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The action “Military service under the contract is your choice!” In Rostov-on-Don: future contract servicemen, exhibitions and “Russian Knights”

The action “Military service under the contract is your choice!” In Rostov-on-Don: future contract servicemen, exhibitions and “Russian Knights”

In the past, children dreamed of becoming pilots, tankmen or sailors. Over time, the priorities of the younger generation have changed, but the country still needs advocates. In parallel with the modernization of the armed forces and other major programs, it is necessary to carry out propaganda among the population and invite young people to serve. It was for this purpose that the commanders of the air force began to hold special cultural events in different cities.

21 in March, representatives of the Air Force and other troops arrived in Rostov-on-Don to arrange a mass action “Contract Military Service - Your Choice!” The purpose of this holiday event is to attract future contract servicemen, as well as demonstrate the latest achievements of the Air Force to the population. The mobile center of selection became the logical center of the action, in which everyone could get advice on contract service issues, as well as pass some tests and document their desire to join the ranks of the armed forces.

About the action "Military service under the contract - your choice!" It was announced at the end of February, but the date and place were not announced immediately. A good venue for such a holiday could be the Rostov military airfield, where similar events have already been held. However, it later became known that the action would be held in a place more suitable for campaigning in favor of the naval fleet, - on the embankment of the Don river. As it turned out later, the place was chosen correctly, since no other site in the city could cope with so many visitors and spectators.

The event was organized by the command of the air force. At the same time, the military personnel of several units from the Air Force were involved in the action. There were soldiers and officers from parts of the Rostov region, as well as from other regions. In particular, several officers were observed with the sleeve insignia of an air base in the Belarusian city of Baranavichy.

For the action, the movement had to close down Beregovoy Street within a few blocks, but even then it was difficult to walk along it. Already a couple of hours after the start of the holiday, the police talked about 15-17 to thousands of people. By the end of the event, the number of visitors increased in 2-3 times. So, the press service of the Ministry of Defense gives the number of 50 thousand people! It is not surprising that the city center actually stopped in a traffic jam, and public transport could not cope with the load.

The program of the action included a concert with the participation of local and visiting artists, speeches of officials and the awarding of servicemen, as well as an exhibition of military equipment and various equipment. Nevertheless, the majority of people came to the embankment only at two o'clock in the afternoon when the flight program was to start with the participation of the Russian Knights aerobatic team. Rostov residents showed great interest in the stars of air shows, and therefore the actual number of spectators who watched demonstration flights could have been significantly more than official figures. Long before the start of the flight, people began to gather on the neighboring roofs, on the Temernitsky bridge, on the left bank of the Don and other platforms, from which a good view of the flight zone opens.

Unfortunately, because of the large number of spectators, it was simply impossible to get through to the stage. Nevertheless, in the framework of the campaign "Military service under the contract - your choice!" There were other interesting things that were also worth attention.

The main goal of the action is to attract future contract servicemen. To do this, on the embankment tents were deployed mobile point of selection of citizens. In addition, there were many different posters informing the public about the work of various military schools where future soldiers and officers are trained. People showed great interest in these points and at times queues were even seen at their doors.

Next to the selection point, servicemen helped the younger generation to master the infantry weapon.

A curious "element" of the event was Voentorg’s tents. Everyone could buy in them both souvenirs and things suitable for practical use. Visitors to the campaign were offered t-shirts and other textiles with “polite people”, V. Putin and S. Shoigu. In addition, army folding knives, soldier bags, mobile phone cases and other products were on sale. In addition, soft drinks and snacks were sold in a separate tent. It is noteworthy that throughout the campaign, potential buyers constantly crowded the Voentorg stalls, and by the end of the event some goods had run out.

According to the old tradition observed at all military-patriotic events, a field kitchen was deployed, where everyone could try food from the army ration. As always, the field kitchen has become one of the most popular places. The line to her stretched for several tens of meters.

