Military priest father Ciprian Peresvet

The priest went through all the Russian hot spots.

The priest is a purely male profession. Father Cyprian is an unusual priest: he went through two Chechen wars. He was on the front line, he had to sit with the soldiers in trenches filled with ice-cold water, and then sleep in wet clothes on wooded soldier bedding. He carried the wounded from the battlefield, not forgetting his direct duties: he confessed, baptized, read the funeral, and even crowned. Freeing the guys, he was held captive several times, six times he was taken to be shot. The Chechens call him a brother, the Russian soldiers - the battle.

Cyprian's biography fits into a short formula declared by himself: first he was a warrior, then a cripple, then he became a priest, then a military priest.

Worldly life

All the questions about what Father Cyprian did before he became a priest, he abruptly suppresses: “You are talking about the dead man. There is no that person, he died. I was given a different name during monastic tonsure, but Cyprian was born that way ... I remember everything perfectly. I remember those people to whom I am grateful. And the people who brought me good, and the people who brought evil to me, each played a role, formed a person in me. "

However, one can still learn something from a conversation with a monk: he was born in Khabarovsk, in the GULAG, he miraculously survived. “The camp children were practically suicide bombers. Thank God, good people saved us and gave us their last name: they forged documents and transferred us from the ranks of the children of the enemies of the people to the category“ abandoned. ”We were transported from an infant home in the Far East to Astrakhan orphanage. there was a pear with the building. This is the taste and aroma of pears I associate with childhood ... "

Even less is known about the further life of Cyprian's father. They say that he was engaged in equestrian sport, passed Afghanistan, received disability and encouragement in the form of a small apartment in Moscow.

Second birth

So, father Cyprian was "born" in 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed. The monk claims that it was this event that prompted him to decide to leave the world. In Suzdal, he took monastic vows. In 1994, he was ordained a priest. In 1995, he became the abbot. When the first Chechen began, Father Cyprian went to the front. But never wore a helmet or body armor. When he was going to Chechnya, he thought he would be there a hundred and first. Came - and there is no one. He was actually the first real military priest after 1917 of the year. It is not surprising that this brave man, who is known to all the soldiers who have gone through Chechnya, has become a legend. Father Cyprian has rewards, some of which are from the past, and some from real life.

The trench church is the "exclusive idea" of Father Cyprian. This is a specially modified army unloading vest, where a small holy cross and a bottle of holy water from the Jordan itself are placed, a censer, a sprinkler, crosses, candles, incense and a baptismal box - in general, everything that is necessary to perform services and ceremonies in the trenches and even on the battlefield. The monk never parted with the icon of the Mother of God, which the late intelligence officer Beard from the Sofrino brigade carried out from a burning house in Grozny and gave it to a priest.

When Father Cyprian is near, the soldiers feel more confident. In the war, and cling to a straw and then such a two-meter block! There is even a belief: if a monk is in an operation, everything will be successful and there will be neither dead nor wounded. He even has his own call sign - "Fight-15". So that the guys know: Cyprian with them.


The hardest memories are connected with the father of Cyprian with the days when the Russian troops took Grozny. “When our group entered Grozny, crazy people walked around the city. It was a terrible sight. The air, saturated with dust and burning, was brown in color. The explosions were constantly heard, because the streets were packed with explosives. From each floor, from each basement, the moans of the wounded were heard and dying. I remember a man who carried a cart on wheels back and forth, and in a cart there was a pack of newspapers, a sneaker, a charred board, some kind of rag.

I walked around the city with Colonel Garik Papekyan. He gave help to the needy, I read the funeral. Dead civilians were buried in every yard. "

Father Cyprian buried a lot of nameless Russian soldiers crushed and torn apart, and took some of the remains out of Chechnya so that no one would defile the graves. He himself was looking for mothers so that they could take the bodies of their children.

“I remember, after the fiercest battles and before the arrival, the high authorities ordered the city to be cleaned of burnt equipment. And everyone rushed to carry out the order and dragged the“ dead ”cars to the pile. And there, inside, the burnt carriages didn’t give a damn. machines with a cellophane bag and collected
all that remained was the phalanxes of the fingers, the pieces of the scapula, stripped the charred boots and took out the bones. And, most importantly, he found personal tokens so that everything could be sent to the mother. The most terrible that the mother was happy! In ordinary life, its laws. In war everything changes. ..

