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Fleet waiting for new ships

In a documentary film about the return of the Crimea to Russia, President Vladimir Putin, answering a journalist’s question, said: from the sea and from land, the peninsula has now been turned into a well-protected fortress. About the sea itself, nothing was said. Most likely, because the film was devoted to another topic. As NATO strategists, for example, the American General F. Breedlove, commander-in-chief of the combined forces of NATO in Europe, recognize, the Russian anti-aircraft missile systems now cover half of the airspace over the Black Sea. Anti-ship missile systems installed in the Crimea, shoot through the sea.

Crimea changes plans of strategists

The general, of course, scares the western layman, hoping to knock money out of him to support NATO forces. However, he is not far from the truth. Our mighty “Bastions” shoot at more than three hundred kilometers. Their warheads cannot fly to Turkey (and this is over five hundred kilometers), but such a distance is within the power of the Black Sea flagship flagships fleet - the cruiser "Moscow". In the sea itself is empty. Here American, Canadian, Italian, French, German ships feel at ease. It is explainable.

In the post-Soviet period, the Black Sea Fleet was dilapidated. Replenishing it was hampered by the position of Ukraine, which strictly controlled the movement of ships and vessels assigned to the Russian naval base in Sevastopol. I remember that in the 2008 year during the five-day war with Georgia, the Ukrainian authorities even directly prevented our ships from entering the combat area. Ukraine itself had neither the capacity nor the desire to build a fleet. She did not want to see next to her and the new ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Then Russia began to build a fleet base in Novorossiysk. Here and before there was a naval base. But in its composition were small anti-submarine ships, minesweepers, auxiliary and rescue ships. The ships of the ocean zone at the Novorossiysk berths had no place.

The construction of the new base was divided into three stages. The first one was completed in 2008 year. Then, as the military say, they created an opportunity to take ships at berths in a limited mode. That is, streamlined the basing of base forces. Now is the second phase of construction. It is scheduled to complete in 2017. In the plan made adjustments. The central task was the formation of the infrastructure of six diesel-electric submarines of the 636.3 project. Their construction began in the 2010 year. Two boats “Novorossiysk” and “Rostov-on-Don” at the end of last year were accepted into the fleet and are now undergoing deep-sea tests in the North. (They say that they stayed in North Sea bays because of the unavailability of the Black Sea basing stations, the equipment of which should be completed soon.) The third boat, the Old Oskol, was launched last August. In the second quarter it should be operational. At the same time, they will launch the fourth in the project, Krasnodar. The thing is moving little by little. In two years, the moorings of the new base will be able to receive ships without restrictions, but with limited time in the port. Finally, construction will be completed in 2020. Then in Novorossiysk will take ships without any restrictions.

By this time they planned to replenish the Black Sea Fleet with ships of the far sea zone — frigates and corvettes intended for guard actions in the near zone. With the reunification with the Crimea, new basing opportunities opened in Sevastopol. In this regard, part of the ships being built at the shipyards were promptly reoriented to the Black Sea Fleet.

Difficult road to the sea

Today, new frigates “Admiral Grigorovich”, “Admiral Essen”, “Admiral Makarov” are already waiting for the Black Sea. The first plan to pass the fleet this spring. The rest - during the year. On the quality of the input ships and boats have different opinions. Some people are not satisfied with the propulsion systems, some of them are weapons. But all this fades away in the very expectation of replenishing the fleet. A ship under construction is usually monitored by the public at three main stages - laying, launching, entering the fleet. Now people catch every news: the hull was formed, the propulsion units arrived, the armament was mounted, mooring trials began, sea trials, etc. This greed for information speaks of a great desire to feel the rebirth of the Russian fleet.