Another traditional component of such actions was the exhibition of modern military equipment and vehicles. Several samples of new military equipment, which came into service with various units, arrived at Beregovaya Street.

The “front parade” of the technology was headed by the Pantsir-С1 anti-aircraft missile and cannon complex. This system was put into service relatively recently and continues to be supplied to the troops. According to the assurances of the officer who spoke with the visitors of the holiday, "Pantsir-С1" is the best system of its class in the world. The best complex of its class could not help but attract the attention of passersby.

The next exhibit of the exhibition is the KamAZ-63968 "Typhoon" armored car produced by the Kama Automobile Plant. The presented armored vehicle with a wheel formula 6х6 probably belongs to the party that was handed over to the troops of the Southern Military District at the end of last year. It is worth noting that the live Typhoon armored car looks not as large as in the photos.

Near the new "Typhoon" was already a long time known armored personnel carrier BTR-82A. This machine, which is a further development of the BTR-80, is being built in series and delivered to the troops. One of the first such equipment in 2011 was received by some parts of the Southern Military District. It is possible that the armored personnel carrier shown in Rostov-on-Don is a representative of that very first batch. For unknown reasons, there was a sign near the vehicle of the BTR-82A with the characteristics of an armored personnel carrier BTR-82, which is seriously different in its composition of weapons.

A few years before the BTR-82A began to operate, the Russian armed forces began to master another new type of technology - the Chrysanthem-S self-propelled anti-tank missile system. This vehicle, built on the basis of the BMP-3 infantry combat vehicle, carries guided missiles and is capable of destroying various targets at ranges up to 5-6 km, depending on the guidance system used.

Next to the anti-tank complex "Chrysanthemum-S" was an armored vehicle, which became the base for it. The infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3 is a well-known model of domestic equipment, and is also used as a basis for other types of equipment.

The last exhibit of static parking - armored "Tiger". Several hundred of these machines in various versions are in service with the army and the Ministry of the Interior. The development of new variants of the car is continuing.

The military equipment, from the Pantyr-С1 to the Tiger, was fenced off and at first the visitors of the action could only inspect it from afar. However, later the fences were removed and opened to all who wished. Future defenders of the fatherland did not have to be invited twice - the children immediately climbed onto the BTR-82A, BMP-3 and Chrysanthemum-S. The public was not allowed to enter other vehicles because of their great height: nevertheless, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, unlike anti-aircraft complexes or armored vehicles, have a roof adapted for being on it. They write in social networks that the children showed so much interest in technology that they even managed to unscrew the rearview mirror from an armored personnel carrier. Only thanks to the vigilance of the servicemen who looked after the equipment, the car did not remain without such an important unit.

During the first hours of the campaign, armored vehicles were fenced off. However, not far from it are located other cars, from the very beginning accessible to everyone. To attract the public, the military "opened to visit" trucks Ural-4320 and KAMAZ-5350. Next to the cars were long lines of representatives of the younger generation, wishing to familiarize themselves with the vehicles of the armed forces. Who knows, maybe one of these children, having received impressions today, will decide in the future to become a military driver.

As it turned out, a few blocks from the main exhibition of technology was “additional”. For some not entirely understandable reasons, several Tiger armored vehicles and Iskander tactical missile system were installed there, and not at the main location. Unfortunately, I learned about such an unexpected exhibition only after the end of all the events, so I didn’t capture this technique, which is a rarity in our area. Nevertheless, photos of Iskander have already appeared in social networks and the blogosphere.

A curious exposition was located next to the mobile selection point, in which various aviation equipment and rescue equipment used in the Russian Air Force. The public was presented with the PSN-6A liferaft, the VMSK-4 high-altitude marine rescue kit, the S-4B parachute system, the NAZ-7M portable emergency reserve and other equipment, the purpose of which is to save pilots' life and health, as well as facilitate their searches in difficult conditions .