Often met and crushed people, which literally shovel had to scrape off the ground. This is scary. Or when people step on mines, not on stretch marks, but on ordinary anti-tank ... And all this is on trees, on bushes ... Nemero such. And I walked, walked, collected all this ...

And so it happened: a board or a turntable from Mozdok flew to the North. Young guys came out, dressed with needles, funny, unstressed. And the foil goes back, the foil ... by the machines, the sides of the foil, the "two hundred" go.

After all, right on the first Chechen contract servicemen who had passed through Afghanistan were reluctantly allowed. There, many commanders and soldiers were "parquet", with no experience. When I came to the first war, do you think there was a need for a priest? Then yes. But first of all, he needed a comrade who would teach them to stay alive ... The second "Chechnya" is different, less bloody, professional. "


Repeatedly passed the information that Father Cyprian died. There are many situations in war when, logically, it is impossible to survive, but a miracle happens. Once on Ramadan, Dad spent the night in the rescue battalion. More than a hundred armed bandits arrived in the morning. Rescuers offered Father Cyprian to leave for the garages, that is actually life. But the monk stayed, he stepped forward. Orthodox priest congratulated Muslims on the holiday. He talked about bloody and scary stories two courageous nations and that they were pushed. He begged: the column should not be touched, there are children, rescuers who do not even have weaponssince they came to provide humanitarian assistance. He also wished the Chechens peace and good. And the men, armed to the teeth, left without killing anyone and taking them prisoner. Literally half an hour later, old men and children from a neighboring village appeared and brought rescue treats: in Chechnya, it was the last day of Ramadan to treat guests.

Peaceful time

In the breaks between the first and second “Chechnya,” in peacetime, Father Cyprian did not abandon the guys who went through the war. He now continues to visit the war-torn guys. "This is necessary for the guys, because they returned from another world, from another dimension. Even physically healthy-looking guys are wounded by war. The war will never end in our hearts. All who have been there are brothers. And these are not empty words."

The monk has another obligation: he constantly complements the book "Chechnya, or Notes of the Russian Monk",
written about the war, which he calls no other than a mafia disassembly at the Kremlin level.



On the fronts of the Chechen war, the military priest Father Cyprian is well known. His arrival - the whole of Chechnya. His flock is the entire Russian army.
ON WAR FOR DEATH AND CRUELY, they pay with righteousness goals, dedication and selfless kindness to the closest person - comrade, brother-soldier. Without this kindness to your man - nowhere. And there is more of her in the war than here, there she is sincere, because everything is very clear: both death and the enemy lurk behind the next shelter.

Here, in peaceful Russian cities, it is difficult to achieve the same kindness of love for our warring soldiers. Through television screens, the horrors and mud of war instantly reach here, and kindness is lost, languishes and reaches Moscow, already mutated, perverted. On RTR love Chechen refugees more than our soldiers. On NTV, the “freedom-loving” bastards feel more pity than the Russian liberators. And already the demo-journalist relishes the details of the "crimes of the military." And already an activist from the “soldiers' mothers” is straining into the microphone about the “weak soldiers”, wants to hide them under his hem, and in the end he suddenly switches to glorifying enemies, stinging the Russian army with poison. This is not kindness, but cowardice and betrayal.

If you are kind, be not in a television studio, but on the front line. If you want to protect the soldiers - stand with them side by side in a trench. If you fight the abomination of war, always remain with your own, never betray our victory or our defeat. Become holy in war. Become like Father Cyprian.

Fr Cyprian’s father, Cyprian, is over fifty years old, but not a word about his former life, only: “There is no such person. And I'm not ashamed of him. ” At 1991 in Suzdal, Cyprian took monastic vows. The Yenisei Cossack army in its circle during the revival of the Cossacks of Russia elected him its troop priest. In 1994, ordained to the priesthood. In the first days of the war in Chechnya, he was on the front line, but he never took a weapon in his hands and did not wear a bulletproof vest. He participated in many operations, but not as a soldier, but without a weapon. Cyprian was the first and only military priest in that war. Became a legend, went like hot cakes, as a talisman. If in some part he lingered longer than usual, then the commanders of other units were nervous and demanded that they give Father Cyprian to his comrades. All in all, he spent two years at the front of that war. I was in captivity at Khattab. He received two wounds and a contusion, and already in the new Chechen one was wounded again. In 1995 in Chechnya, he had another name - Peresvet. Has 14 government awards. The only one who was awarded the cross on the St. George ribbon. Dudayev declared him an enemy of the Chechens, saying that he would convert them to Orthodoxy, but the Chechens called him their brother. And for Russian soldiers, he was a real father. Batey.