The frigate of the project 22350 "Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Pots"

This is not easy. Take for example two objects. The first is the frigate of the 22350 project “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov”. At the Severnaya Verf, St. Petersburg, it was laid down in the winter of 2006. Four years later, launched. Since then it is being completed, tested ... And only now, finally, should it join the fleet. Informed people know: the delay was due to the fact that the developers of weapons far behind shipbuilders. But this explanation makes little difference. The ship with a displacement of 4500 tons of nine years is under construction. During this time, for example, in the neighboring northern capital Sosnovy Bor, almost two power units of the Leningrad NPP-2 were built. The launch of the first is expected today. And here is a naval example - our only heavy aircraft carrier cruiser "Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov." It had to be built at a difficult time of restructuring. Nevertheless, the aircraft carrier was laid down in 1982, lowered into the water in 1985, entered into service in the 1991 year - for the same nine years. Meanwhile, the displacement of the cruiser is more than ten times greater than that of the main frigate of the 22350 project. Hence, the amount of work is appropriate.

Diesel-electric submarine "St. Petersburg", the head in the project 677 "Lada"

Now the second object is the diesel-electric submarine “Saint Petersburg” built at the Admiralty shipyards, the lead in the 677 project “Lada”. We laid it on the eve of 1998, launched it in the fall of 2004, and after five years passed to factory tests. Since then in her stories little has progressed, except that it was transferred to the status of trial operation. You can, of course, blame the project for the incompleteness, this has happened before. But eighteen years for the removal of comments is a bust. I do not know of other such examples.

Something from the history of shipbuilding

They may say: it’s impossible to compare the Soviet shipbuilding with the current one. Why not? What then to compare? At the beginning of February, the following information passed: Admiral Viktor Chirkov, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, visited the Urals Diesel Engine Plant, the Ural Turbine Works and the MI Engineering Works in Yekaterinburg. Kalinin. It is clear that led the admiral to the Ural city. Today, the construction of second-level warships is constrained by the supply of high-quality turbines and propulsion systems. There are problems with weapons, which the Kalinin plant specializes in. So the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy decided on the spot to find out what was going on at defense enterprises and what to expect from the fleet. Good thing. Only not royal.

This should deal with shipbuilders. But they are very indirectly related to the mentioned enterprises. The same diesel-engine plant is part of the machine-building holding "Sinara-Transport Machines" and has the right to choose what it is more profitable for it to do - engines for ships, diesel locomotives or power plants. Such a system now.

The shipbuilders own it. Back in 2007, the United State Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) was established in Russia with its headquarters in St. Petersburg. The new structure includes exclusively shipbuilding and ship repair plants, riveting and equipping hulls. Related companies were left out of the new company. Meanwhile, the Federal Ministry of the shipbuilding industry consisted of several numbered central boards. They united the most diverse enterprises, including specialized plants for the manufacture of pipeline and valves for ships and submarines. It is clear that such a bulky structure in the new conditions will not be as effective. However, the shipbuilding association should be self-sufficient. After all, automobile holdings, for example, have engine production today, but shipbuilders do not.

Perhaps there are other ways to solve the problems of shipbuilding, but one thing is clear - the current system works poorly. Therefore, the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy travels to the factories, pushing suppliers of defense orders. He is more interested in updating the Russian fleet. And the goals are marked serious. This year, the Russian Navy expects to receive about 50 ships and vessels of various classes. Among them are serious combat units - submarines and surface ships of the second rank. Among them is the ocean frigate "Admiral Gorshkov", which the Northern Fleet so waited for.

... In the year of the seventieth anniversary of the Great Victory, it is necessary not only to glorify and honor the heroes of the past war, but also to verify their present in their affairs. Once, while evaluating Dmitry Medvedev’s poorly productive presidency, I suddenly realized that he had been in the highest state post for more time than the Great Patriotic War had gone. What did you do? It is clear that during the war there was a different tension and mobilization nature of the economy. But still, all the same ... Today, too: shipyards are building battleships with an average displacement of nine years! But there were no fewer tasks before the fleet ...

