Officers and "jackals"

Discussion .. This is a word from which something ominous is coming to me even now. No, I didn’t happen there, thank God, although I could thunder for a sweet soul. As, however, any soldier is not immune from this. In our country, the debats were not created for the re-education of those who got there, but for the intimidation of soldiers in ordinary units. It is not by chance that after serving a term appointed by the tribunal, the soldier returned to the unit, to serve the term “appointed” by the oath .. Well, there, he was an example of what happens for violation of discipline. Therefore, the more unbearable the life of the "condemned" will be, the more effective will be the "living weapon of intimidation "soldiers. Officers like to bark on occasion:" Did you want to do this? Ask Ivanov what is there? "

Ivanov has long been asked, and his sullen silence, acts "more abruptly" than the most eloquent stories. So .., he said that all movements there or jogging, or marching. Stroyev - "zapadlo", so all the time running, at least a year, at least two, at least three .. He said that there "standardschina" complete. The charter is actually a good thing, but only on condition that it is respected by all, both subordinates and superiors.

How to get there? As a rule, after a trial court. Also a repulsive sight, like a public execution.
There are no acquittals on demonstration courts, the case is “sewn” conscientiously. And punished severely, so that the soldiers and their comrades in attendance would be unaware.

Officers and "jackals"

And me, and several other guys, were literally saved by our colleague and friend Valei Oleg (in the photo, second from the right). It was in the 96 year in the village of Kamenka, Leningrad region. We served in the 1-m self-propelled division of the 805-th artillery regiment.
Started история So..


As usual in 6.00, the orderlies turned on the lights in the barracks and after a second there was a shout: "By-olk, Rise!" Everyone got up and began to dress slowly. There was a chance that the person responsible for the division would not come to the “rise”, then it would be possible to sit in the copter and not run, with a bunch of similar eccentrics stripped to the belt with the letter “M”, in search of shelter from the prickly autumn snow, cold wind and "shakal" eyes .. But in the "disposition" suddenly shrill hissed: "Seka!". Someone saw that our responsible man had entered the barracks. The mood was spoiled in the morning, as today the deputy commander for educational work (“commander,” in short), Major Nikulin of the Guard, came to the “rise”.

Major Nikulin was a pretty slippery companion. On the one hand, the soldier tried to climb into one well-known place without soap, on the other, we knew which side he was on ... Devotedly looked into the commander’s eyes, but changed drastically when he went on vacation, for example. My first acquaintance with him was remarkable in that for the first time my illusions about army service were dispelled. My father was an officer, he taught at the NVP (elementary military training) school, and, from childhood, I remember the words that "there is such a profession - to defend the Motherland!" By the way, there was a radio circle at school, which in fact was actually a sabotage school. All those who visited him, and there were a lot of them, knew the Morse code, the basics of orienteering and military topography, survival in the forest, calmly held a weapon in their hands. In a word, they didn’t even need to be taught anything in the army. But Major Nikulin knew that the soldier lacked discipline and therefore fought against its violations even before they were committed. And now, immediately after the oath, they call me a blotter, and there, at the laid table, almost all of our division command is sitting. I walk as it should, like nothing bad .. Nikulin gets up, starts yelling something about the fact that I am a bad soldier, that the officers answer boldly, and during his monologue, he hits my face a couple of times. Not painful at all, but somehow disgusting. Well, I think, all my life my father was preparing for a decent service in the army, and then some figure in the rank of major beats in the face. He continues to shout, and I think: "When I managed to nadzerzit officers, it seems like -" two hours from the train. "Then he begins to shake some piece of paper in front of me, saying:" You will not be so easy to live with me how he lived in a civilian! Understand me? "As if he knew how I lived .. Only then it dawned on me that this piece of paper was a characteristic from the school from which I had been dismissed at one time. Naturally, not for good behavior, and Major Nikulin decided to deliver a preemptive strike, to prevent confusion in the division.

And today he, as a responsible officer, appeared on the rise. The division was built, he was told who was appointed by the cleaners in the unit. From the first battery Valey Oleg was appointed. Zampolit warned us for the hundredth time that he would smoke near the entrance to the barracks and count how many laps we run around the parade ground. But we knew that he would smoke a cigarette, and he would go to a warm place somewhere, a “jackal”, after all, was also a man. Well, we ran a couple of laps, we look, it is not. We smoked in the sports area and began to infiltrate a couple of people in the barracks. Come and see the picture. Valeic is sitting on a stool in some incomprehensible state in the "disposition", and he is supported so that he does not fall on the floor, Private Brower, blood flows from Oleg's head ..

And this is what happened .. When we ran out for charging, Valeic went to the toilet while he was washing there, then yes, this young fighter, by the name of Brower, took the harvesting equipment out of habit and started quietly cleaning himself. I must say that Brower was the only young man in the first battery, and it so happened that he did not go for exercises, but he was a permanent cleaner in the morning. At this time, for some reason, the "political leader" returned to the location. Seeing that instead of Valeich cleaned young, he went berserk. Oleg washed himself at that time, and not finding a mop at his usual place, because he thought that today he would have to clean himself, he returned to the location of the battery. It was there that got "under the hand". The major snatched the mop from Brauer and hit Oleg in the temple with a hammer.

