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GMO and Ukraine

GMO and Ukraine- Vladimir Dylykovich, an American manufacturer of genetically modified seeds, the company Monsanto buys Ukrainian lands to grow their products. Is this threatening Russia?

- Of course, threatens. And that, and another. Just imagine, in the summer during the flowering a wind blows, and for three kilometers - this is guaranteed, and maybe even further - our corn will become hybrid. In the fall, some homeless person will tear off several cobs from these fields, they will get to the right place, and all our squares in the areas bordering on Ukraine will be fined for unauthorized use of GMOs. As for the products, the Ukrainians are not to take them to America. To us and lucky. First, from under the floor, at cheap prices, and then .... There is no control at the border.

“Ukraine, with its black soils, is the third largest grain exporter in the world, so how can we not use this factor for our partners to get their high profits?

- Especially when there is arm twisting. After all, no one voluntarily grows GMOs. Monsanto is actively struggling to ensure that those who are not yet growing grow them. Fights all methods, including litigation. In India, for example, by agreeing with officials, Monsanto arranged the case in such a way that farmers could only grow genetically modified cotton. Under another banks simply did not give loans. Things reached the point that Indian farmers began to massively go bankrupt and voluntarily die.

“But the President of the Grain Association of Ukraine, Vladimir Klimenko, said that only GMO seeds that were tested in the United States would be used.

- Independent studies show that things are not so smooth. It is believed, for example, that roundap, the very herbicide that Americans produce, decomposes very quickly in natural conditions. So, it turns out that it is not. It decomposes somewhere, somewhere it does not, and if it decomposes, it does not end up looking at anything. And these decomposition products may not be any better than the roundup itself. They accumulate in the roots, if it is sugar beet, or seeds - in cotton. Yes, neither we nor Americans eat cottonseed oil. But all of Central Asia, India, and other countries are eating. For some reason, this is not described anywhere in our media. And in general, such studies are not conducted. And if something appears, all the information perishes at the root.

- It turns out some kind of aggression ...

- I would say expansion. The vast majority of seed producers have headquarters in America. And in every way he uses the lobbying of the American government. It is clear that the food security of a country is determined by how much this country can provide itself with food. And if there is no seed? That is, to arrange an artificial hunger - not a problem.

- It turns out, Ukraine firmly sat on the American hook. Still, around GMO controversy does not subside. Some say that there is a future for them, others - that there is no future for them, perhaps, for humanity. What is your opinion?

- Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) appeared for the sole purpose, although there may have been more goals. Namely, allegedly to improve the currently existing varieties of agricultural plants. Good? It would seem so. What should be the improvement? Well, first of all, to somewhat reduce the costs of the farmer who will grow them. Most GMOs are organisms resistant to a particular herbicide. This herbicide, by the way, makes the same company that owns GM plants. Why do you need it? And then, that the one who will grow up these plants, received a certain benefit that it is not necessary to use weeding. Watered with a herbicide, all the other plants died, but the one that is stable, that is, genetically modified, remains. At first this is what happens. And the consequences - this is only later. In addition, there are GM plants that produce poisons for leaf-eating insects. The result is a potato, as if resistant to the Colorado potato beetle, corn, as if resistant to a corn moth, etc.

- You say "supposedly", "as if." Did something go wrong?

“Over time, various types of weed plants resistant to this herbicide appeared, and their treatment became ineffective. The so-called superweeds. Over the past 15 years that GM plants have been produced that are resistant to round adapts, 15-16 weed species resistant to this herbicide have been found only in America. Moreover, in parallel, they acquire some other properties. In particular, one of the weeds has such a strong stalk that even metal aggregates of agricultural machines do not overpower - they break. How to deal with such superweeds? There are only three options. Use a different herbicide, or the same, but a thousand times more concentrated than prescribed by technology. And finally, the usual manual weeding.

- So from what went to that and came?

“As for leaf-eating ones, over time, like superweeds, populations of super-pests appear, resistant to the poison produced by GM plants grown in this region. As a method of dealing with these populations, it is proposed to create such plants that would synthesize not one poison, but several. But over time, again, these populations will become resistant to the rest. That is, the method is effective only at first. Another variant is also described, when one pest is replaced by another and causes damage, perhaps even more than the one against which this type of GMO was calculated.

