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Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia are rearming

The appearance of the Russian armed forces is gradually changing, the implementation of the state program of rearmament of the army continues in Russia, which is calculated until the 2020 year. New weapon and military equipment is supplied not only to army units, but also to units of the Interior Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Thus, the internal troops receive new armored personnel carriers BTR-82А and BTR-82АМ, various modifications of armored vehicles "Tigr", armored "Ural-BB" and various special purpose vehicles.

The Military Industrialization Corporation, which in the 2011-2014 years supplied the Russian Interior Ministry troops with more than 60 BTR-80 armored personnel carriers, in December 2014 won the auction for the delivery of another batch of armored personnel carriers of another modification - BTR-82. The corresponding contract was signed by the parties 26 December last year. The total cost of supply of 9 BTR-82А is 251,5 million rubles or 27,9 million rubles per car. It should be noted that the cost of an ordinary BTR-80 in 2014 prices of the year was for the 12,3 MVD a million rubles. According to the terms of the contract, all vehicles must be delivered to the internal troops before October 1 2015. Seven armored personnel carriers will travel to the 3658 military unit, which is part of the 50-th separate operational brigade and is stationed in the Persianovsky village in the Rostov region, the remaining two armored personnel carriers will receive the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Sverdlovsk and Tver regions.

In addition to the newly built BTR-82, the internal troops in 2015 will receive another 15 BTR-82AM, which will be upgraded from the previously released BTR-80. In the near future, a contract is expected to be concluded with the 81 Armored Repair Plant from Armavir, which has similar experience and has previously signed agreements with the Russian Ministry of Defense. The cost of the contract for the modernization of 15 BTR-80 will be 351 million rubles or 23,4 million rubles per unit. This is higher than the price of a three-year contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense, according to which the modernization of one BTR-80 in the BTR-82AM amounts to 21,6 million rubles.


BTR-82A is a variant of the deep modernization of the BTR-80. An 300 hp engine is installed on an armored personnel carrier. The main weapon is the 30-mm rapid-fire 2-72 dual-feed gun, paired with a PKTM 7,62-mm machine gun. The armament is stabilized in two planes, there is also a combined all-day gunner sight TKN-4GA-02, which has a stabilized field of view. The reliability and service life of the armored personnel carrier, its throughput and survivability were also increased. There is air conditioning and anti-shielding protection. The mass of an armored personnel carrier reached 15,4 tons.

The overall layout and level of ballistic protection of the BTR-82А remained the same as that of its predecessor, the BTR-80А, but the survivability of the crew was increased by installing anti-splinter tamping, anti-mine protection seats and the installation of an advanced fire detection and extinguishing system. The crew of the armored personnel carrier, among other things, is protected from the effects of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, thanks to the onboard filtration system and a complete air conditioning system. The version of the BTR-82AM is an upgrade to the previously released BTR-80 to the level of the BTR-82А.

Also over the past decade, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been an active buyer of various modifications of the Tiger armored car. Among them are special police cars SPM-1 (GAZ-233034) with 3-m armor class and SPM-2 (GAZ-233036) with 5-m armor class. Apparently, the last 11 SPM-1 and 17 SPM-2 were supplied to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2010, after which supplies of armored vehicles with Cummins engines were temporarily suspended due to the need for import substitution. Starting from the 2013 year, the MVD of Russia conducts the purchase of SBM VPK-233136 armored cars, which received domestic-made turbodiesels YMZ-53472-10, developing power in the 215 HP. These cars are armored to 5-th class of protection. The total mass of the armored car built on the Tigra-M base is 8200 kg, of which 1200 kg is the mass of the transported cargo. In 2014, the first batch of 10 vehicles worth 9,5 million rubles each was delivered to internal troops. In the 2015 year, it is planned to purchase more 11 similar armored vehicles.