The bulk of the audience began to approach the embankment only at two o'clock in the afternoon when the demonstration flights were to begin. The command of the Air Force decided not to be limited to the “ground” elements of the program in the form of a concert and an exhibition of equipment, and therefore organized a program with the participation of airplanes and helicopters of several aviation bases. "The highlight of the program" was to be the performance of the aerobatic team "Russian Knights".

At the appointed time, the assembled audience heard the characteristic noise of helicopter screws. A Mi-8 helicopter with paratroopers on board appeared over the Don River. The first approach - and jump five parachutists.

Paratroopers unfold the flags of Russia, the Ministry of Defense, the air force and the Rostov region, as well as the flag in the colors of the St. George ribbon.

This professional does not need a lot of space for landing. The paratroopers landed on a small fenced site right on the waterfront.

When the last paratrooper of the first group landed, the second group left the helicopter. At this time, parachutist women demonstrated tricks in the air above Rostov. Like the first group, they deployed flags and landed on the embankment site.

Following the paratroopers in the sky appeared combat aircraft of the air forces. Several aircraft and helicopters, including new models, have passed over Don. A small but very spectacular air parade opened a pair of Mi-8AMTSH helicopters that received the nickname “Terminator” in the military. Demonstrating their combat capabilities, helicopters carried blocks of unguided rockets under the wing.

Two Mi-35 helicopters flew behind them. Like the previous Mi-8AMTSH, combat vehicles carried blocks of unguided missiles. It is noteworthy that both pairs of helicopters are painted in shades of gray, which gets new equipment for the air force.

Following the helicopters, Su-25 attack aircraft appeared in the sky with outboard fuel tanks under the wing.

The following participants of the air parade are two Su-27 fighters

After the audience saw a couple of the newest Su-34 front-line bombers.

The last over the river were two strategic bomber-missile Tu-95MS.

When the "strategists" disappeared from sight, they heard the roar of the turbojet engines of the Su-27 aircraft. From the east, six heavy fighters in a recognizable tricolor coloring fly up to the aerobatic zone. It began, for which many came to the embankment, while others had to look for the nearest roof or occupy other places. The demonstration flight of the masters of aerobatics began - the group “Russian Knights”.

Passage with released chassis and raised brake flaps:

"Russian Knights" begin their performance with the six of them, but in their arsenal there are many figures of pilotage, which are performed by a group of four aircraft. Therefore, the two pilots leave the system and return to the airfield, and the remaining four continue the demonstration flight. The first dissolution of the program:

And once again the dissolution, after which only two aircraft continue their performance, while the other two, maneuvering, leave for the airfield. The remaining pilots, in turn, immediately make a call to the loop.

Spectacular stunt: figure "mirror". One plane literally flies upside down, while the other passes below in close proximity to it.

Figure "bell". The Su-27 fighter rises almost vertically, and at the top of the trajectory its speed drops to a minimum. After that, the plane lowers its nose and goes into horizontal flight.

Next, the pilots demonstrate individual pilotage, and also make several passes towards each other, after which another fighter leaves for the airfield.

Another "bell", but this time with the shooting of false heat targets at the top.

Again passes over the river, in close proximity to the audience. Because of the engines working in the afterburner, such elements look spectacular and stunning sound.

The maximum speed of the Su-27 fighter is 2500 km / h. The minimum is about 200 km / h. This is exactly what the aircraft flying at the lowest possible speed demonstrates. The plane as if barely moving or even stopping in the air.

And one more span in front of the public, now goodbye.

Finally, the sixth aerobatic team aircraft returns to the airfield.

The main program of the action "Military service under the contract - your choice!" Is completed. Visitors who see demonstration flights disperse, the organizers begin to turn off their equipment and machinery. The cooks have closed the field kitchens and are discussing something.

In one of the tents began a small concert with "informal" songs: "Demobilization", "How in war", etc.

A fireboat is walking along the Don, saluting with hoses.

You can go home or, after seeing the flights and having decided to go to the tent of the selection point, specify the conditions and sign up to continue to serve in the armed forces.