- That is, we did not get the result we were waiting for ...

- Who are "we? Crop producers - yes. But not seed producers.

- Is it true that these seeds cannot be reused?

- Well, the firm must provide itself with a profit for the rest of their lives. Upon receipt of these GM plants, so-called “terminator technologies” are used, which prevent the next crop from being obtained from the previous one. And if the farmer in the spring tries to use the seeds obtained in the fall, they simply will not grow.

- Thus, it turns out that the farmer depends on the seed company. The same hook that Ukraine voluntarily sits on. By the way, they are already writing that poisons, which should kill pests, also kill useful insects, for example, bees.

- With the bees is not so simple. At first they thought that they were losing the instinct to return home, to their hives, and naturally die. Five years ago it was a real scourge for Northern Europe and North America. Before 90, percent hives died. They started to study the reasons, but they still did not answer this question clearly.

- And they write that insects lose their ability to reproduce.

“I have no data about bees.” But if you feed GMO warm-blooded, then yes. In rats and mice, in some cases even the third generation did not work. All of them had impaired liver and kidney function, the composition of their blood changed, the work of approximately 4,5 thousands of genes, and the productivity of all of them dropped. The most recent work was published in 2013 year in Australia. Investigated pigs. And the results were about the same as in rats - a drop in livestock, loss of ability to reproduce. The distribution of the sexes in the offspring is also changing - much more females are born. In one of the works that I.V. Ermakov, recorded even behavioral disorders. In experimental animals, aggressiveness increases, maternal instinct is lost, they eat their offspring. But the trouble is that no one finances these works. Moreover, in the West there is a very powerful lobby, which such research tries to either prevent or moan, and slander the authors.

- Now you touched upon the influence of GMOs only on plants, insects, animals. Does this also affect people?

“And who knows?” We know only one study in England, conducted, by the way, with the money of the English government. They studied, and what actually happens if you feed a person — well, not entirely genetically modified food, but with products that would contain components of these GM plants? Studied on people who were in the hospital. And those who received genetically modified soy, recovered much slower than those who did not receive it.

- Here I am - a person far from science. I come to the store and I'm scared: what am I buying? What products are allowed for sale in Russia?

- By sowing, thank God, nothing is officially allowed. But on sale - please. The same soybean, several lines of corn. Moreover, in the West it was established long ago that all of them are harmful to health. We have them allowed for use in food. This is sugar beet ...

- But the same soy is used in so many products. It’s impossible to keep everything under control.

- But why? For the state everything is possible. Desire does not always occur. One of the conditions for Russia's accession to the WTO was the signing of guarantee letters on behalf of the government by the then Minister of Economic Development, Gref, on behalf of the government that GMOs would be allowed on our territory.

- I can determine in the store whether there is a transgene in the product or not? Can I trust the labeling?

- The question is, of course, interesting. The Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights” permits not to label products if the share of transgenic components in it does not exceed 0,9 percent. True, it is not clear from what to calculate these percentages. In the European Union it is determined - on the amount of, say, soybean contained in the product. We do not have.

- So we are defenseless today?

- As, however, and always.

- GMO is weapon?

- Kind.

“And it can be likened to weapons of mass destruction?”

“Well, that's too loud.” And yet, in essence, the way it is.

- People, like warm-blooded animals, will be sick and die, and the offspring will become barren? So, at least, writes the notorious fighter against GMOs Irina Ermakova.

- You see, it would be if people fed only GMOs. But, fortunately, we are omnivores, and the dose of GMOs in our diet, of course, is not 100 percent. And it is difficult to say what dose will lead to what Ermakova writes about. Nobody is studying. What dose we get, too, no one will say. Since the products can not be labeled, because it still will not be punished. They do not know how to punish, because the measures are also not prescribed anywhere. No one has ever answered for this. And do not answer. Until the law changes.

- In general, what products can be GMOs?

- Yes, in any. Animals eat transgenic corn. They, of course, no joy from this. But we do not know. I repeat, such studies are not conducted. And if something appears, all the information perishes at the root.

- But here is an element of national security. This should be tracked at the top.

