Serdyukov tipped the fate of Kudrin

The political scandal at the top of Russia, which broke out due to the unexpected resignation of the Minister of Finance and the harsh methods that President Dmitry Medvedev began to discipline in his team, have already triggered a number of versions about who else from the government members can follow Alexey Kudrin.

According to Rosbalt, in the near future, the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov is most at risk of losing his seat. The version about the imminent resignation of the Minister of War is expressed, first of all, by representatives of the Duma opposition. However, along with Serdyukov, they would like to see among their retirees and other long-time opponents: Minister of Education and Science Andrei Fursenko, head of the Ministry of Health and Social Development Tatyana Golikova and Minister of Transport Igor Levitin.

“After Kudrin, real pest ministers should go. If this does not happen, many Russians realize that our state policy is based on the principle suggested by Benito Mussolini:“ Friends are everything, enemies are law ”- such historical analogies holds the chairman of the party "Fair Russia" Nikolai Levichev.

In turn, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is convinced that by sending unpopular ministers to the "slaughter", Medvedev will not only create the image of a "hard premier", but also provide the constitutional majority of United Russia following the upcoming elections to the State Duma. “This is necessary for PR, otherwise United Russia will have to face major electoral problems,” said State Duma deputy Anatoly Lokot in an interview with Rosbalt.

The deputy also believes that Kudrin’s resignation has become a condition for Medvedev’s non-participation in the presidential elections in 2012. “Medvedev was promised a prime minister’s place, and in this situation Kudrin turned out to be superfluous,” the communist noted.

Meanwhile, there is another version in the State Duma, according to which the issue of the premiership of Medvedev is not fully resolved. In this case, Kudrin may “reanimate” as the head of the new government next year, the agency’s interlocutors do not rule out.

However, on the sidelines of the Duma they are discussing exactly the opposite option, according to which Kudrin’s place was released under the “switchman”, in order to then write off future economic troubles, including a possible sharp devaluation of the ruble.

It is hardly to be expected that with the departure from the Ministry of Finance, the career of Alexei Kudrin himself will end. According to one version, after returning to the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, he can head the Presidential Administration, or at least get the position of his adviser on economic issues. According to another - to become the head of the Central Bank of Russia.

“Kudrin will find a job for himself, and work is normal, well paid, because it’s a professional with a capital letter. Most likely, it will work in a large state-owned company,” Alexander Kogan, deputy chairman of the State Duma’s budget and tax committee, said in an interview with Rosbalt. .
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