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Romanians want Transnistria

Romanians want TransnistriaRomania enthusiastically accepted the proposal of the Americans to deploy on their territory parts of a single European missile defense system. And in this case, it is foolish to talk about this part of the missile defense system as an area that in no way threatens the security of Russia.

More recently, thanks to the next disruption of masks, the WikiLeaks portal revealed the secret of the real purpose of the missile defense complex, which is going to be installed on the territory of Romania. As it turned out, the Romanian authorities are in panic afraid of what Russia can do with Romania if it suddenly decides to go to Transnistria according to the Ossetian scenario of Mikhail Saakashvili. This was actually stated not by anyone, but by the President of Romania, Mr. Basescu. He directly told his American puppeteers that, despite Romania’s membership in NATO, she still feared the Russian threat.

Directly speaking, Romania in 2008 was ready to send its valiant troops to Transnistria with the aim of joining this territory to Moldova, and then to the “Greater Romania” itself. However, the glittering heels of Mikhail Saakashvili and his army along the road from Tskhinval to Tbilisi were somewhat cooled by the warlike Romanian fervor. One can imagine what would begin in Europe if Russian troops had not responded to the Georgian attack on South Ossetia. Sensing their strength and impunity, the other European puppets of the United States, to which Romania belongs primarily, would begin to reproach arbitrariness in the territories that cause them genuine interest. This Russophobic camarilla would start its campaign in Europe to destroy sovereignties with the active backing of NATO.

Information about the impending invasion of the Romanian units in Transnistria could not be believed, thinking that Bucharest did not completely out of mind. But WikiLeaks gives other expressions of Mr. Basescu, from which a normal person can experience the most negative feelings. The Romanian president says that if it was not the 21 century now, but the 1941 year, it would be the same as one of his predecessors, Ion Antonescu, would give an order to attack the USSR. Basescu even calls Nazi Germany the main ally of Romania of that time! Today, Basescu sees his best friend, NATO and the United States, which, in principle, are not so far from the Nazi Germany 41.

If you follow the logic of the Romanian authorities, then they are ready to see as their ally even a devil with horns, even the beloved Count Dracula, just to annoy with this Russian. What caused such a provincial habit of yapping on a big neighbor is not very clear. The only explanation may be as follows. Economic affairs in Romania go extremely badly. The country is stuck in loans, which, in fact, have nothing to pay. European financial giants, France and Germany, no longer intend to carry along this Romanian three-wheel trailer, which, along with Greek, Irish and Italian, strives to finally shake the economy of the Old World. So the Romanian authorities have to look again for the enemy. Well, who is the main enemy for the Romanians today and always - of course, a strong Russia. They will not blame the European Union for having somehow less actively started giving Bucharest money for living on a grand scale. In this regard, it was necessary to get another ally, for whom Russia is also like a bone in the throat. And an ally in the form of the United States was immediately found. Yes, as I found - immediately and with nuclear weapons. So luck for the unfortunate Romanian people. It can be assumed that go out Basescu with anti-Russian slogans and calls to join Transnistria today, many would have responded - the effect of an external enemy and the crowd, as you know, is a real generator of popular anger.

What to do in Russia? The answer is obvious. To pay attention to the insinuations of the Romanian authorities and to appeal to the international courts for the protection of honor and dignity - more expensive. You just need to conduct direct investments of Tiraspol, so that the residents of Transnistria themselves understand who they really have a better life with. And at the same time, it is not necessary to forget about the testing of its new missiles with nuclear warheads. With rockets, then any dialogue becomes more constructive ... And let Great Romania remain Great on Mr. Băsescu’s personal map with his dependent views on modern reality.
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  1. Vadivak
    Vadivak 29 September 2011 08: 58 New
    Romanians want a lot, but who will give them?
    and the northern part of Bukovina and Herzayevsky Krai, the former Khotinsky, Akkermansky, Izmail counties of Bessarabia.
    she hopes to have at her disposal a portion of the continental shelf, rich in oil and gas reserves. On this occasion, between Romania and Ukraine, disputes over the determination of the status of the Snake Island have not ceased for several years. Bucharest insists that Snake is not an island, but a rock, which means that it cannot serve as a starting point in determining the border between Romania and Ukraine on the Black Sea. However, the point is not in a deserted rocky patch surrounded by water, but in the fact that as early as the 80s of the last century, the first hydrocarbon deposits were found on the Black Sea shelf around the Snake Island. In 2001, the Ukrainian company Chernomorneftegaz discovered oil and natural gas deposits 40 km from the island, the dimensions of which were preliminary at least 10 million tons and 10 billion cubic meters, respectively.

