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Our memory. Belgorod. Photo report


Even when I started researching on “Forgotten Battles”, I had an idea to make a series of photo essays about places of memory from different cities. Undoubtedly, any information today can be found on the Internet and in the best quality However, I just wanted to show those places where, due to the immensity of our country, many will not be able to go. And specifically to look and never come to mind.

Decided to start with Belgorod. Why - I do not know, I just had to. Belgorod is a beautiful city, not so small, but rather compact. And everything that I would like to see is in the historical center.

Pond, ducks, and in the background - the purpose of my trip.

Diorama museum.

Rare rarity: regimental gun model 1927 year. The first gun, created from start to finish by Soviet engineers.

Model, layout, whatever. But fit into the overall system.

Another infrequent guest in museums: 160-mm mortar designer Teverovsky. Unicum Could throw a mine weighing in 40 kg on 5 km. There was no such masterpiece in any army in the world.

Actually, a diorama. Of course, there is no comparison with a diorama in Stalingrad and cannot be. The scales are not the same, of course. But it is immediately clear what was done later than in Volgograd. The effect of presence is stunning, despite its small size. It is not always clear where the drawing.

Machine gun in the lower left corner - the original.

The car is also not drawn

German trench. The model is only German. The rest is real.

To be honest, the gun became a pity. But the museum staff said that she was so after restoration. Before the repair was much worse.

Where the caterpillar turns into a drawing, I did not understand.

Avenue of Heroes. Heroes of the Soviet Union of the Great Patriotic War, the Afghan war, Heroes of Russia of both Chechen campaigns.

Zhukov at the head. He is here rightfully commander.

The eternal flame is an indispensable attribute of each city, I guess.

And this is a closer time.

Here is such a small tour of Belgorod. Next will be Stalingrad, Prokhorovka, Voronezh, Tula.

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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 24 March 2015 06: 30
    Once upon a time, there was a war ...soldier
  2. Thekakojto
    Thekakojto 24 March 2015 06: 49

    there are eight of us two. V. Vysotsky
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Maxsh
      Maxsh 24 March 2015 10: 33
      Thanks to the author! As a resident of Belgorod, I am very flattered! From myself I can add a photo of the reservoir and the museum-diorama "Arc of Fire". This is Victory Park, and the reservoir is the Vezelka River.
      1. vasek-3180
        vasek-3180 24 March 2015 11: 15
        Hi fellow countryman, I am also from Belgorod. And what an invasion of ducks was on Weselka this winter ... laughing
        1. Maxsh
          Maxsh 24 March 2015 14: 26
          Hello! AND rosomaha also ours. And someone else I met here from Belgorod! And ducks, yes, and do not say. And about 15 years ago in this place they did not smell. The stinky river was)) And in the diorama I like to be. There is some unique smell. As a child, I believed that it smells like that in a war. what There, in my opinion, for a fee, documentary films can be shown - there is a small cinema there. And on the ground floor there is a model (if not dragged) Dioramas and surroundings - this I did when I was a student with classmates winked
          1. Maxsh
            Maxsh 24 March 2015 16: 23
            In general, I would like to add that Belgorod can not be limited here. Anyone traveling from the Moscow direction to the south (or vice versa) should definitely visit the Memorial to the heroes of the Battle of Kursk in the Yakovlevsky District (in addition to the landscaped area with reconstructed trenches and dugouts, there is also a museum there - it’s located under the memorial), The Belfry on Prokhorovsky Field - there is a huge exposition of tanks and a wheat field - a fascinating place, well, and nearby you can also visit the Third Military Field Museum of Russia in Prokhorovka itself - it recently opened, it looks so modern. It’s real to visit all this in one day, even in half a day you can meet the principle, because It is in atomic mobility. True, I recommend going to Prokhorovka on May 9 early in the morning (no later than 7-8 hours), otherwise you can get stuck in a multi-kilometer traffic jam.
          2. rosomaha
            rosomaha 24 March 2015 16: 40
            Yeah .. Belgorodsky I, almost - I live not in the city
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  3. Aleksandr72
    Aleksandr72 24 March 2015 08: 15
    Wonderful photo selection. Somewhere in those parts - on the Kursk Bulge, my tankman uncle died in 1943, and I did not even remember his name. We - then still children in the family especially about this war and those whom they lost on it were not told. It’s a pity, but now there’s no one to ask.
  4. rosomaha
    rosomaha 24 March 2015 09: 31
    These are our places ... and how many more places where entire battalions were killed, and there are no memorial plaques. Until now, every spring ... in May, there is a reburial of the remains.
    1. ibnvladimir
      ibnvladimir 24 March 2015 15: 33
      Is it not in June 22nd? I would very much like to participate in the search, but from Tolyatti to the places of fighting ... far away. And vacation, as always, is not wasted. If there are knowledgeable people, throw in contacts. I will definitely get out. Well, at least once. Ehhh.
  5. vanavatny
    vanavatny 24 March 2015 10: 40
    nice, very well-groomed worker city
  6. Mik13
    Mik13 24 March 2015 11: 22
    Was in this museum. A very long time ago, under the USSR. Diorama has not changed))) Terrific done.
    There, inside, the effect of presence is outstanding, it can’t be conveyed in photographs. So if there is an opportunity - I recommend personally visiting.
  7. free
    free 24 March 2015 11: 23
    great article!
  8. bullss
    bullss 24 March 2015 12: 16
    Thanks, like it so much!
  9. larsky1
    larsky1 24 March 2015 15: 31
    Following will be Stalingrad, Prokhorovka, Voronezh, Tula.

