Give up, Mr. Obama

American analysts believe that, first of all, the United States should not be afraid of China, but Russia. It is Russia that threatens the “liberal order” by preparing for it “asymmetrical answers”. Other analysts close to the US government state that Washington has lost the information war to Russia. Maybe America will crush Russia with sanctions? It seems that here the White House was left with a nose ...

В "The Diplomat" An article by Robert Farley was published in which the analyst talks about the adoption by the United States Government of the updated “Strategy for Naval Cooperation in the 21st Century” (CSNXXX Century Seapower, CS-21).

The author recalls that the previous version of "Strategy" was criticized for installing "cooperation" with China and Russia. After all, China continues to expand its fleet and pursue a policy of pressure in the East China and South China Seas. Russia, the analyst notes, "in recent years has invaded Georgia and Ukraine, in fact having annexed parts of the territories of both countries." What kind of "collaboration" is there?

The joint strategy is an effective defense of the liberal international economic order, the author recalls. The version of the document from 2015 of the year (just like the previous version of 2007 of the year) provides for prompt actions by the US marine departments to ensure safety in the seas and oceans. We are talking about the fight against "the enemies of all mankind" (pirates, robbers and terrorists) and assistance in humanitarian disasters.

Much less effective such a strategy in the maritime conflicts between the great powers.

From the point of view of Robert Farley, Russia and China represent the “greatest potential threat” to the “liberal world order”. However, for Russia, the sea is far less important than for China or the United States. Russia has fewer benefits from strategic cooperation at sea and therefore can use “asymmetrical opportunities” to undermine this system.

According to the analyst, Beijing, unlike Moscow, needs a common system with Washington, but can fight for an “appropriate place” in this system. On the other hand, “this is much less likely” than Russia's probable attempt to “mix the pieces on the board.”

How exactly will Russia “mix the figures,” the analyst does not specify. One thing is clear: he objects to any cooperation with Russia, including at sea. Hence the indications of the “annexation” of the territories, and the “asymmetric possibilities”, and the “greatest potential threat” to the “liberal world order”. It seems that the analyst is afraid of any actions of Russia.

And there is something to be afraid of. The other day, the United States Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) distributed a report in which the victory of Russia in the information war was recognized. The war is, of course, against the United States.

25 March on the agency website Reuters (American version) Warren Strobel's article was published on the report of the US Broadcasting Board of Governors.

The first paragraph says that the United States is losing the information war not only in Russia, but also in the “Islamic state” and “other competitors”. The new report calls for strengthening US counter-propaganda efforts.

The Broadcasting Council is a federal agency established in 1994. His tasks include contacts with the State Department and government-funded agencies. News. The annual budget of BBG is $ 730 million. BBG is responsible for broadcasting US pro-government media to a foreign audience. The media includes radio, television, and a network where Voice of America and Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty are among others, which were noted during the Cold War and helped drop the Iron Curtain.

The new report is based on assessments of thirty experts who are experts in the field of foreign policy and diplomacy. These people are not at all supporters of turning the state media into propaganda tools. Nevertheless, they believe that broadcasting is far from always "in harmony with American foreign policy goals."

“Competitors are fueling information war with anti-American messages and winning it, while US international broadcasting is only trying to keep up with competitors and changes in the media space,” the document says.

According to experts, the "international communications strategy of the United States" should be "restored from scratch."

The Ukrainian crisis is “the most serious challenge” that the USA faced after the collapse of the Soviet Union, co-author S. E. Wimbush said in a report.

Today, BBG is demanding an additional 15 million dollars from Congress for the new fiscal year to counteract Russia's propaganda. Analysts are confident that the United States is "in very unequal conditions" in the information battle. Russia is winning. And it's all about strategy and money.

Russia is blocking American broadcasts and spending huge amounts of money on propaganda abroad - according to experts, from 400 to 500 million dollars a year. The United States spends only about $ 20 million per year on Russian-language broadcasts.

“Consider that we have no money. We are like Liechtenstein against Russia, ”an anonymous diplomat told Reuters.

