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"Pro-Putin trolls" attack!

On the "online army" Putin told his readers the British newspaper «Independent». Allegedly, there is a whole “factory” of network commentators generously funded by the Kremlin. The goal of these people is to work round the clock to the glory of Putin, filling websites and social networks with relevant comments. The daily task of one “blogger” is to write at least 135 comments. Otherwise - the dismissal!

"Pro-Putin trolls" attack!

Paul Gallagher in the next issue "Independent" told the world about Putin’s “online army”. The indicated army, according to the observer, is a network of “pro-Kremlin commentators”. Anyone who "decides" to read articles on Russia will find Putin's virtual fighters. On the most different sites.

According to a British journalist, “one former fighter” recently left the “troll factory,” where Russian-funded workers work like bees “12 hours a day,” posting pro-Putin propaganda comments on sites News and on social networks.

Meet blogger Marat Burkhard from St. Petersburg ("St Petersburg blogger Marat Burkhard").

The company, in which the blogger had a chance to work, operates 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Production "shops" of this "factory" are located "in a modest four-storey modern building", a little inferior in scope to the Ministry of Truth, outlined by George Orwell in the novel "1984".

Hundreds of propaganda workers are paid above the Russian average — about 500 pounds per month. (More than 40.000 rubles at the current market rate. - O. Ch.) For this money, the employee must issue at least 135 comments per shift. Those who do not comply with the norm are “immediately” dismissed.

The strictest rules of the “repressive system” operate in the “factory” workshops: never laugh and never be late (a fine for one minute delay has been introduced). Friendship is not welcome here.

Does this work remind the activities of the Ministry of Truth from Orwell’s “dark classic novel”? Burckhard says: “Yes, it is. You work in the Ministry of Truth, which in reality is the Ministry of Lie, and everyone pretends to believe in this truth. Yes, you are right, this is Orwell. ”

The troll operation scheme is simple. After the release of some kind of publication on the regional news forum (Burkhard allegedly had a regional specialization), the production "army of trolls" starts commenting. A team of three people is being created: one of them is playing a “villain” who criticizes the government, the other two come to an argument with him, supporting government officials.

One of the “pro-Kremlin couples” must provide a graph or picture that fits into the context, the second is obliged to find a link to some content that would substantiate his argument.

"You see? The villain, the photograph, the link, ”explained Mr. Burckhard, giving an interview to Radio Liberty, which Paul Gallagher refers to.

“Thus, our small team of three people crosses the whole country, stopping at each forum from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok,” the blogger quoted the reporter as saying. - We create the illusion of genuine activity in these forums. We write something, we respond to each other. There are keywords, tags that are required for search engines. We have been given five key words - say, among them there is a “Minister of Defense” or “Russian Army”. We, all three, must make sure that these keywords are everywhere in our comments. ”

The former worker of the “factory” also said that there was no acceptance of shyness in expressing thoughts. For example, one should write something about Obama, and workers could write “what they want”, even curses, as long as the word “Obama” was present in the comments, and more often.

Or, the instruction is given: at the end of the commentary to conclude that Obama "does not understand anything in culture." He arrived in India, and there he chewed the cud. Here is the corresponding propaganda strike. According to the blogger, "funny" when attention is focused "on every little thing." On the other hand, “it’s not funny anymore, it’s absurd and crosses the line” when you need to write all 135 comments about chewing gum ...

Burckhard said that there are teams on Facebook and other social networks working in the building. The building has “about 40 rooms, each has about 20 people, and each of them has its own task. They write and write all day, and this is not a joke: you can be fired for laughing. And so every day ... "Anyone can become the object of ridicule: Obama, Angela Merkel and other news characters.

“Even a political scientist is not able to be an expert, to know everything about the whole world, however, people are expected here to write about everything,” says the former commentator. - As you write, does not matter. You can praise or scold. You just have to use these keywords. ”

Factory personnel are prohibited from leaving the building during their 12-hour working day or 12-hour working night. The schedule is as follows: they work two days, and two then rest.

Two months was enough for Mr. Burkhard.

“I decided that I could not participate in this ridiculous absurd work. This is all absurd. I do not share this ideology, I am totally against it. I was in the camp of the enemy ... ”The blogger decided that even money does not play a role:“ this is such hard work ”that it’s better to“ just forget ”along with the money. The main thing is that no one forces him to “go there more”.

