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Metal Storm creates an iron curtain of bullets

Metal Storm creates an iron curtain of bullets

The system of grenade launchers and machine guns Metal Storm is a rifled barrel with an electronic fire control circuit that has no moving parts. Charging ignition - electropulse.

Depending on the type of ammunition in the barrel can be from 3 to 6 projectiles.

Metal Storm - armory Area Denial Weapon System (ADWS), developed in Australia with significant US government interest. Metal Storm technology is an electronically controlled, prefabricated system that does not have the mechanisms of conventional weapons.

Effectively, the only parts that move in the Metal Storm are the bullets in the trunks. There may be several of them. This technology allows you to consistently shoot from each barrel. The rate of fire from each barrel varies from single shots to 6000 shots per minute.

The installation can be mounted practically anywhere, and it can be programmed to destroy everything that moves in a certain area. Several such installations can be connected and work from one command and control center.

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  1. Altergo
    Altergo April 30 2012 17: 11
    The main question is whether all this is necessary?