Critics of the BBG indicate that the structure of this department, the principles of its interaction with Congress, from which it is necessary to obtain different permits, have for many years impeded effective activity. Back in January, 2013, at the level of the State Department and Congress, was recognized that this agency had “collapsed”, and its bureaucratic structure was something like “Frankenstein’s dwelling”.

The US Broadcasting Board of Governors has concluded: it’s likely that no changes will save the sinking ship. Numerous problems of international broadcasting will not be eliminated.

Obviously, we add from ourselves, this is expert recognition of the victory of Russia in the information war with the United States. At the same time, this is recognition of the decrepitude and bureaucratization of the entire American state system.

Meanwhile, Russia is increasing its spending on foreign information policy. Some numbers leads RBC.

According to the federal budget for 2015 year and 2016-2017 years, the costs of foreign information policy in the Russian Federation are increasing. For example, the TV channel "RT" in the current year should receive from the federal budget for 41% more than previously planned. Subsidies to the channel amount to 15,38 billion rubles. Subsidies to the agency "Russia Today" will increase in 2,5 times, to 6,48 billion rubles.

What should the West do? Maybe tighten the notorious sanctions?

The correspondent of "Reuters" Timothy Gardner, whose article was published in "The Daily Star", writes that the opposition of some European countries to the sanctions policy of Washington significantly narrows the possibilities of the White House.

Washington may strengthen the sanctions, trying to hit even harder on the raw materials industry in Russia, but this is very afraid of US allies in Europe. They believe that Moscow can “destructively” respond to additional sanctions in the sphere of energy supplies. No, it's not about a nuclear war, but about a very simple measure of the Kremlin: the Russians will take and reduce the export of raw materials to Europe. And Russian gas is very necessary for Europe.

Maybe the Americans alone put pressure on the Russians? But this is unrealistic: if Washington prohibits American energy companies from cooperating with Russia, their European competitors will immediately take their place.

The current sanctions did not change Putin’s policies, the journalist points out. The popularity of the president in Russia is high.

Experts, whose opinions are cited by the author of the article, say that the West has no obvious options to hit the energy business in Russia in the short term. And this means that there is no opportunity to influence the “Ukrainian strategy” of Russia.

So the US loses here too. It looks like we’ll add, the White House will soon have nothing to fight. Yes, and scary to fight something!

Writing maritime strategies, Washington is afraid of the “asymmetric response” of the Russians. Reflecting on the information war, American experts admit that this time the Kremlin is victorious. Thinking about new sanctions, Washington strategists understand that part of Europe will not support them, and Obama will not be able to fight Putin alone: intestine By doing so, it will hit American corporations like ExxonMobil, which will give way to the Russian market to satisfied European competitors.

Give up, Mr. Obama.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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    1. +22
      March 27 2015
      Black macaque will do everything so that there is no peace:
      I remember someone saying that there will be no supply of lethal weapons, but what then is a ghoul what?
      They say correctly: as long as there is the United States, there is no peace on the planet!
      If I am not mistaken in the video: American BTR M1126 Stryker ICV. Infantry Combat Vehicle is a basic armored personnel carrier vehicle. It carries a crew of two people and has nine seats for landing. In the stern there is a folding ramp for landing and disembarking. A heavy machine gun M2HB or an automatic grenade launcher Mk.19 can be installed on the ICV light tower. In addition, there are devices for installing a rifle caliber machine gun, for example, M240;
      1. +5
        March 27 2015
        Quote: D_E_A_L_E_R
        Black macaque will do everything so that there is no peace:

        ... In the center of New York, an explosion

        Less than half an hour ago, in the center of New York in Manhattan, an explosion thundered and the building collapsed, reports PzFeed. The exact number of dead and injured is not reported.

        FSB CIA explodes Russia New York?
        Gas or Putin?
        Normal air conditioning? what
        1. +3
          March 27 2015
          Yes, and it’s scary to fight!