Of course, история Marat circulates outside the English-language press. Moreover, the original source is Radio Liberty, which also broadcasts in Russian. You can listen to the Russian-language story of a blogger, for example, on the radio site "Freedom" (audio option).

There, in particular, Marat openly admits that he is “a man of pro-Western views.” He also noted that the salary of forty-five thousand is given to the employee "immediately." "This is a real factory, a factory where production standards exist ..."

The blogger explained the division of labor technology at the “factory”: in the 4-storey building there are news departments, there are departments where they create demotivators, where they work with video novelties, there is a department of English-language commentators — they “bombard CNN or BBC -si ", and even the" New York Times "(for those who write in English, the salary is" already higher, not 45000, but 65000 "). Marat didn’t see everything, because “no one darting around especially in the cabinets”.

According to the blogger, the amount of comment should not be less than 200 characters. It is necessary to change the whole shift "scribbling, scribbling and scribbling", "there is no time to talk." It seems to Marat that “real people do not read it at all,” and the conversation is led by “our trochki” (i.e., three employees: a “villain” and a couple against him).

“Your department was called the“ Forums and Blogs Department, ”the correspondent says. “That is, they created, among other things, fake blogs with fake bloggers, right?”

Immediately follows the answer - as if to a hint: “Yes, yes, yes. Fake bloggers, everything is fake ... Yeah. "

He told the former factory worker about the ridiculous case: he was “called to the carpet” because together with the caricatures of Poroshenko he put in a comment a caricature of ... Yanukovych.

There is at the "factory" and the authorities, whose task - "read nonsense." The bosses salary - 70-80 thousand; The blogger claims to have seen the financial statement.

Burkhard's persona does not give rest to Radio Liberty. In addition to the radio program, a text was prepared for the site ( link). With a surprisingly blurred photo of a blogger and screenshots from some desert forums that are clearly not visited by real readers.

In fact, the existence of an army of paid commentators would be good news for Russia. Propaganda is needed. At least in response to the propaganda of the West and all sorts of Ukrainian “censors” there. It is entirely conceivable that such people would act on the pages of CNN, the New York Times, Russian forums, and social networks, starting, of course, with the super-popular Facebook, where the number of inhabitants has stepped over a billion (1,32 billion users in 2014).

Is there a mysterious center in St. Petersburg? Hardly. In any case, the methods of his work described by the British media cause distrust. Firstly, the work could well be remote, and secondly, 12 hours of continuous work - a real torture. Therefore we allow ourselves to doubt all this. In addition, everything that is known about blogger M. Burkhard fits, apparently, on the Afisha portal ( link). 40 years, Moscow. Not St. Petersburg, by the way. Same name? Rather, a fictional character, tailored to a real person (or a pseudonym). And on this media character, new technologies of Western propaganda are being run in, which has decided to portray the successfully functioning Orwellian Ministry of Truth in Russia.

Burckhard is also looking for VKontakte ( link). A couple of quotes from there: “Can someone find the blog of St. Petersburg blogger Marat Burkhard? I could not get"; "It seems that the Petersburg blogger does not exist."

Some doubts are caused by numbers from the “factory”: 135 comments per day. Suppose a team of three people creates 135 + 135 + 135 comments per shift. And against two “pro-Putin” fighters (270 reviews), a “villain” plays, creating negative 135 comments. Approximately two dozen commentators for one room of the “four-story building”, of which one-third of the “villains” will have to fold, will create an insignificant number of reviews per shift in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. Rooms around 40. If these “bloggers” are really trying to cover not only the Russian Internet, but also the western one, then their activity is a drop in the ocean.

On any major popular site to one news per day, readers write on 50, 100, and even on 200-300 comments. To one! It's about real readers, long registered on the site, not about trolls. Dozens and dozens of articles appear on the site per day. Therefore, the scale of the activities described by "Freedom" "trolls" are not impressive. The scheme of their work does not inspire confidence either. It would be much easier for Kremlin propagandists to hire an entire army of remote workers who would write and get tired less, but they would take quantity. And it would not be necessary to use the building and equipment - “trolls” would simply be hired through content exchange networks. And many would be happy to work thousands for 15-20. And not at all for 45.

The task of “Freedom” and “former employee of the factory”, we think, is to create among the masses the impression that all the “pro-Putin” materials are an exclusively customized product, but in reality the people of Putin do not support. The task is clear, but to solve it with triple assesses of the interviewee and fantasies about the gloomy Orwellian institutions will fail. Thinner need to act smarter. Otherwise, the materials of "Freedom" and "Independent" will be of interest only in Britain.