THERE ARE PEOPLEwho believe recklessly because they are internally pure. Their spirit is straight and high, and great truth comes through in their every word. Such is Father Cyprian. He is not the speaker of the ability to speak, but by the power of persuasion. Who listened to his speech, he knows: it is impossible to remain indifferent.

There was a case in the mid-nineties, when the elite air unit was on the verge of a hungry rebellion. Glorious pilots were not executioners, but warriors — they always walked with their heads held high, because they never, for the first time, Chechnya bombed civilian targets. Now professional officers, Russian aces were brought to the limit, everyone wrote a report about leaving, barricaded themselves, they did not allow anyone, even their own commanders. This meant: at least they would be thrown into the street, homeless, without a profession, benefits and benefits.

Front-line commander aviation Colonel General Antoshkin, a bloodless commander who did not lose a single subordinate for the whole of Afghanistan, Chernobyl, Chechnya, called on Father Kiprian: they flew, maybe they will listen to you.

Missed He played in front of angry people, impromptu. He spoke about the great Russian army, about the officer's honor, about the sacred right of the military to decide the fate of his country. Kleymil those who called them, hungry and unarmed, to the barricades, under the execution of police punishers. I asked for patience, for the liberation is near, the treacherous power will soon be thrown off. Broadcast about the future, about the returned army glory, about the victories of the Russian weapons.

Listened. All took back their reports, and part existed, people remained intact. And yet it then, "legally," reduced at the root.

At home, Cyprian's father is calm, peaceful. The decor is quite simple: wooden benches, a real coffin instead of a bed, a bow in the corner - Cyprian calls his room a cell. He shows a unloader for a spare ammunition - these are worn under a bulletproof vest and into battle. God told me to make a real trench church out of a discharger. He carried everything he needed with him: he could both say goodbye and take communion, even crowned twice. Here is an expensive small holy cross. Here is a bottle of holy water from Jordan itself. Censer, sprinkler - everything is here.

And icons. Two of them went through the whole of Chechnya. One icon was made specifically for Cyprian by the icon painter Osetr from Suzdal - the icon of the guardian angel. And the second 14 of January 1995 of the year was saved from the fire, in Grozny, by the Sofrinsky brigade. So the icon became - Sofrinskaya Mother of God. A scout named "Beard" gave it to Cyprian. "Beard" is no longer, in 96-m died. When the Sofrinans met after the war, Cyprian told them about this icon and about “The Beard”, and a woman stood in the hall, they thought his mother. Cyprian bowed, spoke of all the mothers, and the woman said, "I am the beard's wife." The whole room got up, everyone cried.

When in 99 Father Cyprian left for Chechnya again, he immediately took the icon with him. And for a long time I could not catch the Sofrino brigade. On the march sometimes intersect. And then he found, finally, he was accepted - as he returned home. He blessed the children with an icon, in time, because part of the brigade went to Grozny. Knew: the Mother of God will save them. And he himself saved, because after the last injury he couldn’t survive: well, the officers were quickly delivered, transported by themselves.

Cyprian speaks of the last wound reluctantly. I was on the front end, where, in which regiment I did not say: “I don’t want to substitute the regiment. He is not to blame for anything, no one is to be guilty of anything at all in war, there is no war without casualties. ”There was no fight yet. Suddenly, our position light went up, ATGM. Cyprian is right there for the guys: “To the shelter!” - but they stand, they do not understand. He let them literally dump into the trench, someone jumped himself. He threw all of them, he already went to the jump, and at this moment ... They say that it was as impressed in the BMP. “So, not a wound, a concussion only. Six broken ribs, little legs, teeth knocked out. ”