    In general, an ugly nation - After the outbreak of World War II, it itself joined Germany in 1940, but in 1944 joined the Allies at the moment when Soviet troops entered the country. In general, "power is changing again"
    1. chistii20
      chistii20 29 March 2012 15: 10 New
      I read your statement of thought to 100 percent I can confirm that the way it is
  2. подводник
    подводник 29 September 2011 09: 17 New
  3. Banshee
    Banshee 29 September 2011 09: 29 New
    Want - give. Historically, they gave ... Eye gap, between hands, between ... understandable.

    You can dream and dream a lot. This is not prohibited by any law. Let them, within the framework of the law, dream further about the great Romania.
  4. подводник
    подводник 29 September 2011 10: 18 New
    3 Romanian army (near Stalingrad)
    November 19 1942
    The Russians opened heavy fire on the left flank of the 5th division. I hadn’t seen such a fire ... from the artillery cannonade the earth shook and glass fell ... At an altitude of 163 enemy tanks showed up and were on their way to Raspopinskaya. Soon they reported that the tanks had passed at full speed through the positions and burst into the village ... Our guns did no harm to them ... These heavy, 52-ton tanks, reaching at maximum speed, have very thick armor, and our shells do not penetrate it ...
    November 20 1942
    In the morning, on the site of the 13th PRUT Division, the enemy began strong artillery preparation ... The 13th Division was completely defeated. The tanks went to Gromki, to the village of Evstratovskaya and went far to our rear, to Perelazovsky. Command of the 5th Corps stood in Perelazovsky. He was warned about the situation. We have no connection with the high command. The 6th division somehow miraculously received the order: "Hold on to the last soldier at all costs." Now we are surrounded by enemy troops. There are 5,6,15 in the bag, 13 and the remnants of the XNUMXth division.
    November 21 1942
    In the morning our situation remains difficult. We are surrounded ... There is great confusion in Golovskiy ... Now 10 hours 05 minutes. We do not know what to do. Officers of the 13th and 15th divisions gathered here, having lost their units.
    Here is the situation!
    Sad but true.
    My friends look at photos of their loved ones, wives, children. I also remember with pain in my heart my mother, brother, sisters and relatives. We dress in everything that we have best, and even put on two pairs of underwear and think that the end can be very tragic ... A lot of talk and debate over the situation ... We all do not lose hope ... We think that German troops will come to our aid.
    Now 13h30min. The command of all divisions was taken over by General Mazarin, the commander of the 5th division ... The ring around our units begins to shrink. Today is a great religious holiday. What have we or our ancestors sinned for? Why should we suffer such suffering? We, three officers, we are discussing our situation here and come to the conclusion that we have no chance of avoiding a catastrophe. Bad news from Osinovka is beginning to be confirmed. A group of officers of the 5th heavy artillery regiment arrived, fleeing.
    Late in the evening, the commanders of the divisions and regiments gathered again to make a final decision.
    Two options are discussed:
    1. Break through
    2. Capitulate
    After a long discussion, we settled on the second option, to capitulate.
    The news came: a Russian parliamentarian comes with an offer to capitulate ...
    1. ballian
      ballian 29 September 2011 11: 07 New
      Letters - at least look at the map - Romania does not have a common border with Russia, just like it does not have a border with Transnistria. And in theory, Russia is not in a position to fight with Romania.
      Romanian President Traian Basescu acknowledged that the conversation with the American Republican Senator Richard Lugar about the possibility of a military conflict with Russia over Transnistria in 2008, described in a dispatch published by the WikiLeaks website, did occur. Speaking on the air of the Romanian television channel TVR on the evening of September 21, Basescu said that he wanted to “test” the US and the EU in case of a crisis in Transnistria similar to what happened in Georgia.