Is Putin's high rating or mass voting for Putin in the 2012 presidential election of the year - also the work of the "trolls"? We dare to suggest that this is the choice of the people.

But what choice did the "troll" who appeared on the "factory" praise Putin, but calling himself a "man of pro-Western views"? Two months to write eulogies to Putin - is this the way of all liberals today?

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  1. ALEXX.
    ALEXX. April 1 2015 06: 48
    Burkhard, turn to a psychiatrist. He will tell you the whole truth about you.
    1. Chertkov Oleg
      Chertkov Oleg April 1 2015 07: 04
      Bullshit your mares in Paul Halachera, the author of the article clearly noted.
      1. Scandinavian
        Scandinavian April 1 2015 07: 54
        Damn, I didn’t know that I turns out to be a millionaire. And where can I get my money from May 2013?
        1. Rex
          Rex April 1 2015 08: 00
          3,70 pounds per comment - no, it takes 10 years to work overtime for a millionaire :)
        2. 0255
          0255 April 1 2015 08: 28
          Quote: Scandinavian
          Damn, I didn’t know that I turns out to be a millionaire. And where can I get my money from May 2013?

          The FSB will go bankrupt if each "marshal" of the VO is paid piece-rate for a pro-Russian comment)))
          1. DRA-88
            DRA-88 April 1 2015 13: 39
            Quote: 0255
            The FSB will go bankrupt if each "marshal" of the VO is paid piece-rate for a pro-Russian comment)))

            The people were divided into patriots and traitors, and no one can distinguish one from the other.
            Mark Twain
        3. just exp
          just exp April 1 2015 09: 16
          I somehow remember that I had more than 100 thousand comments on, and given that I was a hard Putinoid, they always told me that I get 85 rubles. for comment. I looked at the number of comments and thought, damn it, at that rate of the buck I would have had enough for a Ferrari.
        4. Nissa-on
          Nissa-on April 1 2015 09: 55
          I'm still wildly sorry. I will be at your checkout.

          And now I can’t chat, I’ve gone to write comments, I need to distribute new caricatures ....
        5. mihasik
          mihasik April 1 2015 10: 00
          Quote: Scandinavian
          Damn, I didn’t know that I turns out to be a millionaire. And where can I get my money from May 2013?

          Pump in the "Independent" and take it), along the way there all the accounts are reserved! I wonder if anyone thought of suing this "edition" for libel and insult from the entire "troll factory"? Every "virtual troll" will subscribe to the application! Are there international lawyers?
        6. Puler
          Puler April 1 2015 12: 50
          I, too, turn out to be rich ... for example, everywhere I insert a pair of demotivators that I liked about Putin (I can’t post both at once, Putin transferred only one money)
        7. nelma
          nelma April 1 2015 19: 53
          I'm behind you in ...., QUEUE ..! smile
          1. APASUS
            APASUS April 1 2015 21: 52
            Quote: Nelma
            I'm behind you in ...., QUEUE ..! smile

            It is urgent to queue to become ........... otherwise it will not be enough
      2. yushch
        yushch April 1 2015 14: 02
        This is complete nonsense, with today's communication capabilities it is absolutely not necessary to collect such a huge number of people in one building. Control over the work can be carried out remotely, and the payment can be transferred to a card or account.
        Well and most importantly, no matter how patriotic you are, working from under the stick good comments cannot be constantly written.
    2. just exp
      just exp April 1 2015 09: 14
      why immediately a psychiatrist? the truth is described here.
      the truth is not all. since the Ukrainian Ministry of Propaganda is described here, which is gaining both paid and free trolls. and how many of them went there just to not get into the ATO, this is generally darkness.
    3. Vend
      Vend April 1 2015 10: 03
      Quote: ALEXX.
      Burkhard, turn to a psychiatrist. He will tell you the whole truth about you.

      It is not familiar to the West that almost all of Russia is talking about Russian trolls. Because we know what we stand for. And we do this not for money, but at the behest of the soul. It is in the West that everything changes with money. And the Russian man has a spiritual impulse.
    4. ravend
      ravend April 1 2015 10: 05
      I have one feeling that the West and Ukraine accuse us of what they do themselves?