          Right, be afraid! Not only afraid ....
          All the same, Russia is a country with centuries of military experience !!! We’ll make a sound, it’s not enough for anyone !!!
      2. +48
        March 27 2015
        Taken from Courage, say Egypt:
        1. +4
          March 27 2015
          American experts admit: this time the Kremlin is winning.

          Well, at least a little reassured.
          1. +14
            March 27 2015
            Do not flatter yourself. They need such conclusions to increase funding. For the sake of money, American onalitags write whatever you want.
          2. +4
            March 27 2015
            and after that - DAYTEDENEHXXX !!! an ordinary move to solicit money from the federal budget ... it is enough to analyze the silence of the "world community" on the investigation of the incident with the Boeing VNA 404, and other things (Volnovakha, the death of a peace man under the fire of Ukropsky horses, non-compliance with Minsk-2, etc.) tn) it's too early to talk about Russia's victory in the info war ...
          3. +1
            March 27 2015
            "... Thinking about new sanctions, Washington strategists understand: part of Europe will not support them, and Obama will not be able to fight Putin alone: ​​his guts are thin ..."

            -AHAHAHAHAHA ...
        2. KOH
          March 27 2015
          The Chinese also say that Obama is a caper (l) ...)))))
      3. +1
        March 27 2015
        And this is not an hour convoy that makes a tour of Europe? Something escort cars do not strongly resemble Ukrainian ones.
      4. +1
        March 27 2015
        Presidents only fulfill the wishes of the governments of their countries.
        1. 0
          March 27 2015
          It remains only to wait until it reaches the stoned brain of US leaders. Wait wink
      5. 0
        March 27 2015
        This column is most likely going through some kind of NATO country, but the fact that the gallop shouts "hei ukraine!" - this suggests that he is just a bandera fascist with wet dreams of "Omerika with us!" katatak IMHO
        1. 0
          March 27 2015
          Quote: Evgen_Vasilich
          this column is likely to be in some kind of NATO country

          You are right, most likely poland or the baltics. In the morning before work I saw the video and heard Bender's "fat dropped" and ruined my mood for the whole day.
      6. 0
        April 8 2015
        As I understand it, the police were driving Polish behind the convoy.
    2. +15
      March 27 2015
      report recognizing Russia's victory in the information war

