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K.Sokolov: “Russia must save itself, because it smells of gunpowder in the air”


We need allies, but only strong Russia will have them.

The summit of the League of Arab States decided to create a unified regional armed forces.

This was done in connection with the escalating conflict in Yemen, which de facto split into zones controlled by three influential groups: radical Islamists, parts of the armed forces supporting legitimate power and rebels.

Observers fear that a local conflict could trigger a clash between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

An expert in the field of geopolitics, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Konstantin Sokolov comments on the KM.RU portal the situation.

As soon as statehood collapses, local elites will collapse

- The decision taken by the Arab countries to create a unified armed forces is a natural consequence of the processes developing in North Africa, the Middle East, and so on.

Back in 80-ies, journalism published a hypothetical scenario of undermining the statehood of countries existing in the territory from the Nile to the Euphrates, their division into specific principalities weak and incapable. In this case, Israel would become the most powerful state controlling the region from the Nile to the Euphrates.

This plan was voiced in various versions by American experts. He was promoted by private individuals, but they took these ideas seriously. Now the elites of the Arab countries are trying to somehow react, because they understand that only their own states are able to provide them with protection from the world elite. As soon as statehood collapses, local elites will collapse. They will simply be eaten, and they already see that the destruction is proceeding according to certain plans.

Is a conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia possible? It is possible, but unlikely. Such a conflict is in the interests of the world elite, and Iran and Saudi Arabia will suffer losses. I think the leadership of these two countries will have enough balance to prevent a collision. There are too many similar examples before their eyes, and they know what this all leads to.

It is possible the spread of the conflict from Ukraine to Russia and Belarus

And what should Moscow do in this regard? Of course, the official reaction will follow. But I want to prioritize. Russia must save itself, because it smells of gunpowder in the air. We need allies, but they can appear only in a strong Russia. This force is not only in the number of guns, but also in a solid ideological position.

If you just look for benefits, then nothing happens. Today one thing is profitable, another tomorrow, and you cannot build a reliable union on the so-called “mutually beneficial basis”. Today we are experiencing a difficult political moment, because the spread of the conflict from Ukraine to Russia and Belarus is not excluded. So for us now the most important thing is to decide how to get out of this problem.

We must continue our line on the Syrian issue. But the effectiveness of these actions depends on the strength of the internal political position of our country. In conditions when the global elite is pursuing a plan to reorganize the world in their own interests, and not in the interests of Russia and in general of most countries, I believe that it is necessary to increase resistance to this process. This is possible only if we can clearly determine who the enemy is. You need to have an adequate representation of the image of this opponent.

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  1. herruvim
    herruvim April 1 2015 18: 37
    The catch phrase "Russians don't give up!" flew around the world during the First World War. During the defense of the small fortress Osovets, located on the territory of present Belarus. The little Russian garrison needed only 48 hours to hold out. He defended himself for more than six months - 190 days!
    The Germans used against the defenders of the fortress all the latest weapons achievements, including aircraft. For each defender had several thousand bombs and shells. Dropped with airplanes and 17 batteries fired from dozens of guns, which included two famous “Big Berthas” (which the Russians managed to incite).
    The Germans bombed the fortress day and night. Month after month. The Russians defended themselves in the midst of a hurricane of fire and iron to the last. There were extremely few of them, but the same answer always followed the offers of delivery. Then the Germans deployed against the fortress 30 gas batteries. The 12-meter wave of chemical attack hit the Russian positions from thousands of cylinders. Gas masks were not.
    All living things in the fortress were poisoned. Even the grass has turned black and faded. A thick, poisonous-green layer of chlorine oxide covered the metal parts of the guns and shells. At the same time, the Germans began a massive shelling. Following him on the assault on the Russian positions moved over 7000 infantry.
    The fortress seemed doomed and already taken. The thick, numerous German chains were getting closer and closer ... And at that moment a counterattack fell upon them from the poisonous green chlorine fog ... There were just over sixty Russians. The remains of the 13th company of the 226th Zemlyansky regiment. For every counterattack, there were more than a hundred enemies!
    Russians went to their full height. In bayonet. Shaking from coughing, spitting out, through rags, wrapped faces, pieces of light on bloody shirts ...
    These warriors plunged the enemy into such horror that the Germans, without accepting the battle, rushed back. In a panic, stomping each other, tangling and hanging on their own barbed wire fences. And then the dead Russian artillery struck at them from the clubs of the poisoned fog.
    This battle will go down in history as the "attack of the dead." During its course, several dozen half-dead Russian warriors took flight of 14 enemy battalions!
    The Russian defenders of Osovets never surrendered the fortress. She was left later. And on the orders of the command. When the defense has lost its meaning. The enemy has left no bullet or nail. Everything that had survived the fortress from German fire and bombings was blown up by Russian sappers. The Germans decided to take the ruins only a few days ...
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ April 1 2015 18: 45
      herruvim (6)
      Why tell stories that have already been told many times, albeit of a heroic past, when the question is about the future of Russia, its inevitable struggle against the world's evil forces, led by American imperialism?