    Can I start with Tula? there a new weapons museum has recently opened ..)
  10. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 24 March 2015 17: 57
    The IS-3 is a powerful tank, the vaunted Ferdinands and Panthers snapped like seeds near Prokhorovka!
    1. Aleksandr72
      Aleksandr72 24 March 2015 18: 29
      Is it mockery or banter? IS-3 was adopted in April 1945 - the decision of GKO USSR No. 7950ss on the adoption of the IS-3 tank for the Red Army and its production at the Chelyabinsk Kirov Plant. The battle near Prokhorovka took place on July 11-12, 1943. Or are you another victim of education reform in Russia and the exam?
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Ivan Tarasov
        Ivan Tarasov 25 March 2015 06: 35
        Or are you another victim of education reform in Russia and the exam?

        Do you think that visitors to the exposition become victims?
        So a man visited the exposition, was impressed by what he saw, and became a victim of deception?
        1. Aleksandr72
          Aleksandr72 25 March 2015 10: 13
          No, I suppose you shouldn't focus on what kind of armored vehicles or weapons are on display. In any case, this is a Soviet weapon, created by the hands of Soviet gunsmiths, and even if it was not used in the battles of the Great Patriotic War on it - this weapon is an aura, a reflection - whatever you want, of the weapon with which our grandfathers defeated the most powerful enemy in history. Throughout the former Union and not only as monuments to the courage and valor of the Red Army soldiers in that war, equipment was installed that was not used in the war - I mean the post-war BM-13M based on the ZiS-151 / ZIL-157, the post-war IS-4 tanks and IS-3, around which the conversation is going - there are many examples. So what - take them off the pedestals and send them for melting? In any case, this is much better than installing hastily-worn remakes, like a T-34-85 hull with a self-made "nut" turret with a (very approximate) layout of the F-34 cannon, or the same pseudo-BM-13 which is a self-made welded structure made of I-beams mounted on something that resembles a ZiS-5 truck (not even a ZiS-6). And please don’t make a mistake about the fact that the "king is not real", that is, the tank is wrong. And about the "victims of the exposure" - let it be better to teach history, then they will not be deceived.
          I have the honor.
    2. rosomaha
      rosomaha 24 March 2015 19: 36
      No modification of IP was under Prokhorovka. The first ISs went into the army by the end of 1943.
      There were no ferdinants there either. They were only on the northern edge of the arc, under the Dive.
  11. midshipman
    midshipman 24 March 2015 20: 49
    Great exposure. It is worth showing such from each city. I have the honor.
  12. Pomah
    Pomah 25 March 2015 09: 43
    Yes, in Belgorod he worked as a history teacher. Well done.
  13. samurai way
    samurai way 25 March 2015 18: 06
    My grandmother lived not far from those places and told how she first saw the Germans, the Wehrmacht soldiers. They were extremely correct, they treated the children with chocolate and showed our women photographs of their wives and Kinders. They did not want to fight them. They all lay down near the village and some women went to the trenches after the battle, took biscuits from the dead and pulled off their boots ... my grandmother did not participate. She also remembered well how the Essians came after the Grays ... her story about how, for the word of her three-year-old son (my uncle) - "German is a fool ... how" the Essians locked him in a cold shed for the night winter) crashed into my childhood memory. And at that time her husband, my grandfather fought, was captured, fled, partisan in Poland, fought again and returned after the war to his wife and son. How could I not remember this when during perestroika they lied that all the prisoners the soldiers who were in the camps of the Germans automatically ended up in the gulag ... a lot of lies were and will be, but the truth about those times is in the memory of every family and these stories need to be written down and shared among themselves. My second grandfather, an oath nkvdshnik, covered the retreat of the fleeing Red Army soldiers and died, delaying, I don’t know how much their offensive along with my comrades ... Eternal memory to all those who perished, tortured, died of wounds and old age! Psa grandfather is the one who was in the camp with the Germans ( such a well-known camp, it's just not about him now), and so he did not have hatred for the Germans ... in battle, yes, after no.
    1. samurai way
      samurai way 25 March 2015 18: 14
      "German", the text cannot be corrected for a fool ... well, damn guys, the floor is not even a curse