Some myths about the death of the USSR

Some myths about the death of the USSRHistory Red Empire - the USSR is full of various myths. One of them is noncompetitiveness of the Soviet Union. According to supporters of this idea, the socio-political and economic system built in our country was obviously worse than the western one, and therefore collapsed. She lost in competition with the Western capitalist model.

The main argument of the supporters of this myth is the death of the USSR in 1991. They say that since the creation of the Soviet Union, in the Soviet model there were fatal defects that led to the collapse. This is one example of the so-called. after-knowledge, where the main role is not played by real or imaginary defects of the system, but by the fact that the system has collapsed.

Although, suffice it to say that the Soviet model won up in the terrible Great Patriotic War over the very effective Hitler model of the Third Reich. A model of the Third Reich can hardly be called uncompetitive. And she was able not only to achieve a brilliant victory, but to recover in just one five-year plan, and then confront half of the world in the Cold War, with the most developed part of it (in terms of science, technology, military affairs). In addition, the USSR has achieved brilliant successes in the development of space, military technologies, has created one of the best in the world (or even the best) education system. In addition, the Red Empire managed to pull a huge "cart", providing significant assistance to the countries of the socialist bloc, the "third world".

Apparently, supporters of this myth, by virtue of their Euro-Atlantic worldview, believe that the only competitive system is the Anglo-Saxon capitalist model, which lies at the heart of the matrix of Western civilization. And, therefore, based on the example of the Soviet Union, all competitors and opponents of the Western world are doomed from the beginning.

"All empires fall apart"

This is a very popular myth, according to which the USSR was an empire, and therefore collapsed. But in reality, all nations, states and great powers (empires) have the same development cycles: birth - growth - flourishing - withering and death.

Therefore, to apply this idea exclusively to the USSR is wrong. It is safe to say that sooner or later the world will see the collapse of the United States, the new empire of China. In addition, there are a number of peoples on the planet who are carriers of the “empire” program, one of such great nations is the Russian people. As long as it exists on the planet, the restoration of a new great power in the expanses of its settlement is inevitable.

And one should not think that this exception is not only the Russian program, but also the Indian and Chinese are exceptionally stable - these civilizations have suffered more than one collapse in their development, but have always been restored.

The myth of the "main reason"

Speaking about the death of the Soviet Union, many are talking about the "main cause", which destroyed the country. Usually called the “noncompetitiveness” of the USSR, the treachery of Gorbachev and Yeltsin, economic failure, the crisis, the subversive work of the CIA and other Western intelligence services, the organization of the Union from national republics, etc.

But, in reality, any one "main" reason can not explain the collapse of the USSR. The death of the Soviet Union was due to the complex impact on its structure of internal and external causes. Not one of some “main reason”, but a related complex of reasons. In this complex, the gradual loss of ideological guidelines, the cosmopolitanization of Russian culture, the disintegration of the Soviet nomenclature, economic problems, the subversive actions of foreign special services, the drawing of a “national card”, etc.

"USSR collapsed by itself"

The myth of “noncompetitiveness” is in many respects similar to the thesis of the “complete non-viability” of the USSR. Proponents of this myth claim that since the Soviet Union was “not viable,” it collapsed by itself, without external influence.

But, if in the 90-e years, this statement was accepted by many, the Russian intelligentsia is prone to self-flagellation, then there was a mass of analytical work that completely refute this statement. If we consider the causes of the death of the USSR in a complex, then it is clear that along with internal defects, problems, a massive external influence was carried out. From the psychological pressure of leadership, such as the operation "Star Wars" (SDI) to a powerful cultural impact, with the help of cinema, music, fashion, etc. The impact was directed both to the Soviet nomenclature and to society as a whole.

Obviously, the USSR helped to die. The “natural end” of the USSR is another myth aimed at denigrating our past, developing an inferiority complex, they say, these Russians cannot even create a “normal” state, everything goes awry.