      At first glance, it may seem that the United States has gained courage and admitted defeat on this front. But in fact, by this recognition they are further escalating the situation inside the country and naturally expect an increase in the military budget.
      1. BMW
        March 27 2015
        And to reassure the Russian public and to spur the liberal rottenness so that we stop bringing the truth and our interests to the world.
        After all, the question arises, if we won, why spend money on what we have achieved, and rushed to celebrate the victory on the information front. The possibility of introducing the day of victory over the USA in the media is a liberal dream.
    3. +18
      March 27 2015
      The author is too optimistic, saying that America is losing the information war in Russia. Remember Georgia, in the first days there was a powerful outburst of information - Russia aggressor !. This is the first throw-in of information of the aforementioned interpretation put aside by a difficult-to-wash layer in the consciousness of the majority. Further, it becomes boring for the average person to follow the further development of conflicts, this requires a lot of time, and one does not have to talk about trying to analyze situations.
      After a while, the Russian media are winning back their positions, but it's too late, no one wants to understand this, the imposed first opinion remains the only "truth."
      The same thing happens with the coverage of Ukrainian events, we will show that there is truth, but for most ordinary people this is seen as another attempt by Russia to whitewash itself.
      The Russian media are losing the battle for "first opinion".
      1. +3
        March 27 2015
        Exactly! Ask an ordinary American layman who shot down a Boeing: either does not know, or Putin
      2. 0
        March 27 2015
        All the same, the situation with the media has changed, after 08.08.08, for the better.
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. +1
        March 27 2015
        Wishful thinking is an eternal mistake.
        I agree. I also do not drink sedatives, you can get used to it as a drug.
        Bye-bye ...
      5. +1
        March 28 2015
        How can you win the fight for the first opinion, if this opinion is Russia to blame? !!
    4. +6
      March 27 2015
      Even if the Russian Federation spends 500 million to support its information policy, then it is necessary to compare not only with the USA, it is necessary to calculate the total investments of Geyroppa and the USA !. The same RT broadcasts not only in the USA, but also on Geyroppu too. All allocated money is divided into all. Therefore, the total budget should be considered from everyone :)
      And so, "Tell me, American, what is the power? Power is in the TRUTH!"
      But if completely, it reveals the whole essence of these US
      Tell me, American, what is the strength? Is it in the money? So the brother says that in money. You have a lot of money, and why? .. I think that power is in the truth. Whoever has the truth is stronger. So you deceived someone, made money, and why, have you become stronger? No, I didn’t! Because there is no truth for you! And the one whom he deceived is behind him the truth. So he is stronger. Yes?!
      1. 0
        March 30 2015
        But in this situation you have a double loss: since you are lying and without money wassat
    5. +6
      March 27 2015
      There was nothing Nuland to distribute cookies on the Maidan. The USA will create al-Qaeda, then it runs after Osama in the whole world. That ISIS arms, then does not know how to bomb them. That Gaddafi kills, then buries the ambassador. That in the outskirts of 5 Lard vytuhivaet, and Crimea floats away. Do they have brain psaki there?
      1. 0
        March 27 2015
        Probably Psaki maydanul or Maidan psaknulsya. Although from the rearrangement of the places of the terms "BZDYK" is not canceled.
    6. The comment was deleted.
    7. The comment was deleted.
    8. +12
      March 27 2015
      This is a shame for him! The inferiority complex is with him.
    9. The comment was deleted.
    10. The comment was deleted.
    11. +18
      March 27 2015
      A small touch to the portrait of future USA
      I remember, about 18 years ago, when we just started traveling around the USA, one thing surprised me a lot. We drove south towards South Padre Island. An express road ran along the border with Mexico. We needed to buy something at Lowe's, this large store owned by a large retail chain. On the front door of the store, one below the other, were written, large and small, two words ENTRADA and Enter. As a newly-fledged and trying to inflame an American patriotic love, it greatly surprised and excited me. A little crazy, I walked along the building to where there was an exit from the store. My negative forebodings were confirmed. The word SALIDA was coarsely written on the door. Under it, Exit was written in small letters.
      How is it, I thought indignantly, this is America, English is the main language here. Here, even at the border, it should be like in other, central and northern states; or nothing in Spanish at all, or, as a last resort, first the word in English in capital letters, and under it in small letters the word in Spanish.
      The fact that in the store where we ended up, the vast majority of visitors and service personnel looked Mexican and spoke Spanish did not convince me of the wrong view of what I just saw. This is America after all. You can not do it this way. And then, Lowe's is not a small private shop where the owner does what he wants. Lowe's is a huge retail chain with hundreds of stores across America.
      This incident from the distant past drew my attention to American demography. I do not ignore, say, the following message on NPR: "For the first time in American history, among US residents aged zero to seven, the majority are no longer Caucasian (not white.)" In this process of replacing white Americans with non-white fractures already will not be. All extrapolations suggest this. Statistics also show that Mexicans breed the fastest. All of this means that, with the majority dying at the other end of the age spectrum (most of them there), in three decades the majority of adults in the US adult population will be Mexicans. Nothing can change that. As a consequence of these demographic changes, all aspects of the American society will change radically.
      For Russia, the important thing is that the US foreign policy will change. Most Mexicans are benevolent and peaceful people. When they come to legislative and executive powers, and they come, the USA will cease to be a world gendarme.
      For some countries, this will turn into a real catastrophe, possibly extinction. For example, the United States led by the Mexicans, in the absence of a Jewish lobby, will stop all assistance to Israel.
      (to be continued)
      1. +6
        March 27 2015
        Quote: State Employee
        Most Mexicans are benevolent and peaceful people. When they come to legislative and executive powers, and they come, the USA will cease to be a world gendarme.