      According to Basescu, he was wondering if the USA and the EU would remain as passive in this case as in the case of Georgia. The President added that Romania would have been in a very difficult situation in this case, and could not have “stood silently,” given that “there (obviously, Moldova and Transnistria mean) there are 4,5 million Romanians”.
      1. Don
        Don 29 September 2011 13: 59 New
        Literate, maybe you turn on the brains ?! Who said that Ukraine will not allow troops to be thrown across its territory, there is a military base in Russia in Transnistria and there is no particular difficulty in transferring one brigade by air. Basescu is a protege of Washington and he will say what he tells him Washington.A WikiLeaks believe only diplomas like you.
        1. ballian
          ballian 30 September 2011 09: 09 New
          Do you seriously think that if Romania gets involved in it, some kind of landing will prevent it? :)))) There is no "base" - there is a peacekeeping contingent.
          If you didn’t get it, WikiLeaks believes the author of the above article.
          1. Don
            Don 3 October 2011 13: 11 New
            And what exactly will Romania harness to? For a broader outlook you would familiarize yourself with their armed forces. They have only 64 MiG-21s in the Air Force !!!!!!!! In the ground forces obsolete medium tanks TR 85 M1 "Bizonul" (93 pieces), T-55 (193), TR-580 (42), 26 MLI-84M "Jderul" the same BMP-1 and about 500 more junk in the form BTR-60,70 and as many as 69 BTR-80, and self-propelled guns are just 6! Gvozdik. In air defense except Wasp and Cuba there are only anti-aircraft guns and MANPADS Strela-2. Do you call this a serious modern army? It's ridiculous. What will they fight? What would destroy their air defense is Tu-160, Tu-95, Tu-22, and in order to destroy their equipment, there will be enough forces at the military base of the Russian Federation in Transnistria, Transnistrian self-defense forces and one or two brigades deployed.
      2. подводник
        подводник 29 September 2011 20: 35 New
        Hey, you fool, I already understood what kind of “team” you are from. Teach the lessons!
        1. ballian
          ballian 30 September 2011 09: 10 New
          Sit under water and don’t come up from there
          1. chistii20
            chistii20 29 March 2012 15: 17 New
            Guys will fight well Ukraine allowed or didn’t allow the troops to be thrown, remember Yugoslavia as the troops were thrown in the same way and now they would have thrown not a single radar, our country has something to answer to anyone, including Gypsies (Romania), the consequences will be very crap
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          1. Ion coaelung
            Ion coaelung 2 October 2011 14: 22 New
            Fiindca pot, ca stiu limba. Daca vorbesc in limba aceasta, nu inseamna ca nu sunt nepot de slavi!

