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Stephen Cohen: what will lead US policy

American historian Stephen Cohen, who specializes in Russia, believes that because of the erroneous policies of the last White House administrations, war can begin on the planet. Responsibility for a possible US military confrontation with Russia, the scientist imposes on Washington. The White House is aggressive, the historian believes, while Russia is forced to respond to aggression.

О speech Steven Cohen on television told the famous blogger Eric Suess portal "Washington's Blog". According to him, S. Cohen "speaks the truth."

The blogger recalls that Stephen Cohen is a prominent scientist, an expert on Russia, recognized internationally. And it should be alarming that he recognizes the existence of a "real threat of war with Russia."

The historian first speaks about this.

He unambiguously lays the blame for the dangerous tendency on the leadership of the United States, writes Suess.

Also, the historian considers a possible situation a “fatal turn stories».

Finally, according to him, the war "may be the beginning of the end of the so-called Transatlantic Alliance."

According to the scientist, the problem was born in 1990's. At that time, the Clinton administration adopted the doctrine of "The winner takes all." This policy was carried out in relation to post-Soviet Russia. "Russia gives, we take." This policy was adopted by the Clinton administration, but other White House administrations, as well as congressmen, followed it, and there is no difference to which political party the president belonged to and who ran it in Congress. This policy is pursued and President Obama, said Cohen. Any American ruler since the days of Clinton believed that the United States can expand its sphere of influence as much as they want, up to the borders of Russia, but Russia should not have any sphere of influence, even in Georgia or Ukraine.

As for Putin’s figure, the American government does not understand the simple thing: Putin is “more European than 99% of other Russians.”

Regarding Ukraine, Cohen recalls that since November 2013, Putin has not shown aggression, but was forced to respond at every stage.

And what about America? And in the US, the media “uniformly” distorted the facts ”, which the scientist called“ an unprecedented situation in American politics. ” According to experts, it is "extremely dangerous, and it is a failure of American democracy."

In Europe, there was a split. Politicians there have already recognized: Crimea will not return to Ukraine, “no matter how strongly Kiev called for it.”

Further, the historian sharply criticized Obama, noting that he had never before heard from the American presidents in public “personal” remarks against the Russian leaders.

As for the existing government in Ukraine, it is “not a democratic regime.” And if the West does not cease supporting Kiev (without any reservations), then, Cohen said, "I am afraid that we will move towards war with Russia."

“THIS IS YES!” - blogger Süss led in capital letters.

This really proves how alarmed the historian is. If before he condemned mildly, criticizing mainly the "American hawks" climbing on Ukraine, now "he has finally begun to specifically condemn". And both Democrats, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, got on his black list. Moreover, Cohen has publicly stated that democracy is no longer in the United States.

Why did Cohen not speak with such anxiety about all this before? He told why.

According to him, last year he and other experts believed that Europe, which was economically heavily integrated into Russia, would put an end to this crisis generated by the policy of the United States. “But instead, most of the EU countries went the course of Washington,” the historian noted with bitterness.

In other words, Suess comments, Cohen and his friends apparently ignored evidence of Obama’s atrocities, the White House’s involvement in the Ukrainian coup (this was the first step to conquering Russia), and the Nazi activities in Ukraine — the very Nazis who fanatically hate Russians and wish them death. "

In his speech, Mr. Cohen also noted that Obama is “a weak leader in foreign policy.” Süss believes that such a statement looks like an explanation for the unsuccessful Hitler’s decisions by D. Irving, who claimed that Hitler was “the weak leader that his advisers used”. Cohen and, possibly, his friends, writes Suess, are similarly judged the same way about Obama: they refuse to consider the evidence of the evilness of this person.

But now, after this interview, the blogger continues, people may open their eyes to what is happening. Americans finally realize how close the world has come to a nuclear disaster. Liberals do not even have time to suffer, do not have time to be disappointed in the world in which they lived.

Liberals are not able to protect the world from the Nazis, they always fail, according to Süss. But those progressive personalities who are aware of the depth of real problems are somehow called liberals by the liberals ...