Saved the guys. “Yes the first time, or what? I am there for that. The first is a talisman: the guys see that Dad is near - it means everything is in order. Calmly go to the job in the column. They looked at me - they calmed down, without being distracted, carry out their military mission. I go with them on a mission. They began to fire the column - the loss is always zero. Next to me there is no loss, even the three hundredth. But is that what I'm doing? This is the Lord, by faith the Lord gives. The Lord works the wonders of heaven through us. Here the guys believe - and the Lord is in the midst of them, it is their faith and saves. I then should not have survived. The guys looked at me, worried, they shared their life force with me, and therefore I am alive now - because of the great responsibility to them. ”

FATHER CYPRIAN AND NOW remembers that war uneasily, everything resides again. He talks about his hard work without any bravado. He smiles only when he speaks about the Russian soldiers and officers: “Almost all the soldiers accepted me. Among the thousands, only two or three did not want to open their heart, they were alien. But the Lord is with them. And so, for whom I was an Orthodox priest, for whom a comrade, and for whom - news from home, where they are loved and waited. Not the father, and Dad. He who shields them with himself and says death: “Go away. I will not give them. You won't get anything here today. ”And the Lord gives such power, and he does everything himself.

In the war the Lord is closer, he is among us. There, in war, it happens that everything that is said in the Gospel is repeated there. What is war? There, everyone in the palm. If you are a coward, you will never play a hero. If you are a bastard, you will not be kind. Everything is bare there. And I, too, in front of everyone. Not in green, but as a priest.

It is very difficult. After all, I am a coward, like everyone, I am made from the same meat. You can earn credibility over the years and lose it because of one wrong move. Were there any? Yes. My main mistake is old age. Many wounds in me, since that life. And from the first Chechnya too. And I climbed to where it is very difficult. And I did not have the right to become a burden there. Had to be a hero.

The soldiers made me a legend. I wake up as a simple person, and suddenly it turns out: there is such a legendary Cyprian, to whom they say: “Good morning, Dad.” Or they say: “Oh, Dad flew in!” - and they are not afraid of anything else. And I must urgently catch up with that Cyprian, in order to justify their courage, to be with my soldiers.

Three hours a day sleep, fifteen minutes apart. Because night is the time of confessions. From private to general come to you: confess, Dad! War, death, danger is ever present. Where does a tired person come from? The Lord gives strength. ”

On the first Chechnya, his father Cyprian had his own call sign - “Yak-15”. To know: he is here, near. Everywhere there were acquaintances - soldiers, officers, generals, whole units. “After all, what is Chechnya? This is all of Russia here. My whole army is my fellow soldiers. There, in Chechnya, the best of the best. Those who did not shy away from the army, who found the courage to leave the well-fed table for the war. ”Cyprian was accepted by everyone: the army, all branches of the armed forces, military forces, Ministry of Emergency Situations, frontiers. Parts from all over the country: from the Far East, from Siberia, from the Urals, from the European part — all passed through it. There was such a cleansing: near death, but even closer - Father Cyprian.

“My homeland is the USSR, I am a Soviet person. Confessor of the Soviet Army. The Soviet Union existed and will exist: in what boundaries, with what name - another conversation. I travel throughout the Soviet Union, from part to part, without recognizing borders. ”Thanks to military aviation, thanks to the command, Cyprian flies through Russia. It still does not leave the children: not only whole and healthy, but also crippled, the family visits them. Whoever sees nothing, but only can touch his hand, still finds out: “Yes, this is Father Cyprian!”

And never father Cyprian throws the dead. Even in the first Chechnya alone, in unbelievable conditions, he buried the dead, only fifty thousand of our soldiers and officers otpelo! He buried them with his own hands. He took the ashes of many away from Chechnya so that the enemy would not defile the grave. Many places of burials do not reveal until now, keeping accurate topographic bindings - such is the protection from the business on the bones.

And here, in Moscow, in his cell, Cyprian every minute remembers them, the soldiers of the fallen: “Here are the souls of those who have gone to eternity. Those who are already forgotten, but I will never forget. Therefore, my service is very long, longer than many services, because I read several thousand names, recalling each one. For several hours, twice a day. These are all my soldiers, my friends. ”

In the first Chechnya, Father Cyprian was captured by Khattab. He remembers: ghoul, abomination, cannibal. Unbalanced mentally, just a sick person. Untidy. With a huge hatred of Orthodoxy, to Russia. He is not a believer, not a "warrior of Allah." Sadist. Father Anatoly 38 personally injured inflicted. He deduced Cyprian to be shot: “Scream“ Allah Akbar! ”- I will let go.” This is in addition to other bullying and mockery. “God saved me, I did not break the oath before God, and He did not allow me to kill.