SBM VPK-233136

The Tigr-M military industrial complex 233136 is a special armored vehicle (GMS), which is designed to arm the Russian Interior Ministry troops. Crew - 1 driver and 8 passengers. The ballistic protection class according to the Russian Standards is 5. The developer of this version is NPO "Special equipment and communication" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. On the roof of the armored car there are two hatches, in the windows of the doors and sides of the car there are loopholes for firing from personal weapons. The machine is equipped with an air conditioning system, auxiliary heater АПЖ-20Д-24Т with the possibility of heating the habitable compartment, as well as a brake system with ABS. In addition, the armored car has a fire extinguishing system under the engine compartment "Doping-2" and electric winch ELA-4000-24 "Tow truck".

Beginning with 2008, Russia has been working on the creation of a special combat reconnaissance vehicle (SBRM) based on the SPM-2 for the needs of internal troops. In 2010, an order for the implementation of the corresponding OCD “Connector-Saponification” was placed in Tula at NPO Strela. However, two years later, this agreement was terminated due to the inability to start the serial production of the SRMR at the enterprise. Later, a similar agreement was concluded with the Omsk Institute of Instrument Engineering for the amount of 111 million rubles. In the course of the R & D by the end of 2015, it is planned to complete state tests of a prototype machine.

SBRM is proposed to equip the Fara-PV ground reconnaissance radar station with optical-electronic detection equipment on a retractable antenna-mast device, long-range and short-range aerial optical-electronic reconnaissance systems based on helicopter and aircraft-type UAVs, and Sow-M acoustic detection system ", Reconnaissance and signaling equipment" Radiobarrier-MF ", as well as special equipment of radio intelligence and a lock-up of radio-explosive devices called" Shroud ".


Radar "Fara-PV" can be used at any time of the day or night, including in the absence of optical visibility (dust, smoke, fog, snow). Its main purpose is to detect moving ground targets (cars, people). The station can detect a moving target such as a car from a distance of 6 km, and a person from a distance of 3 km. The modified Sova-M shot detection system is designed for installation on moving vehicles and armored vehicles. The complex allows in less than 2 seconds to detect targets at a distance of up to 600 meters for small arms of caliber 5,45-7,62 mm and up to 1500 meters for small arms of caliber 12,7-14,5 mm. At the same time, the exploration sector is 360 degrees. For comparison, according to the standards for detecting 6-8 targets (from 10), 200 minutes are allocated at daytime from 2500 to 30 meters, and at night 40 minutes for 3-4 targets. In this case, the detection of a firing position by eye using optical devices is usually possible only after 3-10 shots.

Will receive internal troops and new command and staff vehicles (KSHM). Since the P-142NSA command and control vehicle created on the KAMAZ chassis was designed to provide communications in the district-division-regiment link, in the middle of the 2000-s in Russia it was decided to develop a standardized KSHM equipment an armored base for units of the intelligence battalions of the Russian Interior Ministry troops and special forces units. This machine was the P-145BMA, made on the chassis SPM-2 GAZ-233036. The tests of the car were completed in 2007 year. In 2014, it was planned to purchase two such machines with delivery times in 2015. The cost of each command and staff machine is 18 million rubles. It is reported that KSHM is equipped with modern radio stations of the HF and VHF bands: Р-168-25У-2, Р-168-100У-2 and Р-168-100КB of the complex "Aqueduct". In addition, the KSHM will be equipped with an Erik operative radio station of a police and military range, a T-231-2 security communications equipment and an ICOM aviation-range radio station.

The reconnaissance chemical vehicles UAZ-469p, built on the chassis of the UAZ-315195, which are located in the RCBZ units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and are subject to change. They are planned to be replaced with a specially developed car "РХМ-ВВ" based on the SBM-233136 "Tiger". Above the creation of this machine worked in Moscow Center for Special Design "Vector". The works were carried out within the framework of the ROC “Razruha-1” and ended in 2014, when an experienced copy of the new car was presented at the Interpolitex-2014 exhibition. From 2015, one can expect deliveries of special vehicles to the internal troops. The estimated cost of one PXM-BB car is 36 million rubles. The car is intended for carrying out radiation and chemical reconnaissance, as well as sampling for further research, warning of the danger of radioactive and chemical contamination, informing by radio communication of the results of the exploration of the area, visual indication of contaminated sites.


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  1. Same lech
    Same lech April 1 2015 06: 56
    The estimated cost of one RHM-VV car is 36 million rubles.