By the way, most recently, 25 March in Washington hosted the World Russian Forum. Politicians did not make speeches about the exclusivity of the United States, about Russia's aggression and even about strengthening sanctions or any other pressure.

As told correspondent "Vesti" Alexander Khristenko, the event was held in the building of the Senate. It is in this room that John McCain usually sits. But March 25 said there was not Russia, but America provoked a conflict in Ukraine.

"News" quoted the same Cohen, who participated in the forum:

“Almost 25 for years in Washington perceived post-Soviet Russia as a defeated country. They did not say this out loud, but they were treated as a defeated Germany or Japan. Three leaders — Gorbachev, Reagan, then Bush Sr. — negotiated, announced in 1988 that the cold war was over “without losers.” All won, no one lost. The USSR broke up later, but America connected this event with the already ended cold war. And soon, in January, 1992, the president of the elder Bush announced that the United States had won the cold war, moreover, “the only superpower in the world remained - the United States of America”.

According to Cohen, triumphalism has eaten into US foreign policy. Hence the attempt to impose unequal conditions in relations with Russia: Moscow must yield “thanks”.

There was talk about the expansion of NATO. The correspondent cites the words of Theodore Postol, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “I somehow understand Russians that they are worried about being surrounded by NATO countries,” he said. - I, an American, would not tolerate it if Russia tried to do the same with the United States. I speak as a person who was involved in military planning. In this case, I would advise my political leadership not to allow this. Why should the Russians put up with this? .. ”Postol, who had previously served as adviser to the chief of staff of the US Navy, is convinced: it is extremely dangerous to build up the points of contact between the military capabilities of the two states.

So, in the US, the number of progressive-minded comrades is growing, not wishing to allow not only wars between the USA and Russia, but even the very thought about it. Another question is whether Mr. Obama will hear their calls, a man whom other American journalists call "evil"? And one more question: will Obama back off or will he drag a bagpipe with sanctions until the end of the presidency? After all, admitting mistakes is painfully difficult. Especially those who committed himself, and not allowed the previous Republican administration!

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Gans1234
    Gans1234 31 March 2015 05: 32
    Clever like a man, but only in politics they are not guided by these qualities (((
    1. alex-s
      alex-s 31 March 2015 05: 59
      Yes, I would not want to see a nuclear mushroom out of the window one day! But pins are leading to this!
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 31 March 2015 06: 05
        Quote: alex-s
        Yes, I would not want to see a nuclear mushroom out of the window one day!