Then he just left. Brower tried to help Valeic in some way, but where are there. Meanwhile, we returned, delivered Oleg to the medical unit, and after a short time we learned that he had been placed in a garrison hospital.


It must be admitted that the officer scuffle in Kamenka is so customary that if Oleg had not received such a serious injury, we would have forgotten this case the next day. But the "jackals" and so at that time everyone got it, and then everyone understood that because of such a caregiver you just could not return home. We had to somehow put them in place, but how? Someone suggested writing a letter to the committee of soldiers' mothers, even, hehe, to the president. In general, they did not agree on anything concrete, but decided not to let the jackals hush up the matter. In the meantime, bad news came that Oleg had already been taken to St. Petersburg to the district hospital, that he would be operated on, and he had amnesia. I remember that for some reason everyone was anxious at heart, and this was felt among the boys .. Major Nikulin was removed away from the soldiers for the position of the head of the club. That's right, by the way they did it, the people have already gone about their way. Through the informers, the command found out that there was a booze in the unit. People are tired of being held for sheep, the situation could get out of control. From the very beginning I was sure that I would hold meetings, write letters, etc. it makes no sense, and decided to take revenge on the major in person. I don’t think that I was right then, but for the sake of truth I’ll say that I first wanted to burn his car. What does it have to do with a car (?), But somehow, nothing else came to my head in 19 for years. Then he decided to burn him in the apartment, but the boys said that he had a small daughter and I refused this stupid thought at all ..

After Oleg was taken to St. Petersburg, there was no news of him for a long time. But we learned that we had a criminal case on non-statutory relations. Not weak, huh ?! In general, while we were ranting on the topic of injustice, the authorities acted. In one morning, with a divorce, we took away our "young" somewhere, and for about a day we did not see them at all. It turned out that our former “educator” and companions sought a report from them that hazing thrived in the division, and the fault of this was Valya, your humble servant, and several other names. They didn’t achieve much, they simply didn’t let anything out of the classroom for about a day, neither eat nor (sorry) to ... en. We must pay tribute to the lads, only a couple of people agreed, and not because they were somehow afraid of me, I'm sure of it.

Meanwhile, the major drew a certificate that he was wounded in Chechnya. Who served in 1995 as part of 1, the GARDEN knows that it could only be hit with a head-on self-propelled gun if there was too much. Then they turned the case as if in the battalion "hazing" acquired such proportions that the major-political officer could not stand it, took up the harvesting equipment and let’s fight with her, damned.

They began to take us to the prosecutor's office one by one, in the city of Vyborg for interrogations. Vyborg is a beautiful city. Probably it would be great to take a walk with your beloved through its ancient streets or the embankment of the Gulf of Finland. For some reason I remember the huge black stones covered with green moss - the remains of an ancient fortress. You will laugh, but they really, like living, silent observers, contemplate what is happening around. And, probably, give their, highly experienced assessment of our life with you. And while they are contemplating, they are trying to put us on a discussion board. I will not talk about the interrogations, there was nothing remarkable about them. But no, one moment was. For some reason, one "comrade" wrote that I was forcing him to go for an addition to the dining room. I looked at his name, the investigator blundered. I still want to ask "Mohonyu" why he wrote such nonsense, because never such was not. Well, I would have written what I beat, I took the money ... Although there was no such thing, but at least the charge would have been more impressive. And then, dining, "additive" some ..

Diverged edges

Then, the calls to the prosecutor’s office stopped abruptly. We have long been in the dark about what will happen next, until I met with Oleg. He said that after he had a surgery, an investigator came to him, who was leading the case of Major Nikulin. He shook the file with the case on us and said: You have two options: first, the major will be given a "condition", you will be treated, and you go to complete your term, and your sidekick will go on a Stolypin car to the disbat. Or: you refuse to complain to the political officer, you are commissioned and you go home, and your friends quietly continue to pull their “strap” in part until the demob itself, and as you know, it is inevitable! Choose

Oleg then asked me when he saw that I was not very happy about his story: "Did I do the right thing, that I gave up?" Well, what can you say, of course right! How it all could turn alone God knows, and so, everyone returned home. As for the major, we never saw him again. In his place came a new commander. We had no conflicts with him. When the day of our retirement arrived, he volunteered to take us to the bus stop. We didn’t move 15 meters away from the headquarters of the new deputy politician to start the song: “They say it would not hurt to“ put down ”for the demob. Okay, at least not for me, I’ve been here recently, but you need your officers with whom you served ..”

I agree, the officers need it, and I’d have great pleasure in raising a hundred grams now, and more than once, for my commander Captain Golub Igor Alekseevich. Here with him, I believe that he served. His entire regiment knew and respected. By the way, he kept as a rule never to touch a soldier with a finger, although he could. And the dick could send any commanding strategist, if he began to force the soldiers to do useless work. In short, a normal guy. And we did not leave money for the sing of those who nearly rolled the debat. They were surely sent a new political officer, because they knew that they didn’t shine anything from us except a strong Arkhangelsk word. Yes, and what to take with them, in a word - "jackals".
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