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  1. Magic archer
    Magic archer 24 March 2015 05: 47
    Why, of course, we have enough long-term construction projects ... The same Ash was laid in the 93 year! Thank God, many boats and ships were not put to needles. But now the situation in the world does not allow delaying, so there is hope that we will accelerate and get to the right deadlines!
    1. science fiction writer
      science fiction writer 24 March 2015 07: 22
      Quote: Magic Archer
      Why, of course, we have enough long-term construction projects ... The same Ash was laid in the 93 year! Thank God, many boats and ships were not put to needles. But now the situation in the world does not allow delaying, so there is hope that we will accelerate and get to the right deadlines!

      And what did you want then the 90s were here and unfinished.
      And now there are problems with the staff. but this is nothing
      so that there is a desire and there are no fools.
      1. saag
        saag 24 March 2015 07: 26
        Quote: fiction
        And now there are problems with the staff. but this is nothing
        so that there is a desire and there are no fools.

        It's no big deal, someone in the past said, "Cadres decide everything," otherwise, with one desire, you can sit like Manilov and fantasize about how to build this or that well :-)
        1. Tambov Wolf
          Tambov Wolf 24 March 2015 12: 28
          Yes, no one, but I.V. Stalin. Is it really only American history that is taught in schools? And where is ours? Aw, guarantor, when will we take back education from the USSR?
          1. saag
            saag 24 March 2015 20: 30
            Quote: Tambov Wolf
            Is it only American history that is taught in schools?

            I have no idea what story is being taught :-)
      2. insafufa
        insafufa 24 March 2015 08: 11
        Once, when I was assessing Dmitry Medvedev’s poorly performing presidency for me, I suddenly realized that he had spent more time on the top government post than the Great Patriotic War was. What did you do?

        These are the author’s fame as a balm for perfume
      3. shtanko.49
        shtanko.49 24 March 2015 10: 54
        If they pay a decent salary, there will be workers and engineers.
        1. 78bor1973
          78bor1973 24 March 2015 14: 34
          Salary is important but not the main thing, in the USSR both workers and engineers received well but not very much, the idea and achievement of the goal are more important, look at our football players — maybe they began to play better, not at all!
      4. 78bor1973
        78bor1973 24 March 2015 14: 39
        In any production, the main thing is personnel and organization, and also the desire, of all, to achieve certain results and they will not keep you waiting.
      5. kush62
        kush62 24 March 2015 18: 48
        science fiction (1) Today, 07:22 ↑
        And what did you want then the 90s were here and unfinished.
        And now there are problems with the staff. but this is nothing
        so that there is a desire and there are no fools.

        As you know in Russia, 2 troubles are fools and roads. There are no roads, there are enough fools.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Basarev
      Basarev 24 March 2015 08: 46
      And what if to build from concrete? American concrete tankers have successfully passed the test of the First World. And they easily walked through the hawk, delivering supplies to European allies.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. matross
        matross 24 March 2015 12: 19
        Of concrete? What for? In Russia, there is a problem with engines and weapons, and riveting bodies is not a question. Or coal boilers and unicorns for concrete ships?
    4. Ascetic
      Ascetic 24 March 2015 11: 19
      Quote: Magic Archer
      Why, of course, we have enough long-term construction projects ... The same Ash was laid in the 93 year! Thank God, many boats and ships were not put to needles. But now the situation in the world does not allow delaying, so there is hope that we will accelerate and get to the right deadlines!

      Americans sawed the same Aegis for 20 years, the same situation on THAAD subject to favorable current financing. We have just recently stopped accepting ambitious rearmament programs and financing them on a practically dilapidated base with broken corporate ties of enterprises. Here the author writes
      Today, new frigates Admiral Grigorovich, Admiral Essen, and Admiral Makarov are already waiting on the Black Sea. The first plan to transfer the fleet this spring. The rest - during the year. There are different opinions on the quality of ships and boats being introduced. Someone is not satisfied with the propulsion systems, someone is a part of armaments. But all this fades in anticipation of the replenishment of the fleet.