USSR destroyed the plot of Gorbachev

This myth is aimed at simplifying our history, it leads people away from other causes. After all, only understanding the whole complex of causes of death will help to avoid such mistakes in the future.

It is clear that Gorbachev and Co. are criminals guilty of the death of a great power. Whether they acted purposefully or floated with the flow, the investigation commission must determine. But there is no need to dwell on their activities and personalities, it is necessary to build a more holistic picture of this geopolitical catastrophe.

The experience of the death of the USSR is very important for us, it is necessary to free ourselves from both Soviet (like the idealization of the Brezhnev era) and anti-Soviet mythology. Understand why the Soviet Union died. This misunderstanding represents a certain threat for the modern Russian Federation, since the technologies that were tested on the USSR are fully applicable to us. Rather, they are already being used - they are playing the "national map", cultivating national elite groups, eroding the Russian culture with a "Hollywood" cosmopolitan culture, etc.
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  1. Volkhov
    28 September 2011 13: 43
    The USSR was destroyed by organized ones - in the army, science, and at the production there were groups of village alcoholic friends who sought their own private interests, neglecting the big picture. They could not resist the centralized and ideological agents of the Nazis and Zionists and were the subject of manipulation until they retired. Their example - another science - the general is higher than the particular.
    1. prunx
      28 September 2011 15: 28
      Volkhov, my friend, not the subject of manipulation, but the object. A subject is one who manipulates.
      The article as a whole is not bad. The collapse, however, began immediately after the death of Stalin.
      1. Volkhov
        28 September 2011 17: 22
        Stalin was the brain that saw the big picture, and without it - a coma when organs work without tasks.
  2. Ivan Krasov
    28 September 2011 17: 14
    The collapse of the USSR essentially occurred in a revolutionary way, and in every revolution you can notice this:
    -external factor of any revolution, including monetary and other material injections;
    - gradual refusal, under the influence of the so-called elite of society, of traditional values ​​within the country, the denial of all their own and the imposition of alien moral values;
    - betrayal of the elite of national interests.
  3. 0
    28 September 2011 17: 27
    There is only one result - Russia, that in 1917, that in 1991. The collapse of the communist obscurantists. The people believed them, and they all stupidly pissed away !!
    1. zczczc
      28 September 2011 17: 39
      There is only one result - Russia in 1917 was destroyed by Bronstein with his gang of ghouls, and in 1991 his followers with another gang of ghouls. And he always believes the people when they lie beautifully.
      1. +7
        28 September 2011 18: 58
        Before Trotsky there were still liberals "-" Februaryists ", patriots often forget about this, immediately blaming the Bolsheviks for all the sins. Without their destructive activities, the Bolsheviks had no chance of seizing power.
        1. zczczc
          28 September 2011 21: 01
          Skills, I agree, Kerensky "did" a lot, but were he and Trotsky "powered" from very different sources?
          1. +3
            28 September 2011 21: 13
            From one, with this enemy, we have been fighting for a thousand years ...
      2. Mesniy
        30 September 2011 16: 00
        Bronstein is a collective image of all the red-haired of those times
    2. +3
      28 September 2011 21: 16
      There were already no communists in power; the last communist was Andropov.
      1. zczczc
        28 September 2011 21: 18
        VadivakBy the way, Putin’s idea of ​​integration with Europe is attributed to Andropov. True, the idea and embodiment should not be confused. Andropov would not open the country to all sewage.
    3. Uncle Sam
      28 September 2011 22: 22
      Yes, no one believed them, German mercenaries usurped power
  4. Agnislav
    28 September 2011 17: 44
    Lost the Cold War
    Therefore, the power disintegrated,
    They sold the country for "sweet gum"
    Now everyone knows - poison ...
    1. Tyumen
      28 September 2011 20: 01
      Gavrila walked in a curly forest
      The bamboo of Gavrila was chopped.
      1. Agnislav
        28 September 2011 20: 06
        Yes, let yourself walk calmly,
        But he didn’t sell the country.
        1. +2
          28 September 2011 21: 17
          I understand you write yourself? Very worthy in my opinion
          1. Agnislav
            28 September 2011 21: 28
            thank you, I do not pretend to be a poet, but on-line epigrams sometimes work)
            it’s a pity that you can’t insert a strong word here, this is just strong in this, more than a hundred in storage)))
  5. Bob
    28 September 2011 18: 20
    The destruction of the USSR is a catastrophe not only for the republics included in it, it is a catastrophe of a planetary scale. The system caved in to the "democratic" values ​​of the West, which has become the aggressor, implanting these values ​​throughout the world, and in fact subordinating the world to its quite tangible material interests.
    The way out for Russia is to restore the center of power in the wake of ensuring common security interests in the Near and Far Abroad, expanding the CSTO at the expense of new allies, to whom the state’s security comes first. Among all animal instincts, the instinct of self-preservation is the most important and priority, and when it smells fried it is sobering (and the example of Belarus in the person of Lukashenko is indicative), other republics will soon catch up. However, if you do not lend a helping hand, then they will not reach it. But apart from resisting the aggressor will not succeed - this is a fact. It’s a pity they lost Ukraine, in Dnepropetrovsk I remember Satan’s rockets were made, and now in Russia only something similar will appear in 10-20 years later, it’s a pity Sevastopol, Nikolaevsk, Odessa, where there was a stronghold of our Black Sea fleet and the ability to influence events in the Mediterranean, and today there is a real war with one goal - to destroy regional and planetary stability.
  6. +6
    28 September 2011 19: 17
    Let's be honest, the basis of any society is the male population.
    So, the state has raised a generation of dummies, who for the chewing gum and cola, the FINGER OF THE FINGER did not hit to save their own country.
    The USSR loved its citizens too much.
    And like all spoiled children, citizens are accustomed to only receive.