      - a troop of Internet trolls has been formed in Ukraine, they accuse us of such actions
      - Ukraine fired at civilians in the Donbas, accused of shelling militias

      if you recall, there are a lot more facts

      even the notorious Boeing, shot down by Ukraine, the militias with Russia are to blame

      I come to the conclusion that if Russia and Novorossia are accused of something terrible, then the West or Ukraine does just that
    5. Albert1988
      Albert1988 April 1 2015 11: 34
      Quote: ALEXX.
      Burkhard, turn to a psychiatrist. He will tell you the whole truth about you.

      He will not be able to turn, because it does not exist corny ...
      Judge for yourself the name "Marat Burkhard" - what is the probability of finding a person with that name in Russia? After all, even half of our Jews have long been Russian surnames.
      Personally, it reminds me of the banal illiteracy of Western magazines - no way to come up with a blogger with the name, say, "Mikhail Bukharsky"? Or, at worst, "Marat Bukharsky" or "Marat Bukharov"? Anything would look more realistic.
      And it looks like in that movie "about a Soviet submarine" with David Duchovny, where the Soviet captain with the surname Fermi, and the KGB agent with the surname Demi ... laughing
    6. sanyavolhv
      sanyavolhv April 1 2015 15: 56
      the psychiatrist will not tell the whole truth. psychologist will tell the truth. these are two different ways to treat. so for information
    7. The comment was deleted.
    8. Vladimir Andreevichch
      Vladimir Andreevichch April 1 2015 16: 36
      He is right! I am a private in Putin's "online army"! And I'm proud of it!
      Hands off Russia!
      And if necessary, I’ll take Kalash in my hands!
    9. MSL
      MSL April 1 2015 17: 06
      It's just that gentlemen only visit sites like "Censor", there is only a question for clarification in response to non-CENSORSHIP and accusations "Kremlinbot", "Putin's Troll", etc.
  2. D-Master
    D-Master April 1 2015 06: 53
    I demand to pay me the "babosy" owed to me for the tireless struggle with the Western media. What? not paid ... Well then, in the old fashioned way at the behest of the heart.
    For me personally, everything has long been clear, the war is already underway and the front has been drawn. The West is an enemy, frantic, arrogant, and most importantly - a deceitful one. The time of chivalry in the war has passed. The time has come for poison and lies. There will never again be a trusting relationship with the West. There will be either a relationship of enemies or they will bow their defeated heads. There is no doubt that we will win. The only question is HOW this will happen. I would like that without war, with us. That Muslims would shake off the arrogance from this herd ... But We'll see. Sometimes the line comes when a very bad world is already worse than war.
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 April 1 2015 07: 29
      Quote: D-Master
      give at least 135 comments per shift.

      Yes, no less than 200 characters in the comment ... Either they don’t pay me extra, or I don’t comply with the norm, I don’t even know.
      By the way, 45 sp. - A good part-time job for the main zp, I would just be welcome, but for Peter such money is not enough, it seems to me. I'm ready to work remotely - where to record? laughing
    2. GRAY
      GRAY April 1 2015 09: 08
      Quote: D-Master
      I demand to pay me the "babosy" owed for my tireless struggle with the Western media.

      The curator told me that those who work overtime in the English segment of the Internet will be given free apartments in Lyubertsy. But as luck would have it, I don’t know English, there is no hope for Google - it translates crookedly, you have to drink bear with vodka (they were taught languages ​​in the army), all hope for it.
      1. Corsair
        Corsair April 1 2015 14: 58
        Quote: GRAY
        The curator told me that those who work overtime in the English segment of the Internet will be given free apartments in Lyubertsy. But as luck would have it, I don’t know English, there is no hope for Google - it translates crookedly, you have to drink bear with vodka (they were taught languages ​​in the army), all hope for it.

        Yeah, without a tongue tight, but translate vodka into a bear belay No. ...

        But you do not despair, there is, albeit a seedy one, but the alternative is to work in Ukraine ...
        For this, of course, an apartment in Lyubertsy will not be given, but "odnushka", with a share, in Mukhoska, for sure. yes

        FIRST APRIL! laughing
  3. mackonya
    mackonya April 1 2015 06: 56
    Yes, we all get trolls ... Strange, I observe more pro-Ukrainian trolls, their manuals are the same.
    1. Imperialkolorad
      Imperialkolorad April 1 2015 08: 00
      Quote: mackonya
      Yes, we all get trolls ... Strange, I observe more pro-Ukrainian trolls, their manuals are the same.

