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How to become a target

Information war. Today, this phrase makes shudder more than one political force in the world. Information warfare can suppress the power of any adversary. Its main goal is the formation of public opinion, which will act as an informational, or rather, misinformation basis for military imbalance. As an information attack can be used a variety of means.

How to become a target

In the first half of the XNUMXth century, the theory of military PR was developed by Sigmund Freud's nephew, Mr. Edward Bernays. He decided to actively use the so-called targeted PR (PR) to instill confidence or uncertainty in soldiers of warring units. Many could not believe it, but this practice worked. Today, the practice of information war is used by many countries of the world. We Russians have many cases in our memory when reality does not coincide one iota with the newsflowing around the country from television receivers. Just recall the situation surrounding the 2008 military conflict with Georgia. Then, as the Western media and Georgian agencies broadcast controlled by Mikheil Saakashvili, the Russian invaders destroyed the peaceful Georgian people, while the entire world community was watching the events of the Beijing Olympics.

I will not hide, personally, my teeth creaked from such an injustice, because we knew exactly who started this monstrous adventure. However, the Edward Bernays affair took leaps and bounds. Russian TV channels showed Georgian armored vehicles moving along the deserted streets of Tskhinval and shooting people who came across the eyes of the military. At the same time, all world media without exception broadcast how Russian helicopters launch rocket attacks on Georgian "peacefully" fortified positions. In such a situation, any person at the TV screen will be disoriented and say that in the West the press is much freer than our native, therefore, it is worth to trust the Western TV channels. And this man will be one of the many victims of the information war. If he was more active than the average Russian, and the poster can grab and shout “Hands off Georgia!”, With which he will run to collect the same “wounded” news bulletins from the battlefield. In Russia, this, fortunately, was not observed on a large scale, but in Europe and the United States, people were simply bubbling with indignation towards Russia. And it was only later that the ubiquitous French journalists revealed to the world the truth about who actually started this Caucasian porridge.

Today, a similar situation is observed in Syria. People who live and work in this country frankly do not understand which major protests and which millions of people who are dissatisfied with the Bashar Assad regime are talking about! In the capital of Syria, everything is calm, people also walk in the streets as usual, sit in cafes and restaurants, young people do not hide in corners and doorways. But it is necessary to turn on the TV, where one of the main "telepiarists" Al-Jazeera broadcasts, as it becomes terrible for peaceful Syrians. It turns out that they are shot here right on the streets of government units, allegedly for expressing disapproval to Assad. They are specially driven to pro-government demonstrations, and for those who do not consider it necessary to participate in them, “people in black” come in the middle of the night and take them away in an unknown direction. In general, if you trust the correspondents of the Al-Jazeera TV channel, then in Syria it is now so unsafe that even a stone on the neck and ...

Information warfare technologies are justified for their customers. To sow discord, insecurity among the people, internal discord in the country, point to an external enemy or an internal "fifth column" - and the gears of the mechanism, which is capable of turning over any political system, will rotate.

By the way, information wars today are not only world politics, and not only the field of military operations. The situation in which the now world-famous ex-head of the IMF, Strauss-Kann, has fallen, is a vivid example of preventive black (in his case “black” in the truest sense of the word) PR. Informational military actions were carried out so sophisticatedly that in just a couple of days this person lost literally everything: position, presidential ambitions, respect from the people and even relatives.

Information wars are a good source of NATO military action. Bombers destroying peaceful cities, American and British troops destroying women and children would all be justified if journalists controlled by them take over. Any failed operation against virtual militants with the destruction of an entire school, along with students in an Afghan city, will be presented as a heroic feat by Her Majesty’s soldiers and special forces with a star-striped banner on the sleeve. Tripoli, lying in ruins, the bombing of Belgrade in 1999, the complete collapse of the infrastructure of Iraq - and this is justified. And in 99% of cases, all this is done for the sake of democratic accomplishments, for the sake of true democracy by the people. At the same time, no one thinks of asking the people of this or that country where NATO is going to ask if they want it or not.

In general, the modern world should not be afraid tanks, not nuclear bombs and multiple launch rocket systems, but disinformation of a monstrous scale, because even someone who is now sitting in his warm and easy chair can suffer from it.
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  1. Ramses_IV
    Ramses_IV 29 September 2011 09: 45 New
    It seems to me that the progressiveness of information warfare directly depends on such factors as the level of education of the subject of war (for example, the population) and the ability to independently choose the source of information and the ability to analyze it. So that such a scenario could be implemented with us, they are just engaged in lowering the first Pindos; and without the first, the second is no longer necessary in principle. In general, the dumber the people, the more fertile the ground for an information war. All of the above is purely IMHO.
  2. NUT
    NUT 29 September 2011 09: 46 New
    unequivocally, if s.r.i. are in the hands of those with whom we do not drink, s, m, and, turn into weapons of mass destruction and in our history there are a great many examples

    at the very beginning of its great boom, the Russian empire collapsed thanks to (including) baseless rumors about the ruin crash and people rushed to take their deposits, but dead banks are dead industry, hereinafter referred to as the “domino effect”

    Ukraine 2004 an unprecedented 14% increase in production, out of nothing, the “Orange Revolution” and again in ... opera

    Belarus, our only side that walked in its socks, wrote with its fountain pens and ate the legs of its hens, where people every day in the hundreds and thousands did not die of that. that there is no money for the simplest treatment, stepped on a rake familiar to everyone with a label of the same company
  3. bels
    bels 29 September 2011 16: 59 New
    We must learn to fight at the information level. Why didn’t Russia file an international court for libel, didn’t accredit accused foreign media outlets?
    Yes, and inside the country they can’t normally brainwash the population before the reforms, just a shame! Where our leaders and their advisers studied, they probably slept at lectures on history ... It’s not the management of commercial enterprises.
  4. Uhalus
    Uhalus 29 September 2011 23: 09 New
    Conclusion: if you want to win - especially without a real war - learn to lie. To lie one to your own, so that you are faithful; lie the opposite of the enemy, so that they would be afraid of us and would eat their own people (lie and rule!). And this, the main one in our time, the war of the USSR and lost ... And now they are lying to us. They lie and others about our past socialism, lie about Belarus, about Libya, lie about our present ... about everything.
    But are we with brains? And this inspires some hope for the best ...
  5. Uhalus
    Uhalus 30 September 2011 00: 15 New
    Remembered! About 10 years ago a good book came out: Krysko. Information war. - Very informative.
    And you can also run it in a search engine: Information Theory.
  6. 30 September 2011 00: 47 New
    This is a reminder to everyone who rants about the "independence" of the Western media. Their coverage of the attack on Tskhinval (I remember watching it was written with boiling water from indignation), coverage of the war in Libya, and the official version of September 11, in which there are a lot of inconsistencies, all this clearly shows that the West is brainwashing its citizens with obvious zeal.