- Must. And from time to time this issue is considered. Only what are the consequences of these considerations, what exactly is said and solved there, nobody knows. But some research should be ordered by the state, moreover, to specialized scientific institutions. The state prefers to “reform” the Academy of Sciences.

- Is there any device that would help us figure out what we buy and what we eat?

- To determine whether there is a transgene or not, there are many such devices. But first, they are expensive. Secondly, they can be used only by a specialist who knows what to look for, how and where? And then, you can determine only those transgenes that are known. And if he is unknown? That is exactly what Yermakova had in mind when she spoke about biological weapons. Because you can modify a virus or a pathogenic bacterium, create a construct and transform anything with this construct.

- So our man is not protected?

- While it is not allowed to grow GM plants in the country, the risk is not very large. But you are right, a person cannot protect himself, this should be done by the state.

- Ok, one person can't. And the public?

- The public can. Forcing the government to declare a moratorium on the cultivation and use of GM products. We must immediately join the Cartagena Protocol governing the transboundary movement of GMOs. We still have not joined him, although this was a long time ago. Change legislation accordingly. That it corresponded to that in the European Union. It clearly states what, where, when and what will happen if ... Moreover, I can not say that all GMOs are totally dangerous. But the manufacturer, before releasing them to the market, must prove that they are safe. Neither you, nor me, nor Aunt Masha from the street are obliged to do this. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer. He is not only not doing this, but he is trying to mislead society and in every way prevents him from trying to do it.
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  1. Motherland Russia
    Motherland Russia 18 March 2015 18: 24 New

    What will happen to uk.r.p.r.m.i, when they eat up products with GMOs.
    So morons - in addition, they will become mutants.
    1. Момент
      Момент 18 March 2015 18: 27 New
      Lord, what else would the junta come up with?
      1. MIKHAN
        MIKHAN 18 March 2015 18: 34 New
        Genetically modified Ukraine .. Maybe this is the whole problem, what happened and is happening in Kiev, etc.? Scientist geneticists need to tackle and test everything ... obviously!

        1. Andriuha077
          Andriuha077 20 March 2015 14: 36 New
          Liberasts and Russia dragged into GMO = WTO
          And under NATO diligently pulled, disarmed
          and geyparady, and religious obscurantism in schools,
          and the legalization of privatization = corruption.
          (The king is not in the know.)
          Who will resolve this now? Stalin or Pushkin?
          WTO Court as a Tool for Imposing GMOs: Examples
        2. The comment was deleted.
      2. Dryuya2
        Dryuya2 18 March 2015 18: 42 New
        not the topic.
        maybe someone is interested -
        Pushilin online on anti-Maidan
      3. bort4145
        bort4145 18 March 2015 18: 46 New
        Gotcha. Well, a colony is a colony ... In the world there is a need not only for GMO production sites, but also chemical and nuclear waste must be stored somewhere.
        Yankees have found a replacement for African Americans
        1. Bayonet
          Bayonet 18 March 2015 19: 17 New
          Quote: bort4145
          Yankees have found a replacement for African Americans

          Yankee (English yankee) - the name of the inhabitants of New England; later, in a broader sense, the US residents as a whole. African Americans are also residents of the United States, which means the Yankees! So who found someone to replace? Confusion .... request
      4. Kos_kalinki9
        Kos_kalinki9 18 March 2015 23: 25 New
        And what should she, the junta, think? Is this something? ....
    2. skifd
      skifd 18 March 2015 18: 41 New
      Quote: Motherland Russia
      What will happen to uk.r.p.r.m.i, when they eat up products with GMOs.

      Don't you think that they have already "gobbled up" it ?? Such a number of "mutants" is already off scale ...
    3. SteelRatTV
      SteelRatTV 18 March 2015 18: 45 New
      Fuck with them, with dibiloids! It would not have hit the ground !!!! am After all, they keep secret, suki, the latest EU-US treaties !!! Of course, this is not an indicator (I was moody from birth), but I, an "Afghan" repeat in some fright wink : is it time to cover it all! am
    4. Albert1988
      Albert1988 18 March 2015 19: 17 New
      Quote: Motherland Russia
      What will happen to uk.r.p.r.m.i, when they eat up products with GMOs.
      So morons - in addition, they will become mutants.