    The rest are arguments to justify their own insolvency.

    minus one.
    1. Volkhov
      28 September 2011 19: 51
      Those that are not fools - were exterminated in different ways:
      - as a counter to civil
      - as enemies of the people after
      - like infantry in frontal attacks of the Second World War
      - like former prisoners in the Gulag
      - as workers and residents in hazardous industries
      - like crazy opponents of owls. authorities
      At the same time, the objects of genocide did not see the whole picture at once, then they themselves would demolish everything, but only a small local element, they thought it was a mistake ...

      The Nazis, as practitioners of genocide, were most afraid of the female riot in the death camp, because They knew that the guard wouldn’t hold, so they said it was a bathhouse ...
      1. ballian
        28 September 2011 20: 31
        Again, theorists theorize - the USSR died because it was not viable - this is an axiom.
        In general, continue to whom it is interesting to theorize and dochit on the past.
        1. zczczc
          28 September 2011 21: 05
          ballianIs the existing regime viable? You may ask, when the resources run out, what will happen to the regime - will the whole move to England?
          1. Uncle Sam
            28 September 2011 22: 30
            it’s just that the communal regime is not completely buried, it lies and stinks like a smelly dismembered corpse by Putin and Medvedev, a united Russia and the Communist Party. Here when this pus is condemned and buried - then in this territory it will be possible to try to create a normal state.
            minuses - go ahead! wink
            1. zczczc
              29 September 2011 01: 24
              Uncle Sam, you have a mess in your head, do not be offended. Different entities, different meanings, origins, points of contact and, most importantly, internal needs. And you're all in a bunch. There is no sterile world. If your parents lived in the USSR, then they also bear the "stamp of advice" and well, do you despise them for that? And if not, then don't despise their contemporaries either.