      This is all good, of course. But the power units for the five frigates of Project 11356 under the contract should be supplied by the Ukrainian state-owned gas turbine building company Zorya - Mashproekt.
      They managed to install three installations, two more are also paid and made. And now the rhetorical question is when and will they be delivered from a warehouse in the glorious city of Nikolaev to Kaliningrad? I think. At the moment, the answer is obvious. Therefore, we have three frigates instead of five in the foreseeable future. there are no power units for the already laid down frigates “Admiral Butakov” and “Admiral Istomin”. Moreover nikolayevets put a marriage on tests of the head frigate of project 22350 Admiral Gorshkov at the end of last year during the tests near the berth wall there was a fire. Surge occurred, the turbine was flooded with oil, it caught fire. The blades are out of order. The turbine was dismantled and sent for repair to Rybinsk. When it will be repaired in Rybinsk is also a big question.
      Yes, there is an accelerated technical re-equipment of NPO Saturn in Rybinsk. Challenge: in two and a half years, deploy there a full cycle of production of offshore gas turbine engines for Russian warships in the far sea zone. That is, all Ukrainian engines for eight corvettes and nine frigates will arrive no earlier than two years later (according to the Deputy Ministry of Defense Biryukov), and even then in the most optimistic scenario. And there we need more sea trials for another year, we get 2018-19 and according to the plan the same "Admiral Butakov" should be ready already this year.
      The same thing with frigates of the project 22350 type "Admiral Gorshkov".
      Generally it is necessary to release Nikolaev or urgently transfer all orders and technical support to Saturn.
      1. Ascetic
        Ascetic 24 March 2015 11: 31
        Quote: Ascetic
        translate to Saturn.

        Saturn "has long since developed and offered its ship engines on its own initiative, but they turned out to be unclaimed, since getting and ordering Ukrainian was easier than mastering your own. Now we are reaping the benefits ..

        Since 1992, work on ship gas turbines was carried out at the Rybinsk NPO Saturn, and in 2000, the latter was even recognized by the Russian Navy as the base enterprise of offshore gas turbine construction. After 2000, in reality, Saturn was able to work out two types of marine engines at the stands, which are actually modified clones of the corresponding Nikolaev developments of the Soviet period: the M70RU with a capacity of 14 thousand horsepower and the M75RU with a capacity of seven thousand horsepower. Both were developed by order of the Russian Navy, but to date, not a single sample of these gas turbine engines has been purchased and ships have not been delivered. Saturn also takes part in the M90FR gas turbine engine program (for project 22350 frigates) in cooperation with Zorya - Mashproekt. But the share of the Rybinsk enterprise in the volume of joint production is only 20 percent, and the assembly of M90FR turbines is carried out in Nikolaev.

        Trade engine

        Now, in order to fully produce engines, a stand was not provided, which was not available, a turbocharger with a gearbox was made in Ukraine, and the units themselves were assembled there. But it was a joint venture with Russian registration. This state of affairs suited everyone and no one rocked. Saturn SAM on its own initiative tried to make and sell marine engines, but they were uninteresting. There is experience, they will make a stand and everything will be fine, but time is already lost and the GPV for these ship projects is no longer being implemented and will naturally be carried over to the next cycle.
  2. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 24 March 2015 05: 57
    What is the fleet - the whole country is waiting.
  3. papik09
    papik09 24 March 2015 06: 03
    The author is right, BUT (!). After all, this will have to destroy many stereotypes in the creation and existence of many holdings. And, in fact, their owners will "hands and feet" to resist. I don’t want to give back "acquired by back-breaking labor." Generally speaking, I believe that the state order should be executed "in front of the locomotive" regardless of the benefit. Maybe I am wrong? Correct. hi
    1. AlexanderSS
      AlexanderSS 25 March 2015 16: 00
      Generally speaking, I believe that the state order should be executed "in front of the locomotive" regardless of the benefit. Maybe I am wrong? - If a private enterprise is wrong, but if a state company is right, but in general they could come up with some kind of preferential taxation schemes, etc. - so that without cheating.
  4. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 24 March 2015 06: 39
    yeah ... the pace of building ships in our country is shaking. probably the collapse of the USSR, and as a result, the rupture of industrial ties, influenced..but do not forget about the "privatization", which buried a huge part of the enterprises, and now a new problem-specialists! some are gone, but those are far away ...! personnel hunger! request
    1. Afinogen
      Afinogen 24 March 2015 07: 23
      Quote: Andrey Yurievich
      staff hunger!