Do enemies have power? Ghost is. Yes, they have already become professionals. And while they think that victory is behind them, they are strong. But as soon as they realize that there will be no victory, they will drop their weapons. They are hundreds already in captivity surrender!

The Russian army is now carrying out the mission of freeing the Chechen people from international banditry. I often meet there with the peaceful Chechens. Ordinary people tell me the whole truth. Many people begin to talk with hate, but after fifteen minutes they are different: “Help you Allah! Come back soon so that you and we have peace too! ”I have many Chechen friends. Many of them call me brother. They are warriors and can be very serious opponents, but if a Chechen is a friend, he will never betray. I met with mullahs - “brothers!”. But those mullahs that were in the gangster detachments were - one hand on the Koran, the other on the machine gun, almost from Africa itself - neither the Caucasus nor the customs know ... Well, what kind of mullah! Some cries of "Allah Akbar!" Real Muslims can first go with them, but then they very quickly begin to see and go. Propaganda tortured them, based on fanaticism and lies. What in the first, that in the second Chechen. "

AND THERE IS A NEW CHECHNYA. 1999 year. Father Cyprian knows for sure - the war has become different. “Russia has grown wise, prepared, remarkable officers have kept themselves, the generals have changed. Our guys came to the leadership of the General Staff, to the ministries. Patriots came. I saw a lot of real officers at the front: commanders of districts, divisions, regiments - and even platoons. At the command posts, the generals are all equally good, more impressions about them - from subordinates, and observations: aha, people cherish, all the soldiers are fed up, wearing body armor, warm, clean - it means a good commander. ”

And what war is worse? “Yes, both are terrible. Because the guys are dying. Next to you is - warm, alive, and can die at any second, and will not become him, and the mother will scream. I don't dream about anything like the world. Hurry to win. I'm tired of losing our soldiers. ”That's what the real dream of peace is - not from a shameful treaty, but after our victory.

Feelings to take up a gun from Father Cyprian never happened. “I have my own weapon, it is even stronger than a machine gun, why do I need a machine gun. I defended the guys like a talisman. I am just a servant to God and the people, and I do what, according to the will of God, and only when it can and should be done.

I have another task: if someone does something wrong, give a hint. Listens, I have authority. Somehow Kazantsev says: now we’ll quickly go there by car. From the protection of excuses. Then I come up and say: "Comrade General, your life does not belong to you, but to the Fatherland." Kazantsev deliberate, took the guard, left.

My comrades — generals, deputy commanders of the group: for the armament of the Under-Cutters and the rear of Moskovchenko — sent me to where it was heavier. “Dad, support ours, it's bad there!” I rode to the very front. And there are our boys. Immense and alien mountains, the enemy is everywhere - and the Russian boys are at the forefront, they are not afraid. And the Caucasus belongs to them. ”

Military priest father Ciprian Peresvet

Were there any miracles? “I was captured, and I am alive. Everywhere, wherever I was, - the soldiers remained alive. Back in 95, we walked around Grozny together with Colonel Papekyan, explaining to civilians where the point of assistance was, where the graves were, where the water could be taken, where the bread was, where to spend the night. And the sniper shot - at him and at me. I struck the hood, a centimeter from the head. Miracle? Heroism? This is not heroism. There is such a thing - faith in God. The hair will not fall from the head ... In Urus-Martan in 95-m they got into three ambushes, one of them was artillery. Alive. Miracle? Or here's the story of the Emergency Ministry ... "

Avtobatalon EMERCOM stood in the village, in the homeland of Dudayev, completely uncovered. And on the last day of Ramadan, the suicide bombers wanted to make a gift to their president — to destroy the emchees. Cyprian's father was with the battalion at that time. There are only four barrels in the guard, not shot guys. Thirty-two cars drove up, about 150 people. Militants came from there. They were ready to destroy these guys, to cut every single one of them, so they arrived. “I had one folder for children in those moments. He begged the Lord not to allow it ... ”recalls Cyprian.