      How to win, what ideology of struggle to choose in this, possibly military confrontation?
      How to cope with the internal enemy, the 5th traitorous column, agents of Western influence that have flooded Russia, and not only the country itself, but also its highest power?
      The history of the USSR has shown that if it does not cope with the internal enemy, there will be no victory in the struggle against the external.
      It is a pity that the author of the article raises only questions, but does not offer his vision of the solution to the most acute problems facing Russia, determining the fate of not only Russia, but the whole Russian world.
      1. toad
        toad April 1 2015 18: 57
        this must be told about this and many other things must be told recent to the shit and the liberals to tell that the sailors had slipped, the gastelo was drunk and the Panfilov’s weren’t at all.
        I wrote about the cherub.
    2. sent-onere
      sent-onere April 1 2015 19: 20
      The trouble is not that we have lost industry and agriculture, science and education, medicine and sports. All this can be restored by hard work and self-sacrifice. Examples of this are darkness. We have lost the Russian character on which Russia rested. For all centuries and times, the Russian man wanted to see Russia as a strong, powerful power, and he did not spare forces for that. But behind the force, behind the greatness of the state, there had to be a certain moral platform. Before the October Revolution, this was Orthodoxy, after the 17th Marxism - Leninism, now pragmatism of the American fashion dominates. It’s impossible to come up with worse.
      When today's Duma thinks that they are passing laws, citing the experience of America or Europe, it causes a rash. Although Hitler’s Mein Kampf was freely available in the USSR libraries until the age of 40, it never occurred to anyone to refer to it, since everyone understood the Führer — the enemy. But the deepest humiliation of a country called Russia is its dependence on the American dollar. This is reminiscent of the German “ersatz - mark” circulating in the temporarily occupied territory of the USSR.
      1. TOR2
        TOR2 April 1 2015 20: 20
        Quote: sent-onere
        All of this can be restored by hard work and self-sacrifice.

        There is no need to sacrifice anything. There are an oversupply of victims in our history. To recover, we need something that we have lacked so much at all times - effective management. This does not apply to the galaxy of "defective managers" of whom we have a surplus.
        There will be literate people at key posts - that’s it. And in a short time, and not in the distant future.
        1. user
          user April 3 2015 11: 05
          This strength is not only in the number of guns, but also in a firm ideological position.

          This is one of the main problems in modern Russia, I will say even this is more acute than the welfare of the country. Because it is impossible to live in a country where heroes prevail on TV screens: criminals, corrupt officials, thieves and other rabble, and all sorts of Sobchaks and Svanidze become stars who slander both modern Russia and its past. And the structures that have to regulate it make it look like "all is well beautiful marquise, all is well".
      2. Zoldat_A
        Zoldat_A April 1 2015 20: 37
        Quote: sent-onere
        Although until 40, Hitler’s Mein Kampf was freely available in the libraries of the USSR, it never occurred to anyone to refer to her, since everyone understood the Fuhrer - the enemy.
        I would say that this is some exaggeration - "The Russian edition" Mein Kampf "was one of the first to appear, already in 1933. As was customary under the Stalinist regime, the book was published in a circulation of several dozen copies with a stamp" for official use ", falling into the private libraries of the highest representatives of the Soviet nomenclature." Pruflink is.
        When today's Duma say they pass laws, Recalling the experience of America or Europethen it causes a rash.
        Here I am about the same. Studying experience does not mean stupidly adopting it and trying to adapt to our impassability. We looked, thought, slightly altered, adapted, and then tried CAREFULLY. And then we always foolishly "like abroad." But it turns out as always ...
    3. Nychego
      Nychego April 1 2015 21: 35
      Even here the origin of the phrase "Russians don't give up!" set out much more fully, and "attack of the dead" is much more truthful. If you want to read the most truthful description of the "attack of the dead", it is still better to refer to Khmelkov's book "The Struggle for Osovets".
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. Irkut
      Irkut April 1 2015 21: 53
      Quote: herruvim
      During the defense of the small fortress Osovets, located on the territory of present Belarus.