    Not cheap ... and how much will such investments be justified ???
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Babai34rus
      Babai34rus April 1 2015 08: 57
      where such a PRICE ????????? belay
    3. Malkor
      Malkor April 1 2015 10: 24
      Most likely the price is because the series is small and the RXM equipment is expensive
      1. Mahamont
        Mahamont April 1 2015 18: 27
        In RHBZ everything is expensive. A shot from a flamethrower, for example, stands like a car.
    4. Rustam
      Rustam April 1 2015 13: 41
      from the article
      Military Industrial Corporation

      actually the military-industrial company

      about purchases, it's all about nothing, acre URAL4320VV
    5. PureGUN
      PureGUN April 2 2015 00: 11
      Damn, it would be better to buy the usual 80-k. For the price of 1 82A, almost 3 pieces of 80-k is obtained. What's the point?
  2. maks1803
    maks1803 April 1 2015 08: 00
    Everything that is cheap, as a rule, then climbs sideways ...
  3. 501Legion
    501Legion April 1 2015 08: 13
    prices of armored cars of course Wow.
  4. The Art of War
    The Art of War April 1 2015 08: 19
    If you compare with the purchase of earlier Iveco armored vehicles for the Ministry of Defense, the price of our armored vehicles is 3 times less.
  5. Megatron
    Megatron April 1 2015 08: 40
    Why 80s and 82s armored personnel carriers and not 90s?
    1. The Art of War
      The Art of War April 1 2015 08: 52
      The BTR-90 is not manufactured, it was long abandoned by the Ministry of Defense, although it was necessary to bring it to mind, it was a little bit, and the protection was very decent from bullets 12,7 mm
      1. Deniz
        Deniz April 1 2015 12: 06
        I personally do not like the BTR series cars (60,70, 80, 90). Because of the layout - inconvenient side outlets for personnel.
        I had a chance to ride on 60, 70 and 80.
  6. Altona
    Altona April 1 2015 08: 41
    Yes, by the way, the price is not so much ... At least, everything goes to the right spending ... Again, I recall the former Sakhalin governor Khoroshavin, who spent 15 lyam of money for the 15-minute speech (the cost of one Tiger) ...
  7. UzRus
    UzRus April 1 2015 09: 15
    engine compartment fire extinguishing system Doping 2 - The name is very encouraging! good
  8. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 April 1 2015 09: 19
    This is only the beginning, a transitional period, there is further when the batch of orders will increase and the equipment will start to flow, the price will decrease anyway .... I personally only "FOR" rearmament is going ... soldier
  9. DUST3693
    DUST3693 April 1 2015 09: 26
    Maybe a little expensive for now
    but the money remains in Russia and our factories are working!
  10. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack April 1 2015 09: 43
    more good news. keep it up!
  11. 31rus
    31rus April 1 2015 09: 48
    Dear, there is not a single military unit from the border with the Kharkov region to Kursk! 82, it will be necessary to immediately drive from the plant either for modernization or for scrap metal, the pace of rearmament does not climb into any framework, then it is better to get the words "plan, consider, think, declare", where are the real things? The Ministry of Internal Affairs by 10%, the question is, who will protect us at all? There is another question why in the regions (at least close to the borders), it is not possible to create mobile military units
    1. siberalt
      siberalt April 1 2015 10: 56
      Whom do the internal troops protect? In peacetime, the "prisoners" are guarded, and during popular riots, the power structures. During war, order in the liberated or occupied territories. Something like this. hi
      1. 31rus
        31rus April 1 2015 15: 50
        Dear, you are very wrong, BB is first of all anti-terrorist units, then maintaining law and order, protecting zones and objects of state importance, but the fact of the matter is that all parts (with the exception of not many) are based in the Moscow Region, on the ground only SOBRA, think for yourself what it might lead to
      2. lelikas
        lelikas April 1 2015 18: 22
        Quote: siberalt
        And who are the internal troops protecting?