        God forbid! But the tradition is fresh, but it is hard to believe. The United States is governed and will continue to be ruled by White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) for a very long time, however, with the active participation of financial capital with a strong Jewish component. And who makes up the majority of the population — by and large, they spit out — they manage and make decisions. And US policy will not change for a very long time - in the absence of global cataclysms, of course.
    12. +12
      March 27 2015
      Unlike the Anglo-Saxons, who are aggressive and poking their noses everywhere, Mexicans will be content with a much lower standard of living. They will be completely alien and unnecessary dominance in the world. They do not need markets for raw materials, sales and transport routes. They do not need someone else's.
      There is another very, very important aspect of future changes. Scientific and technological progress in America will fade. The time of innovation, including innovation in the field of armaments, will irretrievably sink into oblivion. Fundamental and applied science will be abandoned. Advanced engineering will be a thing of the past. America will become a moderately weak country. Why?
      That's why. It would be wrong to say that the Mexicans are loafers and idlers. On the contrary, they are extremely hardworking people. Their problem, however, is that they do not like to use their heads, they do not like to think. It is not in their traditions, it is not inculcated in them.
      I will give an example. Schooling in the USA is free. It would seem - study. The higher the level of education, the greater the chances of getting a job for which they pay more. However, the preference to work with hands rather than with the head wins. The number of so-called dropouts (those who dropped out of school) is the highest among Mexicans. 18% of them drop out of school despite exceptional pressure from school administrations. High dropout rates spoil their performance.
      There is another aspect. The main religion in Mexico, as well as among Mexicans who live in the USA, is Catholicism. 83% of Mexicans are Catholics. The Catholic Church is very negative about contraception, and abortion is generally considered a murder of a person. So the Mexicans give birth. More children in the family automatically lead to lower living standards. That is, Mexicans are mostly poor people. The average Mexican perceives poverty as the norm. His parents, great-parents and great-great-parents lived in poverty. So why bother with such headache-causing things as study, professional growth and career. In addition, further study costs unthinkable money. Better he will remain poor. It will simply earnestly pray for a better life in paradise.
      Those who have recently visited Cancun or Rivera Maya may object to me. The local resorts in the past two to three years have been very popular with Russians. Do not judge, however, the poverty or wealth of Mexico by the “charms” of these resorts. The world's largest slum (trash city) Neza-Chalco-Itza is located in Mexico. Only in this slum 4 million Mexicans live in poverty. I repeat, Mexico is a country where the majority are poor and unassuming people.
      It so happened that for twenty years of living in the USA I worked at many enterprises. That is, I saw a lot of things. Technician by training, I worked in industries. Mexicans have always been workers. When I talk about workers, I’m not talking about, say, machinists or adjusters. I have never seen such. But I saw dozens, if not hundreds, of Mexicans working on conveyors. So many of them worked this way for years, making thousands of the same monotonous movements per day. They, the Mexicans, were outdated. Any money goes, and you don’t need to think about it.
      (to be continued)
    13. +4
      March 27 2015
      If Psaki talks about the country's politics, if they say about a gangster that he is an angel, if you don’t notice the killing of hundreds of civilians and tears pour over the murdered traitor, if whole countries rush into a meat grinder, then it’s really difficult to pass it off as progress. For successful propaganda, Obama needs to change his policy, and not invest money in lies and provocations.
    14. +11
      March 27 2015
      For all 20 years, I have never seen a single Mexican in the leadership. The maximum step on the hierarchical ladder for them was the position of a supervisor or immediate supervisor, the team leader in our opinion. In other words, the highest lot for them was a position slightly higher than that of an ordinary worker. Mexican supervisors have always been bilingual. The management of the enterprises needed to bring information to the workers, including those who very often did not speak English at all.
      Along the way, I note that among African Americans I rarely, but met exceptionally smart people. Next to them, I felt very uncomfortable. I quickly wanted to end the conversation and leave.
      Mexicans have a low production culture. Do not buy cars (even theoretically reliable new Japanese women) assembled in Mexico. Your life is already quite complicated. You do not need additional running around and vanity associated with the replacement of failed components and assemblies. If you need repairs in the house, in no case do not invite Mexicans. An unexpected problem, as a rule, introduces them into a stupor. Then, trying to make up for lost time and still get the money for the work, everything is done very quickly, but by sight, tyap-blap, at random and messed up. Many Americans and Russians living here, charging for a low price, still hire Mexicans, then they really regret it.
      I allow myself a slight digression. So, this is for liberal-politically correct general people who want to accuse me of racism. A racist would say this: Mexicans cannot think. I say: Mexicans (not all) do not want to think. Feel the difference? It is not my fault that the facts that I am talking about here bring your subtle, sensual natures to a half-fainting state. I recommend to go down from heaven to the sinful earth to take the valerian and remove the pink glasses. The lyrical digression is completed, continue.
      You understand the essence of my message. In 20-30 years, in the States, science and high-tech will arbitrarily begin to die due to the lack of people who want to think. The influx of intellectuals from Europe and Asia will not make up for the loss. With the general decline in the standard of living, those wishing to come to the United States will become less and less.
      Add to this the rise of China with its yuan and the collapse of the financial pyramid that the US is still trying to build.
      (to be continued)
      1. +3
        March 27 2015
        Regarding the Mexicans in leadership positions ... Hmm .. ??? Even 30-40 years ago there were two halves in buses — for white and black .... and who would have thought that with the beginning of the 21st century the president, a bunch of congressional senators will become black? ... A matter of time
      2. +1
        March 27 2015
        Quote: State Employee
        I allow myself a slight digression. So, this is for liberal-politically correct general people who want to accuse me of racism. A racist would say this: Mexicans cannot think. I say: Mexicans (not all) do not want to think. Feel the difference? It is not my fault that the facts that I am talking about here bring your subtle, sensual natures to a half-fainting state. I recommend to go down from heaven to the sinful earth to take the valerian and remove the pink glasses. The lyrical digression is completed, continue.