      As a professional geneticist, I will tell you - from the GMOs themselves themselves - they will not become mutants, because there is a so-called "central dogma of molecular biology", which states that information is realized only in the direction of DNA-Protein and never in the opposite direction (that is, we do not assimilate the genes that we eat, our body protects our genome from foreign genetic material). The harm will be, as correctly said, from the products of accumulation and decomposition in such varieties of herbicides. There will also be other problems - economic - complete dependence on SyShyPe in agriculture, pollution of vast territories with the same herbicides. Well, the emergence of forms of weeds resistant to such herbicides is also a result.
      as for statements such as:

      "But if you feed GMO warm-blooded, then yes. In rats, mice, in some cases, even the third generation did not work. All of them disrupted the work of the liver, kidneys, the blood composition changed, the work of about 4,5 thousand genes, and all polls lost productivity "

      An explanation is required here - firstly, it is not mentioned how the plants that made up the diet of the test population were modified - if from the described group of herbicide-resistant (and accumulating them in crazy amounts) - then everything is clear - banal toxic effect from accumulation in organisms animal products of the metabolism of the herbicide. But if the diet is composed of plants in which, say, the level of expression of genes responsible for growth has been changed, then there will be no harm in principle.
      So all the salt is not in the very fact of genetic modification, but in the nature of this very modification.
    5. opus
      opus 18 March 2015 19: 53 New
      Quote: Motherland Russia
      What will happen to uk.r.p.r.m.i, when they eat up products with GMOs.

      Do you think this will not affect us?
      1. You won’t build a wall, you won’t block the wind, you won’t control the import (especially grain fodder for cattle feed and ready-made feed)

      2.In Mexico (the birthplace of corn), a corn bank is already infected

      Mexico generally manages to sign North American Free Trade Agreement with the USA (NAPHTHA)under which Mexican corn production decreased, imports from the USA grew (moreover, genetically modified corn is supplied from the USA).

      3. CANADA ALL AT GMOs (another bts USA nearby)

      4. In 2003, at the Federal Institute of Technology (Switzerland), “golden rice” was created with a high content of provitamin A. For this, it was necessary to incorporate special bacterial and narcissus genes into it. But its use is risky for health.
      But rumor has it that it’s grown somewhere


      Laboratory experts (All-Russian Association for Genetic Safety (OASA) in an accredited laboratory of MAK-O LLC in conjunction with the International Socio-Ecological Union) carried out a product audit eight largest producers of meat and sausages: meat processing plants "Ostankinsky "," Mikoyanovsky "," Tsaritsyno "," CampoMos "," Velkom "," Cherkizovsky "," Klinsky ", as well as Dymovsky sausage production. In product samples four manufacturers examination revealed GMOs: Ostankino, Mikoyanovsky, Tsaritsyno, KampoMos, which amounted to 33% of the total volume of tested products.
      GMO Containing Products: liver pate (Ostankino meat processing plant), Doctor's sausages (Mikoyanovsky meat factory), original boiled sausage "Doctor's" chilled (Tsaritsyno meat factory), sausages with Parmesan cheese "Nocturne" (Kampo Moskosotchot meat chopper) and kolba »Of the same plant (sold on the Ramstore and Seventh Continent retail chains).
      “We are discouraged by the fact that GMOs were found in the products of the Ostankino plant, which bear the sign \" genetically safe product \ ", implying the absence of GM components. This is a direct violation of consumer rights, and such manufacturers will very quickly lose their trust. "- comments Victoria Kopeikina, coordinator of the program “For Biosafety” of the International Social and Environmental Union.
      1. good fair
        good fair 18 March 2015 20: 20 New
        Quote: opus
        . In the samples of products from four manufacturers, the examination showed the presence of GMOs: Ostankinsky, Mikoyanovsky, Tsaritsyno, KampoMos, which accounted for 33% of the total volume of tested products.

        Quote: opus
        “We are discouraged by the fact that GMOs were found in the products of the Ostankino plant, which bear the sign \" genetically safe product \ ", implying the absence of GM components.