        Professor says that winter will not be there will be no warrior.
        1. Kostyar
          Kostyar 31 March 2015 15: 50
          They’re like in a movie ...., individually, all such fellows, they say Obama MORON, and we can’t do anything with it ...?! Meanwhile, the situation around Russia is getting worse and worse !!!
          It cannot go on like this anymore, we are not Indians of any kind, we will not allow such a contemptuous attitude towards ourselves !!!! Ponder before it’s too late;
      2. APES
        APES 31 March 2015 08: 50
        1901 - the introduction of troops in Colombia.
        1902 - the invasion of Panama.
        1904 - the entry of troops into Korea, Morocco and the Dominican Republic.
        1905 - American troops intervene in the revolution in Honduras.
        1905 - the introduction of troops in Mexico (helped the dictator Porfirio DМaz suppress the uprising).
        1905 - the entry of troops into Korea.
        1906 - the invasion of the Philippines, the suppression of the liberation movement.
        1906 - 1909 - US troops enter Cuba during the election.
        1907 - US forces implement the protectorate of "dollar diplomacy" in Nicaragua.
        1907 - US troops intervene in revolution in Dominican Republic
        1907 - American troops participate in the war of Honduras with Nicaragua.
        1908 - US troops enter Panama during elections.
        1910 - Nicaragua. The United States sent armed forces to Nicaragua and organized an anti-government conspiracy.
        A junta of pro-American generals was formed in 1910.
        In the same year, Estrada became president, but the very next year he was succeeded by A. Diaz, supported by American troops.
        1911 - Americans land in Honduras to support an uprising led by former President Manuel Bonnila against the legally elected President Miguel Davila.
        1911 - Suppression of the anti-American uprising in the Philippines.
        1911 - the introduction of troops in China.
        1912 - US troops enter Havana (Cuba).
        1912 - US troops enter Panama during elections.
        1912 - the invasion of American troops in Honduras.
        1912-1933 - the occupation of Nicaragua. Nicaragua has become a colony of the monopoly United Fruit Company and other American companies.
        An agreement was signed at 1914 in Washington, under which the United States was granted the right to build an interoceanic canal in Nicaragua. In 1917, E. Chamorro became president, having concluded several new agreements with the United States, which led to even more enslavement of the country.
        1914 - US troops enter the Dominican Republic, the battle with the rebels for Santa Domingo.
        1914-1918 is a series of invasions of Mexico.
        1914-1934 - Haiti. After numerous uprisings, America introduces its troops, the occupation continues for 19 years.
        1916-1924 - The 8-year occupation of the Dominican Republic.
        1917-1933 - the military occupation of Cuba, an economic protectorate.
        1917-1918 - participation in the 1-th World.
        1918-1922 - intervention in Russia. In total, 14 states participated in it.
        Active support was provided for the territories separated from Russia - Kolchakia and the Far Eastern Republic.
        1918-1920 - Panama. After the election, troops are introduced to suppress the riots.
        1919 - COSTA RICA. ... The landing of US troops to "protect American interests."
        1919 - American troops are fighting on the side of Italy against the Serbs in Dolmatia.
        1919 - US troops enter Honduras during the election.
        1920 - Guatemala. 2 weekly intervention.
        1921 - American support for militants fighting to overthrow Guatemalan president Carlos Herrera for the benefit of the United Fruit Company.
        1922 - intervention in Turkey.
        1922-1927 - American troops in China during the popular uprising.
        1924-1925 - Honduras. Troops invade the country during the election.
        1925 - Panama. US troops disperse the general strike.
        1926 - Nicaragua. Invasion.
        1927-1934 - American troops stationed throughout China.
        1932 - invasion of Salvador from the sea. There was a rebellion there at that time.
        1937 - Nicaragua. With the help of American troops, the dictator of Somos comes to power, having replaced the legitimate government of H. Sakasa.
        1939 - the introduction of troops in China.
        1. APES
          APES 31 March 2015 08: 51
          1947-1949 - Greece. American troops are participating in the civil war, supporting the Nazis.
          1948-1953 - military operations in the Philippines.
          1950 - The uprising in Puerto Rico is crushed by American troops. ...
          1950-1953 - An armed intervention in Korea by about a million American soldiers.
          1958 - Lebanon. The occupation of the country, the fight against rebels.
          1958 - confrontation with Panama.
          1959 - America enters troops into Laos, the first clashes of US troops in Vietnam begin.
          1959 - Haiti. Suppression of popular uprising against the pro-American government.
          1960 - after Jose Maria Velasco was elected president of Ecuador and refused to comply with US demands to break off relations with Cuba, the Americans conducted several military operations and are organizing a coup.
          1960 - US troops enter Guatemala to prevent the removal of US puppets from power.
          1965-1973 - military aggression against Vietnam.
          1966 - Guatemala. ... US troops entered the country, massacres of Indians who were considered potential rebels were arranged.
          1966 - military assistance to the pro-American governments of Indonesia and the Philippines. ... (60.000 people were arrested for political reasons, 88 torture experts were officially working under the government).
          1971-1973 - Laos bombing.
          1972 - Nicaragua. US troops are being deployed to support a government that benefits Washington.
          1983 - military intervention in Grenada around 2 thousand Marines.
          1986 - the attack on Libya. Bombing Tripoli and Benghazi.
          1988 - US troops invade Honduras
          1988 - USS Vincennes in the Persian Gulf downed an Iranian plane with 290 passengers, including 57 children, with a missile.
          1989 - US forces crush riots on Virgin Islands.
          1991 - large-scale military action against Iraq
          1992-1994 - the occupation of Somalia. Armed violence against civilians, the killing of civilians.
          1998 - Sudan. Americans destroy a pharmaceutical plant with a missile strike, claiming it produces nerve gas.
          1999 - ignoring the norms of international law, bypassing the UN and the Security Council, the United States NATO forces launched a campaign of 78-day aerial bombardments of the sovereign state of Yugoslavia.
          2001 - the invasion of Afghanistan.
          2003 - the bombing of Iraq.
          2011 - Libya.
          2012 - Syria.
          2013 —2014 mercenaries in Ukraine.
          1. APES
            APES 31 March 2015 08: 56
            well, and the most bloodthirsty power - Great Britain - on the fingers you can list the countries where they did not invade