      This is because there is no decent wage. Most of the factories are of pre-retirement age. Young people travel from the outskirts to big cities for a "long" ruble. In clean, warm offices, in "white" shirts, the salary is many times higher. So we breed "office plankton" in large quantities.
    2. Natalia Lashkova
      Natalia Lashkova 24 March 2015 11: 43
      One of my colleagues used to work at the Admiralty Shipyards, I think. In general, in shipbuilding. With tears in her eyes, she said that specialists in the nuclear stuffing of ships and submarines are all as one in deep retirement, and this is unique knowledge and experience. No one to pass. But about nuclear ships, I did not see any mention in the article. Apparently, there are no others ...
        UNFAMILIAR 24 March 2015 12: 30
        Quote: Natalia Lashkova
        One of my colleagues used to work at the Admiralty Shipyards, I think. In general, in shipbuilding. With tears in her eyes, she said that specialists in the nuclear stuffing of ships and submarines are all as one in deep retirement, and this is unique knowledge and experience. No one to pass. But about nuclear ships, I did not see any mention in the article. Apparently, there are no others ...

        Most likely your friend worked at the Baltiysky Zavod, but there "a physicist is required" to assemble nuclear reactors hangs at the central entrance, the only light beam (that year he worked on it in the construction part), though not for the plant workers themselves, for them it is , for today, the order for three nuclear icebreakers (about Chernomyrdin (the most powerful diesel-electric icebreaker in the world) and about the Lomonosov floating power plant and her sister, they somehow did not respond very much "after all, in work", but on work "on time" two sterns of "Mistrals", and not only in the "Russian" period, and there was no need for Beria and Stalin (under Stalin, the plant also launched ships "with a shift to the right," but not so significant), the clingy French managed to perform a "managerial miracle" , which without "manual control" GDP could not have happened at all (uncontrollable and irreversible bankruptcy under Pugachev)
        1. Natalia Lashkova
          Natalia Lashkova 25 March 2015 09: 53
          Exactly, in the BZ, you're right! Thanks for the interesting information.
  5. denvar555
    denvar555 24 March 2015 07: 40
    “Russia has only two allies: the army and the navy.” (Alexander III) - said a long time ago, but the relevance remains! A powerful Russian fleet is needed like air, especially at this not calm time.
    POKPAH 24 March 2015 08: 29
    It takes time to restore, but we have trained professionals, raised a whole generation of lawyers and economists, now it’s not fashionable to go to engineers and designers, and if they do, then finding a job is not so simple, that's why specialists after universities do not work according to profile, and after working like this for 3 years they forget and lose their skills, and if they went to design institutes then the cp is simply humiliating, and no one will let the green designer go for a serious project until they develop a skill, and for that kind of money not everyone has the desire to develop it .. Well, nothing, we will restore the prestige of design institutes and such professions as an engineer.
    1. AlexanderSS
      AlexanderSS 25 March 2015 16: 07
      I don’t know about the designers, but the engineer (I don’t remember the category) in 1998 after the default received 48000r vacation pay - that was a lot, I got somewhere at the 2200 factory, though the institute was also a projectively prospecting one.
  7. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 24 March 2015 08: 59
    M-dya. The author described the difficult situation. I support the view that government procurement should be implemented first. Commercial options can be pushed forward for now, because if suddenly there is no country (someone who does not want to feed his army will feed someone else's), then there will be no business.
  8. The comment was deleted.
    1. mervino2007
      mervino2007 24 March 2015 21: 13
      Quote: rudolff
      Is it not clear from the first Orange Revolution in Kiev, when frank Russophobes came to power, that it was time to move the critical defense industry home?