        Damn traders! Ready for money to kill the people, at the expense of which they are being fattened, being sure (erroneously) that this will not affect them.
    6. ECT
      ECT 18 March 2015 20: 00 New
      Read Sergey Tarmashev's "Heritage" - the whole truth about GMOs.
    7. Vladimir 23rus
      Vladimir 23rus 19 March 2015 10: 47 New
      And what will take off? And they and we have been eating this GMO for a long time. Try to buy, for example, potatoes that will be planted next year, and if they do, they will give a normal crop. Only if the grandfather who cultivates this variety of potatoes since the days of the USSR. And even if so then cross-pollination has not been canceled.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. killganoff
    killganoff 18 March 2015 18: 27 New
    It’s time to decide something before the start of the sowing company.
    Free the Russian land from Bender scum! To Kiev !!!
  4. Aleksandr1959
    Aleksandr1959 18 March 2015 18: 28 New
    More and more, Ukraine is turning into a colony of the USA and the EU.
    1. eternalmotor
      eternalmotor 18 March 2015 18: 47 New
      Turns? The yellowish-blackies have already turned. Today's Ukraine is a rabble of laboratory mice over which numerous experiments are being made ...
  5. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 18 March 2015 18: 40 New
    DomaidAnyalis ... soon gu-but will be from GeMeO. fool
  6. Karasik
    Karasik 18 March 2015 18: 47 New
    I’m thinking of moving to a village, to a completely subsistence economy. I see no other way out of counteracting the World Mass Poisoning of the Population. And they poison slowly, imperceptibly.
  7. Irkut
    Irkut 18 March 2015 18: 50 New
    GMO? This misfortune of poor Ukraine was not enough!
  8. corn
    corn 18 March 2015 18: 54 New
    belay HOW SCARY TO LIVE !!!
    And where does Ukraine have to do with it?
  9. Major Yurik
    Major Yurik 18 March 2015 18: 57 New
    Quote: eternalmotor
    Turns? The yellowish-blackies have already turned. Today's Ukraine is a rabble of laboratory mice over which numerous experiments are being made ...

    Kakly and without GMO - a dead end branch of humanity, so that will not be worse! Let them chew what they want, in 7-8 years they will elect the president of the kaklostan with two tails, a trident on the head and a star-striped ass!am
  10. Not served
    Not served 18 March 2015 18: 58 New
    The article put a minus.
    Corn has always been a hybrid when they brought it to us. The seed material we have now is largely imported, even the potatoes in retail that they sell for planting are genetically modified varieties. Soy has long been all genetically modified and if it is in the products (you can find this out by carefully reading the composition of the products), then we have been consuming these products for a long time.
    Most of our seed stations and breeding farms were simply destroyed ...
    1. thinker
      thinker 18 March 2015 19: 44 New
      No need to scare.
      Russian regulatory authorities note that recently in the markets and supermarkets the quantity of food products containing GMOs has decreased. But a negative effect was noticed, in particular, the sold foreign goods began to arrive on the territory of Russia with worse quality. Nevertheless, Anna Popova, the head of Rospotrebnadzor, notes a generally good trend for the Russians as regards the food basket. Existing food products in general can provide the need for Russians in high-quality food products.
      1. opus
        opus 19 March 2015 03: 15 New
        Quote: thinker
        No need to scare.


        - Perga, honey, other beekeeping products intended for human consumption, which include GMO plants (and materials from them)registered in Russia can be imported into Russia and are in circulation on the territory of Russia, but should be marked and should be the subject of state supervision and border state control,
        milk and products from itreceived when used in animal feed GMO plants (registered and not registered in Russia), can be imported into Russia and be in circulation on the territory of Russia, but should be marked and should be the subject of state supervision and border state control.