Went out to the bandits. “Well, Ides, Ides, we will cut you!” Instead of tears and supplication, Father Cyprian congratulated them on Ramadan. He spoke with them about the world, about the bloody history of two peoples, about the mafia dismantling of the Kremlin. He spoke about emchees: “There are children, they are rescuers, they are providing humanitarian aid!” And then again about the Chechens themselves: “God forbid that your gardens should bloom, that the children frolic and their twitter will not stop.” Cyprian sincerely wished them peace . And a miracle happened. These powerful, armed men, cutthroat suicide bombers stood motionless and cried. And then they parted, and after an hour and a half old people and children came from a neighboring village and brought treats to emchei people, as is customary on the last day of Ramadan. God did everything, Cyprian had nothing to do with it.

WITH WHAT LOVE says father Cyprian about Shamanov! “I am for such commanders as Shamanov. He is a legend of the Chechen war, a true patriot of Russia, with a great future. Father to the soldiers, they are everything to him. When reconnaissance was ambushed, he caught his heart. This is a man with whom I will go forward without looking back. Shamanov can be trusted people, Fatherland, himself. And most importantly, Shamanov is a real Russian warrior, he is most of all the creator of peaceful moments. A true warrior must fight less, and longer prepare for war. The more you prepare, the less you have to fight.

What does it mean to be a warrior? This is a state of mind, this is the meaning of life of a person who in peacetime plows, and if necessary, he takes up arms and fights for his native land. Like the Cossacks, they grew bread in peacetime, and only took a rifle from the king-father. Everything else themselves. And to protect the earth, and feed it. Warrior bones does not fall. He is the enemy as it should "nack cheek" and will continue to plow. Do not interfere with the warrior to love and protect their homeland. Do not interfere with the people. He will do everything himself, on his own land.

Our warrior is a citizen, one of the best members of society. And he will not share with the peaceful life. And our people's army - from green boys to old gray-haired. To serve - it is necessary to consider it as a great honor, if you are not a parasite with your Fatherland. The near mothers are those who consider it good not to let their son into the army. ”

Cyprian's father is not a soldier, but he knows the war, he saw her eyes and felt death behind her shoulder. “War clears. This is another dimension. When the soldiers come to the civilian, they cannot adapt for a long time. It is not because they have unlearned of a peaceful life and can, like all bastards say, "only shoot and kill." They went through such a furnace, such a reforging. And getting here, they do not find their roots here, it becomes alienated. After all, who is returning? A man who understood the meaning of life. The person who knows the value of life and wants to live comes back, most of all wants to work, peacefully create. He missed the plow, machine, pen, tracing paper. And he is perceived as a freak, as a bunch of muscles, attached to the "gun".

Life can be given for the Fatherland by a fanatic. But to live for the Fatherland, to work every day, tirelessly, to perform daily combat mission, even in peacetime, with a beggarly wage, at camera sight - not everyone can. We do not exist in preparation for death, but in a variety of creation. It is not necessary to wrap up in a shroud, but to live for the sake of the people, to be part of the people, to live with Russia forever. ”

“How many saints are in the Russian Land! And they all pray for us. The Lord takes to himself the fallen soldiers, the new martyrs. There is no death, guys, says Father Cyprian to the soldiers, “but there is a shame. There is an opportunity not to save your soul. Honestly fight and stay alive, and if you leave, then go to eternity, and there pray for us. We will meet with you, this is a temporary separation. New martyrs Russian - how many were there in times of war! Throughout our history, for all the wars - how many are saints in the Russian Land! And we are the descendants of these saints, their blood flows in us, in each of us. Is it possible to destroy such a people? It is impossible. This is the great secret of Russia.

I want Russian people not to be humiliated in their Russian land. And together with all nations I lived likewise freely. With your thought, your culture. He stopped playing games by someone else's rules. This is our country. Heavenly Russia has already won, and she is praying for us, so that we can equalize: Russia is earthly with her. Our future is beautiful, all that is required of us is to be together and build. Now we are so divided! Thank God, you can not divide the sky - the pegs have nowhere to score. "

Father Cyprian will soon recover and go to the front again. Because Russia is there now. Her fate is being decided there, the best Russians are fighting there. Nothing will happen to him, because he does not already belong to himself. He is a military priest, his parish is our entire army. He will return to her, look menacingly around, overshadow everyone with himself, say death: “Get away!” With such a bastard, can you not win ?!