        Here, with the translation of the term, to foreign friends, there was a whole joke. first defined with the term, then how to explain their purpose.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. cosmos111
      cosmos111 April 1 2015 11: 15
      modernization, or scrap metal, t

      I completely agree .... BTR-80 / 82, out of date and for the Ministry of Internal Affairs floating BBM, I do not need ....

      first of all, multipurpose BBM / BTR with the wheel formula 4x4,6x6,8x8, with unification of units and assemblies, aft input-output, DBM ....
      as an example ((1001 times)))
      developed by GPV / FNSS- "Pars"
      GPV Sergeant 4x4, Commander 6x6, Marshal 6x6, Commander 6x6, Captain 8x8, Colonel 8x8, General 10x10 (there is nothing important to do with this, ....

      GPV Sergeant 4 x 4: 2 + 4

      GPV Commander 6 x 6: 2 + 10 (Tactical SWAT)

      GPV Captain 8 x 8: 2 + 14

      GPV Colonel 8 x 8: 4 + 10

      GPV General 10 x 10: 4 + 14
      1. Artyom
        Artyom April 1 2015 11: 28
        this in my opinion looks more like a "coffin on wheels"! if this miracle leaves the road, then the low clearance will put this “miracle” on the belly and you will have to pull it out like a hippopotamus from a swamp!
        1. Deniz
          Deniz April 1 2015 11: 45
          In Afghanistan and Iraq, IDAPs saved the lives of soldiers. An armored personnel carrier will not withstand such explosions. For counter-terrorism operations, this is a good thing, but expensive. Then the state decides what is dearer to them.
        2. cosmos111
          cosmos111 April 1 2015 14: 28
          Quote: Artyom
          ! if this miracle gets off the road, then a low clearance will plant this "miracle"

          constantly there, hydrodynamic suspension, with a variable clearance ....

          I'm not saying that you just need to copy this model .... but the concept is VERNA-modular wheel chassis 4x4,6x6,8x8, with unification by units, engine and automatic transmission ....
          and we can SAME !!! vote ??? why not who does not ....
      2. avt
        avt April 1 2015 13: 12
        Quote: cosmos111
        I completely agree .... BTR-80 / 82, out of date and for the Ministry of Internal Affairs floating BBM, I do not need ....

        It will come in handy. But I didn’t understand - they buy the Typhoons, why is there nothing in the article? Again, like, the 6th grader was testing the “Bear”, well?
        1. cosmos111
          cosmos111 April 1 2015 14: 44
          Quote: avt
          ? Again, like, "Bear"

          it is a pity that they do not produce the "Bear", a modular platform (on the nodes of the BTR-90 chassis), 4x4, and although it would be 6x6, for explosives more, in principle, it is not necessary ...

          GPV System

          and, as an example, South African "Paramaut" "Mbombe" 6x6 (: STANAG 4569 Level IV (14.5x114 mm), mine protection: STANAG 4569 level 4a and 4b (10 kg of TNT))), a classic police armored vehicle / armored personnel carrier ....
          1. avt
            avt April 1 2015 17: 05
            Quote: cosmos111
            it is a pity that they do not produce the "Bear", a modular platform could turn out (

            what Rather, such a platform should have been "Wolf", but again everything has somehow withered. request
            Quote: Dog of war
            The bear is definitely not for them, it’s for the Airborne Forces,

            Well yes ! How so. There you need something easier from which it would be possible to quickly jump off, well, at 4x4. Some kind of raid, which has become fashionable now, as in Israel, or that they’re fired instead of Humvee. In addition to BMD.
            1. cosmos111
              cosmos111 April 1 2015 17: 46
              Quote: avt
              I would have been "Wolf", but again everything has somehow withered

              I like what the Yugoslavs did, the Lazar armored personnel carrier with mine protection, on a truck chassis ...
              they. production technology, they definitely sold ... but no one does not buy ...
        2. Dog of war
          Dog of war April 1 2015 14: 52
          The bear is definitely not for them, it is for the Airborne Forces, and I have not heard about Typhoons for the VV.
  12. Deniz
    Deniz April 1 2015 10: 45
    If, during the Chechen wars of the end of the last century, we had equipment with thermal imaging sights, armored vehicles of the MRAP type, we would have avoided many victims.