      Yeah, they still do not always change them on time. Indeed, according to their benefits, Russia has still attacked Georgia and much more.
  4. vinc
    vinc April 1 2015 06: 58
    Those who do not comply with the norm, “immediately” dismissed.
    They would write right away that they DESTROY, well, or at least in the GULAGs to the eternal settlement ... otherwise it is somehow weakly not in Putin's way.
  5. xorgi
    xorgi April 1 2015 06: 59
    "Those who do not meet the quota are 'immediately' fired." - why not shoot?
  6. Same lech
    Same lech April 1 2015 07: 00
    The daily task of one “blogger” is to compose at least 135 comments. Otherwise - dismissal!

    what Here's a liar Paul Gallagher .... I’m not being laid off ... how can I fire me if I’m not in the PUTIN staff ...

    in my spare time from my main work, I practice verbal balancing in defense of hehe PUTIN propaganda .... and notice absolutely free (how much money has been saved to the RUSSIAN budget smile )
    Paul would you even call me and ask my opinion ... otherwise you suck your bullshit out of your finger ... not professionally somehow ... they will cease to respect.
  7. iner
    iner April 1 2015 07: 05
    All this can be characterized by one key word that is present in the article.
    1. Sigizbarn
      Sigizbarn April 1 2015 09: 24
      Nonsense, he is nonsense, but believe that a bunch of people are grabbing it for the truth.
      How many people still believe that if this is the Western press, then this is definitely true? They won’t lie, they always have everything honestly. The West is a dream, an earthly paradise, everything is perfect there.
      So with this article they put pressure on such layers.
    2. clidon
      clidon April 1 2015 11: 30
      There may be nonsense in the details, but I have no doubt that there are professional propagandists (with a single information base) on the network. And there are quite a few of them.
  8. Volgarr
    Volgarr April 1 2015 07: 08
    While there are such "zhurnalyugs" in the West, Russia does not need any truth factories, they will do everything themselves)))))
    1. NEXUS
      NEXUS April 1 2015 08: 42
      Quote: Volgarr
      While there are such "zhurnalyugs" in the West, Russia does not need any truth factories, they will do everything themselves)))))