Denis Tukmakov
Tomorrow No. 5 (322)
1 February 2000 year

Frontline priest

Cyprian is the first troop priest in post-Soviet Russia.
He was brought up by clergy, faithful to the church of Patriarch Tikhon.
He took monastic vows in 1991 year in the city of Suzdal - in monasticism with the name of Cyprian, in honor of the Holy Blessed Cyprian, Suzdal miracle worker. Ordained a priest in 1994. Hegumen with 1995 of the year.
From March 2003 of the year - cleric of the Church of the IHP of Greece
Throughout all military operations in Chechnya (1994 – 1996 and 1999 – 2002), he volunteered in battle formations, supporting the Word of God and the patriotic spirit of our soldiers with God's Word. He baptized, communion and confessed, buried and read thousands of soldiers and civilians. He carried the wounded during the battle. Freed people from captivity. He did not take arms in his hands and did not put on a bulletproof vest.
During the period of peaceful days (1996 – 1998), he continued to work in the troops throughout Russia, as well as with the “hot spots” veterans and their families, which he is still doing today.
It has injuries and contusions.
Freeing our warriors, he himself was captured by terrorists. Despite the torture and imitation of the shooting, he did not deny the Orthodox Faith. Released from captivity comrades.
Awarded with military awards of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Emergencies Ministry

He is the only one who was awarded the Priest's Cross on the St. George Ribbon.

For courage, the soldiers of the Russian grouping was called PERESVET.
The warriors of the power ministries of Russia affectionately call him - BATYA.

By the will of God, Cyprian Peresvet finished his ministry.
12 June 2005 of the year, in the city of St. Petersburg, he took the veil in the Great Sheema, becoming the elder, the schema heir to Isaac.
But forever will remain with us - all the same Dad, who can not imagine himself, his life without us, without you, dear people!
He is a troop monk priest.
His coming is all our warriors.
He now constantly creates his salvation prayers - for peace and love, for people not to die, for the victory of good over evil, for you and me, for the Earth and the Glory of Russia!
Live and believe

With the advent of the Kremlin democrats and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Chechen Republic became a special criminal zone: the refuge of international terrorists, Wahhabi extremists and criminals.
Defending the integrity and independence of our Motherland, federal troops, police and Cossacks came out to defend its southern borders.
The director returns the viewer to the days of the first Chechen war (1993-1996), showing them toughly, in all their harsh truth. The death of Russian boys, victims of the betrayal and mercenary play of the then politicians, the ruthlessness of the embittered Chechen militants, the selfless service of troop clergymen, the military affairs of the Terek Cossacks, who defended their homes and families, are shown on the basis of a large documentary material.
At the heart of the documentary narration about the first Chechen campaign is a story about the everyday life of the 694-th separate motorized rifle battalion, better known as the battalion of the name of General Yermolov. This unit was unique and unique in the Ministry of Defense. It was formed exclusively from volunteers - Terek and Kuban Cossacks - with a very specific goal: to protect the Cossack villages of the Naursky and Shelkovsky districts of Chechnya from attacks by bandit groups.
Before the premiere of the film, director Sergei Rozhentsev said: The basis of our film is the front-line shots of our friend - Press Officer of the Terek Cossack Army Alexander Kuznetsov. He, along with the Cossacks, was in Chechnya. He went with them all the battle way and still deals with the fate of the Cossacks on the Terek.
And indeed, most of the filming is unique. Just because they were made in the literal sense under the bullets, on the front lines.

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    1. dimon34
      20 December 2011 00: 49
    2. Ruspatriot
      2 December 2013 22: 24
      Thank God that there are such real monks and warriors as patriots of their country and worried with love about the people thrown by the Jewish anti-Russian and anti-Orthodox power ... but with us God will leave the filthy power ... and her enemies will disappear from the face of Mother Russia ... and it will go the way of the Holy Orthodox faith in a heavenly homeland .. to God and brothers in Christ in eternal life !!! Thank God for everything!!!
    3. typhoon7
      2 December 2013 22: 52
      Awesome article, Awesome father, I bow to him and all our army. How much love is in a person, neither war nor captivity emasculated the soul. God's man. Thanks to the author.
    4. +1
      13 March 2020 14: 59
      That should be all the confessors. Do not fatten and engage in other indecency, but like this one - at the forefront. I speak as an atheist - my respect for SUCH clergy.

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