The region of the Middle East has passed one of the points of no return.

The region of the Middle East has passed one of the points of no return. The region of the Near and Middle East has passed one of the points of no return. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas nevertheless submitted an application to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to join the Palestinian Authority in this organization. The UN Secretary General, according to the regulations of the United Nations, accepted it and promised to transfer it to the Security Council. Now the UN Security Council must consider it and make its recommendations to the General Assembly.

In addition, the document filed by Abbas contains a requirement for the withdrawal of the Israeli armed forces from the lands that Israel occupied during the Six Day War 1967 of the year and even earlier, after the division of British Palestine into Jewish and Arab parts.

Outwardly, the very formality of this action, in fact, is a significant event of great importance. Consciously or not, the Palestinian leadership has launched a real avalanche, an irreversible process. And now, regardless of the UN decision to satisfy the Palestinian bid, the existing equilibrium of the Middle East region, the already undermined so-called. "Arab Spring", is able to collapse. In addition, it must be borne in mind that all this is happening against the background of the war in Libya, the difficult situation in Algeria, the unrest in Morocco, Egypt, Syria, the intensification of the imperial ambitions of Iran and Turkey, and the new “hitting” of the USA on Pakistan.

The recognition of Palestine by the world community will immediately call into question the existence of Israeli settlements in the “occupied territory”, according to the Arabs. But this is only a very small part of the problem that will overwhelm the Jewish state. The Arab states, which are now universally in favor of recognizing the right of their Palestinian compatriots to a full-fledged state, recognize it, and some will be obliged to start the procedure for concluding agreements, including military, allied, because too many commitments were made by them earlier .

And this means that after the conclusion of such agreements, internal Israeli-Palestinian conflicts will come to a different level. So, if Israel responds to another terrorist act or a rocket attack with blows from its air force, the Arab and other Islamic states will be forced to respond. For example, the rapidly Islamizing Turkey, and its leaders have already made so many loud statements that there is no turning back. Yes, and Egypt can not stay away.

If Palestine is refused, the passions are already such that a rebellion of the Palestinian Arabs is very likely.

The Anglo-Saxons quite confidently lead the collapse of the Middle East region. And they can go to both scenarios: by imposing a veto on the decision of the UN Security Council, causing an explosion of discontent, which will be channeled against Israel and the Jewish people. Or, having made a sad expression, “wash their hands” - and, apparently, such a sacrifice can be made, Jews and Israel will be made “scapegoats”.

It is necessary to take into account the factor that the Palestinian problem includes the question of Jerusalem. And this is a landmark city for Jews, Christians and Muslims ... Immediately I recall the biblical prophecies of the "last battle."
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  1. Bob
    Bob 27 September 2011 20: 12 New
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    War is on the verge ...
    To collapse the Middle East region, the Pindos need to deal with Syria, then the processes will take on an explosive character. Syria directly borders with Israel, which is now surrounded on all sides by opponents of the Jewish state, and the only US ally seems to merge (sacrifice) Israel for its global goals. The world is suspended by a thread and balancing on the brink of chaos. The processes initiated by the Pindos in the Middle East are destructive and fit into the general strategic line of counteraction to the Eurozone, China, and Russia as global players. Their task is to push the parties together as in World War 1, 2, so that after global disassembly, they will continue to rule. Nothing will avert their threat to peace. Unless, of course, Russia does not intervene (as the USSR used to be) with diplomatic, economic, military (as a last resort) means. But I doubt it very much because of the venality of our government and because of their low credibility in the international arena, because of the impossibility of our Armed Forces to solve global security tasks
    Question: what are our chances to get out of the water dry? To stay in Central Asia, the Caucasus, not to allow the development of disintegration processes in Russia.
    An urgent need to put the aggressor in place, not to allow the state of Syria to collapse. Otherwise, a lot of blood can not be avoided.
  2. zczczc
    zczczc 27 September 2011 20: 28 New
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    God forbid to touch Syria! But Palestine did well - Israel must be crushed, publicly exposed in a negative light, provoked to illegal acts and again publicly stomped. Fight fire with fire.
    1. zczczc
      zczczc 27 September 2011 23: 46 New
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      I do not like someone, I understand - difficult moments ...

      Well then, remember the year 1967, when three squadrons of TU-16, repainted in the colors of the Egyptian Air Force, were preparing to bomb Israel. The first two TU-16s were equipped with 20 high-explosive bombs.

      On an anti-submarine ship 25 miles from Haifa, thirty volunteers were already called to land on the shore. Cool, but one refused, his name was Khaev, for which he was immediately written off ashore :) In total, about 1000 people were prepared for landing. The goal is to seize the army command in haif.

      Everything that seems impossible at the moment, at other times ... That's why enemy degeneration is always better than force.
  3. Bob
    Bob 27 September 2011 20: 45 New
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    The enemy has already uncovered the weapon, transferred it to combat use, cocked and aimed. The enemy has already fired (a strike on the Middle East), and we still hope for a peaceful outcome, we ask (and this is a great power with a glorious past) a piece of paper on non-aggression by NATO countries (prototype of the Soviet-German non-aggression treaty of 1939) in response to the deployment of anti-missile defense elements in Romania and Turkey, and therefore we are in captivity of our liberal beliefs. Lesson 1941 not learned? The idea of ​​organizational reform of the Armed Forces at the most “suitable” moment before the global battle is nothing but a betrayal of the Motherland. Someone really wants to repeat the success of Nazi Germany at the first stage of the war with the USSR and to develop this success in view of the swiftness and transience of modern warfare. There are already a lot of coincidences and parallels in order to consider all events an accident, and not a chain of phenomena in some kind of global mechanism of rearrangement of the world.