As already mentioned, according to the Ministry of Defense, about 50 thousands of Rostov residents came to the holiday. Probably, this number does not include several thousand more people who watched flights not from the venue of the action. Thus, a recent event clearly showed the public interest in the state and prospects of the armed forces, as well as in military aviation, which attracted the largest number of viewers.

The Ministry of Defense reports that about a few 500 people turned to a mobile selection point in a few hours of work. About 300 people expressed their intention to join the contract service, and some of these people have already written the necessary applications and passed the first tests. The ministry’s press service notes that there are at least 10 of the fair sex among future contractors.

Thus, in just a few hours, the air force representatives were able to attract the attention of potential contract servicemen, give them the necessary information and push them to the right choice. In addition, the event had a positive impact on the perception of the armed forces by the population, as evidenced by phrases like “and they said that everyone stole” or “we didn’t know what we had,” which was heard in the crowd every now and then. And that means - the result is achieved. In the near future, the action "Military service under the contract is your choice!" Should be held in other cities of Russia.
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    POKPAH 25 March 2015 08: 17
    Keep it up, it was high time to change the policy and mentality in this direction, service in the armed forces should be a conscious choice, not coercion))) The army needs professionals who know their job, and not just conscripts who do not really need this service!
  2. Edge_kmv
    Edge_kmv 25 March 2015 08: 23
    There was excellent aerobatics, it looked very impressive. The place for flights, especially for aerobatics, is very difficult because of the bridges. Everyone really liked
  3. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon 25 March 2015 08: 49
    Attended. Such a number of people did not even gather on City Day!
  4. Argon
    Argon 25 March 2015 09: 24
    Thanks to the organizers, special thanks to the participants, grandchildren really liked it, a lot of impressions, evening stories. Unfortunately, I could not get to work myself.
  5. GEV67
    GEV67 25 March 2015 09: 36
    Fine! Even in schools, it’s normal to start teaching NVP, I think every guy should know how to hold weapons and visit field camps, so that there are fewer different tolerasts in Russia ...
  6. veksha50
    veksha50 25 March 2015 13: 46
    "The Ministry of Defense reports that within a few hours of work, about 500 people applied to the mobile selection point. About 300 people expressed their intention to enter the service under the contract, and some of these people have already written the necessary applications and passed the first tests" ...

    Here ... With proper work with the population, the army will soon become contractual and professional, if only there is enough finance ... Yes, even for the sake of the boys, such events should be carried out so that they can again put off the brain in the future: I want to become a tanker-submarine pilot paratrooper ...
  7. Nrsimha42
    Nrsimha42 25 March 2015 20: 03
    Many thanks to the author for the pictures !!! How long have I not been at home! .. The venue for this event is the embankment of Rostov-on-Don, near the Yakor Hotel, if not yet renamed, and Gymnasium No. 35, which I graduated from in 1986 and in which, until now Since then, my older sister is working as a teacher.
    LEVIAFAN 26 March 2015 00: 59
    thanks to the author.
  9. Cnukep
    Cnukep 26 March 2015 13: 07
    You can also add that before the flight of the "Russian Knights", which took place at 15-00 much earlier, at about 11-30 we were pleased with its flights by a single fighter. My wife and I thought that it had begun, and he made several passes and went to the airfield! Indeed, it was very cool and a lot of people, but the organization of such events by the authorities was not very good! Well, how could you put only seven toilet stalls for so many people? What did they have to do with it, but for some reason they turned out to be closed ... For some reason, I was very pleased that almost everyone was sober and without alcohol in their hands, even with cigarettes there were not very many people! I think that partly this is due to the ban on the use of alcoholic beverages on the embankment, and partly because there were a lot of children! I would like more events like this!
  10. - = ANTRAX = -
    - = ANTRAX = - 9 June 2017 08: 34
    Well, as if you had there, another May 9th was!
  11. Rodo
    Rodo 13 February 2018 18: 34
    I look decided to recruit as close to the meat factory as possible. To not carry from far away. Colorfully what to say.