        I read and be touched))) it would seem that what is common between Mexicans and the lyrics of Russian people? But no. The total turns out to be. And harmoniously inscribed in the comment))) plus and tears)))
    15. +11
      March 27 2015
      Will all this happen? Do Mexicans want to go into power, change the country to their taste and live without chasing scientific and technological progress, without trying to have control over every square kilometer of planet Earth? I am sure that this will happen. While the Mexicans behave rather passively during the election campaigns, they sluggishly vote for the Democrats. Politicality is partly due to disbelief in one's own strength and the ability to fundamentally change something in society. Everything will change when they become the majority. Mexicans remember well that America took their land. Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah were once fully or partially owned by Mexico.
      A couple of times I witnessed a production squabble between Mexican workers and American managers. After the scandals, I heard a quiet: “Yo .. gringo. We will take back our land. ” The Mexicans were not afraid to say this to me, because they knew that I was from Russia. (By the way, they warmly relate to the October Revolution since it won, and their revolution was suppressed in 1920.)
      It is clear that Mexicans utter extremely rarely such curses and statements with territorial references. It can be assumed, however, that such thoughts are present in the heads of very, very many Mexicans. As the ratio of Mexicans to Americans increases, current political infantilism and indifference will be replaced by a desire to claim their rights, including the right to live on the land of their ancestors; in the country that ancestors called Mexico; according to the traditions of the ancestors; speaking the language of the ancestors. Immediate pro-Mexican political changes in the US are inevitable.
      At present, WASP representatives dominate the government (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. The ruling elite love this abbreviation, since wasp also means wasp.) However, for the objective reasons we have mentioned, more and more Mexicans will come to US authorities with the aim of remake power for themselves, while WASP representatives will inevitably wane into another world.
      Author: Staffer Nikolay M.
      1. BMW
        March 27 2015
        From the fact that the majority of the population will be Latinos, nothing will change.
        1. There are no direct presidential elections in the United States.
        2. The ruling elite will simply pass the Latin American representatives into its closed circle through the filter, and the US policy will not change much from this (Obama's example), just a new strong lobby will appear.
        3. In addition, for a radical change in US policy, Latinos must concentrate more than half of the capital in their hands, and this simply will not be possible for anyone to do.
        I think something like that.
    16. +1
      March 27 2015
      The United States is “in very unequal conditions” in the information battle.But a radical change, in Russia's favor, has not yet arrived ...
    17. +4
      March 27 2015
      The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) circulated a report online that recognized Russia's victory in the information war.

