Tank T-90MS TAGIL: Fire Control System

Continuing the theme of the analysis of the design of the newest Russian tank T-90MS, let's see how it is with the fire control system. After all, and the KALINA SUO is the main feature in all this wonderful machine.

The basis of the on-board equipment complex is a modern, world-class, KALINA SUO as part of the gunner’s multispectral sight, the commander’s panoramic sight with a digital ballistic computer and a set of firing condition sensors. The combat information control system of the tactical level is integrated into the MSA. Multispectral MSA is designed to ensure high efficiency of the use of combat vehicles in conflicts of different levels, during the day (day and night). Multispectral integrated sights take up less space, and the MSA as a whole has significantly fewer controls, which simplifies crew training and tank operation. When recruiting mixed tank units with tanks and combat vehicles of fire support type BMPT, a high degree of unification of the SLA is simply necessary and in this case is ensured. Such unification is guaranteed due to the wide use of developments in this area, accomplished during the implementation of the design work “Slingshot-1” and especially “Frame-99”. Integration into ASUTB was carried out within the framework of the R & D “Slider”. The general principle of operation of the KALINA LMS lies in the complex interaction of the sighting system, guided weapons complex, stabilized electric drive armaments, control systems for the executive elements of the weapon, consoles and control panels with the appropriate hardware of the OMS computer complex, providing reception of information signals, generation of control commands and other necessary information in accordance with the algorithms of the OMS in various modes. At the same time, the elements are interconnected due to the information exchange on the multiplex channel (GOST R 52070-2003 is the Russian equivalent of the American military standard MIL-STD-1553). The equipment of the system for setting up aerosol and smoke curtains, the equipment providing identification of “friend or foe” and the operation of an automated control system for a tank battalion (ASUTB) are also integrated into the MSA.

The main elements of the LMS are the combined sight of the SOSNA-U gunner and a panoramic sight of the commander of the Falcon Eye PC, made in the form of a functionally complete multichannel aiming complex, which provides the gunner and commander with high efficiency of combat use of weapons due to broad search capabilities in any time of day (daytime, in conditions of limited visibility and at night), high precision stabilization of the line of sight in two planes.

In general, the search and observation and targeting capabilities of KALINA SUO are ensured by comprehensively solving the tasks of detecting and recognizing targets by: integrating the tank through an interaction system in the ASUTB, which makes it possible to quickly receive information about the types and locations of the explored targets; integration of visualization tools for the interaction system with information on the current position of the observation sector of the commander’s panorama, which makes it possible to quickly move the panorama field of view to the target location area found on the electronic map of the area; as fast as possible recognition and identification of targets due to the use of a multi-spectral panoramic sight of the commander who has a low-level TV channel (observation in the visible spectrum) and a TP channel (observation in the IR spectrum), as well as through the use of processing modes (enhancement) of the observed image ; capturing the target for auto tracking and transmitting it through the target designation mode in the field of technical vision of the gunner’s multi-channel sight (implementation of the hunter-gunner function); integration of the commander’s prism instruments that provide near visibility with the commander’s panorama by organizing the panorama bringing mode to the selected prism device, as well as displaying information on the position of the panorama line of sight in the field of view of the corresponding prism instrument. The upgraded weapon stabilizer provides high transfer speeds up to 40 degrees / sec.

Evaluating LMS “KALINA” according to the complex of possibilities and the range of tasks to be solved, one can declare, without false modesty, the fact of the creation in Russia of a tank LMS not only corresponding to the world level, but also superior to it.
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