      they are there on the Internet in battle with our armies ... and we do not know laughing
  9. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter April 1 2015 07: 19
    Not a professionally composed lie. Such information about blogging troops came from dill, but something there did not grow together.
    Probably, they cheated with money, as usual. The standard technique is to transfer your "dirty trick" to the enemy. And you make it worse. Likelihood is not required. And so - a cross between Oruel and Solzhenitsyn.
    1. Tron
      Tron April 1 2015 09: 04
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      information about the blogging forces came from dill, but something there did not grow together.
  10. VeryBravePiggy
    VeryBravePiggy April 1 2015 07: 24
    Why didn't he tell about the overseers with long whips? Slowly commenting - there and then a blow on the back. Could show more pictures of flogged children. And dismissal - yes, through shooting in the basement, maybe personally by the head of the FSB, from TT, in the back of the head, and the carcass is butchered and fed to the survivors ... Marat Burkhard (a man with an old Russian surname, "daughter of a Petersburger", no less) miraculously left, apparently, shaming the overseers and opening their eyes to the "truth", but the "Crimean woman, the daughter of an officer", with whom not everything is clear, could not. I went for cutlets ... I wonder why the blockbuster has not been filmed yet, for example "The Running Blogger", in the main roles - Navalny, Kasparov and Akhedzhakova.
    If it's no joke, this material is another wake-up call. We see that the "civilized" world is trying to justify itself before its population, and call black white, calling those who expose these liars as liars.
    At the same time, I repeat, in the West there is not even a tenth of that "freedom of speech", the absence of which Russia and its mass media like to reproach.
    1. Colonel
      Colonel April 1 2015 08: 26
      Quote: VeryBravePiggy
      starring Navalny, Kasparov and Akhedzhakova
      Come on, the other day Akhedzhakova was handed "Nick", probably for a reason. Somewhere yes "starred", in the broad sense of the word.
  11. saag
    saag April 1 2015 07: 29
    something April Fools I suppose?
    1. Mikhal
      Mikhal April 1 2015 12: 38
      In the sense of spring. In them, in the West, it is constant.
  12. not Russian
    not Russian April 1 2015 07: 42
    And why did they begin to list the Mongolian Tugriks. For conspiracy or something.
  13. Ukolov Oleg
    Ukolov Oleg April 1 2015 07: 47
    There is a saying: Mother-in-law, daughter-in-law does not believe! In the past, leading a depraved lifestyle, changing men like gloves and systematically changing her current spouse, she does not believe her son’s daughter-in-law and that she does not change him. After all, she herself is she! So it is with the British. They themselves have built an army of trolls, they conduct propaganda and sin on others. They judge by themselves.
  14. U-47
    U-47 April 1 2015 07: 55
    "Pro-Putin trolls" attack!
  15. kev
    kev April 1 2015 07: 57
    Yes, a good April Fools joke
  16. Xanna
    Xanna April 1 2015 07: 57
    Oh yeah!!!! 40 000 rubles a month just for the fact that I will write nasty things about Obama? !!! I want, take me, I will exceed the norm, well, please, please ... T_T
  17. ivan48857
    ivan48857 April 1 2015 08: 02
    Well, they are poor fellow. Our tanks are already in Ukraine, strategic bombers are invading airspace, and now the army of bloggers is how they still live !?
  18. Proud.
    Proud. April 1 2015 08: 07
    Well, okay. Power! And how many "pro-Putin trolls" volunteers ... Ready to repeat completely free of charge - Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, oh-oh-oh! Obama, Obama, Obama, you are a born drug addict, Obama!
  19. Kite
    Kite April 1 2015 08: 13
    Paul Gallagher - exceptionally dumb! He lacked vitamins in childhood, the brain did not develop, and lives with the embryo of the brain. Tough discipline with such a salary - ??! There were not enough abilities for elementary logic. Either he is yellow-blue (down), or he received a very poor upbringing in childhood, because he did not have a conscience and for the money he would write any nonsense.
  20. Begemot
    Begemot April 1 2015 08: 18
    They still do not know, there is an ambush, there are millions of us, "Putin's trolls".
  21. Colonel
    Colonel April 1 2015 08: 24
    The last name is not convincing. Well, what is this "Burkhard"? At least there should be Sidorov request
    1. iwakura
      iwakura April 1 2015 12: 12
      this is a slightly mispronounced name of a famous (American) butt-head character. The "gentlemen" journalists didn't have enough imagination for more
  22. Stinger
    Stinger April 1 2015 08: 34
    Paul Gallagher of Independent found the article very easy. Because he simply described the methods of work of the main mass media of nurseries of democracy, trained to prepare an invasion of the Middle East. Glory to the UK and its pound!
  23. farkop
    farkop April 1 2015 08: 50
    It’s not funny at all. It’s just nice that the level of Western provocative thought is so low and primitive. We will definitely win the hurray.
  24. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y April 1 2015 08: 53
    Since April 1, or what? :) All "trolls" - Happy Holidays! :)))
  25. thinker
    thinker April 1 2015 09: 10
    Quote: kev
    Yes, a good April Fools joke

    It doesn't smell like jokes. To the meme - "British scientists", it's time to add - "British journalists". hi
  26. goose
    goose April 1 2015 09: 14
    Quote: xorgi
    "Those who do not meet the quota are 'immediately' fired." - why not shoot?

    Because the work of the troll is important to the FSB general, because it is a piece of goods, in order to work well, his family is taken hostage.
  27. 0255
    0255 April 1 2015 09: 15
    The British are already creating their army of trolls wassat
    The British military intends to create a special army to exercise psychological pressure on the Internet. “Battleground” in their case will be social networks and other services with a large concentration of users. The army will consist of 2 thousand cyber warriors, it will be created on the model of the British partisan brigade "Chindites", operating in the rear of Japanese troops during the Second World War.
    As The Independent previously reported, the army of Internet trolls will also borrow the emblem from the Chindites. Members of the group must be highly trained in the field of technology and possess certain qualities for waging an information war. Formally, the creation of the brigade will be announced in April.
  28. postoronim V
    postoronim V April 1 2015 09: 15
    Then I am a pro-Putin troll, I only write comments for my own and common future, stable and fair, we will do the rest ourselves.
  29. The gentleman
    The gentleman April 1 2015 09: 28
    you are all wrong)))) only the West is right and that is all)))) April 1)))
  30. dengy12
    dengy12 April 1 2015 09: 42
    where is it written in the pro-Putin trolls? take me to work !!!!
  31. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 April 1 2015 09: 47
    Hundreds of propaganda workers are paid above the Russian average — about 500 pounds per month. (More than 40.000 rubles at the current market rate. - O. Ch.) For this money, the employee must issue at least 135 comments per shift. Those who do not comply with the norm are “immediately” dismissed.

