License to kill the first shot

License to kill the first shot

International competitions of sniper pairs of special forces entered the final and most dynamic phase - the shooting of the most famous terrorists began.

The specifics of the sniper's combat work is to ensure the elimination of the first shot of the one who not only broke the law, but also became a real threat to society, who often have their hands in blood.

There are many situations where only a sniper hunt allows you to accurately identify the offender and destroy only him without harming others, among whom may be hostages or his agents.

The most interesting stages of the competitions held in the Krasnodar Territory are to some extent related to the specifics of the combat work, and this is not just a competition for shooting accuracy.

For an outsider, it’s probably scary to watch a shooter dressed in a disguise that makes him look like a walking bush, receives photographs of those sentenced to death, carefully examines them, hides them in his pocket, and takes the rifle to the ready, slowly goes to work. True, the photographs depict those who themselves laid a lot of other people's lives and which should have been comprehended a fair retribution for a long time.

The stage "specificity" was the most difficult for the whole history competition. The arrows, going up in alarm and going to the mountains still dark, walked, guided only by the map, ten kilometers, knowing that there could be mine traps and ambushes in the course of the movement, which should be able to determine in advance and somehow get around.

The conditional base of terrorists this time was located in a forest ravine, covered with tall grass and shrubs. According to the legend, four secret employees, outwardly indistinguishable from terrorists, worked in the gang - it was strictly forbidden to “kill” them. A maximum of fifteen minutes was given to the identification of targets and their elimination. Most of the time was spent on determining who to shoot at. The "liquidation" itself took a couple of minutes.

The road to the base turned out to be so exhausting, and the shooting conditions were so difficult that snipers happened to destroy their illegal immigrants along with the gangsters. Although there were groups that performed the task just perfect.

No less intense and interesting stage - disguise. It was reported that in two days in a certain place a very important terrorist would meet, which must be eliminated with a single shot. The sniper pair comes out again at night and in the dark is preparing a caches - such that it can not be seen, passing by a few meters. In this case, it is necessary to equip your ambush in such a way that it would be possible to lie in it for two days without giving out anything. After the judges checked and evaluated the disguise, the team was given a shot. A target the size of a tea saucer was located three hundred meters behind the bushes, tall grass, some kind of hedge.

According to the judges, all the teams disguised themselves quite professionally, especially noted the Serbs, the Chinese, and the presidential security service - these pros are in almost everything ahead. But to “destroy” a particularly dangerous enemy, for the sake of which everything was started, only ten of the first twenty-six teams could.

So even the most accurate arrows also "smear". A lot depends on weapons. Unfortunately, the domestic industry was not able to develop and master the production of a world-class sniper rifle. Until now, some snipers use Mosin trilineas. But created it in the nineteenth century. Now allowed to buy weapons in the West. In special units you can find rifles of Austrian, English, American, German, Finnish production. However, the main remains a sniper rifle, created in Izhevsk, - CB-98, although there are enough complaints about it.

That is why the appearance of a high-precision Russian T-5000 sniper rifle was a real sensation of the competition. Its premiere took place at a recent military exhibition in Nizhny Tagil. And the rifle was brought directly to the competition from the past economic forum in Sochi, where it was also shown, and it caused a stir.

In fact, field trials of new weapons began, even if unofficial. The rifle developers immediately said that they would be happy with all the remarks of the professionals and will definitely take them into account when forming the final appearance of the rifle.

A distinctive feature of the T-5000 is the stainless steel barrel and its filigree treatment, which makes shooting accuracy truly fantastic. At the same time, the price is significantly lower than the best foreign analogues. The rifle was tested by representatives of almost all the teams, one of the snipers asked to give him the T-5000 to perform a difficult stage - shooting one kilometer. The judges allowed. Dmitry Edalin, the leading expert in the field of sniper weapons, was the first to shoot from the T-5000 and gave her a high rating, although he said: there will be comments.

We lost faith in our own capabilities, while purchasing weapons we are increasingly looking abroad. The Ministry of Defense made a decision to organize separate sniper groups in motorized rifle units and special forces brigades. I want to believe that they will be armed with high-precision weapons, mainly Russian-made. Do something cool rifles, as seen in the ongoing competition, we have not forgotten how.
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