      The fortress is now located in Poland, 50 km east of Bialystok.
    6. Volzhanin
      Volzhanin April 2 2015 08: 14
      That is why not a single army in the world has the slightest chance of a military confrontation with Russian soldiers.
  2. sanyavolhv
    sanyavolhv April 1 2015 18: 41
    to my mind . about nothing, Potryndel retold his version of the well-known ... well, okay.
    1. NordUral
      NordUral April 1 2015 19: 01
      The author wrote everything correctly. Concrete should be our vertical. I hope that it is ours, at least from a sense of self-preservation. But in general - at the root of everything - ideology. But for us and our country, it should be one - social justice = socialism. Real socialism with a strong state and free people. Smart and working, as in the best years of the Union.
    2. CrimeaNYASH
      CrimeaNYASH April 1 2015 19: 37
      Dear Sanyavolhv! I completely agree with you! This article is an example of another empty empty and simply trivial thing. Here I am writing and regret that I wasted time reading the article of this "expert" and "member (!) - correspondent ...
      1. Days
        Days April 4 2015 01: 27
        I read your comment and regretted taking the time to read your comment. And I regretted for you that you spent time writing this comment.

        But don’t worry, Russia will remain strong and independent. Regardless of your comments :)
  3. saag
    saag April 1 2015 18: 47
    "... If you just look for benefits, then nothing will work. Today one thing is beneficial, tomorrow another, and on the so-called" mutually beneficial basis "you cannot build a reliable union."

    And nevertheless, the leadership of the Russian Federation with the main thing in the country profess this very "pragmatism", I would also call it multi-vector, ideology is zero
  4. kotvov
    kotvov April 1 2015 18: 48
    repeated a hundred times, but this is an axiom, Russia has two allies, the army and navy,
    1. engineer74
      engineer74 April 1 2015 19: 06
      The phrase is correct, only "a little" outdated. The Air Force and Strategic Missile Forces, Aerospace Forces, etc. appeared, but, most importantly, new spheres of military action appeared: cyberspace, information, economic, where the army and navy, unfortunately, are ineffective. So the adage needs to be modernized and expanded the list of allies!
    2. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ April 1 2015 19: 12
      this is an axiom, Russia has two allies, the army and the navy, - kotvov (2)