            P / S "by their deeds you will recognize them"
            1. Alex_Popovson
              Alex_Popovson 31 March 2015 09: 25
              So why repeat the same thing? All this has already been seen a thousand times.
          2. beefrost
            beefrost 31 March 2015 16: 08
            And in the end, I want to add that this war around the world did not save them from public debt. So they are sticking at us in the hope of resolving their debts. I believe the Americans are creating confrontation zones around the world while making money on this, managing conflict, and distracting them from what they owe to the world. The world is steaming with its problems that the mattresses arranged for them, but no one even has the strength to think about the motras themselves ....
          3. Mariner
            Mariner April 1 2015 01: 26
            Score selection. Respect.
        2. The comment was deleted.
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. provincial
        provincial 31 March 2015 12: 28
        You won’t be blind.
    2. holgert
      holgert 31 March 2015 14: 31
      ... not everyone in the States ----- there are many smart people, it’s a pity that they don’t listen to them ((.. like everywhere else)) ...
      SAXA.SHURA 31 March 2015 19: 02
      Let his wife and children ask if they want to live happily and without war, I think his wife will cook a frying pan.
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 31 March 2015 05: 41
    Responsibility for possible US military confrontation with Russia scientist blames Washington

    Politicians in the United States do not want to not only listen to such words, but generally listen to it. The reckless and self-confident behavior of the United States in foreign policy has plagued many countries. It will not end in good.
  3. ivan48857
    ivan48857 31 March 2015 06: 15
    The United States is bankrupt so they need a war, as the saying goes: "And they want to and inject, and my mother does not order."
    1. kaa_andrey
      kaa_andrey 31 March 2015 11: 39
      To destroy the one to whom you owe is a very good reason to "forgive" debts ...
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 31 March 2015 07: 20
    The number of progressively minded comrades is growing in the USA..and to the point ...
  5. Jääkorppi
    Jääkorppi 31 March 2015 07: 39
    No one will hear, only the new Vietnam will stop America, but the times are not the same. In Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s not American soldiers who are fighting, but private military companies or special military units from foreigners fighting for citizenship (Chinese, Mexicans, Africans), deaths are not taken into account anywhere and nobody cares. So that only the union of Russia and China and the collapse of the Bandera regime will click on the face of the overseas beast.
    1. Lyton
      Lyton 31 March 2015 08: 10
      Prudence will stop America, I’m not talking about the people, nobody is listening to him there.
      1. Sigizbarn
        Sigizbarn 31 March 2015 08: 52
        Prudence is a wonderful thing. One problem, they have too much at stake, so prudence is a luxury. States now is a train in milestone pairs rushing to a cliff. It seems that everyone sees this, but it’s impossible to stop it.
        1. Lyton
          Lyton 31 March 2015 10: 05
          And I thought they were doing well, thank you for opening my eyes.
        2. The comment was deleted.
    2. Fast
      Fast 31 March 2015 11: 34
      ... So only the union of Russia and China ...
      Do not wishful thinking. Hypothetically, Russia needs a political union with Germany, only such an alliance is able to restore order in the world. China is not politically predictable, eastern greed has no limits, friendship with it is possible only from a position of strength in any capacity, everything is difficult with it, it will be even more difficult to at least achieve stable trade on equal terms, and that’s good ...
      1. asadov
        asadov 31 March 2015 12: 32
        And the alliance with Germany, as it was already, will not solve all the problems. First of all, we must look not for stable allies, which in principle does not happen, but for ways to strengthen our state and economy. And with a stable state system and a strong economy there will always be allies.
  6. Tamanskiy
    Tamanskiy 31 March 2015 07: 58
    Bang! Be sure to bang, the whole world is in dust. But then. ©
  7. Letun
    Letun 31 March 2015 08: 20
    Very interesting article. Thanks.
  8. DimYang
    DimYang 31 March 2015 10: 51
    As for the existing government in Ukraine, it is “not a democratic regime.” And if the West does not cease supporting Kiev (without any reservations), then, Cohen said, "I am afraid that we will move towards war with Russia."