        On monitoring studies of food products and feed for the presence of genetically modified organisms in the testing center of the State Institution "Kostroma Regional Veterinary Laboratory"

    2. opus
      opus 19 March 2015 03: 09 New
      Quote: Didn't serve
      Corn has always been a hybrid when they brought it to us.

      not true
      1. the first industrial varieties of GMO corn started only in 1996 (ISAAA Brief 41-2009: Executive Summary Global Status of Commercialized Biotech / GM Crops: 2009
      The first fourteen years, 1996 to 2009)
      Before that, they listened to "Breg's letter"
      2.Zea mays is not GMOs, but created by hybridization or selection
      Quote: Didn't serve
      The seed material we have now is largely imported, even the retail potatoes that are sold for planting are genetically modified varieties

      Russet Burbank Newleaf, (Monsanto, resistance to the Colorado potato beetle, 2000 — 2007)
      Superior Newleaf, (Monsanto, resistance to the Colorado potato beetle, 2000 — 2008)
      “Elizabeth + 2904 / 1 kgs”, “Lugovskoy + 1210 amk” (Bioengineering Center RAS, Russia; Cry-toxins and antibiotic metabolism neomycin and kanamycin)

      - I remember there was our cabbage, delicious and salad and salt.
      Now there are some superdense tubes: there’s no taste, salad juice of figs you’ll wait, it turns out like salt ...
      / but carry more economically ||

      Transgenic cultures do not produce offspring, or sprout for three to five years, and then “turn off” their reproduction program.
      Quote: Didn't serve
      Most of our seed stations and breeding farms were simply destroyed ...

      In the 90 years, the genetic material necessary for modern seed production, was concentrated in a small number of banks controlled by the West. This is a strategic asset that the US at the UN conference in Rio de Janeiro refused to be included in the Convention on the Diversity of Biological Systems, which opens up access to these collections
  11. Grbear
    Grbear 18 March 2015 19: 02 New
    It's not that simple with GMOs. No one was able to intervene in God's providence without loss. But now politics and "business" have intervened in genetics and this is worse than fishing - it is a directed action. And more simply - "Golden Billion". Vinnie signed a law on closed areas with GMOs, but you can't tell the wind where to blow.
    It is necessary to strictly ban any penetration of suspected GMOs. Losses from bans are not comparable with losses in the future, because we warm-blooded hi
    1. Strezhevchanin
      Strezhevchanin 18 March 2015 19: 51 New
      It turns out that the egg is trying to shield us from the winds from the winds?
  12. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 18 March 2015 19: 02 New
    It seems to me that hairy genitals cover the country more and more and it would seem that this is already the bottom, but from the bottom they knocked.
  13. vanavatny
    vanavatny 18 March 2015 19: 07 New
    the garbage chute will soon be pulled in there, which is already there, and with such a pace of democratization, there’s no need to even explain anything
  14. Kos_kalinki9
    Kos_kalinki9 18 March 2015 21: 23 New
    Well, that's the dream of an idiot canopy rabbit come true. It is necessary to build the wall, but now it seems to us already, so that the wind would not blow various nasty things. But seriously, the mattress covers wear Ridna Nenku to the fullest. It didn't work with shale gas, or it doesn't exist, or it is there where there are no mattress mats, but recently attempts with it in the outskirts have stopped. But the guys just can't leave because of the puddle. Shit so to the fullest. We didn’t manage to destroy the granary through shale rubbish, so we’ll poison it with GMOs. But there are huge suspicions that all this muck will then pour out to us, taking into account our Russian maybe, and the great desire of our newly-minted merchants to cut down big money and quickly, well, there is even a flood after us. Therefore, it is necessary to build a "wall". Well, Ukrainians, everyone builds their own destiny, want to eat overseas dishes, let them eat with a full spoon, and fire us.
  15. evgmiz
    evgmiz 18 March 2015 22: 30 New
    If we join the Cartagena Protocol, many influential people will lose significant preferences. And they don’t consume GMO products, and they won’t; they have enough money for ecologically clean food. By the way, thanks to the West and similar people, Russia has almost lost its seed production.
  16. Zomanus
    Zomanus 19 March 2015 07: 14 New
    Let's just say, not in our situation to worry about GMOs. The problem certainly exists, but it is not so relevant. And what about growing on Ukrainian black soil, the question is who they will belong to by that time. Yes, and to sow in the war zone to put it mildly uncomfortable ...
  17. postoronim V
    postoronim V 19 March 2015 09: 32 New
    "We must immediately join the Cartagena Protocol that regulates the transboundary movement of GMOs." So there is a site for petitions in the State. Duma, 100 thousand votes and for consideration. Can we try to collect it? How many of us are there?