      But Russia didn’t fight, it just told the truth.
    18. +1
      March 27 2015
      Give up, Mr. Obama.
      it’s too late to give up. We will take prisoner by force. (During the seizure, he put up resistance, as a result of which he received head scars, fractures of 7 ribs, right leg, left arm and complete loss of nails and teeth)
    19. +2
      March 27 2015
      cheto about the volcano are silent ... they yelled that they would explode by the end of 2014, then they promised in the spring of 2015) how long should I wait? :)))
    20. +2
      March 27 2015
      All the hysteria about "defeat in the information battle" is nothing more than a cry, "Give me more money!" Everyone wants a thicker hamburger, and "nothing personal, just business." And how it really is, is the tenth thing.
    21. +1
      March 27 2015
      the author draws conclusions from a false representation of current events in the world by Western media, and if the source data contains an error, then the conclusion is not worth a damn
    22. 0
      March 27 2015
      The first paragraph says that the United States is losing the information war not only to Russia

      That is why the whole world shies away from Russia and from Putin as lepers? Is that called losing? Maybe they lose on the territory of the Russian Federation. But only the whole world does not agree with us.
      Russians will take and reduce the export of raw materials to Europe

      Classics of the genre! This is in the spirits of authoritarian rulers and militarists who understand economics like a horse in chess.
      Our budget revenue from the sale of raw materials is approximately 57%. There is a severe crisis in the country now, and oil prices have fallen below the plinth. So let's also stop selling gas and cut off the branch on which we are sitting!
      No one has forgotten that sanctions can be lifted from Iran, the Saudis can dramatically increase oil production, and with its current price, it can easily replace gas. As the saying goes: A holy place does not exist.
    23. 0
      March 27 2015
      A joint strategy is an effective defense of the liberal international economic order, the author recalls.

      Naturally. A joint strategy is when all the goodies are eating happy mattresses. The rest - a combination of 3 fingers, and even with oil. It makes them tender to believe that others do not have their own interests. Those. they certainly can be, but only if for the good of piHdosii. That's their whole understanding of "compatibility". They're exceptional. Even in their stupidity and greed. And the extra money in "Russia Today" is not at all extra money in Russia tomorrow.
    24. The comment was deleted.
    25. +1
      March 27 2015
      Give up, Mr. Obama

      ... and if the enemy does not surrender, they will destroy him. Such is not a tricky truth ...

      Well, and as a summary, dem inspired by the appearance of "Armata". I think it turned out not bad ...
    26. +1
      March 27 2015
      State Employee-interesting write! Thank you!
    27. 0
      March 27 2015
      Maybe they lost the information war, but this did not reduce the activity of their military groups around the world. I think the Americans should be fought with their own weapons, namely: 1) create hotbeds of tension in close proximity to the borders; 2) by any means try to promote pro-Russian people to leading political posts of foreign states; 3) increase its military presence in other countries (the creation of military bases), etc. Procrastination is unacceptable. Although the general staff already understand everything
    28. -1
      March 27 2015
      The war in the hot phase is near. Are we ready? And it will be like a water film, short chain mail ...
      1. 0
        March 27 2015
        Quote: dimyan
        The war in the hot phase is near. Are we ready? And it will be like a water film, short chain mail ...