    Mliiiin ... fellow Where is this factory, I want to work there. And then for 15 thousand a month on the "fast" steering wheel tired of twisting. laughing
    1. 0255
      0255 April 1 2015 10: 09
      Quote: wanderer_032
      Hundreds of propaganda workers are paid above the Russian average — about 500 pounds per month. (More than 40.000 rubles at the current market rate. - O. Ch.) For this money, the employee must issue at least 135 comments per shift. Those who do not comply with the norm are “immediately” dismissed.

      Mliiiin ... fellow Where is this factory, I want to work there. And then for 15 thousand a month on the "fast" steering wheel tired of twisting. laughing

      40 Russian rubles is 000 Belarusian rubles, in our country only top managers, officials, directors and all sorts of ideological deputies of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union receive such a salary. FSB, recruit me into the "online army"! bully I want to get money for my 3027 comments on VO.
      1. TSOOBER
        TSOOBER April 1 2015 12: 57
        I want to go there too! bully
  32. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack April 1 2015 09: 48
    from UTB scarecrow)))))) damn where is my salary ?????)))))
  33. gjvjom
    gjvjom April 1 2015 09: 55
    So I didn’t understand where to get the money, to the Kremlin or phishington ?!
  34. svu93
    svu93 April 1 2015 09: 57
    p and p e c ... excuse me for my french !!))

    it seems that soon, so as not to be fooled, they will take all science and not so fiction and release a series of interviews! I already see the first headlines: "The territory of Russia and the seas washing it are living creatures bred by Putin's scientists and destroying everything western !!!", "Putin will personally control the Death Star!", "Donbass militias are cyborg robots created in underground laboratories of the Kremlin! "," The Armed Forces of Ukraine fell into another cauldron created by the landing of Predators and Aliens who arrived from another galaxy on Putin's orders! "

    By the way, I can offer everything written above as my resume for the post of Putin's troll !!!)))
  35. kit-kat
    kit-kat April 1 2015 09: 59
    I don’t know how to pay, but there are really a lot of patriots. Moreover, they attack for any criticism of the authorities, in the case and without.
  36. Belimbai
    Belimbai April 1 2015 10: 04
    On "Echo" I was accused of being "Putin's troll", and I did not know where my legs grow from. Yes, and judging by the comments on the liberal site, and our very (unfortunately) few and no troops and not in sight. They confused this with the Khokhlyatsky group of troops.
  37. givigor71
    givigor71 April 1 2015 10: 10
    utter idiocy !!!
  38. Blondy
    Blondy April 1 2015 10: 11
    Actually, I read science fiction on samizdat.
  39. Bigfoot_Sev
    Bigfoot_Sev April 1 2015 10: 23
    135 comments per day.
    200 characters in the comment. well let with spaces.
    total per day 27000 characters.
    for a kilo sign of a thoughtful text now they give ... well, let it be 150 rubles. although it’s cheap, for adequate text, and even with a picture.
    we consider. 4000 rubles a day. 22 working days - 88 thousand per month.

    GUYS, if you scribble at such a speed and in such volumes, mega-copywriters disappear in you! The market is waiting for you !!!! Do not give your work for free 45k per month!

    ps find a copywriter who steadily figs a 10 page article per day. yes, in the amount of n + 1 copywriters. Yes, it’s also cheap ... it's fantastic!
    1. S-cream
      S-cream April 1 2015 13: 16
      Comments are easier to write than a copywriting article or artwork.
  40. Genzilla
    Genzilla April 1 2015 10: 31
    Yes, we are here and somehow we can cope with no comments!
    1. 0255
      0255 April 1 2015 10: 53
      Quote: Gendzilla
      Yes, we are here and somehow we can cope with no comments!

      But after this article, the FSB is obliged to pay us babosy laughing
      1. sanyavolhv
        sanyavolhv April 1 2015 16: 14
        Why trifle? get married right away. am
      2. The comment was deleted.
  41. Hubun
    Hubun April 1 2015 10: 32
    Yes, I am part of this army, but I don’t get money for it and I’m writing not contrary to my ideology.
  42. Kuranov V.
    Kuranov V. April 1 2015 10: 34
    This NATO NATO cyber defense center is looking for an excuse to continue financing, inventing constantly existing alleged analogues in the Russian Federation
  43. Support
    Support April 1 2015 10: 48
    But in principle - there is such an army and a group of GDP, which is good. Let ushlepok silently envy ....
  44. Turkir
    Turkir April 1 2015 11: 00
    Paul Gallagher (Paul Gallagher) in the next issue of “Independent” told the world community about the “online army” of Putin from Marat Burkhard from St. Petersburg

