Budennovka will catch! They have already prepared Budyonnovka for pulling them on the heads of those who are not lucky enough to be appointed sbushniks in these "spies" with a basket of Easter cakes and a couple of colored eggs.
      They’ll be caught, the bone-breakers will work with them, then they will exchange those who live on captured VSUshnikov.
  8. Enoch
    Enoch April 2 2015 14: 06
    “I asked the border guards to open the border on Easter and memorial days where there are adjacent villages with the Russian Federation. Ukrainians live there and here ... "

    Not only Ukrainians live there, but also Russians. And how is this in the dill Rada took root, you can’t put your mind to it. Lustration did not touch.
    1. bannik
      bannik April 2 2015 14: 34
      Yes, there are no Ukrainians there, and such a country - Ukraine, soon will not be.
  9. svp67
    svp67 April 2 2015 14: 10
    Well, it’s the people of Ukraine who receive relief. But what about our citizens? After all, they also need to visit the graves ... and remember
  10. Noncombatant
    Noncombatant April 2 2015 14: 13
    There will be an atas if the border guards recognize M.oscal himself. In a scarf and with a basket of Easter cakes. He started this show to leave quietly.

    PS Dear VO administration! I all understand that in an epic battle against obscenities, obscene language, against incitement to hatred and other things, you ruthlessly filter, edit, ban and so on, you cannot condescend to such things. But here I wrote the name of the Ukrainian statesman. M * grin. (I even have to put an asterisk). I see that the surname does not appear in the text, the filter has seen "incitement". However, there was no thought. How to be? Hmmm ...
  11. Decathlon
    Decathlon April 2 2015 14: 14
    Well, you might just think that it used to be an impregnable bastion!
    1. svd-xnumx
      svd-xnumx April 2 2015 14: 56
      The people know all sorts of paths and walks across the border without problems, they also showed Melovoe on TV and judging by the plot for knowledgeable people, the border is not locked. There is a problem with the traffic intersection.
  12. eternalmotor
    eternalmotor April 2 2015 14: 16
    How to discover, because according to the statements of Kiev there is a war with Russia, where every 10 minutes one Ukrainian puts at least a dozen valiant sons of Russia. What open borders are we talking about?
  13. act
    act April 2 2015 14: 20
    I understand that we are talking about the internal borders of the Lugansk region, not controlled by the LPR? belay
  14. holod19
    holod19 April 2 2015 14: 21
    Oh li! blowing something bad! Then, probably, a report on the new caught DRGs of the Russian Federation will lie on the table. and the broken GAZ-MEAT division on parachutes arriving to conquer dill and geyropu!
  15. Vityok
    Vityok April 2 2015 14: 38
    But what, in Ukraine, each deputy decides to open or close the border? smile This is in my competence the government. And under the control territories of the LPR, no one will ask him. fool
  16. Oleg1080
    Oleg1080 April 2 2015 15: 31
    In the next world THIS will count towards you! LATE!!! am
  17. ZAM
    ZAM April 2 2015 16: 21
    We hope from Novorossiya, except for the reconnaissance groups of the army of Novorossiya, on Easter no one will go to the TU side, the enticement is obvious ... Potential "separatists"
    Mos (kalya) has a surname of his own among strangers ... or a stranger among his own ...
  18. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin April 2 2015 16: 55
    Mos.kal and jumps ..... damn it broke the system !!!
    Dress the Easter bunnies with Easter bunnies and put on Melovskaya, oh yes, and paint all the eggs in yellow-blackactite, the atom is not according to the charter))))
  19. cergey51046
    cergey51046 April 2 2015 17: 39
    Well done! As many contacts as possible, this is good.
  20. pvv113
    pvv113 April 2 2015 18: 13
    b: on Easter, a section of the border with the Russian Federation in the Luhansk region will be opened

    Cheap populism - you can't call it otherwise