    This type is not afraid for Russia, but for himself, well aware that their time is coming to an end, and even more, this end will come very quickly in the event of a military conflict with Russia. They cannot survive this war.
    1. Pilot
      Pilot 31 March 2015 19: 08
      This type often appeared on our TV before and spoke, sometimes, the right words. Now, something is gone. Likely became restricted to travel abroad in the USA. :)
  9. ivan1974
    ivan1974 31 March 2015 11: 20
  10. s30461
    s30461 31 March 2015 11: 59
    Quote: ivan1974

    Well, yes, there will be no one to talk about this ...
  11. Ricard
    Ricard 31 March 2015 12: 17
    and what did the USSR lead to - sanctions, corrupt policies, and restrictions?
  12. Thompson
    Thompson 31 March 2015 13: 39
    Quote: Gans1234
    Clever like a man, but only in politics they are not guided by these qualities (((

    About Europe, I didn’t take into account that at least compromising evidence was triggered there (they listened in vain, or what!)
    And who feeds, that ...
  13. Vladimir Petrov
    Vladimir Petrov 31 March 2015 13: 59
    US President Barack Obama, driving America, acts like a German suicide pilot Andreas Lubitz. The latter, deciding to reduce his scores to life, sent the Airbus A-320 with passengers on board to the slope of the French Alps. Judging by the behavior, Barack Obama is also prone to suicide, however, having unlimited possibilities, he sets up his suicide on a grand scale, Obama decided to take all of humanity to the next world, unleashing the third world war ... And if Lubitsa can still be understood, his people remember, Obama who decided to destroy the planet will have no one to remember ... But we will see a noble firework, every day several thousand nuclear bombs do not explode ...
  14. demon184
    demon184 31 March 2015 15: 33
    The US understands only power. As we retreat and give up our interests, they will put pressure. It still began with Yugoslavia, when Eltsin allowed the aggression to be carried out and Kosovo to be separated. After that, they didn’t even look at us, they did anything. ruin is the last frontier, if you don’t give it a candelabrum over the wort, you can say goodbye to independence.
  15. Asadullah
    Asadullah 31 March 2015 20: 31
    The White House is aggressive, says the historian

    The White House has always been aggressive. The only difference is that aggression has always been accompanied by deep analysis and calculation, and today the White House aggression is accompanied by dementia and self-deception. Moreover, the White House itself raised a generation of flatterers and deceivers, and hired the mentally retarded. Direct correspondence with the times of the decline of Rome.
  16. Tribuns
    Tribuns 31 March 2015 20: 52
    "Tired, take a rest ..."

    The United States, trying to maintain its global hegemony, embarked on the invincible mission of the world gendarme and resembles the inhabitants of the "famous madhouse" described by Vladimir Vysotsky (see. "Letter to the editors from the insane asylum")
  17. mivail
    mivail 31 March 2015 22: 15
    Quote: demon184
    ruin is the last frontier, if you don’t give it a candelabrum over the wort, you can say goodbye to independence.
    With what independence. We are under financial occupation of pin-dosia, and the government is dreaming of driving our liberal people into the grave. The war is already in full swing, but not the kind that everyone expected. When they kindle us, it will be a shame to lament. Those who survive will win. Peace to our home.
  18. Special Max
    Special Max 31 March 2015 23: 24