      Conclusion: the leadership of these industries is not able to assess the future, has no teeth to defend their opinion (if any), and those who command from above - talking heads, no more.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  9. GEV67
    GEV67 24 March 2015 10: 20
    It does not make sense to regret that the military-industrial complex is not the one that was in the USSR, it is necessary to create and improve the current complex and everything will be fine! And there are experts, you just need to teach them, and this is a question for education, which also needs to be raised! To regret and remember how I thought it was destructive.
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. Mik13
    Mik13 24 March 2015 10: 53
    We must also take into account that all these long-term construction projects are the leading ones in the series, EMNIP. There are always a lot of problems, they did not have time to develop something, they did not have time to experience something, etc. Tests must pass in full. Deficiencies are eliminated and once again tested ... All this time.

    The following instances will do faster.
  12. Val_y
    Val_y 24 March 2015 11: 55
    Quote: fiction
    And now there are problems with the staff. but this is nothing
    The main desire and faith in the goal and everything will be fine. But do not forget that high-level specialists are not born (the welder of a 6th-class ship becomes good in 10-15 years, however, as in any specialties), and throughout the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s, a full fluffy Arctic fox, and in all industries , only after 2005-6 began to taxi out of the peak, now it’s a slow rise, but most importantly, there is a desire and desire. hi
  13. Alexy
    Alexy 24 March 2015 13: 16
    Obviously you need to change the system. Abroad, they build and much faster. What are we worse ???
    1. Manitoo
      Manitoo 24 March 2015 15: 53
      You have little experience with the Mistral ??? Yes, and about the experience of the Nikalayev engines for comments is described in detail. The military commissar must be done by EVERYTHING!
  14. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 24 March 2015 13: 32
    So the same Admiralty shipyards are doing quite well. Just look at the pace of Varshavyanka construction. The Zelenodolsk plant is also quickly making its Buyans, the next two will be sent from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea Fleet. And the Zelenodoltsy have provided the Caspian Flotilla with 8 new ships over the past 10 years. Another example, 2380 corvettes were laid in the Far East and St. Petersburg (six months later). So the St. Petersburg "Stoic" has been in service for almost a year, and the Far East "Perfect" has not even been launched into the water, 85% readiness was announced here recently. That's it...
  15. arik
    arik 24 March 2015 13: 47
    But what can I say ... Today, ship maneuvers have begun in the Caspian Sea, so Project 1204 Bumblebees participate in them, although each of them, for ten years already, should have been in the museum for some time, or there should be Nakhimovites for training.
  16. 31rus
    31rus 24 March 2015 15: 21
    Dear, I agree with something, how to build ships without a technological or economic chain? Yes, it’s a miracle that the ships are still being built. It’s clear that we need to build a lot and quickly, but without transforming advanced technologies, we will build 8-10 years, a serious breakthrough is needed in this regard, these are new factories and new ships
  17. Kornilovets
    Kornilovets 24 March 2015 16: 16
    Oh, it's a pity "Ulyanovsk" did not have time to build and launch ...
  18. 205577
    205577 24 March 2015 16: 28
    Medvedev is generally a minus. It is minus, not zero, not plus - minus.
    More than sure, Putin put him on a temporary board to emphasize and show the difference in what is and what can be. Create contrast, sobering.
    And Medvedev, perhaps not wanting it himself, did an excellent job of the task - against his background, Putin is simply a savior.
    At the same time, he buried the entire liberal "public" in the bud, but we perfectly understand that he is the same idealist provocateur as Humpback, supposedly wants only the best for everyone, and he is the only one who skims the cream.
    The GDP enabled the country to recall painlessly what could happen if the authorities have such wish for universal happiness.
    The country remembered, regained consciousness, went nuts ... GDP returned. And he did it right. And all under the Constitution.
  19. Kornilovets
    Kornilovets 24 March 2015 16: 36
    Das boot - DPL "Stary Oskol".