        These are the dying words of an old warrior on the battlefield from the film "Alexander Nevsky". A very touching moment in the film! ..
        And, in my opinion, they even sounded a little differently: "Eh ... the chain mail is short! .." Short, then we will increase it. What we are seeing now.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    29. +1
      March 27 2015
      In, in the picture the bear breaks the bottle on its head. It would be better if he smashed it on the head of a bald eagle.
    30. 0
      March 27 2015
      and all such a statement is also an information war. recognition recognition. but this should not be the basis for the suspension of propaganda abroad. in addition, the sacrifice of the United States may turn against Russia. If it informs the UN Security Council that the Russian Federation is too active and that it needs to be kept, then undecided countries can go to the Russian Federation.
    31. 0
      March 27 2015
      Blah blah blah :
      "Russia is winning. It's all about strategy and money."
      Give me money!!!! wink
    32. +1
      March 27 2015
      And there is something to be afraid of. The other day, the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) issued a report on the network that recognized Russia's victory in the information war.
      Goebbels in our eyes is a bastard and "not a good" person. But the "dock" was an expert in his field. You don't need to shoot, but you need to talk as much as possible and drive into your brains about seeing the right way. Whose media is stronger, he is on horseback.
      1. +3
        March 27 2015
        Goebbels Prize

        The Goebbels Prize will be awarded to the person or publication of the most “distinguished” defendant in Russia.

        Like any award, the Goebbels Prize will have its own statute.

        * At the end of each month, a list of nominees for the award will be published;

        * Nominees can be citizens of any country, politicians, journalists, editors-in-chief, mass media, newspapers, magazines. Just as there are no boundaries for lies and slander, there will be no borders for the award;

        * Then, based on the results of voting on the nstarikov website. ru and in the LiveJournal the winner will be determined;

        * At the end of the year, out of 12 winners, the Golden Goebbels Grand Prix winner will be selected for the most monstrous lie and slander against Russia.

        All readers of the site and LiveJournal have the right to nominate nominees for a month. In order to streamline the procedure, please send candidates and links to their materials to me at the email address, and not write in the signatures under the articles.

        At the end of each month, a summary will be made and a list of nominees will be published for voting. Since our prize is national, we have nothing to be ashamed of: the voting will be completely open.

        As with every award, the Goebbels Prize will have a monetary component. The winner of the Goebbels Prize will receive a diploma and 30 silver coins. The award will find the "hero" in the mail. What the public will be notified by publishing material on the website, in LiveJournal and mass replication in the information field.
    33. -2
      March 27 2015
      I hope we will not greatly put out niggers sh.l.yu.h.
    34. +2
      March 27 2015
      The train has already left with China. Now they are doing everything so that Russia does not become a second China. In the meantime, they are butting the Russian Federation, look India will catch up, and then Indonesia. So many different countries, and all with their own interests. And all these interests, by no means coincide with the interests of the United States. And what to do, a fool is put in the eye in the church.
    35. +1
      March 27 2015
      Quote: Wedmak
      And this is not an hour convoy that makes a tour of Europe? Something escort cars do not strongly resemble Ukrainian ones.

      Poland trip
    36. +1
      March 27 2015
    37. +1
      March 28 2015
      Damn, well, these fools-Americans do not teach history !!! They don’t learn other people's mistakes, they want to test everything they’ve completed on their own fifth point, well, let them get it! They think that it is so easy to fight with Russia ... hmm ... they think so in vain.
    38. 0
      March 28 2015
      We have time, while Obama presides, to break the situation in his favor.

      God forbid, they will come a strong and smart president in 2016. (for some reason I doubt that he will be adequately tuned in relation to Russia)
    39. Tribuns
      March 28 2015
      Amid Obama declaring Russia the main enemy of the United States... Vladimir Putin simply needs to take asymmetric measures: rapprochement with China’s strategic ally, modernizing and strengthening the army and navy, counteracting NATO’s advancement to the borders of Russia through Ukraine ... developing the BRICS infrastructure and bank, creating the Eurasian Economic Community and its banking structures as an alternative IMF ... and, which is important, to start an active war with "green candy wrappers" to oust the United States from the world hegemons ...
    40. 0
      March 30 2015
      Beijing, unlike Moscow, needs a common system with Washington, but can fight for an “appropriate place” in this system.
      In fact, Beijing is quietly and steadily moving towards a situation where it is fighting for an "appropriate place" in some foreign system, and is in charge of its own system.
      I would call the position of Russia this way: more than one system can coexist in the world.

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