            In Russian: A Romanian follower here cannot prove in his own language that I am just like him, and does not understand that if I speak Moldavian (as they call Romanian) it does not mean that I am not a descendant of the Slavs. A descendant of the Roman Empire, you know :)
  6. Anatoly
    Anatoly 29 September 2011 10: 58 New
    Romanians always smelled of political prostitution ..
    They forget that having an Ameran missile defense complex on their territory, they automatically become another target for our nuclear shield.
    1. ballian
      ballian 29 September 2011 11: 13 New
      This missile defense cannot shoot down ICBMs - how much can you possibly guess about it? "Literate".
  7. Splin
    Splin 29 September 2011 11: 26 New
    And again about Transnistria ... This is about the Romanian troops, obviously gathering in Bender. Well, of course, such an idea may be born in an inflamed brain.
    Moldova is an independent state and the invasion of its territory (de jure Transdniestria is Moldavian) is an act of aggression against a neutral country.
    1. ballian
      ballian 30 September 2011 09: 16 New
      Yes, it is said that if a military conflict arises between Moldova and Transnistria - Romania can interfere - is it really difficult to understand what this is about?
      1. Banshee
        Banshee 30 September 2011 09: 35 New
        And why not vstryat? There, with the land, everything is so confusing that everyone can claim their rights from the times of Emperor Trajan.

        Accordingly, if one provokes a conflict between Moldova and Transdniestria (it seems that they have nothing to do with it, although I can be wrong), then Romania ordered God to try to snatch his own. Well, where is the god in Romania now?
  8. DEfindER
    DEfindER 29 September 2011 11: 44 New
    Now there are so many acts of aggression against sovereign states in the world, and even with the direct support of the UN, it’s all the same to one less than one less, and the UN itself has become an aggressor, what for it is generally needed ..
    1. Splin
      Splin 29 September 2011 11: 55 New
      Not quite true parallels. Those states to which a military challenge has been thrown are either in the active phase of the war and have a lack of a legitimate government, or they pose a direct military threat to the region. Moldova, in the Constitution, consolidated its neutral status (by the way, one in the region, Ukraine is only a non-aligned state)
      1. DEfindER
        DEfindER 29 September 2011 12: 09 New
        that’s how all the wars in the world happen, the government of the country is recognized as illegitimate, or frustrating the aggressor, which is basically the same thing, and then the military phase follows ..
        1. Splin
          Splin 29 September 2011 12: 20 New
          Romania is not a subject of international law like the United States or Great Britain, so that for its sake they go against the rules.
    2. Whole
      Whole 29 September 2011 23: 40 New
      I agree, it’s time for the UN to abolish, one hell of sense from it no-continuous populism, well, or as you like populism fellow
  9. подводник
    подводник 29 September 2011 12: 42 New
    Something I don’t like all this “fussing” in the south-Georgia, Turkey, Romania! We have the Olympics on the nose! (Do they really want to give a damn in the 80s?)
  10. Boos24
    Boos24 29 September 2011 19: 07 New
    They are like in that film, the power is changing, who is winning with those and we are with the Nazis before Stalingrad or with the USSR, they were always such Suuch
  11. APASUS
    APASUS 29 September 2011 19: 22 New
    We need to send a couple of Escander divisions to our peacekeepers (to fight terror)! We must show our friends that we, too, are afraid of the terroristoff!
  12. Uhalus
    Uhalus 29 September 2011 23: 16 New
    Vadivak, there is such a profession - Romanian ...

    The comrades above said everything for me ... I can only join!
  13. gigiperfetto
    gigiperfetto 30 September 2011 02: 21 New
    For me, it’s necessary to take it deeper. Before the annexation of Besarabia, in the Wallachian principalities they looked at the Russian Empire as a defender against the Ottomans and Austro-Hungarians and the center of Orthodoxy. In the future, the ideas of pan-Slavism did not expect a strong Romanian state (a wedge between Russia and Bulgaria and Serbia). It is very likely that now we would have a Slavic world, not an Anglo-Saxon one.
    Regarding the participation of Romanians in the Second World War: one must look in the context of the situation of those years. You yourself want the return of Crimea, Lugansk, the north of Kazakhstan, Ivan-City. And before discussing the “meanness” of the Romanians, think about the “nobility” of the Bulgarian brothers, Slovaks.
  14. Denis
    Denis 30 September 2011 06: 29 New
    and Romania at what?
    What about her except Dracula and the long-dead man is heard?
    how Tuva, when she declared war on the Germans, they long thought "what and where is it?"