    Another catch from a flight over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea. Submarine B-262 "Stary Oskol" pr. 06363, built and intended for the Black Sea Fleet, is undergoing sea trials in the Baltic.
  20. Kornilovets
    Kornilovets 24 March 2015 16: 38
    Das boot - DPL "Stary Oskol" No. 2.
  21. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
    Andrei from Chelyabinsk 24 March 2015 17: 06
    The article did not like.
    Although the facts seem to be stated correctly, but the interpretation of these very facts ...
    They may object: they say, it is impossible to compare the Soviet shipbuilding and the present. Why not? What then to compare?

    Let's compare. So - patrol ships (SKR) of the "Uragan" type - the first combat surface ships after the October Revolution, designed and built by Soviet shipbuilders. The firstborn of the Soviet surface fleet "Uragan" with a displacement of as much as 500 tons was built for exactly three years - from August 1927 to August 1930 and was presented for tests that lasted 2 months, according to the results of which conditionally Admitted to the Navy. Total - 3 years and 2 months.
    15 years before the laying of the "Hurricane" in tsarist Russia, they started building a much larger and immeasurably more complex ship - the dreadnought "Empress Maria". The ship with a displacement of 23 tons was started in July 000, and transferred to the fleet in August 1912, i.e. 3 years and 1 month Moreover, the dreadnought was handed over to the fleet not "conditionally", it almost immediately took part in the combat life of the fleet.
    Feel the difference in pace?
    Shipbuilding, and even more so, military shipbuilding, is a VERY complex industry, with which pampering is unacceptable. For some ten years (1917 - 1927), the very powerful capabilities of the shipbuilding of the Russian Empire were almost reduced to zero - the USSR with HUGE LABOR built warships of the easiest classes. And this situation was not corrected even 10 years later - in 1937 we barely mastered (and even then - with Italian help) the construction of a small series of light cruisers (projects 26 and 26u)
    And only after the war, in the 70s, we launched the Soviet shipbuilding, which we sigh with longing today.
    And now - what, otherwise somehow?
    Well, I understand, of course, now it’s fashionable to believe that the situation in the military industry has leveled off with Putin's coming to the presidency. But if we take a closer look at the bookmarks of the new ships, we will quickly understand that they began to seriously engage in the fleet after 08.08.08, apparently within the framework of the Armed Forces in general. And financing went within the framework of GPV 2020.
    So what do you want? 20 years (ten under the leadership of the Gorboeltsins and 10 under the leadership of Putin), the remains of the fleet and shipbuilding quietly died. And now so - rrraz! And we want everything to be built in six months?
    Now time must pass and a lot of funded orders for the shipbuilding industry to revive. And there’s nothing to be offended about.
    The same diesel engine plant is part of the Sinara-Transport Machines machine-building holding and has the right to choose what is more profitable for it - engines for ships, diesel locomotives or power plants. Such is the system today.

    Yes, the same Sinara will strangle itself for the state order. There is GUARANTEED money, but try to tear it off - they will turn it inside with fur and more may not allow it to the state order ... Another question is that gods are not gods in a Sinar, after a long break it’s not easy to make diesels for the fleet. According to the pike, it only happens in fairy tales.
    1. Sling
      Sling 26 March 2015 13: 59
      +++ Strongly said
  22. xomaNN
    xomaNN 24 March 2015 20: 20
    The weakest link in the military court industry of the Russian Federation is power propulsion systems for NK. GTSU, in particular. Since the "Russian Spring" did not pick up Nikolaev, where "Zarya-mashproekt" makes these GTU hi So Rybinsk or where else the USC will urgently arrange for their replacement, or failures in the delivery of new frigates are inevitable.