              This is from the category "all goats, and I am one hero."
            2. 0
              29 September 2011 02: 14
              Did they hurt you as a child? fellow
    2. Uncle Sam
      28 September 2011 22: 25
      Yes, citizens didn’t get it, therefore no one sneezed when they announced the creation of the CIS.
      1. Sanzyro
        29 September 2011 00: 23
        When the referendum took place, to be or not to be the Union - you, a young man, even walked under the table and tortured cats! So, before you speak so categorically, find out something about those events!
        1. ballian
          29 September 2011 09: 13
          "Do you consider it necessary to preserve the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics as a renewed federation of equal sovereign republics ..."
          Have you seen anywhere a federation of sovereign units? This issue is delusional in meaning, and legally insolvent and the referendum is invalid.
          Why was it so illiterately composed and crammed with the word "sovereign"? Those who lived then remember that the words "suverinitet", "independence" were very popular then - everyone wanted to live on their own so that they would not be milked from Moscow - that's why they had to insert this word there.
          In addition, an alternative question was not proposed - so that the question rolled.
          Well, they made you the CIS - everything as you wanted.
          A few months later, a referendum was held in Ukraine - the question was clear and not delusional - for independence or not. - 90% voted - "for" - how to explain such a colossal difference in the two referendums?
          1. Sanzyro
            29 September 2011 11: 54
            Quote: ballian
            Those who lived then remember that the words "suverinitet", "independence" were very popular then - everyone wanted to live on their own so that they would not be milked from Moscow - that's why they had to insert this word there.
            You voice the thoughts and aspirations of those in power at that time (and even the present) and among ordinary people these words were not very popular, but they were hammered hard! After 20 years, these crops sprouted. Yes, and what a magnificent! History teaches that it does not teach anything ... Sadly.
          2. Tyumen
            29 September 2011 19: 32
            Have you seen anywhere a federation of sovereign units?

            What about the European Union?
            1. ballian
              30 September 2011 09: 41
              This is not a federation, but a confederation.
              1. Tyumen
                1 October 2011 13: 23
        2. Uncle Sam
          30 September 2011 15: 51
          but why, dear so categorically? Yes, I voted in this referendum! And excuse me, how many years?
  7. bagira
    29 September 2011 17: 43
    The reasons for the collapse of the USSR were not a crisis in the economy and an arms race, but a special operation successfully carried out by the CIA to introduce agents of influence into the Soviet political elite, eliminate Andropov and recruit Misha with Paradise. But they made a mistake with the fact that they did not get rich Misha, but gave him only the Nobel Prize as a reward. And Misha lives in Russia, where so many are ready to just spit in his face. In general, greed let down the bankers gentlemen. And now, a sweet couple, their former agents, realized that after the collapse of Russia, they would become useless to anyone and began to strengthen the defense. Misha is a living example for them. He was used and thrown away.
    1. ballian
      30 September 2011 09: 44
      Well, yes - if the bosses are bad - it means necessarily recruited :))))))))))
  8. Motherland
    29 September 2011 19: 10
    Reading about the collapse of the USSR it becomes very insulting ... And people like "uncle sam" and "ballian" are cattle who are easy to fart in the ear and it will believe not only in the us but also in pokemon.
    1. ballian
      30 September 2011 09: 49
      To you a question - where were you 19 - 21 of August 91 of the year, where were you 26 of December of 91 of the year? That's right - they were sitting on the couch - well, don’t croak now - they are to blame.
    2. Uncle Sam
      30 September 2011 15: 53
      Yes, you yourself are rednecks. Learn young people to communicate with people
  9. Motherland
    30 September 2011 11: 25
    I didn’t sit on the sofa

    This is a matter of opinion, or rather of reason, if the USSR did not suit you and you are glad for its collapse, it is your business. If you return the USSR and there are people who want to return the Russian Federation, then I will certainly be like you.
  10. Priest
    3 October 2011 01: 52
    ("the gentlemen are fighting - the forelocks of the slaves crackle")
  11. 0
    20 August 2015 18: 30
    The USSR lagged behind the West in all respects; it was a technologically backward country.
    Plus a chronic deficit of everything and everything.
  12. +15
    30 October 2017 21: 33
    Myth is not a myth - we reap all the fruits

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