    It turns out we poked at the keyboard for good reason. Stumbled across the ocean.
    Paul Gallaher is an ordinary borosopiser, a journalist a loser, the level of which corresponds to the level of the American reader.
  45. anip
    anip April 1 2015 11: 01
    Oh, how almost everyone here soared.
    Well, here's a fact for you:
    Kommersant: builders of Vostochny cannot justify spending 16 billion rubles

    It would seem, and in this topic, theft under the current government? And despite the fact that despite the fact that real facts of "fun" are cited, hurray-patriots-pro (for) Putin's people begin to hang various labels on those who publish such official facts here, and begin to accuse that, they say they pay for it and that this is nonsense (well, yes, the official facts are nonsense, yes, yes, and yes, official facts do not need to be paid, rather, you have to pay to ensure that such facts do not exist anywhere).
    1. iwakura
      iwakura April 1 2015 12: 26
      But what is so terrible or unexpected? :)
      Unfortunately, we have a rod where you can and where you can’t, plus all this multiplied by the traditional gouging. half of this amount was probably simply underestimated, and after an on-site audit and an overhaul, bookkeeping offices will be found, for the second half they were stooped by stealing cancer, so that the national was not accustomed. robbing projects.

      here, on the contrary, one should be glad that our prosecutor’s office has taken up the matter.
      1. anip
        anip April 2 2015 20: 32
        Quote: iwakura
        here, on the contrary, one should be glad that our prosecutor’s office has taken up the matter.

        You yourself are not funny?
        For Serdyukov, too, the prosecution took. Well, where is Serdyukov now? She also undertook Sayano-Shushenskaya, and so - they planted a trifle. They will also take up the cosmodrome.
        By the way, oh, how they got it. What, really pierces the eyes? So you cheers are all for the truth. Or is such a pavda uninteresting to you?
  46. karachun
    karachun April 1 2015 11: 13
    Fantastic nonsense of Paul Halacher)))) from the series you see the gopher)))))
  47. anip
    anip April 1 2015 11: 17
    And here's another:
    Salaries of Sechin, Yakunin and Miller will remain a secret

    I am sure that hurray-patriots, transparent and "scatter-with-kalen", will find a competent explanation for this fact too.
    1. iwakura
      iwakura April 1 2015 12: 34
      in continuation of the topic.
      I already know that their salaries are sky-high. so they appoint them to themselves, they are not state. officials, and heads of large commercial enterprises (where the state is the main shareholder because of their monopoly), but these enterprises do not live on the budget, but rather pay a lot of money to this budget (there are doubts about RZD :))

      PS. decided to feel like a "pro-Putin" troll, and realized that 135 comments I will not pull
      1. anip
        anip April 2 2015 20: 36
        Quote: iwakura
        I already know that their salaries are sky-high. so they appoint them to themselves

        Yes, of course, of course. This is a standard explanation of the cheers, you should not have expected another. Only here Putin, as it turned out, does not know what their salary is. True, he knows that their salary is the same as that of foreign companies of the same level. And prices in the Russian Federation also correspond to the world level. But Putin for some reason does not know that for ordinary people the salary for some reason does not correspond to the foreign level. Or do not want to know?
    2. Colonel
      Colonel April 1 2015 17: 43
      Oh, anip, and you are one of those who are against? And the salary differs from those "who are for"?
      1. anip
        anip April 2 2015 20: 34
        Quote: colonel
        And the salary differs from those "who are for"?

        I have no idea what the salary of those who are "for", but apparently they are paid enough to be "for".
  48. prishelec
    prishelec April 1 2015 11: 19
    And for me, on the contrary, in all social networks they sit just trolls criticizing Putin, they deny any facts, they’ll be clearly visible to you trolls if you often go to the same social networks, they have the same opinion, they repeat the same thing 100 times, the same trolls around the clock carrying complete nonsense.
  49. provincial
    provincial April 1 2015 11: 21
    "Never plot anything against Russia, because for every trick of yours it will respond with its unpredictable stupidity." Otto Bismarck
  50. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA April 1 2015 11: 33
    Expected article. Because the time has come for a preemptive strike and loud cries of "stop the thief."

    Otherwise, unpleasant questions may arise, for example, on the activities of the Ministry of Education, which officially recruits the army of Ukrainian trolls and sends to the e-mail recruited manuals and targeting resources.