Russia must understand V.Putin

Russia must understand V.PutinYesterday, two critical articles were posted on the site about the next nomination of V.V. Putin to the presidency of the Russian Federation. Since we are trying to highlight events from different points of view, today we present to your attention the opinion why Putin should again become the president of Russia.

Russia must understand V.Putin. Former President of the Russian Federation, today's head of government and the future President of the country.

Especially in America, they like to count how many percent of the country's inhabitants love the president, how many do not In the end, almost always half. Maybe for the president by a margin of 10-15 percent. It should be noted that America, a country that has taken on the role of the standard of genuine democracy, which develops precisely in the interval of these almost equal percentages, for and against the president. Today in Russia exactly. Who is for Putin, who is for Zyuganov. Speak out publicly on television, in the press, on the radio. Not to be afraid of. And this is good.

It is time for the Russian people to understand the essence of democracy. Its first stage is to enable a person to freely express his views in public, without fear of finding himself in Solovki for this. Tell me, was it possible, for example, in 1952, in the pages of the newspaper Pravda, to begin a poll who is for Stalin and who is against?

You say it was a long time ago. Now other times. Do not hurry. In the post-Soviet space, there are still countries where a priori such polls are stopped at the root by planting in places not so distant.

If we compare the Russian Presidents, then it is worth wondering who did what for the people. Boris Yeltsin made billionaires Gusinsky, BAB (Berezovsky), Abramovich, Chernoy, Lieberman and many others, leaving the Russian people a war against ... the Russians. Under Yeltsin, dollars were taken offshore by caravans of ships, and rampant embezzlement exceeded universal proportions. Under Yeltsin, nothing substantial happened in the country, so that it could be called a creative affair. Full stagnation, sucks. And only on the edge of the abyss, he called Putin to save Russia. The fact that Putin SPAS Russia, when everything was going to a big scuffle in the country, is not necessary to convince a sane person.

What did Putin do for the country, for the people? One could say in one word: normal human life. We do not speak in material terms. In this sector of social existence, never, under any Kings, under any Presidents, there will not be 100% justice.

Society is heterogeneous. There will always be thieves, parasites, drunkards, traitors, sycophants, grabbers, etc. But there are those who want fame for the Fatherland, who cares about the weak and sick, babies, children, defenders of the Motherland, teachers, doctors. And so on. These are concerned with state affairs, about augmenting the triumph of Russia as a great world power. And what has been achieved under Putin is fully consistent with this direction. He reconciled us in our stupid ambitions to grumble and turn everything on someone. He did this big deal. Because reconciliation is a normal life for a person.

Under Putin, the regions received the strongest development. Tatarstan, Bashkiria, the Far East. Siberia…. Personally visiting the outskirts of the center of Russia, he was always in the thick of the most urgent matters.

Under Putin, something is discovered in the country every day. Under Putin-President and under Putin-Prime Minister. Russia has grown to such a development that the world sports community has chosen it as the host country for the next Olympic Winter Games. Is there really no merit of this man? Of course, to the full.

In the last century, Russia went through a difficult, very dangerous path from a mess of power, its impulsive state, to the creation of normal government institutions. From elections to elections to higher authorities, the electoral system is being improved. By its characteristic features, it becomes the standard of honesty and objectivity. As the system readily accepts everything new in the technology of elections that humanity has gained. And Putin is invisibly on this path.

Under Vladimir Vladimirovich, enterprises, credit and financial institutions have earned, relations between the countries have improved. Authorities in all regions of the country actively undertook to upgrade infrastructure, railways and highways. The largest domestic auto manufacturers are deployed in the direction of an innovative approach to life. The Russian Kalina successfully traveled the other day from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. So, there are roads in Russia. There will be more of them and soon the time will come when we will remember the old highways as some kind of distant past.

Russians need to remember that Russia is a huge state, which is closely between the poles. She barely tosses between them. And the population is two times incomplete than in Japan. Only a handful of people on such a large territory. Before Putin, the problem of childbirth in the country was recalled in part. When there was nothing to say or say, to do nothing in this direction. Putin was the first to take decisive steps on this important road for the country: he created a system of maternity capital. And it is already working, since the outflow of the population in Russia has stopped and the influx will begin.

Democracy, which is firmly established in Russian society, does not prohibit the expression of their thoughts in public. People are born with critical views on everything, even very good. Yes, he argues this, it is good, but it can be done better. Optimists are always good, even if it’s bad. And which of them should we love? That's right - and those, and those, because we are all Russian. We must be one in the beautiful gusts of the soul and heart to do something good for the Motherland. Because Russia is us.

Putin is an elegant intellectual, a refined European with subtle manners of communication with different social strata of society. This is a clever girl who acts only in the way that benefits the Motherland, its people. He does not give anything to anybody, but he can count a state-owned penny. He is the creator. With his direct participation, one of the grand projects in the world stories on laying a gas pipeline along the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

For ten years it is impossible to eliminate all the lack of need in the life of society, which have been accumulating for centuries. Too short for this time. But what has been achieved is already working for the country, for its prosperity. And Russia must understand that this is the merit of the Russian man Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.
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