    Deep night:

  13. Vitail
    Vitail April 1 2015 13: 56
    It's time.
  14. wk
    wk April 1 2015 14: 00
    forum users who know ??? It seems that the designers of the Tiger said that with an appropriate order they can bring it to the 6th class of reservation (at that time it seemed 3rd) what kind of vehicles are entering the troops now? I mean the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, if it is still 3rd class, then this is nothing more than an expensive toy.
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 April 1 2015 15: 17

      he is the most, but, the quality of workmanship ((for this, under I.V. Stalin they put it to the wall until effective managers will continue to do this and will continue to mess)))))
      1. Blackgrifon
        Blackgrifon April 1 2015 19: 53
        And what does this photo prove? The option that the BM turned upside down or something similar happened to it is not considered?
      2. Dog of war
        Dog of war April 1 2015 20: 03
        Obviously sticking a gun into the ground, even the dirt on the diesel fuel remained. But where does this relate to workmanship? Here, rather, the fur has ass hands.
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. Dimon-chik-79
    Dimon-chik-79 April 1 2015 15: 59

    Not well, but not

    The time has passed for these machines, that's it! After all, in the Soviet Union, tanks and armored personnel carriers did not modernize for three, four decades! Can you imagine Soviet tankers in Afghanistan on the T-34B3? And endlessly upgrade over the course of half a century, in fact, the same car is impossible! New time requires new solutions, not looping on the same thing!
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 April 1 2015 17: 13
      Quote: Dimon-chik-79
      New time requires new solutions, not looping on the same thing!

      NEW TIME REQUIRES: 1. NEW MATERIALS / ARMOR ... communication tools / situational awareness ...
      3.engines + automatic transmission ..
      as an armored hull ((of course, strengthening the reservation))) it is possible and MT-LBukak for wheeled and GSh ...
      1. SIvan
        SIvan April 1 2015 21: 56
        Actually, Boomerang is in development right now. This is a new universal wheeled platform.
  17. Aleksandr72
    Aleksandr72 April 1 2015 18: 49
    The rearmament of the internal troops of the Russian Federation is the requirements of a new era, Russia is not immune from the escalation of internal conflicts like the North Caucasus. And inside the country, internal forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs should be used to solve problems by force, they are designed for that - i.e. this is one of the many challenges facing them.
    Compare the data in the article with what I indicate below:
    This is the data on the armaments of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation as of 2014 (* - means that the figure is approximate):
    BRM: (154) 50 BRDM-2, 4 GAZ-39344 *, 50 GAZ-39371-011, 50 GAZ-23306 "Tiger"
    BMP: (594) 247 BMP-1, 245 BMP-2, 102 BMD-1
    BTR: (1.056) 431 BTR-80, 50 BTR-70, 575 BTR-60PB *
    Towed guns: (20) 20 - 122-mm D-30
    Mortars: (345) 330 - 82 mm 2B14 *, 15 - 120 mm PM-38
    Anti-aircraft guns: (42) 42 - 2/23-mm ZU-23-2 *
    I will not vouch for the 100% reliability of these figures, but these are the data from the report of the Russian Defense Ministry on the state of the armed forces for 2014.
    I have the honor.
  18. Massik
    Massik April 1 2015 20: 30
    That is why these BTR 82s, the good old KPVT in terms of tasks, still work normally. To the point of this armor, if its ancient "dashka" pierces right through, together with a slightly younger RPG-18, and if still from the Stone Age TM 62 add then generally a cover wassat There are much more leaky directions in explosives than armored vehicles.
  19. mystyle
    mystyle April 1 2015 21: 03
    guys, no matter how much money it takes, we are the richest country, although the people live on the poverty line ... so let these riches not go to someone’s pocket, but to build up our power - both internal and external.
    perhaps many will disagree with me, do not kick, but this is my position!
  20. artura0911
    artura0911 April 2 2015 22: 19
    BTR 82 beautiful !!!!!!!!!
  21. zlobnyN
    zlobnyN 7 May 2015 13: 57
    We look forward to new machines for explosives in the explosives themselves. And then in reports with the CTO the old BTR-80s with machine-gun weapons constantly flash.