      This "axiom" does not always work.
      The USSR had the strongest Army and Navy, opposing the United States and NATO, "two strongest allies", but was defeated and destroyed in the Cold War, when not only guns and warships decide, but also ideology, the presence of an internal enemy in the supreme power of the state.
      If again we focus only on the Army and Navy, but leave the internal enemy to the government - agents of Western influence and representatives of the 5th column of traitors, pro-Western liberal figures, do not have an ideology cementing society, it will be bad, Russia will again, like the USSR, will fail.
  5. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin April 1 2015 19: 00
    An expert in the field of geopolitics, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Konstantin Sokolov comments on the situation to the KM.RU portal
    Sorry to just comment. We see it ourselves. It would be desirable "passwords, names, names, phone numbers". Action plan point by point. The title of the article is binding.
  6. b.t.a.
    b.t.a. April 1 2015 19: 06
    Russia has two allies that will not betray, it is the army and navy. In the 90s there were difficult times in the army in the navy (as our Western partners and young reformers sought). Many left because there was nothing to feed the family. Many were simply tired of living in conditions where, for all your hardships, instead of gratitude, they received nothing in return (I’m not talking about material, but newspaper articles about building summer houses for generals, hazing, etc.). But the real military and army remained, and the fleet withstood the hard times. In the first Chechen one, we all saw how the consequences carry the collapse of the army and navy. But in all these difficulties, the Army and Navy never betrayed the country. What other allies are needed? Not the brother of the Bulgarians? Which sold us more than once. Or someone else from Europe? China? So at the first difficulties he will do the same as Bulgaria. We have no ally except our army and navy.
  7. Indifferent
    Indifferent April 1 2015 19: 07
    The "all-prophetic" cynicism of some authors surprises me. One article title gives off a graveyard chill.
    I would like to know when the world did not smell of gunpowder? When the war was not waged against Russia, then cold, then hot?
    It is clear to a fool that we will not win a war with conventional weapons against NATO. This means that the question should stand squarely. One rocket flew in our direction - the answer with all strategic forces! Then, no matter how it smelled of gunpowder, they would bypass us. We just have no way out. Either we will be made slaves of the Anglo-Saxon "kings", or few of us will survive, but we will be free and destroy once and for all this evil spirits living as a parasite on the body of the Earth!
  8. january
    january April 1 2015 19: 10
    Orthodox faith is an unbending core, and power, and a source of horror for partners.
  9. unsinkable
    unsinkable April 1 2015 19: 11
    Throughout the history of the Russian state, it always smelled of gunpowder. Therefore, thank God, we are reviving the army and navy in the best military traditions. Russia was, Russia is, Russia will be.
  10. atamankko
    atamankko April 1 2015 19: 19
    Russia was, is and
    will be a great country.
  11. CrimeaNYASH
    CrimeaNYASH April 1 2015 19: 25
    How tired of all these "experts". We have a dime a dozen such experts in Russia, another one showed up and so modestly introduced himself as an "expert ..., a corresponding member ..." (in his own article). According to the principle "you cannot praise yourself" ... The aforementioned "expert" would have examined why Putin is called names by the half-Ukrainian regions and you know how they hate him, and he gives them hydrocarbons at a discount ..? Poorly to answer this question? And to throw in people any triviality that does not require a lot of intelligence is so insipid. Conjugate if that ...
  12. sent-onere
    sent-onere April 1 2015 19: 31
    It is possible the spread of the conflict from Ukraine to Russia and Belarus
    And what should Moscow do in this connection? Of course, an official reaction will follow. But I want to prioritize. Russia must save itself because it smells of gunpowder in the air. We need allies, but they can only appear in a strong Russia.
    It begins again. For many centuries Russia has relied only on itself. And then suddenly the "lobbyists" of the Republic of Bashkortostan appear again. As always, Lukash is bad with money. He himself cannot distribute it normally. For 24 years now RB "nezalezhnoti" and every year Russia helped them. HVATIT. The Belarusians themselves are normal people, but not their "elite". Therefore, it is better to have a close-knit detachment of 100 people than a detachment of 110 people with 3-4 traitors.
  13. sarmaght
    sarmaght April 1 2015 19: 55
    Of course, Russia has no friends. so - "wandering tactical partners" .type of China or Iran with India. So it was and will always be! The question is different. Strong Leader making the country Great. able to speak on behalf of the people, ruthlessly oppressing the opposition and agents of influence inside. with an iron hand carrying out reforms. industrialization. - all this "took place" less than 100 years ago. only the methods have changed - camps with barracks will not work!
  14. Tribuns
    Tribuns April 1 2015 21: 19
    Sokolov marks the enemy of Russia:
    "In conditions when the global elite is carrying out a plan to reorganize the world in their own interests, and not in the interests of Russia and most countries in general, then I think it is necessary to increase resistance to this process" ...
    And then it is not clear why it begins to mumble in search of the enemy of Russia
    "This is possible only if it is possible to clearly define who the enemy is" ...
    But this is an external enemy, and we all understand that this is the United States and the NATO bloc controlled by it ...
    But Russia still has another, no less terrible enemy - internal in the face of pro-Western liberalsthat filled all corridors of power in federal and regional structures ...
    The liberals who have come to power and still in power have brought to Russia a market-liberal economy that is alien to it, which since the Yeltsin Chronicle has tirelessly destroyed domestic industry and made our country a raw materials appendage of the industrial West ...
    And, according to liberals, the raw materials economy of Russia does not need education or science ...
    And so it went on until the Ukrainian events and the reunification of Russia with Crimea, when the West, through sanctions and other pressure, made it clear to our country "who is the boss" ... And only then did part of the Russian leadership realize that with the domestic industry destroyed by the liberals, science and the formation of Russia is difficult to resist the industrially strong West ...
    And only now in Russia there is a certain, albeit timid movement towards the industrial-mobilization model of the economy and the restoration of destroyed education and science, capable of preparing not “creative consumers”, but creators-creators ...
  15. 31rus
    31rus April 1 2015 21: 51
    Dear, meanwhile, the GDP allowed not to pass the EG, who will not go to higher education! Well, who will explain what it is called?
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. DPN
    DPN April 1 2015 22: 10
    It is not strange, but we are united only by an external enemy, mainly the United States and its NATO appendage. Previously, people didn’t have a sale but a dream — the goal was to build communism, and this united most of the people for free apartments for 10 years, now whoever has learned to catch and cheat can certainly buy housing in a year. And for the main part of the population this is bondage for 25 years. Perhaps this bondage unites us.

    Russia was lucky with Putin -Muzhik managed to return the Crimea to Russia, I am with both hands, but how many scoundrels on TV are against. Our Crimea and other opinions in the media should not be.
  18. sazhka4
    sazhka4 April 2 2015 06: 14
    We shouldn't burn so much kerosene. Smells for a long time. Only the lazy does not feel. All over the world, weapons are rattled. Now let BG so that everything goes peacefully. Which, unfortunately, cannot be. It will bang somewhere anyway.